The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Is Over – And I Did A Recap Anyway!

You’re all a bunch of clowns

I’m hungry

I’m the star of this proverbial show

Huh? Wait… what was I sposed ta say again?

So what do you think Danielle is doing right now?

I don’t know. Probably sleeping with a married man. She’s such a whore.

She is garbage.

Or maybe she’s beating someone with a 9mm pistol. I read the court records. She likes to beat people with 9mm pistols.

You can put clown makeup and a red wig on a pig but it’s still a pig.

Or maybe she is picking up her daughters from school because they were crying so much the nurse decided to send them home.

Those kids have no light in their eyes.

Or maybe she’s making a sex tape with some random guy. She’s disgusting. Whore. Liar. Bitch.

She will never be a friend of mine.

She wished my daughter was dead. She wished she would kill herself. I kinda wish that too sometimes, but still, you’re not supposed to say things like that out loud. It’s not right. Wait – did I just say that out loud?

I feel a 5 o’clock shadow coming on. Gotta go shave before Albert comes home.

So the other day I was sucking this guys dick…

Mom, I really don’t want to hear this, please.

Don’t interrupt your mother. I raised you better than that. So anyway, I didn’t want to swallow because I had already swallowed like 3 loads that day and was feeling kinda full…

MOM! Stop!!

…he was about to blow his load so I pulled his “thing” out of my mouth and -BLAM- cum shot right in the face. Got it all over my new extensions. Can u believe that? I walked outta that public restroom looking like “Something About Mary”. Lol.


Never have sex. It’s disgusting. Unless someone important offers to advance your career, then it’s totally worth it. I heard Gilles Bensimon likes younger women.

Mom please, I don’t want to be a model, I just want to be a normal 16 year old.

You listen to me – I created you which means I OWN you until you are 18. You are going to develop an eating disorder and a cocaine habit and become a famous model and buy me a proverbial condo on the water. Do you understand me?

Yes mom.

And you…  you better find a talent fast because I don’t think the singing thing is gonna work out and there is no use in keeping you around unless you benefit me in some way. U got that?

Yes mom.

HEY TERESA!!!! I just got back from a shopping spree in ITALY! Too bad you couldn’t come! No money! So sad!

My chandelier cost 100 thousand dollars and it’s all paid for. How much did you NOT pay for your FUGAZI chandelier?

I know no one is gonna be ripping the iron railings outta my house! When is the REPO MAN gonna be here Teresa?! I got my camera ready!

Get your nasty old lady ass off my property!!

It’s not gonna be your property for much longer! Maybe I’ll buy your house at the auction and rent it out to low income families because no one with REAL MONEY would ever live in this ugly warehouse!

HEY Teresa I know a really good doctor for laser hair removal! I would recommend him to you, but unfortunately he doesn’t take CREDIT!

HEY you better not be fucking Joe on that pool table, I want it in good condition for when I move it into my pink basement!

Don’t worry, Joe isn’t fucking her on the pool table – or anywhere else for that matter.

Who the hell are you?

I’m Tara. I was just dropping Joe off because he doesn’t have a license anymore.

Hey u wanna be my friend? I’ll buy you stuff and let ya use my driver and my Bently.

Hey Joe. Joooooeee. How did ya get home?

A guy from work dropped me off.

It didn’t look like a guy from work.

Waddya talkin about? It was a guy. You’re crazy.

Jooooooe. U betta not be lying to me. If I find out u were with that blonde who-ah one more time….

Yo I told ya I wasn’t. Now shut up before I kick ya butt.

Gimme a kiss Joooe! U wanna see some cleavalage?

Come on Tree. My day was bad enough already. Leave me alone wit my drink will ya?

Gimme a kiss Joe! Joooooooeee! Ain’t I worth it? Ain’t I???

There is a thousand bucks in my jacket pocket. Just take the money and fuck off will ya?

Joe loves me so much. He can’t get enough of me. We have sex like 10 times a day. That’s way more than he has sex with anyone else. I mean… he doesn’t have sex with anyone else – obviously. But I’m just sayin if he did, he wouldn’t have sex with them as much as he has sex with me. Sometimes I forget to feed the kids cause we fuck so much I don’t have time for nothin else. And he buys me all kinds of jewelry. We fuck and then he buys me shit. Sex and diamonds everyday, that’s my life. I’m so happy.

