Forget Making Peace – Danielle Staub is on The Attack!

Credit for the magazine quotes go to: RadarOnline and E!

Danielle isn’t holding back anymore! She gave her first post reunion interview to Steppin Out magazine and has finally shed that love&light bullshit and is saying the kind of stuff we all want and expect her to say. Danielle’s Bravo Blogs of the past few weeks have been boring and pointless as she stopped the insults and spent the entire blog thanking random people and rarely addressing anything that actually happened on the show. I thought she had gone soft on us. But looking back, I think she probably found out that she was being let go from the show around the time her blogs started sucking and decided to save all the good stuff for a publication that was willing to pay for it.
Most of her verbal knock outs went to Teresa, here are the highlights:

“She needs a hairline revision,”

Planet of the Apeshas nothing on her!”

“Could you imagine if her face is that hairy what her body hair must be like? It’s got to be out of control.”

“If she was making Joe happy maybe he wouldn’t have to go some place else. I don’t know what goes on in their bedroom, but from what I’ve seen, Teresa is not exactly a turn on. Her forehead is disturbing. But it’s not even about her looks.”

“Her personality and lack of compassion is what makes her ugly. It’s the way she speaks to her husband and overindulges her children is what makes her ugly. She’s teaching her children to be just like she is. Look at her kids. They’re gorgeous little girls, but their attitudes only show disrespect. I don’t care of that. I feel bad for them. They’re learning what they live.”

“The mother is teaching them they are too good for everything except being treated like princesses. But it’s not reality. Teresa, you’re 11 million dollars in debt. How much of a princess can your kids be? Make them work. Give them structure. Her children want to be told what’s wrong and what’s right. They need boundaries and structure. That’s what I do for my kids. I give them structure and boundaries.”

“I said this from the beginning: In time everyone will be exposed. I don’t have to say anything. They’re exposing themselves. Dina is a liar. She lies and all the others swear to it. It’s almost as believable as Teresa’s husband Joe getting drunk after he had his car accident because he needed to calm his nerves. I’m very passionate about not letting him get away with that. I don’t think drunk driving is anything to be made light of. Bravo glorified it and that makes me sick.”

“When Andy Cohn brought that up at the reunion and after Teresa told that crazy story he said, “Oh I can believe that.” Um… really? He smashed his car and Teresa claims ten of them shared just one bottle of wine. Meanwhile have you ever seen them without a glass of wine in their hands? But this one time they split one bottle of wine and Joe got drunk after he smashed into a telephone pole. Really?”

“I’m not allowing Joe to get away with it. My daughter is getting her drivers license and I’m not going to let people like Bravo, Joe, and Teresa get her killed because they think it’s funny to drive drunk. That’s not going to happen. Joe is a liar and shame on Bravo for supporting him. Joe was drunk when he hit that telephone pole… Every single scene those women are in they’re drinking alcohol. Do you see me drinking? No. Because I have to drive. And I have a much better time when I’m sober.”

Danielle is still dancing around questions regarding her relationship with Lori Micheals. She is refusing to call herself a lesbian or a bisexual, claiming that she doesn’t like labels. Whatever. I honestly could care less who she dates, unless they’re famous (Lori doesn’t count – I’ve never heard of her) or related to Teresa. But if you still had a doubt in your mind as to whether or not Danielle and Lori were more than friends, take a look at these two quotes:

From Steppin Out: “I’ve had six relationships with women and I will tell you women kiss better than men”

She told OK!:If I am dating [Lori], this would be the sixth [girlfriend].”

So if she’s had sixth female relationships total, and Lori would be her sixth girlfriend if they were in a relationship then if my math is correct that would mean that Lori is Danielle’s girlfriend. I solved the mystery. You’re welcome. Now you can all sleep soundly tonight.

Danielle told US “I made [RHONJ] successful.” I think this is true. What would the other women have done without her? Stood in their proverbial kitchens and talked about the weather? Went to a fashion show, saw fashions, and left peacefully? Had clown sit downs in empty restaurants by themselves?

Danielle is still claiming that she quit the show to explore other options. All rumors say she was fired, although I’m still not yet convinced on any of the explanations I’ve heard for why she was fired.

PopEater is reporting that a “Housewife insider” told them that Caroline and Jacqueline (no mention of Teresa) banded together and threatened to leave if they didn’t fire Danielle. According to this “insider” after losing Dina Bravo didn’t want to risk losing two more cast mates. I don’t know how believable this is. The show didn’t suffer at all from the loss of Dina, in fact it broke ratings records in her absence, and Caroline and Jacqueline really served no purpose this season other than to attend Teresa’s parties and vacations and talk about Danielle. Danielle and Teresa are the ones who bring the ratings, and the only reason Teresa does things that bring ratings is because Danielle is there. I just feel like there has to be more to the story.

Another reason I don’t find Popeater to be very reliable is this quote:

Bethenny [Frankel] left the New York cast and the ratings stayed the same,” a TV executive confirms. “Several cast members have left other ‘Housewives’ shows and no one cared. The only ‘Housewives’ that Bravo needs to hang onto are the Manzo family. They are TV gold and Bravo knows it.”

Considering the small fact that The Real Housewives of New York hasn’t yet aired without Bethenny Frankel, I would say Popeater’s “TV executive”  is full of crap – if he even exists.

UPDATE: Zen Jen on why Danielle was fired: It mostly had to do with the underhanded production deals going on with Danielle like the Hustler brokered sex tape she claims to have made not a single dime off of. Uh-huh….sure. Basically her side projects were not Houswives brand approved.”

I know everyone wants to hear about our new favorite Housewife and I didn’t forget about her. Apparently Danielle and Melissa are friends who bonded over their mutual hatred of Teresa. And Danielle was the one who introduced her to the Bravo producers! We’ve all been wondering what on earth Danielle ever did to Teresa that was so horrible. How much do you want to bet this is it? Another quote from the Steppin Out article:

“The reason Melissa initially contacted me was to tell me she felt so horrible watching somebody else be treated as badly as she was treated by Teresa for over a decade. She said that when Teresa is jealous and threatened by another woman that’s how she behaves.”

Danielle also did an interview with Here are the highlights:

But did you try to get Dina’s kids taken away from her?
No, I don’t even know her daughter’s last name. I do know that Dina did a whole article devoted to trying to make the world believe that I did that, but Dina’s not doing the show because she forged a legal document with her ex-husband’s name on it, giving her daughter permission to do season 1. And when her ex-husband found out about it, he forbade her to do season 2, leaving Dina with nobody in her immediate family — her daughter or her husband, who never taped with her once — to do anything with her. So she left the show because she was too embarrassed to say that she forged a legal document. I had to have my ex-husband sign for my children. She didn’t do that. But again, Dina lies, and everybody swears by it. Dina is more fake than the whole lot of them. It’s just that she’s the baby of the family, so Caroline’s going to keep backing her up.

At the reunion when Teresa came at you, it didn’t seem like there were bodyguards ready. They were letting her —
Yeah, they did. And that was when, after I left, I came back, and I told them, “She moves her ass off that couch — I want to know that you guys are doing something about it.” It was after that that you see the bodyguards restraining her. Because they were told — and that’s what they told me — they were told, “It’s OK. Just let it happen. We’ll let you know.” But when I threatened to just walk, that’s when they said, “OK, we’d better protect her.” In other words, I was treated like a piece of shit. Nobody would treat any of them that way because they have husbands or because they have a big family that would be right up in arms. But what about me?

What do you make of Andy Cohen on the reunion and Watch What Happens Live? He’s positioned as the moderator, but it doesn’t really seem like he’s on your side.
Yeah, I do feel slighted by Andy — I’ll be honest with you — and he’s someone that knows how strong my ties are to the gay community. Not only that, how he’s the executive vice president of Bravo. I would think he would want to treat us all at least equally. I, in no way, shape, or form, feel like I was treated as an equal. I’m not asking for favoritism, but I would have expected more from him. I truly would have. And I know he’s my boss and all that, but… I’m just going to speak the truth like I always do. I’m very disappointed, and I think he’s getting lashed out at by many, many fans — gay and straight. From what I’m hearing and what I’m reading, people are very unhappy that he did not, like, throw Teresa out for her behavior. I mean, she physically picked him up and threw him. And then he sat her down like a five-year-old and said, “Don’t get off the couch again, OK, little girl?” Instead of just like, “Get the f out of here. You can’t touch me like that.”

