The Real Housewives of DC – I Thought This Was The Finale But It’s Not

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The show starts with Lynda in her basement doing a casting call for a fashion show. She makes the models walk for her, but not only are they walking on carpet, the room is so small they can only really take about 3 steps from the corner before they run into the table. I don’t think the Salahi’s are the only ones on this show involved in goat rodeo’s. Just Sayin….

Ebong is getting a little old and Lynda will be trading him in for a younger version after his next birthday. One of her models is a man who she thinks might make a good replacement and she jots down his number for future reference.

Over at the Turners, they are plotting to take revenge on the evil birth mother by outing her secret to her son. Stacie says that her birth mother left her no choice. So clearly her only option was to contact someone who knew absolutely nothing about the situation or that Stacie even exists. Makes sense to me.

Michaele and Tareq are in the limo on their way to… somewhere… I don’t know. Michaele reminisces about the good old days when she wasn’t into eating. It was her lovely husband Tareq that turned her onto this crazy thing called “dinner”.

The rest of the women go out to lunch to discuss the Salahi’s and their mounting pile of lies. I don’t understand why they are so shocked. Have they not seen The Real Housewives before? Every franchise needs to have a resident sociopath. It’s in the fine print in the contract.

The women are confused as to how Tareq and Michaele haven’t lost their home when they supposedly don’t have any money to pay their mortgage. Mary explains that you can live in a house for 2 years without paying if you declare bankruptcy.

This was Teresa reaction while watching the show:

I just want to point out that every lunch, dinner, and event the women attend is held at this hotel. Either this is the most amazing establishment in DC, or it was the only place besides the hair salon that was willing to allow Bravo’s cameras inside.

Tareq says that it is a very important time for Polo because it is the one sport that India and America share together. The Salahi’s are single handedly building the relationship between America and India. That’s really nice of them and all, but India’s main export to America is hair extensions and they don’t have any weapons of mass destruction. Maybe the Salahi’s should go over to North Korea and work on those relations if they want to do good for their country.

Lynda is helping a clothing designer from Africa put together a fashion show. Lynda explains that her agency is very interesting because it represents models from all over the world… unlike all the other modeling agencies that only represent American models?
The women try really hard to make the fashion show sound politically important by claiming that it will show the people of DC that Africa is capable of producing something other than genocide and internet scams.
They are proud of the fact that the clothing is made in Africa by African women. Who wants to bet the women work 16 hours a day and are paid in sea shells?

The designer wants to give Lynda a free dress to wear to the fashion show. Lynda – who made it clear that she understands nothing about marketing or advertising when she had her lawyers send out cease and desist letters to bloggers – says that she doesn’t understand why designers give their clothes away for free and that they should charge everyone. Brilliant idea Lynda.  She also says that sometimes (only sometimes?) fashion can seem so shallow and that this fashion show is going to remind everyone that fashion is not frivolous (I would like to point out at this moment that the fashion show was not a charity event.) Lynda doesn’t seem completely brain dead, but the stuff that comes out of her mouth is idiotic to put it nicely. I love designer clothes, but seriously… I’m not pretending to change the world with my Louboutins.

Charles tell Cat that they were invited to the White House for a Christmas party and that Obama is really excited to finally meet her. Cat thinks it’s about time. L-M-F-A-O For all the shit these women talk about the Salahi’s, they aren’t all that grounded in reality themselves.

Over at the Turners they are disappointed that their master plan of contacting Stacie’s “step brother” (seriously Stacie?) isn’t panning out. Stacie was sure he would call right away, but it’s now been a week and they haven’t heard anything. They said the message read something along the lines of “You won’t believe the relative we have in common“. If I had been on the receiving end of that message I probably would have thought it was a spam comment from the “Family Tree” website and ignored it. I think “Hey I’m your long lost sister. Call me at this number…” would have been a better attention grabber.

Stacie takes a picture of her birth father to the Nigerian embassy to see if anyone there recognises him. The lady from the Embassy says that judging by his special hat, he is most likely a tribe leader. Boy is Stacie gonna be disappointed when she finds out that this was just a random photo her mom snapped while on a Safari in Africa and that her real dad could be any one of the West Baltimore drug dealers she used to buy her party drugs from back in college.

Lynda calls Mary to make sure that she received her invitation to the fashion show and assures her that she posted a picture of Tareq and Michaele with security incase they try to sneak in. Mary says that it’s for the Salahi’s own benefit that they don’t show up because Lolly will be there and she is angry. She explains that her daughter is not someone you wanna fuck with. She’ll rip a bitches weave out.

Lynda is now getting ready for the fashion show and once again her personal care nurse is there to help her get the dress over her head. Seriously Bravo?! I have an idea, how about you leave grandma in the old folks home for now and give her a call when you decide to make a reality version of The Golden Girls.
Lynda goes on and on and on about her “political fashion show” bla bla kjfvhkugigiu sgkkfvjefrgjrgionjv;klpierg\rg….. oops sorry, I fell asleep and my head hit the key board.

I find it funny that Lynda is making such a big deal out of security when 1) the Salahi’s have more important parties to crash and 2) the fashion show appears to be being held in the food court at the mall

Michaele is getting her hair done at a salon that doesn’t appear to be owned by her dear friend Ted Gibbson. I guess that is another relationship that must have fallen apart because every woman knows cheating on your hair stylist is an offense equal to cheating on your husband. The stylist asks Michaele where she is going and she replies that it’s really important and confidential….    and it’s the State Dinner.

When I saw the footage of the Salahi’s on the news way back when, I was not as bothered by the crashing allegations as I was by Michaele’s hair. Now I know who is responsible for it. Bad call lady. The White House deserved an up-do, or some volume and texture at the very least.

