A Lil Ditty About Dina

Hey guys. A poster named TheREALhwOfNJ has some interesting info about Dina. She left this comment on the Dina Manzo’s Big Fat Italian Embarrassment of a Wedding / Dina Manzo is a Bitch On Twitter blog, but since that blog was posted a while ago I decided to turn her comment into it’s own post so that everyone got a chance to see it:

Oh, Dina Dina Dina. Such a sad little story. Yes, I know this family, our family has known the family for some years now. Indeed, everything in this video rings absolutely true. Tommy has a less than sterling reputation, and was well known to be a player, in Jersey terms. Dina and Tommy dated for a few years, with Tommy cheating on her numerous (not just a couple of) times. In the beginning, she was told that the relationship wasn’t that serious, and she had to deal with it. You know, the old Tommy isn’t ready to settle down thing. However. Being that Dina is Caroline’s sister, and Tommy is Al’s brother, Tommy was basically strongarmed into marrying her as a reward for putting up with the cheating and embarrassment that IS Tommy Manzo. Now, in Tommy’s defense, he is what he is. Everyone knows he is a player, and he will probably always be a player. Dina or no Dina. She just got the wedding, trust me, there’s not much of a marriage there. And of course Dina did not dress nicely or look as polished before RHONJ. She was married to George, who owns a nail salon, it’s not like she was a classy broad or anything, just a typical Jersey girl, with bleached hair, tanning, and fake nails. She only started thinking she was classy after being cast. She was wrong, of course. Dina is always going to be controlled by men because she allows it to happen. Her first husband was a controlling Greek, and now she married a controlling Italian. There’s no mystery here. Her father was the same way. Caroline may appear to be in control, but this is an illusion. I’ll explain: in Italian families, (i grew up the SAME way) when the husband/father owns a business that requires all his attention, and he gets his whole family of men involved in it, there is little time for the wife and kids. She has to learn to do all and be all- cook, clean, go to little league, be in the PTA, iron the clothes, do the gardening, manage everything, have birthday parties, christmas dinner, and basically the man doesn’t know anything. Picture those women in Goodfellas, and you’ll have an idea. So, Dina was basically a marriage of convenience – a woman to make Tommy a ‘home’ – someone to take care of him. Trust me, Caroline was doing a lot of Tommy’s caretaking before Dina got divorced from the Greek (who, by the way was also a cheater), and in our culture, you have to get married to look good. Especially Tommy, who runs a business, he needed a wife. Dina played it right, also, you know, she didn’t seem to be all about the money at first, she NEVER dressed like anything special at any family functions, TRUST ME! She had bad highlights, and tanned too much and to me, looked older than she was. I thought she looked way older than 36 at her wedding- more like 45, but hey… and the wedding was NOT over a million bucks. Tommy and Al own the place, and call in a million favors, it’s Tommy’s wedding after all. Even the florist bill wasn’t what it was, The Brownstone gives all these people business, do you not think that they all gave Tommy the compadre rate? Of course they did. Their house didn’t even cost that much, so don’t think the wedding did either. People who spend a million plus on a wedding typically would spend more than 8k on their wedding dress, ok? Tommy is not the romantic, nor the attentive hubby, she needs her charity to keep busy. Unfortunately, Tommy didn’t want any part of this show, (rhonj) nor did the Greek want Lexi in the show. So, poor Dina’s bubble was burst. It had SO little to do with Danielle Staub, who by the way, didn’t know these women from a hole in the wall before the show started. Her and Jackie were ‘acquaintances’ at best. At BEST, and Teresa’s family knew the Laurita’s, and yes they knew them, but weren’t best buds, so don’t even think that’s close to the truth. All casting, and all crap.
As far as Dina’s personality goes, you hit the nail on the head with Lexi ending up with a controlling man…. Amen. The Greek was pretty damn controlling and from what I know about him, still has his hand in there pretty firmly. Tommy has NOT adopted her, nor does he want to. George has a LOT of control over Lexi. She still spends summers in Greece like all good greek girls do. The Greek (sorry but it’s what we call him- everyone in the family does) is a real tool, and much older than Dina- and now has a new young wife, lol, younger than Dina anyway. Here is a link to his salon, and photo of The Greek and his new wife… http://www.nishaspa.com/ab.html Dina really thought she hit the lottery with The Greek lol – anyway. Dina is the way she is, and is as you said, a special kind of doormat. She has the Daddy didn’t love me blues. I do kind of feel sorry for her but she puts herself in these situations and always has. Tommy didn’t like the show, and didn’t want her involved. Period. Dina does not want another divorce under her belt. Aside from the fact that she didn’t give Tommy a baby, she may not last too long as it is, so she had better listen, if you get my drift. She is no spring chicken, at 40 now. Ehhh. Anyway. Sad story, as I said. Money does NOT buy you class OR brains.

