Let’s Laugh at Kelly Bensimon

I know most of you would rather be reading a DC recap. But for some reason the new episode still isn’t online yet. I have checked every tv site and it is no where to be found. I’m hoping it will be up by tomorrow, but in the mean time I figured we could laugh at Kelly.  I have been so busy with the New Jersey woman that I’ve been like literally totally neglecting my authentically amazing friend Kelly.

Kelly has about 40 thousand follows. And I am curious who these people are, because there is no way in hell that there are 40 thousand people out there who are crazy enough to be fans of Kelly Bensimon. Kelly does actually have a few totally insane loyal fans who tweet kiss assy things regularly. But the majority of people who tweet to her are “mean tweeters”. I bet that makes Kelly feel really good since in her deranged version of reality mean tweets = $1 to charity. So here are some of the tweets Kelly received over the past couple days:

hipeegrl‎: @kikilet – No one has heard of the magazines you are in. Lunatic

hipeegrl‎: @kikilet – Plus what kind of crazy lunatic takes a pic of herself in a taxi ad. You need help.

shenanigans4u: so fckn bored out of my skull that I would hang out with @Kikilet to kill this boredom…. wait did I say that?????

Raybryn‎: @kikilet When U interview someone and say, “like” every 2 or 3 words, it makes you look uneducated and unintelligent. STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

cohn99‎: @kikilet Why would the Howard Stern show call you a “crazy psychotic lunatic”? I thought you were friends with Beth Stern.

chris106243‎: @kikilet @kimgranatell You 2 are made for each other. Old bitter windbags trying waaay too hard to be relevant…”Hieeee” & “Dry”

davisesq212‎: only @kilket would RT herself. Ego ego ego RT @plumtv Check out@kikilet backstage at Alice + Olivia.

hipeegrl‎: @rhonythyme YES!!! Crazy Nut Job @kikilet needs to stay on the island

chris106243: According to my watch, it’s about time for your daily Kardashian ass kiss…

mikegolfjunkie@kikilet You are a doped out lunatic! We mock you!

cohn99: When do you spend any time with your kids?

drjordan85: your fucking nuts.. you bipoler bitch lol xoxo

amccom2: I’m talking about “scary” island. Just pointing out that you say you do things for tv & its not real. But them being mean is real?

chris106243@kikilet Assistant for what? To take those random photos of you doing nothing? To answer the phone that never rings? LOL Such a poser

goldenpoolgirl@kikilet Re: your Alice and Olivia interview. It’s “Inspiration”, not “Aspiration”, you illiterate pos!!! Journalist, my ass.

xotaylorwintle@kikilet you should be filming celebrity rehab with @drdrew. You neen help for Being a whack job!

hipeegrl@kikilet You are too old & a NUT JOB mental case to have more kids. Stick to running into traffic. You are much better at that.

goldenpoolgirl@kikilet “My socks are “so cutie”? Wtf. Try “cute”. No “i”. I don’t hate you, but your illiteracy drives me crazy.

mikegolfjunkie: Nobody cares,you man shaped freak! We love Bethanny and Ramona hates you as much as we do! You pig!

hello_ally@kikilet Kelly you are crazy..go back on the short bus and eat your gummi bears

ranticee@d_reemz Everytime I read @kikilet‘s bio blood trickles out my ears.

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110 Responses to Let’s Laugh at Kelly Bensimon

  1. nathania says:

    Good grief, so being ‘followed’ on there is not necessarily a good thing. (I am twitless).

    I have been wondering for a while, what is her history with modeling. WAS she ever a model?

  2. Tracy Hunley says:

    Some of those tweets are funny but some are really mean, but she’s opened herself up to it. When she signed up for RHoNY she effectively killed any sort of anonymity. I can’t imagine that type of life.

    P.S. Your blog is like crack. I guess that makes me a crack-whore.

  3. KellitaM says:

    I saw some of her old modeling pics from the 80s. She had very short hair and looked androgynous.
    By tweeting ridiculousness all day long she really does open herself up to all kinds of responses. I just can’t figure her out. She seems to live in her own little world.

