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blogger imagePhaedra Parks

Episode 3 Follow Up

Phaedra clarifies her statements on this week’s episode.

I have received numerous comments (she means hate mail) about the remarks that I made on the episode that aired on Monday, October 18, 2010. I feel the need to respond to those comments, because I believe my remarks were generally misunderstood (There wasn’t much room for interpretation, I think we all understood perfectly) and are being used to portray me as someone I am not. (I think she is the only person trying to portray herself as something she’s not) I am not a racist. My heart has always been open to people of all races, ethnicities, and walks of life. (As long as they’re not can eating white folk) If that were not the case, I would not have fallen in love with (did she look “in love” to anyone?) and married a man who is biracial and was raised by a white woman (who she clearly dislikes and considers a bad mother). The reality is that we live in a society where matters of race are not discussed honestly or openly for fear of being labeled a racist. And that really needs to change if we’re going to move forward in any meaningful way (and the best way to move forward is by perpetuating ridiculous stereotypes) as a melting pot of ideas, viewpoints, and experiences. While I do regret any discomfort or offense that my comments may have caused, I believe it is important that we use opportunities like this to create forums for dialogue and growth, not for personal attacks. (If this is the best defense she can come up with, I feel bad for whoever has to go to trial with her as their lawyer.)

Here’s my take on the whole thing: I don’t really think Fakedra is a racist. I think she hates her mother-in-law, and thought it would be clever to insult her in some back handed “it’s not her fault because she’s white and doesn’t know any better” sort of way rather than to come right out and say that she doesn’t like her or the fact that she fed her kid canned food while refusing to beat him which caused him to grow up to be a criminal. I also think it’s possible that Fakedra really does believe that since Apollo’s white mom fed him canned food and her mother didn’t, that means all white kids eat canned food and all black kids eat home cooked food. In which case I still don’t think that makes her racist, just dumber than the box of rocks that Kelly is dumber than. (I stole that from someone, I can’t remember who). I also think Fakedra tries way too hard to prove how classy and sophisticated she is. What’s the line about protesting too much?

Fakedra may not be racist, but she’s still on my shit list.

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83 Responses to Fakedra’s Fake Ass Bravo Blog

  1. ilovelynn says:

    OMG! good morning, I’m the first poster! anyway, don’t watch rhoatl and don’t need to with your great recaps and comments. have a great day. going to be rainy cool here in nj today.

  2. Tracy says:

    Kudos RCH for “keeping it real.” I say that the Bravo team form a tribal council and vote her ass off the island…I’m sick of her already.

    Thanks supplying my early morning hit of your crack pipe.

  3. Lina says:

    Not racist??? She implied that white people know nothing about fine foods? She needs to check herself for real and stop making those crazy faces that she makes while telling her husband she wants gifts. I give her marriage a year, at the most.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    As an alledgedly successful attorney, Phaedra has a very poor command of the english language or how other people are raised. Her alledgedly misunderstood remarks are backed up by very weak evidenence. How many people fall in love with someone either before or after they check out the “mother” or the knowledge of how their honey ate growing up? How many people publically say they are going to discipline their children with what is now considered child abuse? As for her marriage – it has all the signs that is one of convenience – she wanted a child. Why would a successful, southern belle settle for a criminal/ex felon?
    As for her blogs – load after load of boring, banel bullshit! If I want a lecture in sociology, I will go to college. And when I commit a faux pas – I own it, I apologize for it and I learn from it! RCH you hit it out of the park with one word – FAIL!

  5. Redhead says:

    I nearly dropped my can of breakfast meat when I read your blog review of Phadra’ blog post. Oh, she created dialogue OK…. I bet the Dean of her law school is walking around with a bag over his/her head so no one can ask “How did SHE get in?”. BRAVO TV: Drop this racist from your show.

  6. Waxdiva says:

    Albie needs to find out from which law school Fakedra graduated and get his application in there ASAP.

  7. MickeyMouth says:

    You used my favorite picture of Phaedra her bio one at Bravo. Who photoshopped that head on that body?  It, however, can not eclipse that masterpiece of photoshopping that is Kim’s bio picture.

