Dina Manzo’s Big Fat Italian Embarrassment of a Wedding / Dina Manzo is a Bitch On Twitter

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures but this was the best VH1.com had to offer.)

Here is the link to the video if you would like to watch it before reading the recap: http://www.vh1.com/video/my-big-fat-fabulous-wedding/full-episodes/my-big-fat-fabulous-wedding-dina-and-tommy/1562895/playlist.jhtml?xrs=share_twitter

The show starts with Dina and Tommy having breakfast.

Dina says “We’re planning a wedding today.”

Tommy’s response?  “You’re planning a wedding today.”
You can just feel the love in the air.

Who wants to bet Tommy rented that car just for this scene?

It’s two minutes into the show and Dina is already admitting that Tommy is too busy to have a conversation with her. Busy with what? He runs a catering hall, not the country. Even the President finds time to have a family. Tommy isn’t busy, he just doesn’t like her.
I wonder if it was seeing herself on this show that inspired her to hire a beauty team before being filmed for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dina decides to stalk Tommy down at the Brownstone and try to get him to talk about the wedding. After about 5 minutes of following him around he finally realizes she is in the room. She asks him if he has time for wedding stuff and without missing a beat he says “No, absolutely not.”

Dina tries to tell him he’s lucky that she loves him but she doesn’t even have a chance to finish her sentence before he is pulling out his cell phone (which didn’t even ring btw) and looking for any excuse to end this conversation.

Dina tells Tommy that no other woman would put up with his crap the way she does. It’s true that Dina is a special brand of door mat, but Tommy knows he didn’t win any prize. He laughs and reminds her that he can get any girl he wants “Just bring out the check book. A lot of girls would put up with it.” He has a big smile on his face as he says it. Dina can’t say anything because she knows it’s true.

Tommy was barely finished showing Dina how much he respects her before something else grabbed is attention and he ran off yelling something about trucks and boxes.

Dina says that since she is a designer by trade she is very picky. “Picky” is probably the exact opposite of the word I would use to describe Dina. She certainly isn’t picky when it comes to men, and as far as decorating goes; I dont think she has ever met a decorative nick-nack or shiny sparkly object she didn’t like.

Back at home, Dina somehow (I imagine with the help of Caroline and Albert) managed to get Tommy to sit on the couch with her for three and a half minutes. She shows him her Jay Strongwater $500 sparkly butterflies which are her inspiration for the wedding. She tells Tommy she needs a thousand of them. Tommy loves anything sparkly and fabulous so he agrees.

Dina explains to the camera (with a silly looking grin on her face) that her and Tommy have been together for 5 years and that he cheated on her a couple times.

Tommy sarcastically says “I was not a good boy”. He knows this relationship is a joke and isn’t even pretending otherwise for the camera.
Dina -believer in karma- explains that you have to pay for what you do in life. And in Tommy’s case, he had to pay with his credit cards.

Tommy calls Dina his best friend which is just laughable since we all know that they don’t spend any time together and she can’t even get him to talk about -not even plan- just talk about the wedding with her. He says that after he realized that a shopping spree could buy him forgiveness for anything he did, “it was time to just marry her”.  Dina says “love him” in the same exact same way she says “love it” when she talks about bedazzled pumpkins and lady bugs.
Check out that body language.

Dina and her sisters go wedding dress shopping. Caroline says that Dina believes she was royalty in another life. That sounds more accurate that the “Mother Theresa” act Dina tried to portray on RHONJ. In this show it is very easy to see why Dina and Teresa are such good friends. Speaking of Teresa…. where is Dina’s long time best friend who is like family to her? For as close as they claim to be, you’d think she would have been a bridesmaid.

Dina, who has clearly never seen an episode of Say Yes To The Dress spends the entire time in the bridal salon saying how cheap everything is and ends up paying over $10,000 for a dress that she could have probably gotten for $8,500.
Looks like Dina missed a few spots on the back of her head with the flat iron that morning.

There is a big difference between the way Dina dresses on this show and how she dresses on RHONJ. I suspect that maybe Tommy cheated a few more times after the wedding and that’s how she ended up with her designer wardrobe and limited edition Loui Vuitton.

Dina goes to pick out her wedding cake -alone- and is wearing the exact same outfit that she wore to the bridal salon, except in different colors. Once again couldn’t even be bothered to brush her hair. I wish the picture wasn’t so blurry so you could fully appreciate the true Kelly-ness of her hair in this show.

Dina goes to the florist with her sisters to pick out the flowers. But she doesn’t “pick out” flowers as much as she just orders everything available. Dina’s tank top is extra fancy today with some embroidering around the neck, so maybe she thought no one would notice that this is the second time in a row she is wearing the same skirt.

Dina wants to spend 200 thousand dollars on flowers. Tommy thinks it’s crazy to spend that much money on something that is going to die the next day. I couldn’t agree more. I wonder if Dina considered how much good that money could do for her charity when she was planning this wedding? That sad face is over something to do with flowers, not for all the children who died from cancer that year because they couldn’t afford to pay for treatment.

The next day Dina heads over to the Brownstone in a pathetic bid to get her husband to pay attention to her for 30 seconds. Sidenote: Dina will be making fashion advice videos on youtube soon. I can’t wait!

As far as Tommy is concerned this is his party and Dina is just the wedding planner. The wedding is only a week away and he is still inviting people. They ran out of invitations so he is now making photocopies of the last invitation to hand out to people he meets on the street. Dina has given up on Tommy and is now sitting all the way across the room planning the wedding with Albert and Caroline.

The stress of planning a wedding with a man who doesn’t love her became too much and she started crying.

Tommy thinks it’s funny. The show is half way over and I have yet to see him act for a minute like he cares at all about Dina. He’s nicer to the kitchen staff than he is to her.

Now it’s the next day and once again Dina is back in the Brownstone office. She abandoned her traditional uniform in exchange for a shabby chic homeless person look complete with what appears to be paint splatter on the front of her shirt.

Albert pulls out the calculator and starts adding up all the costs of the wedding so far.

