The Real Housewives of DC – Reunion Part 1

We start with the introductions as usual. Maybe my memory is bad, but I don’t remember any of the other reunion introductions being so freaking boring. Even the set and the couches are boring.

I only have one thing to say about the way the left side of the couch looked and it’s the same word I used in my very first DC recap: recycled.

The only thing Stacie was missing was some bifocals and a rocking chair. Michaele’s hair is a hot mess. I suppose she couldn’t find anyone in DC to do her hair on credit and had to do it herself. Plum is not a good color on her either. But at least she looks comfortable.

Andy wants to know who is a democrat and who is a republican and who they all voted for. It’s like he’s purposely trying to make the women appear even more boring than they actually are.

Right away Michaele’s illness is brought up. Lynda says “her initials are MS and the rest is BS.” I wonder how long it took her to come up with that line. But I like the observation about her initials. Michaele thinks that instead of blessing her property, Lynda needs to bless herself within. I like Michaele’s deflection tactics. Every time someone calls bullshit on her it’s because they have a problem and they are full of hate and anger. Andy asked if anyone believes that Michaele has MS… Silence. Hate silence.

Cat admits to slurring her words, but she doesn’t care. Bullocks means balls. Duh. The Harvard grad was surprised to find out what it meant. Um, she was at the winery the day Cat was screaming it… If she didn’t know what it meant, why the hell didn’t she ask? Everything Stacie does annoys me.

Stacie is asked if she thinks Cat is racist. Stacie says she doesn’t understand why Cat keeps calling herself racist or why she wants to own that. Oooo damn, looks like she learned that level 4 manipulation move from Michaele.
Stacie wants to make it clear that she never called Cat a racist. She simply stated the fact that Cat is clearly uncomfortable around black people, believes in segregation, and has white sheets hanging in her closet. But she never used the “r” word. Ever.

Then a viewer called Cat a racist for using the term “colored” and Stacie jumps in and says “Yeah Cat that was bad!” But Stacie would never use the “r” word. She was simply agreeing with the viewer who called her a racist, that’s all. People just love putting words in her mouth for no reason.

Andy asks Mary about her integrated salons comment. Mary is so irrelevant that I forgot she was even there until this moment. She says it was cringe worthy and didn’t try to defend it. I like honesty. Stacie doesn’t have a problem with Mary’s statements because Mary voted for Obama and doesn’t hate Tyra. However, Stacie does have a problem with Mary getting all “jive” when talking to black people. But Mary explains that she’s a mimic, that’s just what she does.

Stacie found her birth father and is going to Nigeria to visit him. He is very excited to meet her and receive the American dollars that she and Jason have already agreed to pay him. The Nigerian marriage scam is not as widely publicized as the lottery scam and Stacie fell for it hook, line, and sinker. She explains that Jason found her father after he crashed the Embassy by sneaking in with the pizza boy. Looks like manipulation isn’t the only thing the Turners have been learning from the Salahi’s.

Next the discussion moves to Erika. Stacie defends her by claiming she is outspoken and quick-witted and that her and Cat have had a little mean girl joke going.
I don’t think Cat was in on the joke.
Lynda calls Erika unstable. I think you all know that I am not a fan of Lynda’s, but I’m really liking her at the reunion. Stacie says that Erika didn’t just go from 0 to 60. Everyone on the other couch says that’s exactly what Erika did.
I think this is just another example of Stacie being a two faced pot stirrer. She clearly doesn’t like Cat, but she didn’t want to be the one to start drama so she invited her friend Erika to do the dirty work. Michaele says that Cat and dish it but she can’t take it. That is true about Cat. But I didn’t see her dish anything to Erika.

Michaele says that Cat makes people cry. Then to prove her point she starts crying. It’s a tear-less cry. An unfortunate side effect of MS.

Michaele then switches from victim to mean girl and says “If you had love in your heart your husband would come back to you” and “At least I’m married Cat, and I have someone who loves me.” Wow. Now that’s the Michaele I want to watch on tv. Fuck love and sunshine. Imagine how much more interesting the winery episode would have been if Michaele had been in bitch mode.

