The RHONJ Just Can’t Stop Lying!

Huh? What relative? I don’t know what relative of mine could possibly be on the show. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have a lot of relatives. Who’s Melissa?

I hate Teresa Giudice! I really do. Can’t stand her.  ♥ Melissa.

Does anyone still doubt that the reason Teresa flipped out was because Danielle brought up a sore (jealous) subject when mentioning Melissa’s child? Love how Teresa suddenly doesn’t mind Danielle being on the show. Before she hated her and couldn’t stand her, but now she doesn’t mind her. Wow. If she suddenly doesn’t hate Danielle anymore just imagine how she must feel about Melissa.
And is it possible that Caroline’s statement was a dig at our beloved Melissa? What do you think?

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Btw, I love how they introduced all the ladies by first and last name, but then they announced “Ashley Holmes and her mother Jacqueline.” Lol. That’s what you get for letting your daughter get more air time than you.

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145 Responses to The RHONJ Just Can’t Stop Lying!

  1. momsthoughts says:

    I think the Jac intro as her mother was just an incorrect assumption that they shared the same last name…..

    I can’t stand Teresa either. She keeps trying to stick to the sound bites in these news shows and looks like a jackass…. ” We uh…uh….we ….we uh DANCE LADY GAGA MOVES.” WTF? How about a cohesive sentence…just once. DUM BASS

  2. momsthoughts says:

    is is me or does Tree also have big giant man hands?….better to grab cash with I guess.

  3. Abby Someone says:

    I absolutely agree. She didn’t flip just because Danielle was digging around. She flipped because Danielle was digging around and found Teresa’s nemisis. Teresa is all about appearances and I think it really fired her up to see the Danielle was speaking about someone Teresa wants to keep in the background.

    I can only imagine how Teresa is going to behave when Melissa comes on the scene. Both women will accuse the other of immitating them, I am sure. But clearly Teresa is trying hard to be like Melissa. Someone needs to tell Teresa, you try to keep up with the Jones’ not the Rockerfellers.

    • Teresa can’t hide her jealousy and Melissa isn’t even in the same room with her yet.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      If they’re on the show together—-remember Teresa’s reportedly holding out for mo money? (Like maybe T thinks Animal Planet’s going to call and make her an offer?)

      Anyway, if they’re together on the show, my guess is that at first they’d try to be all familia and all….but it would only be a matter of time before the tensions showed. Like who knows what other horrors T visited upon Melissa besides the cookie incident? (I’m with the fb poster who said that throwing away the cookies was a sin. Also, how utterly rude, classless, and mean of T to do and say so.)

      • Couldn’t agree more about the cookies. I tweeted her that I would never throw her cookies away. I don’t know about Melissa, but I don’t think T will be able to play nice. She has NO self control.

        • BonBon says:

          RCH…she certainly showed alot of control when Hoda/Kathie Lee asked her which relative would MAYBE be coming onto the show. Boy, take a look at her face!!!! And the non-movement of those overblown lips of hers.

          • I know! You know she wanted to get in Hoda/Kathie’s face and scream “DO NOT BRING UP MY FAMILY”.
            And then “oh I don’t know what relative…. they talked to a lot of relative and friends… bla bla bla” Does she not read the blogs?! Who does she think she’s fooling? Oh right, her bat shit stupid fans who buy her book.

      • momsthoughts says:

        I have a SIL who would TOTALLY do that and it REALLY bugs me. I know just how Melissa feels about her gift being dumped…and Tree never even brings a gift to her home…..

  4. Meg1964 says:

    Teresa looked like hell, didn’t she?

    I hate the way Jacqueline always feels the need to try and help Teresa with her lies. They talk over each other.

    When Teresa said to the host (paraphrasing here) “enough talk about danielle, let’s talk about….” Please tell me the dumb bitch didn’t say “Marriage of Quality”. I’m too tired to listen to it again, but that’s what it sounded like to me.

