The Real Housewives of DC – The Closet Thief and Salahi Mama Drama

For some reason the latest episode of DC was never posted online. I eventually found a wonderful woman on youtube who records the show with a camcorder while she watches on tv and then posts the videos online. Her name is Amy and I love her. She has WWHL and other shows if any of you missed a show or want to re watch something you already saw. Here is her link:

Cat’s husband has left her alone once again and she’s bored so she heads over to Mary’s house and get drunk with her at 12pm. Mary goes on and on about how her daughter is kleptomaniac and that’s why she had to get a biometric finger print lock on her closet door. She tells Cat about the keypad code lock she used to have, but Lolly learned how to pick locks from her criminal friends who stole Tareq’s car so Mary was forced to upgrade. She now sleeps in fear of her fingers being chopped off in the night. But in her interview she assures the camera that Lolly would never steal a car, only clothes and possibly finger tips.

Lynda is moving onward and upward in life. She bought a house in Dick Cheny’s neighborhood and now she owns a dog that is related to a dog that is owned by one of the Kennedy’s. She likes her little pug, but she felt that he just wasn’t “first tier” enough.

Lynda says that she would never marry Ebong. Of course not. Every good pimp knows you can’t turn a Ho into a housewife (or husband as the case may be.)

Stacie meets with Tereq and Michaele who want to buy a second home in the city. I don’t know if it counts as a second home when your first home is owned by your parents. They are looking for a home big enough to hold their 200 guests who will be dropping by on a daily basis, it must also have room for 200 cars because none of their guests like to carpool, it has to look like the Four Seasons, not need any renovations, be somewhere in the price range of $100,000 to $12 million and needs to be available either right away or some time next year. And the owner needs to accept imaginary winery money.

Stacie wants to see bank records.

Cat’s friend killed himself. That’s not funny so I’m just going to glaze right over this part and not mention that maybe if she were as good a friend to him as she claims she was then he wouldn’t have killed himself.
(That’s mean, I know. You can yell at me about it in the comments).

Lynda informs us that she always consults an astrologist before making any important decisions in her life. Oh no. Not another one. Why is it always the fakest bitches that are into this shit?

The women “sage the house” to clear it of past energy. Amy (the woman filming the show) thought it was pretty funny and I can hear her laughing in the background.

Mary wants to know if sage will keep her daughter out of her closet. The editors must not like Mary if they are putting all this “Lolly is a thief” footage in the episode right after the episode where Lolly is accused of being a thief.

Next Lynda says her Jewish prayer with her Catholic Holy water, then kneels towards Mecca and praises Allah, rubs Buddah’s stomach, hails to the Sun Gods and makes a blood offering to the Wiccan Goddess of the trees.

Since the Salahi’s can’t prove that they actually have any money, they can’t actually see the insides of any of the homes. But they can drive around neighborhoods in their limo and look at them from the outside.

Poor Tareq. It always does boil down to mommy issues, doesn’t it?

There was a security breach at the Amons home. Mary got drunk and forgot to lock the closet again and Lolly ran in there and pillaged the place the second Mary passed out on the bathroom floor. Rich wants to know why the hell he had to spend ten thousand dollars on a biometric security system if Mary can’t be bothered to use it.

Mary doesn’t like sarcasm. I bet she loves me then. 😉

Stacie and Jason discuss the situation with Stacie’s birth parents. Jason is pissed that Stacie’s birth mom won’t just tell her who her father is. The Turner’s take black pride to a whole new level and having Nigerian blood relatives is like hitting the jackpot for them.

Jason, with his savvy computer skills, managed to find Stacie’s white brother (who doesn’t know she exists) on facebook. They contemplate whether or not they should contact him as revenge for Stacie’s mother not giving her the information she wants about her father. Jason thinks it’s important to know who your family is. I agree. So one might have thought that Stacie would have been excited to have found her brother on facebook, but he’s white so she’s not interested in contacting him unless he can provide her with information that leads her to the black side of the family.

Lynda is too old to bend over so she has her home care nurse buckle her shoes for her.

The nurse decides to give Lynda a little freedom and allows her to dress herself for the party/fashion show she is attending with her friends. Poor senile Lynda chose to wear a rain jacket as a dress and carry a woven basket as a purse. But she was so proud of herself so no one said anything.

Lynda says that women behave badly at men’s fashion shows and that they act as though they are in a strip club. Mary was the only one I saw behaving badly.

Suddenly Mary looks across the room and realizes that her daughter is wearing her stolen clothes right in front of her.

Lynda thinks the drinking age should be 18 and that Marijuana should be legalized. Maybe I don’t completely hate her. She should move to Canada!

The Amons and the Turners get together to discuss the winery drama – again.

Mary says that Jason’s behavior that night was “high five” and that he was a “tender warrior” and that “his feather was like reeeeeeeuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhh“.

Jason explains that since Rich wasn’t there he felt it was his job as a man and step in to protect the womanfolk. I don’t know why, but I just get the feeling from Rich that if he had been there, he wouldn’t have really cared if Tareq made Mary cry.

When Michaele says “Tareq’s mother Corrin…. I don’t know why she’s so mean to me. It’s tough” I just want to hug her. I’m beginning to think she is incredibly manipulative, but I like her strategy. I’m taking notes.

As Tareq and Michaele are sitting in the winery discussing how much Tareq’s father wants him to run the place, the police show up. His mother apparently felt that them sitting in an empty winery having a conversation was a dangerous situation that required the immediate attention of the police department. You can’t pull this type of shit in the city. You get fined for wasting the police’s time. But I guess the Virginia wine country police don’t mind. This was probably the most action they saw all day, plus they got to be on tv.

Tareq says this is typical of his mother. All he wants is to be loved and have free reign of the families’ finances. Is that so much for a son to ask for?

And that’s all for this week. Next week, Jason reveals that he not only hates white people, but gays too. And we finally get to watch Michaele pretend to be a Redskins Cheerleader! Of all the things in the world a person could pretend to be, does it surprise anyone that Michaele pretends to be a cheerleader? Personally, if I were going to make up a fake profession I think I would choose “Doctor without Borders”. Then I would have a good excuse for why I don’t actually work in a hospital, and after I came back from my beach vacations I could impress people at dinner parties with dramatic tales of the sick babies I rescued from the brink of death.

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292 Responses to The Real Housewives of DC – The Closet Thief and Salahi Mama Drama

  1. momsthoughts says:

    HA! Again, no longer watching the show…it just makes me fall asleep. But this is funny!

    I think the Salahi’s have no contact with reality. It is interesting how they both share this penchant for delusions…they feed each other’s lies. But for two psychotic people, they sure do live the good life. Kudo’s to psychos!

    Maybe that is my problem in life – I am just too real. I need to pretend more.

    After WWHL I really like Cat. I like her sense of humor….I just wish she would speak instead of mumble so I could hear what she is saying. I like a trouble maker who stirs the pot just to make things interesting. That winery field trip was so dull – but Cat was going to stir it some how to create some drama out of it. good for her!

    It was sad about her friend. really really sad.

    • No Mom’s you HAVE to watch the show! My recap isn’t as funny if you didn’t see the show. And if you are relying on my version of events, then you are going to be very misinformed. Lol

      • Meg1964 says:

        I beg to differ. Your recap was funny as hell, and I haven’t seen this episode yet. I’m living with my daughter until our apt is ready and she has suckass cable that doesn’t have Bravo.

        BUT – your recap was so funny, it gave me the munchies. Now I’m going to eat a piece of apple caramel nut bread I bought at Fresh Market.

      • momsthoughts says:

        Well, in the big scheme of things, does it really matter if I am misinformed? Ha Ha…I like your version better. I stay awake here!

  2. Ah heck. You are one good blogger. I blame you and all the other good bloggers for getting me to watch this stupid show, too! Dammit! I’ve now seen parts of several episodes and…gulp…I have to say I’m actually liking this DC gang of weirdos. Sigh. I seriously wonder what I used to do before Bravo went reality TV gung ho….

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I like them more after this episode too. Loving Stacie’s daddy drama! I really hope Bravo finds some way to be able to film her bother when they call him and tell him that he has a sister his mother never told him about!

      • Ha ha! Oh, that would be some trick of the producers could figure out how to do that! Maybe they could show up at the brother’s door and pretend they’re with Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes. They could take the camera in, with balloons and falderal, and time it so that Stacy/Jason call just at that moment. Tape the conversation, then look at their watches and run out the door, saying oops! Time’s up! We’re on a schedule We’ll call! Dang. Maybe I should get into this bidness….