  4. tuzentswurth says:

    KKB needs to get off of twitter, do some…no, a lot of…. self-reflection, get some education, find something meaningful to do, and pay attention to being a responsible adult parent. Her “image” is severely tarnished. I don’t know how long she can tolerate this barrage of negativism and pretend it is a minor thing but eventually this has to erode her already shaky mental health. Oh no, I sound like a KKB defending fan. Anyone who reads here knows I love to make fun of the clueless, egotistical curiosity that is KKB, but I find it sad that while she has 40,000 following her, a few are probably family or paid “friends”. 39,998 can’t stand the vapid moron.

    • I don’t know how she can tolerate it either. If I were her I would have closed my twitter already. I can’t decide if I think she is just pretending to not care about the haters, or if she really just gets off on hearing her name mentioned. Do you think this blog would hurt her feelings, or do you think she would be happy that people are still writing blogs about her so long after her show ended? I think she may just be narcissistic enough to be flattered by it.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Normal people would have closed their twitter account, true. I think she would be flattered by this blog and find it amazing, because people are talking about her. That makes her a style-setter, trend-setter, etc……in her mind. She just doesn’t get it, she has no ability to be mortified.
        Let’s look at how proud she is of talking about her token former job as editor of Elle Accessories. Her husband needs to stick her somewhere harmless, he gives her a BS job at a spin-off magazine named after his first wife. Uh, I’d want my own effin’ magazine!

        • Kelly can tolerate the negative as long as her drug-of-choice keeps her buzzing. She’s like that old dog cartoon: when people criticize her, she sees “Blah blah blah Kelly blah blah blah Kelly blah blah Kelly….” That “editor” job for Elle Accessories (whatever) lasted 9 months before the mag was axed, by the way–when Bensimon himself was demoted, as well. He got left behind in the 90’s style-warp, and she’s stuck there with him.

  5. myname2use4now says:

    What if she really has a mental health problem? I wonder what the effect would be if everyone who called her a lunatic or sent mean tweets to her sent her a “please, get help” message instead. I just think that she’s way too off of her rocker for it to be just her being a royal bitch. I really think she has a problem and if she does, I don’t think she deserves the mean tweets…after all, we’re reality tv fans, not cannibals, right? Right???

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I think she REALLY does have a mental health issue. I think the VI episode was drug-induced psychosis, I think drugs don’t help her mental health.
      If you review the above link…..https://realcityhousewife.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/fans-of-kelly-bensimons-youtube-videos-are-about-to-have-their-dreams-come-true/….
      she seems to be completely depersonalized, maybe a side effect of a modeling career/ too many drugs/too much starvation. It is all about people looking at her and watching her. Everything comes from a perspective outside of her, nothing comes from within going outward, nothing genuine. Life is a photo-shoot to her, she is an image, not a person.

      • nathania says:

        yeah, when they had that little talk, i think it was her and sonja and bethenny, and she was talking about having ‘debilitating anxiety’ when her husband left, I didn’t think much of it until the pyschotic break on the island. She may be normal without stress but under any kind of pressure she completely cracks.

        I have wondered about cocaine psychosis a bit too as far as her behavior on the island. It fits.

    • A lot of people have told her she needs help. She usually responds with some bullshit about how perfect her life is and how the “crazy” thing is just an image.
      I think her problem is not just craziness. It’s also extreme narcissism and denial.
      Sometimes I do feel bad for her, but she asks for. You can’t tweet a video that totally copies Bethenny’s commercial, or post blurry pictures of yourself walking down the street alone (multiple times a day) or tweet how charitable you are while doing nothing for charity and expect people not to be mean to you. I checked Teresa, and Danielle’s tweets too. Even they don’t get that many mean tweets. Kelly doesn’t just ask for it, she begs for it. Almost none of those tweets are unprovoked. They are all in response to something Kelly did or said. I think she just wants the attention. She can’t get positive attention and if she has to choose between being ignored or being hated, she’s rather be hated.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Exactly, without people giving her attention, she doesn’t exist. She even loves negative attention. She just doesn’t get it, she does ask for it. She lacks the ability to view the Scary Island and see it as everybody else does. All she sees is that her face is on camera. She is a moron! Phony, fake, narcissistic……..I mean genuine, authentic, real, amazing, charitable.
        Really, how can someone have such a skewed view unless they have mental health (or drug) issues, gotta go, my head is going to implode.

