BS Blogger Blogs: Jenn Sale A.K.A The Super Long Fight In The Comments Blog

Never did I think the day would come when I would have to write a BS Blog about another blogger. But if you wanna act like a crazy paranoid Housewife, I’m gonna treat you like one. This all started when she wrote this blog in response to my blog (which wasn’t even about her) and then blocked me on twitter. So she asked for it  (and so did like a million people in DM’s yesterday who begged me to do this!) And you know me, I aim to please, so here ya go! Ain’t I nice???
(As always, my comments are in bold.)

Stupid Is Alive And Well (<– See how nice I am, providing links and all)

I’m really getting sick of these crappy hobby blogs (like my crappy hobby blog that you were reading when you were inspired to write this post?) putting misinformation out there. Ugh, if it’s not “sources in the neighborhood that know all of Housewife X’s business” they wouldn’t know from Eve, (I remember certain information that I got about Melissa Gorga that you didn’t believe. But keep talking shit.) or misinformation about a charity or how charities work, (You are talking about Lynn, obviously. Why don’t you grow a pair and say her name? Lynn posted a PLB document and asked some questions. Get over it. Heavens forbid anyone question your Saint Dina, right?) salacious judgments and harassment of people they don’t even know… (who got harassed? When?)

But this thing I’m going to write about chaps my ass…I really shouldn’t let it because these people are idiots of the highest order, (very mature of you) but when you put all your heart an soul into something you love and you have done big things with it? You are sensitive to someone belittling it. (No one belittled you or your blog. In fact, you were never even mentioned anywhere on any of the “little hobby blogs” until you wrote this crazy rant. But go ahead and try to make yourself a victim.)

I want to explain exactly what Associated Content is (crap?) and how it relates to Yahoo. Associated Content is a writing site owned by Yahoo where you can share your thoughts on just about anything (seriously –  anything. It doesn’t even have to make sense.) and after you pass the initial screening process, (I think it’s clear to anyone who read the link I posted yesterday that there really isn’t any sort of screening process whatsoever <– Make sure to read the comments on that post too) you can accept assignments based on topics you write about, submit original work, and get paid. Peanuts. It is seriously peanuts. (You get what you pay for I guess)

But if you do great work, (or even if you do totally crappy work like the guy with the BH recap) you can apply to be a featured contributor in up to three topics…mine are Fitness, Beauty and Entertainment. You have to audition for that too. (Maybe there is just no competition? Could that be the problem?) Then you are given features every month to write.

THEN if you are really good at that you are offered contract writing through Yahoo. If Yahoo likes your work, they will treat you like a staff writer and slam you with assignments. I’m not even kidding you will get 30 in a week. Upside? You are making BANK… downside? Good-bye life.

So for those um..’critics’ that are putting AC down (Anyone with the reading comprehension of a 5th grader would put them down) and saying ‘anybody can write for them’ you are absolutely correct. (well that’s not very professional of Yahoo now is it? I think a well known name like Yahoo should hold people to higher standards.) Take your venomous, (ah ok drama queen) crappy hobby blog,and see how far it gets you. (No thanks, I’m fine where I am. I’m not ambitious like that. But it got Lynn a podcast! Congrats Lynn.) If you get a Yahoo News byline? Congrats, I will officially view you as a peer (LOL. I can only dream) and not some obnoxious fly that keeps buzzing around my head. (Wouldn’t it be the other way around since you are the one buzzing around everyone else’s stuff while we all ignore you?)

Not to mention if Associated Content was such crap (It is. Here’s proof) it wouldn’t have a live feed on TMZ, PopEater, (LOL! Good thing you’re not a lawyer because Popeater is a really really BAD argument to use right now.) Fox News, The Daily…etc. I don’t see a ‘WordPress’ feed on any major sites…hmmmm…. (Aren’t you writing this on a WordPress blog?? Anyway, I’m not even sure what these “feeds” are supposed to prove, so moving on…)

The bottom line is if you are good, you will get paid (Is that why are you are so mad? Because you aren’t really making any money from your “professional” blogging?) and it doesn’t matter WHERE you write. Someone will buy your hobby blog, you will make money on sites like Examiner, AC etc. Those pennies add up to thousands when you’re ranked in Google News. Google News has specific requirements for stories being listed. (Are they anything like Yahoo’s “requirements”?) Theses sites get you there, and get you syndicated on AV/huffPo/ BIN and seen on the major sites listed above which opens doors.

Once you get there…I have yet to see a crappy hobby blog in the top ten on Google… (Just curious… what is your definition of crappy? Because I think there are a few thousand people -daily- who would disagree with you.)

But again ‘facts’ are really of no consequence to these asshats (did you learn that word in journalism school?).  But I guess that by putting me down, (once again, no one put you down – ever. The paranoia is all in your head.) it takes away from the fact that for all the attention that shit blog (You mean Lynn and her I Hate Jill Zarin blog. What you want to say is that the I Hate Jill Zarin blog gets more attention than your blog) has gotten over this year, it hasn’t been picked up by anyone…(LOL. Please, if that guy I linked to can write an article for Yahoo, ANYONE can write an article for Yahoo if they choose to do so.) where as I have had mine branch into how many gigs (?) (I don’t know… one?) just by putting my head down and cranking out content editors like (while others crank out content that their readers like. Maybe that’s the difference?) Oh wellsies… (<– Is that a professional writing term?)

This post will get the requisite, “Why does it bother you so much?”(Nah… I’m pretty sure we all understand why it bothers you so much) well…these shit hobby blogs that libel up down and sideways hurt freelancers that live on their gigs (bullshit – if your blog is good people will read it. No one affects your viewers but you). It changes the culture of what people want to read (again – bullshit. People know what they want to read. If you aren’t producing what people like it’s not the fault of “hobby bloggers”), and how much information celebrities are willing to give. Not to mention it bugs just on a human level. The hate and vitriol (Silly girl, you need to stop sipping that Kellaid. You are confusing “hate” with “truth” again.) spewed within the content and comments is disgusting. Anybody that participates in that whether it be on a blog or social media should be ashamed (Yes, because honesty is so horrible in Housewife world) and really should not have anything to do with me or what I’m about. (And what are you about exactly?) I don’t want to associate with anyone that views that as ‘entertainment’. (You mean you don’t want to associate with anyone who likes Lynn’s blog more than yours) It is absolutely gross. (Lol. Is it creepy too?) The idea there isn’t to write it’s to slam others. (Once again – big difference between “slam” and “hold accountable”) No one’s working on a craft, it’s just “Who’s wearing the bullseye this week?” (And what are your blogs? Works of art? Last time I checked you were making fun of the same Housewives the rest of us make fun of.) I am so grateful that I have the backing of major media hubs (Who? ChicagoNow and Yahoo who hires anyone? Lol), so I haven’t been affected. (But you just said that hobby bloggers hurt freelance writers – get your stories straight!)

This particular group isn’t more than 200 at best, so I guess that $3 a week they cost me by boycotting should make me cry…(I guess “boycotting” is a creative word to describe people who don’t care for your blog) but then I have to remind myself that these are lunatics (interesting choice of words considering the situation here…) that think ‘networking’ is ass kissing (PLB… Dina Manzo… sound familiar??) …funny how I’ve never seen them at an event except the ones open to the public (Oh damn, have I been missing out on private Real Housewife blogger events???) …oh yeah, they’re typicallyEXPRESSLY uninvited. (Clearly, since I never knew they existed.)

These are also the people that take personal, painful information, and exploit it for shits and giggles. (Names, specifics, situations…. No? Just baseless accusations?Ok….) So really, nothing is sacred, and it bugs… (you. You mean it bugs you? Did you forget to finish that sentence?)

Except NONE of them have canceled their subscriptions. (Who the hell is she talking about now? I’m lost…) Not one. It gives me a fit of giggles imagining them reading me in the dark so no one sees… (So now people are reading you in the dark? But you just said they were boycotting. Wow it’s hard to keep up with you.) because there’s a particular blogger that harasses anyone that reads me via direct message like a pansy ass. (Who cares about you enough to harass your readers? I used to read you and no one ever said a word to me.) Such a badass! You spend your time messaging people privately saying, “jenn’s a big meanie” then have a whole different public persona…**giggles** fool.  ( <—  )

The bottom line is, I am a professional writer. (ORLY? Re-read your last sentence. The one with the arrow pointed at it.) You might not like my work, you might not like me, but it’s what I love and I’d do it for free. (except that you don’t do it for free, and you shit on the people who do) Sorry, I’ve accomplished a lot in the last year and I’m not speaking of it to brag (of course you are), but a lot of people have started writing, and I want to be a source of encouragement to them (HAHAHA!!! Your entire post was the complete opposite of encouragement), and let them know that the 40 cents a day their making will grow to hundreds a day by only keeping the faith, staying true to themselves, and working very hard…it pays off. (What a revelation. Hard works pays off? Really? Omg!) I was lucky to have that encouragement from my friend Dan so I want to pay it forward. (And this is your idea of paying it forward?)

And that goes for any dream. My dearest friend Lisa is an artist, and she left her career to be an artist full time, and it was a rough go at first, but now she is making her dream come true with only hard work and dedication.She promotes herself and her projects 24/7. (Now you really got off on a tangent! Try to stay focused here, eh?)

