Why Did Dina Manzo Leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Part 2 (There wouldn’t be a part 2 if this woman was capable of telling the truth the first time)

Dina is a lying bitch. Yeah, I said it. Sorry to all the Dina fans out there, but follow her on twitter and you’ll feel the same way soon enough.

Here is the original post I wrote about why I don’t believe that Danielle is the reason Dina left the show.

And now new information has come out. Here is a quote from NYDailyNews.com:

a source close to the 40-year-old Manzo tells us she split because of money,

While the blond single mom hasn’t spoken out about the topic directly, she did mention at the fete, held at Etcera Etcera restaurant, that it wasn’t her “ideal contract.”

Obviously the author of the article made a mistake calling her a single mom, but it’s kind of ironic since there is a lot of talk about her sham marriage to a gay man.

My twitter bff Jacqueline let her big mouth go unchecked once again and was quoted as saying:

“there were a lot of reasons Dina left the show.”

Poor Jac, always forgetting her lines. These new quotes are interesting because I thought there was only one reason Dina left the show. But now there are many reason? In case you need a memory refresher, here are the quotes from Dina around the time she left the show:

From northjersey.com

[When repeating what she said to Danielle] “I’m leaving the show, because I want you out of my life”

“It is sad, it could have been something really great.”

From her Bravo Blog:

“I left for a reason; I want to cut her out of my life for good.”

There are even more contradictions when she discusses why her daughter, Lexi wasn’t on the show this season. From famecrawler:

When asked why her daughter Lexi wasn’t in this last season she said that it was “not the kind of show I wanted my daughter in.”

From Dina’s Bravo Blog:

Ultimately I am glad that Lexi will not be in this season, but it was very hard for me to film without her at times.

It was also weighing on my mind that even though Lexi was perfectly fine with not being filmed this year, times like this when the other kids get to experience once in a lifetime opportunities due to their affiliation with the show may have made Lexi feel bad or left out. She never said anything about it, but she’s a kid and I’m sure that it crosses her mind.

Does that sound like a quote from a woman who voluntarily took her daughter off the show? If it was her decision, why was she “ultimately” glad Lexi wasn’t on the show? And why add the part about poor Lexi missing out on opportunities and Lexi feeling bad and left out?

Many people have theorized that Dina was supposed to be the star of the show. But it quickly became clear that Danielle was the star and the center of attention in every scene – even the ones she wasn’t in. I don’t think Dina was happy about playing a supporting role, especially to someone she doesn’t like. Maybe she would have if the money were right, but not for 3k an episode.

Now that Danielle is gone and Dina no longer feels the need to continue on with her “Please Hate Danielle” campaign, her story is changing. It’s clear from recent tweets and comments made to the press that Dina wants to come back to the show. But the ratings not only didn’t suffer without her, they broke records. Bravo knows that drama sells and I don’t see them wasting their time filming someone who refuses to engage in drama or “negativity” (another word for “honesty” in Dina’s vocabulary).

Dina has also lost a lot of fans by being an uber bitch on twitter. My dislike of her stems not from the show, but from seeing the way she spoke to people online and from her blocking me – for no reason. I never said one bad word about Dina until after she blocked me. When I asked her why she blocked me she accused me of tweeting negative things to her. That is not true. She blocked me because I was following people who she doesn’t like, but she won’t admit it. It’s not rare for me to see messages in my feed written by people commenting that Dina was either rude to them or blocked them for no reason. Dina needs some serious lessons in PR.
LynnNChicago wrote a good blog a while back about her interactions with Dina on twitter. You can read that here

Another interesting quote from NorthJersey.com

Manzo, a designer and event planner, says she would be open to doing a design show.

“All the different networks are reaching out about what they can do with me,” she says. “It’s nice. It’s kind of weird.”