Michaele tells Tareq that she is concerned because not only do they not have the invitation, she also doesn’t have shoes or a bra. He assures her that they don’t need any of those things.

Tareq explains that you don’t really need an invitation to get into the White House. Apparently not, they’ve gotten in twice now.

Next week we get to watch the infamous White House episode. After all the news coverage we’ve seen, it already feels like a re-run.

Sorry if this recap sucked, but so did the show. Things will get better on Monday.

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137 Responses to The Real Housewives of DC – I Thought This Was The Finale But It’s Not

  1. Squirrels says:

    I would have thought Bravo would pull the plug on these two hustlers, but as it appears they are bring back Kim G? I’m completely baffled. However, since we are on the subject of the Salamis. Caught this item from absurd to sublime. Just another bankruptcy….. sigh…

    • Does anyone remember that before the show aired Bravo and Andy got a lot of criticism for allowing the Salahi’s to still be a part of the cast after the White House thing, and Andy’s defense was that the women’s lives were so intertwined that it wouldn’t be possible to edit out the Salahi’s without re shooting the entire show?
      Well… now that we’ve seen the show that doesn’t really appear to be true.
      The other women filmed with them what, 2 or 3 times? If they would have cut out the footage of Michaele by herself she would have been on the show less than Kim G. So it really wasn’t necessary to make her a Housewife.

      • Meg1964 says:

        Andy is full of shit. The reason the Salahis remained on the show is because the other woman (hehe) were a total snoozefest. I mean seriously.. what storylines would’ve been a little interesting without the Salahis.

        Oh.. I just want to make it clear, I can’t stand the Salahis or any of the woman on this show. I guess I like Cat better than any of them.. and Lolly is comparable to Ashley. Both bitches blocked me.

      • Snarkella says:

        I was thinking the same thing!

  2. Sarah310 says:

    watching the Salahi’s on CSPAN was hilarious. They think they are sooooo high and mighty and they get slammed. I also suggest watching the entire cast on the View. You know I love Mary so… she was great because she gave Joy Behar an eye roll. Joy Behar looks so uncomfortable and old lady gross sitting next to all those women. Anyway….. I found that they snuck into the White House fascinating because it proves if you look a certain way, security doesn’t check you. It was a serious national security issue and just because “nothing happened” doesn’t mean it wasn’t serious. What if something had happened?? I think they are really low people, and the producers getting involved was TOTALLY Bravo protecting themselves. I study political science so I guess the nerd in me finds it fascinating… I had no idea Cat and her husband split up before the show airs, and she moved to DC for his job, so I wonder if she will stay next season. also…
    On a totally unrelated subject: Tweetmaxine is a hairstylist for Gretchen. She hears tidbits here and there and uses them. She never talks about how Slade (LOSER) doesn’t pay child support for his disabled child and therefore doesn’t have a driver’s license. It drives me crazy people think this person “tweetmaxine” is Andy Cohen or someone with a real job, no one sits on twitter writing this crap non stop who has a career going for themselves, like running a network for example.
    Shoutout to cupcake for being so trashy holding a sausage

  3. Lina says:

    What happened was that Michaele owed this salon money since her wedding, so to make up for the money she owed them she would promote them on the show!! LOL

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  5. crazysweet says:

    Stacy’s a dimwit, STEP brother..seriously? It’s HALF brother (step is by marriage, half is by blood) she must have went to the same Harvard as Kelly’s Columbia. Either that or Ivy league doesn’t by much these days.
    When Stacy finds out her Dad is sending Nigerian spam scams what then? Of course he’s of “royalty” and I’m part Cherokee.
    Lynda will be the next Bravo pop star where she will rap & sing about the benefits of being a Madame…oops! I mean Agent in DC doing important things.
    Thank goodness the Salehi’s have repaired our relationship with India. Now I can sleep at night and enjoy my Bollywood movies without guilt.
    It appears as though Lynda’s security was as tight as the White House’s is… one got the memo and NO one can stop the Salehi’s from crashing, believe that.
    Four season’s must have been closed since they had ALL their stuff in the limo (except a bra, shoes oh! and the invitation) and got dressed at the hair salon.

    • Squirrels says:

      Yeah. I thought the getting dressed at the hair salon was funky. Who does that?

      • Sarah310 says:

        I thought it was weird her husband was there. My boyfriend would NEVER go to the salon with me, no matter what we were doing.. He is a control freak that Tareq

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          Yeah, I agree. My boyfriend would be like “Uh….I’m gonna go look at paint peel until you’re done here”.

    • I know. Lol. I noticed that too.
      I wonder how far the winery is from DC that they have to stay in hotels all the time. Does anyone know?

      • TEB says:

        Mileage wise- it’s not that far but when you throw in DC traffic, it can take 1.5 hours or more.

      • Meg1964 says:

        It’s about 64 miles. My questions are:

        1. Why do they need to be in DC everyday?

        2. How often are they in Virginia?

        3. How do they pay for their suite at the hotel?

        4. Is there furniture and power at the house?

        5. Do they have keys to the house?

        • 1 – Since neither of them seem to work I don’t think they really NEED to be there at all.
          2 – Enough to piss off Tareq’s mom.
          3 – Clearly they use the Giudice method of payment.
          4- Yes, because the mom lives there and pays the bills and owns the furniture.
          5 – No, they have keys to the apartment out back…. or maybe they just live in the limo?

          • Lina says:

            Actually their bills are paid by the charity, but since polo is bankrupt now who is going to pay the bills?? LMAO ooh right you can get their autographed photo for only $49! So fans, you’ll be paying their bills!!!

          • Sarah310 says:

            Doesn’t anyone want to know what happened to Sparkle??? I heard through the grapevine he leased that horse and they don’t own a single horse. My dad who knows NOTHING about this show knows so much scoop on these two. They have bad relations with some breeders and horses in VA.

