The Real Housewives of New Jersey Have Lost Their Minds On Twitter

If you are not on twitter, then you are really missing out on a big part of the internet world and Real Housewife madness. But since most of you who read my blog are not on twitter, I will fill you in on the juicy (why does this world always make me think of Joe now?) details.

As I explained in my last blog, the whole reason I even wrote the Dina Manzo wedding fiasco recap was because Dina started freaking out when I began discussing her wedding on twitter. Then the recap only prompted more twitter discussions, more Dina freak outs, and more people looking at Dina a little side ways. One of my twitter friends began questioning the finances of Dina’s charity Project LadyBug. You can read Laura a.k.a geoaubsmom a.k.a #LauraM‘s full account of what happened on Lynn’s blog.

The short version of part of the story is that Laura called the charity. No one picked up and her call went to a voice mailbox that was full.

I know twitter can be confusing to follow if you aren’t used to it, so hopefully the way I layed it out will make sense to you guys. If you see me write @someone’s name that means I’m talking to that person, or if I add their name on the end it might just mean that I want them to see what I wrote. If there is no @ then it’s just a general statement from the person’s account.

After Laura tweeted that she called the charity Dina tweeted this:

dinamanzo @jennifersale no worries Mama~I’m on it. They r basically being charged w slander &harassment When they start calling me, they’re askin 4it

dinamanzo Guys I LOVE u but no need to defend, Laura M is now turned over to the proper authorities & will be dealt with accordingly. Thank you!

Dina really is insane. This tweet led to a whole lot of twitter speculation over who the “proper authorities” are. Phone police? Twitter police? Manzo Mob?

Here are a couple more tweets from Dina:

dinamanzo Yes tweetholes, I will call u out on your nastiness if I’m in the mood & erase it after u read it. U don’t deserve the followers u may get.

For some reason Dina thinks that every time she responds to a “hater” they get a ton of new followers. Sometimes I do get a few new followers during a tweet war, but mostly I just get their crazy fans threatening me for daring to speak badly about their beloved Housewife.

dinamanzo In a world w such serious issues as childhood cancer & suicide~certain people still choose to spend their time being hateful. MIND BOGGLING

Do you think she yells at Jacqueline, Ashley, Teresa or Caroline about the amount of time they spend being hateful towards Danielle instead of doing volunteer work?

Caroline tweeted this:

CarolineManzo Please stop

But then later there was this tweet from Caroline’s account:

CarolineManzo hi guys! its @laurenmanzo some1 hacked into my moms account and wrote the “please stop” tweet..i changed her password evrything is fine! 🙂

Who could have hacked into Caroline’s account? It must have been someone close enough to her that they were able to guess her password. And someone who wanted people to stop something… hmmmm….

Then their sister Cookie got involved and tweeted this (It was in 3 separate tweets since twitter has a limit, but I combined them):

cookielauritavery saddened by IRRESPONSIBLE tweeters who spend so much time & energy trying to discredit honest hardworking people whose only desire is to help others…maybe they need to take some of that time & energy & take a tour of the childrens oncology dept of their nearest hospital.. maybe then they’ll stop…. : (

A DinaFan jumped into the argument and tweeted this to me:

Cupcake322 @PutYourHairUp good one douchebag. You’re prbly some fatass woman eating dingdongs all day w/ nothing better to do. Go jump off a bridge.

I tweeted this back:

PutYourHairUp You aren’t even original. NeNe said that line last week.

Then I tweeted this on twitpic:

PutYourHairUp: This is the DinaFan who called me a “fatass” on twitter. Is that a sausage in her hand? Just sayin…

Cupcake322 never tweeted back to me after that (btw, love the guy in the background). But she did tweet a whole bunch of nasty stuff to some of my twitter friends. She has since deleted all of it. I’m sure Dina sent her a message asking her to delete them considering that her and Teresa spent half the day tweeting about the tragedies of suicide while their fans were telling people to kill themselves.

“Tommy Manzo” has been hysterical throughout all of this:

TommyManzo_ @Twilighttwittiof course I care about Dina’s charity’s. How do u think we get the mortgage paid?