$100k for tents and chairs, $77k for entertainment, almost half a million on flowers, and they haven’t even figured out the cost of food or alcohol yet. Now I’m not bashing Dina’s house, I’m sure there are a lot of people who would feel lucky to live in a house that size… but it’s hardly a mansion. I just can’t understand spending that kind of money on a party when there are clearly more important things the money could be going towards like a bigger house, or a full time professional organizer, or a therapist specialising in hoarding, or um…. I don’t know… maybe… uh…. Saint Dina’s charity….

Albert agrees with me that they are not rich enough to be blowing this kind of money on a party that will only last a few hours. He reminds Tommy that he could have bought a beach house for the same price. Or 5 Ferrari’s and a Maserati.

It is now the day before the wedding. 80% of this show took place at the Brownstone and the only way you can tell it’s a different day is because everyone is wearing different clothes. Dina’s outfits just keep getting worse and worse. She wants to play the song that she plans to walk down the aisle to. Tommy could care less about anything involving Dina and doesn’t understand why she is in his office again for the 5th time this week bothering him when he is trying to avoid her work.

Just go away, will ya?!

Dina argues with Tommy in front of a much younger Lexi. Who wants to bet that Lexi grows up and marries a man who treats her like shit?

Dina says she doesn’t even want to get married anymore and leaves to go cry in the hallway with Caroline.

Before Botox:
Off camera Caroline was probably telling her “Just think about the money. Just focus on the money. Come on, we need to get you something better to wear than those cheap tank tops and dirty sweat shirts. Ya ain’t no spring chicken and you might be pretty but you’ll never be able to keep a decent guy with that personality of yours. I know he is a creep but you’ll never do any better so just quit your belly aching, dry those tears, and walk down the aisle tomorrow.”

Finally the big day arrives. I guess after all the over spending there was no money left for a bouquet so Dina just grabbed an armful of weeds and vines from the backyard and stuck a sparkly butterfly on them.

Dina says that Tommy is mean and insensitive and drives her crazy – but she loves him. Personally, I find “mean” and “insensitive” to be absolutely irresistible qualities in a man. She actually admits that she is afraid he won’t show up. But I’m sure Caroline was in close contact with Albert throughout the morning making sure that Tommy would be at the church on time.

Tommy got his friends from the sheriff’s department to give him (not Dina) a police escort to the wedding. Dina didn’t even know he was going to do this, she found out on the way to the church when her limo was cut off by his procession.

She looks excited, doesn’t she?

After they are pronounced husband and wife Tommy gives Dina a close mouthed kiss that lasts only a split second.

Then he quickly turns his face to the side….

…and gives her his signature bent forward/arms around the waist hug.

Over at the Brownstone Dina can’t even get Tommy to pose for pictures with her. She wants to wait to be introduced before walking into the party, but Tommy wants to get inside and check out his party and greet his guests. He kept his end of the deal and said “I do” and now he doesn’t want to be bothered anymore. Dina tries to convince him but he just walks away from her.

Notice he is rubbing his temples as he walks away.

Dina runs and cries to Caroline. Caroline yells at Albert. Albert yells at Tommy, and Tommy finally agrees to be introduced with Dina.

As they are making their entrance Dina tries to give him a kiss, but Tommy turns his head to the side and then immediately pulls away from her.

Even as they cut the cake, Dina can’t get more than a hug from her new husband.

With the introduction made and the cake cut, Tommy has officially fulfilled his wedding duties and ditches Dina to go socialize with his guests.

Dina is left on her own to wander around the room full of people she barely knows telling everyone how much her jewelry costs. The women seem impressed. Dina leaves out the part about not actually owning the jewelry. Dina’s bff Teresa is nowhere to be found. I wonder if she was even invited to the wedding. I’m sure if she had been there she would have managed to get her big head in as many shots as possible, but I didn’t see her.

The show ends with Dina bragging about finally being Mrs. Manzo. After the way he treated her throughout the show I really don’t understand what she is bragging about.

The “happy” couple.

Even now that they’re married, Dina still can’t get more than a peck on the forehead out of him.

After watching this show, I have a better understanding of why Teresa and Dina get along so well. Oh, and if you enjoyed the recap, you can thank Dina for it. I wasn’t even going to do it until she didn’t start freaking out when I was discussing her wedding on twitter.

Dina’s tweet attack was already discussed on Lynn’s blog, but in case anyone missed it, this is what happened: Dina is a bitch on twitter. Not only is she a bitch, she is a coward. Dina and I do not like each other. But she started it. I didn’t do or say anything to her, and she blocked me one day for no reason. I assume it was because I was following Lynn, there can’t be any other reason because I actually liked Dina up until the day she blocked me and refused to give me a reason for why she did it. Apparently Dina is still going out of her way to read my tweets. Here are some of my tweets from the other day that I guess she wasn’t too happy about:

@Kikilet how do you feel about the fact that @DinaManzo is totally copying your style? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLe-Hbc7lYk

http://tiny.cc/n18we says @DinaManzo spent 1/2 mil on her wedding. Don’t u think she should have spent the $ on her house instead?

@Damnert LOL. Yeah probably. Personally I would need a mansion, a Bentley, & a yacht b4 I could justify spending 1/2 mill for ONE night.

@AMerems Watch the wedding video. Big difference from the zen charity organizing @DinaManzo on RH. I think the wedding show is more accurate

After I made these tweets, Dina began sending private messages to some of my twitter friends telling them to tell me to stop being mean. She sent messages to three people (that I know of) asking them to deliver the messages for her. AMerems gave me permission to posts the messages:

She wrote this in response to me saying her wedding cost a half a million dollars. Well, according to the VH1 screen cap above, we were both wrong. What is with all these Housewives bragging on tv about how much things cost and then claiming in blogs and twitter that everything is fake/borrowed/donated/free??

Now Dina is picking on AMerems. Dina asked her to relay the message, she did, then Dina got mad. After seeing the way she reacted I don’t blame my other two friends for not wanting their names mentioned. Dina is a nutjob. You can’t send someone a message on twitter and tell them to send the message to someone else, and then get mad when it is discussed publicly. That is kinda the point of twitter – short messages for everyone to see. Twitter is not for people who enjoy their privacy.

