The Real Housewives of Atlanta – The Death of Dwight

Now that Kim is a Pop Star she thinks she should exercise and she makes her assistant come with her.

Lifting beers is hard work when it’s hot outside and you’re still drunk from the night before.

Just last episode Phaedra was talking about being a big time entertainment lawyer to the stars and representing celebrities. This episode they show her taking on a petty drug case from a local nobody. Haha.

“Excuuuuse me.. mmmm. Bobby Brown was 10 years ago.”
Yup. That’s what I was thinking. I got your back NeNe. Phaedra who?

Candy is in the recording studio with Ne-Yo. He says “Well it’s been proven that anyone can get on the stage and kinda sorta sing.” Naturally this leads to a conversation about Kim. Kandi says she screwed her out of making any money off of Tardy for the Party. I thought Kandi was supposed to be a business woman. She should sue the shit outta Kim, she made that song happen.

Kandi’s not a bad looking woman when her hair is covered.

Next we meet Cynthia. At first I didn’t even realize that she was the new cast member because she looks so different with this Caroline Manzo style hair. I don’t know what is going on in the hair salon’s of Atlanta, but they need to call Salon Makeover ASAP. I think Sheree is the only one who’s hair doesn’t scare me.

Cynthia tells NeNe that she’s having reservations about getting married and that she doesn’t like the fact that her boyfriend gave her an ultimatum. NeNe found a way to turn that into a conversation about her and Greg and their marriage problems.

Sheree goes on a blind date with a man. Were you surprised that her date was with a man? I was. He sends a car to pick her up and she is impressed. But the car drops her off at a total dive and she is disappointed. Then she see’s him and he’s cute so she’s happy again. Then he gives her flowers from the supermarket and she’s pissed. But then he takes time to teach her how to dance so she likes him.

Somehow during the course of their dinner they managed to get a vase for the flowers. Sheree refused to touch them and made him carry them to the car.

Kim gets invited to perform at a big party for the gay’s because apparently they love her song. The gays are a tight community and they like to support their own. (That would have been funnier if Kim had never pretended to be a lesbian and we were still making drag queen jokes…. oh never mind.)

Kandi is practicing her new song at Uptown Supper Club and Cynthia shows up with her father to watch the rehearsal.

Kandi takes a break from singing to talk with Cynthia about relationships and marriage.

NeNe’s son comes over to her house to talk about moving back home. NeNe tells us that he got arrested because he walked into a prison with marijuana in his pocket. That’s a joke all by itself. I can’t say even anything to make that funnier than it already is.

NeNe’s boobs don’t look so bad when she actually wears a bra.

Something about Phaedra and an ultra sound… Not interesting. Goody two-shoes is boring.

It’s the night of Kandi’s performance and all the women are coming out to hear it. Kandi made sure there was extra security to protect Dwight from NeNe’s uncontrollable rage.

Kim showed up early to make up for skipping the show last year. She’s still sticking with the “sick daughter” excuse. I don’t know about you guys, but Kim doesn’t strike me as the type of mom who would miss a party for her daughter. She seems like the type that would slip her some cough syrup and sneak out after she passes out.

I guess this is the closest you can get to a pony tail while wearing a wig.

Sheree shows up in one of the leftovers from her failed fashion line.

Phaedra hobbles in with the help of Dwight and Apollo.

Sheree’s gay tells the women that Phaedra’s husband was in prison for 6 years.

Kim think he must have murdered someone to receive such a harsh sentence.

Sheree thinks he must be gay. He knows a gay man and he was in prison. Clearly there is no other reasonable conclusion.

Kandi sings her song. Meh… the one last year was better.

Cynthia, being a responsible club owner and all, offers NeNe a private room to kill Dwight in.
Listen girl, I can’t be letting blood get all over my paying customers so just take him into the back room and if you have to, just shank him real quick. I have two bouncers at the back door ready to throw the body into the dumpster. Don’t worry girl, I got your back.

Once in the room NeNe and Dwight both apologize to each other and hug.

Then NeNe stabs Dwight in the back…

… and he falls to the floor and slowly bleeds to death.

Next week Kim performs her song live, and Dwight comes back from the dead to fight with Sheree.

