Arrivederci Danielle Staub… and Teresa too?

(Screenshot recap will be up later tonight)

Well it’s official. Danielle Staub will not be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 3. Surprise! Are you shocked? Neither was I. Bravo isn’t very good at keeping secrets. But I haven’t been able to find any information on why exactly she was fired. As of now, hasn’t offered any kind of explanation. I assume maybe their sponsors and advertisers weren’t comfortable with her sex tape / Columbian drug lord / coke whoring drama. But that’s just speculation at this point.

Life & Style quoted “an insider” who said:

Danielle’s finding out she was fired “came as a complete shock, and she thought she was definitely going to return to the successful Bravo series”

Danielle is making vague little comments here and there in blogs and to the press about spin off’s and new projects, but I highly doubt she will be getting her own reality show. No one wants to watch her talk about her lesbian sexual experiences with her under age daughters, or hire body guards to get a Panini, or get scanned by her energist (still wondering what that even means). I’ll tell you the truth, with Danielle’s boring blogs that didn’t address the show and her stupid tweets that never say anything except “thank you” to people who send compliments, I lost interest in her. She really served no purpose this season other than to provide a topic of conversation as well as a punching bag for Team Manzo. I hope for her sake she gets own show, but I won’t watch it.

The New York Post is reporting that Teresa’s future on the show may also be in question:

Don’t expect Teresa Giudice to return for Season 3 of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” according to a friend of hers. Giudice struck a bad deal with Bravo over royalties from her best-selling cookbook, “Skinny Italian.” The bankrupt babe is the only housewife in the franchise to give the network 10 percent of royalties from her book sales. In exchange, Bravo said it would make up the difference by promoting her book on the show. She filmed several scenes with the book, cooking and testing recipes — but the footage never aired.

Does it surprise anyone that Teresa is the one housewife getting taken advantage of in her contract? This is why education is important people. If the only words in your contract that you are capable of comprehending are “the”, “and”, “it”,”to”, and “for”, smart people are going to take advantage of you. I find it incredibly funny that Bravo said they would make up for it by promoting her book on the show, but instead outed her for not making her own pizza dough even though there is a recipe for it in the book, and highlighted a dinner where a bunch of not-so-skinny people sat around a table commenting on how Italian food really isn’t fattening at all. But as much as I can’t stand Teresa, I want her to come back. The sweet karma of her sister-in-law being on the show just won’t be as rewarding if we don’t get to witness it torture Teresa. Personally, I don’t think she’ll leave the show regardless of what she threatens. Teresa doesn’t seem like the kind of person who is going to step down and let someone else take “her” spot light. She’s gonna fight (and scream and push people) for that shit.

The entire New Jersey series has pretty much been based around Danielle drama from the very beginning. It’s going to be like a whole new show without her. I am excited about the addition of Melissa Gorga. But I think there needs to be some serious role reversal next season. I still think they should add Kim G. Kim and Melissa can bond over their hatred of Teresa, and you know Jacqueline will be friends with anyone so the three of them could be the new “top dogs” of the show. Caroline can be demoted to Teresa’s former status of “hanger on” and Teresa can end up where Danielle was. The outsider with a criminal history. THAT would be my ideal Season 3. One can only hope.

What do you guys think? Will Teresa really walk away?

Btw -this has nothing to do with anything- but Trading Spouses is on tv right now (I like to have background noise) and the “new wife” is explaining what Judaism and the Tora is to the new family. They are shocked: “You mean it’s not The King James Bible??”
It’s 2010. People like this still exist?

A poster who goes by the name of “Jersey” posted this in the comments section of the last blog. So I’m adding it to the new blog in case anyone missed it. Some inside info on some behind the scenes stuff:

Last night I had my viewing party for part 2 of Reunion with the gossipgirls of Bergen County and as a newly obessed fan I did my duty by pumping the girls for info from our town about these craaaazies! Although the reunion might have been a bit of a snooze fest my party wasn’t and neither was the info I found out!
Posche: This store is possibly going out of business soon – another victim of the economy

Danielle: Apparently Danielle had an affair with a man while she was still married. The wife found out about the affair and she was the one who had Danielle investigated and that’s how our town of Wayne found out about her past. Also, Bravo absolutely knew about her past because they do background checks on all the women. Danielle went around town telling people that she knew all of this was going to come out. Lastly, Danielle is apparently a chameleon (i don’t think i spelled that correctly). She becomes the nationality/religion of whoever her BFF is at the time. A few years ago she was BFF with a Jewish woman and magically she was Jewish . And this piece comes from the mother of a girl that went to DePaul Catholic with her daughter: Catholic schools hold mass for the students on Wednesdays. Her daughter does not participate in the weekly mass because she has no records of Baptism, Communion, etc – so much for her “devout” catholicism message.
Dina: Dina was the first one approached to do the show because apparently she had been on another show documenting her over the top wedding to Tommy (who apparently is well known for years as being a womanizer). Dina hand picked Jac, Teresa and Caroline and wanted another one of her friends to be on the show but, Bravo wanted someone that wasn’t associated with Dina – hence Danielle. Dina was very upset with Jacqueline for suggesting Danielle and the fireworks started before they ever starting taping.
Once the feud really started heating up Danielle be-friended Dina’s ex-sister-in-law and making up lies about Dina to have her daughter taken away. The sister-in-law put Danielle in touch with Dina’s ex-husband and she told him a bunch of lies too and even gave him the name of an attorney to use to sue Dina for custody. Apparently there are emails between the ex-husband and Danielle to back this up.
Okay, I feel a little dirty for spreading these rumors so I’m off to take a shower

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86 Responses to Arrivederci Danielle Staub… and Teresa too?

  1. Abby Someone says:

    I really do think Teresa will leave the show and not because of her sister-in-law. I think Teresa is in some serious trouble and this is not something that can be played out before the camera. The one smart thing she could do would be to leave the show and get off of people’s radar so that her disgrace wont be quite so public.