Promotion isn’t bragging…it’s promotion. Not to mention, it’s also encouragement to others in the struggle. (No… I’m pretty sure all you’re doing is bragging about your accomplishments while bashing others. Don’t really see much encouragement here.)

So I challenge you who are so quick to put me down (no one put you down) Do better. (I think that’s the whole point – that other people are doing better and you’re pissed) Let me see you ranked in Google, at an event as a member of the media – (bla bla bla. It may shock you, but some people write simply to share their opinions and talk to like-minded people. I do it to make people snort liquids out their noses and ruin their keyboards. Save your google stats and press events for someone who cares) and not a drooling dimwit humping the leg of a c-list reality star (but isn’t that exactly what you do with Dina?), do an interview, get a byline… and then you are my peer and I will consider you competition. (it’s clear that you already consider “certain hobby bloggers” to be competition. Otherwise you wouldn’t have written this very long ranting blog post)

Until then, a contract is a contract and a byline is a byline…stick that in your pipe and smoke it…or hang it on your keychain… (Where did you learn the fine art of underhanded digs? From “Secrets of a Jewish Mother”? Or is that one from The Dina Manzo Youtube Guide to Life? And how do you know about the keychains anyway unless you are reading Lynn’s blog or listening to her podcast?)

Wow that was a very loooong crazy ass blog. I hope you’re all happy now, because that was full of more crap than a Real Housewife blog. Kelsey’s wife was a breeze compared to this.

Oh but it doesn’t stop here! Oh no. In addition to this long rambling blog post, Jenn treated us on twitter to even more long rambling tweets. And she was even kind enough to ask that people RT (retweet) her message so that all of the people she had just blocked from seeing her tweets could read it. You will have to insert your own comments, I don’t have the energy.

Tweet 1:
You can RT this if ya want in case some have been blocked and are wondering why… I’m blocking by association…sorry. It’s not done out of anger or malice, I just choose do not deal with anyone that associates with a particular blog. Twitter followers are not worth compromising my views. I would never TELL someone not to follow another, but I am my own gatekeeper to the content on my feed. Taking a stand isn’t always popular, but it’s how I feel. I won’t chew you out, or freak if you choose to unfollow me too. I’m a live and let live kinda gal. But this whole nonsense stems from one source…so I’m just totally cutting it out. Again, no hard feelings or malice, just sticking to my beliefs. Free Speech is a wonderful right, but it doesn’t mean that it’s ok to use that right to hurt others. Whether they are on TV, Twitter, or not. “all in good fun” is one thing, but what is going on via blogs and Twitter is beyond the realm of acceptable. So I’m blocking that because it’s simply toxic, and I do not like the person it makes me. So no hard feelings, but that’s it.

Tweet 2:
@tweatcyn well, I’m ok with you feeling that way. I have a different point of view that I’ve had for a long time and to me it’s not a competition. It’s taking a stand against the mean spirited and hateful content of some blogs. I don’t want anybody following me that follows or views blogs like IHJZ as entertainment. That’s just my opinion. I don’t care about # of followers or readers. It’s not paranoia. It was just time for me to speak out and draw the line for myself. You don’t have to follow me, or feel like you need to choose. I’m making the decision for myself.

Tweet 3:
@meg1964 I’m ok with you doing whatever you feel is right for you. I never said that you shouldn’t follow @putyourhairup. I don’t have a problem with her. This is a personal decision on my part to clean house. Anybody that participates in a mean spirited blog should not follow me. It is me personal opinion that IHJZ is a blog not meant to be fun, but meant to hurt others. I’ve always felt that way, I’m just being vocal about it now. I’ve asked those that follow that blog to please unfollow me, and I will quietly block those I feel participate. It’s not personal to them, it’s just a stance I’m taking. I don’t want to put people in a position to choose one or the other. I’ll handle my feed myself. Take care…

In the words of Bethenny Frankel: Adios lunatic.

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502 Responses to BS Blogger Blogs: Jenn Sale A.K.A The Super Long Fight In The Comments Blog

  1. Susan MegaBeotch says:

    wow… that was awesome… I kinda browesed her rant yesterday but I actually read it today and I had no idea it was that bad…

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  3. OneMoreInBoston says:

    “It is me personal opinion that IHJZ is a blog not meant to be fun, but meant to hurt others. I’ve always felt that way, I’m just being vocal about it now.”

    because now she has a radio show.

  4. Susan MegaBeotch says:

    wow unreal and brilliant… I had no idea she went off the deep edge.


  5. Waxdiva says:

    WOW! So your calling out the pitiful writing abilities of general Yahoo contributors caused this rant?! She’s quite a sensitive person and anyone who posts on public sites should have somewhat of a thick skin before they delve into the spotlight. Does Yahoo do any psych testing on their “professional” writers?

    • In retrospect what I think really caused her rant was that someone (was it NeedsAHobby?) posted in the comments that to write for Yahoo all you have to do is sign up for Associated Content, and pretty much anyone can sign up to do that regardless of actual talent. That comment made Associated Content look bad – and they are the one’s who gave her that fancy award she is always bragging about. So I think that, in combination with the fact the link Jenn followed to get to this post was in a tweet I sent to Lynn caused her to go all paranoid scitzo in her blog.

      • Waxdiva says:

        Thanks for the clarification. That must be some major, big-time award for her to snap and go all up in yo grill like she did.

        • So this woman is so busy being a “pro” blogger that she has time to get all twisted in knots over what “hobby” bloggers write in their blogs about certain reality TV fools-for-hire? (Fools: as in court jesters and clowns, even if unaware in their human folly–though I’m convinced most of them know exactly what they’re selling.) Because “Jenn” is so above it all, like the fame whores she’s bragging she gets invited to meet so she’ll suck up to them? Excuse me; does she have a degree in journalism? If so, she needs to ask for a refund.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        *….casually saunters in for a read @ RCH’s hangout……….and .emits Scooby Doo “huh?”*

        I may have said….something…that might have oh I don’t know….had the words “bozo” and “any” and maybe uh *eyes shifting* something else….

        It’s not like I brought a monogrammed gift bag.

        Seriously, clearly there were pre-existing issues and multiple factors that resulted in an unanticipated but yet familiar display of JS’ venomous exhalations of asshattery. [Yes, “asshat” is indeed a term of art among us celebrated award winning authors! Just oh by the way, Ms. Smartypants of the North. ]

        The old axiom applies…it doesn’t make any sense for those who live in glass houses to throw stones at others. And yet some still do.

        • kmuellfa says:

          Monogrammed gift bag. Hi-freaking-larious.
          Those gift bags better have new keyboards for all of us, this blog is getting expensive.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        Wow! Defensive much? I actually thought you were alluding to her at first. Her grammar and spelling are atrocious for a “professional”. I figured anyone could write for any of the online rags, so I gave her a pass. Maybe she was doing drink and dial on the keyboard? What a paranoid rant. She is one of the reasons I became a regular here and Lynn’s IHJZ. I feel so vindicated. Poor thing….Keep up the good work RCH!

    • bacasam says:

      Why yes, I believe it must be the same prestigious Psychological Firm, Bravo HW producers use. Good spotting.

  6. Colibrimoon says:

    Whoever is friends with Jennifer Sale. Please tell her to take her meds…

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    The jealousy can not be written out of her rant! She needs a self esteem shot stat and maybe a mega dose of professional quality writing skills too. We all decide what we want to read and post and that is bad medicine to someone who doesn’t understand that choice is involved. Carry on RCH – you are delivering the real deal.

  8. Meadow says:

    It really appears, IMO, that she suffers from delusions of grandeur.

  9. Meg1964 says:

    I know I’m a dumbass compared to Jenn because I have no idea what a fucking byline is… I could look it up, but see – I dont give a fuck. I just wanna read funny shit. 🙂

  10. cdnfillie58 says:

    My hero….ur awesome and great comebacks.I blocked her months ago, and I don’t believe she has been getting a whole lotta traffic on her blog…hence the spew. Some chicks will not learn..yes you Jenn Sale of the other ranting blog that sucks 😛

  11. cdnfillie58 says:

    Just had a thought…who wants to bet me Zen Jen wrote that bad article for Yahoo 😛

  12. Meg1964 says:

    Oh. One more thing. I do think she has serious self esteem issues. In fact, she has said as much. IMO, writing probably isn’t healthy for her. My recommendation is that she become a transcriptionist. This way, she gets to type, but not her own thoughts. Bless her heart.

  13. ReadB4Ujudge says:

    I am so disappointed.

    I love your blog. I love reading Jennifer Sale’s Blog. I read IHJZ as well.
    Do I have to take a side? I understand why Jen dislikes Lynn. What I have not seen addressed is why Lynn dislikes Jen. Now b4 anyone says anything this feud is not new but has been brewing since the late spring. I just wish Lynn would address it but it’s her right if she doesn’t want to or feel it not important enough to bother with it. About a week ago when RCH housewife wasn’t around, poop hit the fan & many of Lynn’s twitter followers attacked Jen. To the point Jen cried bcuz it sucks to be attacked w/the level of aggression from what I saw to be real hate.

    It’s a frinkin blog people. It’s not life or death. It’s frinkin twitter. It really IS NOT that important.