  8. TareksWife says:

    Poor Fakedra! She certainly put her swollen feet in her overy glossed mouth, huh? I don’t know if she’s a racist or not. I think she is too invested in being acknowledged as a well-heeled Atlanta diva….yeah, I know, gimme a bloody break! Small town, small mind, small achievement! Bobby Brown? meh! Quite frankly I am not feeling any of the RHWOA! I like Kandi well enough but I can’t watch her on the tube….her hair makes me nauseated. I feel like I’m on a boat ride in choppy waters!!! NayNay is too ghetto for words. I worry about Cynthia’s hair being glued to her scalp and, then there’s Kim………..????????????? OMG! What can be said about her that truly encapsulates her persona? Words fail me. The rest of them are just a blur….a horrible, frightening blur! Oh, wait, what about the man that does hair, has breasts, wear high heels and finger nail polish? Is he transitioning? HELP!!!

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      When she bragged about representing Bobby Brown, I had to laugh. I get it. Criminals deserve a defense in this country too. But I don’t think I’d be bragging about being a wife beating crackheaded deadbeat dad’s attorney. The guy wrote “humpin around” for fucks sake. It’s not even like he’s relevant beyond the occasional Whitney Houston interview.

      LOL @ Kandis hair. I totally agree. She’s not a bad looking girl, so it pains me to see her looking like such a hot mess with that hair.

  9. Miss Anthrope says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you said.

    Truthfully, I agree with some of what Pheadra had to say in her blog. Was it damage control? Yes, definitely. But her remark about people being so reluctant to discuss race out of fear of being labeled a racist is spot on. There are differences in the way that the majority of different races live. Why is that so wrong to point out? Like I said yesterday- If I don’t expect black people to get all uber offended when a comment about fried chicken is made, then how can I get butthurt over a comment about white people eating canned food? At the end of the day, it’s food. FOOD, PEOPLE! Are we really that sensitive?!

    Like you, RC, I still don’t like the bitch and it has nothing to do with canned food. She’s just another wannabe, living a life that she can afford BECAUSE she can afford it, not because it’s who she is. To me, that’s not respectable. It’s phony. And that holier than thou attitude has got to go. Humility is a good thing, and she has none.

    • Yes I agree. It’s FOOD!! Lol.
      I wasn’t personally offended by what Fakedra said. I dislike her for her stupidity, her arrogance, and her pretentious bullshit. I don’t care what she says about cans. I have a bunch of cans of Campbells sitting in the pantry right now… I also eat fried chicken. I’m an anomaly.

  10. Alicia says:

    I agree with you! I think she meant the whole “canned food” comment as a dig to her MIL. But whatever her issues are with her MIL are her issues. I dont really care bc I can not get past the fact that she looks like Miss Piggy. With her attitude and eyelashes and glossed out lips! I am just “seeing” her not really “hearing” her bc it is too hard to take her seriously!!!

    Great post!

  11. crazysweet says:

    “The Lady doth protest too much Me thinks.” ~ Shakespeare

    who you trying to convince, me or you? anyway I’m pretty sure she went to the University of Phoenix just like Kelly attended Columbia’s online school and Stacy attended Harvard city college not the ivy league Harvard.

    ok now I heard everything….local news show had the BHHW on and Taylor just said she married for LOVE NOT MONEY!!!!!

    • crazysweet says:

      updated….Kamille was missing from both news interviews and supposedly “got stuck in traffic” (which would never happen because they send a car HOURS before taping) anyway they just asked point blank “is there anyone you ALL hate?” and they nodded no but then Kim (the loose cannon) says, “Well…..” and the other two stopped her and said “No, No…” hmmmmmm?????

    • Sanguis Frigidus says:

      Phaedra’s educational background was not University of Phoenix, which makes what she says all the more astonishing.
      Phaedra Parks ’93 B.A., Wesleyan College
      Chartered as the Georgia Female College on December 23, 1836, Wesleyan is the world’s oldest women’s college. It is in Macon, GA.
      Allman Brothers anyone?
      J.D., University of Georgia
      “A former beauty pageant contestant, Parks comes from an artistic family. Her brother Jacque, a backup singer with a number of bands, introduced her to other musicians, and her family is close with the family of rapper Too $hort. “His mom is like my godmother,” Parks says.
      She has served as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News.”

      • jezzibel says:

        and has managed to ruin any crediblity she had, by going on a bravo show and making a idiotic statement about what she thinks white people eat, and threatening to beat her (then)unborn child.

  12. missmi says:

    Love your site RCH. As a lawyer she should know that her comment was inflammatory. Why couldnt Apollo not know any better because his mother didnt cook meals, rather than white people eat canned food.