    Teresa has maintained all along that her house is not in foreclosure. The last thing she wants is the humilation of having all of us see her leave that house and move to something smaller. Like a sick person who makes everyone leave the room, leaving this show is Teresa’s way of having people remember her the way she was.

    • I agree that the smartest thing for Teresa to do would be to leave the show. But do you think Teresa is going to choose the smartest option?

      • Abby Someone says:

        In this case yes. Not because she’s smart, I think we know there’s not much to support that possibility, (*see bi-da)but because she cares very much about appearances and there is no way she will allow cameras to capture her movin on down.

        • Distressed says:

          I agree here.

          T is completely deluded but that auction is going to happen during filming. Even with all the medication, she has to know that will be her whole story next year.

          If she leaves it’s not because of a dispute over book sales or a bitch in-law – that’s a classic ruse, it’s to hide the true nature of her legal and financial predicament.

          She may have been able to think she would get away with it last year before they started filming but in light of the court proceedings and the media coverage during the past months she has to now know that she can’t maintain the facade any longer.

      • dreemz says:

        I hadn’t thought it had sunk in yet with Teresa’s thick self-absorbed shallow brain just how deeply her & J are in trouble. After reading the court doc.(s) it becomes clear how stupid, cocky, brazen or more likely ALL THREE her & Joe are. Those are some serious legal problems they’ve knowingly created for themselves. I’m still not sure Teresa is feeling any panic…she’s a “celebrity” you know! I agree wholeheartedly the smart thing to do would be to get the hell off the show and away from any publicity whatsoever…but there’s not alot of sparkin’ goin on up there. If filming starts before she KNOWS whats goin’ down with the legal stuff I don’t think she’ll be able to help herself, she’ll be filming. On the other hand, it does seem rather handy to save face by supposedly having a contractual/$$ beef with Bravo and do a Diva walk away. Whatever happens, either way it will KILL Teresa to have Melissa Gorga on the show! It will EAT HER UP!! Oh yah….who ever thought that one up was BRILLIANT!!!
        Last night on the reunion, everything was pretty predictable, ho-hum, same-old, until Jaq made up with D…that was OK & I was glad to see it (I thought all Jaq’s little barb’s were pretty lame anyway). If only D hadn’t over done it, OVER DRAMATIZED it, HUGGING TERESA???? PUHLEEEZ!! If she just hadn’t over done it!
        Can’t help myself but I am anxcious to hear what’s up with Teresa & also Melissa….I need to get a J O B.

        • Abby Someone says:

          I think Teresa’s attitude is just a bravado. Hmm or a Bravo-duh. 🙂
          When Andy was asking her questions about her situation. She looked like she was going to wet herself she got so nervous. Somewhere under those many layers of fake tan, she was going pale. She knows she’s in big trouble.

          • Tam5115 says:

            She should know… but I just don’t think she really gets it. If either of them did, they wouldn’t have lied repeatedly under penalty of perjury.

  2. Jersey says:

    I’m reposting my comment on today’s post about what I discovered last night from the neighborhood gossips 🙂

    Last night I had my viewing party for part 2 of Reunion with the gossipgirls of Bergen County and as a newly obessed fan I did my duty by pumping the girls for info from our town about these craaaazies! Although the reunion might have been a bit of a snooze fest my party wasn’t and neither was the info I found out!
    Posche: This store is possibly going out of business soon – another victim of the economy

    Danielle: Apparently Danielle had an affair with a man while she was still married. The wife found out about the affair and she was the one who had Danielle investigated and that’s how our town of Wayne found out about her past. Also, Bravo absolutely knew about her past because they do background checks on all the women. Danielle went around town telling people that she knew all of this was going to come out. Lastly, Danielle is apparently a chameleon (i don’t think i spelled that correctly). She becomes the nationality/religion of whoever her BFF is at the time. A few years ago she was BFF with a Jewish woman and magically she was Jewish . And this piece comes from the mother of a girl that went to DePaul Catholic with her daughter: Catholic schools hold mass for the students on Wednesdays. Her daughter does not participate in the weekly mass because she has no records of Baptism, Communion, etc – so much for her “devout” catholicism message.
    Dina: Dina was the first one approached to do the show because apparently she had been on another show documenting her over the top wedding to Tommy (who apparently is well known for years as being a womanizer). Dina hand picked Jac, Teresa and Caroline and wanted another one of her friends to be on the show but, Bravo wanted someone that wasn’t associated with Dina – hence Danielle. Dina was very upset with Jacqueline for suggesting Danielle and the fireworks started before they ever starting taping.
    Once the feud really started heating up Danielle be-friended Dina’s ex-sister-in-law and making up lies about Dina to have her daughter taken away. The sister-in-law put Danielle in touch with Dina’s ex-husband and she told him a bunch of lies too and even gave him the name of an attorney to use to sue Dina for custody. Apparently there are emails between the ex-husband and Danielle to back this up.
    I’m feeling a little dirty from spreading these rumors so I’m off to take a shower

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  4. momsthoughts says:

    Usually I say “good riddance to bad rubbish” …but not this time. I want a front row seat to Teresa and Joe’s downfall. I am so sick of people like them…and they always seem to get away with it. If they go down, I want the satisfaction of bearing witness to it. As long as they stay on the show – the spot light stays focused on them – they won’t be able to get away with jack!

    At this point, Danielle is such a sad and broken person – its hard to watch. I don’t like her. I would stay away from her kind of crazy at all cost – but you just know – she will never know happiness. She will always be looking for that best friend…and she will always be disappointed. I think Bravo did the right thing. A mercy firing. Spare her any further humiliation and embarrassment. Let her ride off into the sunset….

