The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Plays, Planes, and Paranoia

The show starts with a scene with Lisa and her gay doing flower arrangements. Yawn.

Over at Kesley’s wife’s house she is explaining to her lover how upset she is that he couldn’t find time to meet her in Hawaii. He wants to know if anyone in Vegas caught onto their little love affair. She thinks they got away with it. She then tells him about the made-up conversation she had with Kyle and about all the questions she asked about her Hawaii trip. Like anyone with a guilty conscience, a few friendly questions felt like an interrogation to her.

Lisa and Taylor go shopping at a store owned by Caroline Manzo on crack.

Over at another store Kim and Adrienne partake in the most awkward and uncomfortable shopping experience I’ve ever had to watch. We are finally relieved of the discomfort when Adrienne’s uncle dies and the she has to leave.

Adrienne calls Kelsey’s wife to let her know that she won’t be able to come on the New York trip because of her uncle’s death. Kelsey’s wife is so upset because this totally screws with her plans. It’s really hard when you make plans and then something like death interferes. She really hopes that nothing else goes wrong for her, her life is already hard enough as it is.

Lisa decides to hire a hypnotist to help Kyle get over her fear of flying. Unfortunately her plan to make her quack like a duck didn’t quite pan out the way she had hoped. Too bad. That would have been pretty funny.

Kelsey’s wife arrives in New York and complains about how small their apartment is. She doesn’t have room for all 18 of her nannies, her house manager, her chef, her cell phone holder, her drink pourer, her food taster, her purse carrier, and her two friends who follow her everywhere. Plus there is no guest house to hide her lover in. She explains that she can’t possibly spend an entire year in such a small place. I can’t help but imagine that that must have been part of Kesley’s plan.

In his interview, a beaten down and abused Kelsey stairs at the floor as he explains the hell and torment he has endured at the hands of that woman for the last 13 years. He almost got away from her – but like always she managed to track him down, redecorate his apartment, and then force him to listen to her complain.

The women all check in for their flight. When it’s Lisa’s turn the lady behind the counter asks her if she’s flown with them before and she explains that not only does she fly Virgin all the time, but Sir Richard and her are good friends. Fabulous. Love Lisa.

Kesley’s wife decides to bring her cancer stricken mother along to watch her get her nails done. She explains how hard it is on her to deal with the fact that her mother has cancer. You know, she has all those houses to travel between, she has to check in with her nannies once a day to make sure the kids are still alive, and of all things – she’s still on Hawaii time. So obviously her mother getting cancer is just the last thing she needs to deal with right now. Poor thing.

Her mother sits by and silently smiles and nods as she listens to the self absorbed monster she brought into this world.

The women finally arrive in New York and Kyle pulls Kesley’s wife aside to discuss her paranoid delusions.  I love how she closed the bedroom door before speaking as though this was going to be a private conversation.

Kelsey’s wife explains that she really believes that Kyle insulted her and that she had to talk about the situation behind Kyle’s back instead of calling her and discussing it directly because she’s really, deathly, morbidly shy. That’s also why she can’t let loose and dance like a wild woman at parties, or prance around in skimpy bikini’s in front of camera crews.
She also reveals that she feels like an outsider with the other women. Kyle then makes the fateful mistake of confusing feeling like an outsider and being shy with being insecure. Crazy how she could draw a connection between the two. Just unimaginable. But for now it’s all ok, because Kelsey’s wife needs time to process, rearrange, and reconstruct Kyle’s words before she can get upset about them.

By the end of the conversation everything seems to be ok and they even hug it out. It would appear as though it’s all good and the misunderstanding is in the past.

But then….

Sidenote: She should really go see Ramona’s doctor while she’s in NYC because whoever did her Botox missed a spot.

Kelsey’s wife really lets her BSC flag fly at dinner and it’s clear that she has  been dipping into KKB’s satchels of gold while in NYC as she accuses Kyle of calling her insecure. She seems to legitimately not understand why on earth Kyle would say such a thing to her. She just can’t make the connection. Kyle is obviously mad because they literally just made up over the last fake insult and now here she is accusing her of another one. Kyle tells her that she’s crazy and that she needs a therapist. And with that – Kelsey’s wife declares herself the winner of the argument. Kyle got mad and she didn’t which means she wins and Kyle loses. I wonder if it’s hard for the people interviewing her not to laugh at the shit she says?