      • Sarah310 says:

        I read that they have in house in front royal. Front Royal is the start of the boonies. Hour from DC without traffic once you hit northern va. They don’t have much money judging by the size house they have in front royal. You can get mansion for not much out there.

      • crazysweet says:

        the fact that they had everything in the back of that limo and yet forgot the MOST important thing…the invitation and the shoes and the bra blew my mind but when I got to see the bullshit go down when they made her search for that invitation was priceless! now the fact that thus far they got away with crashing that party, I have no words. If it were anyone of us we’d still be in the basement at the CIA having our brains rebooted.

  6. e-rizzle says:

    This show is so beyond boring. I can’t wait for Beverely Hills.

  7. tuzentswurth says:

    This was a boring episode but your recap is again very funny!

  8. Miss Anthrope says:

    Has anyone else made note of the fact that Stacie does not seem to take ANY interest in her birth mother or her half siblings on a personal level? It’s like she only wants to be in touch with them so that she can get info about her father. Hate to say it but it’s as if she resents being half Caucasian. She didn’t want to get in touch with her brother so that she could have a relationship with him, as I think most people would. No. It was all about “Let me find out who my father is so we can have a BIG NIGERIAN FAMILY REUNION”. Wtf?

    I have to be honest and say that I disliked Stacie the most from the first episode on. Sure, she seems relatively drama free, but the reverse racism she exhibits is through the roof!

    • I agree 100% on everything.

    • Meg1964 says:

      Yep.. I’ve noticed it. IMO, Stacie is a huge racist. And she doesn’t even try to hide it.

    • Snarkella says:

      Well, I don’t agree completely. I think a lot of Stacie’s indifference towards her birth mother has to do with the fact that the woman won’t acknowledge her. That’s her effing mother. If that’s true, I can’t say I blame Stacie one bit. The mother may have been too young and inexperienced to deal with the issue when Stacie was born, but she’s a grown up, mature (we would hope) woman now, and she should be able to deal with past events of her life without treating the child she gave birth to like a dirty little secret. She should have enough compassion for her child and enough self respect to just fess up and put things right.

      • Lina says:

        I don’t necessarily think her mother doesn’t acknowledge her. If you notice her Nigerian name is blessing…. I think her mother thought Stacie was a blessing, but was forced to give her up. Now she is selfish because she wants to continue to live her life the way she has done for the past thirtysomething years, but when she gave Stacie up for adoption she did it with the intent that Stacie would have the best life possible. Why Stacie can’t appreciate that is beyond me. And I too believe she is racist.

        • That’s right, I didn’t think about that. Her birth father never knew she existed, but her birth mother chose to give her a Nigerian name anyway, and meaning “blessing” of all things. And her birth mother kept the photos of her father all this time… I’m really curious to hear the whole story.

        • Snarkella says:

          She may have given Stacie up to have the best life possible, but she also made sure her family didn’t know about her “secret,” ensuring that she, the mother, had the best life possible. I guess it’s a matter of opinion as to who she was the most concerned about, herself or her baby.

      • oopsy says:

        Yes but it seems that she doesn’t care about her brother for his own sake, just to get info. She shows no desire to get to know him. That seems racist to me. She is going to interrupt his life and shake up all he knows and what does he get out of it? Not a damn thing. I could see her reaching out to him if she longed to meet him but she doesn’t give a shit about him. I say she is using him with out any regard to how it will effect him.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          She is using the half-brother to hurt her birth mother…this half-brother can’t help her find out anything about her father, and she really isn’t interested in him, just wants to out her birth mom for spite? Her birth mom did acknowledge Stacie or else there would not have been contact. I don’t like Stacie either.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            I got the impression that using the brother was to let the mother know that Stacie meant business! Stacie may believe she has rights here but she doesn’t. She was acknowledged but seemed afronted that her mother was caucasian and she doesn’t want to relate to that “side” of her family.

            • Snarkella says:

              I thought Stacie implied that the mother doesn’t want the rest of the family to know about Stacie because Stacie’s father was black.

              • I was under the impression that it wasn’t about her skin color, just the fact that the mother had a child out of wedlock and never told anyone about it. I have trouble believing the mother is racist if she really did sleep with a black man, name his child “blessing”, and then hold onto photos of him for 40 something years.

                • oopsy says:

                  good point

                • Snarkella says:

                  I’ve known lots, or at least a few, people who have had affairs with black men but didn’t want their families to know. This woman had a child. If she had any decency she would take any judgements from her family, before making her child feel like she’s not good enough to be accepted. I just feel that the situation is 100% on the mothers head. She created it – not Stacie. She’s the one who should deal with the fallout.

                • Snarkella says:

                  LOL. Not my first thumbs down but probably the first sincere thumbs down. I get it. I’m sorry I’m ruining the party but I can’t help myself.

          • oopsy says:

            Damn, tuz! I bet you’re right! She doesn’t need her half brother’s help at all..she knows he has no info. I bet she is contacting him out of spite!

    • crazysweet says:

      Stacy is simply making a failed attempt to stay relevant in the storyline but it’s been played out! she thinks she has a twist that NeNe, Bethenny and the rest of the HoWives with parent issues don’t have being that her’s is a tie with Africa, the motherland. *yawn* That bitch completely lost me when she revealed that she’s anti-gay marriage. those who point fingers have 4 pointing back at them and she called Cat out early on for being racist. glass houses and rocks if you ask me.

    • bizziebee says:

      Why not look at her situation as a daughter whose mother does not want to acknowledge her existence. Stacie said early on in the season that that was the case. If my mother did not want a relationship with me, I would go on a hunt for a father who might not be embarrassed of me.

  9. momma says:

    Who has modeling auditions in a basement? Seriously, if I showed up and someone directed me to basement stairs – I would run…not walk right out the front door asap. Is she going to tell us basement casting is another insider rule of DC?