    • Agree and agree.
      I should be ashamed of myself, but T’s downfall is providing me with such great entertainment I just can’t help it. It’s horrible, I know. But it’s the truth.
      Danielle’s scenes have become uncomfortable. They aren’t even funny anymore, they are just sad. I’m not sad she’s leaving.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I agree too. It was painful to watch the reunion when it was so clearly a bully session. Whatever she’s done, enough already! That type of thing just isn’t right under any circumstances.

        I’m also delighting in Teresa’s legal problems. She’ll never get half of what she deserves as punishment IMO but the public humiliation will be sweet.

  5. momsthoughts says:

    I think we are entitled to get SOMETHING from Teresa considering how much she has cost all of us with her debt and not paying taxes…she might as well provide the comic relief in our lives. Justice would be even better though.

    And did we just agree and agree??

  6. Earring Girl says:

    I stopped watching NJ last year after the infamous “table bumping” – I don’t know why people refer to it as a table flip.(????) I did watch the reunions so if I decided to post anything I would have seen it for myself. The first episode was truly disgusting with Tree dropping “F-bombs” and her manic-rage in the first 20 minutes of the show (I almost turned it off – instead I turned the sound down and went back to my book). I found it very difficult to watch because of all the talking over each other when Danielle was asked a question and they continued to ask her answer and calling her a liar ugh! Last night was no better and there was no surprise to me about the final hugging. When Ashley wrote on twitter about not speaking to Jacq for a week for something she did and this was the day of the taping and the endless comments from Andy saying that Jacq had a “break-through” moment on the show I figured she and Danielle must have made up because they were friends from the beginning. I think Danielle has information on Jacq from her past and she could have used it at anytime last night – besides calling Jacq a “Vegas whore” when she was off to the side. I am glad Danielle is gone and I truly hope she finds peace in her life with her daughters since this mess has been aired on national tv. Teresa really needs to go “underground” and get her life in some kind of order and stop trying to “channel” Bethenny. Caroline is just a sad lonely woman – I think sometime in the near future we are going to hear about Big Al and another woman for some reason I feel this about him and their relationship. I also feel that Jacq may not be coming back for fear that her “stuff” may get out there and she is really trying to make her marriage and home life work. Ashley is just a sad person with no clue about trying to be an adult or live a positive life. Kim G there is no hope for her and having money does not give your class – thanks LuAnne! 🙂

    All in all I feel that – What a “sad second tier little goat rodeo show” this has been.
    LOL 🙂

  7. Abby Someone says:

    I remember when the show started. It seemed all the housewives looked down their noses at Danielle for being broke. Out of all the housewives she seemed to be the one most likely to fall into financial ruin.

    Also, it seems I saw something that said Joe claims a large part of his income is from family giving him money. I wonder if Guisepe has given them some financial assistance. If Teresa hates Melissa she may not want her saying they’ve given them money. I would love to see Teresa squirm knowing that we know her shopping sprees are funded by the one person she hates. Oh please Santa, I wont ask for anything else.

    • I’m pretty sure the “family donations” are a more legal way of saying “money laundering”. You can’t just deposit loads of illegal cash into your bank account, it has to come from somewhere. So Joe gives a legitimately rich family member the cash and they write him the check. As long as the family member isn’t stupid enough to then deposit the cash into their own bank account a week later, no one will ever be able to prove that this is what they did. I’m sure that’s where the “donation” comes from.

      • Abby Someone says:

        Oh I think you’re absolutely right. They have to find vague explainations for their spending.

      • Distressed says:

        Worse than this. I’m not sure about any illegal money. But here’s how you do it. You “sell” a family member something. You take a loss on the sale. You do all of this before you file bankruptcy. Then you declare the loss, legally, when you file but you really still own it through a family member.

        One example being Dick Fuld formerly of Lehman Bros, he did this recently. After the meltdown he “sold” a 13 million dollar home to his wife for 100.00. Yes One Hundred Dollars.

        google > Dick Fuld sells wife house > and you’ll see the articles.

        It’s perfectly legal.

  8. Jersey says:

    I may get shot for saying this but, I actually feel bad for Teresa.

    I agree that at best she was finacally irresponsible and at worst criminal but, I don’t think that she was smart enough to really know what was going on with her family’s finances.
    Mostly, though, I think that anyone who signs up to do these shows is emotionally unstable and really, really insecure. Why else would you voluntarily allow cameras into your lives and cover up your insecurities by purchasing things that most of the women can’t really afford? She’s certaintly not the first housewife to have money issues, her’s are just on a much bigger scale.
    Bottom line, I don’t think she’s really an evil person, whereas I think that Danielle and Dina are evil and vendictive. I think Teresa is just very insecure and not very bright and all of this is super humilating for her. I really do hope she at least learns some sort of lesson from all of this.

    • Abby Someone says:

      I fully understand you feeling sorry for Teresa. She is in a lot of trouble and was not graced with the brains god gave a scrunchie. However, I don’t see how you can say Danielle is more evil than Teresa. I use to feel the same way until I read Teresa’s blogs. She redefines the term judgemental. She thinks nothing of slinging mud at people who she’s never even met.

      I’ll give you an example. Her comments about Sonja, to paraphrase, ‘I haven’t met her and she hasn’t said anything about me so I am ok with her. But my first thought is crazy old whore. …..bitch you married your grandpa.’
      This is not a nice person.

      • Tam5115 says:

        No, she’s not a nice person at ALL.

        Being stupid isn’t a legal defense either. If it were, their lawyer would be shouting it from the rooftops.

      • Distressed says:

        Totally. And it came out of nothing, just wow. T’s constantly talking about all the gross perfunctory sex she’s having with that troll thing she’s got in her bed and Sonja says one thing about having a new lease on her sex life after a divorce and immediately she’s a “crazy old whore” who married her grandfather.

        Jersey may have a very good point here though. The C.O.W. comment can only be from jealousy and insecurity on Teresa’s part.