    I joined twitter because I thought hey, everyone on the blog is on twitter it will be fun. The fun lasted 2 whole days until I saw people get attacked on twitter. Why all these twitter wars? DMs used as weapons. Gossip spread. People accused without evidence or reason. Harassment to the umpteenth degree of a disgusting nature against a tweeter’s children to the point police have to called and police reports filed?

    Seriously WTF Ladies? If we can’t control this online bullying crap –> what hope is there for our children? AND many of us have kids.

    I am disappointed. There were places that were drama free where I could go and snark on Bravo’s silly housewives. But now trolls attack every blog out there. Reality tea, IHJZ, Real Old Housewife of Manatee, and even this blog has had troll attacks. Granted, the fruity little nutcake here was a bunch of fugmata jumla fun but I guess all of that snarkilious fun is a thing of the past.

    RCH <—- I think u are hilarious, smart and I sort of thought of you as "Neutral Sweden". You just did your own thing and was friendly with both Lynn and Jen. I understand why you wrote what you wrote. I guess I knew that the time would come and you would have to choose a side. Troll attacks are one thing. Blogger against Blogger attacks are another. Yes, Jen did block you without telling you exactly why but with the level of attacks, aggression, threats and hate she has received and then you come out with a blog that unknowingly attacks her, even I who have followed you in fun for months wondered if you were doing that for Lynn Hudson. I saw her block you, give everyone on twitter the reason why she felt the need to block certain people, and said sorry you felt the way you did. I did not see her attack you. You have judge a fellow blogger and sentenced her to "Sheaskedforit" and have completely & utterly ridiculed her.

    Is this pound of flesh enough for you? Is that now the price we pay for enjoying different blogs and points of view and different bloggers? The price for using social media to follow people who have the same interests we do?

    I usually lurk and dont engage but todays blogs and tweets regarding this made me sad. I do not mean to offend anyone. I just need it this off my chest.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Just curious, how do you know that Jen cried? Did she tweet that?

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      A week ago, Jenn accused Lynn of hacking into her blog. She didn’t say Lynn’s name but she dropped A LOT of hints that pointed to Lynn, just like her blog rant yesterday. Jenn didn’t have any evidence but that didn’t stop her from making the accusation. Some of Lynn’s “followers” were sticking up for Lynn. People didn’t start “attacking” Jenn out of nowhere. Jenn stirs the pot on Twitter and then she acts like she is the victim. I was a fan of Jenn’s and I followed her on Twitter up until last week. If Jenn has an issue with Lynn, she should confront her directly and she should stop ranting and raving about Lynn on the internet. She is behaving like a lunatic!

      • ReadB4Ujudge says:

        The feud goes both ways.

        Jen clarified on her blog that she was not accusing Lynn.

        Lynn’s blog is where people were coming from where they got a warning page that told them not to Jen’s blog was unsafe.

        It was the stick that broke the camel’s back.

        • Had Enough! says:

          How is Lynn responsible for a warning page that another site is unsafe? I have run into many of those warning pages. It generally does mean that the site you are about to go to has been hacked. Why would Jenn Sale or you blame Lynn for that? It may be that people who read Lynn’s blog also read Jenn’s blog, but wherever they were coming from, if the site had been hacked, that warning page would have appeared. Or do you honestly believe that Lynn created that warning page and someone misdirected everyone trying to reach Jenn’s page to the warning page? I can promise you Lynn wouldn’t know HOW to do that but she isn’t the kind of person who WOULD do that.

          • Gosh, hate to tell y’all this, but that’s a scam spyware ad created to get you to click on it. I’ve run into it many times, when I’ve gone to different websites having nothing to do with any reality TV shows or blogs, even. It won’t even let me out of the “warning” page without clicking on the one link that will direct me to a sales pitch. I usually shut down my computer and reboot to get control back. You can remove it, but it’s amazingly difficult and involves instructions that start with “back up your computer files,” then proceed to steps 2 through 50. lol

            It does inspire paranoia, but it’s not a “hack” per se; it’s an ad/spyware. Dirty bastids, I hate that kind of kidnap marketing.

            Here’s some info on this scam from a website a forum admin sent me–a forum I’ve belonged to for 10 years, so it’s not from the forum, either:

            “ is a rather genius scam website…. reads:

            “‘This website has been reported as unsafe. We recommend that you do not continue to this website. Activate my Web protection software. This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.’

            “That’s where’s honesty ends. If you click any of’s links, you’re taken to webpage pimping fake antivirus Personal Antivirus. The only thing Personal Antivirus removes is cash from your pockets.

            “If has hijacked your browser, the only issue you have is and Personal Antivirus. So let me show you how to block and uninstall, before you go bananas.”

            Anyhow, if that’s what got this current battle going, too bad. It’s not a blogger or hacker, it’s a marketing scam. Better not to accuse before you investigate.

            • Had Enough! says:

              Yes, I’ve run into those, too, but there re genuine warning pages. An organization I work with got major hacked for the past two weeks and everytime you tried to go to their website, you got one of these notices. There was no advertising associated with it. Turns out that there is a google/sun microsystems project to warn people from visiting hacked websites:

              • housewifeaddict says:

                That sort of thing can also be a virus. I just turn my computer off and take off my wireless, just in case. I don’t see how it has anything to do with the site you’re coming from – this makes no sense.

          • quincyil says:

            Accusing Lynn of hacking is just wrong. I know Lynn and she is professional even if she isn’t on the same yahoo thing as Jenn Sales.

            I thought Jenn Sales was the lady who was in a Chicago suburb raising children. How would she know anything about the real housewives in different cities? If she is getting her information from Jill Zarin or Teresa, how can you trust her information. These women have been shown to be liars. Look at the television show for confirmation of Jill’s behavior. She apologized in the reunion. That confirms that she was lying. Teresa is accused of perjury and she didn’t file her taxes. We should take her word in a Jenn Sales blog?

            All blogs seem to tainted, Jenn Sales. If you want to be a journalist like Kelly Bensimon, you need to not have the title ” blogger.” In case you didn’t notice, Jenn Sales, the news industry looks down on bloggers. So you are in the swamp with all of the hobby bloggers. You should have purchased hip boots.

        • LurkerAlso says:

          I am now convinced you are all being paid by Bravo to fake this feud. :0)

          You can’t make this stuff up!

      • I agree. I was unaware of all the previous drama until yesterday. But now it is clear that she starts shit and then play victim. Sorta like…. um… hmmmm… Kelsey’s wife!

    • Lovin' this blog! says:

      So, are you disapointed?

      • ReadB4Ujudge says:

        Im disappointed there is no longer a neutral blog to post on. A place that wasn’t in the blogger war. Every war needs a Nuetral country.

        • And you think that Switzerland would still be neutral if America attacked them tomorrow? I don’t think so…

        • Meg1964 says:

          This was a VERY neutral blog – until yesterday. Jenn started the shit. She took what RCH wrote about another blogger, and totally made it all about herself.

          Jenn needs to realize it’s not always about her. She is one of the most paranoid people I have ever met.

          I’m “coming from a place of nice” – she needs to leave the computer alone for about a month. She needs to take a break. This is not mentally healthy for her. And I’m being serious this time.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Jenn didn’t get attacked for having a different point of view. In child’s terms – she provoked it. She attacked first. And she didn’t attack RCH. No, she used this as a jumping-off point to attack Lynn, who hadn’t said one word about her.

      Don’t take sides. Just suggest to Jenn that she, like Lynn, should promote and applaud other Housewife blogs, rather than wait for an excuse to tear someone down – someone not even involved in the fight.

      The oddest thing is that Jenn’s blogs on RH, while not quite as funny, are not all that different from Lynn’s in tone and generally they are in agreement on most situations and characters. That’s why I honestly believe that Jenn is jealous and I also think that’s why she doesn’t allow comments. I think she’s afraid she won’t get many and there goes her claim to being the most popular. But honestly, who cares? We are allowed to read more than one HW blog, and most of us do. So Jenn could have done herself a real favor by being mutually supportive (as Lynn is with RCH, ReallyOld, Mickey Mouth, and many others) or just ignoring Lynn entirely. Two good alternatives, and she goes with an unprovoked attack. All because RCH criticized another writer who is “published” by Associated Content. The only reasonable conclusions are that Jenn was waiting for an excuse, no matter how flimsy, to pounce, and that she is irrational and insecure.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        well said.

      • ReadB4Ujudge says:

        HD – I know you from the IHJZ blog and respect you.

        Believe me, Jen DID NOT attack first. She finally attacked back.

        I understand that you do not follow Jenn BUT this has been brewing since this past Spring. There at least two sides to every story.