  3. Sardonica says:

    Oh my! Where to begin? I will only say I do not watch DC because it is boring until YOU get it in your hands! You make all things banal somehow seem not only interesting but laugh aloud hilarious ( to the point wherein Mr. Sardonica comes to my lowly kitchen PC and asks me “what the heck I am laughing about, can he see, too?” and I reply, “RH stuff” and he moans, shakes his head and leaves in disgust. lol ) He doesn’t ‘get’ it, because luckily for me he isn’t gay like Andy but if he were, oh, we could have so much fun indugling in this secret life ‘o mine RHland / RHville.
    The woman who records the show for those down and out in the bravo gutters…bless her and bless her again. To camcord-er ( ? ) a TV show. How low…I mean talented… can one get? I love her! I should send her money. I actually keep all the cable tiers in order to get RH shows. Haven’t you noticed on Bravo they only play so many episodes and then they drop the ball so you have to subscribe and pay for this dope? Dealers give the 1st batch ( whatever it is called ) of heroin, etc. away and once you are hooked they can charge any price they want for it. No difference between a TV network and a street dealer…go figure. Re: Suicide, yes, so shame on you! I am what is called a ‘survivor of suicide’ and look what happened to me?! I am mainlining HW and can’t get enough. Tsk tsk…don’t you know suicide is an oh so serious subject and we can never laugh at such things?! Trust me, if you don’t laugh at life you watch people named Manzo and ape like creatures spend money they do not have… strike that… you jump off a bridge. Woe is me, yea, that’s the ticket hand me the kleenex and a gummy bear. So, seriously, this is some funny stuff. Thank you RCH and posters.

    • Here let me break it down for you the way I see it. The Bravo Network is like the main Columbian cocaine supplier. Andy is the local coke dealer, he sells good stuff but he cuts it a little bit with baking powder. He sells to the kind of people who like to party on the weekends and get high in the club. For them it’s not an everyday addiction, but something they enjoy for fun every now and then. Bloggers like me are the street dealers that buy the cocaine from Andy and cook it up in our kitchens and turn it into the crack that people can’t get enough of. WordPress is my neighborhood, but Realcityhousewife Road and WordPress Way is the street corner that I control. Lynn lives in the same neighborhood as me but she controls the LynnNChicago Lane and WordPress Way corner. We share some of the same customers but it’s ok because since we cut our drugs differently, we aren’t in direct competition with each other so there are no bloody gang wars between us. Sometimes we like to try out each others drugs and get a taste of something different.
      Twitter is like the popular downtown nightclub. That’s where everyone goes to hang out and meet new people. Plus there are a lot of celebrities that hang out there too. Word of the crack house I’m running spreads through the Nightclub Twitter scene. People stop by my place for the after party to see what’s going on and end up getting hooked. Sometimes they don’t leave for days. They just sleep on my couch waking up every now and then to see if I’ve made anything new.

      At least that’s the way I see it. Rehab, anyone?

  4. Sardonica says:

    Oh, sorry, that is waaay too long a post. I need to befriend KKB and ponder existance.

  5. dreemz says:

    Peeyin’ my pants funny!
    Rich is rather detached….house is for sale…..hmmmmm? Rich’s hand doesn’t seem to be welded to a wine glass like Mary’s is either. Mary was the only one i saw at the male fashion show acting like they were strippers.
    Mary, you are not the only mother close in age to your daughter. There are things in my closet MY daughters would like to FIVE-FINGER discount and I’m a gramma! There’s lots of mom’s out here who have clothes, accessories, shoes & the size and style similar to our daughters…ENOUGH…STOP IT, we get it, OK? You’re TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! For the record, I’m closer in age to my daughter than you are BUT I don’t talk about it all the time!!
    Skeleton Salami: She’s obviously read Manipulation 101, but doubtful if she has advanced much further. She needs a great deal of work on the subtle aspect of the art…transparency just ruins the whole game. She even KNOWS shes transparent…she’s so transparently being transparent!!
    Lynda…home health care…rain jacket…woven basket … SO FUNNY!!
    YOU ROCKKKKKK!!!!!!!

  6. Sardonica No Need For Spellcheck says:

    existence* above, Trust me, I am only semi-illiterate, no illetaret, no ilaterate.

    • Kat says:

      I gotta ask how you have that gray quilt pattern by your name? It looks exactly like the generic one “Mr. WordPress” uses when he leaves the first example comment on a new blog. Inquiring minds. 🙂

  7. Squirrels says:

    “…and after I came back from my beach vacations I could impress people at dinner parties with dramatic tales of the sick babies I rescued from the brink of death.”

    I literally laughed out loud at that perfect ending. Brava RCH, brava.

  8. MannysGrammy says:

    I agree with you about Rich, that i also get the feeling he wouldn’t have cared about Tareq making Mary cry. I figure if he did care at all, that even tho he wasn’t there, Rich should certainly have called Tareq, asked to meet face to face with him & tell him off like how dare you attack my wife/daughter, etc…..just thinking to myself, why DIDN”T Rich do anything??? My hubby would’ve been allllll over Tareq for bringing that up in front of others/attacking daughter/myself but not being man enough to face him.
    What does everyone else think of Rich not questioning Tareq, & I would THINK Rich would be even MORE inclined after hearing the story again from Jason??!!

    As usual, your Blog brings it all! Just like I told you a few other times girl, you are hilarious, should be a comedian, & should be getting paid for this…see, now others are saying the same!! “*)

    • Thank you!
      Mary seemed really surprised/overly grateful for the way Jason stood up for her, and I got the feeling that she hadn’t really experienced much of that “protective” behavior in the past. Why wasn’t Rich at the winery in the first place? It was a Sunday afternoon. Jason is always with Stacie and Cat’s husband is always out of town, but what is Rich’s excuse? It just doesn’t look like a happy marriage to me.

      • BKAamia009 says:

        I bet her daughter is pissed about how much she talks about her on the show. She says in one frame or on her blogs, They can borrow whatever they like then cries like a spolied brat when they SHE does.

    • Squirrels says:

      Valid question. Seems to me that Rich first wanted to get to the bottom of the allegations, which he did. That said, he doesn’t seem to be the type that would go off half cocked and confront Tareq mano y mano by chasing him down. He’s smarter than that. Could be he’ll get his point across when the time is right. He may, of course, also believe that ignoring Tareq is the best way to irritate him. Tareq craves drama and limelight. To deny him an opportunity to blowhard his way to importance via BS just may be the correct strategy. Remember if you keep feeding a stray cat, it will never go away.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Hey Squirrels! Very valid insight – gotta agree Rich has no need to go mano a mano with Tarq and his Mary really needs to get out of that closet and get a life. The biggest thing in her life seems to be her bogarting her clothes and her sacred secret closet fetish.

        • She said that she created her closet to be her sanctuary. I suspect that it may be her “safe place” where she goes to cry about her life while she drinks until she passes out.

          • Meg1964 says:

            Can you beleive, on another site, I posted something about Mary (hehe) always throwing back wine and some idiot questioned me on it saying they hadn’t seen her drinking much.

            Okay… so you’re a lush too? (That’s what I thought) 🙂

          • TareksWife says:

            My thoughts eggs act lee. Mary is sad about something. Did her daughter’s friends really steal
            Tareq’s car?

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Gawd almighty! Is that why I have so many cats??

  9. Michaele should pretend to be a majorette so she can have wear a sequined bathing suit, tiara, those nifty boots and twirl a FIRE baton!!!
    On second thought, no one should give Torq this idea because the winery will mysteriously catch on fire and burn to the ground while Michaele is practicing her half-time routine.

  10. Meg1964 says:

    My husband would be like Rich. He seems to think I can handle things myself, and doesn’t feel the need to get involved with shit like that. I’m still trying to decide if I think it’s okay, or if he’s just a pussy.

    I’m thinking Stacie’s mother was living in that “love everybody and everything” movement in the 60s and 70s and she probably doesn’t know WHO the hell Stacie’s father is… but Stacie came out brown, so she’s thinking he might be that big, black man she screwed while stoned on a muddy hillside in Bangladesh. I think she just wants to blame it on the Nigerians. They get blamed for all sorts of shit.

    I’m starving.

    • I think Rich knows to leave leave these crazy people alone. Anyone that gets in an altercation with Tork is gonna end up in jail, sued, and probably both. If you touch him he would claim post traumatic stress disorder, and you would end up in court for the next 20 years like his poor mother. Whoopi touched Michaele on The View, and she was immediately screaming assault or some sort of nonsense.

      I don’t see these two ever being jailed for their cons, however. I see them running off to a third world country w/o an extradition policy to the US.

    • My husband is the same way. He’s only tough when he’s drunk. He is definitely a pussy, but I’m ok with that. I can take care of myself and him too. Lol. But I think cry baby Mary is the kind of woman who needs a man to stand up for her. I bet she fell in love with Jason that night. Stacie should watch her back.

      I like your theory on Stacie’s mother. Lol. She probably just made up the Nigerian/Peace Corps story to make herself sound like less of a slut.

    • karenne says:

      I think you might be right!!! Stacie’s Mom was possibly doing the FREE LOVE thing….and that usually meant about five or ten partners a month for a lot of people. It would be hard to say that to a daughter that FOUND you…not the other way around. I feel for Stacie, but the birth mom had reasons, and did she ever actually say that it was because she was a black daughter that her family didnt know? Or…just that her family didnt know ANY child existed, and was given up for adoption? Race thing? maybe..but I think that Stacie is opening something, she might not want to see. Her birth mom should have made up some fantasy. the Truth isnt always pretty.

