BS Bravo Blogs: Kelsey’s Wife… What’s Her Name? Ah, Who Cares If Kelsey’s Not Around.

blogger imageCamille Grammer
Back in Time
Camille explains the emotional exhaustion of this episode’s events, and rewatching the show

Hello to all of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans everywhere. (Hi)

I got exhausted just watching the show. It makes me cringe in so many ways. (That sounds like an appropriate reaction, so maybe you aren’t completely nuts)

I just had gotten back from Hawaii and was off to NYC with my family and a few friends. I remember how excited I was to go see my husband and best friend. It had been at least two months since we had seen each other, because of both of our busy schedules. (You mean because of his busy schedule and your vacations with your friends?)

First, I have to say the apartment was tastefully decorated. It was my first choice when I had gone to NYC apartment hunting with Kelsey a few months earlier. It’s funny to watch myself talking about the apartment in this episode because it only proves the cameras can’t be there to catch everything. (Blaming editing. Typical.) Kelsey was becoming increasingly concerned about the size of the apartment after living there a few months. I was wrong about the square footage. (well then that totally changes everything) He likes his personal space (you mean space from you?) and with only two thousand square feet or so it was going to be difficult to meet his needs, not to mention the kids. I guess I had internalized Kelsey’s concerns and shared them with the camera. (Just in case the editing excuse doesn’t work, blame it on Kelsey! …. but in Kelsey’s defense, I would need at least 20,000 square feet to live with that woman, so yes, 2,000 square feet is way too small.)

In the few weeks leading to this trip, Kelsey became less interested in when I would be moving to NYC to join him with the kids. (Can’t imagine why) The one thing he did share with me was that he was thinking he wanted to move to NYC full time. I told myself he was still in the Honeymoon Phase with his play, but truthfully I realized something was wrong. (Between flirting with the other women’s husbands, dancing like a stripper, stretching in front of your tennis instructor, and prancing around in a bikini in front of your male friends, it’s amazing you had time to realize that something wasn’t right in your marriage.) You know the uneasy feeling that never leaves, it’s there when you wake up and there when you go to bed. (You mean INSECURITY???) When I arrived in town I couldn’t wait to see him. He just wasn’t the same loving partner that had left me a few months before. (He tasted freedom and it changed him) It was a sad day for me. In spite of my personal disappointment I wanted my children to be happy and enjoy our time together as a family.  And I still had no idea of what would be coming.

Another thing that weighed heavily on my mind was my mother’s recent cancer diagnosis. (Yes, we all know how hard that was on you) She had been in remission for sixteen years. This new information shortly before this trip was a jolt to all of us. In this episode, I was trying to talk to my mother about her diagnosis. (You mean you were trying to talk to her about how hard her diagnosis was on you) She had told me before that she was fine talking about it, but I guess she over estimated her comfort level on this subject. (The subject of how hard your life is?) I totally respect that because I love my mother very much. We are a very close family. (Yeah, so are the Giudice’s.)

All of these things occupied my mind when the ladies came to town. I was eager to play hostess to the premier of my husband’s play. I had this underlying anxiety about seeing Kyle because of what had happened in Las Vegas. (Omg, still sticking to that story, huh?) Of course, Adrienne was unable to make the trip. I was saddened by Adrienne’s loss and my condolences go to her and her family. (I’m sure Adrienne missing the trip was very hard on you)

When Kyle came to me to apologize for the misunderstanding in Las Vegas I was very open to the idea of forgive and forget. (I don’t think she was apologizing as much as she was trying to explain that you make shit up) I had way to many other more important things on my mind. The original incident was not caught on camera. I believed that for a “she said, she said” situation, it had been blown out of proportion (by you) When Kyle approached me I listened to her apology (again… not so sure “apology” is the correct word) and tried to accept one that I felt wasn’t really there. (maybe because there was nothing to apologize for) I am the type of person who believes an apology should be sincere and from the heart. After I left the room, I just couldn’t shake the fact that she had managed to apologize and insult me in the same breath. (So after watching the incident on camera – you still don’t see how you twisted her words? REALLY? Where the fuck does Bravo find these people?!) It really hurt my feelings when she told me not to be so insecure. I am not saying that I have never had an insecure moment in my life, I, like most people, have had many. This just wasn’t one of them. (That’s right. Because you are shy, not insecure.) After further reflection, I couldn’t go to dinner without letting her know that she hurt me. I didn’t appreciate her dig (there was no dig) wrapped in an apology (she wasn’t apologizing)

…And the rest is history. The situation escalated from there. I did remain composed trying to keep my comments to the situation at hand, instead of name calling and insulting (you just accuse people of saying things they never said). I do wish that this ridiculous incident had never started (you mean you wish that you hadn’t started it?). It must seem so trivial to all of the viewers and I agree. (Not so much trivial as absolutely bat shit crazy) Truly this whole situation is insignificant when compared to what was going on in my family life.