W -T – F ???

Anyone else having deja vu?

And somewhere in the world Kelsey Grammer is laughing his ass off going: “Yes! Finally the world will see what I’ve been dealing with!” I gotta say, cheating is wrong under any circumstance, but I hate Kesley a little bit less after seeing what he’s had to endure. Well played Kelsey, well played.

Next week Kim and Taylor join the fight and Taylor threatens to get all Oklahoma on her ass. If getting Brooklyn on someone’s ass means beating them up, what do you think getting Oklahoma on their ass means? Tipping them like a cow? Singing them some country music?

BS Bravo Blogs: Kelsey’s Wife… What’s Her Name? Ah, Who Cares If Kelsey’s Not Around.

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114 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Plays, Planes, and Paranoia

  1. emily says:

    hahahaha Kelsey’s wife.
    I have to say something about Kelsey’s wife and the interaction with her kids in the apt. It seemed like Kelsey’s wife was very half-hearted in her participation in the pillow fight. Did anyone else notice that?

    Without any reservations, she can pole dance, dry hump a mascot, have her hands all over the hot married friend… (I mean I could go on and on but you get the point), yet she cannot engage in a fun activity with her sweet children.

    • I think she seemed uncomfortable with her kids, with Kelsey, and with her mom. All her interactions with people are just awkward. Except, like you said, when she’s humping a mascot. Then she is totally in her comfort zone.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Well, she’s shy…………..

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Yup – though not too shy with her secret lover Nick – and his wife just off camera

        • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

          Yeah. I loved when Kelsey’s wife was practically shoving their affair down Nick’s wife’s throat. “If only they knew…” Oh, we know. Everyone knows.

    • Noelle says:

      Also, when her and her kids walked in to greet Kelsey, she seemed annoyed by him giving the kids so much attention. And she showed this by intervening and whining, “what about me, can I have some sugar?” Like come on, those are his kids AND yours too.. let them see thier father. Why does the attention always have to be on her!?

  2. Tuzentswurth says:

    BEER OUT MY NOSE! Just unwinding after a long, hard day. This was good medicine. The Ramona impression, all your write overs are hysterical..and the arrow to the wrinkle. OMG. Deja Vu was spot on. I’ve seen several nicknames surface and I must say though long to type, I think Kelsey’s wife is probably the best, oh wait, Kelsey’s ex-wife. It makes me interested in her, otherwise why would I be interested in her w/o Kelsey around?
    Going Oklahoma? IDK either what that means but cow-tipping or singing okey tunes sounds about right. bwuahahahaa

    • Distressed says:

      It’s Oklahoma, it involves quoting scripture and a shotgun – maybe a rifle. That’s how Okeys roll, a bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

  3. Tuzentswurth says:

    Anybody notice that the husbands’ get together discussing missing their wives included the husband of Adrienne? Adrienne who wasn’t even on the trip b/c she canceled due to her uncle’s death. Sorry, I can’t think of his name, Dr.Whoever b/c why would I be interested in him w/o Adrienne Maloof around? I call anachronism!

    • I did notice that. But I don’t think he said anything about Adrienne, so maybe he was just along for the dinner?

      • Sardonica says:

        Why does Bravo keep making Russell out to be so annoying? Short takes. Eating, chewing, listening, snoring, thinking, ” How the f*** did I get into this?”…it appears to be very contrived. Oh wait….it is Bravo and he is this seasons Simon. Slap me now!…nooo, ouch!

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          Ew, creepy, he does have that same stalking, about to pounce look that Simon has..that creepy watching, watching, watching you- look.

      • momsthoughts says:

        I tweeted Kyle about that and she responded
        KyleRichards18 @MomsThoughts you’re right. Maybe he just wanted a guys night out 🙂

        Of course my next thought is if Adrienne is at a funeral or mourning the loss of her uncle, why isn’t Dr.Adrienne at her side? Why is he out w/ his new friends? And why was he asking about what the women were doing in NY? He seemed concerned that they were most likely out on the town….isn’t that odd?