Why did what you said about her nephew make Teresa so mad in the first place?
Well, if you notice, the only two times I saw her this season, she physically came after me. What did I speak the first time? Her house was in foreclosure. Is it in foreclosure?

It appears so…
See, if I say something that’s true, they’re going to go off. Yet they’re allowed to sit and say two seasons full of lies about me. And then make up things to make it seem like I did things even worse than what I did when I was 20 years old. But yet I sit there and speak the truth, and they dive on top of me.

So what were you saying?
Teresa never greeted her nephew. I have proof of that in email. She never said congratulations to her brother when her nephew was born. Her brother has been directly contacting me for the past year and a half, letting me know how he feels about his sister. And how he and his wife — pregnant wife — were thrown from her house because they brought my favorite cookies to Christmas Eve.

Your favorite cookies?
My favorite cookies. From Corrado’s! The ones I took on The Today Show in season 1 [of The Real Housewives of New Jersey].

Teresa threw a hissy fit. And not once do you see her with her brother and her sister-in-law and their beautiful children. Not once! But she glorifies everybody else. Why couldn’t she show her real family? Why? Just tell me why? Because they have more than her maybe? Because she’s jealous of them maybe? Or maybe they would have told the truth and said Teresa goes off like that all the time. “It’s not just Danielle. Teresa’s certifiably crazy.” I think they’re going to have their chance now to speak the truth. Go for it, I’m all behind you.

If any of you still had your doubts, it sounds to me like Danielle also thinks Melissa is going to be a part of the show next season. But I have to say I think Danielle is exaggerating the cookie incident. You can read Melissa’s version of cookie-gate here. She doesn’t say anything about being thrown from the house, just that the cookies were thrown in the trash. Either way, I’m happy to have our old shit talking Danielle back. Even if she embellishes her stories, it’s still fun to listen to her go off.

How much do you love, love, love the new direction The Real Housewives of New Jersey is taking?

Check back later to read Caroline’s bullshit Bravo blog.

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141 Responses to Forget Making Peace – Danielle Staub is on The Attack!

  1. veronicaromm says:

    Crazy lady but does say some things that are true about Teresa. She is so bizarre.

  2. momsthoughts says:

    I would love love love to see Teresa given a dose of reality. Let’s hear all the family secrets! Now that will be “must see tv” and then we can all watch her go to court, get fingerprinted and fitted for an orange jumpsuit….same for Juicy. We can see how real (convicted) housewives deal with their children from jail….And then when they get out – it will be fun to see how she dresses the girls when she shops at Kmart…and how she decorates the apt over the pizza shop, etc….This is going to be as real as it gets.

    I hope this press tour Danielle is doing proves Caroline was right to distrust Danielle’s handshake and her awkwardly long hugs. She knew she was going to hit the press as soon as the reunion aired. Of course she couldn’t be trusted to move on.

    • oopsy says:

      Momthought, you may be right about that but I think if they had accepted D’s apology she would have let it go. She is desperate to be loved

      • oopsy says:

        sorry, that was to be ‘momsthoughts’

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Danielle’s desperate for press coverage and that’s what the press wants to cover. That’s all she’s got right now to peddle, her story and the HoWives. It’s not like the media’s going to feature her thoughts on how to best generate an economic recovery.

        She wants to stay in the public’s eye and she explicitly stated in a recent interview that she intends to do just that. I’m thinking it likely will be by any means necessary.

      • momsthoughts says:

        I agree, she is desperate to be loved. I think we all know ppl like that…they will suck the life right out of you and it still won’t be enough. Caroline shook her hand. All Danielle had to do to “win” would be keep her mouth shut – then everyone could say “see, Caroline, she meant it but you wouldn’t give her a chance”….well, Caroline shook her hand but b/c of history and experience, Caroline was skeptical. And Caroline was right. It was barely hours after the reunion aired that Dan started with her “tell all” trash talking interviews. She didn’t take the high road. She couldn’t wait to get down and dirty. It reflects poorly on her. The saying goes “Living well is the best revenge”. Had she kept her mouth shut and just went on to lead a dignified life…then she would have garnered a lot more respect. Instead she confirmed Caroline’s suspicions.

        • I don’t want her to live a dignified life worthy of respect. I want her to spill all their secrets! Lol

          • momsthoughts says:

            I know that! lol. I didn’t say I wanted it …I am just saying she didn’t do herself any favors! But imagine how boring your blog would be if they all behaved like ladies and treated each other with dignity and respect and paid their bills and taxes? It would be mighty boring around here.

        • BonBon says:

          Dunyelle only lived UP to Caroline’s cynical expectations. I love her (D) exposing as much shite as possible, and if it hadn’t been for stoopid and alwaysrightandneverwrong Caroline’s arrogant sarcastic final statements and ridunculous applause, we might not be getting any of the REAL truth.
          Thanks Clownaline. YOU made this not only possible, but rather inevitable now, didn’t you?
          Congratulations lunatic! was all FAKE.

    • But you know what, I haven’t been able to find anything negative about Jacqueline yet, so she may be keeping at least part of her promise.

      • Karen says:

        I agree. She has stuck to the truce with the only person who was sincere.

      • momsthoughts says:

        no but I am surprised you have blogged about Ashley and Dereks Twitter breakup and him closing down his twitter account after he told us all that he was heartbroken. </3 ah….young love…sniff sniff.

      • BonBon says:

        Yes. And as much as I dislike having to say this, it goes to Dunyelle’s favor. As Jax is the only one who hasn’t badmouthed Dunyelle either during the longest hug in the world or after. So Jax has the integrity to not badmouth someone she promised not to.

  3. oopsy says:

    It was obvious that Andy doesn’t like D but he still could have treated her with respect at the reunion. She is BSC, I’ll give you that, but I stopped watching the reunion because it was just ‘everybody bash Danielle’. The thing about Danielle is she really wants to be liked and she doesn’t understand bounderies. The other ‘wimmin’ weren’t going to give her a chance. And I have to say, I like the theory of the nephew being Joe’s love child. In one of Tree’s talking heads, I think she was pregnant at the time, she said she didn’t want a son, that Joe didn’t need one and if she did have one she would turn him gay by shopping with him. Anyone remember that? I think it was a dig to his other woman. I really do. D thinks in her heart these women are going to change their minds about her and start liking her one day. She is Bat Shit Crazy though!

    • The nephew is Melissa’s son.
      And you are right, the other women were never going to give Danielle a chance.
      They didn’t like her before they ever even met her because Dina hand picked the cast for the show, and when the producers decided to go with Danielle instead of one of Dina’s friends, she was pissed. They didn’t dislike her because of her past. They disliked her because of her mere presence on the show and her past gave them an excuse.

      • oopsy says:

        I know you’re right, I just like the IDEA of a male love child! Especially as Tree only has girls. BTW, thanks for a great blog. I really enjoyed it!

      • nathania says:

        hmmm…and then, it becomes obvious to them that Danielle is in the whisper campaign about Dina forging the permission for Lexy to be on the show…it makes me laugh to think that this may be the real “what you did” that Caroline was referring to when she referred to Danielle as garbage. They thought they were going to have their own little reality empire and they somehow see Danielle as responsible (how frightening and bizarre it is that none of them feel DINA is responsible) for ruining their little playdate in the cable sandbox. The die was cast and they couldn’t fix it but they could refuse to play nice with Danielle, so that is exactly what they did. From some of the interview footage with Danielle last season (things like, “I know way too much about Dina…she’s intimidated by me”) it makes me wonder if perhaps Danielle was lead down this path of being the villain by the rumored ‘Bravo writers’ and she didn’t have the foresight to realize that being the only non-relative, non-married, non-mafia type, she was completely expendable. That this might have been the plot design all along, throw her in the water and see if she sinks or swims, while the production crew eats popcorn and watches.