Lol. Nice try Dina. We’ve all seen what your house looks like. You want to go in and undo all the hard work shows like Hoarders and Hoarding: Buried Alive are doing? Good luck with that. Also, a twitter friend of mine is an interior designer and (was) a Dina fan, one day she asked Dina about certification, and where she got her design credentials – Dina replied by blocking her. Just sayin…

And one last thing. I recently watched the Director Cut of The Last Supper Episode, and there is a whispered conversation between Caroline and Jacqueline that I found interesting. This took place after the infamous “You are such a liar, Dina!” statement from Jacqueline:

Caroline: “That’s my family”
Jac: “You came and you were like; ‘I know what Dina is. You think I don’t know what she is?  I know.’ …… You were like; ‘Feel sorry for her, feel sorry for her.’ How can I feel sorry for her when you know what she did?”
Caroline: “Because you’re wrong”
Jac: “You knew – ”
Caroline: “Jacqueline -”
Jac: “Your husband said you knew – ”
Caroline: “Jacqueline, do you know who you’re hurting? My parents.” (<– woah check out that manipulation)
Jac: “Family or not, whats right is right, whats true is true.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d really like to know “what” Dina is. A pathological liar, a psychopath, a nymphomaniac, a serial killer? I have no idea. What do you think?

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73 Responses to Why Did Dina Manzo Leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Part 2 (There wouldn’t be a part 2 if this woman was capable of telling the truth the first time)

  1. momsthoughts says:

    As a mom, I have to say, I can TOTALLY relate to having ambivalent feelings about what you do and do not allow your children to do. So, while Dina didn’t want Lexi involved in the show considering the direction it was taking, it was still probably sad to think she was being left out of experiences her cousins were enjoying. Season one was pretty family friendly. Season 2 was adult content with prostitution coke whores and stripper poles, ex-cons, etc….I wouldn’t want my kid to be part of that either….doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel sad about the good stuff Lexi missed. I think that is a huge part of being a mom – protecting our kids while trying to give them the best experiences and most happiness possible. Its a daily struggle for all of us.

    I think Danielle’s storyline and the direction the show was going probably was the big factor in her leaving but that doesn’t mean there weren’t other factors considered as well. There can be more factors that go into a decision right? And one may be the main reason doesn’t mean its the only reason.

    I can’t stand Teresa – she and Joe are the type of ppl I despise – cheaters, scammers, ppl who dont’ feel they have to pay their share – like the rest of us are schmucks here only to pay THEIR way and/or serve them. I can’t stand ppl like that. Especially stupid people like that. Dina never did anything to hurt the people of the state of NJ the way TREE and Joe did.

    Danielle is a skank. My biggest problem I have with her is what she is doing to her children. She exposes them to dangerous situations, they have seen far too much for their young years(all the sex and men and women)…and she scares them needlessly with all the “fear of the manzo’s” crap…those girls think they need armed gunmen to protect their mother from Caroline Manzo? Can you imagine being a kid and thinking that? That’s messed up. Dina protects her daughter from this sort of nonsense. That in my opinion is smart and courageous. Danielle creates fear for her daughters.

    As for blocking, I think Dina has been burned – a lot. So what may seem harmless to us – seems like a potential attack to her. Its perception and she is in protection mode. Its too bad b/c I think she is really funny. I wish more of her funny would come out on twitter. There are some nutjobs on twitter – some I have personally witnessed say the most awful, hateful, mean unprovoked things to these women. Really crazy mean things out of no where. Its got to get to them.

    Ok -I love your blogs. I think you are THE funniest and most insightful blogger out there. I just have a different take on Dina. Is that so wrong? lol. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lexi is closest in age to ASHLEY….now that’s a cousin you would want to avoid!

    • Bless your heart, you always want to see the best in people.
      I don’t believe for one second it was her decision to take her daughter off the show.
      And you are going to be eating your words once it gets out that Dina’s “charity” is what paid for all that ugly crap in her house.

      Now lets get back to business. We have people in need of our positive energy scams scans. We have 2 employees so far. Business is building. 🙂

    • Tam5115 says:

      There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a different opinion of Dina. But it did strike me when you said that Dina has been burned a lot and what may seem harmless to us, seems like a potential attack to her. That it is her perception.

