BS Bravo Blogs: Teresa Giudice – RHONJ Reunion Part 2

Teresa’s blog. My comments are in bold.

blogger imageRidiculous Rumors

Teresa keeps it Real and addresses all the gossip.


Ciao Tutti!

I can’t believe the season is over! And I can’t believe how it ended! I was totally NOT expecting Danielle to come over and give me a hug (um, Andy, I thought you said no one could get off the couch and “cross you” again?)(no Teresa, he said YOU were not allowed to cross him again) I didn’t expect it at all, but I’m not going to turn her away (and no, I didn’t bathe in holy water afterwards, but those of you who told me I should—it did make me laugh). I know she’s still going after all of us in the press, still lying like she always does, (so you don’t need a hairline revision?)but I really do forgive her. (bullshit) I feel sorry for her (bullshit) that she can’t move on with her life. I hope she does. I wish her and her girls every happiness in the world. (bullshit) My focus is my family, my beautiful girls, my amazing husband, and moving forward with my life (and the bankruptcy trial, trying to stop the auction, trying to keep Melissa off the show, trying to keep Joe out of the strip clubs and off the booze.)

I know there are a million crazy stories in the press about me right now, (actually just a few, and they aren’t crazy as much as they are true) but none of them are from me (no they aren’t “from” you, they are “about” you) except the cover story I did with “In Touch” magazine. If you hear it directly from me, you can(‘t) believe it. Otherwise, it’s garbage (like Danielle?) . I wouldn’t even address the rumors except so many of you are asking and I do want you to know (Teresa’s version of) the truth. So, here we go:

I only have one brother—his name is also Joe—and I love him and his family. (she also said she loved Andy Cohen after she tossed him like a rag doll) His picture is in my cookbook! They have been invited and attended every family event I’ve had,(but not the family vacation to your home town) the stuff that made it on air for the show and the stuff that didn’t. If you go back and watch, you can see them at my Housewarming party,(did you throw the gift they brought to that party in the trash too?) Gia’s birthday party (When you made and Melissa and her daughter meet you at the salon instead of riding in the limo with the other girls) and Audriana’s Christening. (Why wasn’t Melissa named Godmother if you love her so much?)

(And why wasn’t Melissa’s name mentioned once in this whole paragraph? Why didn’t you tell everyone to follow her on twitter if you love her so much? –> @Melissa_Gorga if anyone wants to follow.)

I don’t have an African American nephew on mine or Joe’s side, but if I did, I’d welcome him with love like I have all my other nieces and nephews and cousins.(which isn’t saying much) I grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, I have always had lots of African American friends and still do.(then why didn’t you invite them to any of your parties?) The story that I wouldn’t acknowledge someone, let alone a family member, because of their race is horribly untrue. I love people for their hearts, not their appearance.(Lmfao. Yeah… ok. Sure. )

I was in Las Vegas last Sunday and Monday for an event to promote my book “Skinny Italian.” I was at Revolution at the Mirage and the Abbey beach at the new Vdara hotel with my fabulous gays. It was a great Labor Gay Weekend! I love you all, especially you, Eduardo! Thanks for taking such great care of me. I took the red-eye home so I would be there for my kids’ first day of school. It’s exhausting being a working mommy, isn’t it? (Yes laying by the pool and taking pictures all day is soooo exhausting.) But I wouldn’t trade it for the world! They all had a great day! I posted pictures on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I also just starred in the charity performances of “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” for marriage equality (not “marriage of quality” this time? Someone must have proof read this.) Off-Broadway. It was so fun and yes, Joe was there to support me and support the wonderful cause. (I’m sorry but I just can’t picture Joe caring about marriage equality, or sitting through a musical.)

Oh, and I’m NOT claustrophobic. 😉 (Really? Not with all that hair taking over your face?)

I think that takes care of all the crazy stories for the week. (what about Tara and the perjury??) I expect the stories next week will have me hooked on drugs or abducted by aliens or something. (doubt it, I think next week they’ll still be about Melissa, Tara, and bankruptcy)But I promise you all, I’m great, Joe is great, our kids are great, and we are so blessed by your wonderful messages and support!

Some real good news: “Skinny Italian” is back on the New York Times bestseller list again – this time at #6!!! (Still not as good as Naturally Thin) I’m so excited! Thank you all, my sexy Italian cooks! Visit my for sample chapters, photos from the book and a list of all the recipes. They are simple, healthy, budget-friendly and so delicious! Lots of veggie and non-dairy recipes in there as well. (vegetarian non-dairy healthy cheap old country Italian recipes?) And it has the complete nutritional info for every recipe, so it’s Weight Watchers-friendly as well. If you can’t find it in your local bookstore, try the Bravo online store or Amazon. (or at Chateau salon in North Jersey where you can buy one for $20 cash and help her hide money from the government) And yes, I am working on my second cookbook right now. It will have 60 more, all new family recipes, (better hurry up and finish that book before season 3 airs and your reputation and book sales go the way of Jill Zarin) new stories, new photos, new fun facts. It will be out in Spring 2011!

Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice or my public figure Fan Page on Facebook here: (I’m sorry I can’t make you all “friends” but Facebook has a limit of 5,000. Boo!). I answer as many messages as I possibly can, but I do read every message and love you all!

Thank you for letting me and my family into your house and your hearts. It’s been a wonderful, crazy ride. Xx

Tanti Baci,

Teresa (I am seriously waiting for the day that she spells her name wrong on one of these blogs. It’s going to happen sooner or later. I know it.)

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50 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: Teresa Giudice – RHONJ Reunion Part 2

  1. Tam5115 says:

    There’s no way in hell ol’ Juicy supports marriage equality… no way. Homophobia rolls off him in a cloud. In fact, I think I can smell him from here. Oh gross.

    • dreemz says:

      I was smelling something all the way down here in Houston. I thought maybe one of the neighbors was trying to start a big hog operation right here in the city limits. Thanks, Tam, I’m sure you’re right. It’s the stench of homophobia….yah…now that you mention it. LOL

      I’m really disappointed in Andy. He needs to hire some new assistants. The ones he has must have turned into “yes” people. How else is it he keeps coming up with stupid ideas like having TG on WWHL and Boy Ben? WTF? Andy, it does not look good for you to show your fascination with BoyBen to millions of people.

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  3. Squirrels says:

    “I was at Revolution at the Mirage and the Abbey beach at the new Vdara hotel with my fabulous gays.”

    Hang on here…. these people are “hers”? What, like pets? A collection of hummels? Gucci glassware? DUI raps? Delusion part deux, with a wisp of self importance tossed in for good measure.

    Ah, and while we’re at it, how dare the trustee of the court LIE like that about her? Doesn’t he know In Touch weekly gossip magazine is akin to the Bible? In fact she placed her hand on a copy when she went to court (although rumor has it she stole said copy from a hair salon).

    Get ovah yahself awready!

  4. Viewer says:

    Teresa is racist. If she wasn’t, there was no need to address her having “African American” friends. I’ve never seen any at her parties either. I call bullshit. Also, she doesn’t acknowledge her sister-in-law. She is applying the “love my brothers family” regarding her brother and his kids, not Melissa. She is so jealous of her.

    • And who told her to say “African American”? You know she doesn’t talk like that in real life.

      • No way Teresa wrote or said that. It has more than 2 syllables. 😛

      • humbruh says:

        Jill must have called her & reminded her to say AA & not “negro”. Besides Kim G.’s driver & the dancer at the house warming, I don’t recall seeing ANY black people on this show. That chick is as racist as the day is long! Maybe it was me but she looked mighty uncomfortable sitting next to Stacy on WWHL.

    • nathania says:

      “I love people for their hearts, not their appearance.”

      I have two thought about that, the first being it sounds like she’s saying that black people ‘can’t help’ their appearance or something, and thinks that is the equivalent of being ‘not racist’. She’s new at all this ‘tolerance’ stuff obviously. As a lesbian I was pretty offended when in one of the episodes she was talking about the rumored gay relationship of Danielle and her being a lesbian and that “it wouldn’t surprise me.” That folks, was a homophobic remark. And it pretty much flew over every one’s head but mine I think. I’m repulsed by her pretending to be a ‘gay activist’ now and referring to people as her ‘gays’. You have no gays Teresa, get real. No self-respecting gay man would come anywhere near a hairline like yours unless it was to perform electrolysis. I also wondered about the reunion last year and the make up guy who was ‘standing too close’ to Teresa and she kept saying ‘get away from me, you’re disgusting’ etc, over and over….I don’t know what set her off because it was in the lost footage, but at the time I wondered if those remarks were homophobic as well, since most likely that was a gay man who was applying Danielle’s makeup. She was so vicious to this guy that pretty much everyone on the set was speechless.

      • I didn’t think the “it wouldn’t surprise me” remark was homophobic. I thought she just meant that nothing Danielle does can surprise anyone anymore. I also don’t think any of them believe that she is really a lesbian.