        • I have no idea how anyone could watch themselves in that scary island video and not be totally completely utterly mortified. I think it takes extreme extreme extreme narcissism to not hide your head in shame after that. And SHE still brings it up and keeps it in the spotlight. It was her most famous moment and it appears as though she’s almost proud of it.
          I don’t know if it’s mental health or drugs or both, but I would really love to know. I think Bravo should make her see a therapist and take drug tests in order to participate in season 4.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Excellent! I agree. Somebody should step in, the woman is raising 2 daughters.

          • Remember when Kelly was telling her very young daughters she was going to pose in Playboy? That conversation, off the charts to most of us anyhow, included her youngest child mentioning her “weird mother.” I think the kids know something is not right with Mommy. If we’ve seen her act like she did in the VI for a cast and TV crew, I don’t even want to imagine what her daughter’s have seen at home.

            I also wonder if Kelly’s phobia about “not being able to get away” could have to do with not being able to hide her illness over long periods of time. She seemed quite chemically unbalanced to me.

            Her unhealthy obssession with Bethenny made me think she has some other deep issues, as well. She went off the first time in the VI when the group started to talk to Bethenny about Housewives stuff she’d missed while with her dying father. Next, it was when Sonja was hugging Bethenny over her despair about her father. Then, Kelly really went off the charts when Bethenny was cooking for them all as her gift. The “not a chef, a cook” issue was solely to belittle Bethenny.

            Then Kelly blamed Ramona, Alex, and Sonja in her “bullying” campaign, though the person clearly bullying Bethenny was in fact Kelly.

            Bravo needs to get a clue. I’m wondering if it will take something really awful happening to one of these women before they pretend to care about the disaster they’re setting up.

            • I think they are waiting for Kelly to literally claw someone’s eyes out before they do something. You know they are praying for another Scary Island situation. That’s why they invited Kelly back. They don’t care about her mental health, they just want ratings. Kelly’s footage won’t even make it to the final cut unless she does something crazy.

              • Oh, I believe that. I’m with those who think that Kelly needs a mental eval and drug testing, though, before Bravo puts her under stress with others; because I think she’s crazy enough to actually become dangerous–again. She did get convicted for domestic violence, after all.

              • Let me add that Kelly is a typical abuser, as well. She blames everyone else. It was her “finance’s” fault when she beat him up. It was the other women’s fault she “reacted” to their “bullying” HER in the VI. She takes no responsibility for her own bad behavior and abuse of others. Without intervention, if she is bipolar or on drugs, she’s only going to get worse.

      • nathania says:

        whoa…so there is nothing to her constant nattering on about being ‘charitable’? good grief

        • She thinks that telling people to donate counts as her being charitable. She also thinks that every time she mentions a charities name they automatically get all kinds of exposure and as a result make all kinds of money.
          She shows up at parties for charities but there is nothing to suggest she donates actual money. It seems that she thinks associating her name with it is good enough.
          Remember in season one when her name was too sacred to attach to Jill’s charity?

        • Meg1964 says:

          She tweeted that she was loading up the truck for a yard sale. Then, in the same tweet, ended it with “Give local”. Which is stupid, IMO. Is she selling or giving?

          • In her youtube video she said she is selling stuff to give the money to a local library.
            Not knocking the library, but with all the stuff going on in the word THAT is the cause she chooses to support?
            I doubt she is going to make much money anyway. She is going to be selling designer stuff that will probably have outrageous price tags. In her mind people will pay more because it’s for charity, but in reality people don’t spend a lot of money at yard sales. I’m sure she’ll find one or two rich friends who will buy stuff because they feel bad for her.
            But really, I don’t understand why she doesn’t just write a check to the local library and donate all her crap to goodwill. Seems like a simpler solution to me.

            • Meg1964 says:

              Ahhh..ok. I can’t bear to watch her damn videos, so I had no idea of her dumbass idea.

              Your idea makes much more sense, but Kelly could never think of that. She’s an idiot.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              This must be the used shit she can’t sell on ebay. Why does she buy up copies of her own book from ebay?