      • momsthoughts says:

        There is something very wrong about doing this on tv. A young woman gives up a child for whatever reason…its a part of her life she wants to leave in the past. She could have gone a different route to leave this pregnancy in the past – but she didn’t. And for that she is being exposed, criticized and possibly humiliated on tv. I know Stacy WANTS to know….but she had a good family and Jason with his “everyone should know their family” is bullshit. The ppl who raised her are her family. Ask any adoptive mother. The child they adopt is their child as much as any child she could have given birth to. I suspect this has to hurt her adoptive mom as well…a mom who adopts a child loves that child as her own – to hear her speak about her real mom and knowing her family – is hard on her adoptive mother. So I think it is unfair, unnecessary and selfish for Stacy to pursue this. If the birth mother wanted a relationship and to share details – that is one thing. BUT SHE DOESN’T! Her birth mother blessed her with life. Appreciate that and respect that and go hug your mom.

        (no, I do not have adopted children, nor did I ever given a child up for adoption, however I know ppl on both sides of that coin… and feel very close to this situation)

        • tuzentswurth says:

          My sentiments too. In retrospect, Stacie’s BMom could have refused contact, but since she didn’t all she is getting is grief. The Bmom should just say “look, I don’t have any idea who it is” and end all this shit.

        • I think I heard that Stacie’s adoptive mom is no longer alive?
          And her wanting to know her family is total bullshit. She only want to know her BLACK side of the family. She could have cared less about the brother on facebook unless he can give her information about her father. If they had found her black brother, she would have sent him a friend request without thinking twice.
          I started the show wanting to like Stacie, but I really don’t. Something about her demeanor and facial expressions makes her seem nice and friendly, but if you listen to her words – she’s a real judgmental bitch. And if the races were reversed and her and Jason talked the way they do – people would be boycotting and the NAACP would be suing Bravo.

          • Meg1964 says:

            Same here. I liked Stacie in the first epi or two.. but now I can’t stand her. Her husband has been all about race from the beginning. Her hubby is always saying “white folk” this and that.

            And again, you’re right about her not caring about the white side of her family..only the black side. She probably thinks her daddy is a Nigerian prince or something.

            I have a little bit of compassion, because if I didn’t, I would tweet to her exactly what I think about this bullshit. And that is that her white momma has no idea who her black daddy is.. he could be from anywhere.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              I don’t get why she wants to “surprise” her mom’s son (white half-brother) to get to her father’s family. What the hell would the white 1/2 bro know to tell her if he doesn’t even know he exists? And did it ever occur to her that maybe the Nigerian side of her family may not give a warm welcome….maybe the bmom knows that already. Stacie is so sure she will find love and acceptance there…….maybe she is a “dirty little secret” to them and they want no contact from her.
              How the heck did she find her bmom to begin with?

              • Meg1964 says:

                Exactly… let’s pretend her biomom knows who the daddy is… what if biomom was raped? What if she doesn’t want Stacie to know this?

                How will her white half brother know how to contact her black daddy? He won’t! IMO, Stacie and her hubby are only contacting the white brother in an effort to bully her biomom into telling her who her biodad is… that’s just wrong. They’re going to disrupt this boy’s life, just hoping to find her black roots.

          • nathania says:

            I am guilty of wanting to know the more ‘exotic’ part of my family as well. I have German and Irish ancestors that I really don’t give a hoot about but I would love to know more about the Lithuanian branch, partially because I never met my maternal grandmother as she died when my mother was ten years old (and also because they might quite possibly have been Jewish, which would make my day).

            • e-rizzle says:

              Not to be a bitch or anything, because I really have no idea, but is Lithuanian considered exotic? My dad is Lithuanian, and my mom is Israeli, and I was just under the impression I’m a plain vanilla white person who tans well.

              Just curious!

              Anyway, Stacie is a bitch. I’ve only seen two episodes, but she just seems so self righteous it’s nauseating. I’m not sure which episode it was, but when she almost ripped off Cat’s head for not liking Tyra Banks and thinking George Bush was a good person, it was obvious. She could care less, so long as the race card is in her favor. Can’t stand people like that.

        • nathania says:

          Both of Stacie’s adoptive parents are dead. Also at play here is that the person who is the birth father was never given a choice in any of this. I can also understand the African American perspective of thinking it fascinating that they have family in Africa, especially when so many that are here in this country are descended from slaves and lost their entire identity and family’s identity forever upon arrival. Stacie doesn’t have access to either side of her birth family because her birth mother regards her as a ‘secret’, actually calls her ‘the secret’ and has put up a roadblock to further contact with any of them. I also don’t think it’s Stacie’s mother that is being criticized so much as her ridiculous behavior, and there hasn’t been any exposure of her identity, at least not yet.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            I have to think though that many “white” people whose ancestors came to North America also lost their identity. If the ancestors were of the poor starving peasant class, which most were, they left their home country because they would have starved to death otherwise, or they were “dumped” out of their country……packed on the ship and sent off. These immigrants never saw their extended families again, never went back home and didn’t talk about the old life they had left. Life here wasn’t a bowl of cherries either. Since we have genome mapping now and we know we are all descended from common ancestry, I don’t know why these discussions persist. We can’t make assumptions that Stacie’s paternal family would accept her even though “statistics point that way.” I never want to “generalize” about individuals, b/c it never works. Everybody can only trace their ancestry back so far, then the history is lost….unless you are royalty. My point is, get on with who you are now and who you want to be because the rest is interesting, but not really important. To Stacie, she already knows twice as much as many adoptees, she should leave her birth mother’s family alone and pursue her father’s family if she must by another avenue.

          • Nathania – I understand being more interested in knowing about the background of one side of the family more than the other. But I don’t understand wanting to know the actual family members more than the other. If I found out I had a brother out there I would be so excited and I would want to know him because he’s my brother. I wouldn’t care what color his skin is.

            Tuz – I disagree. Because white people (no matter what class or the circumstances surrounding how they came to North America) know what country they came from. The only thing descendants from slaves know about their ancestry is “Africa”. I don’t know any white people who know they’re “European” but don’t know which specific country their family was from. At the time all that the slaves were being taken from Africa there were no maps, and the people who were taken knew only their villages and not much more beyond that. Even when some slaves were freed and sent back to Africa, they had no idea where they had come from or how to get back home. The most they could pass down to their children was the name of a village which was never mapped and doesn’t exist anymore, so they have no way of knowing which country their villages were in. So I understand why that would be frustrating. I also can only trace my family back so far. But at least I know what my nationality is. If the most I knew was that my family came from somewhere in Europe and didn’t know if I was Irish, English, Italian, Russian, Greek, or whatever – I think it might bother me a bit. It wouldn’t affect my everyday life but I understand why someone would want to know. And especially Stacie because I’m sure she assumed that she was also a descendant of slaves and now she finds out that she’s not, and she knows exactly what her nationality is.
            I don’t agree with the way she is going about things. But I understand (to some extent) the feelings behind it.

            • BonBon says:

              African Americans are in an extraordinary postion: They are the ONLY immigrant group brought over here in chains and AGAINST their will. For this reason, I can understand wanting to know from whence Stacie came.
              Chances are that if you are a peach colored North American, you probably know at least where some of your bloodline originates. That would also be true for Hispanics (brown and peach colored), Asians (gold toned) and Martians (purple, silver, pink, etc).
              I am part Lithuanian (paternal) and part Latvian (maternal). I bet if you have any of the colored skins mentioned above, you, too, will know at least somewhat from whence you sprang.
              BTW, Moses had an Ethiopian wife, so there is probably a little black in my bloodline also. But not enough to have been chained, whipped and forced to travel like cargo to an unknown land and then put up for sale alongside the cattle, horses and Danielles (I couldn’t resist!).
              RCHW, I do appreciate what you have written above. So true what you say. Couldn’t help but put my deux cents in (sorry Tuzens..didn’t want to plagarize your uniquely inventive name).

            • If any of you guys like to read, I recommend “The Book of Negors”. It’s a story told from the perspective of a young African girl taken into slavery and it is a really good book.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              @RCH, Very good points, I just feel at some point, why keep beating your head against a wall (Stacie). Find what info you can but don’t try to hurt others that have nothing to do with it. Many people are adoptees and never find out anything about their birth parents. I am not in that situation and I can only imagine it is painful. The same for children who have a parent or parents die when they are in infancy. A tragic sense of loss that can’t be changed. Some things in life just suck and can’t be changed.
              Going back historically, North Americans did not originate slavery, nor is slavery non-existent in the world today. Human trafficking continues underground in many places. I too understand Stacie’s frustration and hope that she finds peace and resolution.
              @ BonBon, you can plagiarize tuzentswurth anytime or just call me tuz ;)…..I wonder why there is a $ but no cent sign on a keyboard………whoops, just wondered into kellyland there!

              • BonBon says:

                I’ve wondered the same also…Guesss it’ll just never make any cents to even wonder why. Strange though, aye?