Next Andy wants to talk about Mary’s closet again. Ugh… this woman really has nothing else to talk about??

Actually she does have one other thing to talk about: wine.
Mary totally reads my blog. (Hi Mary!!) She defends the fact that she filled her wine glass all the way up to the rim before stomping out of the winery and claims that she’s not on any drugs. That glazed over half coma she’s always in is just natural.

Lynda has no problem admitting her drug use. She used to be a total pot head until she realized that you can actually go to jail for it. So now she switched to alcohol and my personal favorite little helper: Xanax! I’m starting to forget why I disliked Lynda so much during the show. So far she’s been great on the reunion. She explains that she needs Xanax to balance out her Concerta otherwise she might flip a table. I say someone needs to hide her Xanax and slip an extra Concerta into her wine glass. Combine that with Michaele’s new found mean streak and we just might have a show worth watching on our hands here.

Andy wants to know if Michaele was actually a cheerleader or not. She talks for 5 straight minutes without answering the question. First she kinda admits that she wasn’t really entirely exactly a cheerleader per say, but then she claims that she was on the roster and she has the roster with her name on it as proof. But she couldn’t explain why she didn’t provide the roster to Diane Diamond when she was writing the book. Then she says she was only a part time cheerleader. Then she sorta admits maybe she wasn’t really a cheerleader, but the alumni association told her to say that she was and she was just following orders. She finally finished her ramblings by saying that she definitely had some involvement with the cheerleading association and isn’t sure whether or not that makes her a cheerleader.

One of the viewers wants to know if Michaele ever goes anywhere without her husband and she starts tearless crying again. Um… anyone else think she was laying the foundation for a future “emotional abuse” claim, just incase Tareq ever makes any real money and she has an opportunity to take half?

Andy decides to bring Tareq out and Lynda’s all like “Nooo Indy, no way Indyyyyy. Not unless I can have my 6 foot tall body guard Indyyy.” Oh shut up Lynda! Now I remember why I can’t stand her.

Next week Tareq joins the reunion and all the women bring their husbands out to protect them. Except for Cat. She’s all alone because she has no love in her heart.

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74 Responses to The Real Housewives of DC – Reunion Part 1

  1. Ok, please answer me this. You brought this up so you must know something. In Jason Turner’s blog he mentions that he will be taking his check book to Nigeria & they are getting married there (again), you just said “He is very excited to meet her and receive the American dollars that she and Jason have already agreed to pay him. The Nigerian marriage scam is not as widely publicized as the lottery scam and Stacie fell for it hook, line, and sinker.” I know about that scam they say pay me 100,000 & we’ll give you the 80 million your ancesters left (even though we are poor as hell) Anyways, are they really asking them for money? What is going on please answer.

  2. One more question please, how do you get these still shots for your blogs? I see sometimes you get them from you tube I can never get them fromthere. I want to do something with another show and cant figure out for the life of me how to do it.

  3. Sarah310 says:

    It’s a dowry. It’s paying the father for the daughter. In certain cultures a dowry it payed to the father of the bride by the groom’s family. It’s an old tradition and some marriages aren’t legitimate until a dowry is payed. It’s not always cash. Sometimes it is animals or land.

    Tareq poured a glass of wine on Lynda here in LA at a press thing while promoting the show. I am guessing that’s why Lynda didn’t want him out there without her boyfriend. If a guy did that to me my BF would lose it so I guess I get it.

    On a funny note: Mary hated the way she looked at this and called herself a tranny on her blog. Hilarious..

    • momsthoughts says:

      Yes, some countries have old traditions of paying dowries. But not our country and that is where Stacy and Jason are from…not to mention the fact that the Nigerian isn’t really her father – he is the sperm donor. I don’t know that you pay a dowry to a sperm donor. He did not raise her and has some nerve asking for a dowry. REEE -diculous.