        • I follow Lynn on twitter and read her blog. I have never seen her say a word about Jenn ever – which is why I was unaware of the drama. And even with all this happening and the nasty post Jenn wrote, Lynn still hasn’t said much.
          As a general rule I don’t like to start shit with other bloggers/twitterers/wtv
          I had to say something bc Jenn’s post was out of line and unnecessary. Imo, it is not ok write mean blogs about other bloggers. It’s not ok to follow twitter accts who target other bloggers. Talk shit about RH’s all you want – not real people.
          I honestly think all of this is because she is either:
          a) doing Dina’s dirty work
          b) jealous
          c) trying to get attention/hits for her blog
          or d) slightly unstable
          Maybe all of the above

        • Had Enough! says:

          I am not HD (though she’s great). I am Had Enough. I used to read Jenn but I found her stuff a little boring and derivative. It bothered me that she pretended to have inside knowledge and scoops, when she really didn’t. She was just grabbing stuff from the net and posting really fast hoping people would see it on her site first, and intimating that she knew something others didn’t know. So no, I haven’t been following Jenn but I know Lynn really, really well and I am quite sure that she did not attack Jenn. And certainly not here. She used RCH’s post as an excuse to go after Lynn.

    • Just to be clear: I never asked anyone to chose “sides”. I think that is ridiculous. I do not care who anyone reads/likes/talks to/follows on twitter…. I really don’t. Jenn asked people to chose sides. Not me.
      I also did not “chose” a side for myself. Jenn chose for me when she blocked me on twitter because I “can’t follow her and Lynn”.
      I actually liked Jenn’s blog too. I never had a problem with her until she wrote this crazy post which was a response to my blog post (which wasn’t about her and had nothing to do with her).
      She blocked me and wrote that nasty blog out of nowhere. THEN I said what I said.
      I never wrote anything about her – ever. Never mentioned her name in the blog or in a tweet unless I was talking directly to her.
      And keep in mind that this is a woman I talk to on twitter sometimes. She had just given me a #FF 2 days prior to all this. Then she decides it’s “gross” that I read Lynn’s blog and she doesn’t want me reading her tweets anymore?? What?? And it’s not like there was any explanation. She ignored my tweets and then had someone RT her general message.
      The tweet you saw from her to me was her trying to play “huh? what did I do?” after the fact. After she started all this nonsense. That is not the behavior of a stable person.
      People are free to block me, that’s fine. But if you have something to say to me – then say it. Don’t write and underhanded blog full of digs when you can’t even be bothered to say who you are talking about. The blog was directed at Lynn, but it was insulting to a lot of people, me included.
      I don’t do twitter wars. I don’t like drama, that’s why I try to keep things light and funny.
      I did not attack her. I’m still not attacking her. Just calling her out on her bullshit.
      To me, this isn’t drama. The moment it stops being funny I’ll start ignoring it.
      How can you NOT laugh at this? Come on, this is pretty crazy, especially since she is supposed to be a “professional writer”.

      • ReadB4Ujudge says:

        Wow– if your blog is NOT attacking Jen then I NEVER want be there when you DO attack.

        Thanks for clarifying that.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I’ve been slow to catch up with this as well.

        I was following her and then after one of her declarations of mass unfollows of people, I was blocked. At the time I had no understanding as to why, but since I really didn’t interact with her I felt okay that she did me the favor of unfollowing me first. However I see her stuff RT in my timeline all the time. It’s self-manufactured drama. She starts something, blocks her tweets, unblocks, tells everyone how hurt she is, basks in the sympathy, declares herself above it all and then resets game play for another two weeks. I have only been watching this since the end of October so what does that say about her if I’ve seen this act at least three times already.

        I’m not saying trolls don’t jump on her. I am sure they do. You put out bait like that and trolls are going to follow and harass you. It’s what they do. However, I have never seen Lynn attack her, but I have seen tweets from her that attack Lynn. I actually hope she does this to drum up blog hits, because the alternative is this a very sick woman.

        I visit all blogs. I don’t ask them to show me their credentials. I don’t care if the blogger is paid for their content or if they give it away freely. I don’t follow and unfollow people on twitter based on who they follow. Anyone who let’s others decide who they follow on twitter or what blogs they can visit should seriously think about some self-esteem classes. As for Jenn Sales I am sure she is perched at this blog and enjoying the drama. Apparently, it’s what she does.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You asked so here it is, I don’t dislike Jennifer Sale and you shouldn’t assume things. As you say, I’ve never said anything about her. She has this thing in her head that we are in a feud but it’s all on her end. I’ve never said a word to her, about her or even thought about her. She’s not even a blip on my radar yet she slams me and slams my blog (and my readers) every chance she gets.

      You can find tweets and digs at me in many MANY of her posts, you wont find anything anywhere on anything I’ve written about her. She does her thing and I do mine, I don’t give ultimatums and I don’t tell people what to read.

      • ReadB4Ujudge says:


        Actually I can’t find digs against you in any of her blogs B4 the one where she stated that someone from IHJZ hacked her blog.

        After that –> yes, agreed.

        But I do recall tweets from you making fun of Jen, you snapping at posters who posted something from Jen. You claim you never heard of her but you yourself have posted Jen Sale’s link on your blog when it came to something about Danielle Staub getting a new TV deal. I thought you were okay with her but obviously there “IS” something you have against her for you snap at your own posters.

        Perhaps, you don’t see it . Honestly you did/do put “I-dont-like-Jen-Sale” vibe out there prior to her putting it out there on her blog.

        It something we both agree to disagree about it.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Then you’re not looking close enough. I have been sent blog after blog, tweet after tweet, in fact she wrote two full LONG blogs about me then deleted them. But nothing is ever really gone on the internet, is it?

          I don’t put ANY vibe out there about her, how is that even possible when I don’t pay ANY attention to her, you’re not even making any sense.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I read Lynn’s blog everyday- I have never seen anything remotely that you describe on her blog.

          I remember at one point Lynn actually provided links to Jenn’s blog which is the ONLY reason I even know who she is. She was very respectful to her.

          I do remember some of Lynn’s posters complaining about the accuracy of some of Jen’s blogs but other than that nothing.

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          People, Methinks this is Jen arguing for herself

          • I was kinda starting to think that too.

          • LynnnSoCal says:

            Just now? Someone needs to get her away from the keyboard….Now! We are supposed to be having fun here. Leave your drama to the RHOBravo! Lynn has never posted anything negative about JS that I’ve seen. I avoid Twitter so can’t speak to that. That is a sad piece of womanhood over there.

        • Salish says:

          @ReadB4Ujudge- Is it really worth carrying this on? Nobody is going to agree with you. You are arguing just to argue. Everyone understands your point. You just are not going to flip anyone to your side. Stop beating a dead horse.

      • Lovin' this blog! says:

        I don’t know about the blog, but I’ve read nothing but snark and hate from the Jen & Crew about Lynn from the moment they suspected she was getting “too big for her britches.” Every awful Lynn remark was always accompanied by @jen……

        You’ve had GRACE under pressure Lynn. What a bunch of house fraus.

      • Laura aka Just done says:

        ” I don’t dislike Jennifer Sale and you shouldn’t assume things. As you say, I’ve never said anything about her. ”

        Okay, I was steering clear of all of this, but Lynn, what you just stated is such a lie. You and I both know that you trashed Jenn via DM to me, and if you did so that easily to me in you massive amounts of DM’s, then you have done it before. You remember the time Lynn, when I tweeted you about why you didn’t have my back? You followed up with all of those DM’s. I see how some of your “followers” have learned to just jump on when it’s time to protect you because you are playing the victim. Problem is, some people did see you’re retweet of me being a whiny brat. That’s our nice, sweet Lynn, huh?

        Just remember, YOU started this crap about Jenn, as early as October, if not before. Jenn decided to give it back to you. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it unless you have your group of “faithful followers” surrounding you.

        People don’t know the real Lynn. I hear the word vitriol used on your blog alot, but if ppl only heard the hate spewed from you via your DM’s, and the nasty, horrible things you said about certain people (which, by the way, I have complete copies of ), they would be completely shocked.

        The Real Lynn has been acting all sweet, and she’s there for her “fans” and she does it for her “readers.” Whatever you do people, do not disagree with Lynn, because she’ll go all BSC on you, but she is sneaky that way, she does it via DM so that no one else see’s the evil.

        People want to unfollow me, block me, whatever. But I know what I saw. It’s up to you, but I call it like I see it.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I have no idea what you’re talking about, I didn’t re-tweet anything about you or DM you particularly since I don’t know who the hell you are.

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            Really Lynn…you don’t know who I am. On twitter, BaileysLaura, refresh your memory now? You remember all of those DM’s now, where you said you didn’t want to sound conceited, but you didn’t want all of your “followers” knowing my business if you got in the middle of the attack on me. Instead u told someone to delete the tweet that started the whole thing, so nobody was able to get to the bottom of it. Clearing out the cobwebs yet?

            You blasted me via DM that I was following one of your “haters, Jenn Sale” and how that was horrible. Was that how you boost other blogs Lynn, because I swear I’ve heard about you promoting other blogs. Uhhh, not so much.

            • Laura aka Just done says:

              Part of your DM’s (in case u didn’t think I kept them)

              Lynn Hudson (@LynnNChicago)
              10/29/10 10:30 PM
              and those that didn’t are you DMing ALL of them like you are me? telling me I’m not a loyal friend? I did what i thought was best

              Laura (@baileyslaura)
              10/29/10 10:30 PM
              I’m too old for this h.s. crap. I have real problems to deal with

              Laura (@baileyslaura)
              10/29/10 10:30 PM
              u talk about only doing it dm…maybe twilight and ROH would’ve backed off if you did it publicly

              • Salish says:

                Enough with these sock puppet accounts, you are relentless!