TommyManzo_ Dina talked about her charities all day so she can claim her breakfest lunch & dinner, 11 coffees and a box of exlax on taxes.

TommyManzo_ Dina is on the phone with Albie asking for some “lawyering” advice. Poor Albie, he’ll never be the man his mom….is.

TommyManzo_ Why does Dina want me to hire someone to dig a 2X4 hole in the backyard? What’s she up to? Teresa???

TommyManzo_ Dina just walked by the front windowsill and smacked a ladybug dead with a magazine.

In the middle of all this drama, Teresa not only unblocked me, but followed me (she has since unfollowed me – not that I can blame her). Not only that, but she actually tweeted to me too. I find it HILARIOUS that after months of being blocked and ignored, she decided to not only follow, but compliment me on the day I posted an entire entry dedicated to bashing Dina. Passive aggressiveness, or just bad timing? Who knows.

Teresa’s tweet:

Teresa_Giudice @PutYourHairUp your blogs are hilarious xx @momsthoughts @dinamanzo

My reply:

PutYourHairUp Has she (a) lost her mind (b) is attempting damage control or (c) really does think my blog about @DinaManzo is funny?

Then Teresa responded with this:

Teresa_Giudice @PutYourHairUp oh, and it’s C). Although not so much for your Twitters… xx

She also tweeted that her parents don’t live with her, they live 20 minutes away. I tweeted that the parents that live with them must be Joe’s parents. She responded with this:

Teresa_Giudice @PutYourHairUp Sorry, my in-laws don’t live with us either. xx

Is she lying? I don’t know. I don’t even remember how the “parents live in the basement” rumor got started. Well… I may have started the “in the basement” part, but I don’t remember who said the parents lived with them to begin with. Whether they actually live there or not, the fact of the matter is that someone has to be raising the kids and cooking and cleaning while Teresa is traveling and going to parties and Joe is drowning his sorrows in alcohol and crashing cars.

Teresa has been tweeting up a storm all day. All xx’s and compliments to the 100k+ people who are stupid enough to love her. She also tweeted a few times that the rumors about her feud with Melissa Gorga are not true. You can read this and decide for yourself.

I also tweeted this:

PutYourHairUp @DinaManzo Your friend Teresa said my blog about ur wedding was funny. U shld get her back&tweet that u like my blog about her house vs SIL

Oh, and just incase she tries to deny that it ever happened, I took a screen shot of Teresa following me. Lol:

Melissa just posted this on twitter:

Melissa_Gorga Teresa Giudice Talks Danielle Staub & Future Plus More Drama With Sister-in-law! I HAVE BALLS!!! I LIKE THIS!

Excerpt from the RealityTea article she linked to in that tweet:

In other news, despite Teresa’s claims that she and her sister-in-law/newest NJ housewife Melissa Gorga are not at war, their facebook and twitter postings tell a very different story.

As we have reported, the two ladies do not get along – at all, mostly due to what sources say is the constant mistreatment and non acceptance of Melissa by Teresa. But we’ll let you be the judge. Check out the following twitter postings made by both ladies last week. Please feel free to pay attention to the timelines –

Guess who else was at Audriana’s small family party? My brother Joe, my sister-in-law Melissa and their gorgeous kids. xx 8:33 PM Sep 21st via web

Here’s a pic of Melissa & my baby nephew Joey at the party. Neither of them are black or not speaking to me. Hmm.. PM Sep 21st via web

Don’t you love little Joey’s outfit? I brought it to him when I visited him at the hospital. So much for those feud rumors… xx 8:36 PM Sep 21st via web

Above are all tweets by Teresa trying to dispell the rumors. It however seems Melissa wasn’t buying it as she made the following tweets –

This is a first… What a JOKE! 9:34 PM Sep 21st via web

Well I think we have never made it to a tweet or even a mention at all, why now… hmmmmm, good night! 9:41 PM Sep 21st via web

All joking aside, the past is the past, everyone starts with a fresh slate, family is family, period. 11:27 AM Sep 22nd via web

What a day, can a leopard change its spots? I’m not to sure yet… 5:23 PM Sep 22nd via web

Must say I love the balls on this chick named Melissa Gorga. I’m guessing Teresa badly wants to mend things with Melissa as not to appear as a phony and mean person to her fans on the new season of the NJ Housewives. Teresa’s popularity has taken a major hit with the news of her $11 mil bankruptcy filing and irresponsible spending. Having her true colors shown on the new season of the show will definitely not help matters.