      • Sarah310 says:

        yeah I didn’t know if Nigerians even used the dowry system, it would be based on religion as well right? Who knows. I think it’s great she found her dad, and her mother, even though she doesn’t want anything to do with her. they said he was a tribal leader so many that’s the protocol… WHO KNOWS. I think adopted children have a hole no matter how amazing their parents are and it’s something they need to do. I am not a Stacie fan but I’m also not insane and do not hate people for no reason- more power to her for finding her family.

      • That is debatable he is being a father now. he didnt know she existed . same thing happened to me my father didnt know i existed boy was he pissed at my mother (yes she is very selfish her reasons were selfish she wasn’t abused & noth were same race)

  4. Tracy says:

    These b*tches are boring. Where’s the cast of RH0BH????? Those chicks know how to liven things up!

  5. ilovelynn says:

    ok, it’s almost 5pm, so it was wine this time, not coffee, that came out of my nose while I was reading your recap. when will I ever learn? hilarious, as usual!

    • Lol. Which hurts more, wine or coffee?

      • captaincarebear says:

        Guess it depends on how hot the coffee is.

        • Sardonica says:

          lol carebear…or how cheap the wine

          • Sardonica says:

            Forgot, if I change my e addy my quilt changes. I don’t like that one. How do you get the picture things? Seems I have given up my real life now that the BH series started. I have finally succumbed to the light. That sounds odd but what the heck. My brain is fried trying to catch up on past weeks blogs and postings. I surrender

            • Sangfroid says:

              Sign up on wordpress and you get the option of creating your own gravatar.

              • mscarp says:

                I just clicked on my avatar and got a gravatar acct to change mine to Skeletor, in honor of Taylor and another poster who mentioned the resemblance. In actuality I wish I had your quilt, Sangfroid. Yours is the best.

                • Sangfroid says:

                  Thanks so much, I can make more, but don’t know how to send them to others. Ideas anyone? I know we all want to retain a modicum of privacy so posting an email addy here would be a mistake.
                  Skeletor is fab and perfect for the season.

                • tuzentswurth says:

                  We could all create facebook accounts with our blog identities, then we could send private messages and links and spend more time on the computer thus further withdrawing from all reality except in TV watching.

                • WindyCityWondering says:

                  I am jealous as Skeletor is my favorite villainous cartoon of all time! Taylor looks just like him! It popped in my head before bad, scary surgery did. Thank you!

                • mscarp says:

                  Thanks! And I’m all for a fake fb acct. to further enable my addictions and snarkiness.

                • tuzentswurth says:

                  I’ll sign one up w/i the next few days, terribly busy right now.:)

  6. Waxdiva says:

    When Andy asked McHale if she went anywhere without Tarmac, it seemed like the question hit a raw nerve and Missy Holt’s true feelings came to the surface.

    • I don’t think those were real feeling at-all.
      I don’t know what she was up to with the fake crying over that question, but she was definitely up to something.

    • Sarah310 says:

      ummmm hello who crys about that unless they are in an unhappy relationship. call me crazy but i thought it was SO WEIRD she went to the salon with her husband. I have to drag my BF to whole foods. He would never go to a hair salon with me!!!! i think her husband is controlling and maybe she cried because deep down that’s how she feels- or she is just fake. I am ready for part 2

      • I thought he was at the salon with her because he had no where else to go. Lol
        They don’t live in DC, and she got dressed at the salon so I figured they didn’t have a hotel room that night. Maybe they didn’t want to waste the money since they thought there was a 50/50 chance they might spend the night in jail?

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  8. ilovelynn says:

    depends how hot the coffee is! lol!

