BS Bravo Blogs: From Teresa’s Website – Crazy Press Week

Hey guess what? Teresa has her very own website where she will be publishing Bullshit Blogs year round. Woo Hoo! As always, my comments are in bold.


Wow, it’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks with me and the press. I did a “public service announcement” for Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” in D.C. (I’m still trying to find a video clip of it for you guys.) I was featured on “South Park,” “Saturday Night Live,” and Kathy Griffin’s latest comedy special. (OMG, ok – this deserves a whole paragraph you fucking moron. South park made fun of your low class trailer trash behavior and inability to speak English properly. You were not featured on SNL, although you were the inspiration behind one of the characters who got out of her seat and screamed like a maniac. You should be so proud. And Kathy Griffin… Lol… Kathy called you a little Gorilla and says -allegedly- that you are not a fully formed human. WHY would you want to bring attention to these things? Do you really want to help prove the theory that your brain is not yet fully developed?) I was on another magazine cover, and written about in I think every major tabloid and blog out there. As for their reports, apparently I am a jealous, (true) party crashing (didn’t hear that one, but wouldn’t be surprised), punch-throwing (uh huh), family-hating animal (Yup. Sounds about right). At least when I’m not clipping coupons (I’m sure you make your mom clip them for you) while crying over how Caroline now hates me (I doubt you cry, more like fly into blind rages) and my husband is cheating on me(Still can’t picture you crying. Plotting murders? Yes. Crying? No). I wonder when I have time to be so afraid of jail or Bravo firing me? Hmmm… (I don’t think you really need to find “time” to be afraid of those things. It’s probably more like a persistent thought in the back of your head throughout the day.)

Happily, I can tell you directly, none (do you mean all?) of the gossip is true. Joe and I  just celebrated our 11th anniversary (poor guy). I love him as much now as the day I married him (too bad the feeling isn’t mutual). I love my brother and I would never say anything bad about him (in public). He’s my baby brother, he’s blood, (and Melissa? What is she, chopped liver?) and I don’t talk trash about my family even if some of their friends & family members (You mean Melissa’s friends and family? Still refusing to say her name?) want to “leak” nasty (but true) stories about me. I love Caroline, and I’m pretty sure she still loves me. (only pretty sure?) At least that’s how it seems when I see her & Jacqueline & Dina just about every single day. (Dina’s twitter suggests that she doesn’t see you everyday, and the other two are contractually obligated.)

I’m not jealous of anyone (BWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!). I am so blessed to have a great life (bankruptcy, losing home, facing prison – sounds great), a great family (cheating husband, obnoxious kids, brother hates you), and my health (physical health maybe, not so sure about the “mental” part) (and I think I look pretty good for having 4 kids). I just turned in my second book “Fabulicious” to the publisher. My first “Skinny Italian” just went into its 4th printing (Prove it). And I think you can tell from all the photos online that Bravo didn’t fire me.

Since we are filming, we can’t talk about any of the specifics, but I did Tweet, and I stand by it: “Life & Style” is garbage, and RadarOnline is the the flies who eat poop off of garbage. (And that makes you, what? The garbage can?) You’ll all see the truth in Season 3 (I’m counting on that). I’m sure it will be a great season, but don’t believe everything you read about me. At least the bad stuff. All the good stuff is true!

PS– Like my new promotional shot? (While the bangs are a step in the right direction, it’s really just too little too late) It’s going to be on the cover of The Learning Annex magazine because I’m teaching a class there next month. (<–My dear readers: I regret to inform you that apparently the apocalypse is near because Teresa is in fact teaching an actual class… to real people… who are going to pay money for it.) I’ll post more details closer to the date. If you live near NYC, you should come! xx

So as you can see, Teresa is as delusional and full of shit as always. In this crazy, fast paced, unpredictable life we all live, it’s good to know that some things will never change.

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150 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: From Teresa’s Website – Crazy Press Week

  1. fashion42 says:

    Thank you! She really is delusional isn’t she? I wish for ONCE a housewife going through rough stuff and public scrutiny could just person up (man up is too easy to throw around when talking about this gorilla) and be like “You know what, I’m going through a really tough time right now. My world isn’t perfect, I’m human and I struggle just like everyone else” (not that most people are 11 million in debt but you get what I’m saying) and just tell the freaking truth. It just makes her look crazy trying to pretend the world is “cartwheels and jelly beans”. She should know how adopting that attitude turned out for Kelly.

    • But the scary thing is that for whatever insane reason… it’s actually working for her. Unlike Kelly, she (I hate to say it) actually has a lot of fans. I’m worried for humanity.

      • fashion42 says:

        I did not realize that. What the eff could someone possibly idolize about her? or aspire to? huhhhh?

        • You mean you don’t want to know how to get 11mil for free?

          • fashion42 says:

            ahh you’re right. Do you think she’ll be teaching that at the learning annex?

            I honestly believe in her mind she thinks there will be absolutely NO repercussion for her and her husbands crimes, and I’m assuming she believes that if there is- it will fall on her Juicy Joe whom she praises the lord for every single day!

            She’s just as guilty as Joe. They both knew what they were doing, it was all very calculated. She needs to be punished too. I’m glad they aren’t at the celeb status where a judge will let them off easily (COUGH LINDSAY LOHAN AND PARIS HILTON) hopefully it’s the opposite since she felt confident enough to go on TV and brag about shiz she lied about in court documents. Punish them both please, and I BETTER not be paying off her debt in my taxes.