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108 Responses to The Real Housewives of Atlanta – The Death of Dwight

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  2. RHofWhatever says:

    The Woody Woodpecker and colored Lisa were genius!! Glad I wasn’t eating my cereal!
    I still believe that you showed what really happened with Dwight and Nene that night. Dwight is only able to appear on future episodes thanks to the preservation powers of plastic.
    And Kim must not be making too much $ off her “songs”, because her wig has been looking ROUGH for this season so far.

  3. Jill_BRLA says:

    ROTFLMAO. I agree on the woody/black lisa photo. That’s funny stuff.

    • Sangfroid says:

      Agreed! You are too funny RCH.
      The red fingernails on the hand holding the dagger took it to another level as well.

      • TT in OC says:

        Sangfroid, I still like this avatar better. For some reason, it reminds me of the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It’s one of my favorites.

  4. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    If anyone can answer… please do! I’ll start from the top.

    1. Why does Kim’s wig look crooked and or back to far in every shot?
    2. Shiree’s date is the “Love Doctor”…although, he has no degree. He’s now saying he’s a life coach. (My next life I’m going to either be an Energist and make bracelets, a Life Coach, or an American Picker.)
    3. Did anyone else do the woody woodpecker laugh in there head when you saw the picture? Good one RCH!
    4. Does anyone else’s husband vomit and run out of the room when they see Dwight or Sheree’s gay? (I love him! He could write a book of “sayings” and I would by that shit!)
    5. Look at the picture of Phandra hobbling in with the help of Dwight and Apollo. Is she possessed by the devil?
    6. Look at the yellow strapless shirt that Kim Z has on. Do you place your nipples in those brass rings?
    7. NeNe has had a boob job!! Yes or No? Look at the picture where RCH said her boobs looked good with a bra on. That ain’t no bra job!
    8. Go 8 pictures up. How did the Kim Z’s make-shift ponytail turn into that?

    Good job Hot Momma! Are you still on the run from Dina or have you found a safe house to live?

    • realminkey says:

      I agree about the boob job. Lifting those babies must have required a forklift. Probably cost a fortune, too. Maybe her doctor threw in the nose for free.

    • 1 – Kim’s wig is from the dollar store.
      2 – That wasn’t a question. Lol.
      3 – I just did it now when you mentioned it
      4- No, but he refuses to believe that Kim is not a man in a wig. We had an argument over it.
      5 – I don’t think Phaedra is possessed, just boring. She can leave th show as far as I’m concerned.
      6 – I don’t know about her nipples, but I know that in the freeze frame her hair looks like a bad photoshop job. I don’t know how she got it to look like that in real life.
      7 – I don’t think NeNe had a boob job. I think that is the magic of Victoria’s Secret.
      8 – Horse hair can do things real hair can’t

      I’m still on the run. Dina doesn’t give up. I’m just holding out until one of her alternate personalities kicks in and she forgets about me.

  5. Tracey says:

    I’ve been lurking and laughing for months now. Just when I thought you could’t get any funnier you made me literally lol at the ‘Lisa Simpson/Woody Wood Pecker’ caption. Hilarious! I love this site!

  6. Waxdiva says:

    Sheree’s ‘doctor’ is not a doctor… link at end for more:

    Muhammad, 35, says he’s a doctor, but he didn’t earn a Ph.D. in psychology at the school from which he has said he graduated, school records show. In fact, he attended Southern Illinois University for just one semester as an unspecified graduate student, said SIU spokesman Tom Woolf.

    Muhammad said he left Clark Atlanta, where he was an associate professor in the psychology department for four years, because he wasn’t paid enough and he “no longer felt that spark” from teaching. School officials said he left after they discovered his credentials were bogus.

    Muhammad said that in 1999 he founded a nonprofit organization called “Man II Man Inc., ” which his Web site states is “dedicated to uplifting, motivating and educating inner city youth.” Actually, the organization is a for-profit company, said Cara Hodgson of the secretary of state’s office.

    Muhammad said he had not “filed the paperwork” to make the corporation nonprofit. “I’m still forming the board of directors, ” he said. On Tuesday, the Web site was changed to describe the organization as “community-based, ” rather than nonprofit.

  7. Brobee says:

    Loved the recap! I swear it’s better to just read yours than to watch the show. I can’t wait to see what you do with the BH crew!