  4. Waxdiva says:

    You people better back off from Camille!

    She had to alert her house manager to tell the real estate agent in NYC to find suitable accommodations for Camille and her two children and four nannies and assistant and her cook and good friend Carl and then Camille totally wrecked her nails by dialing her interior designer’s number because her assistant was making Camille’s manicure appt and then Camille actually had to speak with the designer because the apartment only has an apartment manager, which has a different job description than a house manager and to top all of this off, she had to spend a practically unbearable manicure session at Bergdorf’s listening to her own mother gripe about how she had cancer and oh, how terrible it is to have cancer… really, Camille doesn’t need to have Debbie Downer’s right now… and then she is expected to pick up a pillow when she just had a manicure and play with her kids!? Really, back off of Camille… the effort she puts in to every day living is superhuman. Just give her a little slack… puh-leeze.

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  6. bacasam says:

    Loved, loved the ‘over at Kelsey’s wife’s house’ instead of mother of the year’s name, but immediately thought of that side-interview where she listed all HER houses so perhaps needs to be over at Kelsey’s wife’s house 3 of 6 or something…
    I immediately had the same mind scene of Ramona the entire Camille-Kyle make up session, omg
    My idea of going Oklahoma involves a branding iron, ropes, fire so can’t wait to see it in action!!!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      The way KKB acted about the charity fundraiser and let’s not forget when she looked at Ally upon hearing that Ally had arthritis and said “aw that’s cute” or something very similar, I’m very surprise JZ would ever give her the time of day.They are both loons.

      • But she is a model and was married to the best photographer in the universe! So that makes everything she does golden in the eyes of social climber JZ.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Or maybe it’s because KKB ‘needed’ Jill’s protection last year – as she was the underdog – like Countless. And could get JZ front row seats to the fashion shows and wouldn’t argue with her over who got the best seat – like Ramona.

    • bacasam says:

      especially the 2 looks on Bethenny’s face before she starts talking, thanks, it does not ever get old

    • housewifeaddict says:

      That’s the first time I’ve watched the restaurant scene since season 3. Boy I have to hand it to Bethenny for sitting through that and keeping her cool, and trying to actually figure out what Kelly was trying to say.

  7. ramona_coaster says:

    Love how you call her “Kelsey’s wife.” I guess now she’ll be “Kelsey’s soon to be ex-wife.”

  8. Squirrels says:

    Keep the hilarity coming! You didn’t “miss a spot!”

    I wonder if Kelsey reads this blog?

  9. Need a Hobby says:

    “…what do you think getting Oklahoma on their ass means? Tipping them like a cow?”

    I literally bwahahaha’ed out loud!

    “Kelsey’s wife.” LOL. Having her on the show is the best PR rehab he could have under the circumstances.

  10. Tuzentswurth says:

    How did Kelsey’s ex-wife sit getting a manicure, listen to 1/2 a sentence from her mother about the mom having cancer and immediately launch into a tirade about herself and how she had to run to the Dr for testing for the breast cancer gene (which, of course she totally has both markers b/c that is the most dramatic)… OMG did the mom really raise her to be so self-absorbed and make herself (the mom) a doormat? How did the mom sit there with that dumb smile on her face? Kelsey’s ex deserved to be slapped. That chick is fruitier than a nutcake!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Kelsey’s wife’s mom no doubt is used to her. I figure she gets loaded (with medicinal herb of course) before she sees her daughter. So she just sits there, smiles, and dreams of sleek cabana boys bringing her tall fruity drinks with umbrellas on them.

      Just one theory.