HEY TREE!!!!  Shut the fuck up! You gotta say sapphires remember! The lawyer said u gotta say sapphires in front of the cameras!

Oh right. He buys me lots of saph – sapa – HOW DO YA SAY IT JOE?!


Right, so like I was saying, he buys me a lotta sapphires. Because you know we’re like in a recession and the section 8 tenants don’t pay the rent. So ya know, it’s hard for           untra-pan-yur slum lord pizza makers these days.

Why do you always wear that ugly fucking hat?

Nice to see you too mom.

Don’t be sarcastic with me. I asked you a question. Why are you always dressed like a homeless person?

Mom please stop.

Look at the nose on you. You didn’t get that from my side of the family. Why don’t you fix that honker? I’m sure Chris will pay for it. You want me to ask him?

No mom, please just leave me alone.

Are you ever gonna get a job? I think you should just go work at McDonalds. You are probably too stupid to get a job anywhere else.

Mom stop, seriously.

Hey – I’m trying to have a conversation with you because I love you. All I’m saying is that you’re ugly and stupid. We can’t do anything about your stupidity, but I think a good plastic surgeon could fix your face up a bit.

MOM!!! SHUT UP!!!!

WHAT did you just say to me?! You disrespectful little shit!! Get outta my house! NOW!!!

Fine I was leaving anyway!

I just don’t know where her attitude comes from! I did everything I could possibly do as a mother. She’s an adult now. I’m not responsible for her behavior anymore. She is your problem now, Justice System. Hahaha.

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203 Responses to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Is Over – And I Did A Recap Anyway!

  1. Periwinkle says:

    Priceless! I had to put my hand over my mouth so as not to wake the family. Seeing KimG in T’s driveway put me over the edge.
    You rock!

  2. momsthoughts says:

    How could anyone not laugh at this? Its so perfect! I bet all the major networks are calling you to do a parody show, right? Or does SNL want you on their writing team?

  3. Tracy Hunley says:

    Yep. That pretty much sums up the season! Well done…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Omg! I wake everyone up cackling and snortin! Holy hell. Thanks for starting my day off with a bang. Loves this!!!

  5. Stankyhouse says:

    You are a genius! Thank you for all this entertainment….

  6. Jeana says:

    Loved it!!

    Did Clown Lady C borrow her reunion dress from T? Look at the picture right before Jac’s house shot. Really, did I need to see Juicy without a shirt this early in the morning? Coffee, empty stomach, and shirtless Jooooeeee is not a good combination!

  7. bravofanfromday1 says:

    Kim G was HI-larious!! Actually the whole thing was hilarious but Kim G was the icing on the “proverbial” cake. Sad thing is I can totally see Danielle having that conversation with her kids.

  8. oopsy says:

    Damn!!! Teresa’s face screaming out of the window at Kim G had me rolling I was laughing so hard!!! And Jac shoving in the poptarts was perfect!! The best recap ever!! Hey, why does Caroline shave? Hasn’t she heard of waxing? What kind of idiot would say on national tv that they have to shave? Her husband and kids must be so proud of her! Ooooh! maybe she could talk to Teresa about shaving back some of that forehead of hers!

  9. sangfroid says:

    While admiring Kim G’s crone like posture as she stood in the driveway taunting Teresa, I noticed the tumbleweeds in a little enclosure in the middle of the drive. While they do match the fluff on Kim’s head remarkably well, I have to wonder as to the purpose of that bit of landscaping. Is it a pet cemetery? And…Is their mansion/warehouse really stucco.
    This is good for my brain, it gets me thinking,and like National Geographic, exposes me to other cultures. Thanks for helping me keep senility at bay. You’ve made education fun.

    • sangfroid says:

      Oops, need more coffee, put my email addy in the website box.

    • Lol. I noticed that too. I guess when you are fake rich you tend to overlook things like landscaping.

    • oopsy says:


    • Sardonica says:

      haha… other cultures. Lucky Sangfroid has been able to keep senility at bay. I cannot say the same about myself.