I don’t know if this was in response to something I said or something AMerems said. I don’t even know what the point of this message was. I never assumed for a minute that she has anything even close to BH (Beverly Hills) money. I’m sure Tommy does work hard, but what exactly does Dina do besides sit in her kitchen and twitter all day?
Yeah right!! She’s jealous as hell over those women. They are already getting tons of attention and Dina isn’t even a part of the franchise anymore. She made it pretty clear on twitter that she wants to return to the show now that Danielle is gone, but I don’t think she was invited back.

These were my tweets after AMerems passed Dina’s messages along to me:

@DinaManzo I’m not mean. I just point out the obvious and you can’t deal with it.

@DinaManzo Come out come out wherever you are! Why are u always hiding behind other people? Unblock me and u can yell at me in dm’s all day.

Mayb I shld write a recap of @DinaManzo‘s wedding. I dont think enough people have seen it. & I think its a more accurate portrayal than RH.

@NewYorkAvenue I guarantee you @Teresa_Giudice and @DinaManzo are two peas in a pod. Dina just hides it better.

Lots of tweets asking me 2 do a Dina wedding recap. DC first, then Dina. See @DinaManzo– I’m giving u the attention u crave. Ain’t I nice??

There is a new imposter on twitter: @TommyManzo_ if you want to follow him. I know there was some specualtion that I was the one behind the account, but I’m not. Although I wouldn’t mind taking creadit because he is pretty funny. Here are some of his tweets:

Dina’s making bracelets out of pipe cleaners and bread ties. Time to sneak out to my apartment over by the Bstone.

Dina is Googling Danielle for the 45th time tonight.

Good Mother of God…Dina just took her hair pieces off. Caroline’s twin!

@WhiteTrashGal Why did u steal Dina’s nick name?

I’m so jealous of Joe. He’s a lucky man.

Talked to Joe G. today. The only thing he misses about Teresa is her forehead.

@itsjenwbitches She’s my million dollar mistake.

My big fat expensive mistake…Dina

Dina’s tweeting to the world that she does kegal exercises. Such a classy dame. Shoot me now….

Teresa just called- she wants to borrow a few bucks for an electrologist b4 joe gets out, I told her she can borrow the weed wacker.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey really are the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t they?

I found some videos while playing around on youtube and though I would share incase you didn’t see them:

All new blogs are being posted over here now:  http://realitycrackhouse.wordpress.com/

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274 Responses to Dina Manzo’s Big Fat Italian Embarrassment of a Wedding / Dina Manzo is a Bitch On Twitter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect with my morning coffee. Thank you!!

  2. Tracy Hunley says:

    I think it’s interesting that a woman like Dina who supposedly has so much to do with is following and responding to your tweets. I agree with you, I think that now that Dina is out of the picture on RH0NJ she can’t stand being away from the spotlight. Plus this woman tweets incessantly.

    About nothing.

    Still watching the wedding you almost feel sorry for her.

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    If Dina needs to tweet so much then she isn’t that busy! After watching “her” wedding it would have been nice if she would have found a more interesting groom – he just isn’t that into her! And as for being a designer – for who? She is without an ounce of talent!

  4. Waxdiva says:

    If you think Tommy was avoiding Dina, check out their audition tape. They’re sitting on a settee and Tommy is so far away from Dina he’s about to fall off:


    • Omg! Not only did Tommy cheat on Dina – but Dina was “the other woman” for the first year of their relationship!
      Thanks for posting this. Maybe I should recap this too. This is even worse than I wedding video!
      Everyone needs to watch this clip ^^^

      • RHAnalyst says:

        Lemme get some wine first. This is the SHIT today! Did you see the Aunt Jemima clip I sent you on Kim G.? Formaldahyde filled bat.(AFDIVA)

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        did they ever mention the word “LOVE”? it seemed the only time Tommy was animated when he was talking about all the preparations and costs of the wedding!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Uhmmm, Now I see why there are rumors that he is gay.

      • Brobee says:

        OMG is all I can say to that casting tape!! I saw the wedding when it aired originally on VH1, and I happened to rewwatch it online after RHNJ came on because I remembered Dina in it. It’s amazing how differently she presents herself now that she has been “stylized” or should I say BOTOXED???? Wow! She comes off so needy and doormat-ish on this show and so zen and no nonsense on RHNJ… I guess it’s true when they say that money changes people….

        • RHofWhatever says:

          I remembered seeing this when it first aired and thinking “that guy is a complete ASS to her! What a bimbo for putting up with that! I CANNOT BELIEVE thier total relationship has lasted 5 yrs, and during that time he cheated on her MULTIPLE times, and she is STILL WITH HIM! WTH Girl!!! Grow a pair!” Then when RHoNJ came on and the wedding came to light I rewatched it and thought “Wow! It’s amazing what a good actress Dina is! I totally would think she is a pulled together lady with strength and class! Except I know she is that spineless twit under all the make-up, botox and scripted get-togethers”. Either way, it’s sad.

          • The wedding show was the whole reason Bravo approached Dina for The Real Housewives in the first place. They were expecting the gold digging cry baby from VH1. When she didn’t deliver they weren’t sad to see her go. I think Dina still doesn’t totally “get” the point of reality television. At least Teresa gets it and delivers.

    • TT in OC says:

      Look at Tommy’s body language, he was leaning away from Dina most of the time and rarely looking at her. How pathetic! The whole marriage is a scam!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        If this is how he acts publicly, I imagine he won’t touch her privately either. He can’t find enough distance on the couch. She keeps moving closer and that pillow keeps shifting as she tries to get that contact with him. He becomes animated talking about the people’s reaction to the wedding, but pulls back when she paws at him. He seems to find her a nuisance and I agree!

        Dina has to be one frustrated cow. No wonder she was irritated by the sexually active Danielle. Her husband wants nothing to do with her, just wanting to have a wedding without the bride. That’s like wanting to go to heaven without dying. Ain’t happening.