  11. Sardonica says:

    While I studied this weeks entry into the great “What if I were rich or even fake rich what would I do if I were also more insane than I already am and signed on to a Bravo reality show”episode.phewwww… I also noticed many of the same things.
    1 ) the woman with the bubblegum hair. Looks like she stuck her head in a cotton candy machine. Is this a new west coast thing? Need to know
    2) Camille’s mom and the CA. Don’t even want to go there but I was almost , mind you it is Bravo so it was an almost, mortified…moving on
    3)Everything Camille. She should call T to nominate her into the Kelly Hall Of WTF ( too tired to think right now. Long day here and late ) Anyone? Kelly Hall Of___fill in blank___ Fame . Referencing Danielle could help
    4) Oh Look! Stupid leeetle heel nipper yapper in Lisa vanderwhatzhernames arm…errm, ‘scuse me ack ack
    5) The name dropping at airport. Product placement can buy rich ladies free flight and a tour of cockpit. Insert your own joke here. It is late. I am tired
    6) The Ramona eyes appeared on Camille. I was frightened. Is it like Bravo voodoo magic? How did they do it? I need to know.
    7) I believe I was hypnotized by some Svengali guy ( how gullible is Kyle with the EEG? ) ever since I studied the show and I am no longer responsible for anything I type however I notice I no longer fear flying AND I have an overwhelming need to kick the state of Oklahoma? What? I have no idea

  12. Miss Anthrope says:

    Wow, I was totally thinking, “holy crap she’s got Ramonas crazy eyes!” in that scene too. I wonder if that is a side effect of eyelid surgery?

    I think I said it on your last recap, but fuck it. I’ll say it again- Camille is an attention whore. This just proves it further. She made up that story to get attention, talked about it to everyone to get attention, and once it had been laid to rest, she had to make a big deal of something else….to get attention. I’ve seen this same behavior in someone I know personally, and it is beyond frustrating. Create a conflict out of nothing and then when everyone gets pissed she stands there like “Huh? What? But I didn’t do anything!”. And then she basks in the attention. It’s quite literally a demented schoolgirl tactic. She’s the type of chick who used to lie in highschool and say she was pregnant, only to mysteriously “miscarry” the baby. You know the type.

    I also have a very hard time feeling anything but disgust for someone who would swear on the life of their cancer stricken mother, especially when they are stretching the truth. Even if you were being honest, what are you, 14? Who swears on their moms life or their grandmothers grave as a grown adult? That shit is for kids. Stupid kids who don’t yet comprehend what the loss of a loved one is really like.

    Her entire shtick is played out. The snotty trophy wife who thinks she deserves some kind of medal for breathing the same air as the rest of us. Bitch, please. Without your surrogate mothers to take on the stretchmarks, your nannies to diaper your kids, your husbands money and your plastic surgery, you’d just be one more Hollywood try hard, losing “acting” and dance gigs to younger chicks.

    • OMG LMFAO!!!!!

      “she’s the type of chick who used to lie in highschool and say she was pregnant, only to mysteriously “miscarry” the baby. You know the type.”

      Yes I do know the type!! Hahaha!

      • Isharemymeds says:

        She probably signed the pre-nup with the wrong hand and will accuse Kelsey of forging her signature.

      • emily says:

        I admit that when i first heard about Kelsey’s g/f Kayte losing the baby I thought the exact same thing.

        Now I am giving her the benefit of the doubt since she looks extremely normal. It’s still in the back of my head though …

        • Isharemymeds says:

          Regardless, of how Camille acts, Kelsey’s new girlfriend is an opportunist like Mel’s Oksana.

          Dating a married man and then getting pregnant is wrong. She could at least wait until the divorce is over.

          Sure, if it was one of her other ‘in flight boyfriend’ she wouldn’t of gotten pregnant so fast.
          She is going to see that cold snowy NYC curb very soon.

    • justanothermary says:

      I also have a very hard time feeling anything but disgust for someone who would swear on the life of their cancer stricken mother, especially when they are stretching the truth. Even if you were being honest, what are you, 14? Who swears on their moms life or their grandmothers grave as a grown adult? That shit is for kids. Stupid kids who don’t yet comprehend what the loss of a loved one is really like

      Kinda like Tree swearing on her childrens’ lives? Who DOES that?

      • Yes I agree! I have people in my real life who will say things to me like “Swear on your moms life”. One, it’s immature. And two, I wouldn’t swear on the life of anyone I care about whether I’m telling the truth or not. I just wouldn’t swear on someone’s life, I’m very superstitious and the thought of it makes me uncomfortable.
        But the fact that she swore on her mom’s life when she was lying – omg. That’s pretty bad. But I agree with what Kyle said in her blog. I don’t think Kelsey’s wife is deliberately lying, I think she really thinks that’s what Kyle said. Just like Kelly really thinks Bethenny literally tried to claw her eyes out. I swear, you have to flunk some sort of psych evaluation to make it onto this show.