      • Humbruh says:

        Unfortunately, some people like the ignorance that seeps from Tree’s pores because, they too, are delusional. The public mess that is her life & her lack of accountability gives validation to the mess that a lot of people that think she’s fabulous live in themselves. Not that I agree with it, but the mentality is that if it’s on tv it must not be so bad.

      • BonBon says:

        Name one, my sista..other than herself!

  2. gypsygirl says:

    I personally can’t tolerate Trashy T, she embodies everything I dislike in a person.
    I hope she reads this blog. Deep down inside she knows she is a nothing, trash, a zero.
    Not one of these so called housewives have been an inspiration for anything, zero substance instead they represent what is wrong with out society. Her teaching class is a joke and more so is the fact that she thinks she is a real celebrity. Dream on Trashy T, dream on.

  3. Shari says:

    It stands to reason that if ALL of the good stuff printed about Teresa is true, then at least half of the bad is also true. 🙂

  4. gypsygirl says:

    Good I really can’t stand the moron, and I hope she reads this. Also, on another note, while I don’t wish others negative things, I do hope her and her retard hubby do not get away with the FRAUD they both tried to do concerning the bankrupcy. They need to pay all the peoplke they stiffed. And her daughter is not model material, she lacks the same things her mother lacks, class, looks and manners.

    • Distressed says:

      Trial set for July 14, 2011. Bastille Day! See link I posted below, mark your calendars kids.

      Do they allow cameras in the courtroom in NJ?

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  6. Satchels of gold! Satchels of gold!

    Teresa is certifiable, as is anyone who believes her neverending lies about her “fabulous” life.

    Teresa is, in a nutshell, the lowest common denominator. Hopefully she will be prosecuted for her repeated lies in the bankruptcy case.

  7. Periwinkle says:

    Good God in Heaven save me from ever feeling the need to give this woman a dime of my money.

    • klmh says:

      Im afraid we may all be paying her 11 million dollar bankruptcy bill. Let us but hope and pray for a discharge and jail time for them both.

  8. Isharemymeds says:

    She is so full of herself. What kind of word is fabulicious? I like it that is in her own words, she is not down and out, she has a new book, Bravo didn’t fire her, and that she got Yet another job!

    I would think that during her BK case this just means that she can afford to pay back her debt.
    I said this a millions times, if you can afford to live in a mansion, then you can afford your credit card bills, cell phone, and Escalade.

    Let her talk, just let her talk!

  9. Isharemymeds says:

    Oh, and she is always talking about her good health. So, no medical bills to put you into debt, except your made-for-television baby. At least pay the fertility clinic with the money you get pimping Audrianna! Wouldn’t it be funny if they could repo babies, too? lol!

    (I would think that people file for a honest BK when they become sick, lose their jobs, bills pile up, etc.)

    • Candace says:

      You know, I’ve actually known of someone IRL that was going through a bankruptcy and foreclosure, who was also seeing a fertility doctor.

      It’s like, hello…

      Helps explain how they got into that spot in the first place : problems with priorities and saying no to oneself.

      She is high profile and there is interest enough in the case that the authorities will have to make an example of her and follow the letter of the law. athe spirit of the times is against everything that Teresa represents. I think we’ll see one or both do time.

      • Isharemymeds says:

        Some people have no shame. Poor kids.
        I hope you are right about making an example out of her.
        She is out of control!

  10. gypsygirl says:

    Teresa is just a piece of shit plain and simple. She thinks everyone is as dumb as she is and we all buy her bs.
    She is so full of herself, why is beyond me. She isn’t pretty, doesn’t have any real talent, she isn’t a skinny Italian, her husband cheats, her kids look like trolls and have no manners and she is full of jealousy and anger. But we all are suppose to believe she lives this awesome life, yeah okkkkkk. I hope she gets what she deserves and has to pay for her crimes. It should be illegal to be that stupid. To file bankrupcy and then go on tv and brag about all your tacky crap is just asking for it. And no one is impressed by a bragging idiot. And we all know she didn’t write her book, other than the classy bashing of other HWS, the rest was done by a ghost writer.

    • Classy2bTrashy says:

      Talking about young children the way you do makes YOU just as much of a piece of shit as you think Teresa is. Talk all the shit you want about her, but leave the children out of it! Not cool at all. And sorry to burst your bubble, but ALL of these HW’s have ghost writers do their books.

      • gypsygirl says:

        Trashy, I am entitled to my opinion, if you don’t like it then too bad. You’re not burting any bubbles dumb ass, so all the HW’S have ghost writers,? No shit but is Tack T’s case it is beyong obvious. Now troll on.

        • Classy2bTrashy says:

          Yes, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion, but why speak of children the way you do? You’re here calling a CHILD those kind of names, yet I’m the dumb ass? Really? Looks like you’re the one who needs to troll on…

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I’m going to have to disagree with most of you. T put the kids on TV, they didn’t sign up for it themselves, so I choose not to comment on them – especially how they look. (And for the record in my eyes all kids are cute – even if I do’t like their parents).

          There is soooo much nasty to comment on with Teresa and Juicy, why bring the kids into it!

          And while I’ve got courage up to state what is really bothering me – there is also a slur in the above comments that is pretty derogatory to people with special needs “I do hope her and her retard hubby ,”

          and this comment I find really hard to understand:

          “Even poor little Lexi is Greek”.

          Why should we feel sorry for Lexi because she’s Greek? Being Greek is awesome!

          • Isharemymeds says:

            Trashy, I’m not making fun of anyone. Do you watch the SAME show that rest of us are watching?
            I ONLY answer to Teresa! She is always asking, Ain’t I fabulous?’ Ain’t I classy?’ Ain’t my girls models?’ Well, Bitch, NO!!!!