  13. Laura aka Just done says:

    ‘Dumber than a box of rocks!” That’s my line…used to use that one about my ex all the time! LOL

  14. AngryOldMan says:

    I refuse to check the Bravo site (cause I like to get all my news second hand, the confusion make life more fun), but does Phaedra anywhere say she regrets or repudiates her comment that white families eat food from cans? Cause I don’t see it and that makes her apology/explanation and non-apology/non-explanation.

    Also, I love her “I have a half-white husband” defense. Isn’t that similar to what people say when accused of racism, “I can’t be racist, I have a black/white friend!” It’s also like every anti-gay politician who’s caught in the airport bathroom tapping his toes.

    I think you’re spot on with the mother in law thing. Most things start out personally.

    And if anyone gets this far, what happened to the tommy_manzo twitter account? I needed a laugh and went to check it but it’s empty.

    • Distressed says:

      We have a winner. Ding, ding.

      Also, I love her “I have a half-white husband” defense. Isn’t that similar to what people say when accused of racism, “I can’t be racist, I have a black/white friend!”

      That’s what people say right before they say, but my friend isn’t like “them.”

      I never want to hear that bullshit fig leaf defense again because as you point out it means absolutely nothing. It means absolutely nothing except that racism hurts everyone including and most especially yourself because when you actually interact with someone who might be different, when you interact with someone as a person and not as a class of people, guess what, you might have a lot more in common than you think. Enough to be friends even.

  15. Karol says:

    Phaedra is just trying to cover her ass! She is dumber than a box of rocks to insult her mother in law on tv and portray it against all white ppl. I take the train through the projects, East New York, I see alot of black children eating chips for breakfast, But would I be dumb enough and ignorant enough to say that is what the “black” moms feed their kids! HELL NO!! Because it is not true. You dont stereotype in life it sounds un_educated! I hate prejudice ppl, I despise them! Every one in this world likes different foods, differnt things and may have to eat things on the run in this crazy busy world we live in. Or may not have the money to buy something healthier> Poor ppl cant afford to eat good food. It is not their fault. It is very sad and the economy is getting worse daily! Phaedra lives in a total fake world! Who the hell fries food in neglege? Oh, no, her child has white in him, Be careful Phaedra, hide the can opener!

  16. WindyCityWondering says:

    Hey Fakera!
    Just took a tour of my pantry (ya know that little room attached to the kitchen where you keep your canned goods, paper products, Kitchenaide stand mixer, etc?) and took an inventory of my canned goods.
    Lots of chicken, beef and vegetable stock – for my homemade risotto, stews, mashed potatoes and soups.
    Lots of tomato products: sauce, whole, diced for my homemade Italian dishes, chili and stuffed cabbage. Sorry I grill steak to put in my chili not canned meat.
    A variety of canned soups for sauces, casseroles and quick lunches.
    A variety of canned beans – for abovementioned chili, hummus, salads and mexican dishes.
    Oh no! There is tuna in there too! Is tuna a meat or a fish? Either way, my tuna casserole rocks and occassionally I like a tuna salad sandwich.
    Won’t go into the veggies, fruits and condiments in glass jars.

    Bottomline Fakera – my family never eats a meal of just canned foods. Canned foods
    appear in some delicious homemade meals that come from a multitude of ethnic cuisines. I have nothing against or judge anyone by their use of canned foods. And if you were a canned food, IMO you would be SPAM – processed whatever meat that smells funky, has a slimy texture and is better at being a canned food than you are at being a person!!!

  17. Sardonica says:

    Help me. I have been on Twitter all afternoon. Friend came over and I blew her off as quickly as possible. Help. Can’t stop Twatting.
    dot dash dot dot ,etc

  18. Sardonica says:

    Jah. Go ask Alice

  19. TT in OC says:

    RCH, what did you put in your pots lately?? I found myself hang out here more than the other blog. Whatever it is, it sure is very addictive. Gee, you are good!!

  20. ilovelynn says:

    tt in oc: it’s called wit and humor and posters that do the same! isn’t it fun here? although I feel bad because someone gave me a thumbs down on the first comment of the day. did I say something wrong? because I don’t watch atlanta? no matter, I still love everyone here. plus my evening glass of wine helps too!