  9. crazysweet says:

    I see you read my comments on your blog as well. lol anyhowife, lynda doesn’t want tareq there because he threw a glass of red wine in her face at the pre-party for the launch of the show. apparently he gets very aggressive with women. I have NO doubt. the REAL Michaele comes out and she’s chock full of low blows and spite, though she professes love. I really felt her comments to Cat unbelievably low. certainly much worse than Mario’s “Countless” comment that was dragged along all season NY. sheesh!
    Mary Mary Mary…..own your drunkity-ness and your pill popping and we’ll forgive you!
    Lynda, I actually like he. She’s honest and didn’t lower herself to hang with Salehi’s for camera time, She’s got a super sexy BF, hates marriage, smokes pot, all for same sex/ equal rights AND she claims republican…wow!
    You KNOW where I stand with Stacy but it’s worth repeating, she’s a two faced shit disturber desperately trying to make herself relevant in this goat rodeo.
    doesn’t seem like Andy’s a bit intimidated by these women? there was a lot of ass kissing and little calling out.
    all in all….VERY VANILLA!
    (oops! was that racist by Stacy’s race meter?) I mean we all know vanilla is not chocolate. 😉

  10. missmi says:

    I just have to say that Stacie is a racist herself. I bet she does’nt even have white friends. If Cat (who bugs me too) had said, ” you know what, Im just not comfortable around black people.” Everyone would call her a racist and a bigot. Now Stacie can throw that out there and then act like Cat is putting a ” racist label” on it. I also think that Michaele is a shit starter since she seems so willing to call people out on their behavior towards her. The only difference is that she has a smile on her face when she does it. She did it with Lynda (anorexic comment), Mary (talking bad about her while getting hair done and car theft) and Cat (at the reunion).

  11. Miss Anthrope says:

    I was wondering if I was the only one WTFing about Stacie and the whole dowry situation. My jaw hit the floor when she revealed that she would actually be paying it. Dowry really is customary in Nigeria but I find it VERY suspect in this case. Here is a guy who didn’t even know he had a daughter and before he even meets her in person he’s expecting a dowry? It’s no wonder the dude is so excited to meet her! Not only did he see an opportunity to get paid, but from an upper class American couple to boot! I’d probably feel sorry for her if she wasn’t so repulsive as a human being.

    The way she totally skirted the question about whether Cat was a racist or not really pissed me off. She knew she put the racist label on her and the fact that she tried to manipulate the situation by saying that Cat has labeled herself a racist made me want to reach through the tv and bitchslap her. Why are so many of these women completely unable to own up to their bullshit?

    Michaele, to me, is like Kelly. They’re such caricatures of themselves that it’s hard to even be mad at them. It’s totally useless. They don’t even live in reality and it’s not as if they have barrels of fans that support them. The whole world sees them as complete and utter nimrods. What is kind of frightening though is that they aren’t really keen to that. They are truly under the impression that it’s just their costars who hate them. Delusional beyond words.

    Michaeles tears almost seemed real when Andy asked her if she ever goes anywhere without Tareq. I wonder if that was because deep down she knows she’s in a bad situation with the guy or if she just wanted to take the heat off of her.

    • Jennifer says:

      The Michaele question about Taraq seemed real to me. It was an instant reaction from her. She is in a situation that I am sure she asked for and now has no way of getting out of it, other than putting on an apron and serving people.

      I liked Lynda in the reunion as well despite not liking her during the season. I’d forgot about Cat dressing up as Sarah Palin which just made me go back to hating her. I did feel really bad about the Erika situation – but she was really mean to her hubby in the one episode where she was cooking and told him to fill his wine glass instead of sitting there doing absolutely nothing. (Other than bringing home the paycheck?)

      • I’m totally siding with Cat on her divorce. She was bitchy to him in that one scene – but I have a feeling that it was a build up of frustration. I don’t think she was just bitching about wine and knives for no reason. She said that he never introduced her to anyone when she moved there. He just put her in the house and then left her alone while he traveled. I can imagine how lonely and isolated she must have felt. Her husband sounds like a total jerk.

        I don’t buy Michaele’s reaction for a second. We saw her at the beginning of the season hanging out with Paul, and planning and attending parties with out Tareq. Maybe she can’t go anywhere without him now, but it’s not because he won’t let her, it’s because no one else will hang out with her.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          I agree, Cat was left isolated away from friends, family and home. I suspect her dear childhood sweetheart was very controlling and it didn’t sit well with her. It was just a bad unfortunate marriage and I’m sure she was truthful when she said she didn’t want him back. Michaele was so out in left field with her comments about Cat getting her husband back and very telling when she (M) said “at least i have a husband”, like that makes one more important or better. gees, get an identity.

