BS Bravo Blogs: Taylor Armstrong – Kennedy’s Birthday

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Taylor Armstrong

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Taylor Armstrong shares details about her daughter’s special day.

I absolutely love birthday parties (that’s why you throw yourself two a year?), and celebrating the birth of my daughter is the best celebration of them all! (Because you deserve it, right?) Theme parties are always a favorite (of yours), and for Kennedy’s birthday, we (you mean you) chose a Magical Mad Hatter theme. I (not Kennedy) have always been fascinated by talented magicians, and Harry Houdini was the original. What better setting for a magical tea party then an estate bearing his name? (I dunno… Chuck E Cheese maybe?) The grounds are divided into multiple tiers, and each one offers something more unique than the last. (Do any of them offer grass?) The children were entertained by an unbelievable magician and a team of amazing fairies who dressed them in tea party attire and lead them in magical games (In the dirt) Kennedy adored the fairies and has asked they return for her next birthday. While I was toasting Kennedy’s birthday with the adults, the little ones were on a fairy led treasure hunt through the intricate grounds of the estate. The kids had a blast which is the best gift a mother could ever ask for. (After impressing you friends and having a bunch of pictures of yourself to remember the day.)

This was one of the first exposures Kennedy had to the camera crews, and she was shy when they were around her. (So logically, you forced her to film anyway) At the request of many mothers in attendance, I kept the cameras away from the children as much as possible and therefore the majority of the footage is of the adults. (The footage is of the adults because Bravo knows that people don’t want to watch your kid play games, they want to watch you make a fool out of yourself.)

As I mentioned, my grandmother gave me a ring with a tiny diamond in the middle when I was a little girl. My grandmother is no longer with me, but the ring and beautiful memory remain a part of my life. My childhood experience and the fact that Kennedy loves wearing Mommy’s jewelry inspired me to give her a special piece of her own. She wears her Barbie Rocks necklace on holidays and special occasions, (every little girls dream – a birthday present they only get to use 5 times a year) and I hope she will treasure her first piece of jewelry as much as I do mine. (bet she’ll treasure that dog a hell of a lot more)

Although the puppy was not an agreed upon gift, he sure is cute! Lots more to come with the little furry fella. (I hope he chews your shoes)

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33 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: Taylor Armstrong – Kennedy’s Birthday

  1. Tuzentswurth says:

    BS blogs, a big favorite of mine. Here is a re-wording I would make as a Bravo editor (which you know they have to have b/c Kelly, Teresa, Lynn. Alexis, Tamra etc surely can’t write,…. they can’t even think, they truly don’t have a brain).
    “While I was toasting Kennedy’s birthday with the adults, the little ones were on a fairy led treasure hunt through the intricate grounds of the estate. ”
    While I was drinking and getting sloshed in a ridiculous costume with a lampshade on my head, someone led the kids off in the woods for something supposed to be fun for them but I wouldn’t know b/c I wasn’t interested enough to watch my daughter enjoy herself.

  2. Tam5115 says:

    I hope he chews her shoes too!

  3. emily says:

    i dont want the dog to chew her shoes. she will just buy more shoes on russell and taxpayers dime because come on she is spending like she’s about the apply for a “fresh start”

  4. Pinda says:

    How about if the dog takes a cra# in her shoe? my dog did that to one of my husbands combat boots once, no kidding!

  5. Sardonica says:

    I would have enjoyed watching my child having fun on the treasure hunt. I wonder how many of the mom’s in attendance would have also liked to have tagged along instead of listening to Taylor honor herself and her singular achievement of giving birth and starting a family. If I gave such a speech with my husband right next to me I hope I would have used the words ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ in reference to the day… ‘us, our, etc.’ and clicked his glass while looking into his eyes first. I didn’t see them toast each other. Of course, I rarely …wait never make toasts to myself about me and that was what it was. Maybe I will start to * raises cup of tea* Heres to you, Sardonica,for posting another comment on this blog. I am so proud ( tearing up ) of this accomplishment. Also to you Tuz and the rest, maybe even RCH, you may have contributed a tiny bit to my ability to post here. If I could I would buy all of you tiny chips of diamonds to embed in your keyboards but instead I bought myself one big a** diamond which I am using to attach my sticky notes to and hold down my very important papers about me. * clinks cup with multi-faceted reflections of myself in big diamond *
    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Echo who?

  6. WindyCityWondering says:

    Taylor seems to be trying too hard to make her life seem relevent and relatable to the Bravo audience. The birthday party was sad in that her daughter, the birthday girl, seemed like a bit player in the event. The diamonds vs puppies was sad. But hey, Russell drives the bus in that relationship and I am glad he managed to salvage the day for his daughter.

  7. Shari says:

    “She wears her Barbie Rocks necklace on holidays and special occasions, (every little girls dream – a birthday present they only get to use 5 times a year) and I hope she will treasure her first piece of jewelry as much as I do mine. (bet she’ll treasure that dog a hell of a lot more)”

    This reminds me of what Tori Spelling wrote in her book. Her mom bought her all thses expensive dolls, but she was never allowed to play with them. She hated it. And to this day her mom hasn’t let her have them. I believe she bought them more for herself than for Tori. A kid would much rather have a toy they can play with.