    • dells bells says:


      I think that audition tape would’ve been more appropriate for Dr. Phil. What a healthy relationship those two have.

      Not only did Tommy the turd think it was no big deal that he cheated on his fiance for a year, he was also bragging about how many of the wedding guests will be there to see if the groom will even show up for the ceremony.
      What a catch!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      geez..sometimes I hate living in Canada..this site will let me view the freakin commercial but not the content cause I’m outside the viewing area WTH

    • Miss Anthrope says:


      Wow. I think we all know why there are those gay rumors swirling around. Not only does he have a lot of gay mannerisms, but the fact that they kept stating how shocked people were about him getting married was pretty telling. My brother was a long time “womanizer” and people weren’t all that surprised when he got married. They certainly weren’t surprised enough to cancel trips to Prague just to see it with their own eyes.

      That man could not possibly be any further away from her on that couch. It’s like he’s making a conscious effort to try and become one with it. Holy hell.

      Leave it to a phony like Dina to raise her daughter in a loveless household in exchange for a designer wardrobe. I wonder what sort of ideas Lexi has about marriage. She probably thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to marry a disinterested homosexual as long as he’s willing to pony up some credit cards. On top of that, she probably thinks it’s ok for men to cheat WITH her and ON her.

  5. Snarkella says:

    Wow. That was an eye opener. I’m glad you blogged this because I could never be bothered to look up her VH1 wedding show even after reading all the juicy comments about it. I still can’t be bothered, but at least now I know what Tommy looks like and what a sham her marriage really is. No wonder she is so effing miserable. I guess some women are willing to be miserable for money.

    She obviously tried to reinvent herself on Housewives. Her look was completely different. And on Housewives we heard a lot about her Ladybug charity and her Zen state of mind, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

    What would you call a woman who marries a man who can barely tolerate her, spends an obscene amount on her sham wedding, puts her darling little girl into that kind of cold & heartless home situation, and then acts like we should all look up to her? Well I would never call another woman garbage, but Dina’s sister would, so maybe someone should pose the question to her!

    • TT in OC says:

      Snarkella, you always speak my mind!! LOVE YOU!!!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I heard Dr. Phil say “When you marry for money, you earn every penny!”.

      She’s paying for her marriage daily. A lonely married spinster. Sitting and talking with her cats, alone on camera because her husband is a surgeon doing charity work in third world countries……he’s not? He works managing a local catering hall and has an apt. across the street and has a possible girlfriend/boyfriend? O-kaayy. Never mind.

  6. tweeterlaura says:

    the difference between wedding dina and rh dina is crazy, on many levels. her manipulative ways have come to roost. i am growing weary of reality celebs (faux celebs) promoting themselves in the name of charity. like her sister, she is a bitch- she just doesn’t own it. her fifteen minutes are over- what is left? twitter, facebook and the odd youtube entry.
    dina, i know you are reading this- take a shower and get some rest. you are looking tired.

  7. emdee says:

    As I stated on Lynn’s blog, Tommy’s gotta know how much shit she takes from people about her marriage being a sham and how he makes her look like a jerk etc. etc. etc. I think if he really loved or cared about her, he would feel bad that she always gets so much shit about their marriage and appear with her at something and proclaim his love for her for the whole world to see – to shut everyone up. It makes me think he really doesn’t give a crap or feel bad for her at all. He was probably the one who told her what an “ass” she looked like on TV – and that’s why she left. Anything to please unreachable Tommy!!! I have yet to see him support her at anything, including her Big Gay Wedding!!!!

    • JenD says:

      WOW that is true.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Even in her twitpics of him he always has his hand is over his face or it’s far away and dark and you really can’t tell if it’s even him or not. Why won’t he even let her post a picture of him on twitter? If he was someone who really hated the spotlight and didn’t want his face out there I would understand, but he already did the show, his face is already out there on the internet, so why can’t he take even one picture with his wife? You are so right, if he really loved her he would do something to stop all the gossip. (Who wants to bet Dina reads this and makes Caroline make Albert make Tommy take a picture with her?)
      I swear – if a pic or youtube of Dina and Tommy comes online in the next week that means Dina read the blog.

      • TT in OC says:

        I think Dina just gave you a thumb-down, so I have to give you a thumb-up. Also I do agree with you.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        What is with the thumbs down? A thumbs down to this post doesn’t even make sense.

      • klmh says:

        Oops, didn’t mean to push the downward button, just wanted to read the reason for it. I thought the person that left it would explain their reasons for rating it a negative write up.
        I enjoyed your blog of Dina and her wedding.

        • Don’t worry about it. I would also like to hear the reason for the negative ratings, but like I said, Dina (and her fans too) are cowards. We get thumbs down sometimes and every once in a while someone will come in cursing a personally attacking posters. But I don’t know if we’ve ever had a mature reasonable person come in and argue Dina or Caroline or Teresa’s case in a mature way. I guess that’s because it’s not possible.

      • Waxdiva says:

        In the wedding video, Dina wants to walk down the aisle to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Tommy totally shoots that down (can’t blame him), which results in Dina sobbing because she really wants that song.

        Here’s what is so interesting: Caroline puts her arm around the rejected, sobbing Dina and asks if she really wants that song playing while she’s walking down the aisle, ’cause if Dina wants that song, Caroline is going to make sure she gets it. The song was not in the wedding, but I’m sure that if Dina really wanted that song, Caroline would have had a talk with Albert, who would have had a talk with Tommy, and Dina would be walking down the aisle to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

        Who walks down the aisle to a song from ‘The Wizard of Oz?’

      • Waxdiva says:

        It looks like Carolyn talked with Tommy and Dina:


  8. jezzibel says:

    jaysus….what a desperatly unhappy woman she is, I feel genuinly sorry for her after reading your blog.
    But she should’nt have picked a fight with you over nothing at all.

  9. geoaubsmom says:

    Princess Claudine has the biggest nostrils evva! I thought her wedding bouquet was stolen from a cemetary plot… FUGLY! Thanks for taking the time to blog about the BIG, FAT, OBNOXIOUS WEDDING!