              • LynnNChicago says:

                Laura, you know exactly what happened, why are you acting like I did somthing wrong?

                Someone tweeted something nasty about YOU and I DM’d them telling them to delete it because there was no way that you were responsible for the fake accounts. (although now I’m not so sure)

                In any case, after that I went to work, when I returned the fighting was OVER and I saw no need to bring it up again. YOU attacked me on Twitter saying that I never backed you up. I WAS AT WORK for the 10thousand time! I wasn’t there, I couldn’t have backed you up!

                Did you save the DM where I offered my phone number so that you could call me and we could talk this out on the phone? And the one where you REFUSED to call me???

                I wanted to settle it, you wanted to bitch at me for not starting ANOTHER twitter war when it was all over!

                Play the victim all you want but I did what I thought was best and I stand by my decision. There was NO need to bring it all up again at 10pm when it was long since over hours before that.

                BTW, DID you rip apart ALL of your twitter friends for not defending you? Was it just me? I’m the only bad guy for NOT BEING HOME????

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                Funny how you skipped the part where you ripped apart Jen Sales in the DM. Yes, u did tell me to call you, but that after your attack on Jen, and you moved forward to Squirrels. You wanted me to call you so that you could tell me all the things you wanted to tell me about her.

                Which proves my point. Unless someone agrees with you, you completely lose it.

                I wasn’t bringing up what my twitter war was about. AMerems already admitted to deleting the post. It’s history. I only brought it up because it was then, back in October, when you attacked Jenn Sale in a DM to me.

                So, you might not do it publicly,but you sure make a point of ripping people apart via DM. Just like Squirrels, right? You accused Squirrels of being a fake account, do you remember that?

                You were relentless in those DM’s. They weren’t about what was going on with me, it was about you putting me in my place because I refused to drink the Kool-Aid. I call major BS Lynn. You and I both know the truth.

              • Anonymous says:

                Laura..if you’re still lurking, nothing you just showed remotely proves your case…where’s the dm’s you speak of? sad

        • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:


          You forgot to mention that you were the one that sent Jenn e-mails about Lynn that sent Jenn over the edge. Basically, you can take full credit for being the stick that stirs the shit. I tried to reach out to you to tell you that I was concerned about Jennifer going off the deep end because I knew that you were the one throwing gasoline on the fire. But, you being the stick, had to run and tell Jenn this, also.

          You CAN’T toy with someone that is mentally unstable and not expect them to become delusional and fixate on that person. The puzzle pieces are coming together now that I see this deep-seeded hate you have for Lynn. You used Jenn to try to tear down Lynn. How’s this working for you?

          You really should be ashamed of yourself!

          • Anonymous says:

            The reason that I blocked you on Twitter is because I believe, like others whom I’ve spoken to, that you are completely insane. Whether or not you have a nursing degree remains to be seen, but I will say this, no medical practitioner would diagnose someone over the internet.

            As for me being the “shit stirrer,” I told Jenn what YOU said about her…absolutely. I told her the disparaging comments you made, because if someone was making those comments about me, I would want to be told. Question is my dear, why wouldn’t you say it straight to Jenn? Also, if you are a healthcare practitioner, which I doubt, do you not realize that people have the right to privacy when it comes to medical issues, and if someone claims to be a nurse, you know nothing about patient care.

            As for me being happy about Lynn being called out, that’s a deflection dear. Have I torn Lynn down…nope, just reported the facts. If you don’t agree, then give me a rebuttal, not a response like “you should be ashamed of yourself.”

            Honey, I’m not the one out there asking $50 for a keychain from people (some of whom stated they were unemployed) so that she can “follow her dream.” She wants to follow her dream, fine, but don’t expect others to pay for it. Hasn’t anyone questioned who’s paypal account that is? Has anyone NOT thought to ask that question? Has anyone asked exactly HOW MUCH is costs for each podcast? But Lynn doesn’t have to provide these little details b/c you all believe her. What about WSL? I guess you believe her too. I have a bridge to sell you, can you cut me a check before Christmas?

            As for being ashamed, I am not ashamed. If one person who is short on money questions this and doesn’t send in a dime, then I’ll be happy. You, on the other hand, should be ashamed. The things you post on a public forum regarding people having mental illness, taking their meds, etc, shows me the kind of evil you have inside of you.

            As for Lynn, I could care less about her blog, her podcast, or anything else for that matter. If she winds up hurting someone with it, I’ll say something. If you don’t like it, move on.

            P.S. Let’s not forget that the reason you are so pissed at me is because Jenn blocked you after you went off on a tangent about her to me in a private DM.

            People, do we see a pattern here. Looks like the pieces are all falling into place

          • Laura aka Just done says:

            Okay, first and foremost, let’s put it out there, you are pissed at me because I told Jenn that you wrote innapropriate comments about her in a DM and she blocked you. You even said as much in your tweets.

            You claim to be a healthcare professional, and I’m surrounded by them my whole life. They would never post information like you have on a public site, it wouldn’t happen.

            Don’t make this about Lynn, because you are using this as a platform to get back to me. Go right ahead, I did nothing wrong. You were inappropriate, YOU crossed the line. YOU made it known that you had personal knowledge and shared it, when any health care professional would not have done that.

            But hey…you’re a nurse right? I pray each day for your patients and their families.

            As for Lynn, she’s a big girl having someone deal with her issues. Has anyone (even one person) questioned the paypal account, who owns it, how much it costs to make “these” podcasts, etc. I saw comments on Lynn’s site that were disturbing, unemployed ppl saying they didn’t have much, but they’ll send something. WSL saying “great, thanks!” Doesn’t anyone look out for the little guy anymore, or should EVERYONE finance Lynn’s dream. That’s what it sounds like to me.

            Put it in a business perspective. If this was what Lynn wanted to do, she needed to write a business plan. If you were to be her investors, she should have presented that business plan to all of you, and those who wanted in could get it in. A plea from WSL sounds more like a Nigerian scam than a business plan.

            • LynnNChicago says:

              Laura, why don’t you ask your hero about HER attempt at getting donations to write her book? I suppose that’s ok? Did you even know about that? I doubt it! How about her You-Tube video? She’s swearing her head off in front of her children as she’s complaining about PTA mothers who volunteer their time. Ripping women apart because their hair isn’t perfect, apparently this is her MO, ripping other women apart.

              You want the truth, this whole thing started as you very well know, when you ripped me apart for not defending you when I wasn’t even on Twitter at the time. Besides that, I’m not your mommy! What did you say to me? “People listen to you”. So I should start up a battle on Twitter for you?

              You had the nerve to call me disloyal when all the while you’re kissing Jennifer Sale’s ass! Then you admitted you only talked to her because you were angry at me about Beth guest blogging on my site. My site, my decisions and as I told you and your rodent friend, that was to be her last guest blog so get over it!

              All this from a woman who changed her Twitter name from @BaileysLaura to @BaileysBitch….fitting!

              You really should be ashamed of yourself, I expected so much more from you. Your true colors are showing.

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                LOL Lynn…you really are funny how you twist those words. I asked you to speak to twilighttwitti and ROH, because you have a history with them.

                I never, once stated that I speak to Jenn because I am mad at you. I’ve been following Jenn for as long as I can remember, not October.

                You really need to remember before you post some crazy nonsense. After all, you don’t want to sound conceited because you have 3000 followers, right?

                Lynn, have you made that business plan yet? Have you? Or are you and WSL expecting complete strangers from the internet to fund your “dream.” People do it for free Lynn, you know that, you’ve been told it. But hey, you still want to sell your $50 key chains. BTW, last time I checked, a Coach keychain was cheaper than that!

                Keep passing out the kool-aid Lynn. Jenn Sale never started this, you did. You know it, I’m sure a few of your inner-circle even know it, but you will continue to deny it.

            • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

              I wasn’t tearing Jenn apart in the DM’s. I was concerned. Jennifer tweeted publicly that she was Bipolar…that’s all the info I have to go on. I’m wasn’t diagnosing her. I was planning on discussing my concern with Jenn but she blocked me so I couldn’t. The personal knowledge that I was referring to was dealing with a friend/patients who suffer from the disease.

              I thought of you as a cyber-friend, stood-up for you when you were wrongly accused and I thought you were someone that I could trust to express my concerns. I could care less if you believe that I’m a nurse but thank-you for praying for my patients and their families. They can always use an extra prayer.

              As far as the WSL and pay-pal ordeal, I have no idea what you are talking about. But, wow, I didn’t realize just how obsessed you were with Lynn. That’s like night and day research your doing.

              • Laura aka Just done says:

                you thought of me as a cyber-friend. That’s funny, because after I blocked you you went off in a rage, talking about how Jen Sale blocked you because of someone on twitter. And then began to announce personal information about me all over twitter. This is exactly the behaviour that I was talking about before. You felt the need to bash me, for days. It was ridiculous, but hey, we were cyber-friends?

        • Meg1964 says:

          Who are you? 🙂

    • bacasam says:

      ah, “I usually lurk” nice.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Ok, I think I understand what you’re saying, and I don’t necessarily disagree. I also joined twitter because everyone from the blogs was on it. I don’t participate on it very much because it seems like theres always the same 2 or 3 people fighting with someone. Most of the time I’m at least 80% confused and wondering, “Aren’t these broads at least 35+ years old with kids and husbands? This is so sad”. It does appear as if some of it is bullying as well.