                • tuzentswurth says:

                  Aye indeed! I really need a purpose in life (obviously) so I think I will dedicate myself to campaigning to have a cent sign put on all keyboards.

    • oopsy says:

      Meg, I’m gonna have to stop reading your posts and just skip on by you! You made me snort Mt. Dew, last time it was bagel crumbs spewed on my screen.

      • Meg1964 says:

        OH no!! Don’t do that. I’ll be good. I promise! (I’m probably lying, but still..)

        Hey… are you the lady that lives in Alabama?

        • oopsy says:

          I moved from Montgomery Al to Fl about 6 yrs ago. Culture shock!! Lots of southern hospitality in Al but we’re getting used to it here.

          • Meg1964 says:

            Ok! I knew there was something about you and Alabama.. but there’s another person who posts here that still lives in Bama.

            I hope I didn’t offend her. I’ve lived in Alabama most of my life… I hope she saw my post about that. 😦

  11. Squirrels says:

    A friend of mine who hangs on Lynn’s site sent me this re: M. Salami. What does body language say re: her Fox interview and the MS issue. Interesting stuff.’s-body-language-facial-tells-and-voice-patterns-indicate-she-may-be-lying-about-having-ms/

    • Meg1964 says:

      I can’t wait till I’m alone. I’m dying to watch that interview of Michaele, as well as the most recent episode of the DC wives.

      I’m just hearing of her claiming to have MS. What a bitch.

    • Oh yeah I actually read that a few days ago. Sorry I should have posted it for you guys. It is interesting, and I was remembering what I learned while I was watching Michaele in this episode. I’m also taking notes to become a better liar myself. >:)

      • Meg1964 says:

        Well, you’ll have a good teacher! She’s definitely the one to study. She’s more dangerous than Tree cause she’s able to form a couple of sentence before she starts to whine.

      • Jeana says:

        RHW, you also need to watch Lie To Me. I don’t know where/when it comes on in Canada but it’s “da bomb” on how to pick-up on lying! The lead role dude is a sarcastic smart ass, so right up our alley!

        Favorite quote from your DC blog: “Next Lynda says her Jewish prayer with her Catholic Holy water, then kneels towards Mecca and praises Allah, rubs Buddah’s stomach, hails to the Sun Gods and makes a blood offering to the Wiccan Goddess of the trees.” Loved it!!

        Talking about the producers magnifying the HW bad behavior or issues….did you notice after Juicy Joe’s DUI they always showed him drinking, looking for a drink, talking about a drink, or grabbing a bottle or 3 to take on road trips??

        I’m over the friggin’ closet issues, pay attention paulllleeaassee! My daughter borrows things out of my closet all of the time. I just take it as a compliment that I still dress trendy. Well, besides the fact that I think I’m going senile and can’t remember where I put something tearing up the house and such. But I would never be pissed that she borrowed something without telling me. I mean she’s my daughter that I gave life to…she can borrow anything out of my closet!!! There, that’s it, no more closet issues MARY and Bravo!!

        Love Cat and have from the beginning! I’m from the South and I don’t have a problem understanding her. Teresa from NJ, I have a problem understanding, unless she is cussing, then I catch all of that LOUD and clear!!

        • tuzentswurth says:

          Yes, Mary….it is clothes and “stuff”. If it bothers you that much, then throw her out of the house, tell her to buy her own “stuff” and change the house locks. You obviously can’t and don’t trust her. Get her out of your house or quit bitching about it. You raised her. Don’t make me start calling you a moron too.

        • Meg1964 says:

          I love Lie To Me!! And you’re right.. the lead character is a major smartass and I love it!!

          Mary hasn’t worn a damn thing that I could imagine Lolly (or any 23 year old) WANTING to wear. Damn, those crushed velvet wraps she wears? WTF wears that shit?

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Tim Roth is an excellent actor! Love him, he is like a chameleon, can play such differing characters. Robert Carlyle is another one, good acting.

        • We have Lie To Me. We have all the same non-cable networks that you guys have (except for us it’s cable). But for some reason when it comes to the cable networks the programing is totally different. Go to if you are curious. It is very sad. Lol.
          I’ll check out Lie To Me, but do you think it’s real or they just make stuff up for the show?

          I love that you loved that quote! Lynda just seems wackier and wackier as the weeks go by.
          I’m over the closet thing too. It makes me think that they didn’t have any interesting footage of Mary and that’s the best they could come up with. I like Cat too. I find her bitchiness entertaining. But I also feel bad for her. She started her life over in a new country where she doesn’t know anyone and her husband is always away. She must have been miserable.

          • Jeana says:

            I think Lie to Me is based on scientific research but I’m sure they add to the drama. I’ve read/watched different specialist discussing techniques to distinguish b/n people telling the truth and people lying. It seems that they use a lot of the same research and then add the drama.

            It’s crazy how people claim to be Jewish (Lynda) and Catholic (Dina) and base all of their feelings and moods on Energist/Tara Cards/Psychics/feel good bracelets. I don’t think they’ve darken the door of a church if they practice (disguised)witch-craft. Just my opinion.

    • Squirrels says:

      What I found fascinating from the above article was, why haven’t the Salahi’s ever done anything to support a cure for MS? I can’t buy into any BS like we didn’t want to bring attention to this disease because Michaele chose to keep her illness private. No one would have to be informed of her own condition. She’s successfully kept it a secret for 17 years, I’m sure she could keep it on the down low and still support research and development. It simply doesn’t add up for me, particularly because Michaele could benefit directly from any discoveries that would help combat this serious and debilitating disease.

      • Meg1964 says:

        I agree with you totally.

        I actually thought this when I was writing an earlier comment, but Teresa took over my ability to put my thoughts into words and I totally blanked out. 😐

        Like, for real.

  12. BKAamia009 says:

    First of all here is a link where Tim Gunn slams the Salahi’s basiclly calls them sociopaths, and says he is old school and wants a Dr. Excuse to see if Michale Salahi REALLY has MS. It was on Access hollywood. The funny part of the interview was Michale stated that she was “sad” to hear how he felt about them The funny part was when she said they (AS IN THE SALAHI’S & GUNN ) worked together before then Billy Bush interupts & says “Tim Gunn is saying he never met you before. Pretty damn funny! Im sure you can find better links if you Google “Tim Gunn slams the Salahi’s calls them sociopaths on accesss hollywood”

    On to better things “real City house wife” As I said before I FREAKING LOVE YOU! I really do, you make me laugh! I tortured my man in to watching this episode and it was painful he rolled his eyes asked me a hundred times why do I watch this shit but he laughed at the Salahis w/ the house hunting and wonders like we all do how are they affording Pent Houses at the Four Seasons. Then a few minutes ago I said “BABE READ THIS RE-CAP” He made a “OH no face” I have to finish repairing the cement on the porch (from last year when we used regular snow salt instead of “Calcium Chloride” it ripped our porch up, Anyways, I got him to read it and he laughed! Thanks Put Your Hair UP, You rock! Your sooo funny ! Please dont mind my questions from time to time when I ask about your photo skills. I LOVE THEM~!

  13. Meg1964 says:

    Ok. I just watched the interview where Michaele reveals her “secret”. I’m a little pissed. I no more believe this woman has MS, than I believe my Shih Tzu does.

    Reasons I don’t believe Michaele has MS. First of all, she doesn’t mind lying. Notice how in the interview, she acts like she’s going to cry, so the woman interviewing her actually is the first one to break the news that Michaele has MS. Why didn’t Michaele discuss her symptoms and how she copes with them on a daily basis? MS is a chronic, debilitating illness, and surely she’s had to make adjustments in her life in order to live with it. I know that some ppl have mild cases, but what were Michaele’s symptoms? How did she know 17 years ago that she had MS? Oh, and btw.. from my own experience as a nurse, MS is very difficult to diagnose.. how many years of sickness did it take before she was diagnosed? There were many things in dealing with MS, etc., that she could’ve discsussed, if she truly had it and wanted to bring awareness to it. Attempting to shed a tear? GMAFB. None of her friends or family know? GMAFB. It’s because she doesn’t have it.

    She should be ashamed of herself. This one takes the cake.

    • e-rizzle says:

      I have to agree. After 17 years, there should be some progression and she should be showing some symptoms. My grandmother was diagnosed with MS after about five years of wondering what the hell was wrong with her, and it only took 2 or 3 years for her to deteriorate to barely being able to move on her own. It’s a terrible disease, and the fact she could lie about it–and not even lie in a good way i.e., fundraising, raising awareness etc–it’s just appalling.

      There’s a special place in hell for people like her.

      • oopsy says:

        Everyone is affected differently by this disease but even if she managed to hide her symptoms MS is so devestating that the people close to you would have to know something is wrong. You may hide it from the world but your best friend….I don’t think so.

      • Meg1964 says:

        Absolutely… and even the mildest cases of MS are symptomatic. If not, then the people with mild cases wouldn’t know they had it.

        It’s really, really hard to diagnose. It’s practically diagnosed by process of elimination in some cases.