Dina’s ex, George The Greek:

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  1. Pest control lady says:


  2. crazysweet says:

    is this news? I grew up back east in the same culture….big whoop! it’s all in how your raised. my mother HATED having to take care of a man and kids so she worked all the time and left us whenever she felt like it regardless of my “controlling” father. why would tommy adopt lexi when her father is so involved in her life???? thats ridiculous! you can’t just adopt a child because you marry the parent. that would give all father rights to the step parent. my step dad adopted my brother and not me because I didn’t want it. this whole post stinks of danielle if you ask me but honestly I could care less. if you’re doing anything in life especially going on a show do you want to put your best face forward or air your air laundry? I mean it’s not the kind of lies you see from others like Sheree, Salehi’s, Guidices, everyone from OC I don’t know maybe it’s juts me but blah!

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Well it sounds like Dina doesn’t have a perfect life – much like the rest of us. What she does with her life is what gets her in trouble – much like the rest of us. Since she chose to put her life on tv, then whatever fall out from it is her’s alone. Blame editing, blame how she was raised, blame her ex and Tommy, blame Danielle, blame whoever forces her to tweet, blame everyone but her! Blah, blah, blah….

  4. Lexi_737 says:

    I agree this post was written by her royal Staubiness.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Nah, not Danielle….Danielle would have suggested so much, much more than the weak sauce posted here. About secret lives, etc. No doubt Danielle tried to dig up dirt on these folks, getting close to folks who knew them to get info, etc. and that freaked them out.

      And Danielle wouldn’t simply and glibly have dismissed herself as a factor in anything. She’s a star you know (in her own mind) and would remain so in any story she told. If nothing else, she would have spoken about how unfairly and unjustly she was treated by these women and what hypocrites they are.

      So no, not Danielle. If nothing else, she’d spin a good juicy tale. (No pun intended.)

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Totally agree – this is not Danielle – her style is distinctively cutthroat inuendo! This is likely someone who has watched these people for a long time and is fed up with their crap.

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  6. AngryOldMan says:

    I still miss the fake tommy_manzo twitter. I wonder if that’s who wrote the comment.

    It’s interesting that the most “loved” housewife (if there is one) is are the most honest one – Bethenney. I think these shows started as a way to show rich fabulous lives that weren’t perfect. But the cover–ups started and got exposed and bullshit called, etc. But some still think they can get away with it.

    Anyway, I’m sure the truth is somewhere out in the middle. It would be nice to see Dina (or any of them) come out and admit it

    • Yes Bethenny is loved because she is honest, not because she is perfect and fabulous.
      That’s what most of the other Housewives don’t seem to be able to understand.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        And also because sometimes Bethenny is just so damn funny in her comments and observations.

        For example: “Zzzzzt, zzzzzt” = Kelly’s synapses shorting out. In absence of a more qualitative and quantitatively documented study of the Kelly phenomenon, “zzzzt, zzzzzt” seemed as much as anything to explain wtf was going on with bezerker girl.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Alex figured it out after the first season – she dropped the pretentiousness, and suddenly became much more likable. I’d have to say that Ramona is also pretty honest – which is why it’s hard for me to really dislike her – even though she can say some pretty mean things to the others.

        Even the Countess has her moments of being honest (like at the reunion) and so I am sort of neutral on her.

        It’s the ones that think they can play a part for the camera and are so very very transparent that are pretty intolerable. How dumb do they think we are? They seem to think they can make up this fantasy life and we’ll buy it hook and sinker.

        • Yes Alex did figure it out. If you go back and watch season 1 you will remember very quickly why everyone disliked her and Simon so much. But once they stopped being fake and started being real (is that the line from Real World?) they became more popular.

  7. Need a Hobby says:

    The post may be totally legit, or not. There’s not much, if anything, there IMO that cannot be extrapolated from what is already out there and can be seen from the wedding show, RHONJ, Dina’s off screen behavior, etc.