    • Sardonica says:

      I agree, myname2etc.
      Maybe everyone who tweets should send a kind message for a day and see what happens. This could tell you what is going on in her mind. At least it can’t hurt.

  6. Kelly is not someone to be laughed at, at least not to her face. She is harmless. Being nonsensical isn’t a crime. It’s… humorous. And yes, what if we cause her to snap? Lets look up suicides, due to online bullying, of an already unstable person. K, ty!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      IF she ever comes back to reality, I agree. I wouldn’t send such nasty messages directly to anyone, there is a line between calling out someone’s BS and unprovoked bullying and name calling.

    • If Kelly ever admits that she had a breakdown and that she is going to get help, I think no one will say another mean word.
      It’s not her breakdown as much as her refusal to acknowledge that it happened while continuing to be publicly crazy on a daily basis that causes people to make fun of her.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly is not harmless – she is violent (ask her exboyfriend and the court), she scared other people with her behavior (ask the other housewives who locked their doors on the SJVI trip) and she takes absolutely no responsibility for what she says or does! She created a fanstasy world and a fantasy role for herself in that world – I suspect she doesn’t understand or care what other people say or do as they are not part of her reality.
      While I would never tweet anything mean to her – she opens herself up to what is said. She needs constant attention, she looks for validation in the wrong places and she desperately wants to be relevent (except nothing she does is relevent).

    • nathania says:

      I am not certain that narcissists commit suicide that much, they are the greatest thing that ever came down the pike. This is probably a mean thing to say, and I submitted it to Kelly on the Bravo site so I have at least attempted to say it to her ‘face’ but, you know, she was blessed with a modeling career, a marriage to a very wealthy and famous photographer at a very young age, and has had a lifestyle that less than one percent of the human population get to enjoy. That doesn’t entitle her to be thought of as ‘intelligent’ if she isn’t. It doesn’t entitle her to have the streetsmarts Bethenny has, or the quick wit, or the business acumen, or what have you. It doesn’t entitle her to anything but the multitude of blessings she has received in life, just by being pretty and tall, and young at one time. It’s her sense of entitlement that is so grating, because she hasn’t earned the things that Bethenny has, and Bethenny seems to have come from some pretty harrowing circumstances, and it made her what she is. People like she and Jill Zarin (and Caroline, and Teresa, and Jacqueline, and Alexis, etc) should just shut up and be grateful for crying out loud. That is the sentiment that gets people so riled up about her. So fortunate, but feel like they are deserving of more, more, more…probably because on some level they need to prove to themselves they deserve it. They don’t, they just got lucky.

  7. Sardonica says:

    ifclocks, etc.
    I don’t understand what you are trying to say in your post?

  8. jezzibel says:

    Kelly is alot like watching a one-legged man in a @ss kicking contest..its funny but absolutely pathetic at the same time

  9. Goldenpoolgirl says:

    Thanks for posting two of my tweets. I agree that if she acknowledged some of her.. let’s call them flaws, we would stop responding in a mean way. The reason she has so many haters is that while refusing to accept any culpability (look it up, Kelly), for her behavior, she also gives off the attitude of being superior to anyone who disagrees with her. Just like her attitude towards Bethenny in the infamous bar face-off. Also, she brags so endlessly about her fabulousity, while not realizing that no one is buying it at all. A woman who is that illiterate should not brag about having a journalism degree from Columbia, (while omitting the part about it being from their “General Studies” program for non-traditional students). If she was truly as awesome as she claims, she wouldn’t need to talk about her “accomplishments” all the time.
    I agree that it most probably stems from the most extreme case of narcissism that I have ever read about.