        • emily says:

          and Kirazy also legitimately believes:

          B trashed her kids in the press…

          and has razorblades on her tongue….

          and beer and Patron don’t count when you say you don’t drink…

          (im just going to stop here.)

  13. Daisy says:

    This episode was truly disturbing to me. The damage the Grammer kids are suffering pisses me the hell off. Thank God for the nannies in their lives because if Camille had to do it alone, they would be found in a locked car at the bottom of a body of water. Camille is one scary piece of shit. She is BY FAR the most disgusting person I have ever seen. Taylor us a close second. The fact that she came to Camilles defense so harshly against Kim who is Kyles sister (I would do the same for my sister) shows me what I already knew about that flaky bitch…no character at all. This episode wasn’t fun to watch. It was terrible and made me angry to see Kelseys ball and chain turn her mother’s cancer into HER own inconvenience. Disgusting. This kelseys wife is a filthy person.


    Okay. This blog is hilarious and I apologize for being negative. I laughed out loud when you referred to Satan as Kelsey’s wife.

    From my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

  14. iwannabeanarchy says:

    Great recap! And I love the name “Kelsey’s wife.” I really wanted to like her in the beginning of the season, because I was completely disgusted by what he did to her. Now, I can’t say that I blame him. Is that wrong?? I feel so bad for those kids. They’re gorgeous and seem really sweet. So heartbreaking. Uggh.

    I’m not sure what “getting Oklahoma on your ass” means, but I’m assuming it has something to do with a meth lab. I guess we’ll find out next week.

  15. Rebecca says:

    Next time please call her Kelsey’s ex wife. I think she & KuKu Kelly r drinking the sane koolaid.. I am ur biggest fan! Love it love it love it

  16. Rebecca says:

    I mean same koolaid & Kelsey’s new wife is preggers…

  17. Isharemymeds says:

    RCH- Did you see that one of the producers blogged? Quite interesting. He/She also said that this will play out all season.

    I’m finding the scenery fabulous but the ladies tired and the show boring, but NOT DC boring. Just I’m so rich, Botoxed to hell, and I keep bitching bc I’m still not happy!
    Both Kyle and Kramer’s wife, hahahha Love it!, but I’m sure most people know him as Kramer not KG, are just after his money and see who can gain the most camera time on the show.
    Kyle, said she was worried about her husband missing out on Kelsey’s patronage and Camille was like, Kiss My Ass, Bitch. You know how charitable Camille is to her ‘friends.’
    Then again, Camille doesn’t make decisions for Kelsey anymore, so Kyle, Wins, Again!

    I hope Taylor goes Okie all the way on Kim (who’s still reminding us she WAS a child star).
    Taylor is always whining too, so she needs to step it up. She knows damn well it’s her kid’s nanny that is going to take care of that adorable Maltese, Not her.

    Glad Adrianne didn’t make it, because now, that is a true bad bitch. She sure can kick some Ass, cut a bitch up, and bury her deep in the Vegas desert!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      You must stop sharing your meds! Kramer was played by Michael Richards on Seinfeld. Kelsey Grammer played Fraser on Cheers, then Fraser. 🙂

      • Lmao. I knew something didn’t sound right about that but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

        • Isharemymeds says:

          LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so right!
          That is my point! My generation doesn’t really know who he is.

          Did he ever do any movies afterwards?

          See Jerry knew what he was doing. Name the show Seinfeld, and then when you get called that, it’s no big deal.
          Kramer was a Hoot!!!!!

          Love Yah!

  18. AngryOldMan says:

    “Like anyone with a guilty conscience……” Nail, you have been hit squarely on the head.

    Great recap!

  19. ilovelynn says:

    I don’t know what I love more, this show or your recaps! I wait all weekend long for them and you never disapoint. ok, off to read the next one! xxx

  20. Tracy says:

    What can I say that the other ladies haven’t?