  4. I just thought of something – if Danielle and Melissa are friends and she wants to be on the show, then why didn’t Danielle film with her this season?
    Even if they aren’t really friends and just like to share dirt about Teresa every once in a while, clearly it would have been more entertaining for Danielle to film with Melissa over Danny or Kim G.

    • oopsy says:

      Maybe Bravo wanted to keep Danielle as the Evil One and it just wouldn’t do to have someone credible, like a family member, dishing dirt on one of the other women. I dunno. Just a thought.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Apparently the word is Teresa had influenced Bravo to keep Melissa from being on the show. T probably would have exploded ala RCH’s pics if Bravo had then had Melissa on the show, especially with Danielle. (They coulda put that on pay per view and made a bundle.)

        Of course that was before T started holding out for more money, threatening to walk, and looking a lot more like damaged goods to Bravo. Bravo turned to Melissa as both leverage and a backup plan. And hopefully she will add a breath of fresh air to the show.

        • Yeah I heard the rumors that Teresa was blocking her from being on the show.
          But I was thinking, if they are adding her to the show now, why not just do it from the beginning of the season? Can’t Danielle choose to film with whoever she wants to?
          But your explanation makes sense. Damaged goods. Lol. I predict Teresa will be heading down the same road as Jill Zarin. The only reason why Teresa still has fans is because a lot of people hate Danielle enough to excuse Teresa’s behavior. Teresa needs a “Bethenny” in her life to truly be seen for the “Jill” that she really is.
          Maybe Melissa will fill that role?

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Gawd, I wish they had or will get a “bethenny.” Bring on the snark since we already have dumb & dumber, scary chuckies, and gaudy tacky interior design & fashion that would send the sainted Tim Gunn to the ER in catatonic shock. The show is in dire need of some humor, intelligence and wit. I mean these folks are loons and ripe material.

            I mean, look at what the intertubes bring to the RHNJ show…some folks are actually watching the show mainly so they can better appreciate the blogs and the humor. The show’s an opening number for the main attraction: Bloggers like you RCH, Bside, Ny Mag, Lynn, etc. And the snarkoverse that’s now on twitter too.

            I dunno about Melissa. Hopefully she has a good sense of humor. And really, if Teresa’s still around, I think the thing to do would be to not take her seriously. Don’t feed the beast. (That was the bozos’ mistake with Danielle….she gave them rope and they jumped at it and swung.) Let T show herself to be the bitchy ego crazy one. And ignoring or playing down T’s drama would make her even more crazed. Steam shootin out of her ears combined with guttural animalistic grunts and howls.

          • BonBon says:

            Oh yes. And Bravo ALWAYS shows scenes in sequential order. They could bring her (Melissa) in the very last week of shooting and get her to be in every scene throughtout the entire next season. Sorry. I think that there is alot of editing going on…especially if they HATE (Danielle) you or LOVE (Carolown) you. With the boring inbetweens like Jacqueline and Dina, there’s nothing of substance to really edit, now, is there? And Teresa is PROUD of her outrageous behavior, so what does she care if there’s editing or not? Bring it on, girlfriend. I’m from Paterson and plenty proud of it (or as she says on WWHL: “I regret nothing I did.”), thankyouverymuch.
            We saw their manipulating scenes with the Sherriff’s dinner and Kim D.’s “friendship” with Dunyelle. I mean right before the Sheriff’s dinner at The Manzo’s, Kim D. and Dunyelle were talking about what a great friend Dunyelle was for being the first one to come to Kim’s mother’s house with a bowl of pasta.
            None of these woman (sp intended) know anything about REAL friendship…at least from what I could tell. I don’t think you tell a friend when they are doing something harmful to themselves (like spending so much money, she could end up eating in a soup kitchen and spending a night in a homeless shelter in Paterson, NJ with her 4 children and joocey hubby) that she’s just being her ol’, funny self. Or, telling your “friend” that her daughter’s heart was in the right place when she clearly did the wrong thing .And YOU damn well know that her heart was NOT in the right place. It was in an out of control ANGRY place. I mean with friends like these, they’d excuse Jeffrey Dahmer’s storage of body parts in his freezer because he was just being his ol’ lonely self.
            Smoke is starting to come out of my ears so I think it’s time to go. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • Squirrels says:

      Maybe contractual – and by that I mean Teresa’s head would have exploded mid season instead of at the reunion. Bravo couldn’t allow that now, could they?

  5. Tarek'sWife says:

    City Housewife….I LOVE LOVE LOVE this website. I just found it this week…but have been too busy to post until today. Thank you so much for all the behind the scenes nonsense that goes on! I have never watched this Bravo offering before. A friend from back in the day (who, yup you guessed it, lives in NJ) emailed me and begged me to tune in. I was born in NJ but have never lived there. I started watching this year… mid-season and was instantly addicted!! I have never seen the first season but have been told that everyone got along ok…until the “BOOK” arrived. LOL. I assumed that D was nutz and that they other housewives were too high brow to be bothered with her….UNTIL they started reacting WAY OVER THE TOP!!!!! T really scared me during the reunion…and if what is being said about her SIL, then it makes perfect sense. THANKS for being here. I LOVE it!

  6. Tam5115 says:

    Well I’m totally with D concerning Joe’s DWI. No way will I ever believe he got drunk after.

    • dumberries says:

      I agree, the whole DWI story was absurd (as was the reduction of his original sentence).

      • humbruh says:

        I wonder if the Feds, in an effort to nail his ass to the wall once & for all, made a deal with the Jersey courts in regard to the DWI sentence. The less time he spends dealing with the state issues, the quicker he can start serving on the federal charges.

    • oopsy says:

      whyever would you think that? It sounds perfectly plausable that joe would go out with friends and family and refrain from drinking while everyone else knocks back a few, then stay later then everyone, (just drinking water, don’tcha know) yawn, (or was it sneeze?) and flip his truck. The first thing I would do is down as much hard booze as I could get my hands on before the cops show up. Sure. Any normal person wants to be hammered before they explain to the police why they flipped their car. I buy it. 🙂

  7. Need a Hobby says:

    Latest from Jenn Sale’s blog: “Danielle Staub’s media blitz might land her in hot water with Bravo.”

    Danielle canned (or rather, informed she would not be back for season 3) in June. Why? Excerpt from Sale’s article:

    “It mostly had to do with the underhanded production deals going on with Danielle like the Hustler brokered sex tape she claims to have made not a single dime off of. Uh-huh….sure. Basically her side projects were not Houswives brand approved.

    So Danielle got canned for that and basically being a crazy pain in the butt to deal with. But Bravo was nice about it and gave her a pretty sweet deal provided she not talk smack about the show, network, or cast. In return they would not say anything bad about her. And they own her for another two years. Meaning if she does by some act of Hades gets her own reality show, it has to be enough to buy Bravo out with, or they get a piece of the pie.”

    But, wait there’s more! Again from Jenn:

    “So this morning I was texting with my Bravo mole funny ha-ha’s about Danielle’s admission that she allegedly did the nasty with Prince. Which led to the revelation that there is allegedly a big implosion heading Danielle’s way courtesy of Bravo Legal. You see, Bravo had feelers in the waters to see how the actual confirmation of Danielle leaving would play in the public, combined with reaction from the reunion specials. Well you guessed it…nobody shed a single tear with Danielle being canned. Not to mention the outpouring of excitement with the casting of Teresa’s real life nemesis Melissa Gorga pretty much making Danielle as a draw a total non issue.

    This led to the final nail in the “Danielle’s Spin Off Show” coffin. It was the carrot, and the carrot rotted and fell off the string. Good Night and Thank You, Danielle…it’s been a slice.

    Well when Danielle got this news she went apeshiz crazy and started her media blitz/smear. I’m told the whole Access Hollywood interview yesterday and the OK! Magazine, and Steppin’ Out interviews are in total violation of that contract. Not only is she not going to have any work, but she might have to give that settlement back if Bravo wants to play hardball. So in short, she’d be broke and Bravo still owns her.”