      That’s exactly how I see Danielle! I don’t think I would ever want to be Danielle’s friend because she is so terribly needy and you would end up feeling as if you were consumed by her. But I also find it heartbreaking and I feel bad for her.

      She sees the Manzos as dangerous to her. Her perception is that she needs to protect herself. She’s also offensive to be defensive IMO.

      The way I saw it, and I just rewatched Season 1 on iTunes, Dina didn’t like Danielle from the word go. That’s okay, we aren’t going to like everybody. But why then did Dina accept an invitation to Danielle’s house for free botox, spa, etc… and sit there and be insulting to Danielle? How is that kind of thing acceptable in any way? She absolutely owed Danielle an apology. You don’t go to someones home and insult them in their home!

      So then the campaign started to pressure Jacqueline into hating Danielle too. Danielle felt the hate coming after her and reacted. Caroline won in the end, as she intended to do the entire time. That’s why I don’t like Caroline. If my sister in law ever decided she had the authority to tell ME who I could be friends with, she’d have another think coming.

      And yes, just as RCH pointed out above, “you know who you’re hurting here? My parents” is naked strong arming manipulation by guilt and it’s disgusting.

      • I agree with everything you said. I think the Manzo’s treated Danielle as if she were beneath them from the very beginning.
        I never really understood why Dina was so freaked out by her. D is definitely needy and one of those people who will call you their best friend after knowing you for a day, it’s annoying but some people are like that. Dina could have recognized what kind of person she is and responded appropriately, but instead she took it to an necessary level by calling her a stalker and saying she wanted to *be* her. I think D just really wanted to be friends with them, but they rejected her in a really disrespectful way.

  2. jezzibel says:

    I don’t really think of Dina much one way or the other

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO, Dina was pitched as the star of the show and didn’t take into consideration that only Caroline was behind her – Jacq, Danielle and Teresa had other ideas and this pissed Caroline off. The whole BOOK at the last supper was a farce and poor attempt on Caroline’s part to propt Dina back up as the star. NO WAY did Caroline find the book or spread it all over town – that was Dina (Jacq and Dina both knew it) but Caroline took the fall for it….I don’t even think Danielle bought it! So whatever Dina did was lost and forgotten when the wild woman went postal and flipped the table. This is why I think Teresa was “family” this past season because she saved Dina from being embarrassed.

    • askinnygirl says:

      This is what I think as well. I suspected that Caroline lied that night, when she said she did it. I liked Caroline until she lied
      for Dina. Dina is an adult, like Teresa and Joe, and should take responsibility for their actions. This season ended with yet
      again Caroline butting her nose in and trying to get the charges dropped on Ashley. Again, not letting adults take responsibility
      for their actions.

      I did respect Jacqueline when she stood up for Danielle and spoke against the Manzo’s lies last season. This season,
      Jacqueline was so immature. I guess she always was immature and last year she wasn’t herself. She behaved immature
      like her daughter this season and worst at the reunion. I often think of my home videos of my friends and family acting
      silly and we laugh about it. What will they say when their children grow up or grandchildren see their behavior on this
      reality show someday? I guess they will blame Danielle then too.

      • Karen says:

        Actually, I think Jacqueline was herself last year, not this year. Now she’s molded herself into someone will not ruffle Caroline’s (Manzo family’s) feathers.

  4. @twilighttwitti says:

    Did Dina’s charity pay for her new closets? I haven’t heard that before.

  5. Snarkella says:


  6. Snarkella says:

    Although the way she kept moving around the table during that Last Supper episode was freaking weird. She was scared of something coming out, I guess.

    Also that meeting with Danielle this season was just so stupid. Ridiculous.

    I don’t know how she manages to be weird and boring at the same time. Her the star? LOL. That’ll be the day.

    • momsthoughts says:

      My personal opinion (not that anyone asked) is Caroline and Dina’s meetings with Danielle were at the request of Bravo. I am sure they wanted show downs. Unfortunately, this is just not what the manzo’s do – so it was weird and awkward. ( After Tree the Wild Boar’s confrontation at NJCC – she is probably banned from all public eateries…..so they had to go for a Manzo show down)

      • Snarkella says:

        Do you not think she’s boring?