    Still in the honeymoon phase with this show AND this blog; GREAT recap.

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kelsey’s wife may be coming to terms with the fact that she is just another Trophy wife….everything she has is because of Kelsey! She should have concentrated on staying in his shadow – she might have stayed his wife! On the other hand, she seems to see RHOBH as an audition for her next Trophy Wife seeking husband…..

  22. missmi says:

    Love your blog RCH! Has anyone noticed that Kelseys wife has said several times that she doesnt drink, but is always having a drink (or shot) with everyone else! This woman is by far the most pathological out of them all. RCH, I thought the same thing with the insecurity. She told Kyle that she is terribly shy and doesnt feel apart of the group. That is INSECURITY!!!!! at the very least as far as her relationship with them is concerned. I think people usually feel interrogated when A. They are hiding something or B. when they are guilty of something. I cannot stand that woman and I hope Kelsey gives her as little as possible in that divorce.

    One more thing. She did an interview in People magazine and that also has a lot what “she says” happened between her and Kelsey and alot of it does not make sense for a couple happily married for 14 years.

  23. ImaJillHater2 says:

    Funny, funny, FUNNY re-cap!

    Re: Kelsey’s wife – she’s crazy all-right, crazy like a fox!

    IMO, that woman did NOT misconstrue what Kyle said. I think she understood K perfectly. I think Kelsey’s wife is one s!ck b!tch, who manipulates & mind-screws on a professional level. She pretty much told us as much in her side-bar commentary about who was winning and losing.

    She’s a twisted “gameplayer/mindf**ker extraordinaire”. (Psychiatrists would have a field day with her).

    Buckle up. RHofBH is going to be one interesting ride with this b!tch onboard.

  24. jezzibel says:

    I’m so annoyed with myself for forgetting to record this episode, bring on the reruns so I can catch up with the big kids already

  25. emily says:

    I posted last night after reading, and forgot to say –> AWESOME recap RCH! Keep ’em coming.

    Watching this episode when it aired, I had never gotten so enraged at a Housewife as I had when watching Scary Island Kelly.

    I don’t know what “go Oklahoma” means, but I did a little research on search: Oklahoma. LOTS of very vulgar responses so be careful.

    1. oklahoma beatdown =
    a savage beating. normally hitting someone hard and long enough that they begin to believe they are of the bovine species.

  26. Real working Mom in NYC says:

    RCH, this is by far the best and funniest Housewives blog on the net. Thank you! I have been reading for a while but I am now motivated to post because of Camille (and this hysterical recap).

    IMO Kelsey’s wife didn’t want this resolved and loves the drama because it is attention. That seems to be the MO and what self absorbed reality stars do (Teresa, Danielle, Kim G, Jill, Kelly, et al). I think it is a combination of her being socially inept and self absorbed. Most people understand that getting to know friends includes conversations about vacations, family, business, etc. Her line “but we aren’t friends” is also very telling as was her saying she felt “interrogated” when it sounds like it was intended to be nothing more than small talk. The perplexed look on everyone’s faces when Camille was talking and Lisa rolling her eyes reminded me of Scary Island.

    Didn’t Kyle say she tried to call several her times to talk and her response was that she “she didn’t get the messages” and she is “too shy to call herself”? I find it hard to believe she is shy since she has no problem discussing her body parts with any male who will listen, dancing provacatively, posing for Playboy and dancing professionally on MTV. Those are not things that “shy” people do.

    • Yeah the part where Kelsey’s wife didn’t understand that Kyle was asking her questions to get to know her and maybe become friends with her is very telling.
      And I actually believe the shy comment. I believe that she could feel shy about calling another woman and having a conversation, but not shy about dancing like a stripper in front of men.
      I think it speaks volumes about her personality.

      • glued2it says:

        I agree about the shy thing too. Can’t stand Camille and please don’t think I’m putting her in the same category as this REAL STAR, Ann Margret, but…Ann Margret has always had a very sexy on-camera/on-stage persona but has always described herself as socially very shy. And even tho Ann-Margret actually has some talent and Camille does not, I think the same dynamic is at play here. There are women who feel very comfortable flaunting their bodies but have a very difficult time baring their real selves.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Kyle said she called, and Camille said she didn’t get the calls. Then Kyle said something I didn’t understand, but it almost sounded like she was saying she had called in the past, and was always the one that called, and in this circumstance was expecting Camille to take the first step and call. I’ll have to pay more attention if I see that scene again – but I get the impression neither of them tried to call each other after Vegas.