        Now that I read my initial post, I feel like I shouldn’t have called her a liar, but I really think she’s not being truthful. I think this is all about sellling a book. And I’m ashamed of Diane Dimond for writing it.

        I need something from a reputable neurologist before I believe she has it.

        Oh.. and RCH.. I hope it doesn’t matter, but since I’ve moved and no longer have comcast, the email listed for me doesn’t work. I have to set up another email. Don’t ban me. 😛

        • oopsy says:

          My feelings are if you lie you’re a lier, no? Don’t scheme and lie then bitch when people don’t trust you. She may be sick but it’s her own fault people doubt her. If any honest housewife (oxymoron??) claimed to suffer from this disease she would be flooded with well wishes. The Salahis are liers…plain and simple.

  14. BKAamia009 says:

    One more thing if I were Stacie I would black mail the hell out of her mother & say hey “listen you either giver me the name of my daddy is or im gonna (well b4 hand get a PI to get a DNA swab so easy to do with a small amount , you can get it by a glass, cig but, even snot, blood, tears) tell your WHOLE family who I am and I got the DNA to prove it you selfish BYOTCH!

  15. JennyK says:

    I love your recaps! You’re hilarious! watch.series has the episodes if you can’t find it next time!

    • Thank you. I actually found that site from sidereel the other day, but when I checked they still hadn’t put the episode up yet.
      It normally takes less than 24 hours for the shows to come online, but for some reason this episode took days. I guess that just happens sometimes.
      But thank you for the link. I always love hearing about new tv sites.

  16. nathania says:

    Yeah, Mary left out the part about why she had to go to a biometric lock, that is pretty extreme…you hit the nail on the head that it probably was something to do with Lolly picking locks otherwise a simple key lock would have done the trick. It’s clear Mary broke down in the dinner with Tareq not because she thought the allegations weren’t true but because she thought they WERE. And this whole thing about going to that length to protect the contents of a closet seems to suggest that the things that were taken were neither worn, or returned, but possibly sold. Mary doesn’t seem too bright…if she had any sense (or maybe consistent sobriety) that whole storyline would have been left out. Now thinking about this I’m getting the feeling that the truth is so bad that this might have been a ridiculous attempt to skew the storyline for the better, because Mary catching Lolly with her dress on at that dinner was so very, stupidly contrived…there is no way Lolly just happened to slip her sweater off at the precise moment the cameras were on her, and then for the Bravo cameras to capture her reaction at the same time…that whole scene is fake. I bet Lolly has quite a rep in that area, and this was some bizarre attempt at downplaying how bad it really is. Because you don’t get a biometric lock to keep out a daughter who occasionally borrows something, and slips it back onto the hanger when no one is looking. You get a biometric lock when you have a child who needs quick money and you have valuables lying around that can bring in some dough at a pawn shop. No wonder Rich wanted no part of that saga when Mary approached him about it on the couch. He has enough sense to know this lame attempt at ‘damage control’ is only going to bring more attention to something that probably needs to be worked out in rehab, at best.

    I’m hearing rumors the Salahis have been fired for lying about Bravo, makes me wonder why KKB was forgiven for lying about Bravo ‘forcing her’ to go to the Virgin Islands…maybe it comes down to people are tired of grifters and KKB has real money and they think she will help ratings or something.

    • Ahhhh the drug addict angle. I was actually joking about the lock picking. I suspect Mary just thought the biometric lock was cool and that’s why she got it.

      I wondered the same thing about Salahi’s / Kelly. I think they are keeping Kelly because her Scary Island breakdown break through brought a lot of rating. DC has the lowest ratings ever (so I’ve heard). Nutjobs like Kelly and Teresa are worth the trouble because they create money for Bravo. The Salahi’s aren’t bringing ratings so it’s not worth it for them to put with with their bull shit. Plus I think a lot of people complained about the White House thing.

      • Meg1964 says:

        Were the Salahi’s really fired? If so, maybe Dr. Lillian Glass has a point. Someone posted an article earlier where Dr. Glass analyzed Michaele’s interview in which she stated she had MS.

        Dr. Glass stated in part of that article that perhaps Michaele was saying she had MS, so that if Bravo terminated them, she could use that against them. And I wouldn’t put it past her or that flat nosed husband of hers.

      • Squirrels says:

        Sadly, I agree with you. My fervent hope however, is at some point Bravo, Andy, et al get sued for ignoring irrational cast members need for intervention at the risk of the remaining cast/production crew. With Teresa’s antics, this is getting way out of hand and I fear someone is going to get hurt. I’d much rather they just let T and BatShitCrazy (BSC) fall by the wayside.

      • nathania says:

        I hope you are right. I actually thought about the ‘cutting off the finger thing’ in espionage/mafia movies too, lol. The thing is that Mary ‘makes money/doesn’t spend money’ so I assume it’s rich that has the $$$ and he seems like the type that would have told her she was off her nut to ask for a biometric lock unless they agreed the expense was worth it to ward off further losses in the long run.

        I am surprised DC is doing so poorly, I like it…whereas I have never watched an episode of Atlanta and never intend to, I guess I’m not ‘with it’ when it comes to what makes a Housewife show interesting. I think Lynda could go, and Mary too, but Cat and Stacie are interesting…Michaele is a huge grifter from way back apparently, I guess that whole thing with Whoopi Goldberg on The View was a set up for a lawsuit too. It’s a nightmare these two have found each other but at least it saves two other innocent people from hooking up with a sociopath and getting burned, they definitely are a perfect match.

        • Lolly just doesn’t look like she’s on drugs to me. She seemed pretty mature (more mature than Mary) with the Tareq situation and drug addicts are usually really skinny. She just doesn’t strike me as a drug user. Maybe she smokes weed every now and then. But who knows.

          Personally, after the drama of NY and NJ I find DC boring. I have also seen a lot of comments from people saying they won’t watch DC because of the Salahi’s. I wonder if that has something to do with the poor ratings?

          Everyone is saying that Michaele said Whoopie hit her. In every interview I’ve ever seen, Michaele claims that she never said that.

          • nathania says:

            I had the opposite reaction…the first time I got a good look at her face I thought ‘uh-oh’…probably has something to do with being in recovery since my early twenties, but I hope I am wrong. I feel slimey talking about it, actually, since that is a pretty dark scenario, but a biometric lock is an extreme measure.

            I never heard her side of the story and I don’t watch the view, I just read Whoopi’s reaction to the whole thing, which was apparently pretty strong. I guess if I did read a quote from Michaele I would have dismissed it anyway because she is such a liar. I can’t tolerate the view enough to sit through it so I don’t know what the recounting of the events were but apparently Whoopi felt wronged in some way.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’ve been thinking there is something in Mary’s closet besides clothes and that is what her darling daughter is after. Maybe if Mary put the wine down once in a while and learned how to close a door behind her this wouldn’t be an issue. How sad is this – the only thing this woman has to offer us is a daughter with sticky fingers and a love of the grape that goes well past turtle time!

      • Squirrels says:

        I suspect Mary has some nice jewelry and a safe. Could be that’s in the closet, too.

      • To tell you the truth, the very first thing I thought in the beginning of the first episode was that Mary has very valuable things in her closet, and I felt like she wanted to show off her cool lock, but without making herself a target for thieves who might hear about her precautions and get some bad ideas, so she brushed the whole thing off saying it was because of her daughter.
        I think Lolly does steal her clothes, and I think it does bother her, but I don’t the bio lock is really for Lolly because I’m sure a regular lock and key would have done the job. Either she has valuable things or she simply thinks it’s cool and needed an excuse to justify the expense.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      The Salamis are loose cannons that Bravo can’t control. The White House stunt, and the other crap they pull, come out with, etc.. And they don’t bring in the ratings.

      The Salamis didn’t attend the Bravo RHODC premiere party because they were running their own premiere party, selling tickets for people to attend. ( I think they were trying that bit for subsequent episodes as well. Don’t know that they had many takers.) They can’t appear on TV talk shows to plug the show without fear that they’d create a nutty ruckus and threaten lawsuits or whatever (like on The View). They basically tried to falsely pin “obstruction of justice” on Bravo in the fed investigations of their little WH romp. Litigation follows them wherever they go, either people are suing them or they’re suing someone. Who knows what else that we don’t know about. (Contract violations, whatever.) Considering all that, I’d figure it’d make sense that Bravo (and their legal folks) probably would want to cut all ties with them before they get further entangled in or become a target of the Salamis legal messes.

      Also , the DC show’s ratings are not great and fwiw I think Jenn Sale said word is Bravo’s looking to retool, recast the show.

      Kiki’s BSC, but she doesn’t seriously challenge Bravo business wise like Danielle & the Salamis. IMO.

      • nathania says:

        that’s it, isn’t it…the only way to get kicked off a bravo housewives show is to threaten to sue (or, be boring as the atlanta housewife claimed). other than that they don’t seem to care.

      • Squirrels says:

        But….but…. I want BSC to go awayyyyyyyy, disappear into obscurity. I could just cry.