            You are right! Looks ain’t everything, but we can ALL say the same thing about their behavior. Like Mother, Like Daughter!
            I wish you (the trashy person) was their nanny, and tell me how fabulous they really are. Yep, as much as ass kissing Caroline, ‘Teresa’s girls are so cute,’ and could NOT even spend 5 minutes with them on the cruise!

            Caroline is a liar! She could not even say what LD Albie had. She said, “Albie has learning disability ‘LIKE’ ADD.” Albie flunked out of law school because Mommy put him on a show and he liked the fame more than homework. The right thing to do was for Albie to put law school on hold while enjoying his family’s fame. Nothing wrong with that! He couldn’t do both and by the time he realized he was getting kicked out, it was too late.
            Someone who really had LD and managed to graduate high school, college, pass the LSAT, AND admitted to law school, don’t you think he would have his LD in check?
            I don’t have any respect for Albie or Caroline because INSTEAD of taking responsibilty, they blamed and even wanted to sue the law school!!!!
            Tired of priviledged kids thinking they deserve special treatment.
            Albie is the Poster Child that breastfeeding doesn’t produce smart kids, but he is still trying! LOL!!!!!!!

            As for the Greek comment, I like Greece and Greeks, but sorry, they are not the best looking. They can’t pull off their exotic features like the Arabs, Turkish, Persians, Pakistanis, etc.

            The women also don’t age well. It’s not just Greeks. People from the Mediterranean LOVE to drink, stay up, smoke, eat processed meats, tan, etc. Have you seen Donatella, Karl, or Valentino? These designers represent the top fashion houses in the world.
            They look like Jerky sticks in couture outfits!

            Muslims might smoke, but they don’t drink much, don’t have a nightclub culture, show up at the beach in skimpy bathing suits year round to tan, most of their meats are roasted rather than salted/cured, etc.

            So, Yes, it’s cultural for these women to purposely ruin their looks.

            Hope that Lexi grows up with a healthy beauty regimen, but Dina has already hit the Botox too hard, has ruined her lips with injections, gotten the boobs, and tans. She also exposed Lexi to television too young, and continues to parade her in front of the photographers.

            Sorry, didn’t mean to offend anyone.

      • No it’s not the same thing.
        For example, NeNe used a ghost writer to help her take her life story in her own words and turn it into written form.
        Teresa put her name and face on a cookbook full of recipes that aren’t hers.

        • Classy2bTrashy says:

          Ok, I’ll give you that one since I’ve never read or care to read her book. It really doesn’t matter to me. The point I just wanted to make was that none of these women write these books on their own.

          BUT… defend the book comment yet don’t have anything to say about gypsygirl speaking of children the way he/she is doing on your blog?

          • What can I say? It’s not really nice, but it’s the truth. I’m not going to tell people they can’t post the truth.

            • Classy2bTrashy says:

              The kids have no control over this. They shouldn’t be dragged into it. It’s NOT appropriate AT ALL!

              • gypsygirl says:

                You’re just trying to start BS where there isn’t any, I never called her kid ugly I said she was not model material, I did not resort to name calling, get your facts straight. I feel bad for Gia she looks just like her mother and she does lack manners.

                • Classy2bTrashy says:

                  Saying the children “look like trolls”, and “lack looks” isn’t name calling? Maybe you need to go re-read what you wrote. I’m not starting BS…it is what you said. Own it, or don’t write it.

                • gypsygirl says:

                  I guess I did say trolls, so what, there I owned it. I also said I didn’t think she was model material big deal it is my opinion.
                  I am allowed to have one and if you don’t like it then don’t read it, I am allowed to post as are you. You are way too invested emotionally. As real city housewife said, it’s true, I did not go on and on about it like you are.

                • Classy2bTrashy says:

                  I’m not invested in anything…I was just pointing out the gross comments you were making about children. It’s make you sound like a piece of shit, so enjoy that. I’m done arguing with your stupid ass. Have a nice day.

                • gypsygirl says:

                  aww what’s wrong, pissy becuase your argument really is as dumb as you are. I always have a nice day and now that you have informed everyone you’re going to finally shut your trap it just keeps getting better. have a good one, dip shit

              • Candace says:

                Then tell their mother to take her poor helpless children off of a reality show and there would be no talk, would there?

              • Tuzentswurth says:

                Actually, Teresa dragged her kids into this, so the shame is on her. I agree, they aren’t model material.

        • Isharemymeds says:

          and that she doesn’t cook!
          You know it’s her Mom doing all the housekeeping.

      • Candace says:

        They DO look like trolls. I think so too.

        • Lol….
          It’s so horrible. But I can’t help but to laugh. Lord forgive me.

        • gypsygirl says:

          I agree, however I did use the word trolls so I will own it, I think Trashy has issues because she/he feels the need to engage in combative remarks, like I said they lack manners and I don’t find the one she is psuhing to be a model to be very pretty at all. She is a rude little troll. And poor thing looks just like her mom, hope they buy her a forehead for xmas, so she doesn’t end up looking like a planet of the apes reject, like Tacky T

          • Isharemymeds says:

            Well, let’s just spread the love. ALL the NJ kids are not good looking (maybe except Danielle’s).

            They also all act bratty from T’s little ones, to Ashley, that balding law school flunkie sucking on Mama Manzo’s droopy titties every chance he gets. Even poor little Lexi is Greek. She can’t help it.

            Teresa was bragging about Gia’s modeling gig for Party City. They dressed her up in a monkey costume for the Halloween adverts. Lol!!!