    I think it is cruel, heartless and selfish for Stacie to be pursuing her mother/father like this. Why does she have to drag an innocent step brother into this too? For whatever reason, her mother doesn’t want her digging here. Can’t she just be grateful that her mother gave her LIFE and she grew up in a loving family and move on? Why does she feel so determined to get this info at all cost? Leave it alone. It is not meant to be. Count your blessings and move on. But at least she didn’t come right out and say she doesn’t want her dad if he is on drugs or alcohol or if he is homeless. I guess that is a plus for her.

    Danielle has been very quiet lately. Poor thing…no paparazzi following her ….no big spin off news….just an occasional story about who will testify against her.

    Can’t wait for DC to end….

    • I honestly wouldn’t be bothered by Stacie contacting her brother on facebook if she was doing it because she wanted a relationship with him. What bothers me about her actions is that she seems to only be using her brother as a means to get to the African side of her family. If her mother gave her the info on her father would she have ever sent the fb message? And notice she called her white brother her “step brother”, but then she wonders if she was any brothers or sisters (not step, not half) on her father’s side.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        ohhh wait, did I miss something? This “brother” is not even related to her by blood at ALL? It’s a 100% step brother?

        If so, that is TOTALLY messed up to contact him like that!

      • oopsy says:

        RCH, that is very telling. Why doesn’t she refer to him as her brother? Hmmm. But when she talks about her black relatives she wonders if she has brothers and sisters? (Calling him ‘step brother’-Fruedian (sp?) slip maybe??) I think in her mind she doesn’t think of him as a brother. Her black siblings would be no more biologically related than her white brother.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      I totally understand (or rather, empathise) about her wanting to find her biological parents. I don’t agree with the way shes doing it. If she had contacted her half-brother in an attempt to get to know him and try to build a relationship then that would be perfectly acceptable behavior. She is entitled to know who she is and where she comes from. But she didn’t contact him for any reason other than to light a fire under her birth moms ass and basically act like a bitch. That’s not cool. At all.

      Should her birth mom pony up the info about her father? I tend to think that would be the empathetic and kind thing to do, yes. But as I said a few posts up- Stacie doesn’t even give her birth mother the time of day unless it’s to try and get info about her father. She doesn’t want to connect with her white family whatsoever. I find that strange. Biologically, people tend to feel closer to their mothers. I think if I was adopted I would want to find out about both birth parents, but that meeting my mother would be a bit higher on my priority list. That’s human nature. So why does Stacie want nothing to do with her on an emotional level and EVERYTHING to do with her Nigerian daddy? Because she’s white and she resents that. It makes me sick.

      • Meg1964 says:

        It makes me sick too. She’s willing to ruin her 1/2 brother’s life. She doesn’t want to get to know him. And we know he knows nothing about her.. she’s obviously doing this to force her bio mom into telling her info about her bio dad.

        I still think her bio mom probably doesn’t know who the bio dad is…

        • Snarkella says:

          His life is going to be ruined by the reality of Stacie’s existence? This isn’t 1932. I think he will survive the shame of having a black half-sister. Whatever, the mother created the predicament, not Stacie.

          • oopsy says:

            In my opinion it just seemed like she was willing to USE her brother to get info without any intention of knowing him for his own sake. My problem with her contacting him is about motive. It would hurt me if I had a sibling that got in touch with me but really only wanted info about OTHER family that may be out there. If she doesn’t want a relationship with him then leave him alone.

            • I agree.
              If she was excited to have found her brother and wanted to take him out to lunch and get to know him I would totally understand. But she wasn’t even going to contact him originally. She only decided to after Jason convinced her.

              It wasn’t shown – but I’m pretty sure the whole reason she contacted him was because the birth mother doesn’t want her “secret” to be out – so if they out her secret, they figure the mom will have no excuse to not give her the info she wants.
              It was a strong arm tactic, not about connecting with her sibling. That’s what bothered me.
              I don’t think the mom is right in this situation, I actually think Stacie has a right to know who her father is. But I don’t think it’s right the way she is going about it. (a lot of “right’s” in that sentence) And the complete disregard for any white family members she may have bothers me too.

            • Snarkella says:

              Hey, call me a bitch but I have a full brother that I’m resentful of because he was preferred by my parents. My parents wanted a boy, not a girl. Kids are resentful of siblings all the time. I’m not the only bitch in this world. And Stacie may be a teeny bit resentful of her white brother who is good enough for family, while her birth mother refers to Stacie as “the secret.” Maybe she is thinking, irrationally and out of pain, that it’s his turn to be hurt by mom.

              • It’s one thing to be resentful of a sibling you love and grew up with. It is another thing to find a long lost sibling you never knew existed and have no interest in meeting them because they are white.

          • Meg1964 says:

            Not ruined by having a 1/2 black sister, but finding out that he has a sister that’s in her 30s, that his mother gave up for adoption, and never told him about.

            That’s a lot for someone to absorb. I would wonder what other major secrets my mother had.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Ruining her brother’s life because his mother had a child out of wedlock and gave it up for adoption OR had a black child….?

      • Actually it’s the other way around with the birth mom. She calls Stacie “the secret” and basically made it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship with her. I think that might be where some of Stacie’s “racism” comes from, because she was rejected by her white mother.

      • emily says:

        Agreed. I think searching out your biological family on Facebook of all places is immature and passive-aggressive, and also seems like something a 14-year old would do. It just rubs me completely the wrong way.