  10. geoaubsmom says:

    Welcome to Dina’s Crib on Hulu: http://hulu.com/w/4crd
    …What a joke, the tour of your house is 2 rooms and a closet???

    • Jeana says:

      What does she see in Tommy? He’s not a catch unless you are only looking at his bank account! I’m mad at RCH because I almost feel sorry for Dina. LOL

      That Dina’s crib video on Holu…
      Does her Catholic priest know that she has Buddha’s and crystals lying around her house?

      What’s the deal with “Project Ladybug” finances? I say skip the charity and go to your local children’s hospital and give the money directly to a parent that’s sitting in the ICU waiting room worried sick about their child. There! 100% would go to the family in need. The only “over-head” expense would be the gas money to get there.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      That bedroom looks like Dracula’s lair. God that’s ugly. There is even coffin draping at the windows. The place looks like a crypt. I could hear imaginary creepy pipe organ music while the camera panned that room.

    • RHofWhatever says:

      I thought it summed up everything when she said that books are her “favorite, favorite, favorite touch for decor”. I thought she was going to say they were her favorite thing to have around so she could read whenever she wanted. Apparently they just are something else the housekeeper needs to carefully dust along with all the other crap around, under and on top of them.

    • Waxdiva says:

      Supposedly Dina is an interior designer and her house looks like a collection of rejects from the Salvation Army store. Nothing against drapes with grommet tops that were hanging in her living room, but in a “professional” designers home?! The most interesting part was her closet. Notice the small amount of her ‘husband’s’ clothing? Where were his other items of clothing; sweaters, jeans, undies, ties, jewelry, personal items? The most striking part of the closet tour was that Tommy’s shoes were no where to be seen. Are the rumors that he lives with someone else in an apartment near the Brownstone true?

    • TT in OC says:

      Other than Dina herself, the deco is probably another reason that drives Tommy away from his home.

      It feels like a dark creepy cave full of junk. I would not want to stay, not to mention live there …. shiver!

    • MaryMac says:

      OMG…that decor is hideous!! There is no rhyme or reason for any of it. I guess it’s true, ‘Money doesn’t buy class’, or TASTE for that matter. She’s an ass.

  11. Candace says:

    Dina is one or two steps away from being on another reality show. That would be Hoarders.

    Look around. There are layers and layers of cheap, dime store crystals and bead encrusted crap on every possible surface. Unreal.

  12. JenD says:

    Saw the wedding 2 years ago. I think she tried to do a 180, she dressed like a slob, and probably
    didn’t have the money. Now she’s all Louboutins and botox, Bitch please. Dina is Teresa’s twin, she just
    has blonde hair and an actial forehead. Actually Teresa was at the wedding, she had a green dress on near the bar
    i think that was her.

  13. Candace says:

    And, Juicy Joe gets an early release today, wearing a black and white jumpsuit.

    Bet he looked faaabulous!

  14. Abbysomething95 says:

    Holy canoli that was like Italian Wedding soup for my soul. SPOT ON commentary about her wedding and I could not agree more. When I saw that video on youtube (long time ago) I was in shock. It was downright depressing.

    What the hell is she bragging about by the way? She is leaving out some of the cost of that wedding. It was a million plus the low low cost of her dignity.
    She should have spent some of that money on a clue.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      LOL, Money can’t buy you clues, my friend.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        These housewives can’t keep their lies straight! When they are showing off, they overstate the price. No mention of any freebies, bartering or discounts. When criticized they backtrack and reduce the price significantly or claim it was all done for cost. It’s one or the other bitches, get it right the first time!

  15. Anyone remember the link to the body language expert blog? I want to ask her to comment with her professional opinion on this video.

  16. Candace says:

    That’s kind of the thing…you don’t need an expert to interpret any of what you see in those stills. They are painfully self explanatory.

    Why do any of these women go on these shows? The desire for fame must be twice as strong in Dina, having been in two of them now.

    • I was just curious what she would say. But it is true that you don’t need to be an expert in anything to see how obvious it is that he doesn’t care for her. I mean, he LAUGHS when he talks about cheating on her! Wtf?

      • Abbysomething95 says:

        I realise my post is redundant now that I see this. I agree you don’t need to be an expert.
        Also the laughing about cheating is one of the things about him that gives me the creeps. He is always looking off camera like there is a guy there and he is making fun of Dina to her face. She has this painful smile on her face like it’s amusing to her too. She is either too stupid to see what is going on, or she will endure anything for financial security. I think it’s the latter. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  17. Sarah310 says:

    This is funny. I actually saw this video last year online and I was dumbfounded that someone would buy that many Jay Strongwater butterflies. What a waste, seriously. , Esp since she is trying to get people to go to the dollar store.. practice what you preach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Vistor2 says:

    For giggles I just googled “is tommy manzo gay” interesting results

  19. On twitter we were discussing Tommy’s sexuality and one of my followers sent me this tweet:
    @geoaubsmom: @PutYourHairUp Just call the Browstone like you want to schedule something and say you want to talk to Tommy… catch him off guard and ask!

    I so don’t have the balls to do that. Anyone want to volunteer? Maybe tape record it? Lmao!

  20. tuzentswurth says:

    Maybe the reason she wasn’t so upset about his cheating is b/c there were no other “women” involved.

  21. Larue says:

    Caroline talked to Albert and told him to talk to Tommy about marrying Dina. She did it for money and he did it because it would be good for his image to have a wife. These people are all disgusting. Dina has already been in trouble for her Project Ladybug charity and she is on a huge campaign to get Oprah to feature her. I am on a campaign to see to it that Oprah does not feature the Manzos and their crooked charities or for any other reason and I encourage all of you to help me in this endeavor.

    It kills me to see these women use kids with cancer as self-promotion, and undoubtedly to pocket money. The AG’s office has investigated Dina’s charity and slapped her on the wrist.