      Kyle also said in the airport that she had no idea that Camille was mad at her – and she reiterated that in her blog. But Lisa knew – so something seems fishy to me – on Kyle’s part. If Lisa was hoping they’d make up before the trip, wouldn’t she have talked to Kyle about what Camille told her? Aren’t the best friends? Or did the producers set it up so that it simmered and got to a boil before NY.

      Things that make me go hmmmmmm

  27. missmi says:

    Camille also looked totally fake when she put her hands over her mouth and said she didnt get the messages. Kyle also said that Kelsey is a client of her husbands so for their to be problems it may financially affect her family. Camille is “mindf**k”

    • Isharemymeds says:

      Exactly my point, Kyle could give 2 rat’s ass about Camille. Kyle was just trying to smooth things over to keep Kelsey’s money.

      Camille childish commentary speaks volumes about her.
      You win, Camille! Most disliked BH housewife! Yippeee!

    • emily says:

      putting your hand over your mouth is very telling body language.

      I hope that Dr. Lillian Glass (IIRC), the one who wrote about McHale´s body language, writes a blog about Kelsey´s wife.

  28. Isharemymeds says:

    I remember back from the Howard Stern days that Camille was in Playboy.
    Yes, all those ‘farm girls’ are always too shy to take off their clothes. Lol!!!

    So, I looked it up and came across this Bio of Camille.

    Although she was born in Newport Beach, California, Camille Grammer was raised on the eastern seaboard. In the late ’80s, she was a dancer on Club MTV, which led to appearances in several music videos and small roles in Private Parts and Deconstructing Harry. She also posed for Playboy several times. What she is most famous for, however, is her 13-year marriage to — and recent divorce from — Cheers and Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

    Just a thought: Are we supposed to be calling Joisey the ‘Eastern Seaboard’ now?

  29. Distressed says:

    Love this re-cap, thank you.

    Camille is the winner. She’s the worst of the bunch. Your mother has cancer, shut-up and listen. Or maybe just buy the woman a manicure before you swear on her dead body. What’s the first thing that would run through Camille’s mind if she got the call about her mother dying? You know it. What do I wear to the funeral? Adrienne calls her to apologize for blowing off the trip and what does Camille say? “So many bad things have happened to me recently.” Unbelievable.

    Cheating is never right but in this case I think it might have been necessary. The guy knew he had no-prenup. He knew he would lose half of everything and fuck the kids up seriously. But still he had to do it. I think he might have been onto something.

    Glad you didn’t miss the lines on the top of her forehead, it’s all that worrying and work. The hairline that botox forgot?

  30. glued2it says:

    RCH: “Over at another store Kim and Adrienne partake in the most awkward and uncomfortable shopping experience I’ve ever had to watch. We are finally relieved of the discomfort when Adrienne’s uncle dies and the she has to leave.”
    Yeah, that scene was very awkward, not to mention ODD. Maybe someone already said, but this scene seems to tip off the fact that Bravo & the housewives already have everything planned out ahead of time. When K & A are shopping and A’s phone rings, K gives this “UH-OH” look that makes NO SENSE unless she already knows it’s bad news. And of course IT IS bad news – Adrienne’s uncle died. And Adrienne has to leave. Right away. And can’t go to NY with the RHs.
    I find these phone call scenes are so annoying precisely b/c of this pre-planning crap.

  31. glued2it says:

    RCH: “Kesley’s wife decides to bring her cancer stricken mother along to watch her get her nails done. She explains how hard it is on her to deal with the fact that her mother has cancer. You know, she has all those houses to travel between, she has to check in with her nannies once a day to make sure the kids are still alive, and of all things – she’s still on Hawaii time. So obviously her mother getting cancer is just the last thing she needs to deal with right now. Poor thing.”
    THIS more than ANYTHING is what sickens me about Camille.

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