    I also despise hearing Teresa say “alls” instead of “all”. I cringe everytime she says it.

  5. LynnNChicago says:

    Great Blog! Please be sure to post it on my blog as well, I know they’d love to see this!

    When I originally watched the Today show segment I didn’t know about Melissa so watching it again, knowing what we know now about Teresa’s sis in law, Melissa it all clicks!

    Tersea is so transparent! She cannot stand the fact that her sister in law is going to steal her thunder!

    How great is this going to be, a really good reason to watch RHONJ next season, clearly Bravo is anxious to get another season put together, they’re filming so quickly, the final reunion hasn’t even aired yet and they’re filming another season, none of the other cities work that quickly!

    Thanks for the great blog girl!! :)xo

    • Thanks!
      Yeah I’m really excited for season 3 now. And Bravo knows it’s gonna be good. I hear that they’ve been taping Melissa for weeks already. That has to be like a record for starting a new season. And Teresa acts like she doesn’t know what relative they’re talking about. Lmao.

    • askinnygirl says:

      I agree with you Lynn. I guess I will have to endure another season of RHONJ. I just hope it is what I think it will be and not another boring Caroline advice session in her kitchen. I never even saw her cook in those scenes. I was seriously bored this season. I only watched because I enjoyed reading your engaging blogs after the episodes.

      • BonBon says:

        I honestly believe that another hw from nj is leaving (other than danielle). and my suspicion is it would be Caroline. What does she need this show for? Her ego is sufficient. Her family is stable. The business is apparently good. I don’t see any good in her staying, because, she of all of them, realizes the importance of family. Love her or hate her, she really is the only halfway decent mother on the show and like she says:
        “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”. JMO.

  6. momsthoughts says:

    She can’t even complete a cohesive thought…every time I see her on tv she has Caroline or Jac trying to cover or clean up what she is trying to say. She is such a moron and would do herself a huge favor if she just kept her mouth shut!

  7. Wall St Lady says:

    Bravo wants hair pulling & BAD behavior among stolen ,grifted or $$ “sucked” to achieve viewers.

    Andy laughs at them all.
    His favorites have ratings power & NOTHING more. !

    Let me tell you why I think Dung ell will join the NYC cast.

    Also I will explain why IHATEJILLZARRIN.
    I was always sickened by ill’s season 1 into.
    ILL is in a rented limo & says she has so many society parties to choose between.
    (Notice she cabbed it the rest of the season.)

    I have watched NYC & PB society for 30 years, as a business woman, I am viewed as being too busy w/work to compete with the socially ambitious so I have not been excluded. Which just means if I want to buy a $1ooo ticket I can.( I will save seating arrangements for another “fight”)
    In my experience there r several types of players.

    Dina Merrill & deceased Doris Duke represent the TRUE socialites. Both r , were very nice & sought after like diamonds. They have social sec & access to them after events is limited.

    Next u have the Novo like Jill who pant like thirsty dogs to be invited. It is also hard to get on a committee to organize an event. Jill made/donated table cloths for events for years b4 she got to buy a $10 000 table next to the service entrance.

    Then there r those like Soya (who I don’t think cares about society only her $$) & Louman who marry older men who r part of society. These women r usually ignored for at least 5 years. Then the older women still fear they might b on the make for a richer husband (upgrade)so they don’t have them for lunch unless it is to tell them “u go near my $$ tree & I will take u down w/ a 20 year old nanny”. They sit at the right tables only when next to their sugar husband. But they look good.

    In the 70 s PB society was known to b run by several Madame Claude girls. They were call girls trained in Paris to be the best at hanky panky & as a matter of fact what the Mayflower Madam was trying to achieve. These women were picked out by their husbands knowing their pasts & most stayed married, had children & were very much society leaders. Most were nice & friendly to all.

    Then there were women with a past who were mean as hell to all women. I think they hoped to scare all other women so they would b fearful to cross them in any way !