    Full piece at Jenn Sale’s blog. Please visit her site and give her props.

    • oopsy says:

      I can’t really blame her for going ‘apeshit crazy’ after her treatment at the reunion. Remember when Jill at the RHNY reunion got up and left? Andy was all Jill please come back! He sucked up to her and she wasn’t treated nearly as bad as Danielle. But Andy was an ASS to Danielle! After the way Tree went off on D Andy should have been reassuring and kind to D. I have to say that the shit he pulled at the reunion made me think that they used any and only negative footage of D during the season and tried to make the others look good.(not blaming editing but I bet they made SURE no positive footage of D got shown.) Don’t get me wrong, D is still Bat Shit Crazy but she is SELF destructive where the others are vindictive. Oh, and I can’t STAND Andy any more.

      • Squirrels says:

        Well said oopsy. If that reunion didn’t illustrate favoritism from Andy Cohen, I just don’t know what would. He has shown time and time again he love love loves some and cuts them slack the US Attorney General should/would not. Transparency is so evident here. Andy isn’t even so clever to disguise it. I’m no Danielle fan, but come on, keep the playing ground level.

        We are not idiots Andy. We have no political or financial stake in this.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Actually according to this report, and I buy it since it fits the facts, Danielle’s recent publicly expressed anger at Bravo has nothing to do with the reunion or her treatment.

        Quite literally, D’s a pro….she wants her face out in public and isn’t terribly picky about how that happens. It’s professional wrestling. Even her previous press remarks last month about her “spin off show” spoke in terms of “the ‘persona’ she developed/portrayed” on RHNJ. Which shows you that it is a character, a persona she presents. Change the role, the character, you get a different Danielle. Some in the audience may take the role and the reunion seriously….she doesn’t. It’s a character. She’s the wrestler the audience loves to boo. She doesn’t care as long as it gets her what she wants.

        Anyway, reportedly Danielle’s only recently gone “apeshit” in the press (which is true, it’s a recent development) due to learning that Bravo was not going to give her a spin off. Danielle’s remarks in the press have only recently changed markedly from her remarks after the reunion was filmed.

        The reunion that was filmed about a month ago. After the reunion was filmed, Danielle’s public remarks were all peaches and creme, sunny and all about her proposed “spinoff.”

        Only just recently has her story changed and she’s been dumping on Bravo. Which suggests Sale’s sources are correct and she didn’t get her spinoff on Bravo.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          To clarify, Danielle’s previous remarks to the press in August that she wasn’t going anywhere and would be back in her own spin off specifically said that she would be “continuing” the character/persona she created on RHONJ. Which shows you exactly how she regarded her role—as a role she played and would be willing to play again if Bravo were to pick up her proposed spin off.

      • BonBon says:

        I FUCKING 100% blame FUCKING EDITING when it comes to Danielle. Even Hitler had a good moment or 2 in his horrific life. Let me ask you? When did Danielle ever look good, do good, sound non-ridiculous during the whole entire lonnnnnnnnnnng season? I dare anyone to name a time. Even when she was rightfully so going off on Joe’s non-DUI with the sweathog reject (finally a witty line from Caroline), they showed her first SMILING…taking pleasure in it.
        I despise her and the entire rest of this cast, including wimpballs Cohen and the rest of his Bravo cohorts.
        Oopsy…you were 100% correct in blaming it on editing and blaming it con GUSTO!

      • BonBon says:

        Can only hope for Teresa’s sake that this is true. May be posted on another of your witty blogs, RCH, but have been gone for a day.

    • Squirrels says:

      Seems to me any HW who joins this little sorority had best have one hell of an attorney. I’m just a run of the mill woman and there is no way on this planet I wouldn’t be protected legally when it comes to my reputation (good or bad). Maybe the shot at fame as the upside is the downfall. Perhaps women who are willing to sell their souls (all Real Housewives ladies take note) now realize they are making a deal with the devil that is Bravo. The insanity his franchise touts isn’t designed to make women feel better about themselves at home because others on TV behave badly. It’s there for the money, and quite frankly Scarlett, Bravo doesn’t give a damn. Yet it is women who make up the mass collection of viewers. Perhaps we should examine ourselves. So, production misogynists unite, but I’m finished with this entire fiasco. I am worth more than being played for a fool to line the pockets of the self important.

      • oopsy says:

        Squirrels, I’ve read alot of your posts at Lynn’s site, good to see you here. I wonder why bravo doesn’t consider that their viewers are mainly women? I thought the point of the show was to give average people a glimps into the fabulous life, which I would enjoy. Perhaps all the cat fighting is Andy’s (Bravo’s) version of female mud ‘rassling.’ He seems to really enjoy all the petty cattiness. And what the hell is up with that 14 year old caller Ben? Andy must be aware from the feedback that the average woman vieweris not interested in a teenaged boy’s opinion of the housewives. Creepy. He shouldn’t even be watching this stuff.

        • Tam5115 says:

          I thought I read somewhere that Andy had talked about the show as a social experiment (it’s no Survivor, sweetie) but I will agree in the somewhat fascinating aspect of how poorly these wealthy? privileged, high society? folks will act.

          Money can’t buy you class, my friend.

          • nathania says:

            the thing is on survivor they know that’s what it is. of course, now it’s obvious that’s what RH is too, but at the time most of them got involved, they had no idea. Somehow I can see Andy in a lab coat doing animal experimentation then going and having a burger for lunch.

            • Tam5115 says:

              They may know that Survivor is a social experiment when they go on… but in no way can that determine how they react.

              It’s kind of like understanding that going hungry, exposed to the elements, physically pushed to the limits, and forced to live with people you may not like at all, sucks out loud. Yet, actually living it is a whole other animal.

              These are people who do not suffer these outside stressors. They live in their huge houses, eat when they are hungry, dress the way they wish, don’t compete with their “life” on the line, etc… yet, they behave horribly.

              The lesson learned? Money doesn’t make you any better than the lowest in society. In fact, it can make you worse.

        • karrylin says:

          I love Ben Weiner….he’s so cute and seems very kind, and most interested in TV. He has nicer things to say, decent questions, and isnt a Bitch like so many are….he asks…nicely. come on…give him a chance!!

          • Tam5115 says:

            I’ve got nothing against the kid, really. He does seem kind, intelligent and decent; that’s not the point.

            He’s a CHILD and RHW is an inappropriate show for children.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            This is a very inappropriate show for a boy his age.

            • BonBon says:

              Absotutely. If it were not for that, I would say he is a very well spoken young boy. But watching this show, his mama should be contacted and warned and perhaps, beheaded. In front of a live audience. Come on Bravo. Let’s really bring in some substantial ratings!

  8. dumberries says:

    I agree that Danielle embellishes and sometimes lies, but a lot of what she’s saying now has the ring of truth, especially when it comes to Dina. Personality-wise, Dina is the phoniest of them all (imo) and is protected from the truth by Caroline and her little cult. Not sure I believe that Joe and Melissa Gorga each reached out to Danielle to spill dirt on Teresa; maybe someone close to them instead. If the Gorgas really did make a point of bashing a family member to her nemesis, that’s really really low and would make them about as respectable as Teresa and Juicy – which could be fun!

    • Sardonica says:

      They all seem to embellish and lie. Why is it only one gets the heave ho ( no pun intended ) and the others get not only a free pass but support from Andy?

      • Tam5115 says:

        Yeah, why didn’t Kelly get a boot in the ass out the door? She lied right in front of Andy, saying Bravo forced her to go to St. John and stuck to that story even when Andy confronted her about it.

      • oopsy says:

        I think Andy believed (at the time of the taping) that none of the viewers liked Danielle so who cares if he treated her like shit. He probably thought everyone would approve. As idiotic as Kelly is she does have some connections and money, as does Jill. Maybe Bravo wouldn’t want to really piss them off. Who does Danielle have? Nobody. Granted, she does drive people away but she has no connections or influence, no money, so why should Andy care about treating her fairly? He thought everyone hates Danielle so open season on her.

        • Tam5115 says:

          If that’s true… what a bunch of elitist bullshit!