    • I don’t think Teresa is evil. I don’t think she even fully understands what it means to file bankruptcy. I think Joe said “Hey Tree, wanna get some free stuff?” and she of course was more than happy to go along with it. I think the whole fact that she is on the show in the first place, and basically flaunting her criminal activities is proof of how truly stupid she is. I don’t think she should go to prison. I think she needs to go to special ed class.
      But I don’t feel bad for her, and I don’t think she’s insecure. I think she’s a narcissist, and truly believes she is perfect.
      I also think she is emotionally stunted and Joe should probably be locked for sex crimes because the mentally challenged are not able to give consent to a sexual relationship.

  9. Tracy Hunley says:

    Teresa’s not going anywhere.

    And yes, the show NEEDS Kim G.

  10. Earring Girl says:

    This is what I meant about Teresa “channeling or parroting” Bethenny – I guess Kelly should watch out she has competition! 🙂

    Teresa tweeted this:

    At Abbey Beach in the gorgeous new hotel Vdara in Vegas with my new bff @eduardoLV & his bf Maurizio. Hot hot hot!
    about 16 hours ago via web

  11. Jersey says:

    @Abby Someone – I guess you do have a point regarding the mean comments, I have a feeling that’s a result of the fame going to her head a bit but I still don’t think that compares to Danielle amd Dina who have actually gone out of their way to really hurt people – Teresa just sticks her foot in her mouth alot

    • Tam5115 says:

      There’s more than her foot in that mouth. She has absolutely no class whatsoever. I don’t want to hear about her chuckie, her bubbies, or anything she does with Joe. It’s disgusting.

      Yet, she can turn around and talk trash about anyone else? She insulted Kim G right to her face about her having a little fun with a stripper pole while with a bunch of girlfriends during an afternoon? It’s not as trashy as her telling everybody about her grunting rutting pig of a husband!

      • Abby Someone says:

        Tam I thought the same thing about her own remarks. That pole comment is a perfect example of how she judges people. She is on a reality show. She, of all people, should know Bravo would want to make good tv and get Kim to do something funny. There is no reason in the world to make a comment about her age and the appropriateness of her actions.

        I agree with PutYourHairUp in that she is not “evil”. I just think she is not a nice person. She’s a product of her ignorant environment and dumber than the box that holds the rocks that Kelly is dumber than.

        I would be more likely to feel sorry for Teresa if she didn’t hold everyone but herself to an extremely high standard.

        • dreemz says:

          Abby Someone says about Teresa “…dumber than the box that holds the rocks that Kelly is dumber than” …that’s a classic, truly a classic!! I bow to you Maestro!

  12. Need a Hobby says:

    Jenn Sale’s take on the reunion and Jac’s “epiphany:”

    Then I guess the whole ‘jaw dropping’ thing was Jacqueline’s big ol’ epiphany that Danielle’s antics have made her an ugly person too. So she decided to bury the ol’ hatchet with Danielle. Culminating in a very awkward and too tight hug between the two ‘womans’ with Teresa making the gagging motion behind them. Caroline at this point is ready to flip the damn couch over because that darn Jax is as big a lunkhead as her daughter.

    Here’s what I know…

    I knew weeks ago that they were told about Danielle getting canned during the reunion. After watching that? I have a feeling that during the long lunch break … Andy had a sit down chat with the other 3 and this is where Jax had her ol’ change. It makes sense because if you read her tweets after that, she alludes to it.

    Full article at Sale’s blog:

  13. momsthoughts says:

    I don’t feel bad for Teresa AT ALL. I do think she is stupid and I think she likes it that way. I think she doesn’t want to know about the financial situation because then she would have to be accountable – she likes to fashion herself a princess and princesses don’t need to bother with such mundane things like budgets. She is a princess and should have everything she wants. Because – that is what makes her special – she is really really good at picking out sparkly pretty dresses and head bands. And because ppl with a budget can’t pick out sparkly dresses and headbands – she is better than everyone else.

    GET OVER YOURSELF! Grow up. Look at the finances. Stop hanging out at naked pools in Vegas while the state of NJ is left with your bills! REally, did she think THAT twitter was helping her any? She is the Madoff of the housewife world – and people are pissed.

    Only Juicy Drunk Joe thinks your stupidity is cute! So stop throwing your tantrums, stop hanging out with dudes at the naked pool in Vegas and get thee to a course on budgeting!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      While I don’t think Teresa is a likely MENSA candidate, I think she’s not necessarily as stupid as she seems.

      I think sometimes she plays “dumb” when it suits her to do so. (I don’t know nuttin about birthin’ no bankruptcy. ) Yeah…properties in her name, her signature on stuff, yeah it’s all Joe’s doing, right? She didn’t have a clue. Really?

      Think about it….really think Joe “grunt once for yes and twice for no” Giudice is the “brains” in that relationship? OK we’re not talking Einsteins, but it’s all—you should excuse the expression—relative.

      I think it’s very convenient for Teresa to play the dumb frivolous housewife. So down the road if anyone gets nailed for intentional malfeasance of some sort…..poor Juicy will be the one left holding the soap and looking over his shoulder.

    • oopsy says:

      Tree is uneducated, that is for sure. But I think she is one of those people who knows all the ins and outs of working the system. I know people who are very smart but never got the chance for an education and I know people who are educated but stupid. (She happens to be uneducated AND stupid!) However, I think she knew what was going on and I think they really thought they would get away with it. Why wouldn’t they? Other family members got the exact same ‘fresh start’. I really think she knew what was going on. She and Joe hurt so many average every day people, people who won’t get paid for time worked or supplies purchased. I keep thinking about what I read about the guy who did the railings in their house. I read his family can no longer keep their kids in the school they were attending. That this has seriously hurt them. Think about working for months on a project, money invested in supplies then getting “F U” you’re not getting paid for that time or the money you laid out already. Not many people can take a hit like that and just shrug it off. They don’t deserve a fresh start while others are left suffering from their selfishness. It isn’t just banks and credit card companies that they owe money to, it is also small family businesses and individuals who are hurting from this. Fresh start my ass!