    • I had expensive dolls too when I was a kid. They were no fun! My mom was always like “be careful, don’t get her dirty, you know she’s delicate, don’t break a leg off…” Too stressful. The best toy we ever had was the box the refrigerator came in. We got inside it and rolled down the hill in the backyard. It was so much fun. Painful at times… but fun. We played with that box until it literally fell apart.
      Taylor is just ignorant. Giving a child diamonds at such a young age is going to pretty much guarantee that she won’t appreciate them now or in the future. She should have waited a few years, and then given her daughter the ring that her grandmother gave to her, then maybe it would mean something and she would appreciate it.
      I really think that necklace was more about impressing her friends than about making her daughter happy.

      • bacasam says:

        I found the ‘grandmother gave me ring with tiny diamond’ story revealing. It’s the grandmother’s fault Taylor became so self-absorbed and shallow!

      • krone says:

        Would it be really pissy of me to sneak in a copy of “Blood Diamond” to Kennedy? I know Taylor would be traumatized if her daughter preferred an inferior birthstone to a diamond. Does this woman ever communicate to her hubby? It seemed that he actually wanted to be present at his daughter’s B’day party and Taylor wasn’t having any of that. If Kennedy plays her cards right, I bet she’ll make a fortune playing Mom and Dad off against each other during the divorce. The poor child acted as if she’d rather have been ANYWHERE but that damn Tea party. Oh, and I’ve yet to see a child who doesn’t appreciate a big ole box. I wondered about last week’s WWHL poll. I voted for Lisa ,- “Whatever happened to pin the tail on the donkey”? Ya gotta love that woman.

      • Humbruh says:

        If things continue on this track, Kennedy is destined to either become a complete basket case or an even more horrible version of the Kardashian girls.

  8. ilovelynn says:

    wine. nose. will never learn. bravissimo rch.

  9. Shari says:

    I used to make a play house by throwing a blanket over the backs of four chairs. I had more fun with that than I ever did with anything that was paid for. lol If most parents would just think back to what they thought was fun when they were kids, they’d know what to buy for their children. Jewlery, or dolls you can’t play with are only fun for the mom. My sister was bad for this as well. She bought my neice, Kayla, collector edition Barbie dolls. My neice liked them, but she didn’t like that she couldn’t play with them. I am the youngest of three and I learned from my sisters mistakes as far as what to buy for my kids. If they couldn’t have fun with it, I wouldn’t buy it.

    • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

      OMG, my daughter use to do the tent thing with all the bedspreads in the house (all taken off beds that were already made). She would also get all the pillows from the couches, chairs, and beds to make bridges leading to various places. She had superhuman speed because this could be done in a matter of 10-15 minutes while I was on the phone not paying attention. Her superhuman speed would end at the time when “we” had to put everything back. One day, I plan on teaching her kids this neat little tent idea!

      • krone says:

        Karma does exist!! When my daughters complain about something their kids do I can barely manage to suppress that smug little smile I get when ticking my mental check list of all the crap they put me through. Then I tsk tsk and tell them it’s a phase and on a really mean day I tell them just enough about the next “phase” to have them shaking in their boots. Not really,- yeah I do but am good enough at it that I don’t think they’ve caught on yet. I can still hear my Mom saying, “you just wait ’til you have kids”……..

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I did it, my daughter and sons did it, I await the birth of my 1st grandchild so I can make more blanket-chair tents. Also had an appliance box in the middle of my living room when I was a child, my mom left it for me a week or more. I loved it, my own house!

    • Humbruh says:

      My brother & I use to make a fort with chairs, pillows from the couch & blankets. We had more fun playing with that than anything else when we were Kennedy’s age. Taylor is one of those people that don’t realize that the simplest of things make kids the happiest.

  10. Adgirl says:

    I never saw anyone actually wear the Barbie necklaces. Maybe Russell forgot to stop at the jewelers when he rushed to PetSmart to pick up the puppy.

  11. pantsonfire says:

    I would bet my left tit that Taylor and Russell will be filing for divorce before the end of the season of this show. She is sooooooo unhappy. He has the personality of a rock. I mean really- let’s just call it like it is she married him for money. I’ts obvious– she chased him, caught him, and then said whew! Now what. Spend money, change my face and feel sorry for myself. She was pretty in her HS pix. I have a feeling he isn’t going to like how he comes off, and all the lovely things his wife has to say about him behind his back. And when the guys start ribbing you about what your wife says and does on national TV well, good thing you have a prenup in place.

    He is just a dickwad, and she lets him think he’s not. How sick is that? She asked for it. She got it. I better not hear her boo-hooing about a divorce, I will send her an email myself! I would rather see her with Slade then this douche. At least Slade tells his ladies they are beutiful and builds them up, while stealing money out of their purse….

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Yeah, they don’t really seem to like each other a lot.
      Kind of like the way Kelsey wouldn’t really go near Camille.

  12. Daisy says:


    The blog isn’t up yet, but the new episode of BH was disturbing to me.

  13. krone says:

    In what way Daisy? Elaborate please. It’s so full of possibilities; the mind reels. Still liking Kyle here but picking up some real passive- aggressive tendencies (directed primarily at Kim). The hair on the nape of my neck goes up while listening to Camille complain about how hard she works. I worry about Taylor’s face melting should she get too close to candlelight and swear that Kim’s acting the lead role in a production of which she has the only script. Lisa has that Jackie Collins thing going but at least has a sense of humor and I have no idea what’s up with Adrienne but do think she married a dick. I was expecting a group of rich but shallow women and so far, feel that’s what I’m getting.

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