      But this situation is different, imo. Jennifer was the one who opened this can of worms. Therefore, she should be able to take the heat for it. If she can’t, then let it be a lesson to her.

      Personally, I don’t care that the girl doesn’t like this site or Lynns. Why would I? These blogs don’t pay my bills. The reason I have contributed to the discussion is because before she even wrote that blog, I thought she was a deluded nitwit. I mean, the lady actually said that “her ego helps a lot of charities”. If Camille Grammar said that, I’m sure we’d all be snarking our asses off, right? Jenn Sales does not have internet beatdown immunity- at least not when it comes to me.

  14. Had Enough! says:

    Hey gang! Guess who wrote THIS:

    “Reality TV is ridiculous, and I love to write about it, so I guess that makes me ridiculous too. I am not a journalist, nor an actual writer, but this is what happens when a hobby goes terribly wrong…you get popular…

    I have one of the most popular Pop/Media columns in the city, a wildly popular blog, features in Yahoo News, and a novel: Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re McNuggets coming soon.”

    Did you guess it is the person who just went cray cray insisting that she is an actual writer? And that she is different from/better than a hobby blogger?


  15. just another blonde says:

    W/E I don’t have any beef with you or Lynn ur POSTERS IS THE ONES WHO TWEETED ME WITH THeiR NON SENSE! My problems with so call bloggers who steal work& time from us freelancers you all should grow a pair I’ve been doing this for a long& since u stepped into pro’s blogging teritori pre pare 2 get burnt& stomped on! Haven’t mention any1 by name so u should keep my name outta ur blogs & tweets!

  16. cdnfillie58 says:

    “It’s a frinkin blog people. It’s not life or death. It’s frinkin twitter. It really IS NOT that important.”

    You said it all there, so why did you make a point of letting RCH know how “disappointed” you are in her and ask her if she’s got her pound of flesh yet????? BTW..looks to me like you have taken sides

  17. Had Enough! says:

    More comedy gold:

    “Not only a Pop Culture enthusiast, Jenn also writes books! She recently signed a multi-project deal with D’Egge Productions. Look for both her re-release of her first novel, The Good Girl Theory, and her new novel, Don’t Count Your Chickens before they’re McNuggets, on and here at this fall!”

    Hmm. Can anyone find D’Egge Productions on the internetz? I found an Egge Studios, but it is video production, not publishing. I found no trace whatsoever of the first novel, which was allegedly re-released in October.

    And two more novels coming out in December and January. In some parallel universe, I guess.

    • quincyil says:

      Had enough, how are you. I haven’t seen your for a long, long time.

      I just took the link from Lynn’s blog and ended up here. Hmmmm…. You have to wonder if this Jen Sales, author and professional blogger, has run short of concepts for her blog. Perhaps, she wants to tap into the huge number of hits Lynn seems to be receiving of late.

      What makes one writer professional and another hobby? Beats me. I love to write and no one has ever offered me a dime, so I guess I’m a hobby writer.
      Guess what? I really don’t care. I think I’ll just do my own thing and try to enjoy life.

      So glad to see all of you. Thank your for the link.

  18. just another blonde says:


  19. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    I will apologize in advance for my grammar/spelling…

    I followed everyone and tried to stay neural (tried, I am human). I never saw Zen Jen being attacked. I saw a lot of under minded comments made by Jen against Lynn but never once saw Lynn say anything against Jen. Jenn frequently chats and carries on with the @MrLynnNChicago and @JZandLynnSuck person. If she is so about being Zen why would she carry on with these trolls that were specifically made to hate on Lynn. Remember, Jen, you don’t like people that “hate”…yeah, right!

    Jennifer 100% creates her on drama…stirs the masses of her devoted followers..then claims to be the sensitive victim when approached about her shit-stirring. All the other bloggers get along except for Jenn. She, at times, will throw her digs, then claim to be attack, then brag about all the hits she is getting on her blog and extra followers. I’m sure she’s loving this extra attention and clicks she is getting. We aren’t dealing with a rational person but someone who suffers from a mental disease. She claims to be above it all but recaps trash for money (pennies) like 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore, and the Real Housewives.

    Jenn has barked-up the wrong tree and now will have to suffer the consequences of her actions. It’s about time that someone is holding her accountable for her actions. Hopefully, she will get the much needed help she needs. Jennifer—-get your meds adjusted soon and not for us but your family! Please.

    • ReadB4Ujudge says:


      Getting paid for snarking on pop culture and having an NBC development deal are HORRIBLE consequences.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Well, you’re right of course.

        She is able to snark on pop culture and get paid for it. I snark quite a bit and don’t get paid one cent for it. Clever girl.

        But how long is she going to get paid to snark or have development deals if she behaves in such an erratic and unprofessional way?

        This may be driving hits to her blog, but for what reason? If she begins to lose her credibility then who will hire or pay her?

        • ReadB4Ujudge says:


          If you knew both sides you would understand why she said what she said. She has a HUGE legal team behind her.

          Then its a TV deal. Let’s be honest. You can be caught Coked out of your mind, with hookers in a trashed NYC hotel room, by police (umm, think Charlies Sheen) and guess what? As long as you bring in the ratings, you will get protected and paid.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            But since she’s blocked the comments and has no it counter how do you know she’s bringing in the ratings?

            Personally I don’t think she is. Because this whole attack just reeks of desperation.

            if she was as successful as you claim why would she even take the time to write this nonsense?

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            Okay, then doing this IS an attempt to up her ratings on another blogger’s readership? She “gets the ratings” for a while due to readers trying to figure this out and it boosts her numbers for a potential tv deal? I still don’t get all this?

          • Need a Hobby says:

            You seem to know and understand JS really well…..

            About that HUGE legal team behind her? Is it Yahoo’s? The Trib’s? Her uh, publisher’s? NBC/Uni?

            Or D’Egge Productions? Wasn’t there a book due to be published last month or so? Is the publisher’s editor still holding it up in rewrite? How’s that going? Didn’t you have an excerpt on your site? It was really rather remarkable IIRC.

          • bacasam says:

            hahahahaha (tea coming out my nose)

      • Had Enough! says:

        My mind is trying to wrap itself around the idea that JS has an NBC development deal. Is that like Danielle and Teresa getting their own shows? Like “it must be true because they say so?” Or is this deal with D’Egge Productions, which she mentions in her bio, but doesn’t provide a link? Maybe because it doesn’t exist?

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        No, the horrible consequence is the toll it’s having on your mental health. Money can’t by you freedom from a mental disorder.

        In the manic phase of bipolar disorder, feelings of heightened energy, creativity, and euphoria are common. People experiencing a manic episode often talk a mile a minute, sleep very little, and are hyperactive. They may also feel like they’re all-powerful, invincible, or destined for greatness.

        They may also become angry, irritable, and aggressive–picking fights, lashing out when others don’t go along with their plans, and blaming anyone who criticizes their behavior. Some people even become delusional or start hearing voices.

        There is more to treatment than medication. Medication alone is usually not enough to fully control the symptoms of bipolar disorder. The most effective treatment strategy for bipolar disorder involves a combination of medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and social support.

        Hope this helps Jenn.

        • EquusPaige says:

          Being on Twitter and subjecting yourself to that kind or scrutiny is not a healthy choice for someone with bipolar disorder, especially if it is uncontrolled. It is sad. The delusions of grandeur are obvious in her writing. I hope she gets the help that she needs…..and shuts off the computer. It isn’t healthy to write “bash” blogs (as she just did) and have all the blowback to deal with when you are in a fragile state.

  20. WindyCityWondering says:

    Everyday we make choices. What to wear. What to eat. What to read. The blogs I go to are the ones that make me laugh and have posters whose comments make me laugh. I don’t need to change anyone’s opinion or be disrespectful to fellow posters. RCH cracks me up and the majority of posters here are funny too. If other bloggers have a problem with this blog then they should find some place else to play.

  21. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Or maybe all of this is a calculated business decision to drive hits to her blog. By acting the part of the crazee blogger in need of meds- who may just go ape shit at any time, for any reason ala Teresa, maybe it’s just to get the attention her flagging blog needs to push through more deals like her Chicken McNugget book.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      No. She’d get far, far more hits by playing nicely with other bloggers.

      Ask Terry Aley (rawveggies on twitter). He recently saw what happened to traffic on his blog when a certain unpaid blogger first tweeted, then in her blog posted a link to an article on his site. I was reading twitter and saw him posting as he in real time watched the traffic flow to his site. As I recall, he even invoked the holy family in his astonishment at how the numbers progressively jumped with each posting and continued to flow.

      It was just a small quiet demonstration of the power of collegiality and a shout out from the right site and blogger. And what I liked most of all was the fact that it was just that….quiet. Only if you were watching either of those two feeds at that time would you have known.

    • AnnaM says:

      Worked for Kelley

  22. just another blonde says:


    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      It’s OK, Dina. Honey, we’ll start talking about you again real soon.

      I thought you were leaving?

    • Had Enough! says:

      Exempt organizations do not pay federal taxes (except on unrelated business income). You are right, though. She doesn’t have to answer to anyone except the IRS and the State of New Jersey. Which, it turns out, she hadn’t done as required by law.