  14. Squirrels says:

    Those who know me understand there is one subject near and dear to my heart. I’ve been advocating for the dignity rights of the mentally disabled for over 25 years now. Sometimes I let things slide – sometimes I go overboard. I own up to that. I’ve spoken with so many children, who after discussing the subject are more enlightened and at the end of the day, learn what empathy really means. It’s the ignorance of adults who upset me. There are millions of parents in this country who fully comprehend what I advocate, because they live it each and every day. It remains an important issue, perhaps not on the scale of nuclear war, but important nonetheless. So here goes. I promise this is the last time I shall visit this subject.

    Monday night I observed a person losing power and control. I know a bit about this from volunteering at a battered women’s shelter and while the cycle of abuse may not pertain verbatim, it is obvious Caroline Manzo knew what was coming down the pike. She knew it last week and she knew it today. She was going to be exposed. Her sister in law, Jacqueline Laurita had the nerve to extend an olive branch to Danielle Staub, much to Manzo’s dismay. How dare she? It wasn’t the slap in the face of Jac actually behaving like an adult that hurt Manzo, it was the slap to her own ego. Manzo had gone to bat for that family and ranted endlessly for 75 minutes on Reunion, part deux. She took the lead role, as is her modus operandi and was shocked to witness her minion grow a backbone and do the right thing, on camera, no less. The unmitigated impudence of that woman! Eye rolling and calling the entire exchange “a crock of shit” was Manzo’s only defense. Granted, Jac didn’t burst into tears at Danielle’s hug, but I applaud her for being the biggest person under this circus tent, realizing no good comes out of pure unadulterated hatred.

    So, why should I care? Here is why. Earlier that day on Twitter Manzo asked for advice. Here is the play by play:

    CarolineManzo “Thinking about becoming an advocate for learning disability….any ideas??

    oh4foksake @CarolineManzo my son25yrs born w/ Down syndrome.I sugest 1st volunteer@ a school.Get acquainted.Then make ur choice as 2 how 2 get involved

    I was anxious for a response. Admittedly, most people get back to one another in a reasonable time period. I forgot she has thousands who follow her. I jumped the gun and own up to it.

    oh4foksake @CarolineManzo Guess U didn’t really want an ans to Ur ques re: disabilities.Looking more like self promotion to me. Shocking I say.

    @oh4foksake thats a disgraceful thing to say.

    oh4foksake @CarolineManzo Y? u can’t respond to suggestions? Makes it appear like flapping gums only. Dont U get it? This is REAL to alot of us. R U the only one who deserves respect????? I wasn’t 2 busy to take U up on the offer. U R too busy to do anything but accuse? So b4 U accuse me of being disgraceful in cyber space, walk in my shoes, size 6. I hope they hurt!

    @oh4foksake news flash its REAL to me too, i’ve received thousands of suggestions, looking through and taking notes. Do U GET IT??

    oh4foksake @CarolineManzo I get it and apologize for jumping the gun. I would appreciate knowing what you decide to do. This is real to many of us.

    CarolineManzo thanks 4 all the suggestions, by the way @oh4oksake thinks I’m doing this for self promotion. I hope you all know that isn’t true.

    oh4foksake @CarolineManzo I already apologized to you

    Here is my take on this, for what it is worth. For the short time I’ve spent on Twitter, most of what I’ve seen from the Real Housewives franchise is self-promotion. With the exception of Sonja, most are using the venue as PR tools. Ramona may be the biggest offender. She puts out her party line of Hey, I’m heading off to sell my jewelry on TV, who’s going to watch? Or, I’m off to meet with a company that wants to carry my new line, what are you doing today? If you respond she never reciprocates.

    So, I admit, not getting a response from Manzo bugged me. It smacked of what they all do, self promote with no intention of engaging in dialogue. (yeah, don’t tell me, I should have known better and cop to being dumber than dirt on this one). I will go as far as to say, one other mom gave her suggestions and Manzo didn’t have the courtesy to respond to her either. Nor if you look at her tweets did she ever engage anyone else by asking for more information re: whatever suggestions of the thousands she received. She only responded to one, mine – when I dared lay into her for her lack of consideration. Suddenly Manzo was all ears (or eyes as the case may be). She then chose to throw me under the proverbial bus, after I had already apologized for my timing error. I was in the wrong, but still had the nagging feeling she was tossing the disability card out there to deflect what would be going to go down later in the evening on national TV. Yet, I bit the bullet and said nothing further.

    So here is my take on all of this. She could have said, apology accepted, but she didn’t. She could have asked others for more information regarding their suggestions, but SHE DIDN’T. She used me as a scapegoat for not engaging in further discussion with ANYONE.

    As a mother of a child born with a disability, and I suspect other mothers in similar boats may agree, if you want to be an advocate, pick the one you are closest to, the one you know the most about. If her son has a learning disability, she knows more about it than anyone else. Why would you search outside your own circle of knowledge for advice on which disability to advocate? Shouldn’t it be obvious to any parent? Her question in and of itself makes ZERO sense to me.

    So, I stand by two things. I still apologize for jumping the gun and expecting her to respond to my suggestion within five minutes. I also stand by my original thought. To use kids and/or adults with disabilities in an effort to deflect any bad press via blog, twitter or any other venue for her actions that were going to be exposed on the reunion show is reprehensible. Does that make me a bully? Maybe, but it may also get her to put her big mouth into action. Mere lip service doesn’t cut it in my book. Prove you are not disingenuous Mrs. Manzo. Man-zo up.

    I plan to borrow a question posed by a charming and astute young lady from Boston, fully knowing Manzo will block me in a New Jersey second.

    “Caroline Manzo, what have you done to advocate for people with disabilities today?”