      • DC Girl says:

        The Salahi’s didn’t attend Bravo’s premiere party at The Madison because Bravo execs did not invite them. So that’s why they held their own party, which the did not show up to until late – oh wait, that’s because Tareq got served with papers for another lawsuit at his party. Boo hoo! What a bunch of liars!

  17. tuzentswurth says:

    Excellence again RCH! I haven’t even watched the show yet, I think it will be better watching it after your recap. So many things to comment on, so little time…….I also think Stacie’s mom doesn’t know who the father is. I do know that I’ve had a good, thorough laugh reading this and I thank you all. And RCH, bless you for the wonderful work you do while on your Docs w/o Borders gigs. Saving all those babies when you could have been cheering at football games, you are a saint!

  18. Umm… ok so “Jeepers”, the one who I suspect may be “siennarose” is in Lynn’s comments talking about how she never leaves the house and refuses to answer her door if someone knocks. She said her neighbors take out her trash and bring her the mail.
    (She doesn’t even walk to the end of the driveway???)
    This is the person who wrote the letter to Andy Cohen. Now I am convinced that I was totally justified in saying that the letter was a little crazy.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I saw that too! And I was ….ummm, ok ing too. I swear it is the same person, with multiple personalities (and names too)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It was a strange letter – went in too many directions. So how do we know that Andy really responded to that letter?

    • @MickeyMouth1 is so cool. Just taught me how to find where someone lives from their IP. Gonna stalk all you bitches now! Bwuahahahah!
      But seriously, does anyone remember which blog the siennarose posts were on? I want to check if she really was in Washington, the state.

    • nathania says:

      I don’t really have an opinion about it one way or the other but it was refreshing to read your comments. I am used to being the voice of dissent a lot of times and I always appreciate straight shooters. I learned a very hard lesson a few years ago about internet ‘friends’ so I try to avoid clutches online like the plague, I think it’s best when everyone agrees to disagree and people feel they don’t have to fit in and can just speak their minds without any kind of site-specific borg coming down on them. I try to not to notice who posts and just respond to what they post ~meaning so I don’t get attached to anyone online because you never know anyone online, NOT meaning if I had a blog I wouldn’t be curious if someone was disrupting and wouldn’t notice the similarity if I saw them elsewhere (in fact when you mentioned the name siennarose I thought about a similarly named “—-rose” on a website I was on years ago that disrupted to beat the band, had several identities and was apparently looney-tunes). When I was new to the internet I befriended someone online who ended up betraying me over a minor slight and went on a search and destroy mission, lol, against me. She was drunk most of the time she posted but she is still on that site whereas I am not…it was political in nature so there were issues that were close to my heart but I am not interested in ever making that mistake again, because that crossed over into my real life (because I let it) and caused me some pain. Never again.

      Plus people can put down whatever information, true or not, about where they live, just because they say they are from WA or LA doesn’t mean they really are.

      • Did you read the posts that we are talking about?
        If you didn’t I suggest you do. Her posts we kinda creepy, but we had a hell of good time responding to them. Pure comedy!

        • momsthoughts says:

          I must have missed that post too! where is it?

          I agree with the previous poster – I respond to what was said, not who said it. And ppl can take all of this very very personally. They seem to go after ppl with a vengeance and it can be very scary. I guess their lives are just that empty and sad they look for interaction (good or bad) any way they can find it. Its sad -but their attacks can be very real.

        • sangfroid says:

          Good heavens!
          I was going back and reading your earlier blogs, because I didn’t find you until the RHNJ recap when I stumbled across Sienna Rose. CREEPY!
          I think you got really good advice from many of your lovely posters.
          I was saving this blog until I had the chance to watch the episode, but had not found it online. Missed all the fun you have been having here. You all keep me laughing. I think I’d rather read all of your takes on the episodes than watch them.
          And in a different direction. My 21 year old daughter and I wear the same size. But…. we do not take each others clothes. Something about age appropriateness and personal style.

  19. Search your blog for “siennarose” LOL

    • Ok smart ass. 🙂 I’m still learning all the blog features.
      Despite how things may appear, I have no idea what I’m doing. Lol

      So I checked the thing and it said siennarose was from L.A, the city. Not Washington, the state. I wish I would have had this information back when she was still posting.
      I love this new toy!

      • tuzentswurth says:

        OMG Do you mean to tell me that our siennarose was LYING to us? I call balderdash on her comments! Can you find out from Lynn where this Jeepers (creepers) and Ann are from????? The mystery deepens…cue dramatic music………..

        • Yes can you believe that? She LIED! After all the trust we put into her…. what a shame.
          I could ask Lynn, but she is very respectful of all her posters no matter how crazy so I don’t want to ask her to give out someone’s personal info.

          • anon says:

            You all realize that you can pay for a proxy IP and it will show you in, say, Austrailia, right?

            Sadie is IceNFire. For some reason I have it in my head that Siennarose is also Sadie. I could be wrong…

            from Rileykitty’s blog (she posted as both sadie/icenfire):
            “Sadie says:
            June 20, 2010 at 11:43 pm

            Damn! I did it again! 1 blog 1 name 1 blog 1 name 1 blog 1 name 1 blog 1 name”

      • Meg1964 says:

        Just remember that sometimes, an IP tracker can be off a little bit. Like, for instance, right now I’m in Alabama, but I’m 2 minutes across a bridge and I’ll be in Georgia. So, my IP addy might say Georgia. A few years back I worked in Georgia, and my IP addy said “Atlanta”. I was 100 miles from Atlanta.

        I think it’s safe to say if siennarose’s IP addy says “LA”, she’s not in Washington State. Unless of course she was using a proxy or an anonymizer. 🙂

        • tuzentswurth says:

          Meg…Georgia, Alabama, L A, Washington……close enough. We’re not interested in the truth here b/c….We can’t handle the truth! AL Sharpton- Al Sharpton. LOL

          • Meg1964 says:

            I was dumb enough to ask that idiot what she meant by her Al Sharpton comment. And she replied… I can’t remember what she said because it didn’t even make sense when I read it the 5th time. She said some bullshit about being a tv star and twitter and not needing to make sense… and then I think she farted, at least I saw a picture of her on someone’s twitter avatar that looks like she sniffed a fart.

  20. Tracy Hunley says:

    In one of your earlier recaps I almost coughed up a lung laughing so hard because there was a screen shot of Mary, drinking of course, Stacie and Stacie’s friend which you called the little devil on her shoulder. What made me laugh so hard was you had added the words “alcoholic” over Mary’s picture. You’re right when you said she’s a moron with a drinking problem. Think back to the very first episode when they were taking that horrible family pic to grace their Christmas card? She brought wine! RCH peeped that ho’s card from the beginning.

    • Hope your lungs are ok now! Lol. Yeah, I thought she was a drunk from the get-go. Who needs wine to take a family picture? If that’s how she deals with the stress of taking a photo I’m sure that’s how she deals with daily stress as well. Too bad she doesn’t buy her wine from the Salahi’s, might have kept them out of bankruptcy.

  21. I left this link over at Lynn’s blog, but don’t know if everyone will see it.

    Vanity Fair is now calling the NJ housewives trash!!!

    Among other things it describes the Teresa and Dina-planned christening party as “the most horrific since the multiple-homicide christening that climaxed The Godfather…” I wonder if Dina will put that one on her resume?

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Thank for that link, good article. Wonder if the ho-wives ever see anything like this…..surely it would leave them scratching their heads wondering what bad taste is this guy talking about………….Jooeeeee, this ain’t makin sense, what does Italian Renaissance on acid and America’s McAristocracy mean???

    • nathania says:

      Thank you Vanity Fair. The truth hurts more than a hair pullin’.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I love VF from cover to cover – this article is golden. Teresa the She Hunk! Unfortunately, IMO the wives from NJ would not understand this article even with a dictionary in hand! Thanks lol

  22. tuzentswurth says:

    Saw this on Lynn’s…very funny

  23. tuzentswurth says:

    This is OT, But I’m not sure if we saw this here:

    This is what I have to say about that! Just watch the body language, esp if you read the post here about Dr. Glass re Michaele Sahlahi. I posted this response over at Lynn’s:
    I saw the Caro Manzo video, her deposition. WORST witness ever? She talks about the “stories” Danielle told w/o ever saying ..”She told me”……it seems to me that it is all heresay evidence. She admits on the show that she has nothing to do with her and doesn’t socialize w/her, so is this beauty salon gossip? She sits with her head cocked listening to the question, then never looks at anybody, eyes rolling all over , looking up, down, gesturing wildly etc. Looks like she is making this shit up as she goes along. Now, I am no Danielle fan but I just don’t think this looks like valid testimony for factual court evidence. Stuff Danielle wrote in her book??? OK, valid and Caroline has nothing to do with that; This crap, pure heresay. Caroline is no better than Danielle. She needs to look at herself.

  24. Meg1964 says:

    My daughter doesn’t get Bravo, so I’m having to find my Bravo fix online. I’m watching the last episode of DC on youtube (Amy the link you posted), but I can’t find Part 4 of 4.

    Any idea what’s up?

    • On top of the video where it says “257 videos” hit the little down arrow button and all the videos will show up. 4/4 is the 3rd video.