        • AngryOldMan says:

          Something tells me Cat had unrealistic expectations about her marriage. Charles was already a Newsweek photog and traveling with Obama during the campaign. What did she think was going to change – he’d stay home all the time? Charles also gave interview wherein he partially blamed the divorce on filming the reality show. As a photographer he’s not used to being in front of the camera and I bet that’s part of the reason he was never around. Finally, they only got married in the summer of 2008 and the show filmed about a year later. A year to get situated in a new country isn’t long so I think Cat might have transferred some of her feelings of isolation on to Charles when she wasn’t immediately the toast of the town. Maybe she was jealous of Obama who was.

          I think you’re spot on about Michaela’s doomed resignation that no one will hang out with her except Tareq.

          Another great recap – as usual. Thanks!

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        I was pretty indifferent to Lynda during the season. There were parts of her personality that I really didn’t like but she seemed about as genuine as one can get on a RH show. But yeah, I do have a softer spot for her after the reunion than I did before. Her honesty is refreshing to say the least.

        I’m torn on the issue of Cats divorce. I think they both got into the marriage thinking that it was going to be something that it wasn’t. He wasn’t into living a very public life, while she is all about writing tell all books that include stories about making out with Prince Harry and starring in reality shows. She wasn’t into spending a lot of time apart, while he was all about globe trotting while she stayed in DC. According to him, they loved each other a lot but had very different ideals. I guess that in the end neither of them were willing to make much of a compromise. It’s sad, really.

        • crazysweet says:

          Honestly as a woman to hear Michaela’s comments about her divorce I felt sick! It’s one thing to call bullshit without tact and be abrasive at the wine dinner….but then look where Tareq took that later with Mary. But it’s a whole ‘nother thing to tell someone they don’t have love in their heart and that’s why their husband left them! With ALL the crap about those two, that was the nail in the coffin for me. There are people I really haven’t liked in my life but when death or divorce or illness happens I don’t strike that chord. I even have compassion regardless of what they’ve done. These things remind us we are human and fragile and to extend grace to someone in that situation is really what LOVE is. Not just saying I love you to every random person and giving hugs. Though I heard that if you work hard, give alotta hugs and give love you get invited to the white house! 😉

  12. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone else want to tell Stacie that she is a raciest for only wanting to own up to her Nigerian heritage? (I still think the picture her white mother gave her was cut out of National Geographic, which made it easy to find him in a country with a population of 149M, with about 40M or so at an age where they could be her father.) Never one peep from her about wanting to know about her “white” side… I’m just sayin’ but is it HER that could be the R word? But, I’m totally sure this Nat Geo guy was like “hey, um, yeah, your my daughter, but before I can tell you anything about me, please come to visit with your checkbook. I’d love to see it- um, I mean you.”

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Yes, a few of us have questioned her interest in only her Nigerian roots. Some say it’s because her mother isn’t very warm and welcoming, but I call bullshit on that. It’s not as if she’s swingng from the rooftops and screaming, “YEAH! I’m WHITE! Let’s all go meet my WHITE family!”. No. She’s not even slightly interested. But She IS all about that NIGERIAN PRIDE or whatever you’d like to call it. There is no doubt in my mind that she’s racist.

      What I found funny (and this could be due to editing) is that during the reunion Andy read out a viewer comment to Stacie that said something like “Stacie, just because someone doesn’t like Tyra or Obama doesn’t mean they’re a racist” and her response was, “I don’t know why anyone would label ME with the r-word!”. The viewer never called her a racist, which just makes her saying that Cat labels HERSELF a racist even more annoying.

      • Squirrels says:

        Still, when one believes they are one race/color/whatever all their life, it may be difficult to embrace that you are not what you expected. My ex BF was adopted. To this day, he believes he’s scottish. He has no basis in fact, just believes it.

        I’m just saying, since Stacie believed she was 100% african american all those years, I can understand her wanting to seek out those roots above the other.