          • oopsy says:

            I can’t think of why else he would be so comfortable treating Danielle the way he does. He continued to treat Kelly respectfully even after she called him a liar about being forced to go on the trip. He has been respectful to Jill with all her behind the scenes wrangling for more pay. Has Danielle ever once been rude or disrespectful to Andy? I don’t know of one time that she has been rude to him. Why does he feel like it is o.k. to be rude to her? Don’t get me wrong, I do think she is nuts!

      • BonBon says:

        Because alot of the profits from Teresa’s “book” goes to Bravo whereas nothing from Danielle’s Hustler sex tape goes to Bravo. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$….can’t buy you class, but it sure can make you look like an ass.

      • BonBon says:

        Because while Andy is a mean girl in high school, Dunyelle is in Edgewater, NJ trying to eek out a living.

    • oopsy says:

      Dumberries, I think you’re right about D embellishing the truth. They all do seem to do that. The thing about D is she hurts herself where as the others hurt other people. If they had accepted her apology and treated her just a little better at the reunion I really think she would have kept her mouth shut about them. She so wants them to like her. Is desperate for it in fact. I think they poked the crazy in the first season and were shocked when the crazy poked back.

    • BonBon says:

      Probably the EYEBROW lady reached out and spilled the beans. Boy, she seems to be omniscient and omnipresent! Maybe even omnipotent! As Le Petit Prince says..”One never knows…” (speaking of volcanos and explosions).

  9. Sardonica says:

    What would have been fun would have been Melissa Gorga on the trip to Italy. Caroline went with her brother Chris and their parents. Why not Teresa and her brother , another ‘Joe’ with their parents. All visiting that incestous little village that cranked out the T and J line of crooked characters. I bet Joe Guidice and Teresa are 2nd cousins or an approximation. Explains a lot.

  10. marjie says:

    It is scary for single women out there…. I cannot imagine what it is for women with children and “NO MAN BEHIND THEM”. This show sends out a bad message for all those women who have made mistakes in their lives.

    I hope Melissa does not join the show, looks like they too have financial baggage.

    Get us some strong women Bravo! not weaklings and liars not knowing what their husbands are upto! C’mon we are in the year 2010 Are we still in the “I do not know what my husband does” age? I dont buy that one bit.

    Totally did not like Andy this season. She made them a lot of money. Go Danielle make whatever money you can out of this.

  11. tuzentswurth says:

    Just saw WWHL. What a crock of shit. TERESA, REALLY???? AND Ben W! Oh well, all I can say is , the poll question concerned who was the classiest lady at the NJ reunion. I’m gonna have to agree with the lovely Marissa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinnie” when she said on the witness stand…….”Nobody can answer that because it’s a bullshit question”

    In the greatest stretch of anyone’s imagination, did anybody see anyone with any tiny fraction of “class” at the NJ reunion?

  12. Sarah310 says:

    so funny this email with this posting came in on my phone right before my final exam today.. of course I had to read it. eye roll!!!
    I honestly feel sorry for Danielle, not in a patronizing or mean way..As corny as this sounds I hope she finds some happiness being off the show. They attacked her and put her down so much that can’t be healthy for anyone.

    • oopsy says:

      Me too, Sarah310. She is such a sad person. I couldn’t be friends with someone like her but I could be friendly to her. The others didn’t have to like her or respect her but they could have been civil. (Of course being friendly may have her thinking you love her and are sisters at heart!) You can keep someone at a distance and still be polite. The Manzos think you’re with me or against me, if you’re not my friend then you don’t deserve respect. Danielle in the first season reached out and tried to be friends but they were so cruel to her. Granted she can drive people nuts!

      • I agree she is a sad person. But I would be friends with her. I wouldn’t invite her over my house and I would probably limit our interaction to weekends only so she get’s the point that we aren’t bff’s. But I would invite her to parties with me, I would introduce her to my rich single friends and hope she hit’s it off with someone. If I ever want to take pole dancing classes she would be the friend I’d call. The Manzo’s just have the wrong mentality about a lot of things. Not all friends are created equal and you can’t expect every relationship in your life to be like the one you have with your sister. Seriously, I really think none of those women matured after high school.

  13. Earring Girl says:

    If this has been posted please ignore:

    What is this about, Joe made that homophobic comment in season 1, she is just now doing damage control??

    I guess this is the tweet photo her pr people are talking about how comfortable she is around “the gays”??? I just wish these New Jersey clowns would get in the “clown car” and drive away! 🙂

    At Abbey Beach in the gorgeous new hotel Vdara in Vegas with my new bff @eduardoLV & his bf Maurizio. Hot hot hot!
    1,283,811,691,000.00 via web

  14. Charis says:

    As far as Andy and his handling of Danielle, I am going to give Andy the benefit of the doubt. We only see one hour a week of these women. There are hours and hours of tape per episode, not to mention how those women and their families treat the Bravo production crew and how they interact with Bravo executives and Andy. I suspect the difference between the way Andy treated Kelly or Jill and the way he treated Danielle on the reunion might have something to do with that.

    • karrylin says:

      totally agree….Andy probably heard tales of DD asking the photo crew….to wait up a bit….cuz she was with a friend….upstairs…and she’d be down soon to film….and then OOOOPS….came out au natural and saying ….OMGosh…I forgot my ONE pair of shoes! haha
      whereas, Jill wouldnt do that….she’d just annoy them with her nasaly voice….
      and Kelly…well, Andy has to be nice to a certified nut job…if he has her coming back another season!
      what about Kellys poor little girls?
      I can only imagine the rude things that are said to them…by classmates…
      oh well…
      this rhowhereever shows is starting to really bug me…its an addiction. and its ruining people….by taking them to their worst and filming them in it over and over and over and what chance do they or their kids have to ever overcome judgement…?
      liked it from OC….after that…got nasty.
      but still…I watch every show except the RHODC….yuck.

      • nathania says:

        I agree about KKB. She does NOT need to be on this show, anyone who would have her on after a psychotic break like that is exhibiting very questionable judgement to say the very least.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Apparently, there was about 8 hours of taping the NJ reunion. How it was edited down may have something to do with Dunyell now speaking out as she is.

  15. JenD says:

    FYI, look at Danielle’s shoes in the photos,she always wear the same shoes, during the promos, on the red carpet, is that the only
    pair of shoes she has. I mean she makes more money that i do, and havelots, but damn, just an observation.

  16. nathania says:

    I love this site. I love your editorializations of the blogs and I am going to come here and read them FROM NOW ON instead of giving Bravo hits on their site because they censor the comments so much on that site. And being amongst such blind devotion to sociopaths creeps me out. I am SO GLAD Danielle is finally calling all of them out, including Dina. I think Tommy Manzo doesn’t want the spotlight on him and his ‘personal life’ and that’s why he’s staying off camera. I have always had a question mark about Danielle and the Dina/custody fiasco but from the reunion last year I do remember she said ‘no idea’ to Caroline without blinking or flinching, when asked what it was about. I am really confused about some things, namely, why on earth was everything on this article not discussed by Danielle ON THE SHOW? Was it edited out? I mean, if Danielle had had a yeast infection during taping all three of the harpies would have been skywriting it over Franklin Lakes, and yet none of this stuff was really ever elaborated on by Danielle. I think personally Andy is afraid of a lawsuit from Danielle and is trying to groom Teresa into his new cash cow but I think it’s going to backfire because it appears the trustee ain’t playin’ with her, so to speak. And the dummied tax returns, that is a whole other issue. And all of this is probably just the cherry on top of a very icky sundae…if the debt isn’t discharged Joe will end up owing the partner the 300 k or whatever and he (the partner) will probably end up talking to the press and more will come out about that. I think Teresa is crazy to film during a time when she could go to jail. I think that’s why they had the sale pushed back, so maybe it will end up being delayed until after filming (although that sure would make for an interesting episode and being a public auction I don’t think they could bar Bravo from filming it…maybe another reason they are angling for a ‘private sale’).

    I have no desire to watch next season unless Melissa really cleans Teresa’s clock. I love what Danielle said about karma being a bigger bitch than she is. What happened on this show is just a testimony to how bored these women really are…I don’t expect Beverly Hills to be any better since those women are even richer and probably even more bored.