Until next time.


Hey, you know what? Camille is from Jersey. Think that explains some things?


blogger imageAn excerpt from Kyle’s Bravo Blog (It’s just a regular Bravo Blog, no BS in this one):

“I was surprised to hear from Lisa that Camille was upset. After the Vegas incident, I spoke with Camille on the plane back from Vegas. I told her I was hurt that she snapped at me for simply asking about her spring break plans. All of us were sitting together in the lobby of our hotel discussing where we were going. Camille apologized and said that she is a very private person and felt interrogated by my asking. NEVER was there any mention of the comment she CLAIMS I made. If I had said that, why didn’t she mention it then? We were all there for this conversation on the plane.”

“After analyzing this over time, I feel that Camille, for whatever reason, believes people think that so SHE HEARD that. Those were definitely not my words or thoughts. I want you all to know that I do not believe Camille made this up to start problems or to be mean. I know Camille is not a bad person. However, we clearly do not see eye to eye. It really is an unfortunate situation. How I WISH the cameras were there that morning in Vegas!”

Well Kyle was a whole lot more diplomatic about the situation then I would have been.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Plays, Planes, and Paranoia

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45 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: Kelsey’s Wife… What’s Her Name? Ah, Who Cares If Kelsey’s Not Around.

  1. Humbruh says:

    Awesome blog. Spot on analysis of Karma Camille-ion.

  2. Squirrels says:

    It’s rather obvious that one woman is comfortable in her own skin and one is on auto back pedal mode. Now, why again do these women subject themselves to national TV scrutiny? Must be ego, that’s all I can come up with to explain this series.

    Then again, David Hasselhoff is staring in his own reality show coming to blow up your TV soon.


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  4. Darlene says:

    I love to Read your Blog with your “Comments” throughout 🙂 It makes reading it So much more Fun!! You Say “What I’m thinking” & Then it All makes Sense. (As much sense as “Most” the Real Housewives Can Great job!! I Read it “Almost” every week & finally decided to “Take Time” & Leave you a comment.. See u next week..or In “Twitterville” 🙂

    P.S. Love, Love, Loved your Comments in the “Teresa Giudice Blog Post”… So Funny!!

  5. Kyle is an over-bearing BULLY! I liked Camille’s comment when she said that Kyle lost her cool and showed her anger, “he who shows their anger LOSES”. (It’s true, when you show anger it means the other person who caused the anger wins!)
    I totally dislike Kyle, She’s the Teresa of BH.

    • Wow. Really? I disagree with the “he who shows anger loses” comment. I think “he who is wrong loses”. And Kelsey’s wife was not only wrong, but crazy. So if you want to talk in terms of winning and losing (which I think is kinda silly to begin with but wtv) then Kyle is the clear winner for not being insane.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I tend to get pissed (and show it) when I thought I cleared up a misunderstanding, apologized for it causing hurt feeling and moving on…only to find out that it wasn’t really accepted, met with more lies and bs! The fact that none of the others, except Lisa, tried to defuse the situation would piss me off too. Kyle’s disadvantage is that she doesn’t do phony anywhere near as well as Camielle.

        • Snarkella says:

          As I watched that scene and saw Kyle losing her temper and saying too much, I thought, “Oh no! That’s exactly how I react…………..when someone is bat-shit crazy and deliberately pushing every last button I have!” Which is what Camille was doing to Kyle. I think she was purposely manipulating Kyle so that she could look like the innocent victim and Kyle would come off like a nut-job. I’ve known women who play games like that. They are usually the same women who say they prefer the company of men because other women are too catty. In reality, they are truly awful people and that’s why they can’t be friends with other women.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I think Kyle lost her cool way too quickly and went over the line with the “you need help” and “you need a therapist” comments before the “you’re a liar”. There were two people in that fight, and neither looked good. I have to compare it to the Bethenny/Kelly “I’m up here, You’re down there” scene. Bethenny let’s Kelly talk her crazy talk, and just asks questions. It doesn’t turn into a fight – just exposes Kelly for the nut she is.