    • Sardonica aka catsamewsed ( aka2:ahlxtrodnair) says:

      I am too tired to ck what you typed but I give you( sorry, U ) a thumbs up! I put my crack pipe down on 1st serious twit attempt and feel safe back here in RCH blogland. I don’t watch Atlanta either. I am a BAD tsk tsk 4 shme ( notice the twitless wrdng ) RH addict in that respect. Only followed 1 and 1 epi and now the RHBH which I have taken a sacred oath to watch. Oh my…I need Twit rehab now, 2 HELPME

    • TT in OC says:

      I think you are right about the “wit and humor” but I suspected there were more. Or maybe I am just overdosed. Anyway, don’t worry about the thumb-down, it’s okay to disagree. I gave you a thumb-up here, hope it helps to make you feel better.

  21. SavingGrace says:

    Is it just me or does Fakedra remind anyone of Jessica Rabbit? That eyeshadow kills me!

  22. fashion42 says:

    So I finally got to see the episode (just now) where Fakedra makes her ridiculous racist comments, and tells the world how she plans to abuse her child. She just looks SO stupid. Her facial expressions are beyond stupid looking- that more than anything made me want to smack her. That little side eye idiotic look she gives her husband when he disagrees with her (and rightfully so thank god).

    She needs to work on those facial expressions- that side eyed, one eyebrow up thing is just NOT at all working for her.

  23. Tam5115 says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what the Fake One has to say about what white people eat. It’s too stupid to even be offensive.

    What I do care about though is her insisting that beating a child is correct discipline. I’m not talking about a little swat on the fanny. She specifically used the word, “beat” I don’t see one mention of that in her blog… do you? I hope Social Services has an eye on her.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      We can joke about FOOD but not about BEATING CHILDREN….and after reading the responses to her blog this week – many are not a fan of Fakedra.

  24. OMG RCH when i scrolled down and saw the picture with the FAIL written over it I burst out laughing! thank you for that!
    You really make me laugh out loud.

  25. Jersey says:

    I actually have a lot to say about this chic Phaedra but, first I want to repost my comment from your last blog bc I read it pretty late and I don’t think anyone read my post. What I wrote was funny and I’m not usually funny:
    Dear Phaedra, Thank you for educating all of us on white people eating habits. As I bi-racial girl myself (Latina/White) I’ve wondered for years why I ate my Goya black beans out of a can! No doubt all RH viewers appreciate your expertise on this subject being that you are from that great culinary capital of Athens, GA!
    Anyway, here’s my take on Phaedra, I’m going to tred lightely here so I don’t offend anyone: A black woman from the south makes good by getting herself a good education which she should be applauded for – my guess is the school system in Athens, GA probably isn’t the greatest in the world and most likely is even more difficult for a minority kid. She probably went to college with a bunch of rich, snooty white girls where she didn’t fit in and made a decision to embrace her ethnicity and developed this persona of being the “classy” southern belle. Her twitter account she refers to herself as sassy but always classy (usually people that refer to themselves as “classy” usually aren’t very). I don’t think she’s a racist but, I don’t think she’s a racist but most likely a little bitter and feels a need to prove that she’s just as sophisticated as the white folk that may have turned their noses up at her.
    My guess is she may have been a little “knocked up” when she married Rocky (oops I mean Apollo) – I’d be interested to see the timeline 🙂
    That’s my arm chair analysis………I know I’ll probably get some mean comments but, that’s just how I sees it 🙂

    • Sanguis Frigidus says:

      Sorry, I have to make a comment here about Athens, GA. I do not know how they are representing it on RHofATL but,it is not a small country town.
      It is the home of the University of Georgia.
      The B52’s came from Athens, REM also from Athens.
      As far as UGA, here is a snip and a website.
      “Established by a charter adopted by the Georgia Legislature in 1785, UGA is the first university in America to be chartered by a state government. The principles embodied in its charter ‘that education is the foundation of a democratic society and a right of all citizens, and that providing education is the responsibility of government’ helped give rise to the American system of public higher education. UGA’s picture-book 615-acre campus, in the Appalachian foothills about 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, is adorned with many 19th century buildings including Old College, opened in 1806, and the 1832 University Chapel. North Campus, featuring quads with century-old trees and scenic green spaces, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other notable campus features: bike paths, quiet gardens, one of the nation’s largest student recreation/fitness centers and one of the oldest cemeteries on an American university campus (dating to 1814). UGA is Georgia’s most popular college (17,909 applications for the 2010 freshman class) and has one of the nation’s largest and oldest Honors Programs, attracting superior students from across the country. UGA students consistently win some of the nation’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarships: in the past 11 years UGA has had four Rhodes Scholars (including two in 2007), 27 Goldwater Scholars, seven Truman Scholars and five Udall and Marshall Scholars. The student satisfaction rate is high with 94 percent of freshmen returning as sophomores. Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship keeps in-state student costs among the lowest at major public universities, and UGA ranks in the top 10 among research universities in the number of students who study abroad each year. ”
      More here.

