Repeat Blog: Videos, Pictures and Other Funny Stuff

I’m working on a new video that I hope will be up later today, but it’s hard to get these damn cartoons to do what you want them to do. In the mean time enjoy these videos and pictures in case you missed them the first time around.

Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon in the Hamptons Part 1:

Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon in the Hamptons Part 2:

Teresa and Joe Giudice have a conversation after “The View” Appearance:

Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub have another argument:

Kelly Bensimon wants to be Bethenny Frankel:

Kelly Bensimon lies, so I tell the truth for her:

Dina Manzo takes PR 101 from Kelly Bensimon:

Kelly Kanever Besomeone:

And here are some pictures if you haven’t seen them yet:

Kelly Bensimon’s new book:’s-new-book-the-skinny-girl’s-guide-to-staying-naturally healthful/

If you watched all the videos and clicked all the links, then chances are you have a problem. Please seek help immediately:

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11 Responses to Repeat Blog: Videos, Pictures and Other Funny Stuff

  1. Squirrels says:

    Those were f’ing hysterical! I love the addiction bubble wherein the intervention link doesn’t work!!!!!!!! Brilliant, funny stuff!

    • I just added a link to the addiction help center at the bottom of the page.

      You may want to check it out, not saying you have a problem or anything, just… ya know, stop by, come in for a bit to talk, you can leave anytime you want. I swear.

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks for all the videos/pictures – laughter, especially when directed at these posers must surely lower our collective blood pressure.
    With all the news swirling around the Guidice family, I am beginning to wonder if they will even be available for the next season of RHONJ? Teresa lives in the unreality of reality tv and soon the real reality of life will force it’s way into her fantasy life.

    • I’m sure they will be on the next season. I suspect this is why Bravo wanted to begin filming right away, so that they can capture the bankruptcy mess.

      • julieintexas says:

        I agree – Bravo will not miss that mess! I think the reason Dina left was because she knew what was coming T’s way – I think she new this show was becoming way to trashy and didn’t want to be apart of it. She knew what happened w/Trashley and how Jaq and T meet with D’s ex husband or the drinkin and driving or the obsession they had by stalking trashing D on the internet/blogs/twitter/facebook. I think Dina didn’t want to have to answer/make excuses for their awful behavior! Dina was smarter than her sister – and she can come out smelling like a rose – but still can blame Danielle for her exit!

        I have a feeling that it might be Jaq who is the one that might be leaving the show – not because she is embarrassed but because her husband is ashamed after watching the show (after the season started)! The version of J T and A weren’t exactly the version that Bravo aired – because thier version was a bunch of freakin BS lies! They started it with D everytime – and they made it out like she was stalking them! I started laughing when Joe and Chris had their little talk on the cruise – UM Chris – your wife and your Step-daughter were STALKING Danielle – Teresa was the one that started the fight which ended in your Trash getting in trouble. You know you were set up to lie/make excuses for the drunk driving meetin!

        I think Chris may make Jaq give this show up – It has changed his wife and it is making him look like a fool! I may be wrong but deep down you know that is what he wants! Jaq’s last blog was way different than her previous blogs = jmo

        • You think? I think it’s clear from Chris’s body language that he is uncomfortable with some of the scenes. But I don’t know if he would make Jac give it up. What else is she gonna do? And his business is bankrupt so they might need the money.
          Jac can’t leave. She’s the only one from that crowd that’s gonna be friends with Melissa and Kim G too. I know everyone thinks Jac is boring, but it’s her questionable friendships that make all the drama possible. Kim G is the pot stirrer, but Jac is the pot.

          • nathania says:

            Amen. I think my favorite scene this season was when Joe was telling his bogus DUI story and Chris was giving him the side-eye the whole time. That the camera crew caught it and stayed on him for a few seconds surprised me, Bravo seems intent on allowing the audience to think that no one sees anything suspicious going on with anyone but Danielle on that show. I saw you captured the side-eye that Ebong gave Lynda during her ‘reverse-racism’ speech on DC the other night too, moments like these are just about all that is salvaging this franchise for me.

  3. Z0mbiemom says:

    You are fucking brilliant! Sorry about the language but it seems appropriate! I laughed until I cried.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Tonight we learn if the promo for the reunion is like all the others (best part of the show and the rest is boring and/or filler)! RHONJ has cheated views this entire season and I’m expecting the “big news” to be not so big or interesting. If someone leaves who will it be? Danielle could have a new role – talking snark head only since no one will film with her and she can push buttons without having to suffer the systematic bullying. Caroline could have had enough since her little goons don’t listen to her and it will further remove Dina from the fray. Jacq can’t keep Ashley off the show as she is now an adult, so maybe Jacq will quit to attend to her little family/hubby.
    Teresa will not quit, will take a pay cut to stay on the show with her fabulous life unraveling around her. So what would sort of surprise me? Dina is returning (boring), Kim G is made an official wife (no big deal). The announcement of Melissa joining the show and Teresa going beserk yet again.
    We will tune it, we will watch and we will likely be disappointed but at the very least – we finished what we started!

  5. nathania says:

    these are hysterical!

    Thanks for making me laugh, especially at myself for my housewives obsession. I wish Bravo would poke fun equally at everyone, there is definitely enough material to go around, thanks for capturing it. That Kelly Kanever video is so painful, even with the captions my eyes were bleeding. If that was a roach-clip hanging out of her hair it would definitely explain alot.

  6. crazysweet says:

    you have too much time on your hands…..thank Gawd! This whole blog is freakin hysterical but those cartoons….no words. 😀

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