  8. shaigyrl says:

    Hello! 1st time poster here. Love your site…saw a link posted at another blog a couple of months ago and have been hooked since then. The RHOA are too juicy not to join in on the commenting!

    Loved this recap! I spit tea all over my keyboard at work. Did anyone else notice Sheree’s boobs when she was getting ready for her date? They were pointing in opposite directions!

  9. Amber...Real Wife says:

    LOL You are indeed nuts girl! Woody and Lisa was hysterical. Only you can give us a visual like that. The hair on this show is bad. With all of the money these women have they should be making better choices. Cynthia’s spikey hair was quite alarming. Kandi…red/wine really? Nene keeps scraping her hair off her face and Kim puts her Wigatha into a pony tail. Phaedra, cute curly ponytail, gets a pass due to pregnancy so Sheree, looking softer this season, wins!

  10. Pest control lady says:

    This recap is GOLD! Loved Woody & Brown Lisa. Poor Kandi does appear to need a hair makeover. I’d rather read your recap than waste an hour watching the show!

  11. Katie says:

    So RCH does woody have a girlfriend, or was he a cross dresser?

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  13. boxergirl says:

    Another hysterical recap! I always burst out laughing when you do the photoshop-flowers 1.99- you kill me!!!
    Keep it up and again, thanks for making us all laugh!

  14. jezzibel says:

    I know this is mean. but can I nominate Nene’s son for the Darwin Awards for going to a jail with pot in his pocket? I know he’s a young adult and I should be more sympathetic..but a prison facility….it would be like going to steal the donut money from a police station

    • Kat says:

      But if he smoked some of his pot before visiting the prison he may have just “spaced it off” (the pot in his pocket).
      Funniest damn pot story I’ve heard in a long time.
      I knew a girl growing up that drank bong water. She was too drunk. She threw up and promptly passed out.

  15. Mary Jane says:

    That recap was sooo funny. The Lisa Simpson/Woody Woodpecker pic was priceless.
    Loved the price tag on the flowers, and the amazing alternate ending, lol.

  16. TT in OC says:

    I still have mix feelings about Nene. I like her in Season One, she told like it was. Then, she completely turned me off and together with Kim, the duo was the reason I stopped watching.

    Why does Nene need to scream at people’s face (two inches away to be exact)? I would punch her face if she did that to me. I don’t need a spit shower from her and I will sue her a$$ off if she ruined my delicate hearing. On the other hand, I appreciate the way she handled Brice. That boy needs an iron-handed parent to set him straight. It is too bad that I don’t have RCH’s talent to show you what I visualized: Nene with one hand turned into a big piece of iron and Brice looks like accordion …. I know, not as good as RCH but I tried.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Everyone is giving props to NeNe for her “talk” with Brice – but come on now folks – he is a lazy, pothead who doesn’t want to either work or go to school! Seems she is the one who allowed him the luxury of going down that path. And then she puts conditions on his return home that he will never be able to accomplish (and she wants him to spend more time with his little brother – doing what??)! How is going to get a job and save enough to get his own place in 90 days???

      • Because he’s getting in on those $500 investments with Greg and Dwight.
        He’ll have plenty of money in 90 days.

      • And also – I agree, Brice being a lazy fuck up is totally NeNe’s fault.
        I don’t know why these women (Yes Jac – I’m talking about you too) waste their time trying to “parent” their adult children.
        Hello guys…. shoulda tried the iron hand stuff before they reached their teen years. Now it’s too late. I say cut your loses, learn from your mistakes and try not to make the same mistakes with the younger ones.

      • TT in OC says:

        Obviously, there are a lot that were not shown and I have to admit that I missed quite a bit in last season. You are assuming that Nene had done nothing to guide and discipline Brice. If I remember correctly, Nene was thrilled when Brice started to go to college in season one. When Brice did not return to college last season, Nene had a sit-down conversation with Brice to try to talk some sense to him. From this episode, I now know that Brice has been moved out. I am guessing that he couldn’t afford to anymore and decided to move back home. From all of the above, I am assuming that NeNe has been trying and since Brice moved out, he becomes an adult. In principle, he would have to take care of himself.