      Everyone has a right to question every charity and, in fact, everyone should do so before making charitable contributions – first, to be sure the contributions are in fact tax-deductible (this really matters to a lot of people), and second, to be sure the charity is legit. There are lots of scam artists out there.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dina’s charity has questionable finances and she hasn’t cleared that up. Who would want to donate to a charity that can’t show their finances. No judgement, just common sense!

    • justanothermary says:

      This is a Jiggly Jumbla Fugmata and will not go away, even though she/he/it did kinda promise. I think if you say it’s going to be your last post, it should be your last post. I mean come on, it’s like handing someone a beautifully wrapped empty box on their birthday!

    • Debbie says:

      Stop yelling. And I thought you said Good-bye..

    • MoDee says:

      ‘Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out’ or ‘Don’t leave pissed…just leave’ have you got it yet? Or do you need more subtle hints?

  23. The Real Story says:

    You all know that this is exactly what she wants. The attention is her subsistence. She is a victim who enjoys the turmoil she creates both on the internet and in real life.

    I just forwarded this to a person who actually has the displesure of knowing Jen and interacting with her in real life. I told her that she need to get this woman to a doctor immediately.

    We all know that we will get nowhere with this because Jen Sales thinks she can do no wrong. She will continue to kiss the asses of the bravolebrities whom she wants something from and will continue being a victim as that is what she has always been.
    The people that know her in real life know this and now more people on twitter now know. Eventually it will all catch up with her as she faces being alone.
    She is a sad, sad woman.

    Remember, never argue with an idiot like Jen. She will just drag you down to her level and BEAT you with experience!

    Now lets go have fun like we all used to!

    • ReadB4Ujudge says:

      “Remember, never argue with an idiot like Jen. She will just drag you down to her level and BEAT you with experience!”

      I’ve heard this before…ah, of course.

  24. Lovin' this blog! says:

    Why is there no “The Good Girl Theory” on Amazon? Re-released? In your mind?

  25. Colibrimoon says:

    @ReadB4Ujudge…I didn’t know that there was a specific incident between Lynn and Jennifer; do tell.

    I saw some of the responses to Jennifer’s tweets last week. Jennifer and a few other tweeters were mocking Lynn and her podcast show. The snarkfest went on for quite sometime before people started to defend Lynn. I didn’t see one person identify themselves as a “Lynn follower “. Most of the tweets criticized Jennifer for poking fun at a fellow blogger.

    Jennifer can be very aggressive without much provocation. I know, I have experienced it first hand. I questioned Dina Manzo’s motive in regards to PLB long before the geoaubsmom melee. Jennifer ripped into me for having the audacity to challenge Dina. After I tweeted back to Jennifer in defense of my query, she sent one more nasty tweet and blocked me. At the time, we had a lot followers in common; so, I didn’t dwell on the incident.

    I am not surprised at Jennifer’s behavior…any of it.

    BTW…Twitter has never been drama free and I’ve been hanging around for a few years.

  26. OneMoreInBoston says:

    You know, I just want to go onto PayPal and contribute like $1000 to Lynn, get all of the key chains and mail them all to her. One by One. With a note. Thanking her for bringing the key chains to my attention. Every day. Until she goes crazy. ier.

  27. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    From “Just another Blond” above
    “I’ve been doing this for a long& since u stepped into pro’s blogging teritori pre pare 2 get burnt& stomped on! ”
    Is that what is going on here? I am trying to figure this out. Are you Jenn? Sounds like you are, if so, just say that.
    If you are upset that amature blogs have come about and that a few (or one in-particular) are becoming popular then say that. Don’t change it to someone attacking you.
    I don’t twitter. I have no desire to be on twitter. But I have read Jenn Sale on Napierville Pop Media Examiner and have enjoyed those blogs. I have also enjoyed being a participant on Lynn’s site. They both have very similar view points on the housewives and I recall some really nice things being said about Jenn there. Also at one point, Lynn was linking to Jenn’s site because she thought it was funny.
    Whoever is “Just another Blond” you may have said more than you wanted. It seems to me that the sentence I quoted above is the real agenda here. Lynn, RCH and others have become popular and “invaded your turf” so now you feel the need to sally forth on your big old white horse and “take the cross” to start the crusade against them. It sounds like you are saying “Get off my playground, only my friends and I can jump rope here!”.
    I mean really, everyone here is an adult, right? Seriously.

  28. I’ve only read three blogs by “Jenn”, including this one repeated here. She has real issues I won’t comment on as I think she’s in serious need of therapy. I will say this: anyone getting so defensive and serious about what other bloggers (professional and hobby–and she is clearly the latter, if writing skill and wit is any indication) parody and satirize from a TV reality show about women who go on camera and cut each other up for fame and money is rather…disingenuous. Not to mention, hypocritical. Just saying….

  29. Lovin' this blog! says:

    I want nothing more right now than to buy a keychain and post a pic of it on TWITTER.

  30. The Real Italian Princess says:

    looks like Dina forgot to refill those Wellbutrin and her 500mg of Depokene Dr. Rob D Kramberg prescribed to her for the month. Are you really mentally ill or you just use neck ,back and headache pain as an excuse to get pills? I’ll hold my breath!

  31. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I am actually being serious here. Stating that someone has invaded your “turf” and now must be “stomped” and “burnt” for it after that blog earlier today is tanamount to admitting that you are attempting to start crap to try and run off your competition. Then, to yell at other’s about bullying? The bully is the one who is trying to run off anyone they think has stepped on their “turf”. This is just really stupid and wrong. What the hell?

  32. realminkey says:

    She doesn’t like the questions or criticism, but what also reeeeeally gets under the skin of Jenn is that people are joking about her, and quite cleverly too! It “bugs”, so to say.

  33. skinnykiss says:

    I say stop giving this Jen person all the free publicity. If she’s getting paid to write about what we can turn on our T.V.’s and see for free, let her buy her own advertisement. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

    • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

      Amen to that! This is distracting us from important stuff, like Kelsey’s wife and Fakedra’s fudgey due date. 😦

  34. Shari says:

    “If you get a Yahoo News byline? Congrats, I will officially view you as a peer and not some obnoxious fly that keeps buzzing around my head.”

    She seems full of herself.

  35. ReadB4Ujudge – it’s getting old now. You are the only one defending Jenn.
    The amount of people coming out and saying they have had problems with this woman is telling.
    Even now, Jenn is sitting on her twitter (yes, I checked it) talking about how we are having a one sided argument with ourselves – Completely pretending that her long ass blog post never happened.
    The woman is not stable, and if you can’t see that… idk. Good luck in life I guess.

    • realminkey says:

      I find the concept of a one-sided argument intriguing. Where I come from, at least last time I checked, it’s better-known as an agreement.

  36. Lovin' this blog! says:

    Well, I’m off to cuddle up with some hot tea and a copy of “The Good Girl Theory.” Ta-Ta for now…

  37. LilyLynn says:

    OMG RCH – love it. I think I have a girl crush on you. Also, thanks alot, because of you I’m now hooked on another “crappy hobby blog” – Rants of a Sassy Stew. I know a couple of retired flight attendants IRL and they have the best stories!

  38. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jenn needs to understand that in order to be a popular blogger she needs to write interesting stuff and have dedicated followers. Sounds like someone was told to up her following and thus a war is in order. Sadly for her, I never went to her site and now I never will. As my kids say, it sucks to be you Jenn!

  39. Just another fly says:


    • And just this morning you were typing like a real grown up… I guess it was too much to hope that it would last.
      Oh well.
      I did add fuel to the fire. You’re right. I could have left it alone, but I decided not to. I got a TON of messages yesterday from people who dislike this woman or have had problems with her. Now we all have a place to talk about it.
      She doesn’t have a place for comments so I made one for her!

    • Kat says:

      GO TO SLEEP! You’re the song that never ends.

    • Meg1964 says:

      Is anybody even reading these all cap rants anymore. I’m over this idiot.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      hey..I think us Canadians just got slammed….ROTFLMAO

      • housewifeaddict says:

        That’s what I was just thinking – and I’m pretty mad – I think. I’ve got to put a cold beer on my head to get rid of the headache the all caps is causing, and then I’ll decide if I’m mad. Or maybe I’ll just drink a cold beer …. mmmm beer. Now I’ve really forgotten if I’m mad or not.

    • Uh Oh says:

      Sounds like a fugmata fritatta to me….

  40. Shari says:

    Just another fly, from what I’ve read, it’s Jenn who needs to grow up. There is nothing wrong with RCH defending herself.

  41. TheDesignDiva says:

    WOWZA….That chick must be off her meds !!!
    I so loved how you posted all your comments in bold……GREAT REPLIES and GREAT WORK…You dont have any worries about your blog or yourself for that matter..You , madame are a TRUE PROFESSIONAL….
    My hat is off to you..
    Continue forward….
    Hugs and Peace

    • Thank you 😀

      It’s funny that everyone is making jokes about meds, because someone told me on twitter that Jenn was tweeting that she was bipolar back when all the Kelly/Scary Island stuff was going on. Can’t find the tweets so you’ll have to take their word for it.
      But it would make A LOT of sense.