      • I agree, I think Bravo asked Caroline to do the sit down. I don’t know about Dina though….
        And even if Bravo asked, it still doesn’t excuse the way either one of them behaved at the meetings.
        Check the new video I just posted. I don’t think Caroline likes Melissa either… Uh oh…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        True dat! Big build up in the promos and then absolutely nothing in the confrontations! Oh, except I give Danielle props for the red hair clown comment.

        • askinnygirl says:

          That red headed clown comment set Caroline off and that is why she became nasty and got all foul mouthed. What class? Caroline is a trash talker and tries to come off dignified. She doesn’t have a large vocabulary and she can’t express herself when she gets angry that she has to call another woman garbage. I was embarrased for Caroline. She was crying at the end of the meeting because she nows that Danille, regardless of what kind of lifestyle she chooses to have, is in control of her faculties and has a command of the English language. Danielle made Caroline feel stupid. LOL She deserved it. You mess with the bulls you get the horns.

          • askinnygirl says:

            typo nows = knows

          • momsthoughts says:

            oh no, no no no no Danielle does not have command of the English language ! She can’t pronounce words, she uses them incorrectly, she speaks in slang and “attitude”….she doesn’t make sense half the time….I can almost consider a lot of thing but there is no way any one can say Danielle has command of the English language.

            • Snarkella says:

              But she keeps her cool and tries to communicate her point of view. The other ladies get flustered and resort to name calling.

          • I was embarrassed for Caroline too!
            But Caroline said the clown comment, not Danielle. And I don’t think Danielle has more of a command of the English language than Caroline at all. I’m not saying Caroline is a talented word-smith, but at least she pronounces words correctly.

          • Snarkella says:

            I agree with everything you said, but Caroline called Danielle a clown first. So she was already name calling before Danielle made the red hair comment.

          • Karen says:

            a skinny girl, I agree with you.

            Caroline thought she could manipulate Danielle by offering her the chance to “redeem herself,” an approach that put Caroline in a position of moral superiority. Gee, why wouldn’t Danielle fall for that? lol
            And to further poke holes in that image of superiority, she brought up Caroline’s indicted friends.

            • marjie 75 says:

              My opinon is that Jacqueline should have done the talking that night : heart to heart. It would have been great ratings, and would have given them the opportunity to hash out all the differences. They had a good friendship , it was fun to watch.

          • BonBon says:

            Skinnygirl…Caroline was the one who called Danielle a clown first.Caroline was set off before Daneille called her a clown. That’s why she called her one. I don’t remember if she called her garbage comment bfore or after the clown comment.

    • nathania says:

      I’m starting to feel like an idiot. All the women on this show had an agenda. I never could figure out what set Teresa off at the ‘last supper’. And I couldn’t figure out what set her off at the reunion. Now I know. It wasn’t anything. It was the Housewife equivalent of a crotch shot, quick and dirty press. Wow.

      In high school I was a cheerleader for a year and one thing I noticed is that there were always a few girls hanging around the cheerleaders who weren’t prissy enough to really fit in or attract the football players but they were accepted because they were bullies and they would do the bidding of the homecoming queen types, who had a rep to maintain and couldn’t indulge in this stuff as openly. I can think of four different girls who fit that description from my high school days, and probably a few more if I think about it. They got access to the ‘inner circle, the guys, the parties, etc, etc, because they ran interference as ‘enforcers’ for the mean girls. That is exactly what Teresa has been doing this whole time, that’s why they see her as indispensable. And Andy Cohen is the guy who quietly watched the drama from the sidelines and secretly wished to be a part of it while pretending to be interested in the traditional male crap. Wow, it’s all making sense to me now, they really are all stuck in the unfulfilled dreams of high school. And Danielle is the slutty girl they all made fun of while they were doing everything she did and worse. Makes me wonder why they didn’t just dump a bucket of pig blood on her at the reunion.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I see what you’re saying. Yes, they ARE the mean girls.

        yet… what set Teresa off at The Last Supper… check it out. T asks a dumb question, D answers that two things are true (which she’s already said)
        1. she changed her name
        2.she got arrested.
        “Pay attention, puh-leeze!”
        T goes blank for a moment
        She sputters that “obviously” something else is true. (How she knows that is beyond me)
        It dawns on her that this exchange could be interpreted as D has just called her STUPID.
        She explodes.