    Dina deserves Tommy but Tommy does not deserve Dina. What’s wrong with being gay or single or whatever it was that Albert used to strong arm Tommy into marrying that gold digging little bitch.

    And Dina, your crafts SUCK!

  22. tuzentswurth says:

    OT, but in T’s house tour video, about 25 seconds in, when she is showcasing her kitchen and fancy trim-work, there is a water cooler (like Culligan) visible at the left of screen.
    Now don’t you think they could have skipped the Italian mosaic sink in favor of a water treatment system to flow directly to the faucets (or a filtered water outlet tthrough the fridge)? Oh wait, probably no room in the basement for a water tank….the parents take up too much room. Or alternatively, the water treatment company wanted payment up-front.

  23. Candace says:

    Speech coaches in the NJ area should use a tape of Dina’s interview as an example of how not to speak.

    The wad of gum she chomps on while talking and her liberal use of “wid” and “dat”, etc. are excruciating to listen to.

  24. Larue says:

    RCH, I really appreciate this site. You are doing a huge favor to the general public in exposing this family for what they really are. The comments are great, too.

    And, ya, that gum smacking is rude and so classy.

    • Awww thank you. But I swear, it’s all because of Dina, she made this recap happen. I was just commenting on twitter about the show. I hadn’t even seen the whole thing, just a clip on youtube, but once I saw how Dina freaked over a few tweets I just HAD to watch the whole thing. Then I just HAD to do a recap. Her whole “character” on RHONJ is a total lie.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Excuse me, don’t you mean “Dat gum smacking”?
      If you watch T’s video, you will see lots of “pitchers” of her kids perched all over the playroom.

  25. Lisa says:

    You’ve done it again!! Excellent. I’d heard about the wedding – but never saw it – and still haven’t. I can’t force myself to watch that train wreck. Your recap says it all.

  26. RHofWhatever says:

    Everytime I read someones comments about Dina talking to Caroline so she can talk to Albert so he can talk to Tommy all I see is Caroline doing her “puppetmaster” moves and little mafia men marrionettes attached to strings and her looming large over them.

  27. Candace says:

    There are “pitchers” of T’s kids and then there are the personalized Brat dolls inspired murals she has of each of them. I suppose the irony is lost on her.

  28. Why do people give thumbs down but not leave a comment? If you disagree why not say so? We can discuss it. I think the reason no haters are posting today is because you can’t argue with my recap. I think it’s not that the the person disagrees, but that they just don’t like me pointing out the truth.

    • RHofWhatever says:

      I have been thinking about why someone would dislike, and the only thing I could come up with (other than it being Dina or Puppetmaster) is that one of your readers may be in a similar situation and has their own reasons for staying with their rich asshole significant other and you are hitting a nerve.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Well, there’s a single “thumbs down” for every comment on this post. Dina is pretty stupid and it would not surprise me if she were that obvious.

    • Snarkella says:

      When so many responses have an equal number of thumbs down, it’s pretty obvious that someone’s just clicking to be rude — like Dina maybe. Or Ashley. Ashley must be very bored now that her brush with fame is behind her.

      • TT in OC says:

        I am actually laughing at these thumb-downs. This person actually spent time clicking on the button at each reply like she (I am assuming “you know who”) has nothing better to do. Oh, I forgot, she does have nothing better to do but twitter all day. I am so honored to have my first few thumb-downs. LOL.

  29. emt2 says:

    Thank you for that recap. It was everything that I have always said about Dina. She created this persona for NJ Housewives because she had a miserable life and was embarrassed by the VH1 show. She suddenly created this “charitable” person when we all know how superficial and materialistic she is. I think Project Ladybug is supposed to give her class and respect so that people forget that she is basically a prostitute and Caroline is her pimp.

    Tommy looked like he was trying to move as far away from her as possible. She kept trying to grab him, look at the photo of their wedding when they kissed for 3 seconds. She is pulling him towards her and holding his hands behind her back and he just sort of surrenders for a moment. Just a moment and then he flees in search of people that he actually cares about engaging with.

    Dina is just so blah. I hope she doesn’t do another reality show. She is so boring and she thinks that everyone is jealous of her.

  30. emt2 says:

    btw, what kind of freak emails friends of a person that she doesn’t follow on twitter in order to ask the friends to ask the person not to write mean things that aren’t even mean?

    She is a grown woman, correct? What a nutjob?!!!! I mean, that is what is so shocking to me. So much effort for nothing. Who does that? It’s like Caroline getting in touch with Danielle’s ex-husband in order to testify in court even though Caroline admits that she avoids Danielle. Who does that????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are freaks with TOO MUCH time on their hands!

    I can see why Danielle said that Dina is a coward and likes to hide behind other people. Dina is a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol And pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes! She is a coward that hides behind people. So true. Even on twitter she hides behind other people. She really is weird. It’s not just her creepy grandma house and her creepy cats. Her personality is just odd and it shows on twitter.

  31. oopsy says:

    I ALMOST felt sorry for her then she said she was on a date with a great guy who was so nice and they had such a good time…..then she gets home and Tommy has a ring and she says, ‘yes”. What an ass!! They deserve each other, they really do. Tommy is a disgusting pig. If you wanna play the field then play the field, don’t cheat and lie about it though. He wasn’t married so he could have been honest about it. Dina could have found a nice guy but she wanted the money. I SOOO do not have pity for her!

    • emt2 says:

      I think she made up that part about her date being a good guy. She probably contrived everything. She knew that Tommy was going to go out on a date and so she found some guy, meanwhile she really wanted to be with Tommy the whole time but Tommy could care less. So, what does he do? Tommy finishes his date with someone else and then gives her a ring later on.


      But, Tommy has cheated on Dina SEVERAL times. Dina is just pathetic and manipulative. What a loser!

      • She probably wasn’t even on a date. She was probably crying at Caroline’s and just pretending she was out to make him jealous. Lol. There was no “nice guy”, she’s just trying to make it sound like she had another option and chose Tommy.

        • TT in OC says:

          I don’t know what’s worse: lied about having an option or did have an option but picked a loser because he has money. Dina deserves to be miserable. She made the decision, she just has to live with the consequence.