        We both agree that Brice is lazy and a pothead. The only difference as far a I see is we make different assumptions for what’s not broadcasted based on our own observations. I guess unless we are told all the facts, it’s difficult to have a full picture.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Nene admits in her blog that in his youth she tried to give him everything without requiring him to be responsible and do/earn things for himself. She spoiled him.

          So yeah, he wasn’t raised & required to be responsible, work for what he got, etc., so it’s a bit late when he’s an adult to all of a sudden set limits and expectations that never existed before. And the guy’s obviously not particularly bright so he’s just befuddled by the whole thing.

          • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

            TT in OC,

            We like to make-up what’s absent in the shots so Bravo can use them for next year 🙂

            Brice’s new residence in 90 days will probably be the Slammer! I bet his first child’s name will be Mary J! JK

            Seriously, I hope he gets his shit together and fast!

    • Squirrels says:

      NeNe’s approach of literal in your face is actually a tactic. Different culture have different mores for society. For ex: In Japan, one who is younger would always bow lower to an elder. To not do so is insulting. In the US, we smile at strangers. Russians would find that odd. In India, it is considered highly insulting to put you feet up and display the soles of your shoes or feet, as they believe that is the dirtiest part of the human body.

      Now as to the distance issue, we US folk maintain an average distance of an arms length to 4ft with non family members. It is our comfort zone whereby anything closer than arm’s length is somehow threatening. We never think about it consciously, but we have all felt the intimidation factor when someone we are not inviting closer to us crosses that line.

      So, she does it to prove she is alpha dog, plain and simple. It works with the majority of folk taken off guard as our human reaction is instinctive fight or flight, most choosing flight to avoid an argument, fist fight, or humiliation/ embarrassment. My point is, she is a coward to the nth degree. She can shout a good game, but won’t back it up with a physical swing. She wants her victim to do that so she can claim battery was committed upon her and she was justified in beating the crap out of said victim.

      You may see her as street smart, you may wonder if this is the modus operandi she’s been performing for years. For me? I see the big mouth coward, the one who will, if some little scrapper decides to do or die (and heaven willing has a black belt or boxing prowess) will send this over the top, over the hill, so many are completely OVER her, running like a little girl.

      I can dream, can’t I?

      • Sangfroid says:

        You always bring something interesting to the table.
        Different than Sardonica’s tableau, but still, stops me in my tracks and makes my grey cells whir. I shall keep my feet on the floor and my smiles to myself, from a distance of 4 feet, from now on.

  17. Rabble Rouser says:

    My husband was peeking over my shoulder and totally cracked up with the line…
    “Lifting beers is hard work when it’s hot outside and you’re still drunk from the night before.”

    • emily says:

      Me too! I’m going to find a way to say that next time I’m drinking a beer.

      • Jennifer says:

        I just want to know how she kept the wig on her head while she was jogging! Seriously, even though I doubt she jogged for any longer than the 14 seconds the camera was on her, wouldn’t her head be all gross from that? She’s just nasty. And I completlely agree with you RCH – she would be the mom sneaking out after giving her kids a “cherry flavored” nightcap, I mean milkshake…

  18. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Just found this old article that talks about the women/families/past.

  19. AngryOldMan says:

    So how much money did Kandi think she walked away from with that Tardy for the Party mess? As I recall, someone county and western singer wrote the song and sent it to Kim when she was still going to be a country and western singer. So wouldn’t he get a bunch of the money? I may be wrong, but producers usually work for a flat fee. In this case, Kandi also paid with her pride.

    Great recap! The line that made me slap my knee: “Cynthia shows up with her father to watch the rehearsal.”

  20. Dalai Mama says:

    RCH, thank you for mitigating my dueling personas. I can now proclaim without prevarication (Clintonian semantics notwithstanding) that I NEVER watch the Atlantian version of the Housewife magnum opus. Yet I can also safely observe the comings and goings of these follicly unstable ladies through the safe and sanitary lense of your screenshots and hilarious recaps.
    Both my Goofus and my Gallant salute you.

    • Sardonica The Monosyllabica says:

      Wow Mama…highbrow post! I done too stoopid to understand most of it. I applaud you *clap clap clap* I did not know so many syllables existed in the English language. I believe you have used up your quota for the day.