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      I saw the exchange, and I also gave ideas (especially from being in NJ w/a special ed child) and she blew me off completely. The exchange she had with you was inappropriate and so typical Caroline. I believe, given the timing, that this was good PR for her, considering the reunion show did NOT show her in a positive light.

      Caroline – what have you done for Special Ed today?

      • RHofWhatever says:

        I too, was surprised to see she asked that question. We all know her son has a learning disability, so why not be a part of the group you feel brings the most awareness, or does the most to further the accomplishments of those with the same issue? If I had to help my child through all of their life trying to figure out a way to make things bareable or enlighten teachers on what to expect and how to work with them, I would make sure to search out others that had this same experience. I would be very involved in this for years, not just getting into it when they have grown up and say “now what do I do?” To me it just sounded like she was trying to make herself look like the “good guy” trying to make the world a better place using her newfound celebrity for good and not evil.

    • Abby Someone says:

      I sumbit a person’s integrity is in question when they give a thumbs down without saying why. I don’t think it matters much to a popular person like Squirrel who knows she is intelligent and doesn’t need the validation, but it says something about the person rating.

      Have the courage to stand by your opinion and voice your dissenting view. We don’t have to all agree but you’re a spineless weasel if you just give a thumbs down and run.

      • Squirrels says:

        I gave you a thumbs UP!!! – and thank you for your support. Boston has a great link regarding this subject. Ask her about it.

        • Abby Someone says:

          oh cool I’ll ask Boston about that. (you reading Boston?) thanks.
          They come back too. So this person is so jealous of this blogger that they take the time to lurk just so they can give a thumbs down. What a loser. Probably someone who had a failed blog. hmm who could that be? 😀

        • Shari says:

          What’s up with all the thumbs down on these post regarding learning disabilities? *shakes head*

    • oopsy says:

      squirrels, I’ve read your posts many times on Lynn’s site and know how personal this subject is to you. (I mostly lurk as I am too late to chime in) I have a beloved older sister who is retarded and a son with serious health issues and I know how hard it is to hear people take these things lightly. I don’t believe Caroline had any intention of advocating for or helping these people in any way. She seemed ashamed of her son’s learning problems and if she really cared she would already be out in the trenches making things better for those that need help. She couldn’t even ensure her own son got the help he needed so give me a break…she doesn’t really care about anyone else’s children. Are we to believe she would do for strangers what she wouldn’t do for precious Albie? For her to use this as a PR stunt is beyond disgusting and makes me sick. She could tell she hit a nerve with you and should have realized she crossed a line. She should have abjectly apologized for any misunderstanding and explained her sudden desire to help. A thousand things she could have said to smooth the waters with you a little bit. You are right to question her sudden desire to get involved as this affects you and your family every day. For her to use such a PR stunt IS EVIL. I wish all the best to you and your family and look forward to reading your posts in the future. Hang in there.

      • Squirrels says:

        It would be easy and fluffy for me to say, I get you. Truth is? It is impossible to stand in your shoes. However, I hope you walk away from this conversation knowing you are not the only one. So often I’ve felt isolated – got bitch slapped, laughed and moved forward. Feel free to bitch slap me anytime. I’ll more than likely deserve it.

        • anniieee says:

          xoxoxox 🙂 am arguing with a blogger on another site 🙂 who came in…did her take and then insulted everyone on the site withher words “okay you pearl clutching whatever yada F bombs…satisfied–no I didn’t think so.” Just another nasty insecure person. You don’t derserve any slapping… just big HUGS. 10 thumbs up to all of you!

          • dreemz says:

            Squirrels, I see you over on Lynn’s blog also and enjoy your reading your input. I don’t often comment but I read as many of the blogs & comments as I can…it has GROWN so large!! FUN! IMO everything you say rings true. If she has truly been battling problems with Albie for as long and hard as she claims, she would have to have some increased knowledge in the area of learning disabilities one would think. People who volunteer usually feel the most comfortable doing so in an area where they have a certain amount of experience and knowledge. I’d think it would be a n0-brainer for her, that is if she were sincere about volunteering, to have just gone about her business and went to the school to volunteer! That would have taken care of that other problem she pisses and moans about…not being needed by her children anymore! I’m sure the local grade school would be happy to have a matronly lady come over and read with the kids every day for free, she certainly doesn’t need the money. There! I solved 2 problems for Caroline Man-Z0!! Oh, wait, I think she was probably refering to volunteering on a much grander national scale, so we could ALL watch. She was asking us to participate in choosing her PLATFORM. Well excuse me, she wouldn’t want to quietly go about doing anything to help…no she’s a CELEBRITY. And OF COURSE she knew how bad she was going to look at the reunion and after this fiasco of a season. It is so transparent it should be insulting to all of us how she tried to slip that one in, wanting suggestions on volunteering…go babysit for Teresa’s kids so she can get a job!!

            • dreemz says:

              Me & my big mouth, I already need to clarify something…there is nothing wrong in using her “celebrity” for something she feels strongly about to help people. It just seems strange that as emotional as she gets about Albies “learning disability” that she hasn’t already known for awhile what she would do if she had the opportunity to volunteer. While she’s waiting for the epiphany she could at least go help some kids learn to read.

  15. Tam5115 says:

    Excellent, Squirrels. 10 thumbs up for you. 🙂

  16. anniieee says:

    Squirrels, reading the twitters and “knowing you” thru your book and the blogs, you did not jump the gun. It is and was self promotion, as she knew how she was going to come off to the public last night. She wanted a cushion….notice she did not say anything about Danielle’s girls this time. She wanted a look at me moment-I really am a good person. Self-serving and insecure and she lost all respect from anyone that might have been clinging to it., last night. Her true colors HIT… and it was worse than we could imagine. She is a nasty, insecure, immature, unintelligent, crass woman–with nothing in her life. You as always..took the high road.