So far, it seems Melissa isn’t willing to play along with the phoniness. Plus if Melissa is even telling half the truth about the awful way Teresa has treated her in the past, then I must say that Teresa is a pretty crappy being. And there’s a whole lot more interesting exchanges between these women. For example, just this week, Teresa posted that she was taking dance classes, after which Melissa called her a “copycat,” later posting that she had been taking dance classes for the past 4 months.

And again, I ask regarding the 3rd season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub who? The addition of Melissa to the show is absolutely genius. Also, as of the moment, it does not seem like Bravo wants Dina Manzo back. Can’t say I blame them considering Dina’s husband refuses to do the show, and Dina’s ex-husband has now reportedly banned their daughter from appearing on the show.


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113 Responses to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Have Lost Their Minds On Twitter

  1. Shari says:

    LMAO I love it! I sent a tweet to that cupcake person, but at the time, I didn’t know who she was talking about. The following, is what I tweeted.

    @Cupcake322 I have no idea to whom you are referring,but it depends on the motivation behind starting said cancer foundation.@PutYourHairUp

  2. Meg1964 says:

    lawd…i’ll be so glad to have my internet back. trying to keep up by phone is for the fuckin birds. anyway..isnt the tweeter posting as TareqSalahi really a fake? I assumed it was by some of the posts and have been playing along, but some tweeters seem to think he’s real. also, is @tweeterlaura the same as LauraM? I’m getting my cast of characters confused!

    • Tareq is fake. And a bad fake. There are so many funny things you could do with that name, but his posts are just random and not really funny.
      LauraM is @geoaubsmom not to be confused with @tweeterlaura.
      Dina got “Laura M’ off of her profile and tried to be a smart ass by tweeting her real name.

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      @geoaubsmom is the Laura M being referred too with reference to the twitter war with Dina

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  4. Squirrels says:

    Good golly Miss Molly. Do these self proclaimed, uber important because their brains are wired to declare it so have any idea what they are doing to themselves? Who ever their PR reps are should be horse whipped…. by a really mean horse, btw.

  5. Delia says:

    I know this is off topic, but…..

    Has anyone seen this? If Kelly were interviewed by Larry King


  6. RHofWhatever says:

    Whoever is doing Tommy the Turd is F’n AWESOME!

  7. Need a Hobby says:

    Thanks for the info. By the time I get home from work here in the West, when I tried to catch up on what had happened, all that was left was a bunch of gnomic remarks and a few scattered feathers.

    Apparently it was a rolling circus yesterday on the net: I’d have to follow half the internet to follow the conversation. Like Dina, I too have contacted the proper authorities. They told me to go blow myself??? Is that like New Jersey speak for “have a good day?” Confusing.

    • Sardonica says:

      Great use of the word “gnomic” in a sentence. I like these posters! If only Dina would consult some of you for PR advice.

  8. I posted this in the comments section of my last blog:

    I couldn’t agree more. Even in her twitpics of him he always has his hand is over his face or it’s far away and dark and you really can’t tell if it’s even him or not. Why won’t he even let her post a picture of him on twitter? If he was someone who really hated the spotlight and didn’t want his face out there I would understand, but he already did the show, his face is already out there on the internet, so why can’t he take even one picture with his wife? You are so right, if he really loved her he would do something to stop all the gossip. (Who wants to bet Dina reads this and makes Caroline make Albert make Tommy take a picture with her?)
    I swear – if a pic or youtube of Dina and Tommy comes online in the next week that means Dina read the blog.

    Dina just tweeted this:

    • tuzentswurth says:

      You called THAT one right! Can you tell me the winning Powerball numbers for next lottery?
      I wonder if this is an old picture she had to dig up? Friggin’ hilarious!