    • AngryOldMan says:

      Now this is really going to hurt me……BUT….I suspect Stacie got shot down when she tried to connect with her birth mother’s white family. She made it clear her white birth mother was ashamed (Stacie had to find creative ways not to use that word) she had a child with a black man and didn’t want Stacie meeting any of her birth mother’s family. And Stacie and Jason talked about how shocked the half-brother they tried to contact on Facebook would be to find out about Stacie.

      I’m not disputing that Stacie might, at times, be racially motivated. The glee she took in noting her birth father was from mother Africa (didn’t Stacie or Jason actually say that?) was a little too much. I just don’t think we got the full story of her birth mother.

      • Sanguis Frigidus says:

        All valid points.
        We will never know how bio mom responded, nor her reasons. We do know how it was portrayed.
        Finding out that bio dad was from Africa really was a coup genealogically speaking, because it can be difficult for African-Americans to identify the origin of their ancestors, the records can be vague, if they exist at all. Of course I’m trying to make this point as I am running out the door. Hope it makes sense.
        I need an intervention!

      • TT in OC says:

        AngryOldMan, don’t worry, we won’t hurt you. In fact, what you said did cross my mind.

        I have a question. I remember there is a scene when Stacie was sitting down with a few friends and she was announcing that her bio-mom is white. She started by saying: it’s a scandal … Does it have any negetive connotation? (I still have to overcome my language barrier to understand how to use certain term from time to time.)

  13. @missanthrope, i liked your analogy of Michaele and Kelly ” they’re like caricatures of themselves”. I think you really” hit the nail on the head” with that one.

    I can’t believe how I never picked up on the “dowry” thing. I really believed that Stacy was just joking about that. I thought she was making a point about being so well accepted by her new family that her father is expecting a dowry (ha if he would really accept a dowry!) I guess since in this day and age and considering the circumstances it would never dawn on me that she could possibly be serious, so I thought it was a joke!!
    I thought maybe they’d give him a watch or something.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      LOL @ giving him a watch! That’s awesome.

      ITA though. For a split second I thought she was joking around, and then it became obvious to me that she was dead serious. I was actually a bit taken aback by it. I think at least a few of the other HW must have also been secretly WTFing when she said that.

      • mscarp says:

        I find the whole thing disturbing, aggravating, etc. Stacie has some serious issues I think. I guess feeling rejected by your white birth mother may make one prone to feeling as though all white people are racist. Nevermind the fact that she appears to do some reverse-racism thing, or certainly deflects at minimum. For the record, the whole “Don’t hug me. You’re gay and colored!” was a freaking joke, a bit of play on how Cat is so NOT prejudiced against blacks or gays. Jeez, hellooo?
        Anyway, she has decided to only embrace her black heritage, which is her prerogative, sure, but now her desire to feel connected to some part, ANY part, of her biological family has led her straight into the clutches of the most cliched kind of scammers – the Nigerians. You could not write this shit if you tried, as no one would buy it.
        Sad, sad Stacie. What a shame. You can’t buy love, darlin. Or acceptance. No matter what color you are. I kinda hope she reads this and does show up with a watch. At least then she might be able to claim it as stolen when the whole damn scam is revealed.

        • mscarp says:

          Ooo yay! I got my first thumbs down. Now I have officially arrived. 🙂

        • Realife says:

          Stacey’s mother was indeed ashamed of her even after 30 something years but yet she still maintains communication with the father. The thing is, in America you are judged by what you look like. Stacie does not look biracial, she looks African American, so that is how she has grown up and that is how she has identified herself. Why should she be so eager and joyful to embrace her caucasian heritage from a mother who is ashamed of her existence? If her mother had been more gracious about even giving her the name of her father her experience may not have been so tainted. Rejection sure doesn’t make one crave more. I know if this were my birth mother and she let me know how much I wasn’t wanted I would merely ask her for medical history and go on my way and be damned about embracing her culture. We already know about our history with your culture, it hasn’t been pretty nor pleasant, horrific to say the least..