      • Meg1964 says:

        Got it! Thanks!

        If nothing more, Mary is at least smoking weed, how else do you raise 5 kids?

        Have we even seen all 5 kids? I don’t remember seeing that many, except in the little clips where it shows her and the family in the background. Maybe she’s not letting them film the younger kids. Nothing wrong with that.

        Stacie should be shot for allowing them to put her in that hot pink balloon dress. That thing is hideous.

  25. SiennaTulip/akaMeg says:

    Who dat tawkin about me? I’mmmmm sooooo upset. My husband, ummmm Joe, I cawll him Juicy, just turned himself in to the local ummmmm.. jailhouse today. It’s all a great, big misundastandin’ and he’ll be gettin out soon. He’s basically jess doin’ it cause he’s an ummmmm entrapanoor and stuff. Ya know?

  26. AngryOldMan says:

    You did it again, made me laugh out loud. This time it was “home care nurse.”

    I just lost a relative (I mean passed away, I didn’t forget where I left her) and you made me forget. You’re doing God’s, Yahweh’s, Buddah’s, Allah’s, Ra’s, Zeus’s, the Goddess’s work!

    Also, more highlighting of Mary’s love affair with prescription drugs. There’s more in that closet than clothes……

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Your sense of humor makes you fit right in here! I’m sorry to hear of your loss, glad you can come to here to feel better and laugh…the best medicine.

    • Sorry for your loss. I’m glad I could make you laugh, and forget for a moment. 😀

    • Kat says:

      I too knew more was up in that closet than Mary was about to share.
      I wonder if she’ll ever come out.. of the … closet? Imagine the stash in a live in closet! Of course Lolly visits often, she probably “borrows” clothes to make her visits look legit. It’s a party pantry/liquor store/pharmacy/closet. imho

  27. Need a Hobby says:

    Yes, I too think Mary’s got the good stuff stashed in her closet. Her clothes really don’t need to be protected, even if her daughter does share her horrible taste in clothes. Mary hides the good booze and the mother’s little helpers in that closet. Maybe a few appliances or two and some uh, accessories.

    Oh jeez, now I have a mental pic of Mary in a black corset, thigh high boots and a whip yeehawing “ride ’em cowboy” or something equally inane. Now I need a drink.


  28. You guys… i’m kinda drunk. i usually don’t drink during the day unless i’m at a pool party but All these housewives are always drinking all the time so i though i’d try it. peer pressure got to me. lol. i don’t like it. I’m trying to read the blog and it’s too hard to concentrate. going to take a nap.

  29. Tam5115 says:

    Thanks for the laughs today, I need them. I really hate family crisis’

    You sober up, RCH… I’ll get drunk. 🙂

  30. Need a Hobby says:

    Most attractive couple on RHODC this episode: the pug and the German Shepherd. Also, I would far prefer their company to any of the people on that show.

    Many years ago my grandmother had a pug and a German Shepherd. The pug would sleep on top of the shepherd. They were best buds.

    RCH: Thanks for the links to Amy’s youtube page. I watched WWHL with Ramona and Mumbles. I can make it through a number of regional Brit accents just fine, but Cat just sounds like she has a speech impediment, an affectation, and/or is three sheets to the wind. Perhaps all three. Seriously irritating. It’s simply not attractive for a woman to sound like a drunken Winston Churchill.

    • BonBon says:

      Did you notice Andy’s racist (of the sort that “All blacks, asians,jews, italians, bladablada etc. look alike) slip of the tongue? Loud and clear! The poll was “Which of the Househusbands of D.C. is the Hottest?”?
      Jason was the clear winner (41%) and Andy said “There we go. Ebong won with Rich second”. I can’t beleieve that no one corrected him! Ebong came in 3rd, after Rich. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on there for a long time. Of course, he was probably smashed out of his skull.

      • emily says:

        Yes, but he also thought Tareq was Charles. So I think he was just drunk or starting to need glasses?
        He was corrected in the After Show videos posted later.

      • nathania says:

        I don’t know…I wondered if maybe he was anti-Jason because of the coming episode with the anti-gay marriage comments. I have never seen him slip up like that…Ebong and Jason look about as much alike as the pug and the german shepherd.

  31. tuzentswurth says:

    So Joe went to jail today & is proud of it, it’s another money-making opportunity for him. When I grew up boys and girls, this would have been a shameful thing to do especially if you had 4 little daughters. My, how things change.

    • nathania says:

      grrrr…he was the same way about the DUI, remember that episode, all ‘I don’t give a sh*t,’ etc. Just like the Salahis the Giudices are a match made in hell, but there are four very lucky people out there going ‘thank God I threw that one back while there was still time’.

    • I hope that fat B@st@rd is being fed stale peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with sour milk. What pissed me off is he can get out early for good behavior and he will be able to “be good” since he is in isolation because he is a “celebrity.”

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yeah good behavior since there are no vehicles in jail! lol
        Hope he gets busted again for driving while his license is suspended cause we know he will…..maybe it will be more than 10 days.

  32. Kaileeknowsitall says:

    I think Stacey may not seem interested in contacting her white brother because she’s knows she is ” The Secret” and is concerned about the problems this will cause with in her bmom’s home and life. I don’t think anyone would want to contact a child born and raised by a woman who had just told them they wanted nothing more to do with them. I think it would be safe to assume the child would feel the same way. I’m sure Stacey was and probably is still open to making connections with any of her relatives regardless of their race. It’s not everyday that African Americans find they’re real blood relatives in their “Home” country. That’s big! I’m sure if she finds them they’ll welcome her w/ open arms. Blacks are statistically more accepting and receptive of its mixed off spring than others. Google it! I think Kat is hilarious. She says what’s on her mind. With her it is what it is, no sugar coating. The world needs more people like her to toughen up some of this soft skin. Tareq really has a problem. He seems to think having the appearance of being well off is the most important thing in life, at all cost. Its kind of sad to see him digging his self into a bigger hole each week, spending money he doesn’t have, and sadly he’s impressing no one. I’m tired of seeing them ride around in that old school limo. The nerve of them to waste someones time knowing they have no paperwork to support their finances. Whoa!

    • Squirrels says:

      As to the limo, you’d think they’d have a few buck around to at least repaint it black. geesh.

    • oopsy says:

      Kailee, Aaaah, but she IS interested in contacting her white brother…to get info on her BLACK side of the family. Has she expressed any interest in knowing him for his own sake? And I hate to disagree about something else but I have friends who are mixed and No, the black side of the family is not more accepting. As a matter of fact, they seem more comfortable pointing out the differences and commenting on ‘white folks’, it does seem to be an issue. The white side doesn’t comment as much or make a big deal out of it. Maybe the white side doesn’t want to appear racist, IDK. All I know is their black relatives comment on the lighter skin, hair, etc. and have no problem talking about the white relatives. That’s just been the experience my friends have had at any rate.

      • Meg1964 says:

        My experience has been similar. I have a black sister in law. She married my husband’s brother. Hubby has a huge family. 9 kids in all. And most of them have kids. Anyway, now my black SIL feels uncomfortable around all the WHITES when we have cookouts. I offended her one day because I said one of the girls on American Idol looked like she stunk. I would of said it no matter what color the girl was, but my SIL took it as a racial slur because the girl was black.

        Anyway.. the point I was trying to make when I got sidetracked was this: They have 2 kids together. We think they’re beautiful. Her side of the family doesn’t like the “color” of their skin. They think they’re too lite. My SIL says they will be looked down on by “darker” kids because of envy. Or some bullshit like that.

        It’s screwed up, IMO.

        Anyway – I’m not so sure her bio father’s family would accept a biracial woman.

      • Kaileeknowsitall says:

        I was only speaking on statistics and studies that have been done. We all know its unfair to make generalizations and I hope no one took offense to my post. I was in no way saying whites don’t accept mixed kids, only pointing out that studies have shown blacks to be more accepting of it. The whole lighter being looked on as being more superior goes way back to slave times when the slaves in the field were the darker ones and the lighter ones often lives in and did jobs inside the homes. Its sad how that trickled down to bitterness over color lines with in the the black community still today. I to am mixed. My mother is Caucasion and Los, My father African-American and German. I joke w/ my black fam about their sensitivity, where we feel we can say things others can not or taking everything as a racial dig. So I understand your struggle Meg. Your best bet to deal with your SIL is to not walk on eggshells and let her know your opinions or views have nothing to do with race so she should get over it. In my life I have felt more love and acceptance from my minority sides of the family though to be honest and that’s not to say my Caucasion and German family members don’t love me because I know they do, the ones that matter do anyway. Its a struggle I must say and I think people tend to overlook or downplay some of the issues mixed children go through.

        • Meg1964 says:

          I wasn’t offended at all by your post. It takes a lot to offend me. 🙂

          I ended up telling the SIL that I had never been accused of being a racist, and she wasn’t going to start doing it. I explained to her that I have “smellavision”, and it’s a curse. I can’t help it if I can look at someone and know they stink. 😀

          Then I told her that I had been a part of that family for 20 years, and she was the newbie.. I wasn’t going to change, and I had earned my spot.. she needed to learn to accept and move on.