    When we were stationed in Germany, I worked for the American Red Cross. Why? I knew soldiers, I knew what families went thru…. when my kids were older, I was PTA president..because it helped my kids..and I wanted the best for their school. Why? Because its what I know. Her son’s disability would be my pick as well….WHY–hopefully it is what she knows. Now I think it is just an excuse for all the reasons he flunked out of law school. xox

    • Squirrels says:

      I have tremendous respect for the Red Cross. One of my aunts (born in the US) got back from China on one of their boats. Long story, but aren’t they all?

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I thought that whole “learning disability ” was a little vague concerning Albie. He’s had it since 8th grade but she can’t verbalize what the problem is and he made it through the first 4 years of college but law school was unaware and didn’t give him the help he needed?????What the……
      Not sure I’m buyin’ that one…..what do you insightful posters think?

      • Squirrels says:

        Often times, a diagnosis regarding developmental delay is not in your face. That makes it extremely difficult to prove to the school system your child needs assistance. Oddly enough, I got lucky with proof through a chromosomal count. No one could dispute it – cut and dry. I feel for Caroline, believe me. I just refuse to be played like a violin with the ‘disability’ card because now it suddenly suits her. It smacks of a disingenuous display. Agree or disagree with me. It won’t change my mind. She threw the gauntlet by publicly announcing she was looking for a cause. I not only expect her to live up to that, I expect she’ll tackle whatever challenge she chooses with vigor and not just a one night stand.

        • oopsy says:

          100% agree with you. If she cared she would be involved with a cause that concerns her son. She is a stay at home mom with the time to devote to this cause.( I was a stay at home mom-my son has health problems, it is not intended as a dig at her. She can set her own schedule to devote time to something she cared about.) If she wouldn’t help a cause that would benefit her son then I don’t see her devoting time for strangers. It smacks of PR to me especially when she came off looking bad at the reunion.

        • NoGrifterFan says:

          Don’t hold your breath Squirrels. I think Caroline did it for PR. She is catering to the tide of public opinion and has no real desire to help anyone or any charity, foundation or cause.

  17. tuzentswurth says:

    Squirrels, I always thought Caroline was a big-mouthed poser and I think she will prove it in the end. Everyone who tweets…..why not send this to Caro daily…
    Caroline – what have you done for Special Ed today?
    I’m still reeling from the reunion, there isn’t enough or the right kind of mental health assistance invented that Danielle is in need of. After the verbal abuse this woman got, to HUG Teresa…..who was stunned but hardly repentant and then to hug Jac (the flip-flopping snake)and whisper crap in her ear for an extended time all the while while Jac looked very uncomfortable and said nothing back to her?????Duh what happened.? What a moronic ending. I’m thinking of literally clawing my eyes out.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      while while???????

      • Squirrels says:

        BTW, it’s really nice to see familiar faces/ in the blog-a-sphere sense, lol. Hope you are doing well hon.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          I’m doing well, thanks Squirrels and hope you are too. You are an inspiration to me and it looks like to many others too. I love the format of this blog, so easy to find follow-ups…and RCH just has a gift for hilarity.

    • Squirrels says:

      Hey girl! Special Education isn’t the actual issue. She chose learning disabilities, so the real question for me is….

      Caroline Manzo, what have you done to advocate for people with disabilities today?

      It covers all bases.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Oh sorry, I was just repeating what Laura said up-thread, in fact I pasted it.
        It was right after your post Squirrels where you said,
        “Caroline Manzo, what have you done to advocate for people with disabilities today?”
        Tweeting either to her to see if she ever follows thru was my intent.

      • Tam5115 says:

        Done. I’m sure I’ll be blocked shortly.

        Me thinks some Manzo-ites visited this blog. All the comments against T were also given thumbs down

  18. RHofWhatever says:

    Seems like someone is either havin fun messing with a website, or trying to rile people up with all the thumbs down given while discussing a subject that is near and dear to many hearts. If they are not going to add thier 2 cents in as to why they disagree and continue to hide, I will just assume they are about 10yrs old and their access to webkins expired so they have nothing better to do with their time…

  19. Jersey says:

    I’m more than happy to tweet this message to her on a daily basis until, of course, we all get blocked

  20. marjie says:

    The whole episode about Albie was very confusing, I wish they would have shown more.

    I have worked with children with disabilities for a short time… was the most difficult time in my career. I admire and respect people who can do it.

    Caroline, what have you done for people with disabilities today??

  21. momsthoughts says:

    You have got to be kidding me? Do you know how many ppl tweet at them? I get a ton of tweets and can’t get to all of them and I am nobody! Why do you think she is required to respond to you? Especially since she has probably already seen you go after everyone else in the cast? She doesn’t owe you anything! I don’t understand why you think she does.

    You are so quick to judge everyone. You damned Dina to hell because she had her volume off during the Emmy’s. She just got in. Perhaps she was talking to her daughter? But , no – having the volume off her tv was worthy of damnation. Straight to hell. Why would Caroline respond to you if she had seen that response to Dina from you? Do you think your reactions are over the top? Damn her to hell for having the volume off? Really?

    Then Jac tweeted about her participation in a charity event – you jumped all over her – that chewing gum and dancing was hardly work. HOW DO YOU KNOW, have you done Broadway? And it was for a charity near and dear to MY heart. But now they should get the charities approved by you first?

    Most of these women know they have a short shelf life on reality tv. They know if they are going to make anything out of this they have to strike while the iron is hot. They have to launch their brands and use the market that is available to them. They would be fools not to avail themselves to this audience. The tv show won’t last but they do get a shot at making a lasting career or contribution while they have the nations attention. For some reason you think using this platform for the advancement of their career or charity is an unforgivable sin. I don’t get that. Yes, they all promote themselves. Its what they do. They would be fools if they didn’t. What difference does it make? What do you have against them promoting their brand or charity?

