BS Bravo Blogs: Fakedra – Baby Shower Episode

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Phaedra Parks

Girl Power

Phaedra thinks women need to be proud of their accomplishments.

The underlying theme of tonight’s episode is getting and having exactly what you want (really? I thought the theme was “Fakedra is ridiculous”). Although each of us want vastly different things, we all share the common desire of wanting to improve ourselves and to be better women. (except Fakedra, she thinks she’s perfect already) Sheree wants a new relationship, while NeNe wants to change her physical appearance. Kandi wants a great album and to be paid for her work. Kim wants to be a successful artist. While I want a lot of things, tonight’s focus is on my desire to have an extraordinary (I guess that’s one way of putting it) baby shower as well as a husband who doesn’t have children so that we can experience parenthood together for the first time. (I thought it was so you didn’t have to deal with baby mamma drama and annoying kids who aren’t yours.)

Despite the critical nature of the show, we must ask: Why do we criticize each other when we all want the same thing (I don’t know Fakedra, why do you criticize other people every time you open you mouth?)— to be better? (I thought it was because you were jealous and unhappy, but whatever) Is it wrong to value yourself or enhance your worth, whether it be through plastic surgery, education, or hard work? (Value and enhance yourself – no. Constantly tell everyone how superior you are to them – yes) I hope not. Because if you don’t value yourself and believe in your ability, who will? If you work hard you should be proud of your accomplishments. (maybe you should look up the definition of “pride”, and then go look up the definition of “bragging”.)

I will never be ashamed of my tenacity and commitment to education, (it’s not your commitment to education you should be ashamed of) because I realize people fought and died so that I would have the opportunity to go to high school, attend college, and graduate from law school. (Just can’t resist saying “law school” as many times as possible, huh?) My journey wasn’t easy, but I had a vision and was willing to work hard for it. Unfortunately, as this episode shows, when women speak of their accomplishments they are viewed as arrogant (<– exactly what you are) or “their own cheerleader.” Interestingly enough, I was a cheerleader in high school (why am I not surprised?) (a spunky spitfire, if I may say so myself), so it was comical to hear that statement. (glad you found it as humorous as the rest of us did) Indeed we should all be our own biggest cheerleaders. Ironically, when men speak of their accomplishments they are characterized as being confident. Why are standards different for women? (Omg she is not seriously trying to turn this into a sex issue now is she?) I went to school for 20 years and maintained a job throughout my undergraduate and law school matriculation. (which just proves that some people cannot be cured of their ignorance no matter how much education they receive) No one gave me any handouts, extra help, or preferential treatment. Hence, I will never be ashamed of my degrees — I earned them. Slogans like, “Mission accomplished,” “dreams realized,” “Girl power and sisterhood,” will never be truthful as long as we continue to be catty and critical of each other. (and no one is more catty or critical of other women than Fakedra.)

Anyone else find it hilarious that every week Fakedra’s blogs are basically condemning everything she did on the show, except she twists it to make it seem like she is the innocent one?

FAKEdra really lived up to her name in this episode. She just gets worse and worse. I love it. Thanks for the material Fakedra!


The Real Housewives Of Atlanta – Willy Wonka And The Baby Shower

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24 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: Fakedra – Baby Shower Episode

  1. Waxdiva says:

    Did Fakedra take English classes when matriculated at her undergrad school of higher education? Maybe the law school from which Fakedra graduated didn’t require passing grades in English to attend. She’s chopping up the English language when she writes her blogs… even though she did go to law school and is a law school graduate and she is a law school alum.

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Fakedra is a classic example of an overachiever who didn’t actually achieve! She isn’t with a major law firm because she didn’t make that cut – hence the hanging out of her shingle. Entertainment law should not be confused with defending entertainers who commit crimes! And how she can call herself a southern belle when she exhibits none of the class nor characteristics of that society is more sad than amusing. If you have to throw your own baby shower, even with Bravo’s assistance, it is a sad commentary on the people (immediate family and friends) who don’t feel compelled to share this joyous event in your life! So maybe reality is too hard to achieve….hence all the fantasy, manner spewing, phony baloney posing! Hey Fakedra, there is a channel devoted to that stuff – it’s called the Cartoon Network!

    • I think she probably does have people in her life who wanted to throw her a baby shower. But she knew no one was going to throw her a baby shower like that, so she decided to do it herself. She seems like the type who wants to do everything herself because no one else is going to do it “good enough” for her.

    • bacasam says:

      Exactly. When she writes, “Ironically, when men speak of their accomplishments they are characterized as being confident. Why are standards different for women?” it really blows up. Hello, it’s women like you who hold back those of us who have been at the forefront of raising young ladies to move beyond your attitude vs. your platitudes….