    It’s already been surmised that Dina’s public reason for leaving the show (Danielle) was probably not the real story. Since Dina’s story has modified over time, that only supports the idea that Danielle wasn’t the real reason at all. (Although IMO Dina may have made some Danielle related claims, allegations to Bravo/producers just to get out of her contract.) We already knew that Danielle and the rest were only brought together for the show….there wasn’t really a history there that wasn’t recent and show related. Good friend of the family Teresa, we’ve already seen she was perhaps not so close a friend as the show portrayed. Remember the christening of T’s new baby? Dina previously had never even attended any of the other christenings of T’s kids IIRC. Ergo, the families weren’t close.

    Dina’s relationship with her husband also can be extrapolated from the wedding show and RHONJ. His alleged extracurricular activities, ditto. From the wedding show we also can see how Dina dressed casually and did not apparently pay that much attention to her appearance at that time: she was on TV then but not glammed up at all. Dina doesn’t appear to be the major bread winner in the relationship, so those dynamics aren’t hard to figure out. The post also has some generalizations about Greek and Italian families…holdovers from the “old country” ways, etc. And we know Lexi’s still close to her dad. So….interesting, but not much new. Or perhaps I’ve missed something?

    Since the post generally fits in with what we’ve already seen, it’s appears reasonably in the ballpark and so has the benefit of verisimilitude. (It’s not like the wild BS ramblings of TM.) Whether it’s actually from someone who really knows these people, who knows.

    • It seemed believable to me. There wasn’t a lot of nasty allegations like I would expect from Danielle or another hater, they were really just confirming what I already said. Maybe bullshit, but I think a hater wouldn’t have written such a long post without adding an extra dirty gossip. I don’t know….

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Right. It fits in with what we know already and isn’t making any wild ass crazy claims. And someone who was just making up shit would have well, made up some juicy shit.

        For those reasons, I’d say the post sounds legit.

      • Waxdiva says:

        The only fact that I knew about Dina’s ex was that he was Greek. I didn’t know the other items included in this post about him. Did anyone else know his background, his name or who he’s married to now?

        The ‘voice’ of this writing does not sound like Danielle at all. I would like to hear more from TheREALhwOfNJ.

        • I didn’t know anything about the ex either.

          • quincyil says:

            A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I had read about the spa and the ex on a new jersey web site. They talked about how young Dina was went she married her boss at the nail spa.

            Greek men, Italian men…Iranian men…men in general can be overpowering. Dina wanted money and she got money. She was brave to walk away from a man who is macho. She was stupid to marry a macho man for a second time.

            I…could have written that post because it had no new information.

            • Waxdiva says:

              You may be the only person who knew info re the ex. That said, there has to be a reason this person is testing the waters here. Let’s see if she/he adds more insight as to why she/he’s here. The big question is why add this now?

        • housewifeaddict says:

          On the show they had talked about Dina working at his salon, and how Danielle had promised not to go there and cause trouble. So that part was pretty public. The poster seemed real enough – like she was googling and came across the blog, and added her thoughts. My guess is that was why it was on that old blog – she’s probably not familiar with the site.

          • Waxdiva says:

            We can only guess at this point as to why and how. Yes, Dina doing nails at the salon was mentioned, but it was never mentioned that it was her ex-husband’s salon.

          • Yeah that’s what I was thinking… she was probably googling and that blog post came up. I still get comments on the blogs about Teresa and Melissa. Those posts are still the in the top 3 most viewed posts everyday, even after all this time.

            • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

              Actually, I remember in a couple of episodes where Dina and Danielle said that she worked at her ex-husbands salon. Don’t ask me which episode or season but I remember them saying that she worked there with him. (Dina use to do Danielle’s nails) It was at her ex-hubby’s salon that Danielle was spewing info and Dina asked her to stay away.

  8. SMH says:

    Bethenney is definitely not honest. She’s a laxative addicted (google her name and swiss kriss sometime…) shrew. plus, check her ebayID- She buys tons of diet food and laxatives every month.,

  9. emily says:

    Above my post,
    That’s some hate. Don’t feed it!

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    So wh at was the “winds of change” that Caroline and kids were tweeting about yesterday? Did they film a happy Manzo family scene? The Clown isn’t into teasing people on twitter, much less having her kids being part of it……anyone have the 411?

    • iwannabeanarchy says:

      I actually took a look at her bedding line on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website to satisfy my morbid curiosity… it’s as tacky as you can imagine. It looks cheap even in the photos.