      • I don’t think it’s a recent picture. She totally dug it up, she’s gonna take it down before someone tells Tommy it’s up there. If only she would have taken the time to read the comments section of the blog she would have saved herself the embarrassment.

    • Sardonica says:

      Problem I am having with the call Albert remark is the Beatles song “Uncle Albert” always come to mind now and then stays stuck for awhile.

    • teresa west says:

      I can’t believe it, guess who must be reading your blogs, no way is this a coincidence!!

  9. Dina is giving thumbs down again. 😦

  10. Shari says:

    Bite me, Dina!

  11. Danielle staub says:

    I hate the manzos but you are pretty pathetic… Do you have a job or kids? If you wasted this much time on either of them you’d be a billionaire… Get a life seriously…

    • RHofWhatever says:

      Well “danielle”, it’s sites like this and rabid, obsessed fans like these that help line the pockets of Real Houswives like “you”. So if I were “danielle”, I would be more than happy to let people talk and build up the frenzy so that when it comes time to sign the contract for next year, I would feel secure in the knowledge that there will be one on the table….unless I am the biggest wack-job paraniod psycho of the group and no one will play with me.

    • I agree, I think I could totally be a billionaire if I just put some effort into it! Thanks for believing in me! 🙂
      I have 2 girls but I don’t work because I collect welfare and child support. I don’t actually spend any of the money on the kids, I let them wear clothes from the Salvation Army and eat cheap food from Diners so that I can afford my LV bags and Louboutin heels. But the welfare is just temporary until I can find a guy to take care of me… or a desperate lesbian. I’m not really picky as long as they have money.

      How are you enjoying the Catskills Danielle? Must suck there without your car, no?

      • BonBon says:

        Don’t you also get Food Stamps and exchange them for money for your cigarettes and alcohol and drugs? And nights out stripping (for fun only, of course).
        I think Danielle staub is really Teresa (who now hates the Manzos…although the G-dmother thingy is a bit up in the air now).
        I mean if it was really Danielle, she would have ended it with love and light.

    • Sardonica says:

      As a regular reader/fan I will reply to daniellenickname. I don’t have kids and as I have stated before my husband supports my sorry ass. If you don’t like it well, too bad. You are sounding bitter. Maybe you need to join the fun here? Oh, and leave RCH alone. She supplies me with my daily dose of humor and I am sure her life is just fine. At least she is supplying a service to those of us in need of a good laugh.

    • TT in OC says:

      Dear “Danielle”,
      I am not even a millionaire. I have a full-time job, a husband, a mortgage and numerious of bills to pay. I dreamt to be a billionaire so I will have nothing better to do but make fun of disgusting people who put themselves out there on reality TV for the whole world to see, then whine and complain about people commenting. I would particurlarly like to pick on those who have no backbones and hide behind others and/or make-up identities.

    • Snarkella says:

      Eff off Danielle staub! Oh, and not to put too fine a point on it, but how exactly do you become a billionaire by wasting time on kids? You are obviously a super non-pathetic person so please enlighten me.

      • That is a good point… How do you become a billionaire by wasting time on kids?
        If someone can tell me how, I might actually consider having some. Because obviously unless there is some monetary benefit I really don’t see the point in giving birth.
        Where’d ya go Danielle? I need your wisdom!!

        • BonBon says:

          Let’s see….have eighteen of them and do a reality show. That could be one way. Or…..
          Another way might be to live in a state where for each child you bear, your welfare, foodstamps and afdc increases. Have 18 kids. No biggie.
          Of course, you couldn’t spend the money on the kids and the foodstamps would have to be sold for more moolah. But then you would be raising 18 potential High fashion models who would surely make you a billionairess. Of course, you would have to learn patience (it’s just 15 years. No biggie.) The money would naturally have to go under the mattress (again…the matresses) so no one would notice and report you to the IRS.
          There you go. It’s a plan. Now, make it work!

      • Sardonica says:

        Didn’t pick up on the “wasted” this morning. You a smartie, Snarkella! The old adage applies here… “the devil is in the details”

    • Need a Hobby says:

      My account was hacked by the Duggars.