      • Snarkella says:

        I think Stacie wanted a relationship with her mother but the mother doesn’t want the rest of the family to know about her because Stacie has black features. It’s not Stacie’s fault her mom got it on with a black man. Stacie probably feels that her mother doesn’t feel that she’s good enough to be acknowledged in front of the rest of Mom’s family because of her black skin. Stacy probably feels that the family would not be accepting of a black child. I don’t blame her if she seems uninterested in them. I can imagine feeling resentful and angry if I were in her position.

      • crazysweet says:

        maybe just maybe it’s actually the reverse…maybe the birth fathers family would disown HIM if they knew he had a child with a WHITE woman?! Maybe the mother is trying to protect everyone from the heartache she’s endured 40yrs. There ARE places in the world where that would be considered a really shitty thing to do to your family, disgrace their name by having a child out of wedlock with a white person!!

    • Snarkella says:

      Michaele said that bit about not wanting the dad if he was on drugs. Not Stacie.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I have to pay closer attention, I missed that. Wonder how Stacie would receive the news if dad isn’t some Nigerian prince, but instead the fellow that sends you emails from Nigeria or an otherwise unsavory character? Ah, speculation, you just know this is all resolved already.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Or her bfather is anothe peace corp worker and the picture was one from days in the corp of the interesting people they saw! IMO, Stacies bmom has an agreement with her bfather and that is why no information on his identity is coming out.

      • Meg1964 says:

        So did Danielle.

  10. Btw, did anyone read Stacie’s blog from last week where she tried to explain her views on gay marriage? Her blog didn’t even make sense. She said that she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, but that if her husbands gay sister were to get married she would support her…. wtf??
    I have really begun to dislike her.

    • e-rizzle says:

      Yea, that whole scene left me scratching my head. In almost every episode there she is surrounded by gay men, and yet she can’t seem to get her mind around the fact a man and a man can get married and live happily ever after? She just seems so fake–when it’s convenient then things are totally okay, but when it doesn’t matter to her, fuck it, who cares.

      Haven’t liked her from day one.

    • crazysweet says:

      but it’s perfectly acceptable for her husband to “invent” a device to measure the girth of a man’s cock?! and talk about it in mixed company on TV.
      why would he have so much interest in helping his fellow males measure girth? Maybe they also belong to the church of Bishop Eddie Long. Gay marriage is out of the question but a little measuring in the closet is A OK! 😉

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        guessing that when you are unemployed you have to do something all day…….too bad he didn’t invent something of use!

  11. Shari says:

    I used to like Stacy, but not anymore.

  12. BKAamia009 says:

    What gets me is they may have “cat” again NOW I DO LIKE CAT but Cat tech. lives in the UK now & is just here for the show press appearances etc. So u mean to tell me that they cant find a lady from DC? I love the statement in Cat’s blog ”
    Thank god, when I went to spell check this blog, the only flag was the word “Salahis.” That still comes up as “salami.” There is justice after all.

    • Snarkella says:

      For me, Cat was the star of DC Housewives. She was funny, smart, rude and constantly provoking the others, but in an interesting way. Opposite to the Salahis who are boorish and not of any interest whatsoever to me.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Stacie has never been nice! From the start she wanted to make Cat uncomfortable because she didn’t think Tyra Banks was allllll that and her preference for Bush over Obama! She stood silently (which means she agreed with her words and behavior)while her girl Erika was rude at the dinner and then at the ice cream social. This whole adoption storyline makes me want to hurl…she doesn’t want a relationship with her birthmom but feels entitled to hurt whoever gets in the way of finding her birth father! Her bs on gay marriage is just that and she has that “inventor”, jobless husband telling her how to feel and how to think! She has a pretty smile and that is all I will give her.

  14. emily says:

    Random question, Does anyone get the urge to check to be sure your wallet is still in your purse or pocket every time the Salahi’s appear on-screen????

  15. Snarkella says:

    Well, it seems like I’m standing alone tonight, but I still say that any problems that stem from the circumstances of Stacie’s birth, adoption, rejection and resulting attitude problem fall at the feet of the birth mother. Stacie is innocent in this mess. She is a child with the natural inclination to know her blood family. Just because Stacie’s mother gave her a name that means blessing, does not make the mother a lovely, saintly person, as she would still like to shove Stacie into a dark corner, never to be seen again. The mother sounds like a coward who can’t handle her affairs properly, and if Stacie’s brother gets his world turned upside down by Stacie, he can thank dear old mom for that. Stacie, who I do not particularly care for, at least appears to be a nice lady with a nice family. Everyone seems to hate her here, but I see her as just your average flawed person. She’s against gay marriage, and I strongly disagree with those views, but there are lots of otherwise nice, decent people out there who are against gay marriage. So my goodness, if birth mom’s family is going to implode just because Stacie exists in this world, maybe they have it coming. I hope for Stacie’s sake that she can find family in Nigeria that is warmer and more accepting than the pearly-white cold-hearted bitch that gave birth to her.

    • I agree with you on some points….
      But we don’t know the whole story. Stacie implied that her mother wants nothing to do with her because she’s a white woman who doesn’t want a black daughter. I don’t believe it’s that simple. There is way more to this story. I would love to hear it.

      I went into the show wanting to like Stacie, but she’s really mean and judgmental. The gay marriage thing (in addition to her total bullshit explanation of why she is against it) bothers me, but that’s not the only problem I have with her. Try to ignore her smile and cutesy tone of voice and listen to her actual words, she is a huge bitch.

      • crazysweet says:

        …she did attend Harvard business school bitch is one of their diplomas.

      • Snarkella says:

        I’ll agree with you on that much.

      • bizziebee says:

        Stacy is the only one on this show who isn’t putting on an act. She doesn’t appear to be changing her opinions to appeal to any audiences or cause drama.

        To act as though it is impossible for a white woman to not want anything to do with her 1/2 black daughter is ignorant. Such a scenario still happens today and will happen for many years to come. I hope she finds a parent who will not be ashamed of her presence.