  11. Tracy says:

    Here’s the thing; whether these statements are true or false the question MUST be asked: For what reason was this crafted/published?

    The one thing that has impressed me about this site is that it has all been about fun. It’s fun watching someone who’s life is a bigger train wreck than your own and maybe we get some sort of thrill from knowing that we are just as fucked up, but that we know it! The women come across as clueless and it’s that quality that lends itself to entertainment. What makes this insidious is that it comes across as mean. I’ve learned that when making decision, attempt to divine the intent, and WHAT was the intent of this?

  12. Tralena says:

    Eww.. The headline is all I need to hear. “You can sleep with Jill Zarin every night.” YUK…. No thanks. (Trying to erase that image from my brain.) If her bedding is anything like her apartment – I’m not into Liberace..

  13. OOOOR…… maybe Dina left the comment.
    We all forgot about her and started talking about other things and maybe she wanted her name back in the spot light. She even answered my twitters today. That is a very rare occurrence.

  14. It's Hot In Texas says:

    Someone posted this on Lynn’s site…

    Tweet from Jacqueline – at least she admits that she’s teasing us …

    “Tomorrow should be quite a night. That’s all I can say. Sorry, but I love teasing you all. Lol!”

  15. HauteMama says:

    I *think* Caroline’s tweet is regarding one of the kids–for some reason I think Albie moved or is moving out. For some reason, that’s what I thought of after reading all their twitters.

    • AngryOldMan says:

      Makes sense. It was the end of a month and a new lease would start Monday, Nov. 1 – not that such mundane things matter to Bravo or the Manzos. But the tweets talked about a long day and included one of the Manzo kids’ friends who may or may not have made it on the show.

      Do I smell a spinoff? The Manzo boys got Millionaire Matchmaker its highest ratings ever and Bravo loves to beat a dead horse…..

  16. Dalai Mama says:

    RCH, I appreciate and depend on your posts, but please, a little warning before sending me on a link to the Egregiously Not Safe For Me Working at Home salon website and its accompanying photo of the menacing Bert Convy:The Revenge-esque husband number one. I haven’t been this rattled since having a vivid dream about Captain Stewbing from The Love Boat that involved the plucking of toe knuckle hair.
    But, great of the site to clarify that he is from ‘Cyprus An Island Off the Coast of Greece’, when people so often confuse it with ‘Cyprus, USA, population 109, birthplace of the Chia Pet and often called the West Dakota of the Central Fruited Plains.’
    Really. I need my medication now.

  17. Sarah310 says:

    I don’t understand why someone is mean to someone else if someone’s husband is supposedly cheating on them. Jesus. This is just bizarre now. I don’t make fun of anyone who has been cheated on.
    I don’t think people deserve it, I think it’s awful, and I think it’s a LOW f-ing blow to even go there.
    Pretty blown away that grown women think this is funny.
    I bet that you won’t think it’s so funny when you’ve been cheated on.
    She’s not even on the show anymore.. move on. I do not get this obsession.

    • She laughed about being cheated on and getting him back by using his credit cards. She said it with a smile on her face.
      If she doesn’t take her marriage seriously why should I?
      She traded her self respect for money and then bragged about it on national tv. She turned herself into a joke, not me.

    • Dalai Mama says:

      Who, me? My post pokes fun at someone named George (male), Bert Convy (male), Captain Stewbing (male), Cyprus (island), and Chia Pets (non-allergenic companions).
      I don’t find the words “her”, “funny”, or “deserved” anywhere.
      With regard the statement you make in your second to last sentence, you are operating from an erroneous presumption.
      And if I decide I have a little time to obsess over anyone, Mulder from X-Files and Meldrick from Homicide are first on my list. It is a very short list. Boy howdy, I love a guy in a pork pie hat.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      JMO, what’s worse is Dina going on a national tv show about her wedding with her husband to be and not only is it clear that he can barely be bothered to give her the time of day—-including on the wedding day—-his serial infidelity is part of the commentary on the show, courtesy of Dina herself. That was awful IMO. Apparently she knew precisely just what she was getting, after so many years “with” him, when she married him.