      Praise the Lord!

      So what’s your excuse for trolling the web?

  12. Cin says:

    Wow; thanks for the great breakdown! I’ve been trying to keep up on twitter & blogs but there’s just so much crazy drama going on lately it’s easy to miss stuff.

    The show isn’t even on right now, and RHONJ are still more exciting than the DC Housewives. I thought I would miss all their drama when season two ended, but there’s more than ever going on with them right now – except for @jaclaurita, who comes off as pretty boring anyway. Did she do anything during season two besides walk around with the baby in her arms while whining about Danielle?

    love love love xx @tommymanzo_ he makes me laugh, and even though sometimes the tweets are awfully raunchy and mean I have to check his page each day to make sure I don’t miss any of them! Whoever is writing that is hilarious & I have to wonder how many of those tweets would resonate with the real Tommy Manzo, especially after watching that creepy trashy wedding video.

  13. Tracy Hunley says:

    This was beyond entertaining.

    And I don’t believe for one second that someone hacked into Caroline’s twitter account. Nice try, though.

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, there is no way the account was hacked. If anyone hacked the account it would be to either
      1) send out advertisements
      2) Write some funny stuff

      No one is going to hack a “celebrities” account just to write “please stop”…. except Dina. Lame excuse.

      • Meg1964 says:

        I totally agree! If someone took the time to hack it, they would’ve gone wild with it.

        Try a better lie next time, Lauren.

  14. Sardonica says:

    I often wonder if this blog and some others are being written by PR people of the NJ cast. It keeps them in the spotlight and bad press is better than no press. They are too boring without these tweaks about them. Come on, RCH, ‘fess up. Are you on Albert’s get whiney Caroline off my a** payroll?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      A real professional PR person would never feed this kind of information about their client. If these wives have PR then they are definately not listening to them!

      • I don’t think they have PR people. If they do, they all need to be fired asap because they are totally failing at their job.

        • Sardonica says:

          Do you think I can apply for the job of PR? If so can I list you as a reference?

        • BonBon says:

          Why would any Narcissist ever hire a P.R. agent? Only REALLY famous people hire P.R. agents, because even they know they sometimes cannot conduct themselves in the best way possible. These women (NJ Housewives) think they know it all and arealwaysrightandneverwrong and categorically KNOW that they are their own best P.R. agents.

    • They are too stupid to comprehend the benefits of blogs like this one.
      If they had a blogger on their pay roll every post would be about how wonderful and full of integrity they all are. There are a few blogs out there like that, but they get like 5 hits a day… no one wants to read a Manzo kiss assy love fest blog. People want the dirt!
      I totally think some of us should be getting paid. Who would even be talking about Dina right now if it weren’t for us “tweetholes”? No one.
      Her 15 minutes are pretty much up and we are making her relevant. She should send Thank You cards tbh.

  15. WindyCityWondering says:

    TwitterRob sez the Guidice Auction has been called off…. maybe Teresa has been working enough and they have dug up enough cash out of their back yard to make the trustee believe they can make good on their repayment of their debt!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Or Kim G made the court/trustee an offer they couldn’t refuse….buying up the whole lot at once…….

      Here’s Rob’s Twitter…..”I have not always defended @Teresa_Giudice from #RHNJ but she is one class act! Sunday auction off. It was all a press stunt by creditors.”

      Rob seems not to realize that the creditors aren’t the ones who have the authority to hold an auction and weren’t the ones who scheduled it. The court-appointed Trustee of their estate acting under the authority of the federal bankruptcy court did. Trustee doesn’t have time for press stunts….but the people who whisper misinformation to Rob do. Rob’s not bright enough or too lazy to figure out the facts. So the auction set up and just ” all a press stunt by creditors” is absolute BS, Rob, and you look uninformed, lazy and/or just a boob and a tool by asserting that.

      There was some talk of concern about how much the auction would bring, or having a private sale, that sort of thing. And reportedly negotiations between the Trustee and Gs attorney(s). But this stuff is serious and for real . Rob just shows how easily he can be spun like a top. And Rob, when the Fed Dept of Justice says “you’re full of shit and you lied under oath,” and the IRS says, they didn’t file those tax returns, that’s some serious shit. Bozo.