  16. AngryOldman says:

    So again, “personal care nurse.” HA!

    I found it interesting how Bravo/producers were so in cover-yo-ass mode that they showed a producer talking to Michaele about the invite. Clearly, even at that point, the producers knew something wasn’t right. They knew the Salahi’s were going to try to crash and they just wanted the footage. That contradicts the Bravo/Cohen party line that they had no idea.

    Thanks for the recap! Those Gawker recaps get so long and tedious and off the rails that they’re now impossible to enjoy. Yours are snarky, sharp, concise and illustrated! Happy I stumbled on your site!

    • Hi AngryOldMan! Welcome back. 🙂
      I’m happy you stumbled here too! I never really read Gawker recaps, I like ReallyOldHousewife and LynnNChicago… If you haven’t read them, check out my “Blogs & Video Sites” page up top on the menu bar. You will find both of their links there, along with some other good ones.

      Bravo KNEW something was up with the Salahi’s! Why else were they questioning them about the invite? I bet they told the hairdresser to ask Michaele if she could see the invitation so that they could get her on camera not being able to “find” it. They knew that it would be valuable footage.
      I don’t know why they showed the convo with the producer… the only thing it proves is that Bravo was suspicious of them.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The Salahis said Bravo was in on their WH escapades but Bravo has said otherwise (as in the Salahis were not bound by contract with Bravo and could have testified during their hearing). The fact that the Salahis are not talking trash about Bravo any more would lead me to believe that Bravo’s attorneys laid down the law to them!

    • Snarkella says:

      I agree with every word!

  17. Squirrels says:

    This is completely off topic, but I could use some advice. My best girlfriend (who happens to be lesbian) is off and running with a woman 60 miles away from home. That’s all good, but she leaves her kids to run themselves. 17yr old son is so out of control, she finally dropped him off with dad. (a complete deadbeat). She takes off today, with me to monitor 13 yr old daughter, who is allowed to have a girlfriend over for the night. I call every 2 hrs to be sure all is well with strict instructions they are not to leave the house. @ 10:30pm i get vmail response v her answering her phone, so I go over. Door is unlocked. Dog is freaking out barking. Kids are MIA. I flip. Before I call 911, I call mom 3x. Vmail responses. Again and again I call both mom and daughter’s numbers. I go home trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly, kid shows up at my door with a song and dance as to where she was. I asked her if she understands how many teen girls get snatched and how many return home alive. No matter, she’s sure her mom will be cool with the fact they just visited across the street. Meanwhile, when Mom finally calls me back, then calls Kid, then calls me back, she says, “They are home and safe, don’t worry about it.” I”m so pissed I could scream. Someone tell me I’m not insane.

    • crazysweet says:

      hire a camera crew and send the footage to Bravo. she will be on the show in no time as long as she can forge checks, run up debt she’ll never pay back and get into public screaming matches. If she can add a little stalker/psycho/crazy and a pop song made of stale beer and cigarettes then she’ll be the star! good luck.

    • You’re not insane. But honestly, the kids are not babies and it’s not your problem. Let them do what they want. Make sure they know that you are there if they need anything and that they can always call you if they need help. If their mother lets them run wild, then there is no way you are going to be able to control them. Pick your battles. Just make sure the dog gets fed because it doesn’t sound like the kids are very responsible.
      You can’t control teenagers, especially if they’re not yours. I think the best you can hope for is a mutual understanding and an open line of communication. If she thinks you are going bitch at her when you call she isn’t going to pick up.

      My xanax high just kicked in… so I may or may not stand by this advice tomorrow, we’ll see. But as a former out of control teen myself – take my word for it – she’s gonna do what she wants and you can’t stop her. But you can GPS her phone if you really want to.

      And it’s shitty of your friend to leave you stuck with her crazy kids while she’s off having a good time. She owes you big time for this one.

      • Squirrels says:

        Last time the COPS showed up at my door with this girl. Mom was MIA. Once again, no one could get hold of her. I had no idea there is a curfew for kids. Mine are 25 and 22. I love their Mom. She’s always been there for me and is indeed my best friend, but Jiminy, I’m so ready to just wash my hands of the entire drama. I spent 18 yrs as a single mom and never once, left my kids overnight. It simply wasn’t an option for me. I just don’t get it.

        • I take back my advice. I like crazysweets idea is better. This kind of craziness could get you a reality show!

          But seriously, if she is a really close friend can’t u just say “listen bitch, your daughter is nuts and I can’t deal with this shit now get your ass back here or I’m gonna drop her ass off at one of those Safe Haven spots!” ?
          I guess it depends on you relationship. That’s what I would say.

          • Squirrels says:

            I think your first response is right. Teen knows I love her. She also knows I’m no push over. Still, push comes to shove, she can call me. It’s why the cops came to me with her to begin with. She offered me up like a Thanksgiving turkey. I’m the safety net. What sucks is she isn’t my kid, ergo I have no right nor any obligation to deal with this crap. Mom will always have a good reason for me to not worry. I can’t change that, I can only be there to scrape up collateral damage. Thanks. You really helped.

    • Snarkella says:

      Sorry, I don’t have any advice. I just wanted to say you have every right to be pissed and you are not insane. I can’t help in any way, but I really feel for you in this predicament.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      @Squirrels – even though she is your BF you should not be in charge of her daughter! IMO you do not have overnight anythings if there is not an adult/parent present.

      • Squirrels says:

        That would be my policy as well. When I found out about the sleep over, I just shook my head. I think mom is desperate to escape the teen BS. Nothing I can do. She’ll have to make her own mistakes. Hopefully not at the expense of her child.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I get supporting your BF but maybe some ground rules concerning her teen are in order. What if something happened while she was gone and then you get blamed? Your friendship is important but so is her responsibility to her daughter. Sure kids can drive you crazy but they are only kids for a short time!