  32. Miss Anthrope says:

    Good call on just about everything you mentioned.

    I saw through Dinas BS from episode 1. She was terribly snooty and acted like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Turns out she’s just another stupid bitch who married for money. Is anyone really surprised?

    I attempted to watch the Big Fat Italian Disaster or whatever they called it a few months back but could only stomach about 10 minutes of it before I shut it off. I think I got just past the part where Dina ever so cavalierly admits that she’s marrying a man who she knows cheated on her multiple times. A woman who marries a man who clearly does not love her either has very low self esteem or is looking for financial security, and it’s pretty obvious that Dina isn’t lacking in self esteem…

    The greatest thing that you pointed out was how supposedly devoted she is to her “charity” (did they ever get tax exempt status for that? hmmm) while spending her ass off on frivolous bullshit. Still to this day she is constantly bragging about her new custom built walk-in closet, Chanel wardrobe, and “fabulous” lifestyle. I don’t have any issue with the fortunate living lavish lifestyles. If you worked for it, then good for you. But don’t pretend to be a deeply charitable person when the amount of money you spend on a single handbag could easily pay for a childs chemotherapy.

    Just like everything else about Dina, that charity is a farce. An easy way for her to look like a good girl when she’s really a snotty bitch.

  33. tuzentswurth says:

    Well before I go to bed, I am going to give a thumbs up to all posts thereby effectively canceling out the one thumbs down, so every body ignore the thumbs down, it doesn’t really exist anymore. Probably some monkey happened onto this site and is clicking the thumbs down by accident.

  34. SillyMe says:

    I watched Dina’s wedding episode a long time ago and remembered thinking to myself HOW on earth she spent all that money on things that weren’t even spectacular looking! Especially her wedding dress! When they showed Dina and her sisters in the bridal store looking at the dresses that I thought were very nice and looked expensive and then they showed the dress she chose and I almost choked on my snack! It just looked sooooo boring and outdated! And supposedly Dina is into designs! Look at her hideous house! I can decorate a house better than that and my expertise comes from watching HGTV lol!! Love love your recap as always! 🙂

    • Yeah but look how she dressed back then – tanks tops and long skirts in every scene except when she was wearing a dirty sweatshirt. She didn’t even brush her hair! Her house has only gotten worse since the wedding show. Crap crap everywhere. I don’t know what design school she went to, but she should get her money back.

      • SillyMe says:

        True true…I also thought her wedding didn’t even LOOK like a 1 million+ wedding…either she was blowing smokes about the stuff she spent money on like those crystal butterflies or she got ripped off because my wedding was just as nice and a lot of things were custom made for me and it didn’t even cost anywhere NEAR a million…she should get her money back for everything she buys since she seems to have really poor taste!

    • MichellefromNY says:

      You want to know the reason she chose that dress? It was a badgely Mischika(designer) and it was the most expensive dress she found. She didn’t care about how the dress looked, she just cared about the cost.

  35. Wendy says:

    Great blog RCH. Why marry a guy who admittedly cheated on you? Just so you can have money and buy $500 butterflies? Sad and pathetic, but at the same time also prostitution whorish.

  36. oopsy says:

    Oh I had to laugh at your comment that her tank top was extra fancy today!

  37. Larue says:

    How did Tommy get the police escort to the wedding? I didn’t think the cops were supposed to do things like that for private citizens. It seems like I remember some todo about a police escort in one of the RHONJ episodes last season that made the Police Department look bad. I can’t remember which one.

    You want to hear something funny about Dina and Twitter – she blocked me and I was not even following her. HAHAHA!! It makes me laugh every time I think about it. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of blocking someone who gives a rats behind about anything you have to say.

    Oh, and Dina, your plastic sparkly pumpkins SUCK!!

    Is that Tommy’s house or Dina’s house or did Tommy buy it for Dina? Does anybody know? I don’t understand people who let cameras into their homes for the public to see. Dina really is in lala land thinking she has an ounce of talent in the decorator department. Wow (shaking my head back and forth, baffled).

    • SillyMe says:

      I believe Tommy paid for those escorts since police officers are allowed to take on extra guarding jobs using their uniform and equipment when they’re off-duty. At least that’s how it works in TX for me. But I only hired 4 officers to provide security for the ceremony and reception sites since there was a lot of robberies/break-ins at wedding at the time of my wedding where a lot of guests cars were broken into while the wedding was happening so i just wanted peace of mind for me and my guests. Tommy must have spent a lot of money if he got an entourage like that. Like RealCityHousewife said, Tommy didn’t care for Dina since he didn’t even do the same for her lol! 😉

    • They have friends in the police department.

      Dina LOVES the block button. Lol. She blocked u bc she is crazy. That’s what I’ve been saying. Who blocks someone that isn’t even following them?

  38. zoekayla says:

    Dina, less is more…unfortunately the only “less” that applies to you is taste”less”! Those gaudy tropical colored daisy flowers on the cake clashed unforgivingly with the deadness of your muted, drab bouquet. It was kind of fun to see the cake commit suicide as it “blew”. Your dress was designed for a woman of a “certain age” and you actually looked ten years older in it. It seemed that the camera always found Tommy’s balding crown and your cheap-looking two-toned extensions.
    All in all, it was a study of how to pay piles of money for a cheap, cheap, cheap looking event (can’t bear to call it a wedding), JMHO
    Thanks, RCHW, for the recap!

    • Hahah. “Event” is definitely more accurate than “wedding”. I agree the dress was made for an older bride. But I actually thought it was good choice for her. I was surprised she didn’t pick the see-through lace corset dress with her boobs popping out.

  39. cdnfillie58 says:

    LOL..seems whoever (Dina) was clicking thumbs down on all posts last night had to be in bed by 9PM. Great blog RCHW and posts people…this gave me the “proverbial slap” in the face I needed cause I did like Dina at first 😛

  40. teresa west says:

    I could not believe no more than 10 minutes into the show Dina was telling the world her fiance had cheated on her! I got the impression he cheated more then once. Am I the only one that thinks that was seriously low class!! teresa west

  41. Miss Anthrope says:

    You know what else I find interesting about all of this?