    • “The most extreme case of narcissism I have ever read about.” Yes!
      If you listen to her interviews she always says things like “I’m really just like you, I’m really no different than you guys”. I take that to mean that she thinks that we think she is some super fabulous out of this world amazing woman who lives in some rich fantasy world that the rest of us can only dream of. I remember one interview were she talked about how she likes to sit and read books sometimes and how she thinks people would be shocked to hear that she actually does normal things like reading. (Although, I would be surprised if she was capable of reading anything more complicated than Dr. Suess.)
      Not only is her perception of herself way off, but her perception of our perception is even more off. I just can’t understand what goes through her head that she thinks people think she is too fabulous to read books, as though we would all be shocked to find out that she reads herself rather than sitting on her thrown while being fanned by muscle men in loin clothes as a servant girl sits by her feat and reads to her.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Her” I’m up here” bar lecture is what made me a never-ending non-fan of KKB. Karma IS a bitch as she has ultimately been exposed as the loser that she is. A little bit of exposure might have worked for her, but too much was exactly that… TOOOOO much. She is not someone that is cut out for reality TV.
        Bethenny however is a natural in front of the camera. My gosh she handles herself with panache every time I see her. She is comfortable like she has done this all her life. I really think the sky is the limit for her. She seems like she isn’t hiding anything and is very comfortable with herself. I wish her continued good fortune.

      • nathania says:

        amen, not that she *does* read, but that she *can* read.

      • oopsy says:

        Rhc I know what you mean and it annoys the HELL out of me!! “I’m a just a normal person…I’m really real and just like everyone else!” Please. Gimme a break! That scene in the Brass Monkey with Bethenny, “you’re down there and I’m up here” immediately turned me off even though I didn’t know much about her then. (Of course the charity meeting didn’t help her any.) She really believes that we all think she is fabulous! You have to really think highly of yourself to put those videos out there. I could video my closet or myself in a taxi but I don’t think anyone would give a shit and wanna watch. (And I’m pretty cool!! 🙂 )

    • Squirrels says:

      It is obvious as to why she chose General Studies. These types of programs are designed for those students who don’t want to take all the classes required in more stringent programs. Many athletes take advantage of this loophole for various reasons. In Kelly’s case? She knew she couldn’t pass algebra. We can also assume she took english on a pass/fail basis. 😀

      • Squirrels says:

        Oh, and one more reason could be the Dean warned her she’d never be accepted into a traditional program because her SAT score was too low, so she went with plan B.

  10. Tracy Hunley says:

    You know I actually thought of following her on twitter? I found her page and was going to hit “follow” but after reading some of her tweets I JUST COULDN’T DO IT! I follow a lot of the housewives on twitter but there are some I just can’t bring myself to: Jill Zarin, Teresa Guidice and KKB. Some time ago before realizing what a disgusting creature Jill Zarin was I started following her on facebook.

    Can anyone tell me how I can undo that lapse in judgement? Thanks.

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    Been wondering about the press saying that Jill and Kelly will be “part time” on the next season of RHONY. I take this to mean that their relationships with the other wives are so fractured that filming with them will be difficult and limited. Like Kelly’s first season of “hieeeee and byeeeeee” popping in and out of social events and nothing of substance – filler by any other name. Jill would be reduced to a similar role (since she won’t film with Alex). Kelly won’t care as she will be honored to be on the show, but Jill will be furious……she will have to figure out a way to get more air time and that will likely be as disasterous as this past season…….good times ahead!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why do my replies place out of context on this blog? I ‘think’ I am commenting correctly, or whatever it is…derr??? I surrender to the program

    • If you want to reply to someone’s post you have to hit the “reply” button under their post – but if someone replied to that message first then your reply will be at the bottom under the replies that came before yours and the replies to those replies. Uh…. hope that makes sense. Lol.
      If you want to make a whole new comment, then you just go to the box all the way at the bottom of the page.
      That being said, sometimes the posts just end up out of order for no reason at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ja, I do that reply thing. I am not a complete idiot, only 1/2 to 3/4 idiot here. Either everyone is replying at the same time which I highly doubt or it is some random thing. Also, my name gets deleted at times but only on this particular blog??? If you see anonymous, it may be me. Unless it is pro Teresa, KKB or Zarin hmmm or Manzo…or Ashley. Yea, the name field clears as I click to send. No idea here

  13. tuzentswurth says:

    I was hoping that JZ and KKB were demanding more money so the producers said ..”fine, yes, we’ll pay you twice as much, but now we’ll only use you half as much” in essence, not getting a raise and we could see them less…….better yet, just fire them. Do us all a favor.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Interesting negotiation technique – Kelly would probably appear for free since it is such an honor for her to be on RHONY. And maybe by saving that salary and giving it to Jill to NOT appear at all…..