    • Sardonica says:

      This made me think. The Guidices’ have no pets. Everyone has some sort of animal / creature to care about. Even if it is a fish. There is something wrong with a family with kids, no less, who has no pet. Maybe this is why they are so cold and calculating? I would send them a dog or a cat but I am afraid they would eat it or wear it.

      • oopsy says:

        That is strange, now that you mention it. We didn’t see any pets for their parents either. Just about everyone I know (except an elderly couple I know but they USED to have pets) has a pet of some sort. Especially if they have children. Joe would eat it and Teresa would wear it.

      • It’s funny you pointed that out because I noticed that too.
        It’s weird to see a family with no pets. But for the sake of the pet, I’m glad they don’t have any.
        I assume it’s because they are first generation and came from a village where animals are used for work and food, not as pets.
        I have some European friends who think it’s crazy to allow any kind of animal inside the house. You’d think there was a horse standing in my living room shitting on the floor from the way they react.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          Teresa has pets….her “gays”

        • Need a Hobby says:

          That could be one of the reasons Bravo cut T’s cooking segments out of the show…..just sayin’.

        • oopsy says:

          Speaking of pets…gotta take my dog to the park. TTYL

        • They do have pets, or claimed 2 on the bk. (i can’t imagine why you claim your pets) But I also saw on a fan page she said they had 3 German shepherds.

          Honestly I can’t imagine them being able to take proper care of a goldfish.

          • How many parties / home tours / dinners etc has Teresa filmed in her house?
            If they have dogs they must be either tied up in the back yard or locked in the basement or something.

            • oopsy says:

              Oh I could see them owning German Shepherds because the are good guard dogs but not so much as pets. Remember Caroline had a German Shepherd that she was training to attack.

              • tuzentswurth says:

                Hi Oopsy, German Sheperds are good guard dogs because they have a proclivity to be loyal and protective. They make wonderful, loving, dedicated pets too. Training dogs to attack is a bad idea except for police dogs, imho.

                • oopsy says:

                  tuzentswurth, they are good dogs and very dedicated to their owners. My sister has a wonderful German Shepherd. I just think the Guidices would not own one as a pet to love and be part of the family; They would probably only own one for protection. We would have seen the dogs otherwise like we saw Cookie and Ginger.

                • oopsy says:

                  I re-read my comment and can see why it looks as if I meant they weren’t good pets. I take my Lab to the dog park every evening and he has German Sheperd buddies who are regulars like we are. They play together really well and were careful with him when he was a puppy. My sister’s dog senses when she is about to have a siezure and my sister knows to warn her husband and sit down. I just meant they would only have it for protection and not so much to as a pet to love. No offense meant to German Shepherds

      • Katie says:

        You never see many toys either.
        But what child needs toys or pets when they have the worlds largest collection of headbands?

    • aquamarine candy-o says:

      haha hilarious comment!!

      • marjie says:

        I think its the wisest decision for her to not have pets. 4 kids running around the house and no nanny to help and with all those chores (if she is doing them like she insists she is).

  10. tuzentswurth says:

    Hilarious! Well Done! I don’t know which segment is funniest, they are all satchels of gold! Just when I think it can’t get better, oh yeah, it gets better. This recap is so authentic that it is amazing.
    This is what REALLY happened live, but the producers dubbed in other dialogue. You are smokin’ hot for finding the real scripts!

  11. Steph B says:

    Best episode all season! Maybe you could give us the previews for next season? I’d love to see what’s going to happen between Teresa and her SIL!

  12. humbruh says:

    Sweet baby Jesus that was hilarious! Nearly spat coffee all over my work computer … AGAIN! Time to post the disclosure at the top of the page again =)

  13. Larue says:

    That pretty much sums it up. Really well.

  14. HeathrL says:

    Wow! You really are hilarious!!!! I think I love your recaps more than actual RHoNJ episodes! You managed to capture the essesence of every housewife and bring real personality, humor, and narrative to what has become (during Season 2) a train-wreck “Jerry Springer” proto-type mockery of life in the posh suburbs with the Manzo/Laurita/Giudice ladies! Thank you for doing the recap! I think it will keep me laughing all day!