        I got news for T. She is stupid, but D wasn’t calling her stupid at that time. D was simply saying that she had already made these things clear and T had not been listening or had missed it somehow.

        I wouldn’t beat around the bush, or even try to be nice. Teresa IS stupid. I’d tell her so and maybe I’d flip the table first… right on her dumbass lap! (oh wait, probably not. I don’t resort to animal behavior)

        • You know, when I recently re watched season one I interpreted it a little differently.
          Everyone remembers that Danielle said pay attention and T flipped out
          But actually T went on a whole rant and D had stopped talking before she flipped the table
          The last thing Teresa was screaming about was about D being engages 19 times. And I’ve noticed over the 2 seasons that T seems to have a real problem with women who sleep with men they’re not married to. Also there were the rumors that D sleeps with married men (and now we know about the rumors of Joe cheating). So re watching knowing what I know now, I have a theory that T had a lot of rage towards D all season from the sleeping around/sleeping with married men stuff and this was just her moment where she found an opportunity to let all that rage go. And maybe there was some Tara rage in there too? I don’t know, but it’s a theory,

          Also interesting, I finally forced one of my girlfriends to watch an episode. I made her watch the table flip because I figured that was the episode that would get her hooked on the show (I know, I’m trying to drag my friends into my addiction and it’s so wrong). It’s the only episode she’s ever seen and she said “D slept with T’s husband. I can tell.” She is sure of it. I honestly don’t think so, but it’s interesting that she said it, because that fits with my theory that some of that rage was misplaced Tara rage.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Hmmmm. I could never understood T’s reaction to the 19 engagements. If I was at dinner with an acquaintance and learned she had been engaged 19 times, I’d think, that’a kind of odd, but it wouldn’t upset me….I mean. who gives a sh!t? I think your friend may be right or at the very least, T knows that Joe sleeps around and the thought that Danielle is a person who will sleep with other women’s husbands, sent her into blind rage territory, and she might have wondered if Danielle had been “one of the ones”.

  7. momsthoughts says:

    yes, Danielle wins for the best comment. But I really think the awkwardness and even Caroline resorting to name calling was because neither Dina nor Caroline’s heart really was in it…this isn’t how they would naturally deal with this. I think they are the type to go their separate ways and leave it at that….but b/c Bravo wanted the show downs…they go into a situation they ordinarily wouldn’t and they reacted in a way they usually wouldn’t because they wouldn’t be a position to have to react. I think Dina is funny in a wacky zany way and that had no place or outlet this season…..so we didn’t get to see her best side. I think Caroline’s best side is mothering. I know some ppl think that is boring….I do not. I think Jill Zarin selling fabric is boring (and I buy fabric) but I like seeing Caroline in her natural environment. I rather see happy wacky and maybe normal confrontations – not they crazy, staged, looney, whorey, criminal confrontations.

  8. tuzentswurth says:

    About Dina’s design skills…..some episode had her designing a centerpiece for a wedding for someone….maybe S1??? Some big tall tree in the middle of a table, I think it was red flowers on top and then she started sticking in branches, then draping beads or something around, I wasn’t really paying attention (puh-leeze), but anyway it ended up looking so top-heavy and outright tacky! Yuk. More doesn’t always mean better. I doubt she has design credentials. She just can’t stop when it’s prudent, obviously.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      IIRC, I thought Dina said something like she wasn’t in love with it, but that’s what the client wanted?