    • According to the rumors I’m hearing, Teresa isn’t worried AT-ALL about anything. She doesn’t think for one second she is actually in any sort of trouble. And apparently the people in her town think she is going to get away with it.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I think she’s going to get away with it too.

        I haven’t had any faith in the system since OJ. Sad to say, but the damn truth.

      • nathania says:

        I imagine in her social circles, ‘everyone does it’. She killed me when she was talking in the press about how she and Joe weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths but then they claim on public documents they get 10k a month from family. I guess she meant that when they were born she and Joe asked for straight up cash instead of spoons, otherwise I don’t get how they are both 40-ish and getting a hundred k a year from their ‘poor’ family.

        I’m hoping they will somehow be made an example of. So I hope she keeps talking and lying, talking and lying.

  17. BonBon says:

    Beware the power of the Manzos and their money and their parties, etc and their friendship with Teresa and Joe.
    Remember folks, NJ is notoriously the most crooked state in the the whole U.S. Especially North Jersey where it is very difficult to live on a judge’s salary.
    Besides the “fictional” Sopranos, we had a Nooky someone who was a REAL politician in Atlantic City during Prohibition. Scorcese has made a series on his reign of power on HBO to be aired shortly. A very wealthy man Nooky was and it wasn’t from being the town Treasurer.
    Keep an eye out on the Manzo’s buying T and J out of all of this trouble. If they do not get away with their fraud, deception, collusion, etc. with the local political scene (Bergen County), perhaps we will be lucky and watch the IRS and the State swoop down on them like any other carrion. New Jersey is hurting for funds and maybe this will be one time when they do their job properly if big mouth clown face and her herd don’t bully them and make them an offer too good to refuse.
    With that being said and with all due respect, I am tired of these deadbeats for the rest of this day. Goodnight and Good luck.

  18. May says:

    Maybe I haven’t read enough blogs yet, but you seem to give Danielle favor. I agree that show would probably be a snore fest had Danielle not been on the show and I love my share of Drama but Danielle is completely out of control and over the top and seems dangerous. I don’t believe anything she says because she definitely has mastered flipping the truth and playing victim. She seems to be a sick, twisted, confused woman. None of this would matter to me or be important if she didn’t have kids she engages in the silly behavior. Do you all think its okay for those two girls to see their mom carry on the way she does? I fear her actions will have long time effects on them. They will possibly grow up and resent her and want to NOTHING like her. These young ladies are forced to tell her to make better decisions. Who rides w/ their kids in the car to go confront someone? Is any of this smart parenting? Ummmm, no! So, she’s not one to talk about Jacqueline or Teresa’s parenting. All of them need some help in that area, but I honestly believe Danielle is the worst case. I really feel sorry for her girls and can’t understand why her ex husband won’t take them in. Besides that its funny to me that Danielle would speak on Teresas financial issues when she spends money she claims not to have as well and spoke of wanting a man w/money to marry in season1 and spoke of depending on a man. Who does that? She’d probably be in the same situation if she had the credit line Teresa and Joe clearly had at one point or another. I pray that the see their way out of that because I can’t for the life of me understand how it even went that far. To me Jacqueline is a major push over whom I don’t have much to say. Caroline, is a protector and stands for what she believes in. You gotta love that. As for Teresa getting a spin off, she may, but do you honestly think it will last or be successful? I say no, because she isn’t a bitch you LOVE to hate, she’s simply just a bitch you hate. No one really wants to watch her carry on senselessly and put those too lovely young ladies through anymore mental anguish. Us being entertained isn’t worth her kids emotional well being. They can easily find a new “bitch” to replace her and I’m sure she’ll have sense enough not to have her kids eye witness to such madness.

    • I don’t favor Danielle or anyone. I just call it like I see it.
      Danielle is crazy, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t excuse the way the other women treat her. Caroline is not a protector she is bully. The only problem when it comes to the parenting issue is that Danielle’s kids are better behaved than everyone else’s. I think most people are horrified by the things she shares with her kids, but it’s hard to say anything about her as a parent when her kids appear to be the best behaved and most well adjusted.
      Also, she didn’t have the kids in the car to confront anyone. That’s the editing they are always talking about. They made it look like she was stalking Caroline’s house. But then it turns out later that the reason she wanted to drive by was because she was suspicious that Kim G was lying to her about being friends with the Manzo’s and she wanted to see if Kim G’s car was at their house.

  19. May says:

    Please forgive me for the typos in my comment above lol. & I didn’t mean Teresa getting a spin off would be a disaster, I meant Danielle. Sorry!

  20. May says:

    Okay, that’s the key word, “Seem” to be the most well behaved! &that doesn’t hold truth at all. Carolines are the most well behaved from my observations of them on the show. You see them working for and toward goals and being respectful for the most part. On the other hand, you can’t even compare small kids/babies(Teresa’s) to Danielles Tween & Teen! That’s like comparing apples to oranges. As far as Ashley, I wouldn’t be surprised if Danielles girl behaviors didn’t mirror or superceed Ashley’s once their her age. Truth is we only see Danielles kids whenshe is sitting in their faces discussing grown peoples business w/ them and I don’t know if you’re seeing what I see, but those girls seem very annoyed when she brings these things up. The youngest one had sense enough to tell her mom she should be excused from the room while she takes/or makes a inappropriate call. She didn’t do that because of respect but because she doent want to hear it. They look to be tired of her. How often have you seen them smile? They always appear dazed, unaware, abnormally calm. I’m sure their on Ritalin which Teresa probably had them put on so she couldn’t be annoyed by them, but makes herself feel better by saying she did it just so they could focus. We could all have zombie’s for kids if we just turned to the pill

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Caroline’s “kids” aren’t really kids anymore, they are young adults, so is Ashley. If Caroline’s children learned appropriate behavior it might have come from their more stoic father. Inviting someone to lunch to start calling them names isn’t really appropriate social behavior in civilized cultures.

  21. May says:

    Okay, that’s the key word, “Seem” to be the most well behaved! &that doesn’t hold truth at all. Carolines are the most well behaved from my observations of them on the show. You see them working for and toward goals and being respectful for the most part. On the other hand, you can’t even compare small kids/babies(Teresa’s) to Danielles Tween & Teen! That’s like comparing apples to oranges. As far as Ashley, I wouldn’t be surprised if Danielles girl behaviors didn’t mirror or superceed Ashley’s once their her age. Truth is we only see Danielles kids whenshe is sitting in their faces discussing grown peoples business w/ them and I don’t know if you’re seeing what I see, but those girls seem very annoyed when she brings these things up. The youngest one had sense enough to tell her mom she should be excused from the room while she takes/or makes a inappropriate call. She didn’t do that because of respect but because she doent want to hear it. They look to be tired of her. How often have you seen them smile? They always appear dazed, unaware, abnormally calm. I’m sure their on Ritalin which Teresa probably had them put on so she couldn’t be annoyed by them, but makes herself feel better by saying she did it just so they could focus. We could all have zombie’s for kids if we just turned to the magic pill. No, but seriously, I put nothing pass her. & about the drive by she pulled, regardless of why Danielle was riding by it was clear her daughters objected and voiced to her that they shouldn’t be headed there and the stupidity and childishness of this. Its sad those girls are living reversed rolls in that home. Also, Caroline a bully? How? When does she push Danielle around? She speaks just as she does. Whose fault is it that Danielle is intimidated? She never threated her or layed hands on her so I don’t get the bully thing. Clearly were watching two seperate shows because I could have sworn I witnessed Caroline trying to avoid and keep peace w/ Danielle all season and telling the others to stay away if they didn’t want the drama that Danielle aways brings. Anywho, Danielles Spin off will definitely flop! She’s no Bethenny of NY AT ALL! & I’m ready for Melissa to join the cast and bring out the dirt and fam drama. Ill respect her words over Danielles anyday because Danielle has proven to be no more than crazed GARBAGE.