        • nathania says:

          Nah, it was the way she said it. There is no doubt in my mind that family are straight up xenophobes…remember the anti-semitic remark little Gia made during the tomato sauce making thing? I can’t remember the exact quote, but she heard that from somewhere. Danielle isn’t claiming to be a lesbian, at most she’s bi…the verdict is still out in my mind because some people on gay blogs have said Lori is known to have a girlfriend named Courtney (who knows, I’d never heard of her til WWHL when she performed with Danielle) and if D has some sex addiction that is more about opportunism than sexual preference so who knows. I just remembered something, Jac and Teresa were making fun of Danielle on the next WWHL after that episode and Jac practically climbed on top of Teresa and was hugging all over her talking about them being ‘real close’, etc…it kind of makes me wonder if the hug from Danielle at the reunion was in part getting her back for that…which is hysterical if that is Danielle’s true intent.

  5. Tam5115 says:

    Umm, It keeps telling me that there are 3 responses here and I know one is from RCH. WTF isn’t it showing up for me? Are you making invisible posts now?

    OT: I got my first DM from @JacLaurita! I asked her if what she tweeted about the car was the car equivalent of TP hanging out the back of your pants. Apparently that amused her. But why that needed a DM, I’m clueless.

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  7. tuzentswurth says:

    ” I was at Revolution …….. with my fabulous gays. ” You can tell she has loads of respect for these individuals, she speaks of them like they are pets.
    I love the bullshit Bravo blogs, I never read their blogs at Bravo.
    T is desperately trying to polish her image, ain’t she?

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Wow, when I posted and my page refreshed…..Great minds, Squirrels! I also agree with the BS call regarding her “African-American friends”. Other than being on WWHL with Stacie, never saw them and I don’t think Stacie is her friend.

  8. oopsy says:

    ‘vegetarian non-dairy healthy cheap old country Italian recipes?’ LMAO!

  9. tuzentswurth says:

    RCH, Are you going to blog DC? Please…..There is a lot of material there!

  10. momsthoughts says:

    She is so disgusting and repulsive, I can’t even come up with a comment that fully expresses my disgust for this pig.

  11. momsthoughts says:

    Just tweeted by Teresa_Giudice:

    “@BravoAndy @bravopr so everytime I’m on WWHL you break ratings records? Wow! I want u in a seatbelt next time. xx”

    Yes, you dumb shit, we tune in to LAUGH AT YOU!

  12. oopsy says:

    I so hope she and Joe get what is coming to them! I can’t stand her!

  13. Distressed says:

    Fantastic. I agree with just about every criticism here.

    One in particular, as you said, if Melissa and Joe are invited everywhere how come they were invisible on the Italy trip? I’m no fan of Caroline at all but that scene with her and the immediate family seemed very touching and she said straight out, “if only we could all be here together. that would truly be the best.”

    Teresa? I never knew she had any siblings at all as they were never mentioned until Danielle opened up that can of worms at the reunion. Liar.

    It’s kinda obvious, with Melissa and her kids around Teresa can’t play the primadonna and can’t pretend to be the rich American cousins. That whole dinner with those deplorable costumes on all those innocent little fashion victims? Couldn’t have happened with Melissa there to outshine her.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      If we get to see Melissa next season (God, what am I saying, I hate these people). I think we’ll see that T’s brother and his wife are scammers and grifters just like T&JJ.

    • Teresa says that her bother and sister-in-law were invited to all those parties as though it is some sort of proof of something. No one accused her of not inviting them to parties. They accused her of disliking them and doing things like throwing their cookies in the trash and being rude to them.

  14. nathania says:

    wow that’s a good point about her not mentioning Melissa’s name…she loves Joe and ‘his family’ and ‘they’ have been invited here there and everywhere, blah, blah, blah. And her parents are never even on camera (but that is probably their choice, the more crazy she gets the less they probably want the world to know who is responsible for producing her).

  15. Squirrels says:

    Let me sit in Andy’s chair and do the Housewives game w/Gentle Ben.

    1. Who said this? “You m***** f***** b*****?”
    2. Who said this? “You c***?”
    3. Who said this? “grunnnnnnnnt, grrrrrrr, grunnnnnnnt?”

    All viable questions and at least it would have put the reunion as well as the season into perspective.

  16. Jada says:

    I’m sorry but your comments on her blog are horrendous, childish, juvenile, immature, and disrespectful. Why I’m reading YOUR blog? I have no clue. But anyway, everybody needs to grow up some point in time and I think that it’s your turn. 🙂 Leave the poor woman alone. Bankruptcy or not. Cheating husband or not. Hated sis-in-law or not. Everyone deserves privacy and I don’t see anybody on your crap.

    • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

      Sorry but when you open up your life to viewers you should expect some response. Teresa has plenty of ass-kissers to balance out the snark. You said it yourself, why ARE you reading it? Most of these commenters don’t see her as a “poor woman” anyway. I’m sure her creditors and the debt-paying citizens of New Jersey would probably disagree with you as well.

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