      From the looks of her home Dina isn’t a minimalist, of course, but she also may have clients that like that sort of thing.

    • BonBon says:

      Best comment of the entire boring session. No disrespect RCH…love you, but this Caroline, Dina. Jax, Ter, Dan thing has just about heard the fat lady sing.
      And now..onto ticky tacky designing……..Where’s Malvina Reynolds (WEEDS’ song) now that we really need her?
      Little house on the hillside
      Little houses made of ticky tacky
      Little houses on the hillside
      Little houses all the same
      ‘There’s a blue one
      and a green one
      and a pink one and
      a yellow one
      and they’re all made out of ticky tacy
      and they all look just the same.

      And the people in the houses…………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Forgive me. Must now go and pretend to celebrate Labor Day.

  9. Tracy Hunley says:

    I’m so very glad you exposed Dina for who she is. I too was fooled until she left the show and I began following her tweets. Not only were they disjointed but they were contradictory. She was relentless with the tweeting of utter nonsense. I think to a certain extent there may be a Jill Zarin-type thing going on with some who was expecting a response from their departure and when it didn’t happen she began doing everything she could just to remain in the public eye. I’m so totally NOT a fan of hers anymore.

    • Snarkella says:

      I think the comment you made about Dina expecting a bigger response to her departure was a keen observation Tracy. I wish I could click the little thumbs up more than once but it won’t let me – lol.

    • Yes I agree.
      She’s been making comments lately like “if I had $1 for every person who begged me to come back to the show”
      “Should I return to the show, what do you guys think?”
      I don’t think she got a huge response to that one.
      I could be wrong, but I really don’t think Bravo is interested in bringing Dina back. And now she is making You tube videos just like Kelly does. Desperate for attention.

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    Dina has a very different opinion of herself than everyone else. She has her innocent look down and her spiritualism shields up. At the last supper, she was pacing around like a caged animal while Caroline was taking the fall for her – but she looked ready to run away! IMO, since I do believe she was the “book gossip” things got back to her and she left the show to keep Danielle from really spilling the beans on her.
    After leaving she expected a ground swell of support from fans and didn’t get it – so to be relevent she took to twitter (and even set one up in her mom’s name!).
    Now a play about marriage equality, with the cast of RHONJ to give the appearance she is coming back. With or without her daughter – Dina is still not interesting, tries to be both snarky and above it all at the same time and will just be filler scenes!

    • Yes. I think Dina probably thought that when she left fans would freak out and write letters/boycott/whatever and Bravo would get rid of Danielle. They all made sure to tell us over and over again that it was Danielle’s fault that Dina wasn’t around. Unfortunately, no one really cared.

      • BonBon says:

        Cowardice is a powerful motivator…especially in a younger sister’s world. Dina=Lion in The Wizard of Oz

        Back to dinner..

  11. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Who would care about Dina? Her family and fans, certainly not viewers of RHONJ that want good tv, and recognize bullshit when we see it. Dina, all her life it seems, has been able to spread rumors and gossip without ever taking responsibility for her devious actions. Her linebacker, turned quarterback due to lapband surgery, (whew,) sister ClownyCaroline has always been there to protect her from any attacks or counter-attacks. Anyone messing with Dina has to go through her. It doesn’t matter if Dina starts it. It ends with Caroline. At the Last Supper, all of Caroline’s kids said Aunt Dina, gets nervous and doesn’t like confrontation etc. Yeah we know! She likes to start shit and apologize later! It’s never her, somebody else did it. While she was claiming they didn’t have anything to do with the book, Caroline says “it was me!”, to which Dina says “CARO-LIIIINE..” She wanted to ruin this girls reputation, easy to do, amongst the other salon clients and throughout the neighboring towns. She gave little thought to ever be confronted by Danielle, someone desperate for her friendship, and believed that Danielle didn’t matter. Well as we know Danielle does bring up the book, and regardless of what happened at the dinner, we knew one thing was true… Dina was a dirty bitch who loves to spread gossip and ruin lives. When confronted Dina runs away never admitting it was her. Now that’s a PUNK!