        • oopsy says:

          I wasn’t offended either….just had a different take from what I’ve heard from the people in my life.

      • Squirrels says:

        Somehow I don’t think Stacie will gain anything from contacting her brother. He won’t know anything since this has all been kept quiet and it may only cause more pain for all.

        I think she does need to sit down with her mother face to face and ask her point blank, “Do you actually know who he is? If you don’t, that’s ok, too.” If she says yes, here is what I would add if it were me. “You know I want to contact him. It is my wish to know where I come from and if you refuse me the information, I’ll know why you gave me away. I’ll also see you as a woman who is so afraid of her family she cannot do what is right by her first born child. You may think you have allot to lose, but I believe you have allot to gain. ”

        We are all different, but that’s how I’d handle it.

  33. RCH
    I wasn’t being a mean smart ass! I love your blog cause you write funny stuff on your screen caps with a marker pen and make me laugh.

    I promise I am not siennarose. But you know that since MickeyMouth taught you how to check IP addresses. I could use a proxy server that says I live in Ethiopia though! LOL

  34. Meg1964 says:

    There’s a virus on Twitter. I hope I didn’t do anything to infect this computer, cause it’s my daughter’s. 😐

    I’m pretty sure I had/have it. I don’t have a problem unless I go to Twitter, so it looks like it hasn’t affected the computer.

    I couldn’t even post on Twitter. I kept getting a message that I was retweeting a post by someone with the name that starts with an “M”.

  35. Need a Hobby says:

    You tweeters probably already know (if you haven’t been hit the virus Twitter now says is patched) but Melissa Gorga appears to be ready for her spotlight…she mentioned an article in Boardwalk Journal, a NJ publication. Momsthoughts posted a pic of it here for her:

  36. Need a Hobby says:

    Other Bravo “stars’ in the news:

    On the OC front:
    Simon Barney got busted for domestic violence for throwing a dog leash at Tamra and hitting her with it.

    Gretchen Rossi sued again: Sounds like it happened during filming of a dinner? So it may be on OC.

  37. Lina says:

    The faces Mary makes are priceless! But the one moment I thought I was going to pee myself was when she put her hand behind her head as if to mock a rooster “cockadoodledoo rrrghhhhhh”. As usual great post, you find the fun in it even when the show puts you to sleep!

  38. Amber...Real Wife says:

    My birthday was 2 days ago and I thank you for the birthday wish RCH. I appreciate it!

    That said,

    Mary… she is so annoying constantly complaining about her clothes, her daughter, her closet and lack of privacy etc. Uh hello? Close your damn biometric lock asshole! Stop leaving it open, so your sticky fingered daughter can come in and help herself to your stuff. It seems she gets drunk, passes out and forgets the lock. Lolly probably plays bartender on the weekend, topping her glass, so she’ll be able to play dress up when Mary falls out!

  39. Sardonica says:

    Happy Birthday Amber!
    …and now RCH. Because of this blog I started the Twit thing but I do not know what I am doing, nor do I really care. What can I say, I am but a slimy junkie twitching in the gutter looking for a line or grain of RH crack. ( I have no idea with the crack alliterations, please excuse ) Moms Thoughts? ( I found these names here. I blame you ) has some tweet about a T. rex Guidice garage sale? I am all atwitter over that one! Imagine if you will…You making a posting with a T garage sale! I am already laughing way too hard over where you could take this. Photoshop, etc. You have the talent, I have the hunger. Feed me please.
    P.S. At some point I may actually figure out this twitter thing. So far it is enough reading the tweets of these ppl. It is like the pusher who takes the user from ooh, let us say ‘weed’ all the way toooooooo heroin….mainline heroin, not the wussy snorting thing. I am in need of a RH opium type den wherein I stay for days and some foreign type person prepares my RH drug and makes me tea and brings me water, some rice for sustanance, etc. and caters to me in order to keep me going until my next fix. ‘My RH Den’. It is like you have to be my foreigner, and from what I can gather you are like one of those Canadian people ( foreigner ) and this is my cyber den. Kinda the same thing. Well, almost. Close enough. Thank you in advance.

    • Lmao.
      What is your twitter name?

      • Sardonica says:

        I have been trying to figure this out for past hr…Bethenny actually replied to one of my cooking twats lol. I am so ‘cited! I adore her! Dammitall (TM) with dinner prep and real life. I lost the entire thread….I am ‘catsamewsed’ and I have no cluuuue what I am doing on that dang’nabit Twitter thing.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      “from what I can gather you are like one of those Canadian people ” uh oh Sardonica, you’ve opened a can of worms here, this could get ugly. Do you mean like those people (foreigners) that have universal health care coverage……lucky b@$t@rd$!

  40. Sardonica says:

    I notice I would make a very bad junkie since I am ordering my dealer around. I may end up with a bullet in my head but like Caroline ( ack ack, ‘scuse me ham in my throat ) and Popeye I yam what I yam.

  41. Meg1964 says:

    Happy Birthday, Amber!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Thanks Meg!

      And also Sardonica, although I’m afraid of her cracked out, pistol whipping antics as mentioned above! NOT! LOL I think we are all addicted!

      • Sardonica says:

        Amber Birthday Girl !
        I am NOT addicted. Just because I am checking a blog about a TV show before I go to bed after a long day at the hospital with a sick mommy ( who is okay, but elderly and yada yada ) and the fact I needed to get back to my internet crack and escape this world of reason and responsibility and all that crap which is NOT RH…me? addicted? nahhh err yep errr nope errr okay yepp THIS is the drug that gets me through the day.It may be better than crack, nah, I bet crack is better but I am too old to participate in the world wide web of crack’dom. I weep for me. lol. back to Mary’s closet and the biolock. I want a biolock snack area. Chocolate frozen yogurt and chocolate syrup. Anything biolocked is so cool / kewl and oddish at the same time. What would YOU like to have a biolock on?

        • sangfroid says:

          I am surprised that Mary does not have a bio lock on her wine cellar. I mean c’mon, that has got to be more important to her than the 6 or so criss cross velvet dresses. Unless of course the passage way to the wine cellar is through the bio locked clothes closet. Hmmm, I’m going back in to check it out. Hey! Maybe Al Capone’s secret vault is really in there. If I find it I will pick up some Pinot and call Geraldo.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            I found Jimmy Hoffa in there, that is the NJ connection between the two shows. Who would have thought that he was in the closet?

  42. TT in OC says:

    I am so behind here!! In regards to Mary’s closet situation, you should look at it from her point of view. Her life is so NOT interesting that the biolock is probably the only thing she can develop some sort of story line. No closet problem, not talking point, no invite back to season 2 (if there would be a season 2, you can’t blame her to think ahead).

  43. Dalai Mama says:

    Tentatively peering around the wall of Lurker Logs here – squinting in the bright, unexpected sun of the day. I’m out! I’m commenting! Unfortunately, I also just took an Ambien.
    Will my post adequately convey the high regard I have for RCH’s rapier wit, and Dorothy Parker-esque banter?
    Or will I accidentally order a case of leopoard print Snuggies?
    Here’s hoping it’s the former – Real City Housewife, you are stellar. A superior intellect coupled with a delightfully acerbic wit. J’adore. Okay, I’ve said my lurker peace.
    Now, where is the link to that Snuggie website?
    Full Disclosure: I may have posted once here before. Can’t remember – took an Ambien!

  44. Need a Hobby says:

    OK, so I seen on the twitter that T has now mentioned her SIL Melissa on the twitter by name and even posted a pic of Melissa and her bambino. Just to show how close her fambly is, that she and her SIL speak and everything. And that her SIL’s not black too, I guess. (There was a context to her tweets, still responding to questions & rumors I guess.)

    Melissa posted on twitter in a stand alone tweet apropos of who knows what: “This is a first… What a JOKE!” Now, maybe Melissa just heard that the Salamis actually picked up a check at a restaurant or paid a bill. Who knows?

    Later in response to Twilighttwitti asking what she thought about T’s tweets, Melissa notes: “Well I think we have never made it to a tweet or even a mention at all, why now… hmmmmm, good night!”

    Oh yeah….no tension in that relationship.

  45. tuzentswurth says:

    OMG, It’s our lovely “May” again. Everyone get low on the floor, turn off the lights and pretend no one is home.

  46. e-rizzle says:

    Danielle on Maury Who knew Maury had musical guests?

    Anyway, so creepy the way she stares at Lori the entire time like she’s about to pounce on her.

  47. Meg1964 says:

    Melissa just tweeted this:

    melissa_gorga What a day, can a leopard change its spots? I’m not to sure yet…

    You know I had to respond. I tweeted to her:

    Meg1964 @melissa_gorga Hmmm.. why do I feel like this post was about that beast, Teresa? Come on.. u can tell me.. what did she do to you? 🙂

    Is there a way to use italics, bold, etc here?

  48. Sardonica says:

    Huh? Duh and duh again

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