            • gypsygirl says:

              Ashley bothers me most of all, her total lack of respect makes me want to bitch slap her. Tacky’s kids may still be able to help, but only if they are raised with humans, lol.

            • Humbruh says:

              Seriously?! Gia was dressed as a monkey? I gotta see pics of this!

            • Classy2bTrashy says:

              So now we’re not only making fun of underage children, but now also someone with a learning disability and Lexi….because she’s Greek?

              Am I the only one who see’s something wrong with this?

              • Waxdiva says:

                Classy2bTrashy: Are you trying to be ‘classy’ or ‘trashy’ today?

                Either way, to answer your question (Am I the only one who see’s something wrong with this?):

                Yes, I think you ARE the only one.

                • Classy2bTrashy says:

                  Have a good time making fun of children, disabilities, and Greek’s (this one REALLY makes no sense).

                  Oh, and to answer your question (Are you trying to be ‘classy’ or ‘trashy’ today?):

                  A little bit of both. Thanks for your concern, Waxdiva, but based on your agreeing in kid bashing the TRASH award goes to you. Congrats!

                • Waxdiva says:

                  Helllloooo…. is anyone home at the classy/trashy place? I believe at this time I will be unable to accept the award due to classy/trashy’s inability to read and abide by the ‘awards’ rules. Pls read the thread and you will see that I was merely answering the question that YOU posed; otherwise, had I actually executed all of the maliciousness of which you speak, I would have elatedly accepted the award and we all could have gotten together to walk the red carpet for the ceremony. However, the award will have to be passed on to the runner-up in your creatively ambitious category (which includes all the people of Greek origin). I hope the person on which you bestow your glorious award will accept it humbly and honorably. Much luck!

                • Classy2bTrashy says:

                  Oh, come on…don’t be shy. You know you want that award. Just accept it graciously then stick up right up your twat. No one will ever know 🙂

              • Isharemymeds says:

                Albie doesn’t have LD. Just a dumb Mom pimping him on television distracting him from his studies at LAW school.

                You know, she needs all her cubs home to live up to her Mama Bear persona.

                • gypsygirl says:

                  Caroline is a fraud much like Tacky and Dina I also believe her husband cheats on her. And I also believe they are miserable, empty women which is why they felt the need to attack Danielle because they need to validate their shallow empty lives. Danielle is probably the type of woman their husbands cheat on them with which explains why they have soo much hate for her. Just a thought.

        • Humbruh says:

          Real talk, those kids are funny looking and if we wanna get specific, Milania does look a bit troll-ish. I agree with what an earlier poster said. If you don’t want your children to be the subject of public scrutiny, DONT PUT THEM IN PUBLIC!

          • Waxdiva says:

            C2bT: …”Just accept it graciously then stick up right up your twat. No one will ever know.”

            It is very rare that I would ever stoop to name calling or imaginary indignities that you have above.

            One word for you: classy.

            • gypsygirl says:

              Waxdiva, trashy is just that TRASHY, they started an argument with me yesterday, my guess is this is a self righteous troll and they think everyone should abide by the rules they set for comments. Well too bad trashy, everyone here is entitled to an opinion and if you don’t like it then don’t read, troll away…

  11. Need a Hobby says:

    Teresa’s assertion that she doesn’t “talk trash about her family” might have carried more weight if she had just left it at that. But no, she couldn’t resist the urge to include “even if some of their friends & family members want to ‘leak’ nasty stories about me.” Just a bit of shade throwing, that’s all, right T?

    Not exactly an effective way to counter the “gossip” that T and certain family members aren’t on the best of terms. In fact it rather supports that there’s truth to the “rumors.” As if being involved in a brawl at the reception to celebrate her nephew’s christening, an incident confirmed to local newspapers by the restaurant’s PR rep, weren’t indication enough.

    And the “clipping coupons” bit? Teresa’s the one who was tweeting about coupons. Is she saying she doesn’t actually clip the coupons and use them? It was just a ploy on twitter to appear like average folk? Can’t she keep her stories straight….she’s claiming that’s a false rumor when she’s the one who started it?

    And who worries when the Federal Dept of Justice files a complaint accusing them of attempting to perpetrate a fraud upon a bankruptcy court via perjury and nondislosure of required info? Not T. She’s gonna try to play dumb and blame it all on Juicy. Like, she didn’t know she was supposed to report that money in her other bank account. It was nothing, really. OK maybe almost $2ooK, but that’s chump change when you’ve got almost $11 million in debt. And the book advance? Well yeah, she had the contract before they filed for bankruptcy, but she didn’t actually sign the contract until days after they filed so that shouldn’t count. See, she’s smaaarrt, not like everybody says. She’s smart.

    Maybe T can get Fakera to represent her in court. Now that would that be something!

    • Kat says:

      I loved your post but that last sentence finished me, I had to laugh out loud.
      Do you think Teresa’s lawyer advised her to sign that contract after the bankruptcy was filed? I doubt Teresa has technical legal knowledge.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Hmn…I don’t know. I suspect at the time they filed, they probably didn’t tell their lawyer what they didn’t want him to know. I suspect they learned enough to know what they were supposed to do and then decided what they would and wouldn’t disclose in the filing. The lawyer probably just processed the paperwork.

        If he knew & advised her to not sign the book deal until after the bankruptcy filing, he would know it would look bad or worse if anyone really looked into it—-and with a book being published and all the publicity….well what would be the odds that the trustee would find out about the book? Add that to all the other pre-existing assets they didn’t declare, it looks precisely like what it was—she had assets she didn’t want to be caught up in the bankruptcy.