  14. tuzentswurth says:

    Fun blog again, Thank You RCH for sharing your talents. I thought the same thing re your recycled comments. Cat’s dress was very reminiscent of Bethenny’s (I personally didn’t like either dress). Good captioning on Andy laughing at us! 🙂

  15. Sardonica says:

    My retinas just burned out from reading all of the comments on past 2 blogs.

  16. Jersey says:

    I know this irrelevant to your recap but alot of hw gossip in the news today: Vikki files for divorce, Teresa is holding out for more money & now Bravo is looking for possible replacements and Danielle speaks out about being a victim of bullying….all of these women are the gifts that just keep on giving!!!

  17. Tam5115 says:

    Wait…What? Vicki is divorcing Donn???? Gettouttahere!

    I quit watching DC towards the last half, they never did click with me. I did watch the reunion though. One thing I have to agree with is that Cat can dish it but she sure can’t take it. A glaring example is her jumping all over MS’s assistant for calling her bitchy at the grape stomp. Ummm, HELLO! You weren’t just bitchy, Cat, you were a bona fide bitch. I just calls ’em like I sees ’em.

    Mary definitely reads this blog. That was hilarious when she described your blog to a T about storming away from Tareq with a full glass of wine!

    Who cares about the Salami’s anyway? They live in a fantasy world with Sparkles or Sprinkles, or whatever the F she named that horse. She has MS about as much as Cat has Tourettes. It has to be the lowest grade MS ever if she has it. 17 years?

    Perhaps I just see it differently, but I got the feeling that Stacie doesn’t want to really connect with her mom’s side of the family because her mom made it clear to her that she was a “secret”. I think that’s code for: I’m ashamed I had a black child and my family would not be accepting. I wouldn’t pursue that either.

    I’m guessing they found her father by at least establishing that he had a sexual relationship with her mother at the right time? And then of course there are things like a DNA test to confirm. But what do I know? Maybe they drew his name out of a hat. So, go over there, have a great time, give the guy a goat or something and get married again. Yay! No skin off my ass.

    I still think Mary is a little too attached to that which comes from the vine.

    And Lynda is a closet Democrat…Jus’ sayin’

  18. SavingGrace says:


    I hope this series gets cancelled or totally recast (except for Lynda, I just can’t quit her!)

    BUT…I really want Cat to hand Michaele her ass on a styrofoam platter. I loathe passive aggressive people. Michael is a fraudulant thieving bitch married to an equally miserable fraudulant theiving bitch.

    So I will be tuning in this Thursday to catch part II.

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    Stacie has a race identity fixation crisis. Her friend Erika is a mean bully bitch and Stacie is afraid of her! The only thing I will give Stacie is that she has a nice smile.
    Cat isn’t having a race anything crisis – she is outspoken in a rude way and she owns it. She should have taken Erika out back and kicked her ass. And after that Stacie should have been a gracious hostess and told Erika to take her kicked ass home. Cat was uncomfortable at Stacie’s family dinner – did any one ever see Stacie walking Cat around introducing her to all the family? A gracious hostess would have done so!
    I didn’t like Stacie from the first episode and I don’t like her now – it has nothing to to with race and everything to do with being a nice person. She was given an extraordinary life complete with a Harvard education and has a husband and healthy children and that just isn’t enough for the ungrateful, insincere, nasty bitch!

    • TT in OC says:

      I agreed with everything you said about Stacie except one tiny point. I don’t think Stacie is afraid of Erika. She is letting Erika to do the dirty jobs so she can pretend “not know what to do” and still appears to the nice one. She is very manipulative to say the least.

      She did and said everything to imply that Cat is a racist. However, when Kat confronted her in the reunion, she still avoided to answer to Kat’s direct question because she knew it would make her look bad. I was not sure about her at the beginning but now I can definitely say that Stacie is a two-faced, manipulative racist trying too hard to maintain an image that she wants to project. I prefer Cat over Stacie any time.

      • TT in OC says:

        I should have read the blog before I replied. RCH has already said so in her recap. Well, what can I say, great minds thinks alike. LOL!

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