    Next there is the ugly or fat rich heiress type who either is very funny or very shy. These types usually have an “in the closet husband” or a gigolo who is good looking.

    Then there r true celebrities who r welcome & r usually the nicest in the bunch. (They may b acting). They are probably someones guest but their ticket is always paid for as is every seat.

    I am going to throw up if I see ill in PB. She could be invited by the type that married up & is generally ignored & thinks ill would b a conversation piece.

    It really is a hornets nest.
    I was welcomed for several reasons but mostly because I can get corporate donations like getting Net Jet (owned by Warren Buffet) to donate $50 000 of air time & have a helaplane land at the do.
    My husband has Cary Grant looks so the women don’t see me as a treat. (Did I already say that ?)

    U might ask why would I subject myself to this sugar.?I have several wonderful friends who really live in PB who actually are committed to the cause & put their heart into the cause as chairman of a do. I always support & help my friends. I did co chair one event & it was like having another job. But besides helping the cause I can say I chaired a major PB do.

    Ok so now my final point.
    When Dungelle s comes around the desperate wanna bs like ill; she will run like hell not wanting to even breathe the same air for fear of association & social death.

    The greatest thing that could happen would b to force ill to b associated w/ Dungelle. That is as good as calling Dungella her peer.

    If Andy wants to stir the pot throwing Dungella in the NY pot will. Cause ill to”have a fit & fall in it” ”
    None of the other girls will like it either.

    Andy : “Let the games begin”
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    • Lol
      I don’t think it will ever happen. The NY ladies would refuse to film before filming with Danielle. It would be entertaining though. Scary Island Part 2 starring Jill, Kelly, and Danielle. I’d watch it.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        With those three together it would be be “Monster Chiller Horror Theatre.” (SCTV)

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          Loved SCTV! Remember them doing Perry Como? LMAO

          • Need a Hobby says:

            I loved SCTV too. Great ensemble cast. Classic lunacy. 😀

            • Sardonica says:

              Remember the ad for the new Joni Mitchell album…Songs Only Dogs Can Hear? haha…I still recall the song parodys and I love Joni M
              Also, Monster Horror Chiller was supposed to be in 3-D. My husband and I still do that fake 3-D in and out thing with plates, etc at times. Can you imagine if they decided to put RHW in 3-D Now that would be true horror…scary stuff!!!!!!!!

  8. julieintexas says:

    I rarely comment but just wanted to say thank ya thank ya for putting that video on
    your blog! Teresa is one jealous disgusting liar! Did you notice she lied about the last time she had seen Danielle – the fashion show – i think not Teresa – how bout the country club where you acted like a caged animal (ape) and chased your prey while screaming like a freakin banchie! What even disgusts me more are her little bullies that are making excuses for this idiot! I watched the rerun of the reunion today and Andy was reading a viewer comment to Caroline about how the viewer thought she was not pretty enough (basically ugly as hell) to be a stripper – and in response to the comment that the VIEWER said – Caroline starts to go off on Danielle about it like it was D making the comment. Geeezz every freakin time these bullies were put on the spot it turned out to be Danielle’s fault! Caroline is just as jealous of Danielle as T is of this Melissa chick. Jaq just looks desperate to make D look bad which makes her look like a 6th grader! Just a little hint to Jaq – um if D’s kids are getting crap at school about the way her mom acts on the show – I can only imagine how your children and T’s kids are being abused at school – ya might wanna check that out! Athough I have never had a favorite housewife on the Jersey show – I have changed my mind – Danielle you go girl – I love it cause you called it out on season one – the posers will be exposed! Team Danielle Mafia! ha – thanks Real City Housewife – love your blog!

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    OT – at the reunion it was said that Caroline’s daughter did their make up/styling. so do you think that she is the one responsible for Caroline’s “new look”? While I am glad that Caroline has lost weight, I really don’t think she looks better….