    • I don’t think you have to threaten someone or physically hurt them to be a bully. I don’t know what your definition of a bully is, but Caroline calling D to dinner just to insult her and talk down to her and the way Caroline behaved at the reunion while being back up by the other two is what I would consider bullying.
      And she did not give the others good advice at all. She encouraged them to go to the fashion show when they knew D would be there. Obviously she didn’t meet Teresa yesterday so she knew she was going to start something. She didn’t have a problem with them befriending Danielle’s “friends”.
      And she justified Ashley’s hair pull. If she were smart, wise, and didn’t want drama she would have smacked the smirk off of Ashley’s face, marched her over to Danielle’s house and made her apologize and the drama would have been over.
      Caroline loves the drama, she just wants to appear to be “above” it all.

  22. May says:

    Okay, so because Caroline had two other ppl too back her up was she supposed to back down? Whose fault is it that she has three enemies sitting there? Hers!! I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand. They found out things they didn’t like about her, combined w/ things they witnessed for themselves and decided she wasn’t someone they were interested in befriending. Okay. Danielle knew that, so why continue to push yourself onto ppl? I wouldn’t want to be around ppl who don’t like me. She may the decision to continue to sniff around and begging for acceptance like a sad puppy. That’s her issue. & my motto is if you talk trash you better be able to back it up. I don’t see the surprise in their aggression. She’s definitely no victim, but the IS CLEARLY A DANIELLE FAN SITE/BLOG!!! You all basically avoided the topic of her kids emotional/mental well being. I hope this isn’t the type of behavior you engage in!? I’m done! Next topic!

  23. May says:

    Maybe you overlook her kids missing smiles, blank stares, and confused facial expressions because your kids are on Ritalin too huh!? Who taught them manners!? The drug! Anyones kids can be overly calm/zombie-ish if their on drugs slowing there minds down. Smh! So get off your soapboxes about misbehaved kids cause if you were really concerned w/ kids you would not be Danielle cheerleaders. & sure a lot of your readers, maybe even you have rude kids, that’s fuss, fight, and everything else under the sun to others kids and ppl in general. Only difference they’re on TV. I surely wish they’re were unbiased bloggers out there but you all don’t seem to exist. Every site is totally pro someone when they all have flaws. Stop picking sides and just tell it how it is.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Ritalin is a stimulant, not a depressant.

    • BonBon says:

      I’ve gotta say it. My kid who is now 31 was never on Ritalin. She would sometimes roll her eyeballs at me when she was 14 until I told her how rude rude rude it was.
      Tuzenswoerth is correct. Ritalin is a stimulant. I suppose you know what that is. Eyes should be swirling rather than looking dead.
      How dare you accuse us of picking sides, having our kids on Ritalin and us being unbiased when you have just joined this blog. Go back and do some research and then make an intelligent judgement.
      And just for the record, I accidentally pushed “Thumb’s Up” instead of “Reply” to your last statement. So, you do not thus far have a thumb’s up on the last statement.
      Incidentally, thou doest protest way way too much. I wouldn’t dare and accuse you of having your kids on Ritalin helter skelter. Just sayin’…

  24. Byas says:

    I understand your point about bias on blogger sites. However…
    the blogs are people’s opinions, and all opinion is biased by something.
    Generally we gravitate to the opinions with which we agree, rather than trying to cause controversy or force an entire group to change their opinion.

    Additionally, you seem to have a bias against Danielle, which prevents you from accepting any positive (or even not negative) statement about her. So perhaps this is not the blog site for you, but I am certain you can and will find a group that has your bias and you will feel more comfortable there. And saying this, I am sure discourse is always welcome, just don’t get upset if you cannot change people’s opinions.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Gees, someone is losing sleep over our fun blog here, maybe we should suggest that RCH change the name of this blog to ..We Love Danielle…oh wait, that makes NO sense whatsoever b/c this is CLEARLY NOT a Danielle fan site blog. May must not have seen the other blogs or 5 billion posts that followed. LOL

  25. May says:

    Losing sleep? Seriously!? Mad? Seriously!? Not at all. Just stating my opinion and asking a real question. When I stated my concern for Danielle’s kids mental and emotional well being, it was said that her kids behave v better than the others. Where to me they look to be drugged(ritalin) or emotionally drained. I didn’t see much happiness from them. Maybe you all saw something I didn’t that’s all. As far as me not seeing any positive in Danielle, that’s far from the truth. My only concern is her kids being around her madness, if that wasn’t a factor Danielle could quite possibly be ones of my favs. I only would like to see her back up her words and not back down. Danielle slings nasty mud and she should stand behind it and be able to stand up to them face to face and when confronted. If she did this she’d possibly see a difference in her treatment. I have issues w/ all the other ladies as well except Caroline to be honest. Danielle is the only one I chimed in on because as I stated in a previous post, I’m new to this blog and from the couple of things I have read thus far it seemed that all were favoring Danielle. No big issue! SN: @tuzentswurth, a stimulant that gets your wile unruly kids quite w/ 15 mins of taking it right!?

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Wrong. Ritalin is a stimulant. Children with a true brain chemical imbalance will have an opposite response to this stimulant. It will not tranquilize a child without ADHD.

  26. May says:

    Losing sleep? Seriously!? Mad? Seriously!? Not at all. Just stating my opinion and asking a real question. When I stated my concern for Danielle’s kids mental and emotional well being, it was said that her kids behave v better than the others. Where to me they look to be drugged(ritalin) or emotionally drained. I didn’t see much happiness from them. Maybe you all saw something I didn’t that’s all. As far as me not seeing any positive in Danielle, that’s far from the truth. My only concern is her kids being around her madness, if that wasn’t a factor Danielle could quite possibly be ones of my favs. I only would like to see her back up her words and not back down. Danielle slings nasty mud and she should stand behind it and be able to stand up to them face to face and when confronted. If she did this she’d possibly see a difference in her treatment. I have issues w/ all the other ladies as well except Caroline to be honest. Danielle is the only one I chimed in on because as I stated in a previous post, I’m new to this blog and from the couple of things I have read thus far it seemed that all were favoring Danielle. No big issue! SN: @tuzentswurth, a stimulant that gets your wild, unruly kids quite w/in 15 mins of taking it right!? Just don’t get good parenting confused w/ that!

    • BonBon says:

      You may not be losing any sleep, but you are repeating yourself. AOL is suggesting I put my computer on Ritalin so that it doesn’t fall asleep from your unabashed and unrelenting ANGER. Please, go back and read other comments from other topics and you will clearly see that this is probably the most democratic Blog out there. Stop throwing stones, May. Pu-Leaze.

      • May says:

        [RCH edit – no personal attacks May.]

        • BonBon says:

          Thank you, RCHW. I got what she said in my email and all I can say is Om Mani Padme Hum. This woman needs as many people chanting/praying/wishing and hoping for her as possible.

        • BonBon says:

          BTW, May, I don’t live with my sisters who are both six-feet-under, but I would gladly send you a photo of my living room, if you would gladly send me your email address to which I could send them.

  27. May – this is not a Danielle fan site. And if there is such a thing as an un bias blogger, I probably pretty close to it. I call it like I see it. I don’t defend a Housewive’s behavior simply because I like them, and I’m not ok with them being treated poorly simply because I don’t like them. I am not a Danielle fan, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s ok for the other women to treat her the way they did. Danielle’s behavior did nothing to make me like her, but the other women’s behavior did make me feel sorry for her this season.
    I find it worrisome that you think there is actually some defense for the way Danielle was treated at the reunion. Is this what you are teaching your kids? I don’t care if Danielle did bad things – everyone deserves a basic level of respect simply for being a a human being.

    I didn’t avoid the topic of her childrens well being. From what we saw they look like normal, respectful, well behaved children. I don’t know what else you want me to say beyond that. I’ve never met them and I do not have the ability to tell which medication a person is on by watching a 10 minute clip of them on tv.

    • Byas says:

      Please know RCH that I was not suggesting you presented your blog with bias, or that you were particularly a fan of Danielle. Just saying that all our perceptions are colored by our past experience. I find you to be remarkably even handed in your dishing and I tremendously enjoy your humour and skill in presenting this blog. Your posters are seriously funny as well and I enjoy their back and forth repartee as a welcome antidote to the Real Housewives shows.