      Maybe the public auction has indeed been called off for other arrangements or made private, but not because the creditors were just having a press thing, moron. It’s under the jurisdiction and authority of the federal bankruptcy court.

      (Oh and Rob, your Zoe report is also as suspect….there are pics of Brad sitting rows behind Zoe at fashion shows in Sept…..quite contrary to what you “reported.” Are your “sources” voices in your head or what?)

      • Sardonica says:

        Huh? I can see you, Need a Hobby, are the brains of this “orginazation” So, is the auction on or off? I have to run to the ATM and grab some cash for the Morticia chairs if indeed it is still on. I need me some tacky

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Reportedly the public auction has been canceled. But there will be a “private sale” instead some time in the future. T’s attorneys apparently argued that a private sale would raise more money than a public auction. So who are the anticipated buyers who will be participating in this private sale? Will some fambly members/friends buy the shit back for the G’s, or is Kim G readying her checkbook and ebay ID?

      • Squirrels says:

        See? This is why I adore you. Cut to the chase. Call em like you see em. What a breath of fresh air amidst the aroma of stinky BS.

  16. Brobee says:

    WOWOWOW! Such drama! Thanks for the recap… it baffles me how delusional Dina is! All of this hubub wouldn’t have happened if she was straightforward about the workings of her charity. She should realize that she put herself out there in the public eye and as such should expect some scrutiny, and charities are always audited to make sure they are on the up and up, no one is excluded due to “celebrity.” Even Wyclef Jean was scrutinzed with his Help Haiti charity earlier this year… it goes with the territory. It really makes me suspicious of her true motives with her charity work.

  17. Tracy Hunley says:

    Oh…also wanted to say thank you. I’m now following Tommy Manzo on Twitter. His tweets are frikkin’ hilarious!

  18. Larue says:

    OMG! Me thinks RCH is Dina’s new puppet master!!! HAHAHA!! Just hilarious, her posting the old pic of her and Tommy the Chef after your post.

    Oh, Caroline, you are so stupid to think we believe for a minute someone hacked your account. Glad, though, that Lauren (haha) got it all straightened out for you. Gawd knows my daughter would be the first one posting on my Twitter if someone hacked it.

    I think this is the most hilarious and entertaining series of events ever! I am completely amused by the behavior of these women (Caroline, Dina and Teresa). Now we know what poor Danielle had to endure.

    The Manzos are complete and utter nut jobs.

  19. Larue says:

    Stop it!

  20. Larue says:

    Haha! Couldn’t resist!

  21. Shari says:

    Please stop!

  22. Shari says:

    This is Nicole, Shari’s daughter. Someone hacked into her account. The post above this was not made by her, but I’ve got it all straightened out now. Continue on…

  23. tuzentswurth says:

    OT…..HW of DC was pretty boring last night, I admit it, contrived and boring.
    Bonus though, I thought Tina Fey was very good on WWHL and Andy threw JZ under the bus by making fun of her and again showing her at her most immature, loathsome behavior with LuAnn acting like a childish, classless asshole, Win-win!

  24. Miss Anthrope says:

    I saw Carolines tweet – shit, sorry- I mean LAURENS tweet earlier and LOL’d. Who does she think she is kidding and why does she care so much?

    If someone was going to hack into Caroline Manzos twitter account, the very last thing they would write is “please stop”. God, I get so bent about that lying bitch. Who is she to call other people liars when she makes up lies about trivial nonsense like tweeting “please stop”? Wtf…

  25. Poor Caroline. She actually managed to keep her reputation throughout that mess of a show up until the very last episode… it’s just been going further and further down hill since then. I predict she will be hated by the end of season 3.
    Dina is another one – She left as the “nice one” more or less, then destroyed her reputation on twitter.

    Please stop. Hahah.

    Did you guys see Caroline’s new twitter and website background?
    What message is she trying to send? Stay at home mom or Mafia wife with an attack dog?

  26. jess says:

    have to say, i know the family and the in laws live in totowa. nowhere near teresa’s house. so yes, you are wrong. and no she is not lying.