    • Tam5115 says:

      I’d give that ten thumbs up if I could! 🙂

    • BonBon says:

      “A punk is a punk is a punk! The Manzos are PUNKS.”- Danny P.
      So was he right or wrong? Maybe he was right in his words but obnoxious in his presentation. He kind of reminded me of Dina at the last supper…….

  12. Isharemymeds says:

    I agree, RCHW! When you see her wedding on You Tube, you get the REAL Dina. A lot like Teresa, let’s just say, ‘Birds of a feather, flock together….’ If you’re all Zen and humble about your blessings, someone like Teresa would drive you nuts! They’re BOTH catty, materialistic (‘rich’ wt hubby’s money), and use their daughters to boost their public image.

    Dina, is trying to land herself a designing show and said she’s working on a designer line-of-products. I honestly thought she left to pursue this, bc bigger $. She left hubby for Tommy, bigger $. Especially, after Teresa landed a 280K book advance deal after just One Season? Crazy, huh? She did NOT even write it, but these deal makers know who is going to be a Star. Bethenny must be making a killing!

    Dina is not a designer, she’s a personal shopper with blank checks. BIG difference! NOBODY wants her tacky late 90’s renaissance style that ends up looking like overpriced Fingerhut/Kirklands crap. Ahh, it’s Jersey, who the hell am I kidding?

    Dina did NOT leave bc of Danielle. Caroline NEVER filmed with her until the last episode. In which, Jacqueline (for her part, too) or at the very least Ashley with ‘Aunt’ Caroline should of attended and apologized. They never did, but expected Danielle, too. WTF?

    Yep, RCHM. Real Daddy yanked Lexi from the show bc he knows Dina was just using her to make $. Damn! Bitch, used to milked her Lexi scenes! (Just like Tre with Gia.)

    My opinion, the feud is personal. Danielle, either slept with Tommy, had relations with her x-hubby, or his family is friends with Danielle and not Dina which hurt her feelings. Dina always has this intimidated and hurt look around Danielle.

    These Manzos could careless if Danielle snorted coke and prostituted herself 25 years ago! This is the reason why Chris and Jacqueline ‘remained’ friends with her, until, Caroline step in to make sure The Family sided with her for Season 2.

    Teresa, (I know! but the competition is not that fierce, Lol!) is the Star of NJ. If she didn’t have the whole bankruptcy thing, more ventures would of came her way. Snookie for Moms, anyone?

    Talking about the Beast, does anyone wonder if it was her Brother that had the love child? Would still be her ‘nephew?’ Plus, they have the same name, easy rumor mill messed up. C’mon! Bring out the Love Child and change the fate of RHNJ, Forever!

    • Isharemymeds says:

      Pardon me, Real City Housewife= RCHW (still trying to get the hang of it) Love your blog!

    • Yes!!! I wrote somewhere else – I forget where – that Teresa was Snookie 15 years ago. Ha ha.
      I don’t think her brother had a love child, his wife just gave birth this summer.
      I honestly don’t think there is a love child, but it would be great for rating if there were.

  13. Periwinkle says:

    I’m actually wondering if there was some sort of rift netween Dina and Caroline during the time they were filming. IIRC they only filmed together twice. The first episode at the bribe fundraiser, Dina was there but I’m guessing that was contractual and then the christening where Dina seemingly greeted everyone but her sister. Was she @ the dinner @ Carolines. or had she stopped filming by then? Who the hell knows, it’s after 5:00 a.m., I haven’t slept and I am on Bravotv.com looking for pictures of Dina and Caroline together…shoot me now.

  14. Anguilla is like a dream.
    If you never been to Anguilla, it is time to make that change.
    Anguilla is a lot more then beaches and hotels and villas.
    I love Anguilla.
    I can not wait to get back to Anguilla.
    I wish I cound stay in Anguilla all year.
    Anguilla is a great place to vist and the worst place to leave.
    Why can I not find more info on Anguilla.
    I need a trip to Anguilla.

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