    • karrylin says:

      “be angry but do not sin”

      “do not let the sun go down on your anger”

      anger is real and normal and Kelseys wife, is living in a reality of Make her angry, and I’ll be the winner?
      YIKES!!!! That is rather aggressive, for someone trying so hard to be what she thinks looks like Sweet and Kind and Victimized by her spouse.

      Kyle…is more the assertive type….HEY…YOU ARE a LIAR!!!!
      after Making Up, Communicating alone, and thinking they were both fine…
      Kelseys wife comes to dinner table to bring it up again?
      OH COME ON.

      Kelseys wife is not playing with a full deck. But, she thinks she is smart..and she isnt. Kelsey urged her to join the RH’s….wonder if there are butt clauses in the state law? or something along those lines…so she won’t get half of his assetts earned during the marriage???
      Cant wait to see how that plays out.
      I dont like men who cheat….but in this case….OMG.
      Kelsey….I kind of get it..and thats sad.
      but Who does she care about?

      • Iris says:

        I feel Camille had more on her mind that that silly argument with Kyle. She probably knew there was something going on with her husband, and she took the anger out on Kyle.

        Camille did keep Kelsay sober for many years, and the girlfriend is nothing to look at. It was said somewhere that Kelsey is the one that called Bravo to put her on the show. He’s the creep. Even though Camille is his third wife, he didn’t have a pre-nup with her so Camille will be fine.

        I feel terrible for her and her children. The only mistake she made was not going to NYC before now. A man is a man. She should have went every other weekend to visit him. Perhaps they will get back together again since the girlfriend lost the fetus.

  6. 7and7is says:

    I dunno…I always believed if someone asked questions about your life and what you were up to, they were actually interested in having a two sided conversation that wasn’t all about “me, me, me” Obviously Kyle knows how to do this and Camille just doesn’t know what to do unless she is holding court and talking about herself.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      True, and as old as Kelsey’s wife is, if she felt she was being interrogated or was uncomfortable with the questions, a simple deflection is very easy to accomplish…”What are you writing a book? Just going to Hawaii for a break.”
      That would be a broad enough hint to back off.

    • Exactly. When someone asks questions about your life it’s because they’re trying to get to know you. Camille thought questions about spring break were like an interrogation. That means she was either up to no good and had a guilty conscience, or she just has no social skills at all. She reminds me so much of Kelly… could there really be two of them?

      • bacasam says:

        I’m beginning to think Kelsey’s wife may be even more looney tunes than Kelly (felt bad at first children had nannies, after seeing this episode, now THANK the good Lord those babies have nannies).

      • Tam5115 says:

        Now there’s a scary thought… TWO Kellys? Father God and sonny Jesus!

      • Anonymous says:

        Just two of them??? Oh no…..the older I get the more self centered people I seem to meet. I don’t mind the physical updates, what the kiddies are up to, what crime your hubby committed this week but please, just once in a while ask about whats up in my life. I promise not to hog the whole conversation taking about myself and how wonderful I am.
        No wonder people start talking to their pets… They aren’t nuts. FeeFee and Rags all ears and no histrionics.
        Camille seems to fold if she ins’t in control of the conversation….I like the “guilty conscience”..sounds just about right to me.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Kyle speaks so fast and Kelsey’s wife is clearly not a bright bulb – so Kelsey’s wife may have felt interrogated as she barely had time to form an answer before there was another question. But Kelsey’s wife is really trying to look good on TV. Hard to say if she’s KKB crazy or not yet.

      • 7and7is says:

        Hi Camille, how are you?
        Oh, good thank you.
        How was your trip to Hawaii?
        Oh, you know, hectic but fun.
        Oh, did Kelsey join you?
        No, he is in NY
        What about the kids, did they go.
        Yeah, they went and had a blast
        Now, how about you, what did you do while I was away?
        blah blah and so on…..