      I have am still not drinking the Atalantade. The RCH version is soo funny I am afraid watching it will ruin my fun. The Lisa and Woody pics…priceless. Also, I was not aware that there is actual bloodshed within the episodes. Please do not tell me that is photoshop. Call C.S.I. Town du jour and ask them to bring the Luminol. I prefer to live in my castle I built in the cloud with my psycho BFFs , ya know….KKB and of course JillZ and oops a shout out to T…how ya swinging my little monkey friend, you?. I refuse to catch up on Atlanta for reasons concerning personal intergrity and errm…superior intellect, ja, that’s it. Intellect. Oh, okay, I admit the truth. I am just too lazy and also busy trying to keep up the payments on my trailer park rentspace. Also , my parole officer asks me what I am doing with my days since the 18 kids I popped out ( don’t even bring up my sister/wive’s brood ) were so abruptly taken away from me once the state found out I started a twitter account. Sigh. I fear I may be expecting too much from RHBH. I do know if indeed I am let down my deal’ah RCH will score me sometin’ to make my life more bearable… for a small fee, of course. A gal has to earn a living, after all. Don’t she, Joe? 😉

      • Sardonica The Monosyllabica says:

        Yea, I see the typos. Sorry this Dina has made me so insecure I spent the better part of the day bedazzling pumpkins and gourds and I am waiting glue gun in hand for husband to come home so I can hot glue sparklies on him and stick some straw up his nose ( yep, nose, that is what I really meant to type, uh huh ) He will be part of my dining room table autumn tableau along with the cat who is dressed in a ladybug costume. A few cobwebs and an I.R.S. agent and we are set to go for .

        • Sangfroid says:

          Sardonica the monosyllabica, the tableau sounds lovely. I had no idea you were so crafty. I really appreciate the addition of the IRS agent as a finishing touch.
          Personally I just leave the Christmas lights up on the double wide and let the spiders and rats have their way with them. Sparks may fly, but that just makes them appropriate for the fourth of July as well.

          • Sardonica says:

            Wow…you have rats, too! You lucky person, Sangfroid. You never have to worry about going hungry when the stamps run out at the end of the month

            • Sangfroid says:

              I know, right!
              The rats style my hair. I’m authentic and real, so when people compliment my ponytail/rats nest, it’s the real thing, cause y’know, I’m really authentic.

      • Dalai Mama says:

        Well, you’ve only met the multipally-syllabic and compulsively verbose Persona Number One, available during office hours.

        Persona Number Two mixes three parts vodka to one part tomato juice, hunkers down on the couch to enjoy a Cops marathon, whips up a tasty batch of Kraft macaroni and cheese, and searches the internet in the hopes of news of Teresa and Joe, Ramona’s new Pinot Grigio line (true) or an update on David Duchovny’s sex addiction.

        Variety being the spice of life.

        • Anonymous says:

          Why the need for tomato juice?

          • Sardonica says:

            Dammitall that is me anon above. Why does my nic/addy keep deleting itself? Does it not want me to be here? Am I being censored by one of my other personalities? Is so, it is a no-fun- one and I will have to work on integrating it in to one of the many low brow personalities I possess. I could make a show with only me and call it The Real Housewife Of Connecticut. All 6 of me can hold a gold plated nutmeg. It would save Bravo money and space on the couch during the reunion episode. If anyone cares to correct the grammar in my posts always feel free to.

  21. Sardonica The Monosyllabica says:

    minus for* I think Dina has a zen hex on me

  22. fashion42 says:

    Hey! I’ve been a long time lurker, but this is my first post! I honestly have a hard time watching the Atlanta housewives because I never really got into it- they all seemed extremely fake from the get go. I mean I know ALL of the housewives (Bethenny excluded) love portraying themselves as something they are not…but for some reason Atlanta just rubbed me the wrong way! Anyway my point is- I watch it now just because I love your recaps so much, I want to be able to follow along your recaps. SO GREAT! btw mod- we’ve tweeted a few times- loveeee you! Dina hasn’t blocked me despite some of our back and forth tweets.

    Have you ever considered recapping other shows? I’d LOVE to see your recaps of Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, or any other trashtastic reality shows.

  23. Darla B says:

    Does anyone know of a good website that has free browsing of personal ads for people with STDs? I have herpes and it is very difficult to find people to date. Darla B.