  14. AnnaM says:

    Posted this on another blog but thought you might like it also.
    In a further attempt to copy Bethenny at all times Kelly has started printing recipes.
    The first is for
    “Kelly Fruitcake”
    Put 1 cup of nuts, 1 1/2 cups of bananas on a bed of crusted crackers.
    Then mix 1 box cake mix with 1 cup gummy bears 1 cup jelly beans.
    the recipe kind of falls apart when you get to the teaspoon of batshit.

  15. ildi says:

    This picture of her goes prefectly with the title.

    • Are her eyes uneven? I just noticed!

    • oopsy says:

      Oh dear lord! One eye is higher than the other and the opposite boob is higher! And someone PLEASE tell me what the hell is up with her sternum! It looks like a shallow dish under her skin…eewww!!!

      • ildi says:

        🙂 yeah, that bathing suit was not good choice. Creepy.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Just imagine what her brain looks like! It would be all scrambled, lumpy, and shrunken!

      • I have been asking about that (“Alien”) chest buster since I first saw it in her many bathing suit shots last year. It’s some kind of deformity, and therefore I’d not mention it but for her complete lack of awareness–again. She totally lives in a fog. Her life is posing and being photographed, but she neglects to cover up a defect that easily can be concealed with a little discretion. If she’s just wanting to bring attention to this deformity in an effort to bring awareness and acceptance to whatever it is, fine–name it! But she seems to be oblivious, pushing it in our faces constantly as a “celebrity” model. I’m just human; tell me what it is or quit parading it around!

    • jezzibel says:

      at this point having square tits would be a improvement on kelly

  16. Sardonica says:

    Did it again! Anonymous and I was staring at it. Sending another test. This is like work or something.

  17. Sardonica says:

    Sorry about messing up the page but that time the name ‘stuck to the page’ but it didn’t go in the reply area I clicked on. The Luddites were on to something.

  18. Sardonica says:

    I have found the problem. It is a program I have running but I can’t figure out why it is having conflicts with this blog in particular. I will disable it when I come here. I wanted you to know it is not a problem on your end. Once again, sorry about the posts

  19. Sardonica says:

    Okay, that reply to Meg still didn’t go in the correct place. So be it

  20. Z0mbiemom says:

    I live to torment KKB & I’m actually a mild-mannered, nice lady from suburban Philadelphia. Something about that nutjob, BSC chick makes me want to make her cry. Daily.
    Thanks for doing what you do!

    • LMFAO!!!!
      I’m a nice person irl too. It was the pure infuriation Kelly caused me to feel on Scary Island and at the reunion that caused me to start this blog in the first place. I know what you mean, she just brings out my inner mean girl.

  21. Delia says:

    Can we please request more ‘Laugh at Kelly’ Blogs!!!??? Thanks, you’re a gem.

    • I know, I know. I’ve been neglecting my bff Kelly. She used to be my fav, but she needs to step her game up. Teresa is getting all the attention lately. I think I’ll tweet that her to. Maybe we can get her to do something extra nuts today.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        KKB will literally go crazy if you tell her T is getting more attn…oh, wait, she already IS literally crazy. Don’t neglect our DC ladies either, you have a very stressful high pressure job here…lots of people depending on you!
        On WWHL last night it was Mary Amons and Jeff Lewis (again). That were all drinking (and hawking) 64 calorie MGD (barf, excuse me) . Jeff said he thought Andy was drinking beer to appear more manly after getting beat up by a woman. LOL Mary also denied that she is an alcoholic or on meds, just a mellow person. She was careful NOT to be drinking, I didn’t even recognize her w/o the big glass of wine!
        I don’t know if you’ve seen last night’s DC yet, Erica (Stacie’s friend) bullied Cat. I predict some discussion there. I would never dream of being a guest at a friend’s house and being rude to one of their other guests. Geez, who raised these people?

        • I’m going to watch it now. I don’t know who raised these people, but I think some people are just born with the “reality star” gene. We used to refer to them as criminals, sociopaths, and druggies. Now they are “stars.”

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