        See Camille, where I come from (Long Island) this is called “Conversation”. Something two or more people have. No one is really all that interested in your selfish life to interrogate you..(you’re not really all that fascinating)

        • alrightythen says:

          The thing that really bothers me about this is, where in a normal conversation about taking her kids to a home she owns in Hawaii, would the comment ‘why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey’ even fit in? It’s not like she was going off to hob nob with a bunch of Cheers/Frasier alums without Kelsey. Just doesn’t make sense. Although, I did read somewhere that her stand-in hubby Nick was also in Hawaii…so…maybe thats the real reason for feeling ‘interrogated’ ?? Don’t know if that’s true, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

    • karrylin says:

      Oh, yes I like how you said that!!!
      Was Camille an only child?

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    The producer’s blog says that only Kyle, Camielle and Kim were part of the convo that started this fight. Kim spoke to Taylor about it (and from the Kings episode I thought they really wanted nothing to do with each other so that surprised me). Taylor then spoke to Camielle about the strange convo she had with Kim – but was it to reinforce there was nothing to be insecure about or to give her Kim’s take on the initial convo which contained something Kyle said to her in private? IMHO – Kim stirred this drama pot – Taylor figured it out and was waiting for Kim to fess up and smooth the ruffled feathers – hence the Oklahoma whup ass when she didn’t woman up. Isn’t it too convenient that the intial convo was not filmed????

    • Real working Mom in NYC says:

      I think it is a combo between Kim and Taylor with more on Taylor’s part.

      If you remember at the airport Taylor said that Kelsey’s wife felt insignificant and Kim’s asked if she was insecure? First Taylor complained that Kim didn’t talk to her during their trip to Sacramento and now she is complainig when Kim tried to – which must have been hard for a socially inept person). It was Taylor that mentioned the dreaded ‘I’ word to Camille – insecure after the ladies left and they remained in her suite. Camille’s one remaining little gray cell picked up on it again, and off she spun to round 2.

      I think that Kim, Camille and Taylor all have problems – different manifestations but problems nonetheless.

    • Tam5115 says:

      Oh for crying out loud upstairs in the bathtub! Taylor is gonna whup someone’s ass? How? Lip ’em to death?

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Hey WindyCW, you made the cut on the Bravo producer’s blog, first mention even! Good for you, congrats!

  8. sophie says:

    If Camille had mentioned to Kyle and Kim that she was going to Hawaii to make an appearance at a charity…chances are Kyle might have wondered why Kelsey wouldn’t also be there, because his name will certainly get lots of people in the door.

    And maybe she made the error of inadvertently pointing this out…and I would think she’d do so in a nice way…but one in which Camille would assume that what Kyle was ‘really’ saying was that ‘why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey there’.

    To be honest, if I were paying a high priced ticket to a fundraiser that headlined the wife of Kelsey Grammer there…and not Kelsey, I’d think hey, who the heck is the wife? I want to meet Kelsey.

    I think Camille gets this all the time and she’s taking it on Kyle. In doing so, she gets to play the victim, up the drama, and get people talking about her.

    And we know in Hollywood, any press is good press.

    • Tam5115 says:

      I know it’s only my opinion, but I wouldn’t bother turning around to meet Kelsey. Just saying. The man has been a train wreck for years. Really, he was the male Lindsay Lohan for awhile there, and he’s never been known to be a fan of fidelity either.

  9. Daisy says:

    Plain and simple:

    Kelsey’s doormat is jealous of Kyle.

    If I were Kelsey’s mistake I would be too and for good reason. It’s reason enough that Kyle’s husband is actually young, good looking, and obviously very in love with his beautiful wife. Kelsey’s mattress is not only unattractive, she’s old, and the way she over sexualizes herself to the point of nausea means she’s terrible in bed. She is a walking advertisement for insecure because I know I am lacking….a lot like Phaedra. In fact, those two might be closely related…

  10. heelshields says:

    Quite entertaining! Thanks!

  11. Meg1964 says:

    I’m not kidding when I say this – as I read Kelsey’s wife’s blog, I could literally smell her slimey ass. For real, though. It’s like a nasty butt juice smell comes into my nose everytime I see her or read her blog. I’m not kidding.

    Y’all may think I’m lying, but having smellavision is a curse. For real, though.

  12. BonBon says:

    Camille=Kim Z..=Teresa G.=Kelly KB
    All “Shy” Narcissists (always thinking everyone’s eyes are on them which makes them think they’re shy).
    All delusional.
    All replacable.
    All mildly developmentally delayed, who managed to get by in life on their “Outwards” but unfortunately have nothing but void and abysses on the “Innards”.
    If they weren’t so repulsive, I would almost feel sad for them.

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