  3. Distressed says:

    Okay, so I let me get this straight. Last week we were treated to the if you were offended by my obviously offensive comments that’s solely because of your own ignorance and racism in the poisonous atmosphere of race in America blog post. This week we get to be called catty and divisive bitches with incredibly low self-esteem, who were not cheerleaders like Ms. Fabulous, when we react normally to the mockery broadcast on national TV.

    Abusers tend to act as their own enablers, often blaming those around them for their actions. We got you, girl. Stay fly, honey. You’re going to be covered in dead ones by the time this train rolls into the reunion station.

    RCH, thanks again for the holiday bonus blog, she’s the new Teresa.

    • Hahah. I can’t wait for this reunion. The difference between her and Teresa, is that no one is willing to call Teresa out. Fakedra is not going to get the same luxury at her reunion.

      • jezzibel says:

        I can’t wait for that…NeNe will probably be the one to take her down a peg or two.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Nene’s not the one to watch if Fakedra seriously starts yanking chains. All that Fakedra has to do is say some shit about Sheree and they’ll need a few ex-linebackers to keep Sheree off Fakedra.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          It will be a tag team of Kim and NeNe!

          • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

            I can’t wait for the ATL reunion either, but given Teresa and Juicy’s hideous behavior at Melissa and Joey’s son’s christening, I sincerely hope and pray this is Teresa’s come-to-Jesus season. After all that’s happened, surely SOMEONE will point out out how completely horrible she really is. “I’m nice, ain’t I nice?” “Ummm, no. You’re a spiteful, jealous, bitchy ape. How ’bout that, Tre.”

  4. Need a Hobby says:

    RCH: oh no you di’nt. Just saw your tweet. LOL

  5. e-rizzle says:

    As an attorney who wasn’t even born in an English speaking country all I have to say is this: Can this woman type more than a simple sentence? Every lawyer I know has a total hard-on for insanely long sentences, and a semi hard-on for punctuation such as the semicolon, the colon, the coma, and the dash. She barely uses any of them (minus the coma, because apparently she loves a list, and her use of the dash and most comas iswrong), and other than one run-on sentence, her sentences are short. What the hell law school did she get trained at?!!

    The only reason I like her is because I absolutely love the faces she makes. She’s like a little cartoon of shitty faces. It’s fabulous! Hopefully that baby looks like Apollo, or however you spell it.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Well, I’m not going to fault her for writing for normal people LOL. She went to a great college. She’s obviously a bright woman. Bright enough to put on enough of a show to get cast on this show and make us all react to her. Can’t say I like the character she’s playing, but she does give me a good laugh.

  6. krone says:

    WOW! @CynthiaBailey10 really does follow you back on twitter. Methinks she’ll turn into a fan favorite if she’s not already one. I just caught the latest Atlanta episode and was impressed with her incredible tact and restraint, not to mention her stunning beauty. Fakedra’s just too easy; I hope Apollo takes the baby when he leaves (I’m guessing within the year). I’ve been kinda down on Ne Ne but felt so sad for her re the surgery & Greg’s lack of support. I hope Sheree’s not falling for the scamming “doctor”

    • Distressed says:

      I’m really liking Cynthia, too.

      I wonder if her story line is big enough to grab center stage but that knife in the neck comment was beyond superb. Also, it looks like she has a nice guy who took Fakedra’s crap in the limo just to be supportive.

      Overall, I agree she is just stunning and her style is oh so Audrey Hepburn at her peak. Everything is just so without channeling too much skank and that outfit she wore to the shower was incredible. She strikes me as not just a beautiful woman but one with poise and elegance. She’s a total Audrey.

    • Yes I think it’s really cool that Cynthia follows people too. She followed me before I even followed her. I though it was a fake acct bc it wasn’t verified and most RH’s don’t follow me. Lol.
      She really is beautiful. I love her laughing about Fakedra and making jokes in her interview instead of getting angry and causing drama on the spot.
      Such a refreshing change.

      • krone says:

        Gee, Wonder why they don’t follow you? LOL. Even though the HW put their lives out there voluntarily, they don’t seem to understand that it invites comments, both good and bad. Total assumption on my part but I think Cynthia’s confident enough and has enough self esteem to interact. That may wear off but I’m hoping it doesn’t. I wasn’t sure how I felt about her boyfriend but after watching this episode, decided that he’s okay; where he found the restraint to not chuck the “boughetto” pregnant one out of the limo is beyond me. Cynthia & boyfriend are classy and somehow recognize the trash without becoming obsessed by it. Comparison to Audrey is right on.

  7. krone says:

    PutYourHairUp about 8 hours ago:
    ” When you don’t even need to wear a wig to be a chucky doll, that’s a problem. Poor Albert.”

    Too funny!!!LMFAO You make me laugh so much! Love it!

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