        • WCW has a point, what if something happens and you get blamed?
          You should call Nancy Grace and ask her opinion. You can call in during her show. Lol.
          But I stand by what I said originally, you don’t have a lot of options because if a teenager is out of control, you really can’t do anything about it, especially if they are not your child.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Hi Squirrels, This is a tricky one. I think you should have a talk w/your friend and you are perfectly sane to say; The last time you left me with this responsibility, your daughter did not cooperate, she disappeared and I couldn’t contact her nor you. I was frantic and I don’t need this stress. You need to be responsible for her, ….the mom can call and check every 2 hrs as easily as you, let the mom be frantic rather than you. Tell mom that you will always be there if there is an emergency or the dau needs to call you, but you are not going to be responsible. I wouldn’t even want to know if mom is away. That is mom’s responsibility not yours….and if you accept it, then you are responsible. Any criminal acts that may happen… are on the hook. 13 year olds don’t have good judgement. Let mom monitor her own daughter, she may have to interrupt her evening out and come home, but that is what a parent has to do. Dumping that worry off on you is not fair and she is not being a good friend by doing it. The daughter broke the rules once, she will do it again. If something bad happens, you don’t want to be blamed or feel bad b/c mom and dau are disrespecting you. You’re not insane, you are being used and dang it….put a stop to it now! You raised your kids, she needs to do the same. 🙂

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I agree with the above Squirrels. You’d be on the hook for the bad behaviour of both the kid and the mom. You are being an extrememely good friend. Your BF, however, is using that to her advantage in order to have a wonderful time, while you get angry, nervous and frightened over her child’s actions. Not fair. Next time she plans a jaunt with her lover, refuse to watch the house/child. Tell her it is too stressful and you’ve got enough on your plate. Either the child can go with her or stay at another teen’s home.

  18. JenD says:

    OK…LOVE THE BLOG…WHY DOES STACIE’S “FATHER” GOTTA BE A DRUG DEALER FROM BALTIMORE…CAN HE BE A REGULAR BLACK MEN?…UH UH I GOTTA TAKE FOR MY SISTAS. LOVE THE BLOG, BUT THAT COMMENT WAS NOT NICE…I AM NICE BUT I WILL “GGQ”(go ghetto quick). From the begginning she said her mother was in the Peace Corp overseas and they met there and she got pregnant, so why would you assume her father would be a drug dealer. I have a a lot of black men in my life, and they aren’t drugs dealers, they are educated and hardwork. What makes you think her caucasian mother is on drugs, so do you think the only way a white woman and black man interact is through the “sale”, you have to be better than that.

    • Snarkella says:

      It was just a joke JenD. RCH was being snarky. She’s said far worse things about the others. I think she was making fun of the fact that Stacie can’t just be happy to find her father, she and Jason are making it all about him being some bigshot in Nigeria.

      I don’t think it had anything to do with the race of Stacie’s mother or father. Just a joke.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Truly, we have speculated alot here but don’t know the facts – frankly speaking the man just didn’t want to be part of her life (why didn’t he keep Stacie? why did he agree to her adoption? why didn’t he try to find Stacie?). The parents made decisions and now Stacie feels her need to know is more important than their original one???? This may have nothing to do with race but everything to do with what was best for her!

        • Squirrels says:

          I suspect that back then, one did not need a father’s permission to give a child up for adoption. All the mom had to do was claim she didn’t know who the father was in order to give up the child. I doubt he knows she exists, but you are right, it’s all speculation. Depending how old Stacie is, termination was not an option either, at least not until 1973. I tend to believe she is older than 37, maybe early 40’s.

        • Stacie said that her father never knew she existed. The mother never told him.

    • JenD-
      Because if I said “regular black man” it wouldn’t be funny.
      I don’t actually think that her mother was on drugs or that her father was a drug dealer.
      My recaps are not meant to be taken seriously.
      And I was recently watching The Wire… that’s why when I was thinking about a joke to make about her father a West Baltimore drug dealer came to mind… because she lives in DC. That was my thought process anyway. Sorry if you were offended.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        God help us all if we start taking all things said here seriously! Humor blog, folks. 🙂

        • JenD says:

          Don’t worry yall, i just felt different reading that part, but i guess i didn’t see the humor in that, uh maybe the DC wives are that boring, anyways please keep the blogs coming love love this, i actually check this website at work…well on my lunch break.

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO Stacie really doesn’t have an interesting storyline and she got stuck with the searching for birthparents one. We are in the invent a background story phase – remember Danielle and the Italian Princess/Priest Murdered dropped in NJ…..then the from Brooklyn line….

    Why not a story on the real estate market challenges facing the HARVARD grad…. Why not a story on supporting her house husband who we never see doing housey/kids kind of things?? Stacie could be interesting but to date she is not.

    • emily says:

      The story line is so boring and at this point I am hoping for some ridiculous reveal of the dad and that it will shut them both up.
      Now that all the Bravo-watchers in Nigeria have seen Stacie’s father’s picture they can contact Bravo or, hell, just go up to the “chief” and tell him he has a bi-racial MBA-holding real estate broker daughter in the capital of the U.S.A.! And he can Google her or, better yet, Facebook her! If he really wants to find her.

      I actually find Stacey’s search for daddy more boring than Mary, Lolly and the closet thievery.

    • JenD says:

      OMG ur right, what the hell does Jason do? Well if you have a wife that makes $25million a year(that what Stacy said she made), whats the point of working?.

  20. About this photo of Stacie’s birthfather…
    Did he buy the robe and hat to match the car, or buy the car to match the robe and hat?