      I don’t know what goes on in their marriage and don’t really care. I don’t recall getting into that myself. IMO what she herself has already put out there for public viewing would be mortifying to anyone else. But apparently she had no problem with making it clear she was knowingly marrying a serial adulterer who on TV seemed to barely just tolerate being in the same room with her. So I can’t really muster up a whole lot of umbrage on her behalf on this particular point. :shrug:

  18. Need a Hobby says:

    BTW, congratulations are in order for our very own RCH for snagging the win for her Skinny Girl Pumpkin in the first annual The Real Pumpkins of Bravo Contest!!

    Check it out: http://realityblogcentral.com/2010/11/02/putyourhairup-is-the-winner/

  19. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Congratulations RCH!

    Boy you Canadians can do it all! LOL

    Housewives and UFC Blogger, SnarkQueen, PumpkinCarver, Drinker….



    • Need a Hobby says:

      Eh, your act was kinda cute the first time out. But it’s way past old now. Don’t hold on to the past, move on.

    • AngryOldMan says:

      What does “jubly” mean? According to Urban Dictionary it means “good” and I don’t think that’s how you meant it. Also, what does “zubuloo” mean? Google had nothing on it.

      By the way, “talking shit [about] what you don’t know” (aka “shooting off one’s mouth”) is a well-document past time. Like masturbation it relieves stress and diverts attention (no matter how briefly) from the real troubles in life. In the proper perspective, it’s harmless.

  21. Brobee says:

    Troll alert! 😉







    • Need a Hobby says:

      LOL….trolling a troll. Let me tell you bout dis trollin ting….I troll for RHONY, you troll for RHONJ. Dude! Don’t cross the streams!



  26. momofthree says:

    I don’t know if anyone has seen this, but I was looking at info on Teresa and Joe.
    The link is “http://www.realfauxhousewives.com/2010/08/04/old-comments-about-rhonj-that-link-the-drama-puzzle-together-plus-the-real-cheating-husbands-of-new-jersey/”. It is comments left in 2008. They are from Ashley and “friends”. It is a very interesting read. Real City Housewife – I apologize for leading people to a different website. I think that yours is the best. I credit you with single handedly leading me away from my business and PTA responsibilities on a daily basis. But like I told my husband yesterday, at least I don’t have a “garden” on facebook. No offense to anyone who does. I’m sure I could easily get sucked into that too, but I don’t have a fb page. (yet)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The latest issue of Life & Style has an article on Teresa (she is slipping in popularity as it doesn’t even have a mention on the cover) and that she has not signed a contract, that Bravo is getting sick of her crap and that interviews/auditions for new housewives continue – to replace Danielle obviously but maybe also Teresa!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ps – Do you think she doesn’t realize that she can be edited out of whatever she has taped so far???

        • justanothermary says:

          As much as I hate it when one of the howives claims the problems were editing, it does ring true somewhat. Here we are liking NeNe again after she was terrible last year – same with Sheree. We liked JZ at first and who knew that Kelly is a total basket case as opposed to just stupid. No, editing cannot put words in your mouth, but those words can be taken out of context.

          Certain things like Tree and her Trunk spending freely while broke or Dina not being honest about PLB and her reasons for leaving, will always keep us from liking them, but a lot of others are on the fence swaying with the editing. JMHO

          • I actually don’t think the Jill situation had anything to do with good or bad editing. You know, when I re watch old episodes I see all the signs… I don’t know why it didn’t bother me the first time around. I guess a lot of things she did kinda did bother me, but I just let it go. I think being friends with B made her more likeable, and once she was on her own without that “buffer” so to speak her flaws became more obvious.

    • No need to apologize. If you have an interesting link post it!

  27. tuzentswurth says:

    No time to comment, but “Hi” to everyone, loving the comments (mostly, if you get the drift) and RCH, you’re blogs have all been very entertaining as usual, congrats on your pumpkin, you deserved it for sure! I’ll be here reading and lurking till time permits me to snark with the rest of you….there is just so much material, esp w/Fakedra….. She is a scream!

  28. justanothermary says:

    I haven’t been feeling great so I haven’t been keeping up with everything. Can someone fill me in on the Dina thing? Did she ever clear up the problems with PLB? If she is sooooo charitable, why doesn’t she donate the money she’s spending on a CLOSET to the children?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hope you are feeling stronger and better!
      Can’t say Dina cleared up the problems or answered the questions concerning PLB. It is ashame because by not doing so less people will be willing to donate to it and fewer children will benefit from it as well.