  15. MickeyMouth says:

    Wow a little graphic on the Danielle dialogue, but sadly I could imagine her having those type of conversations with her daughters.

    Funny stuff.

    • I know it was graphic. I thought about that.
      But in the end I decided to go with what I though would be the most realistic.

      • nathania says:

        If you are summing up the season in a few frames that was all very authentic for each housewife. Looking at the parts with Joe and Teresa should be required viewing for the Jersey shore guys since it’s like a visit from the ghost of Christmas future for every one of them. I watched it at work last night and Paulie had a date with one that actually looked a bit like a young Teresa and I almost choked when he said ‘this kinda girl, with those kinda morals, is what I’m lookin for’ or something like that…someone seriously needs to tell these guys (that someone being Joe Giudice), that the whole madonna/whore thing they live by really translates into gold-digger/whore, and in the long term they are going to be juggling both, drinking too much, and telling ridiculous stories about their latest DUI.

        Reading this it also occurred to me I would love to hear Danielle do a cover of “There are worse things I could do” by Rizzo in the original Grease movie, it suits her perfectly.

    • Sardonica says:

      Glad I typed ‘lady parts’ and not what I started to type in above post. Note to self: Micky Mouth is classy unlike me

  16. Laura aka Just done says:

    Holy smokes! You nailed it…I agree, a preview would be a phenominal piece. Hell woman, you have made my day! I also agree with the poster who said you should be writing for SNL. Then again, you’re too good for SNL! Did u tweet this to any of them?

  17. Lisa says:

    You are a genius!!! This was just excellent! LOL I have to pretend I’m not laughing – not easy!!

  18. aquamarinecandy-o says:

    OMG this was freaking hilarious!!! Still LMAO!!! Esp. the scenes with Kim G in the driveway and Teresa yelling out the window….and then Kim G asking who the hell is the blonde chick. tee hee!!!

  19. Sardonica says:

    Teresa’s big head filling up the window…hehehe. I am still snickering. GREAT JOB!

  20. dreemz says:

    You’re so damn much fun, girl!!! Thanks for another hilarious recap, I look forward to them!

  21. Need a Hobby says:

    This is really quite wickedly delicious and completely apt. Scathing. And OMG LOL funny. Granted, these “woman” provide a target rich environment, but you’ve scored direct hits.

    Of course the ultimate in art reflecting life is Kim G in the driveway screaming at Teresa. (Which is precisely what Kim G does on Twitter of course.) And Teresa screaming back at her…who couldn’t see Teresa saying just that? It’s perfect! If Kim G sees this she’d probably think, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that first? I could have hired my own camera crew and put it on youtube!”

    (Kim G on Twitter sounds like the crazy person on the corner shouting obscenities for anyone to hear. But Kim G’s got real “class” or at least real bucks, so IRL she wouldn’t be shouting on a street corner, she’d do it via drive bys in her chauffeur driven Bentley. LOL. )

  22. Houswife of CT says:

    That was priceless! Keep up the great work. So much fun to read this blog.

  23. vilzvet says:

    OMG bsideblog better step it up, you’re right there with him! Good work and lotsa laughs!!

  24. aquamarine candy-o says:

    Those screencaps of Kim G taunting Teresa made me think of when Kim G crashed Danielle’s birthday party at that strip club during the summer…Danielle had to wait in her limo for an hour and Kim G ruined her red carpet moment. As ridiculous as Kim G is, she does provide good entertainment!! lol

  25. Thank-you Realcityhousewife! I’m having withdrawal since there was no bonus episode.
    I’m also getting the strange feeling that I know you from a past life, or maybe when I was younger.
    You remind me of someone that I played Barbies with, except that I wasn’t allowed to play with you anymore because you re-styled all of my barbie’s clothes & hair, and drew-on anatomically correct body parts with permanent ink.
    And how come your Barbie got to marry Davey Jones, and mine got stuck with Pat Paulsen? I didn’t even know who he was, but you told me that he was going to be President.
    Thank-you for the extra episode. It was just what I needed this week.

  26. TT in OC says:

    You are too much! I can’t stop laughing.