  21. emily says:

    I’m curious when they taped the Salahi-bashing lunch with Cat, Mary and Lynda. They showed it sleeting or lightly snowing outside and Cat’s bangs were quite long; I’d wager that bit was done after the WH crashing fiasco (not that they didn’t have enough trash to snark about without that). The time line of this show is driving me batty. After they showed the first installment of the lunch scene, they show the Salahis in the backseat of the Disco limo. She’s wearing a tank top.

    • The time line of the show is all wrong.
      I made a comment in one of my early blogs about Lynda saying all this crap about Michaele and then saying that she loved her at the salon opening… I found out later that the salon opening was one of the first things the women did, and Paul’s birthday party and all that other stuff came after. The entire series of parties and lunches in this show is out of order.

      • emily says:

        Yes, thank you!
        I heard the Washington Post does a recap and fact checker on this franchise and finally checked it out.
        Latest episode:

        “Lynda meets Mary Amons and Cat Ommanney at the Madison on a snowy day. (This is your tipoff that the Housewives are, as usual, time-traveling. In the fake Bravo chronology, the Nov. 24 White House incident hasn’t quite happened yet, remember? And yet it didn’t snow in D.C. until December 5.) ”

        I also really believed the timeline was out of order for Lynda’s Burkina Faso fashion show. Why would she be so worried about Salahi’s crashing this show if it didn’t happen after the big crash (and not just the cong. black caucus gala)??
        BUT WashPo insists there is not time-traveling here and the fashion show occurred b4 the state dinner.

        • Thank you for that link.
          I Lynda was making a big deal about them crashing the fashion show because they had already crashed the Black Caucasus at that point.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Duh, I thought Lynda was making such a big deal of the Salahis not being there because of Lolly! Mary went on about how it wouldn’t be pretty if they were all in the same room. Little did Lynda know that her fashion show was not significant enough to crash as we learn of the BC and WH crashings.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        You guys are right, this show sucks!

  22. WindyCityWondering says:

    It has finally dawned on me why I hate the new promo for RHOA – NeNe’s giant hips/ass spread is front and center and I can’t see what the other ladies are wearing! It will be fun to have two new divas in the line up – look out NeNe your title is on the line.

  23. crazysweet says:

    this blog is super funny and not one word including the comments should be taken that seriously just with a grain of “proverbial” salt. 😉 lol
    In fact I’m so glad I found it I’m most likely giving up twop since everything is so damn serious and debatable and endlessly wordy. Plus they keep giving me warnings because I call Bravo out on stuff like Bethenny’s wedding song and a bunch of other contrived crap. But their warnings are so inane like I didn’t capitalize a word and shit. They police those sites for anything contrary and each and every HoWife has her minions take up her cause on there. I’d rather post here, in truth and snark w a dash of humor!

    • I’ve never been on those Twop boards but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about them. The next time I get bored I might go over there and see what kind of drama I can stir up. Lol.
      What’s up with Bethenny’s wedding song? I don’t even remember what it was.

      • emily says:

        Hmm, the song was Alicia Keys “No one”. All I know is that sometimes in the repeats of wedding episode, when they are all dancing it is not to that song. It was speculated that Bravo didn’t want to pay the song royalties in every repeat episode.
        Cannot think what else people said referring to her song except that it’s a really good song. And during that song there’s a shot of Alex with her mouth wide open singing and it is not a flattering look but only like 2 sec.

      • crazysweet says:

        just that a lot of people on TWOP boards were oohing and ahhing about it and I posted saying how utterly contrived it was and that the song was bought for and not picked. I talked about licensing and how stupid it was to me they kept cutting to people singing like Alex and at least Ramona had enough self respect not to mouth the words but of course Alex will do anything for more screen time. Then In closing I mentioned that the hot guy who jumped in the water totally drunk should hit me up. but I guess they don’t like my humor or my commentary and I got yet another warning so I quit that bitch like bad drugs. oops! there I go again.

  24. Amber...Real Wife says:

    What is worse? To have given birth to a child 37 years ago and given it up for adoption or given birth to a biracial child 37 years ago and give it up for adoption? Either way Stacie’s mom doesn’t want her family to know. She thinks her family won’t accept Stacie or is it that her family would be shocked at her actions? Interracial dating, pre marital sex, pregnancy, adoption? She is not trying to find out. She wants to continue her charmed life, where neither the biodad or her family, doesn’t know of Stacie’s existence. How is Stacie supposed to be excited about a family, that her mother says she had to hide her existence from?
    As a adopted child, I am sure Stacie had fantasies of finding her bio parents and hearing how they regretted it but thought of her often. To meet her mom, be given pics of her dad, but no name and told she won’t be taken into the mom’s family had to be devastating. Now she’ll turn her fantasy dream toward her dad. Hopefully she can get the acceptance and awe of her beauty, intelligence and accomplishments on that side.
    All that Stacie became was not only because her mother gave her up for adoption but despite being an unwanted child put up for adoption. Her adoptive family was loving and encouraging. Her success should prove that everyone wants to know their origins.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      What is worse? Bringing this onto reality TV for a half-assed story that jumps around and doesn’t make sense most of the time for “drama” and entertainment.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Yeah you’re right. More interesting is a boorish brit who enjoys the sound of her cigarette and whiskey laden voice so much she rarely allows others to speak. Ooh lets hear more about her life and about her book, to find out how full her box is…NOT!

        Or we can also find out about biometric locks that work but aren’t put to use, by drunken idiots….or a talent/modeling agent/ who rates a person’s catwalk on a 5ft area of a 10×10 basement/goat rodeo pen. I’ll pass on those too.

  25. BKAamia009 says:

    I dont understand why she didnt tell her mom look Im gonna be on a reality show so tell me who my dad is or im gonna have a PI find out, give an ultimatum or something. Y go through messing w/ her half brother & all? She does have a right to know but I thik she could of handled it differently..

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