The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 7

Ok guys – so here is the deal. I know I said I was going to create a separate blog for UFC, but I realized that I don’t want to write an entire blog about UFC stuff. I just want to recap The Ultimate Fighter. It’s only once a week and there aren’t that many episodes left so it doesn’t really need it’s own blog. And who knows, you may start to like it!

The show starts and Koscheck is sad because his team sucks.

We go straight into the fight announcement: Mohawk vs Sako.

No one thinks Mohawk stands a chance. Dana says GSP is throwing him to the wolves. GSP disagrees.

Paige returns from surgery on his broken hand. He interviews that everything happens for a reason, and…. and…. uh…..
He can’t even finish that sentence because he knows it’s bullshit. Bad shit happens and it sucks. There is no special reason for it.

Training time with Team GSP: Mohawk has an Indian name and it’s not Mohawk, it’s Red Horse. My bad Red Horse. Drunky here on the right thinks Koscheck should have asked Red Horse’s permission to live in the States. I think Drunky needs to fight more and talk less. Stick with what you’re good at, that’s my motto.


Koscheck, still unable to upset GSP, starts picking on the medic. Kos definitely has ambition in the shit talking department, but he’s majorly lacking in skill. He calls the guy a “male nurse” like 26 times because apparently that was the only insult he could come up with. The medic walks off and Kos says  “I think I won that one”.  Haha. Ok. Congrats on your win Kos.

On to Team Koscheck training: Sako tells the story of how he was shot in the leg by gang bangers by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What is this, like battle of the sob stories today? Who else isn’t believing the “wrong place, wrong time” defence? Gang bangers don’t walk around shooting people in the legs for no reason. My guess is it was a drug deal gone bad.
Kos talks about how the sport will teach you discipline and respect, but it may take a while. It’s certainly been taking him a while. It’s been what, 5+ years? Any day now… any day.

Next we move on to the coaches challenge. It’s baseball. A sport not exactly native to Quebec. Dana White explains that this is the first time GSP has ever held a bat in his life. So then I gotta wonder Dana, did you chose this challenge on purpose because you felt bad for Kos and just wanted him to win something? Is this a pity challenge?? Obviously Kos won. Total set up.

Fight day is here:

They had an entertaining first round. It actually looked like Red Horse was going to win in the first minute with a guillotine, Kos was freaking, but Sako got out of it. It was a close first round and hard to tell who came out on top.

Sako definitely won the second round. My boy Red Horse was tired and it really showed. But he held his own and really did better than anyone expected considering the difference in skill level between the two fighters.

It looked like it might go into a 3rd round, but it didn’t. Sako won the fight by decision.

Brookins pointed out that the fight could have ended very differently had Sako not grabbed the fence twice to prevent a take down. I agree.

Is it ironic that the fight replays are sponsored by Burger King and Miller Light, two things a professional athlete should probably not be putting into their body?

My boy may have lost, but everyone was very impressed by him considering that they all expected him to be taken out in the first round. Back in the locker room Red Horse got an applause for his effort even though he lost, while Sako received this for his win:
Moral is not looking good on the yellow team.

I was hoping GSP would be able to convince Dana to give Red Horse a wild card spot. He tried, but was unsuccessful. The spots go to Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevens. They are both deserving and even though I was rooting for Red Foot, it was a fair decision.

Next week Kos picks on the medic again, and we get to see the two team mates face off for another shot at winning the show. I’m not ready to put money on it just yet, but I’m thinking the Brit might take this one.


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13 Responses to The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Episode 7

  1. Emy says:

    What a tangent, too funny.
    I already read the recap for RHOA today so god knows why I checked your blog again, but I didn’t read it this time.. I looked at the screen shots and shook my head. I guess it’s here to stay though since been officially “penned”into your blog title? 🙂
    Happy daylight savings!

  2. bacasam says:

    Really have never followed this but when you think about the genre and compare to RHNJ and apparently what’s happening with RHOC, not really that different. Guys you root for- good guys vs bad guys- those for whatever reason you find yourself rooting for/against. Thanks for giving a way to enter in.

  3. Savannah111 says:

    RCH, I just came over to your blogs I always find them so funny and on target, I was surprised to see your UFC blogs, I love watching the UFC and get most of the pay per views. I have two grown boys that love it and I started watching with them and became a fan.. I always buy the UFC series when it comes out on DVD.. The first season was my favorite with Forest Griffin and Stephan Bonner.. Josh was a menace on series one, he’s grown up in a lot of ways but still has his moments.

    • Cool! Another UFC fan. 😀 I watched season 1 religiously, and then kinda watched off and on since then but I never miss a fight. GSP is one of my favs, and I love Kos too so I’m not missing an episode this season. You are right, Kos is a menace, but I find him hilarious. He had me laughing out loud a couple times this season. But you think he grew up since s1? I’m not so sure. Lol.

      • Trina says:

        GSP is my fave, and I have to say we may have quite a bit in common (what with UFC, Housewives of all cities (well, I’m sure there are some boring wives to omit), and interesting recipes). GSP has been an amazing coach as far as strategy and making Kos look like the bug-eyed fool he is.

        Did you see the episode where they picked teams? GSP tricked Kos so he could get his first choice, and has continued to beat Kos both in the octagon and in the art of avoiding extraneous fist fights.

        Die hard fan, and yes, I’m a lady! 🙂 I got some of my girlfriends interested in watching UFC fights when they came to watch a pay-per-view and all the girls chose the winner based on their looks. In my book, pretty boys (like GSP and Huerta (no longer UFC or very good)) are pretty because they avoid getting hits to the head–hence avoid knockouts. Theory only works about half the time as the ugly ones tend to throw some tough ‘bows.

  4. Kat says:

    I like UFC. I’ve never liked “Qtip” Koscheck.

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