    • Very insightful. You may be right. Bitter makes sense.
      I would like to see that timeline too. I bet he was poking holes in the condom trying to lock down that sugar mamma. Lol

    • mscarp says:

      Exactly. Just as people who are truly nice don’t feel the need to ask, “ain’t I nice?!” every 2 minutes. (Looking at you, Tre)

  26. Jersey says:

    Sanguis Frigidus: Clearly you misunderstood my earlier comment: I wasn’t refering to the higher education system in Athens, I was refering to the primary education system. I did a little research just to back up my claims and GA has a lower h.s. graduation rate that a lot the country and even lower when it comes to African American students proving my point of the my earlier comment that Ms. Phaedra would be considered a success story to have gone on to higher education as well as a law degree.
    Also, I’m not saying there is absolutely NO culture in Athens but, I doubt homegirl grew up eating foie gras in the heart of the bible belt so I find it funny that she’s talking smack about white people eating canned goods, I don’t think it has anything to do with race, it’s a geographical, economic thing – NOT a race thing

    • Sanguis Frigidus says:

      Your facts are correct.
      I should have been clearer in my response. Let me try again.
      I’ve heard that NeNe is from Athens as well and what I was trying to say is that Athens is not a backwoods, isolated town, there are opportunities for exposure to multiple cultures. Not “Foy Gra ” necessarily, but you can not avoid the influence of the University on that town. I’ve lived there, I have friends and coworkers that live there now.
      So that makes the canned food comment even more perplexing to me.
      But I’m curious.
      Phaedra says in an interview that she comes from a family of artists. I can not find any info on her dad and was wondering if he was a Prof at UGA.
      And yes, I agree she did get a good education and has a right to be proud of it.
      But I still am not a fan.

      • Sanguis Frigidus says:

        oh, and Jersey, my comment was not intended to be mean if it came off that way. 🙂
        And. . . I would like to see that timeline as well.

      • Distressed says:

        It’s so much worse. Her parents weren’t professors they are both pastors. And they’re politically connected to boot. Charter members of the pastor class who raised their pretty little princess with a complete sense of entitlement.

        Then she grows up to marry an ex-con who she won’t let make a single decision in her household. This woman is completely insane. Christian women don’t behave this way with their husbands. The man must be the final arbiter on everything.

        Would you say that Athens is to Georgia what Austin is to Texas? I’ve never been to Athens, but I was really surprised to find how cool, funky and artist infested Austin was.

    • Distressed says:

      Jersey you make some awesome points.

      I’m thinking she never went to the public schools or went to one of the best in her town. Her parents were pastors. That means quite a bit as far as class goes. Historically, that was by far the best job a man who was black could ever aspire to. So the best of the best, those that could get into a college and succeed, went for the church as their number one option. And then they turned around and sent all their kids to college. Theoretically.

      It’s always true that the first college graduate in the family is the hardest to get. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that one or both parents had a very extensive college background with a few advanced degrees between them. In fact, I’d be shocked to find out if there wasn’t at least one Master’s degree in the household she grew up in.

      So she might not be some kid making it against all odds in the proverbial shit hole that a poor public school in this country can be. She was raised to it and I bet you her parents were all up in her shit on her schoolwork on a daily basis.

      So she doesn’t “think” she’s better than most people, she “knows” she’s better than everyone else which totally makes the bitterness thing plausible.

      Total bitch, done with Fakedra.

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    Magazines and movies are the education in sophistication Phaedra majored in. Sassy and classy don’t do anything for each other but I guess it sounds cool. And just because she calls herself a southern belle doesn’t mean she is one. She has issues and she seems to need to put other’s down to make herself feel good.

  28. Distressed says:

    I love this blog post. How a lawyer could ever think these comments would fly is beyond me.

    I really think you nailed it with this crazy lady. She can’t stand the MIL and it looks like she can’t really stand the sperm donor/husband either.