  29. Lina says:

    I would have to take an hour to read all the comments, but I am in the middle of some work right now.. so here is my 2 cents. I am married to an Italian and I can say that I have experienced first hand the traditions and nutness of Italians. And one thing is for sure… it all has to do with how you were brought up. For the most part, yes the woman takes care of the home, the PTA, the laundry, the man’s needs and pretty much all. However, I have some sister-in-laws that apart from doing all of that, they carry the pants. Literally! So I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact Caroline was a control freak, because that may have been the way she was brought up. Very old fashioned, and having to take care of everything in the household while her husband provides the bacon. Not all Italians are as fake as Teresa or even Dina, but I would agree that over 50% of Italian women are fake. With their fake tans, fake nails, and spend more than they can afford ways. But as I said before Italian women are a whole package all their own (Teresa’s outbursts are far from fake).

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Women/wives roles have been evolving for every ethnic group you can name. What bothers me is that Teresa chalks up her bad behavior/ignorance to “its an Italian thing” – when it is not. She may have lived in a traditional Italian home but she has shown us that she is superficial, materialistic, has a limited education, has unchecked anger/rage/violence issues and a consuming need to be the center of attention. She isn’t a good example of an Italian or a woman. I am sick of watching her.

      • Lina says:

        You and me both! OOh but it was Teresa who said that she was the only RHONJ housewife with a college degree….. starting to sound like fake-ass Phaedra. Teresa makes NJ look like trash.

        • justanothermary says:

          If I were Italian I would be insulted by Tree and her Trunk. There is no excuse for excesses or violence. I’m Irish, but that does not make me a drunk, nor does it give me an excuse to be one.

        • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

          Amen WSW and Lina. Besides don’t you think if she were really college-educated she might know that it is a “cuplrit” rather than a “culport” as she so eloquently described Danielle after the weave-pulling incident. As far as it being an Italian thing, I have heard Pauly D refer to “sangwiches” so clearly that IS an Italian thing, though it doesn’t make it better. And really having to use the Pauly D defense in any circumstance immediately makes their argument null and void, IMO.
          She is garbage as well, and while she annoys the hell out of me, I kinda hope she does come back for the 3rd season if for nothing than to provide us viewers with more snarky fodder.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            If she came back I would only want to see her isolated and hated on – exactly like Danielle was treated in Season 2! And seething over the fact that Missy is the STAR! lol

            • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

              Dear Santa-
              All I want for Christmas is for Teresa to come back for Season 3 of RHoNJ and Missy to be the new Queen Bee. I haven’t been very good this year, but still.
              Please and thank you-
              Tracy (w/out an ‘E’) aka mscarp

        • Is anyone else concerned by the fact that some of the most ignorant women on these shows have the most education?

          • Waxdiva says:

            Tree’s education is 2 years at the Berkley School of Fashion, which lead to a job as an accessories buyer at Macy’s. That’s another reason she could be jealous of Melissa. Melissa went to a real college and has a real degree.

            Why Tree always says she has a college degree is another of her lies. Not to say that there is anything wrong with her completing something that she started. However, her degree is from a trade school; Tree’s credits would not transfer to what is considered a “real” college.

  30. CRP says:

    Could Teresa G quite possibly be from another planet? Seriously? She has a greatly distorted perception of reality, and how about her college degree of illiteracy? Does she really think that she’s fooling anybody?

  31. Fran santini says:

    Dina was fired from the show for forging her ex husband’s signature for permission to have Lexi on the show. When Bravo found out what she did they had no choice but to fire her. If they would have covered her lie that could have been a major lawsuit. So they killed her off saying that she couldn’t stand to be on the show with that other douche bag Danielle. When her sister and brother didn’t walk off with her she disowned them both not to mention the gay brother that got married on the show. In Dina’s defense the only reason that I wouldn’t have walked off with my sister, no matter whether she lied or not, was if I needed to feel my children with the job I was walking out on. I don’t think Caroline and Chris were desperate for cash. Shame on them both. As a matter a fact shame on all of them. People with class don’t go on tv and air out their business, telling people what they have and most important of all pimping out their kids. All of them are uneducated and low class. The difference between the guests on Jerry Springer and them is a couple of bucks. I live in Franklin Lakes and the majority of people, in town especially, are embarrassed and disgusted by them. They are the laughing stock of our community. Caroline especially.

  32. @MissAmiaSays says:

    This was Jacqueline. The constant capitalizing RANDOM words is so #WackoJacko she did this one the Uncommon Ground blog in 2008.

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