    Reading your blog reminds me the good times I used to have with my best girl friends (who are living on the other side of the planet). We can talk frankly, make fun of people we don’t like, etc. Thanks RCH!

  27. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    DC is just not filling the void, I tried Jersey Shore too but that didn’t cut it either. So I felt like I had to do something. This was the result. Lol.

  28. e-rizzle says:

    First off let me say: long time reader, first time poster!

    Second off, this was pure genius! I’m so lucky I decided to read this after hours, otherwise I’m fairly sure I’d be fired for laughing so loud.

    Okay, so I have to admit I was curious about the whole shaving/exfoliating thing the first time Caroline mentioned it during the show. I’m not a fuzzy woman to begin with (trust me, I’m Middle Eastern if I was a furry woman I’d partake in the rituals the women of my upbringing view as religion), and I figure for her age Caroline has got great skin. Thus, I tried it. Every morning when I shower I do a quick once over–and honestly? My skin is a lot softer than when I just did a bi weekly exfoliating, and just has a better overall appearance. My husband even said my skin looks nicer–and for a man to notice that? Well, I’m sure you get my point. She may be onto something ladies. Anyway, just thought I’d throw that in there…let the hairy woman comments commence!

    • What?! Lmao.

      But how do we know you’re not really Caroline just coming in here to fuck with us? Hmmm….
      Anyone want to volunteer as a face shaving guinea pig and see if this really works?

      • e-rizzle says:

        Yea I figured I’d get that response. I’m not Caroline, I promise. I’ll give you my facebook to prove it if you want. Although I do live in NJ, I’m just here ’cause of my job, not because I want to be! Plus I doubt Caroline would have a “How I’m Getting Knocked Up” blog. Just saying! 🙂

        If you aren’t a fuzzy, then you really have nothing to lose. It’s not like you’ll shave and wake up looking like a man or anything–that’s why I tried it. Just thought I’d share! 🙂

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I have heard speak of this and a possible theory why men age more gracefully than women b/c of the daily ex-foliating. I even saw it on some daytime show, some aesthetician straight-razoring a woman’s face (like a barber) to ex-foliate it. It does remove the upper layers of dead skin. I’m not going to bother, too many things to do already in the morning and it would cut into my RCH blog time.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I’m going to leave this here ( and ask why you can’t use an apricot scrub or something abrasive like that. Why shaving?

      Anyway, a couple of years ago I had a laser procedure on my face to remove a scar and the lady who was doing it and I got to talking about all the different procedures they offered including hair removal and she admitted to shaving her face regularly. So I guess it’s not unheard of – just not spoken publicly. BTW, the laser place was located in NJ.

    • oopsy says:

      I would think waxing would take off as much or more dead surface cells than a razor. A good loofah and a wax job should do the trick without sharp stubble. I knew a wonderful woman who worked at the school my son attended and she shaved but it was due to excessive facial hair. Of course I would never be cruel and make fun of someone with a hormonal problem, but I just don’t believe Caroline. She can’t tell me that with all the money these women waste she wouldn’t be trying the best products for skin care. I think she had to shave because of HAIR when she was younger and that is what she is comfortable with. I just think she lies.

      • Ok… but WHY (WHY OH WHY OH WHY) would you bring it up on national television???
        No matter what her reasons for doing it – she had know that would be a BAD thing to say on camera!

        • oopsy says:

          Oh I agree! But she is all knowing and of course the viewers would think, “Hmmm…yes yes. Caroline’s skin is perfectiom. I must follow her lead and do this too and if I am VERY lucky I can have the results that she does.” It wouldn’t occur to her that we would throw the bullshit flag on that.

          • oopsy says:


          • Need a Hobby says:

            Maybe Caroline’s got a deal with Gillette for a new skin care line that features shaving gel and lady razors?

            It’s a kinda peculiar thing to mention on national TV for sure.

            • No offense, but Caroline is not one of those people that you look at and think “Wow I wish I could look like that.”
              Now if Ramona starts shaving her face, maybe I’ll try it.
              I sure would like to know what kind of face cream Ramona has been using for the past 10 years before she created her TruRenewal crap.