    If Caroline is “as thick as thieves” with her family, and especially her sister Dina, then why did she apparently find it acceptable for Tommy to cheat on Dina, make her cry, and basically just treat her like an annoying fly?

    According to both Tommy and Dina, Tommy was a bit of a “playboy” (I think that might just be code for “gay”…but what do I know?) and Caroline is the one who set them up. I would never set my sister up with someone who is a known cheater. Caroline is always spewing that shit about wanting to protect those she loves, but setting Dina up with Tommy certainly isn’t protecting her in matters of the heart. What a load.

    This marriage truly is a sham. Hell, the relationship between Gretchen from OC and that guy who died seemed more genuine than this.

  42. WindyCityWondering says:

    During the first season I got the distinct impression that Dina was supposed to be the star of the series and when she didn’t get the star treatment from the rest of the crew she withdrew – became all zen and wise and “above the rest of the wives”. And it never felt like Lexi wanted to be on the show or talk to Dina. Her attempts at drama were laughable. Now she is old news, there was not a hugh uprising of adoring fans demanding her return to the show and she continues to link herself with the cast (her broadway show) in an attempt to make herself seem relevent. If a network was stupid enought to give her a design show sadly I would watch because she is a human trainwreck and does make me laugh to watch her act all classy!

    • Dina was supposed to be the “star”. Bravo approached her first because of the wedding video and she handpicked the other women. Except for Danielle, who Bravo chose over one of Dina’s friends. That is the REAL reason Dina never liked Danielle. Because it was supposed to be “her” show for her and her friends/family and then Danielle (a stranger!) came on and blew the equation.

  43. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Her “bouquet” looks like she pulled a hanging plant down, because she “saw it in the window and couldn’t resist”. lol

  44. Teresa is following me on twitter. And she tweeted this:

    @PutYourHairUp your blogs are hilarious xx @momsthoughts @dinamanzo

    I guess that is her attempt at damage control. She’s trying to copy Jac’s version of PR, but it’s just not working for her. Either that or she doesn’t like Dina anymore.

    Here is a pics of her pretending to make pizza:

    I left a comment asking if it was Pizza Hut or Dominos bc we all know she doesn’t make her own pizza since Joe admitted it on camera. That comment is no longer there.

    • Waxdiva says:

      AAAAWWWWWW, how sweet! The first photos of her and Joe after he was let loose out of the slammer.
      She looks like a tranny in those photos….

    • Squirrels says:

      What the hell is on her head in the second pic? It looks like a Pillsbury cinnamon roll that got squashed.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Was wondering if that was part of the BP oil spill…..she really looks skeevy!

      • SillyMe says:

        LoL i was wondering the same! What was that weird looking thing on her head! Looks like a dead turtle to me ahhahaha! 🙂

        • Candace says:

          The first night daddy is out of jail is a very, very special day…(shit, who left Joe’s wine glass in the picture? Doesn’t matter, he won’t be driving any time soon) Teresa is celebrating by wearing something freakish on her head, like she makes her kids wear. It gets points for looking like sea gull shit, but points taken away for no leopard print, glitter, feathers, ruffles, pom poms or bows.

          You’re slipping, T, you’re slipping.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:


      You MUST continue to do these recaps. And don’t let any of them fool you into stopping or cutting them slack! I’m looking forward on your ATL blogs.

    • marjie 75 says:

      What is up with her face? Weak attempt to smile?

  45. WindyCityWondering says:

    Dina wasn’t a blushing or beautiful bride and the still show just how unhappy she was to be getting married to someone who clearly wasn’t/isn’t into her. As for Tommy’s police escort to the church – betting Caroline/Albert pulled in a favor there to make sure the schmuck showed up! Dina doesn’t want anyone to question her life and the angry and disappearing tweets proves she is very immature in how she conducts herself with total stranger….imagine how she treats those she is supposedly close to!

  46. tuzentswurth says:

    Am I reading this right? Did she spend $7000 more than she raised?
    I need help b/c I am drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio like Ramona, but in a nice big glass I carry around w/me like Mary, so I’m getting quite tipsy. I don’t think I could do this every day……wonder if I should go out driving?…………..
    RCH, are we going to get a DC recap (please)? You know I love them, you’re the best!xo

    • Squirrels says:

      Yes. you are not seeing things. They spent more than they took in. What confuses me is the breakdown on the expense side. Where does it show contributions made directly to those in need? What exactly does “Fund Raising” expense mean (and what professional spells it that way)? And if they gave $ to a hospital, how do those who donated know it went directly to those in need?

      My point is, this version is nothing short of a Junior High School project report.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I would take “fund raising expense” to be the cost of sparkly butterflies and such to decorate a venue to have a bash to invite your friends to spend their money to have a good time to make them think they are doing something magnanimous. Whew. Must have been a fun series of “charity events”.

    • I skipped DC this week. Sorry, I tried to write it…. but I just couldn’t.
      I’ll try again tomorrow.

      • tuzentswurth says:


        • Don’t worry. NeNe and Kim will be back soon and I’m sure they’ll give me plenty to write about.
          I really did try to write the recap but Dina’s insanity was more interesting, I don’t even remember what happened on DC last week.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Mary passed out on Stacie’s couch while Erika spit venom at Cat and made her cry. The Salami’s met with a guy to write a book called Whine, Lies and Posers. Michellaely made an ass of herself with pom-poms and her unborn children breathed a collective sigh of relief that they were never born. Mary drank big glasses of wine and lives in DC but doesn’t know the Preamble to the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence from the Bill of Rights from the MagnaCarta from the Ten Commandments.

    • Snarkella says:

      Oh thank you for bringing up the DC Wives. I was afraid to ask. LOL

  47. marjie 75 says:

    Nothing wrong in wanting to live a comfortable life. But it is wrong to do so and hide your identity or lose it. They both are wrong. I wonder what Tommy gained from this sham.

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