  27. The haters on twitter keep telling me to get a job.

    The economy is bad. Why don’t they commend me for doing my part to help with the recession instead of encouraging me to take a job from someone who really needs it? Heartless.

    • Larue says:

      Teresa really, really needs a job. Dina, Caroline, Jacqueline, Ashley, Lauren. None of them work. From one generation to the next they teach their children how to sniff out the money and marry it.

      Is that the best the haters can do?

      • momsthoughts says:

        I do believe Dina has a design biz that she scaled back during show but has said she will start again….she also has her foundation. (yes, we know, ppl don’t like how she runs it). Jac is full time mom of very young children -THAT is a full time job. Plus Jac and Caroline do the show! That is a paying gig. Caroline also does charity work. She had also been a full time mom. Please do not tell me being a full time mom (without help) isn’t a full time job. It just isn’t a paying job. But it is 24/7 work. especially if you are doing it right. As I recall, Lauren was going to school. Ashley – well, sorry to say, that one seems to be a lost soul. What was she thinking with that tatoo! Holy cow.

        As for Teresa, I swore off saying bad things…but a job doesn’t even scratch the surface as far as what she needs.

        • Larue says:

          Ya, I guess throwing parties could be considered doing a job. And Lauren does the beauty thing. In fact she did Caroline’s make-up and hair for the reunion shows. She’s not very talented so I suppose mom and dad will buy her a salon so that she can hire people with actual talent to do the work for her.

          If these women are full-time mothers, then who’s watching the children while they are out partying and drinking with their friends and their daughter’s boyfriend’s mothers?

          They are all leaving their children with somebody a whole lot of the time. While partying.

          I have worked full-time outside my home for legal hard-earned dollars while having to pay a day care provider to care for my children for years. Don’t even begin to insinuate to me that these women are “working.”

          • Larue says:

            I didn’t mean for that last sentence to sound so bitchy, Momsthoughts. My personal opinion is that none of these women really work.

            Also, when you have 4 children you should be prepared to take care of them instead of constantly pushing them off on family and friends. It was especially irritating to watch Teresa sluff the kids off on Caroline and Albert in Italy. It seems they had an opportunity to spend some time together and Teresa wasn’t having it. And where were the kids while Joe was in jail and Teresa was dancing on tables drunk? That’s not what I’d call working is all I am trying to say.

            • momsthoughts says:

              I don’t disagree with you. I do think Jac is busy with two youngsters and she doesn’t party as much as the others. She does go out occasionally…nothing wrong with that. She does have a partner! nothing wrong with a husband spending time with his kids. But I think Jac and Caroline do laundry and housekeeping and shopping and all the things it takes to run a home. That is a full time job – its not prison – they are entitled to a social life. Women who work outside the home socialize, why shouldn’t women who stay home socialize too?

            • I have to point out one thing –
              I make jokes about Teresa partying, but those are all paid appearances and her appearance fee is 3k. Her parties are their main income right now.
              Unfortunately I’m sure all the clubs are paying her in cash and all of that money is going to straight under the mattress, not towards paying their debts.

  28. jess says:

    the MIL has 10 beautiful grandchildren to take care of, not just teresa’s kids. I could tell you that she most definitely does not spend all of her time there, i see her elsewhere all the time. thats about it.

    • The rumor is that her mother (not MIL) is there every day.
      So does Joe have a brother or a sister or both? Why don’t we ever see them on the show?
      Melissa was the one who said that Teresa’s mother is there everyday…. somehow that turned into the rumor that she lives with them.
      Care to comment on the Melissa/Teresa feud?
      And what do you think about the cookbook? Teresa admitted on the show that she doesn’t make her own pizza dough, but there is a recipe in the book for homemade pizza….