  24. I totally agree with what everyone is saying……..this re-cap is a 12 on a 1-10 scale. what a glorious surprise to start laughing so much, i raced thru, i couldn’t wait to see what you had next! when i was done, I wanted more!!
    I’m going to get on the comfy couch, sit back and read every last re-cap. it’s fun again to satirize the Housewives!
    Thank-You so much.

    • Welcome to the blog!! You just started reading? You have a lot to catch up on. Better get started!
      Btw, I love that you put “nope” in the website space. Lol.

      • Im still reading and catching up. your site is fun, satirical, and most of all not mean.

        • oooh wasn’t done! I’ve become very disappointed in my 1st love website, which you prob. know what I’m talking about. the recaps are first rate, topnotch, and always spot on. but some of the posters have gotten “mean” even (maybe especially) the very popular ones.(posters)
          I don’t think its ok to “write poems” about the futures of the housewives and their families when they bring in the babies and talk horrible about them. its one thing to ravage the wives, they signed up for it. but to “diss” Audriana , as well as the other kids under 8 is just uncool. mean. and really classless. also, to laugh about finding a husband “dead” under garbage.?
          anyway, RCH, the postings over there have gotten out of control.
          I even had an incident when i got so annoyed about these stupid postings and the posters so smugly thinking they were “hysterical” that i snapped at someone else about something COMPLETELY unrelated! (really misplace my anger there. so sorry)
          I love reading funny satirical comments about this phenom called the housewives!! i love reading everyones opinion about everything in regards to these women.
          i dont want to read ugly crap about the innocent kids.. they have no control over their idiot families esp. fame seeking mothers (teresa)( jackawin, )(Danielle etc.)
          say what you want about ashley, she deserves it. But to attack Avery? make horrible wishes against Ally?
          Just wrong. ignorant.
          But these posters,who present themselves as the “intelligencia” of the group,think they are funny.
          I think they are mean, and unfortunately, they rule the site.
          RCH, thanks for a new place to go. Your recaps are sooo funny, light hearted, with a bite, I truly laugh out loud.
          Your posters aren’t mean.

  25. fashion42 says:

    PLEASE PLEASE recap teen mom next season- I’ve read that The Orange Monster Fat Faced Amber will be back, along with the Ugly Crying Farrah. Blog recap gold.

    • I did write something on them, it was a comment on another blog. I was thinking of bringing my comment over here and turning it into a post because I did want to talk about the show and there wasn’t a big discussion on the other blog… we’ll see.

      • fashion42 says:

        Try it! I think you have some pretty loyal fans here- who would definitely get into it. Also from what I hear Miss.Orange Fat Face herself LOVES sending e-mails to Teen Madre bloggers- telling them how jealous they are of her and what not….I bet you could have a lot of fun with that.

        • That is tempting. There is nothing I love more than when reality stars freak out!!

          • fashion42 says:

            oh and they DO freak out, I hear amber claims that everyone is jealous of her (that is just a joke in itself) and she gets PIIIIISSSSSED if anyone questions her. To me she has displayed domestic violence, child abuse (her very young daughter pointed at her and screamed “QUIET NOW” hmm wonder where she picked that up? Also her daughter has been shown running from her in terror). Has anyone else noticed the neon colors in her childs bottle? Neon Blue- yeah that’s something a toddler should be drinking.
            orange crazy fat face needs to be STOPPED. It’s not even a snarky joke- her child needs a stable, safe, environment- there are A LOT of concerns I have for this child- but when a baby points at her mother and says “QUIET NOW” when she is upset and crying- you know KNOW that mama chubs has pointed her fat orange finger at that baby and screeched “QUIET NOW” over and over and over again (while the baby is crying and upset) that’s disgusting.

            • Did you watch the extras/after show with Amber and Gary? He was all slumped in his chair with his head down like an abused puppy, and she was going on about how she’s sorry and she’s changed bla bla.. then he tried to speak and she jumped down his throat! Gary is suffering from battered womans syndrome.
              Did you notice when Gary took the baby away Amber was telling her friends “it’s a mothers worst nightmare” with ZERO emotion. She was relieved that they were gone and she could have her friends over. She does not love that kid.