    Has it occurred to any of you that perhaps Caroline, now feeling the “empty nest” and the show is not filming and her run in the b’way is over – that maybe now she has the time to devote to a charity – and she knows having this “celebrity” could be put to good use beyond just a local level? Why is it so hard for any of you to give anyone the benefit of the doubt? I am willing to believe she DID work with the school her son went to – but reached out to Twitter fans to find out if there was a good National charity she should know about. So she wanted to look through ALL the hundreds of tweets and research options? Since when is she required to immediately respond to you? or respond to you at all? When she does respond to you – you attack her?

    I think you are mad at the world. I think your life has been difficult. I think you lash out at anyone whose attention you can grab. Go ahead and tell me again its not my business. The fact is you put this out there for all of us to see on Twitter and blogs. Its disturbing to say the least. I think you need to reign in your harsh judgments, bitterness and anger. All of you sound awful. This is about an television show, entertainment. You need to relax and stop judging others so harshly. And if you want a response from ppl you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Instead you bait them…wait for a response and then you bash them.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      Actually, I’m going to respond to this, especially since I witnessed the exchange. Caroline asked, right before the reunion aired, what she could do. I was one of the people who gave an answer, especially considering I am also from NJ and have a Special Ed child. My response to her was to learn the in’s and out’s of an IEP, and help to advocate for parents who can’t understand them. This might sound like Greek to you (it did to me in the beginning) but it is EXTREMELY important information for parents whose children are in special education. I didn’t get a response. No one got a response. Squirrels did get a response, but as you can see, once Caroline said she was receiving 1000’s of suggestions (who knows how many she recieved, btw), Squirrels apologized. That wasn’t good enough. Caroline then felt the need to call Squirrels out AGAIN.

      Sorry, but Caroline was wrong in this instance. She put herself out there.

      As for the personal comments you made about Squirrels, I take great offense. You have no idea what it is like to live her life, you also have no idea the joy her child has brought her. To call her bitter is rude and nasty. For that you owe her an apology.

      Jump all over me all you want. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve made my point.

      • momsthoughts says:

        I think you missed the part in between where Squirrell again accused her of self promotion. (whatever that means) How would Caroline know Squirrels situation? Because Caroline didn’t answer right away Squirrel has a right to lash out and accused her of self promotion? That is when Caroline responded. After the accusation. Squirrel’s comment sounded mean and bitter. I am sorry if that is offensive but that is how it comes across. And since I have witnesses this same “bait and slam” to 2 other cast members in past week – it seems very unkind. Damning someone to hell b/c they didn’t have the volume on the tv doesn’t sound bitter?

        And not that it has ANYTHING to do with this but yes, I understand IEPs.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          Well, as I stated earlier, Squirrels DID, in fact, apologize. Caroline clearly decided to ignore the apology. As for you knowing about IEPs…my reason for saying that is there are many people who read these comments, and I didn’t want to make anyone feel badly for not knowing what it is. Before I HAD to know what they were, if you asked me about an IEP, I couldn’t have told you a single thing, including that it had anything to do with education. All it was meant to be was a statement that said “look, I understand if you don’t know what an IEP is…I didn’t either.” No big deal

  22. ilovelynn says:

    NOW what did I miss? to whom is momsthoughts speaking? I’m telling you, no more going to bed for me!

  23. momsthoughts says:

    I am addressing the cranky folks above who are ganging up on Caroline Manzo for asking for suggestions about a charity to work with and for not returning a tweet fast enough. Can you imagine?

  24. ilovelynn says:

    I think everyone should stop being so touchy. let’s keep this site filled with witty, funny comments. I LIKE coffee coming out of my nose every morning! xxx

    • momsthoughts says:

      I agree – I much rather laugh! Where’s the new blog? 🙂

      • Sardonica says:

        Agreed on laughing. What new blog? I am new to all of this RH blog stuff and any clues as to other dealers, err , I mean blogs where I can get more crack, errrm, I mean info on these idiots, errrm ,I mean people on RH shows is appreciated. Thank you

        • I have a “websites I love” page on the menu up top. 🙂

          • Sardonica says:

            The ‘new’ blog? Which one is the ‘new’ blog? Also, I have an ‘issue’ with you…I joined Twitter last Saturday? thanks to this blog and it is even worse, well almost as bad as the blog thing. Like mainlining as opposed to snorting. Only problem is the nic Sardonica was taken ( guess I am not that original… go figure and the other problem is apparently I am too stupid to figure out how to use it. What does it mean if Teresa has the brains to use it and I am still playin’ around trying to figure out what is where and how? Does this mean I am a lower order of primate than Teresa and where does that put me in the pot calling the kettle catagory?

  25. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I agree with Squirrels. Why ask your followers for ideas, when your son has a learning disability which has hindered his career aspectations. It should be obvious that she should speak on ADD/ Processing Disorders, as that is what has affected her family. That is not to say that she couldn’t join hundreds of other charities, but why ask? Just do! I think what is funny is that she couldn’t respond to your suggestion, but she responded to your “stop faking the front” tweet! lol Interestingly enough, although you’d apologized, SaintCarolinebacker, used the infamous JillZarin method of putting a tweeter on blast. Maybe by blaming you, she hoped you’d get attacked by her minions. Ain’t she nice?

    Caroline, besides sending rabid fans after a squirrel, what have you done for people with disabilites today?

  26. marjie says:

    I didnt follow the season well this time….. why did Albie leave college, and why did he chose to join the police force? Is he back in law school again? Why didnt Andy address all this?

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I’ll try to answer b/c I have no idea about any of this. I think Albie left law school b/c he partied and chased woman too much. Albie chose to join the police force b/c he has lots of friends there. He may or may not be in law school, but will get a correspondence school law degree to help T&JJ with their problems. Andy didn’t address this b/c nobody else has any idea about any of it either and Andy can’t follow through on simple lines of questioning so he didn’t want to try and tackle this. Also there was no way that everyone could scream at Danielle about these things so they were deemed irrelevant.

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