              • oopsy says:

                Ramona does look good. I got a kick out of her at the reunion saying she hasn’t had ‘work’ done. Injectables,(botox and fillers) laser treatments, dermabrasion, chemical peels, etc. do not count as work!

            • marjie says:

              I think I like this view better ! Gillette: hilarious.

          • Tam5115 says:

            Perhaps it does work well for her but… now she has to do this for the rest of her life or she WILL also look like Cornelius.

            Anyone who would claim that regular shaving doesn’t cause it to be worse, has never shaved around their hoo ha often enough. My grandmother never shaved and never had any hair she didn’t want. Her legs were as smooth as a baby’s bottom. In my mid thirties, I finally took her advice and stopped shaving my legs. Yes, it takes a long time, but all I have left is a few sparse stragglers one could pluck with a tweezer.

            I suspect that if Caroline stopped, in a couple months she could get a job in the sideshow.

        • Squirrels says:

          I’m sure it will be a major topic in her new “advice” column. I’ll pass, thank you.

  29. Fizzyz says:

    You totally nailed them. I’m sure my neighbor thinks I’m a lunatic. Actually howled with laughter. Way more entertaining than watching the dreck of their reality. Such great humorists on a lot of the hw blogs. You’re definately number one on my list. Really Old HW of Manatee jas some good stuff up too. Thanks for all the high quality belly laughs! After a challenging day, you’re a perfect anecdote. Kadooze to you!

  30. TrillianAlice says:

    You are brilliant, I was laughing so hard. I really could see this play out like this. Thanks for the laugh. OMGosh Teresa’s big head in the window. Priceless.

  31. Need a Hobby says:

    Yes, the Really Old Housewife of Manatee County is a hoot. Beyond the Ho’wives she writes about her neighbors and other subjects. Her battle with Danielle the prostitute whore duck, for example. And she takes some great pics too.

  32. nathania says:

    I think you’ve got Jac’s parenting down pat, there is something really passive aggressive to her remarks to Ashley sometimes. The real story behind that is probably really, really sad.

    • sangfroid says:

      What is the age difference between Jac and Ash? 12-13 years? Jac treats her more like an annoying younger sibling than a child of her loins!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I read somewhere that Jac was Ash’s age when she had her….19?

        • Yeah I heard that too. Like 18 or 19.
          I also think Jac treats her like a kid sister, not a daughter.
          Am I alone in thinking Jac looks like she’s 28? Sometimes she looks older than that, but over all I think her and Ramona are the two that look the best for their ages.

          • humbruh says:

            The age difference is no excuse for bad parenting. My mom was 19 when she had me &, while I have always had a great relationship with her, I would have no teeth in my mouth if I even thought of behaving the way Ashley has.

    • oopsy says:

      nathania, I think there is some deep resenment toward Ashley. Can you imagine how her life in Vegas changed after she gave birth?

      • nathania says:

        I don’t know much about Jac and Vegas…I did note that Jac had the sudden change of heart toward Danielle on the reunion right after Danielle called her a ‘Vegas whore’. That could very well be true on some levels, the whole ‘you ruined my life’ thing. And there have been curious things that happened on there, like Jac comparing Ashley to the grandmother who is apparently overweight, and Ashley has body image problems already that caused the ‘get out of my house’ segment. It seems like it might be the well-disguised mom who pretends to mean well but really competes with her daughter and undercuts her at every turn. What is amazing to me is that I haven’t seen much evidence of that with Danielle/Christine, which is where I would expect to find it. Hey, I just realized that the Christine modeling thing explains the whole Kelly and Danielle propping each other up in the press thing, because it was Gilles Bensimon (sp?) who photographed Christine in that segment when she first starts modeling…I guess Danielle knows which side her bread is buttered on.

  33. momsthoughts says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to try the shaving thing…I would be fearful that I would end up with stubble and have to shave everyday and end up hating myself for the rest of my life for being curious and being a moron and doing it “just once”

  34. celeste says:

    This is the funniest blog on RHONJ I’ve read!!!! BWAHAHAHA love the Danielle spooge recap.