      • I know what you meant, don’t worry. As human beings it’s almost impossible not to be bias. Of course I like some ladies more than others, but I try to keep my opinions out of it and focus on pointing out and making fun of bad behavior regardless of my personal feelings. For example, you probably can’t tell from my blogs but I really like Jacqueline. But I wouldn’t consider myself a “fan” of any of the women. I’m just a fan of the show who like to call it like I see it. It annoyed me when May accused this of being some undercover Danielle fansite. My blog is for fans of the show who like to laugh at the women. Simple as that. This is really not the place for people who take shit too seriously.

  28. May says:

    But you can tell Teresa’s small kids are out of control from watching 10 min clips but you can’t notice if hers rarely smile or seem aggravated by her? Oh okay…perfect! I’m raising my son to be a honest human being and to always stand up for himself. He will know that it is not okay to throw stones and hide his hand. He knows their are consequences to every action and all human beings don’t react in the same way, so if he is unprepared or unable to handle whatever the reverse reaction may be then he shouldn’t bother others……

    • Yes, I agree that Christine appears to be aggravated by her mom, I’ve actually said that multiple times around this blog. But I don’t see how that is evidence of the fact that she is on medication or that her mental well being is in crisis.
      And yes, I can tell that Teresa’s kids are out of control. If you can’t see that then I wonder what your definition of “acceptable behavior” is.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        @RCH, here we go again! May admits that she is new to the blog so her opinion is obviously not based on a “long view”. I lurk for a long time and read older posts before I make a quick decision about what is going on at someone’s blog. I think I speak for many here when I say disrespect for this great blog is like nails on a chalkboard. New people just don’t get the spirit of this, do they? @Bonbon, good post above. IDK, May said long ago she was done and on to the next topic, but at 4:14 AM ,sort of had a KKB “moment”. It is rather rude and out of control to spew that everybody on this site has put their children on Ritalin so we don’t have to bother with them. It is also disrespectful to children with disabilities that truly need medication. I have worked in a professional capacity with children on Ritalin and none of them were zombie-like. This is either part of the ecosystem or one of our lovely NJ ladies themselves. I vote T!

        • Hahah. Can’t be Tree, there were too many words in her posts. That was my last legitimate response to her. If she posts again all she’s gonna get in return is jokes and sarcasm. But her accusations hurt, they cut me like knifes on the tongue. Accusing my precious blog of being a Danielle fan site! Danielle?! I had to question my own sanity when I began feeling sympathy for Danielle and now I’m being accused of being a fan? Worst. Insult. Ever.
          I’d rather be called a prostitution piggy garbage clown.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            A prostitution piggy garbage clown! LMFAO. Actually, my first instinct was Caro, but the grammar, syntax, spelling etc were egregious enough to be T. BUT, it could be C pretending to be T. Or a bigger conspiracy…….. or just someone saying “it is not okay to throw stones and hide his hand” in reference to raising her child after telling everyone “because your kids are on Ritalin too huh!? …. & sure a lot of your readers, maybe even you have rude kids, that’s fuss, fight, and everything else under the sun to others kids and ppl in general. ” Then..”if he is unprepared or unable to handle whatever the reverse reaction may be then he shouldn’t bother others..”
            Wow, talk about teaching your children by example, I feel like May is like EEE EEE EEE and we are like EWW EWW EWWW. I’m literally going to have nightmares.

        • Byas says:

          . . .part of the ecosystem. . .
          Nice call tuzentswurth!

  29. May says:

    Each and everyone of you are lame as fuck!!!!! My neighbor introduced me to this dumb ass blog and I knew it was garbage from the first blog I wrote. I don’t want to read fiction from some amateur, wanna be comedian (Real City Sife) and her lame ass yes men. Grow a back bone people. Stop going with the flow. Speak your own opinion. You freaking people pleasers kill me. Your opinion and stand on things blows with the wind. Whatever this blog writer says goes basically. You’re not leaders so its no doubt some of you are in foreclusure or major debt just as Teresa……rotfl at you pathetic bastards. Now write back with all the jokes you’d like silly betty’s, I’m lol while your panties are in a funky bunch. Pluuuuuleeeeese pay attention, go borrow some of the kiddies ritalin to gain some focus. I work with kids with behavior disabilities and those who really need ritalin get positives out of it whereas many parents have their kids put on it to replace teaching real manners and parenting in the correct way. I see it everyday. Now all you bitches go jump off a bridge hand in hand with the entire cast of RHONJ. Thanks and happy after life troll hoes!!

    • Now you listen to me. I run this little crack house here, and I won’t tolerate any of you Christian Bible pushing goody two shoes “just say no” advocates coming in here and trying to straighten out my addicts. Ok? There is no room for decenting voices in here. This blog reports 100% accurate truthful information. I am a dedicated journalist, and I am offended that you would call me a comedian. What is that supposed to mean anyway? Does that mean I’m funny? I’m funny how? Like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh? Huh?

      Listen Caroline, get back to breast feeding Albie, we have Teresa hating to do in here, ok?

      • tuzentswurth says:

        YOU are effing amazing, authentic and like real. I am splitting my sides laughing…….
        “Now you listen to me. I run this little crack house here,”

        RCH, I respect you even more now and will do anything you say oh great leader, pass the crack pipe please while I enjoy this craic!

    • BonBon says:

      Om Mani Padme Hum….
      Calm down already and take the time to go back and read all of the negatives rchw has spewed at Danielle and everyone else. And I have disliked Jacqueline..still do, because, like you, I cannot stand followers or “Yes wo-MEN”, but RCHW has defended her in certain circumstances and blasted her in others. Please believe me when I tell you that this is the most DEMOCRATIC blog in the blogesphere.

      • BonBon says:

        And May, I am not trailer park trash (AKA: GARBAGE), but I think I know who you are……….begins with an “A” and ends with a “Y”. It just hit me. If it was “C”, she would have probably called me Garbage. “T” can’t write (on her own) and somehow, Ashley CAN write and usually does so with lots and lots of venom, lying and hyperbole.
        And I thought she had gotten a job and didn’t have time to be bitchin and moanin and complainin’. She is an ADULT and fair game!

  30. Meg1964 says:

    I would just like to say this to Miss May- A parent can’t “put” a child on Ritalin unless it’s prescribed by a doctor.

    May – you come across as an uninformed idiot. You don’t come to a site and bash the posters – but you really don’t come to a site and bash our kids. If you are an American, you can thank my son. He’s fighting for you right now.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      A HUGE Thank You to your son, Meg!, and to you too.
      How disturbing is it that May states that she works with disabled children? She should be removed, her language is atrocious and she sounds mentally unstable. I would NOT want her involved in my child’s care, anyone else’s child’s care, disabled, able-bodied or otherwise! Plus, you’re right….she’s hopelessly stupid.

      • Meg1964 says:

        She’s an idiot.. and I think you’re right.. it’s Ashley.

        Lolly is on twitter now, just begging people to start shit… so I did. 🙂

        LollyAmons Can’t wait for tonights batch of judgemental tweets, blog entries, and other forms of internet opinion diarreah.

        (I guess she didn’t get a response, so she posted this-)

        LollyAmons Hey mom, why do you always have a wine glass when being filmed at dinner/parties/wineries? Seriously…who does that?

        My reply:

        Meg1964 @LollyAmons She also drinks wine when taking family photos and buying furniture.

  31. May says:

    Shut the fuck up you lames asses!

    [RCH EDIT: I deleted the rest of this post because it was vulgar and disgusting with gay slurs and personal attacks against certain posters and I will not have this kind of crap on my blog. I think we all know the only “lames asses” here is May.]

  32. Jennifer says:

    May, please go back to figuring out whether or not Rachel Zoe is actually 38 or not. This should keep you busy for awhile. The rest of us have very important Housewives discussions to have and you are a disruption and keeping us from a steady mainline of important information and accurate data. 🙂 I love this blog.. it is the only thing that keeps me from going insane at work!!!

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