  29. emdee says:

    Real City Housewive – Love love love how you predicted after everyone was talking shit about the “Deanster” (Dina), being treated like crap by her husband and we never see them in public etc. etc.etc., that she would have to put a picture up of her and Tommy – SHE DID post a picutre of “her hubby -aaww” on Twitter. She really did – I couldn’t believe it. She’s definitely reading – keep up the great work. And yes her picture is old – she has bangs now – there are no bangs in that picture, and of course she’s hanging all over him – looks like he doesn’t have a hand on her. And now her twitter says she wants to post a video of her hubby (aawww) but he might get mad because of his bald spot. So insecure and desparate, yet very entertaining for me!!!!!!!!! She’s probably demanding now that he put her name on the deed for the house, and he’s probably laughing in her face!!!!

    • I know I was laughing my ass off. How great is this? And did you see the other picture? “Keeping my husband company at work”. Hahaha. I’m sure that’s exactly what Tommy needs – for Dina to keep him company while he’s trying to run a business.
      I dyed when I saw the tweet about her posting the video. My original comment said that she will post a “picture or video” so if she posts a video too I’ll be double right! Lol. I don’t understand why she seems so fixated on his bald spot though… she’s mentioned it twice in the last two days.
      I GUARANTEE she started bitching at him about the deed to the house.

      Tommy is probably sitting in his office cursing me right now.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Found it interesting too – Dina’s not named on the property…..what’s ours is really mine sez Tommy! Is Caroline listed on the property with Albert????

  30. jess says:

    it’s public knowledge that joe has both a brother and a sister. not too sure about teresa’s mom and dad being there EVERY day but it is her mother, she’s obviously going to get help from her before hiring a sitter or nanny. The press is definitely making the Teresa/Melissa fued a little bigger than it is. Not as much bad blood as people think. The cookbook is very cute, very Teresa. Many of the recipies were handed down, and customized by T not necessarily done from scratch. Dont think she denies that at all.

    • I know a lot of publications blow the feud out of proportion. They say that they “don’t talk” but it’s clear that Teresa does invite Melissa to all of her parties. But then she treats her like shit once she’s there. You know, like cookie-gate and the whole limo thing.

      I know the recipes were supposedly “handed down from her mom”. But you don’t see a problem with her including a recipe for something she admitted to never making? I mean come on, if she isn’t even going to try the recipes out at least once maybe her name shouldn’t be on the book.

      Also, did it ever occur to any of them that the only reason Teresa and Joe are getting away with their blatant obvious crimes (perjury, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering etc…) is because maybe the government is choosing to hold off charging them now in order to build a case and charge them with bigger crimes (including conspiracy, and that’s a bad one – doubles your time) later on? The government is not stupid. If their crimes are so ridiculously obvious to me and other people on the internet, you better believe the government has noticed as well. I’m just saying… if you are truly friends with the family you might want to have a talk with them.

  31. Larue says:

    Did you notice that after you mentioned on your blog that Teresa admitted she’d never made a homemade pizza she started posting pictures of herself making pizza?

    I think we should just call you the Puppet Master!

    • I did notice that. Lmao
      Jac tells me that she reads the blog. So even if the others don’t read it themselves, if Jac see’s one of their names obviously she is going to tell them what I wrote.
      What should I do next…. maybe I’ll write a blog about how Joe refuses to give Teresa anything more than a peck on the lips and see if she posts a pic of them making out.

  32. Streetwise says:

    Teresa’s Twitter behaviour is not her own….the woman who writes her books Heather Maclean does her twitter, blog fb etc.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe all this negative!!!! Jealous!!!! But, i’m sure your envious!!!!!!! The housewives of new jersey are pretty damn good !!!! and reasonable!!! loving!!!! caring and not fake except the #1 THERESA FAKE!!!!!! COULD TEACH HER KIDS!!!!! GET A REAL HUSBAND!!!!! THAT WOULD RESPECT,HELP OUT,

    WORK AND NOT LAZY!!!!!!! she said”if Kathy respected her she would respect back” to bad that doesn’t go for her husband!!!! or her kids!!!!!! as for the rest of the women go for it!!! good job!!!!!!!! hope season 4 is good!!!! and they get rid of Teresa in seriesw 5!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Pingback: Ashlee Holmes & Jacqueline Laurita Pick A Fight With Dina Manzo on Twitter, Jacqueline then Dictates What Dina Can “Hint” About : Reality Tv Scandals

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