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  37. Squirrels says:

    Back to Jill Zarin and her recent college lecture @ ULS…

    “Because the event was paid for in advanced by student-paid Activity and Service fees, ULS swiped university ID cards to permit students into the lecture for free. ULS program director Nicole Kummer said satisfaction surveys that provide ULS with feedback about the lectures were unavailable for Zarin’s appearance. However, they would be available for students at future lectures.”

    Gee golly wiz, I wonder who made that demand? Or was it a mere oversight? (cough, sputter).

    • tuzentswurth says:

      She pulled in 100 people, about 400 less than expected…….wow. Then she talks BS about her behavior, yeah, it was all an act for the show Jill. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

  38. Squirrels says:

    And while we are at it, this interview of Danielle from Radaronline re: who will be welcomed on her new show –

    “And Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon, they’ve reached out to me on several occasions with very, very, very kind hearts when I’ve been under fire and befriended me and they’ve also vindicated me in situations knowing that [there] were lies going on because the other women on my cast had gone to them… they were my favorites because they just kept it real and a lot of people aren’t real and don’t tell the truth.”

    Let’s recap. This summer Zarin spent a good amount of time with Caroline and Teresa. This may not play well, but to be the fly on that wall when those two discuss it. lol.

    Meanwhile, Kelly would fit right in considering they’re both wackadoos.

  39. MickeyMouth says:

    This cover of In-Touch has Teresa and her daughters.

    It talks about moving out – but the on-line article doesn’t say anything about it –

  40. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    This is simply classic. I WILL CLAP! In fact, I am clapping right now! Beautiful, Well done, You are now my hero!

  41. Amanda says:

    Is anyone elese here old enough to remember the Popeye cartoon on tv?

    If you are, then you probably remember the character Alice the Goon. She wore a flower pot attached to her head and every time I see a picture of one of those little girls from NJ, it reminds me of her. The verbalizations that Alice made sounds like them, as well.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yup, exactly. That’s what I was thinking….T’s puts everything but the flower pots on their heads.

      And in this recent mag pic, again there’s that little baby with a honkin’ huge flower on her forehead. Even the baby’s laughing at it. 😉

  42. Squirrels says:

    Moving on the Salamis

    This one’s a stinger!

  43. tuzentswurth says:
    I don’t know when this is from, but is this the most ill-fitting suit you’ve ever seen? It is WAY too short in the torso, and that body, omg I can’t believe she was a model. What an idiot. And again, alone, posing for pics, what a great b-day celebration!

  44. Have you guys seen this?

    For some reason I just don’t believe this at all.

    • humbruh says:

      The fact that Diane Diamond is involved with this “book” makes everything in it even more suspect.

    • TT in OC says:

      I am skeptical too. I read an article on aol earlier today and think she tried to use this illness to explain her behavor including clashing the dinner at the White House.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I heard this on the news this AM, and I was skeptical b/c of the history of deceit these people have. Then I saw it on Reality Tea and people are calling BS all over the place. My first thought too was that if someone has MS, would they be prancing around in spike heels, hmmmm………………….
      If this isn’t true, this is a very deplorable thing to do.

    • nathania says:

      I am skeptical ONLY because of who is saying it, and illness is a great grift, and these two are clearly grifters. I had an ex claim to have stage 4 ovarian cancer and 14 years later she is alive and well and has had ‘cancer’ at least two or three more times. Since that experience I am probably overly cynical about things like this.

  45. Need a Hobby says:

    HuffPo has pic from the mag article of Juicy and T from 1984:

  46. Wall St Lady says:

    Real House
    I enjoyed my visit !
    I need to change my under ware I laughed so much.
    U could write a comic book.
    I have an Archie collection from the 60s’ that I would consider trading if u did !
    Go Girl !
    See u back on Lynn’s place.

  47. Katie says:

    Okay RCH, when is the next recap? I need my fix. Now that I have tasted the good stuff, the crap produced by Bravo will not suffice.

  48. Squirrels says:

    Salahis claim Obama’s personally invited them to the White House state dinner.
    Yeah, right….

  49. Meg1964 says:

    OMG!!! Too funny!! I hope all the HWs from NJ have creeped by here to read this one. I lmao!

  50. Reese says:

    That was hilarious cuz it’s basically is how they all act and shit!!!!!

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