        See, Juicy and T IMO figure they are so smart, they’re smarter than all these dopes. Remember Juicy’s DWI claims…how he came to have alcohol in his system and how he had his accident? That was his legal defense. They think they’re smart and everyone else is stupid and they’ll skate. That folks will buy their BS. And some do. But not most I think who know about it. Even Jac’s hubby looked like he had a hard time keeping a straight face when Joe explained how he got into the accident and had a DWI.

        So I suspect they figured they’d just file bankruptcy on the qt, it was just a paperwork thing & it’d be over and done with before word got out to the general public and they’d skip away with their “fresh start” and happy faces. But it didn’t turn out that way. The debtors weren’t going to sit quietly, the trustee investigated and found problems with their bankruptcy petition. And someone dropped a dime to the media. And T’s still trying to play it off, blaming the media and their creditors for these “lies” about them.

        Yeah, the thought of Fakera and T together is the stuff reality TV dreams—or nightmares— are made of. LOL.

        • I think you are totally right. I don’t think the lawyer told them to lie, but I think Teresa will try to blame it on him and say that he told her she didn’t have to include that other stuff.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Oh yeah, T’s not going to cop to anything. If there’s a problem, it’s not her fault.

            I wish we had copies of court transcripts and the responses filed by the attorney in the bankruptcy. I remember reading a couple articles that cited stuff in them, and it was sounding like they were playing off stuff like it was no big deal that they didn’t report some of their assets.

            Supposedly when questioned in court, Juicy didn’t know how much money he had in the bank. Maybe a $100 or something like that. Oh yeah, he forgot about that other account. T’s fab account, well I think there was some convoluted explanation in a filing about that, but it’s water under the bridge because the money’s gone, they spent it. Something along those lines IIRC.

            • Kat says:

              I hope the perjury and fraud charges put them both in prison. I feel bad for the kids because of the parents they have.

            • Waxdiva says:

              Tree co-mingled her ‘TGfab’ account with household money, so they have to decipher which is who’s money… she thinks that people just believe her on face value. Well, a lot of us can see right through her lying and scheming. She blames Joe for everything; IMO, she is the one hatching the schemes and Joe goes along with her.

              • vilzvet says:

                Oh wouldn’t you pay money to actually READ any type of transcript of stuff that comes out of Teresa’s or Joe’s mouths?? Joe is probably a bit better skilled at the system via public speaking but Teresa would be another story. Remember how inept she was on The View??

                • Need a Hobby says:

                  Joe’s better at via public speaking?? Joe’s got a “That’s right: the dog ate my homework and then aliens abducted the dog, I haven’t seen him since.” kind of explanation for everything. When he isn’t grunting and monosyllabic. And with his F you attitude, he’d be disastrous IMO.

                  You bet I’d like to see that. LOL (RCH is having a bad influence on me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

              • Need a Hobby says:

                Yeah, that was a big part of it. Thanks for reminding me.

                I think the other part was they said not disclosing the TGFab business and any money from it was no big deal because it was like nothing. Peanuts, really. And the co-mingled funds mean someone would have to try to follow the money to see how much $$$ came in to the acct & from where.

                But bottom line, IIRC, neither the business or the account was initially disclosed.

                The G’s just apparently “forgot” about all this kind of stuff, time after time until it seems there are bank statements and property records in front of them with their names on them and someone’s asking about it in court proceedings.

                Then Joe just shrugs and T just plays dopey T, hoping it will work.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          It won’t be long now before Joe gets tossed under that bus. I can’t wait for that day – and then the true crazy will come out. There is no way she’s going to take the fall for the lying and stuff that will send him to jail. Ohhh – I hope she’s using the show as a platform to get sympathy and it works as well as it’s working for Camille.

          It’s gonna be a lot of fun this season with her own relatives hating on her – no more crazy Danielle to make her look less crazy.

    • Good catch on the coupons. You’re right she was tweeting about coupons and deals and stuff. I guess she didn’t really lie, because technically she wasn’t clipping the coupons, technically….

      Tree and Fakedra Go To Court! Can we petition to turn that into a reality show? Now that would be a bloggers dream.

      I think Teresa isn’t worried because they are going to blame everything on the lawyer. She’s gonna be all like “duh… uh, everyone knew I had a book coming out, it was on the show, the lawyer told me I didn’t have to put it in the filing petition thingy so I didn’t. What do I know about paperwork and things like that? I just do what the fancy lawyer tells me.”

      • Waxdiva says:

        RCH: Well, ain’t that the truth! She has her signature right next to Joes on all the real estate transactions, but she went on TV and gave magazine interviews telling everyone that she had no idea what went on with all the financial dealings. These docs are public records and anyone can look them up, which I did, and see her signature. She’s as much of a crook and thief as her husband.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          The lawyer in his best interest will tell his client to disclose everything! If the client doesn’t then it is on the client not the lawyer. What was left out was too big to be an oversight – property? online business? book contract? – not oversights but hidden for later assets! They lied, they got caught and I hope they go to jail.

        • gypsygirl says:

          lol, soo funny, I’m nice too, ain’t I? Just ask Trashy!

    • bacasam says:

      Now, now. Remember Trashy T’s promise, “You’ll all see the truth in Season 3.” Forgive me if I misquote here but, ‘The Truth, The Truth, You Can’t Handle the Truth.’ Also, according to my fallible mental calendar, this will be an interesting juxtaposition, won’t Season 3 be on about the same time as the Court date in 2011? Hey Andy, you might want to up that Reunion scheduled date…..

  12. EK says:

    Let’s not forget when the Department of Justice is over, there is still the small matter with the Internal Revenue Service over non filing of income tax returns. Perhaps even the State of NJ will also get involved to get their piece of the pie for state income tax returns.