              • zoekayla says:

                I think Amber is dangerous, to her daughter and to Gary. She must be supervised in her contact with that innocent child. Her drug-induced weight loss screams self-absorption and a failure to thrive as a mother. I watch the show every week, hoping to see Gary take that baby to his mom’s permanently. I truly think that Leah has had crappy luck in her birth parents.
                Amber will NEVER be accepted as a celebrity which is her obvious goal.

              • Squirrels says:

                I’ve avoided the series. That said, I’ve volunteered @ a battered women’s shelter and of all the residents who came and went only one was a man and he was a shell of a man. He was petrified of all the women there, isolated and alone in his torment. I felt so badly for him. He wouldn’t even allow me to smile or say good morning to him without doing an about face and walking away. To this day I hope he made it to the other side of fear, self loathing, and humiliation.

    • Jane says:

      kind of mean – they’re just kids

      • Jane says:

        sorry – my response was intended for fashion42 only – I agree that Amber has control issues and certainly needs anger management but why dig on her looks? Or Farrah’s?

      • Waxdiva says:

        ‘Kids’ who think they are adults and they are airing their situation for all to see. To me, that makes it OK to snark on them.

    • It's A Jersey Thing says:

      Thanks for the link. Just watched it. Loved it! The ending reminded me of a blog a few weeks ago? the one where T’s head blew up… lol… I still recall so many things I read and see here. They still make me laugh and it takes a lot to make me laugh at reruns, be it on TV or in print.

      • Sardonica says:

        and I notice the quilt stays the same with the e adddy. When do I start work on my www Doctorate program? Or probably when do I graduate from www preschool and do I get cookies and Kellade

  26. boston02127 says:

    Great recap! Loved it. Would also love if u did one on Teen Mom. I CAN’T STAND Amber. Thanks RCH.

  27. CdnFillie says:

    “Kandi is practicing her new song at Uptown Supper Club and Cynthia shows up with her father to watch the rehearsal.” I thought that was her much older fiance, not her I wrong?

    • CdnFillie says:

      PS…awesome recap RCH…now back to work I go 😛

    • Waxdiva says:


    • Anonymous says:

      He is her fiancé. I always warn u guys not to take what I say seriously and u never listen.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Wait, you mean Nene didn’t kill Dwight?

        And the rest of the season is not RH Atlanta’s version of “Weekend at Bernie’s” with Fadedra and her hot hub holding up Dwight between them so the big D can continue to accompany them on their simply fab nights out on the town? Or NeNe and Sheree taking turns holding him up so the other can fight with him for the cameras?

        I was looking forward to Dwight’s animatronic talking head segments where they ask him a question and all he responds via the miracle of audio tape is “How dreadful” or “I have lovely feet.”

        Well, dang. That sucks.

        You ruined my joy, RCH.


  28. RCH! says:

    Btw this is me – RCH
    I’m not on my computer

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Something about you looks different, can’t put my finger on it…..maybe you look like a kabuki, oh, no Al Sharpton, it’s Al Sharpton…..hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      How can “she” ever live that one down???????

  29. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    LOVE the Bobby Brown comment!!! lol I always think of the time when Maya Rudolph paradied Whitney Houston on SNL after her failed London concert earlier this year (or was it last year?) She nailed Whitney’s voice to a T. “Bob-byeeee? Bob-byeeeee Brown? I love ya Bobbyeeeee!!” LOL

    Anyway, these recaps are freakin’ hilarious. Love it. Your comments are totally what I would think. Thank you for posting these!!

  30. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    p.s. and I LOVE the $1.99 tag on the bouquet and the lady in the background appalled that there was no Louis Vuitton gift. hehehehehe

  31. FlyontheWall says:

    Has anyone besides me noticed that Dwight likes to associate himself with a different housewife each season? First season it was Nene, second season was Sheree, and this season is Pheadra(or however you spell it). I can’t help but think he will do anything to be apart of the show.

    • TT in OC says:

      You are so right about Dwight. I bet he wishes he were a woman so he could offically be casted as a housewife.

      • FlyontheWall says:

        Yeah. In the first season he was dubbed “the sixth housewife” by viewers. But he didn’t do much in the first season(or atleast nothing memorable) so for the second season he decided to help out in Sheree’s clothing line to have a reason for his existance on the show. Now he’s been spreading rumors about helping the other castmates financially and clinging to his lawyer Phaedra(I bet he hired her the second he found out she was gonna be on the show).

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