  42. captaincarebear says:

    Ok, not gonna troll on this one. Definitely worth a comment. But first, let me wipe the snot and drool dripping mercilessly from my face. I’m a paid writer. College educated, Masters Degree, yada yada yawn yawn. And you know what; at the end of the day who gives a flying toodle doo. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn since I obviously don’t take myself too seriously but I’m mentioning it to tell this ranting “professional” that another paid writer is saying “take a chill pill will ya?” You’ve heard the expression, “Those that cast the first stone probably have the most crap in the toilet”? Of course you haven’t; I just came up with it. Now pay me for that. I wouldn’t worry about that little wallflower. Her sarcasm and wit don’t compare.

    Paid for by the committee to enhance non professional but wickedly funny bloggers that don’t need a title or a big ole fat paycheck to feel self absorbed and important.

  43. Shari says:

    captaincarebear, I loved your post, it made me laugh out loud.

  44. JenD says:

    Great, can’t believe this shit. I may have to stop reading this blog. The only drama i wanna see is between the damn housewives. RCH…Sorry the B.S. blog for Jenn Sale should have never been done, PLEASE KEEP IT HOUSEWIVES CENTRAL. I read Jenn Sale’s blog…and it is a bit boring. Can we get back to snarking on the housewives…PRETTY PLEASE

  45. Miss Anthrope says:

    I wish she would expound on how “crappy hobby blogs” hurt “freelancers”. Just because you claim it to be true, doesn’t mean it is. I’d love to hear her reasoning behind that statement, because to me, it makes no fucking sense.

    Everything she says is dripping with defensiveness and ego, which leads me to believe that she’s actually very insecure. It doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to figure this chick out.

    And hey, guess what Jenn! I’ve been published on AC too! How about that shit?! And you know what else? Nobody (including me) gives a fuck. Know why? Cause it’s not some huge honor. In fact, it’s more embarrassing than it is brag-worthy. Have you even SEEN the shit they publish? It’s like bragging that you won the special olympics. Next you’ll be self publishing a book with and acting like you were just #1 on the amazon best sellers list. Don’t you get it yet? It’s not like getting accepted to Harvard Law, or even receiving a bowling trophy. It takes absolutely no skill or talent. Your self importance is completely idiotic.

    In this “battle”, Lynn would be Bethenny and Jenn would be Kelly. Just sayin.

  46. OneMoreInBoston says:

    So I just went over to the award winning Jen Sales Yahoo Contributor Network page.

    Says here:

    Page Views: 191,898
    Content :464
    Contributor since :4/2010

    Maybe I’m not reading this correctly, being so unprofessional and all, but Jen has 25 fans?

    She has won a few more “awards” such as a Clout score of 9.

    ” Clout is a 10-point scale used to measure a contributor’s success on Associated Content from Yahoo! – the official digital library of the Yahoo! Contributor Network. When you join the Yahoo! Contributor Network, you start off at Clout 1 and climb the clout ladder gradually based on the amount of content you publish and the volume of page views your content receives on Associated Content. Starting at Clout 7, your rate of Associated Content Performance Payments incrementally increase until you reach the highest level, Clout 10.

    The base rate of Performance Payments for Associated Content is $1.50 for every one thousand page views, and this rate can climb to $2.00 as you publish more content and receive more traffic. The chart below demonstrates how Clout is calculated.
    Clout Level Clout Score* Clout
    Bonus Current

    clout 1 0-100 n/a $1.50
    clout 2 101-500 n/a $1.50
    clout 3 501-1,000 n/a $1.50
    clout 4 1,001-5,000 n/a $1.50
    clout 5 5,001-20,000 n/a $1.50
    clout 6 20,001-50,000 n/a $1.50
    clout 7 50,001-100,000 $0.05 $1.55
    clout 8 100,001-500,000 $0.10 $1.60
    clout 9 500,001-1,000,000 $0.25 $1.75
    clout 10 1,000,000 + $0.50 $2.00

    “*Clout Score = Your total number of page views on Associated Content from Yahoo! PLUS a 1% bonus for each published submission (max bonus = 200%). Example: A Contributor with 10 articles published on Associated Content and 5,000 total AC page views has a Clout Score of 5,500 (5,000 views + 10%), which translates to a Clout Level of 5.”

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, she has 464 published articles (blogs) but the bonus is capped at 200%.

    So she has 191,898 views+200%=575,694. So she is squeaking in at a clout level of 9.

    **PPM = Payment Per Thousand Page Views (“M” being the Roman numeral for one thousand). It is the rate we will pay you for every thousand (1,000) page views your content generates on Associated Content from Yahoo! Your current PPM is calculated by taking the current baseline PPM rate of $1.50 and adding any Clout Bonus that you’re eligible for. Example: A Contributor with 50,000 monthly page views and a Clout Level of 8 will receive a $80.00 performance payment ($1.60 x 50).

    So again, not too sure but it looks like her rate is $1.75 x 192=$336

    There is no indication of when this is paid. Once a month, once a year?

    Now she has also received The Hot 500 Award.

    The “Hot 100” and “Hot 500” are the Yahoo! contributors with the largest audience, and most engaged readers, viewers and listeners. These badges are updated once per month, and grace the profiles of the top 500 active contributors based on the previous month’s page views.

    AND The Rising Star Award.

    “Every month, we give out five “Rising Star” awards to recognize some of the Yahoo! Contributor Network’s most talented new contributors.”

    Jen’s Motto:
    “Arrest me for what? Being awesome?”

    So this is evidently a labor of love for Jen Sales and not a real revenue producer. I could be just not reading this correctly or there are other payouts I am not aware of but Yahoo seems pretty upfront about their payments.

    As far as a TV deal- When I looked at her announcements I found that she is releasing books on Amazon but no TV deal is discussed. Doesn’t mean anything though, she could be in negotiations.

    All in all, IMHO it seems that all of this drama between her and Lynn and RCH is an attempt to hang onto her clout rating and her Hot 500 Award.

    As far as her being completely batshit crazy? who knows? There is a certain level of competition that this shows, but for me personally, if an endevour that is 24/7 isn’t paying at least 6 figures than I’d hang it up. Just not worth it.

    Unless of course, it was a hobby. But that’s what got us here is the first place.

    • So basically there isn’t a big difference between writing for AC and writing for free.
      Thanks for the info!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I think if you write for free you probably are better off. No rules, as much profanity as you want, and most importantly for me- no deadlines, no stress.

        Other than the occasional troll, it’s a chat room for cool smart people you like, and you have time enough to have a life.

        You’re doing fine. If getting a check for $336 before taxes makes you a professional, then I’d stick to be unprofessional.

        • I’m not incredibly surprised by those numbers. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of someone getting rich off of writing reality show recaps.

          • housewifeaddict says:

            It’s really hard to be paid as a writer. Our local newpaper reporters start off being paid peanuts.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            especially when you end up sounding like a second hand Rose version of Richard Lawson from Gawker anyway! Originality is not a strong suit with Ms. Jen and that excerpt from her book explains much to me.

            • Had Enough! says:

              Oh Duchess! She is not even close to second-hand Lawson. I do love Lawson. He is brilliant and then some. She shouldn’t even have her name on the same internet as Lawson (or Gilmore, for that matter).

          • quincyil says:

            The recaps are to keep content on the board. I asked Lynn for permission to write a couple of recaps as there are some members who watch different shows. I thought the more content, the merrier, and Lynn is nice enough to put it in her space. That’s what this is all about, right? Watching the television show, then having a place for discussion. Everyone has different interests. I read journals every day. I like to do it, but sometimes you just want to chat with friends about inane stuff. I hate the news because it’s always full of suffering. I like to laugh. If Bravo provides fodder for laughter, what is wrong with me reading a humorous blog, like Lynn’s blog, then discussing the silly behavior of grown women with people I met that have similar interests?

            Jenn Sales forbids discussion so I am not going to her blog. Lynn allows free discussion and doesn’t beat us with sticks if we go off on a tangent as the Human mind often does. I like learning new things.

            There is nothing wrong with our hobby or sharing a common interest with each other. Jenn Sales seems to want to control the internet as does Jill Zarin. Let them tilt at windmills. I am going to watch Patti Stanger and The Fashion Show and without pay, I am going to write two reviews so that my friends, and a few enemies, can laugh Wed.

            Life if short. I am going to live with gusto and make a few people laugh along the way.

            • housewifeaddict says:

              Thank you and yes 🙂 Hopefully the smiles will return tomorrow. (And hopefully Patti will do something awwwwful and we can all get a good belly laugh)

    • MickeyMouth says:

      My stats are better 🙂

      Seriously better. This hobby blogger is seriously laughing her freakin ass off.

    • realminkey says:

      I think this means she’s worth $336 dollars. No?

  47. jezzibel says:

    Sout grapes aside I think Ms Sale broke one of the golden rules “better to be assumed to be a payed mediocre blogger then blog and remove all doubt”.

  48. Tralena says:

    This JS person almost sounds like coyoteeflower/memphis….I wonder….maybe they are sisters! 🙂

  49. Tam5115 says:

    -In the words of Bethenny Frankel: Adios lunatic.-

    When I read that, I laughed so hard that I resembled a wolf howling at the moon.

    How’s that for a visual? Hee

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