    Wonder if T, collected and paid state sales tax for her internet business.

    • Distressed says:

      Great questions, they always go down on tax fraud charges. That’s how they got Al Capone.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        They got Martha Stewart for lying and she did jail time. I want to see how the G’s will slip out of this.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Yes. IMO it wasn’t just that Martha lied to the Feds, but she also pissed them off.

          IIRC, according to reports, Martha basically played the Diva to the federal investigators, like she couldn’t be bothered with their nonsense. She had far more important things to do than dealing with their tiresome and impudent questions. It was tough to get time with her to question her and when they did it was clear she did not regard them with respect or take them and the process seriously enough. And like they were too stupid to figure things out.

          So no slack cut for Martha. They were going to make an example of her and prosecuted her for lying and to the slammer she went.

          I guess we’ll see how the Gs arrogance and clumsy lies plays with the bankruptcy court judge and the trustees. Generally it doesn’t do well to cop attitudes and insult the intelligence of those who not only have the power to give or deny you what you want, but can also— if motivated enough—forward your little oopsies to investigation and potential prosecution. Not to mention getting the attention of the IRS, which is usually not considered “a good thing.”

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Martha played diva. Teresa will play dumb. Both are frustrating and hoping that jail is in the future for Mrs Guidice!

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              I think Joe and T have already played arrogant and too busy to be bothered. I hope they get nailed somewhere along the line and I think it will have to be on a federal level, I don’t trust the NJ system not knowing who has what connections.

              • Need a Hobby says:

                Bankruptcy courts are federal courts so any criminal investigation & prosecution resulting from a bankruptcy case is handled by the DOJ in federal court.

              • Need a Hobby says:

                Oh and I agree, they’ve already shown their asses to the trustees and the court. But we’ve yet to see a ruling, as far as I’m aware anyway, that clearly indicates the court’s response to that. It may well be many months until we do.

            • gypsygirl says:

              All the judge has to do is watch a few episodes of HWNJ to see what kind of person Joe and Tacky are. I wish someone would send the judge a selection of episodes to show just what trash they really are. Like the one where she chased Danielle through the country club. Her flipping the table. Joe drinking after crashing. Her bragging and recieving that ring on her Annv. plus the helicoper ride, days after they filed BR. Her paying in cash for furniture. The Italy trip, the list goes on and on. She is soo dumb she can’t even see that Bravo is not doing her any favors, except maybe helping to make sure she and her ugly hubby do jail time, with the documented footage of her out of control spending and bragging and lying.
              What a duo of dumb ass crimminals. They deserve what they get. I hope they have to pay it all back.

  13. Tracy says:

    Dear God she gives us SO much to laugh about.

    Thank you Theresa.

  14. ilovelynn says:

    ok, coffe. nose. great job, rch! you wanna bet when the new season starts, if her sister in law is actually part of the cast, theresa will never be in the same segment as her. in fact, all those ladies will probably look like s*it next to melissa. just sayin’.

    on another note: my daughter was at the grand opening of the new disney store in times square on tuesday and kelly was there.(I told my daughter kkb would go to the opening of an envelope) consensus was she looked terrible and old!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I really can’t believe that b/c anyone who dresses like, wears her hair like, and acts like a 15 year old surely must fool everyone into thinking that she is so youthful, maybe 21 at the oldest!

      • bacasam says:

        And to the opposite view, just read a quote from Isaac Mizrahi commenting RH series in general…”When everyone looks like Charo, it’s boring.” Perfect description of their sense of style, I think. btw he also said that RHNY have “smart balance high glamour and low glamour.”

  15. momsthoughts says:

    Is anyone able to tweet Teresa? (I am blocked) Can you ask if there will be Q & A at her Learning Annex Seminar???? I would love to pay $45 to ask a few questions.

  16. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    Girl!! I knew that you would have a field day with that blog!! I’m so glad that you were bored last night 🙂 When you MADE me read it for “things to entertain you” I could not stop laughing about what you were going to do with this! Good work and thanks for getting bored!!

    Remember fabulicious people, only believe the good news and anything remotely negative is completely false! Got it!!!

  17. liza says:

    so how many books are in one printing? in the book world, what amount ot books has to be sold to be considered successful? on her website it says she has sold the most books out of all the other RH “authors” (i use that term loosely), anyone know how true that is? i thought bethenney(?) sold more than her

    • There is no way Teresa sold more books than Bethenny. But I don’t know how you can verify this stuff.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yeah all best selling authors are pedding their books at hair salons, casinos, restaurants and pizza parlors…….

        • gypsygirl says:

          lol, in a dream she sold more than Bethany, she is soo jealous of Bethany and would say anything. Tacky just keeps making the jokes for us, doesn’t she? I love how she peddles a book that she knows she really had nothing to do with other than prostituting out her skanky name on. No shame that classless woman has.

  18. Michele says:

    Hey I love to dish about the RHONJ as much as anybody, and I know we arent getting the real story when we watch, but this whole blog post is really rather pathetic. You seem to have a grossly large chip on your shoulder regarding Theresa. Yes, she is overblown and over the top but isnt she just trying to make the best of her situation? It cant be easy to have your entire family unde the microscope, AND have your extended family doing anything they can to ride your coattails. Even if it means trashing you. I gotta say even thought she drives me crazy when I watch the show, after reading your hyper-criticism I am Team Theresa on this one,

    • Waxdiva says:

      Many people seem to forget that Tree is a public person, and as such is open to anyone’s opinion, whether that opinion is positive or negative. She is also open to detailed scrutiny when she makes a statement; that statement can be verified and proven to be correct or an outright lie. So far, the majority of Tree’s statements have been proven to be lies.