    The racism aside, I know it’s a big aside, anyone catch the complete dismissal of the felony conviction because the class of his crime was acceptable? That’s basically what the bitch said. “It was a white collar crime, so it’s not like he’s a criminal or anything.” Right? Not buying any of this Southern Bell BS. Done with this harlot in a hat and gloves.

    Six years is a long time to be incarcerated for a non-crime crime.

    • Distressed says:

      Oh and RCH, I’m glad you’re dialed in on this crazy fake bitch. And I love the whole BS blogs conceopt and format. We need you. She’s our new Teresa. Lovin’ it.

  29. Jersey says:

    Apparently they were married in November 09 and the baby was born in July ’10 – that makes alot of sense! This lil princess was not going to bring shame upon her Christian family

    • Nice investigative work. Thanks. I think she picked Apollo because she wanted someone she could control, not because she was in love with him. With a criminal record he’ll never be able to have a real career that actually makes money. I think she locked him down with the baby and plans to keep control with the pre-nup.

    • Distressed says:

      Excellent. I want the whole timeline. Check out this article:


      Yes you’re right about her, what was the wedding theme? “baby on board?” But there’s so much more here.

      They married 6 months after he got sprung from the slammer. He actually got 18 years for the crimes, he only served 5 and is now a parolee. He had a previous conviction that he served a few months for and the kicker? They dated in college. When? When he was going to jail for stealing cars? The first time?

      18 years is a long time to go to jail.

      Plus he has like 4 aliases.

      And the governor attended the wedding. She’s insane and the whole family doesn’t sound too stable either. Either side. I guess it just goes to prove the adage that with money you can really walk between the raindrops on this kind of crap.

      Good luck, Apollo. You’re on parole if you put a toe out of line this woman will have you incarcerated then she’ll take your kid away and beat the shit out of him, but you can rest assured – he’ll always eat fresh food.

  30. I have a question:
    I’m writing my RHODC recap and I want to write the Q and A with Tareq like a debate.
    But what are the names of the arguments in a debate?
    Like for example: when one person replies and that’s called a rebuttal, right?
    But what are other names for arguments/statements/replies in a debate?
    Is there an opening statement and a closing statement, or is that just for courtrooms?

    • Squirrels says:

      In Parliamentary debate, the most used form of debate the rules are stated here. It’s easier to hand over the link v. try to explain it, but suffice to say, rebuttal does not happen until all arguments are made, and that’s about 6 speeches in. Then there is the New Arguments clause.

      Like I said, easier for you to read it. Then pick what part works for your article.


    • tuzentswurth says:

      I thought everybody just talked over each other as loudly as possible so no one could hear anything and it doesn’t matter because it is all a bunch of BS lies. That is how it’s done when Andy moderates.

  31. Jersey says:

    Don’t quote me bc it’s been awhile but my memory is telling me that the format is; there is a pro side and a con side the pro side goes first with their argument then the con side gets a rebuttal the pro side then responds to the rebuttal. each side then gets a closing argument with the pro side going last

    • Squirrels says:

      Yes, in High School debate class in-house, that would be correct, but it was modified based on time allowance. 5 min/ then 3 min or 3 min/ then 1 min. If you were debating with the club against other schools the rules were also modified, but more like the parliamentary model.

    • Thanks guys. Still not sure if I’m gonna go with a debate format or a question and answer format….
      Just trying to make the recap more organized, because there are a lot of lies and bs to lay out.

  32. tuzentswurth says:

    I haven’t even seen the show yet but from what I see here it seems to me that Fakedra’s comments are a dig at her MIL as many have said, but also a passive-aggressive dig at Apollo, an insult and implication that she is just so superior to him in every way, and a way to show him his place. Perhaps that explains the look of disgust captured in the screen shot in the prior blog. I really love the BS Bravo blog format.

    • Squirrels says:

      Hey, think about it this way…. I’m an atty. I own your azz. You will kowtow to me when and how often I demand. It’s really not a far fetched scenario. Be it man or woman, there are many relationships based on a power structure. Perhaps this is just another one being played out on video.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I so loathe passive aggressive bullshit. Seriously, I’m dealing with it in real life and I want to puke.

        Really? she ain’t all that, law degree or not. Apollo should dump her ass, take the kid and get alimony. And I’m Not. Kidding.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Phaedra is a racist.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Racist bitch! Married a felon

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