      Good luck with that team teresa thing…

    • Distressed says:

      If they get convicted of fraud next summer will you be open-minded enough to admit you were fooled and then switch teams?

      Making fun of someone for acting a fool on TV is one thing. These people, I believe, are actual criminals. They’re going to skate on 11 million dollars of debt and who knows how much else in unreported income for which they possibly evaded taxes.

      They’re laughing all the way to the bank. Laughing at you and not with you because they fooled you with the pretty pink parties. They’re contemptuous people who think we all owe them a living because you and I are not as smart as they are.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Despite what a self styled tabloid site suggests, the G’s scheduled hearing is not specifically a “fraud trial” that is a criminal proceeding. “Conviction” isn’t an issue in this matter before the bankruptcy court. It’s not a criminal court.

        It’s regarding the estate trusttee’s complaint against the G’s in the bankruptcy proceeding to deny the G’s bankruptcy discharge of debt.

    • TT in OC says:

      “Yes, she is overblown and over the top but isnt she just trying to make the best of her situation?”

      Her situation was created by her and no one else. I would be more sympathic if she worked hard but can’t meet the ends. However, why should I or anyone would feel sorry for her when she cheats, lies and “steals” from the honest average person?

      Sorry, I am not signing up for Team Gorilla any time soon.

    • What Waxdiva said

      Good luck with the whole Team Teresa thing…

    • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

      Michelle RCH was just bored and Tree gives her lots and lots and lots of easy material! It’s not RCH fault at all, blame Teresa! She shouldn’t make it so freakin’ easy! I mean she’s trying to make the best of her situation by frivolously spending 60K on knick-knack stuff for her house immediately after the bankruptcy. Yes you are right, she’s trying to make the most out of her situation for sure!

      Team RCH!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      One way to ensure having a life as a private person, and not being “under a microscrope” is to not go on a national reality TV show. Ironically, it was Teresa who said how stupid it was for Danielle to go on the show with all the baggage from her past, criminal convictions, affairs, etc….”who does that?” she asked….of course it was going to come out and be a subject for public discussion.

      Well the same applies to T. On the bankruptcy thing….It would be one thing, God forbid, if they had to declare bankruptcy due to serious family medical issues and related bills they just couldn’t pay. That happens to too many people and I certainly wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Or a business really going under in a bad economy, lost jobs, etc., which is how T tries to play it off….but it wasn’t that simple. They borrowed and spent for personal lifestyle stuff like it was free money and they were drunken sailors, and then when they saw their pyramid game of debt financing more debt falling down on them, figured they had a get out of debt card. Hide the good china (as it were), declare bankruptcy and zippy….we can start all over again. (Dropping $60K on furnishings alone right after they declare bankruptcy while they still owe $12K to the fertility clinic, for example.) And then lie about it. And then play the victim.

      People screw up all the time. But in general the public tends to be forgiving, especially of those in the “limelight,” if they show some humility, give a plausibly believable explanation of how things happened, stop blaming everyone else for whatever they did, and say that they’ve learned a lot and will be a better and stronger person as a result and be seen (at least) trying to be just that. (Even if they don’t mean it and it’s bs, it really is PR 102 when PR 101 goes bad.)

      One thing: T does appear to be working (personal appearances, etc) to make money. I can’t believe she really likes making public appearances at beauty salons, restaurants, schlepping herself and that book hither and yon to rinky dink joints for bucks that probably aren’t exactly a big score—considering what her expenses must be. Zarin does it because she wants to, not because she needs to. T needs to and she’s doing it. So I give her that.

      Finally, this is a satire blog…it’s not a kindlier, gentler place like a regular fan site. RCH’s twitter page has a disclaimer explaining her deal. Perhaps she should post it here as well.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        “It cant be easy to have your entire family unde the microscope,”…
        That just jumped out at me too but as I kept reading all I have to say is…Yeah, what Need A Hobby said!

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        That’s EXACTLY it. Teresa and Joe did not file bankruptcy because they fell on hard times. They spent millions (MILLIONS!!!) of dollars that they didn’t have on things that they didn’t need. What they have done is no different than what the stereotypical single mother with 5 different kids from 5 different fathers does when she collects her welfare checks and spends them on cigarettes and beer. Sorry, but it’s the truth. It’s taking advantage of a system that was designed to help people who need it by NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Teresa and Joe are in their situation because they are greedy and unintelligent. Not because the economy went bust. That’s a bullshit lie and anyone with 2 braincells to rub together and saw the show knows that.

        And you’re right, the public is forgiving. If she would just for once stand up and say, “Ok, we screwed up. We should never have spent all that money. We were irresponsible and we’re trying really hard to make it right”, I don’t think any of us would even be commenting on this right now. But she hasn’t and she won’t. That is the issue.

    • Candace says:

      She put herself under the microscope when she choose to put her family in a reality show.

      That’s the way it is. She choose it for them all.

    • Isharemymeds says:

      She beat up on Danielle when her own life wasn’t all glitter lollipops and movie roles for Gia with Brad Pitt and the like.
      Now, it’s time for someone to exposed her dirty little secrets. Dani is gone, now it’s T’s turn in the hot seat.
      It’s called a Tv show and T knows exactly what she is in for.
      Don’t feel bad for her.

      We watch for the entertainment and post here to share our opinions with likeminded fans. RCH Rocks!
      Let us be!

      Dina, didn’t want her ‘dls’ exposed so she left.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Oh come on – T wrote that drivel on her blog – it was like an invitation to make fun of her.

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    Here is the thing about Teresa most of us just don’t understand – she is entitled. She is everything she wants to be but unfortunately, she just didn’t understand that she has to pay for her fabulosity! So shouldn’t we excuse her for being $11 million in debt for everything she is? Ain ‘t she nice? Aren’t her children breathtakingly perfect? Doesn’t she have the best husband in the universe? What is wrong with us?! Have we lost our collective minds in a hugh cloud of jealousy?

    • Waxdiva says:

      You have really found the key that opens Treetrunk’s universe… it was always right there and I never saw it. The one thing you forgot is also her downfall. Tree also thinks she smarter than everyone. Unfortunately for her, she’s not even in the ballpark with intelligent people. Oh well, nobody’s perfect… sorry, Tree, but you is stoo-pid!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Ain’t she so nice too. She is nice. Just ask anyone. Just ask. Really. If you ask anyone will tell you. Except maybe Melissa. Or her brother. She loves her brother. Maybe not Melissa or Melissa’s sisters or that nephew that was never acknowledged. But she’s nice. Just ask anyone.

      • Waxdiva says:

        HWAddict: While reading your comment, I can just hear Tree screaming at Joe, “I’m nice, ain’t I? Ain’t I, Joe? Ain’t I nice, Joe? Joe, ain’t I nice? Ain’t I????” Tree’s about as nice as a used wax strip.

    • Miss Anthrope says:


      Yeah, you pretty much summed it all up. She really does believe that everything about her is amazing, doesn’t she? Her husband is soooo hot, her home is sooooo expensive and classy, her daughters are all future super models, and she is just sooooo nice. I wonder if she ever has one of those moments that the rest of us on the planet Earth have where we might pinch a thigh and say, “*sigh* I should probably get on the treadmill”. You know, those moments of self realization where you realize you aren’t perfect? Somehow I doubt it.

  20. Distressed says:

    Woo-hoo and then some. Haven’t even read it yet, just thanks – RCH. Love that you’re going the extra mile on TeeTee and Juicy. Much appreciated and much needed.

  21. Distressed says:

    I think Bravo is the garbage can. Teresa is the garbage.

    The kind of garbage that stinks to high heaven because you forgot to put it out on the curb before you went away for two weeks. The kind of stench that only comes from 50 dirty diapers, the kitty liter you finally cleaned out before leaving and the entire contents of the frige you purged before taking off for two weeks. That kind of garbage.

    11 years, seems like 6.

    God, I love Teresa. And stinky garbage. Thanks for the BS blog, RCH – love this format.

  22. KellitaM says:

    Ugh! When is her 15 minutes of fame going to be over??

  23. klmh says:

    Great blog. Tx

  24. jane says:

    Would you like to share on a radio show each week on blogtalk radio to keep people up on real house wives drama our new call in show please email to let us know! Thanks

  25. So if the troll we had was Dina or one of the Manzo’s, does that mean the Manzo’s aren’t friends with Teresa anymore since they aren’t running to her defense the way they did with Dina?

  26. Miss Anthrope says:

    Where do I even start with this???????????

    Teresa is the most abhorrent housewife of all time. There will never be another housewife who embodies so many horrible and disgusting qualities. It’s just not remotely possible that Bravo could find another person on this earth who is as gross as Teresa Giudice. And who would have even thought that she was this low down scumbag when season 1 was airing? Not I. In fact, I couldn’t help but sort of like her even despite the fact that her classless stage mom/pay-by-cash bs was out of control. She had something very likable about her. How fast that facade crumbled….

    My theory is that her and Joe have always been pretty stupid, (How else would you explain them paying for all that crap in cash on tv?) but fame really got to her head. After season 1 aired she thought that since her violent outburst toward Danielle at that dinner had gone viral, she was some kind of A-list star. So not only did she have this inflated ego, but she also felt she had to turn up that disgusting behavior to continue to be relevant. Thus, the continued violence and overall classless bullshit she exhibits to this day. It’s all an ego trip. Only someone with a deluded sense of importance would throw Christmas cookies in the trash that their SIL brought them because they “weren’t good enough”.

    The sad thing is that she will NEVER change. Mark my words. She will be this way until the day that she dies, because she’s just that deluded and stupid. She has fans and network executives that encourage her to act like an asshole and allow her to believe that she’s a “FABULOUS STAR”. She’ll only get worse. And you know what? I can’t fucking wait to watch it. I pray that Melissa is as likable as I think she is on the show and that that juxtaposition between her and T is shown to the viewers. I hope her (4 million dollar) glass house shatters all around her because she deserves it.

    I think most viewers aren’t as up to date on the behind the scenes stuff as we are, which is the only reason she actually has fans right now. Every one of us who has seen the legal documents, the info about the Melissa feud, and everything else in the media can’t stand her. It’s the people who only know what they see on the show who are in her corner. I really hope to God that Bravo does the right thing and shows the truth this season.

    • gypsygirl says:


    • bacasam says:

      hmmmm seems to be a reocurring theme to the Bravo HW picks, Tree is an A-lister who deserves the best because, well because she’s from Patterson, Kim deserves to be a grammy-award winning singer because it’s not her fault everyone else is tone deaf, KellyKills deserves to be the world’s most recognizable fill-in-the-blank because that way the rest of us will join her enlightened world….

  27. I’m watching BH now. Gonna try to get this recap done before 10pm.
    They really take forever to put this show up online.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Look forward to your take on it. (On the light side, I of course loved Lisa’s thwarted idea to get Kyle to quack like a duck.)

  28. bet365 says:

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