    • That reunion makeup was awful. It would have looked good on a 20 yr old going to the club, but not on Caroline.
      Not age or situation appropriate.

      I don’t think Caroline’s weight loss made her look better. I think she lost the weight too fast and her skin is sagging making her look older and unhealthy. Portion control my ass. She did something drastic.

      • Isharemymeds says:

        I’ver always said lipo or lap band just like hubby. Bitch, has a gym and personal trainer in her OWN home, but we always see her in the kitchen. Go figure! I always wonder why she doesn’t throw her ‘friend’ a bone, and plugs Tre’s healthy recipes & portion control. Huh?

        All of them are fat! Albert, probably was ready to die and had to do something, but poor Lauren, spitting image of her Father with golf balls for ankles.

      • BonBon says:

        I think she needed more of a tan. I suppose it’s good that she doesn’t have tanorexia like Tre and Dan, but it would have helped her alot that night.

    • julieintexas says:

      While I think Lauren is a good kid and probably does a great job doing makeup I would say that she can only do so much for her mother! Caroline should lose the evil negative bully attitude that lies and makes excuses for her criminal friends – and admit that Danielle isn’t such a terrible person! It will never happen though she has to much pride – I think the hate is aging her and not in a good way! She made this happen – Karma always comes back and it’s coming back real ugly to Caroline!

      • momsthoughts says:

        Did you read the article that said Tree is coming out with a new cosmetic line? I really really hope Lauren is not going into that biz with Tree. You know Tree will totally screw her and then when it crashes and burns – she will leave Lauren holding the bag. Lauren seems like a very nice young lady. So, I hope Tree isn’t dragging Lauren into her monkey makeup.

        • Who the F is gonna buy makeup from Teresa??
          It’s probably just another money laundering scheme anyway. There probably isn’t even any actual makeup. Just “makeup”.

          • Anonymous says:

            Her makeup is hideous!! Its too dark, bad colors (purple eyeshadow?)…and doesn’t compliment her bad complexion. It always looks so heavy.. like she applied it with a spackle. Then it starts to look greasy. Ugh

  10. Marina says:

    To state the obvious, if it wasn’t for Danielle, what would we have watched? Teresa, and Carolyn making meatballs? Stupid Jacqueline stuffing food in that baby?

  11. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks for letting me visit !

  12. siennarose says:

    Might I inquire as to whom this blog site is operated/registered by?

  13. Madeline says:

    Loving your blog! Loving the Teresa hate…team Danielle!!!!

  14. Sardonica says:

    haha…great clip. Thank you!
    Everyone is on to T except T, or so it seems. Many great comments on this blog, too. Carloline does look much older since she lost weight. I think she most likely had the same surgical procedure Albert had. They all seem to stuff their fat faces often enough and I never saw her eating celery at the familia table. She reminds me of Sharon Osborne as she ages, the hair and all. Alllllllll, will be heard next and Teeeeeeeeeeeeee. The sis in lw will make for an interesting season and I just may change my mind and give this group another shot at it. I enjoyed the post by Wall Street. So true about the Dina Merrill’s, etc. That is what I thought these shows were going to be about…class, not the trash we have been shoveled by Bravo. Have to say this is interesting in it’s own way thanks to these blogs. If I couldn’t come here or go to other blogs I would be too frustrated by the likes of these wimmin. I need to read the venting of others and do a bit of my own, too.Fun stuff

    • Sharon Osborn – you are so right!
      I saw a pic of Caroline from back in the day and she had shoulder length hair the color of Dina’s (or maybe it was one of her sisters, but it looked like her) anyway she looked soooo much better. I don’t know why she insists on sticking with the short fire engine red hair.
      Also; she has red hair, Dina has blue eyes and blond hair… you sure this family is even Italian? Maybe only half?

      I think Bravo originally wanted the shows to be about high class rich women but classy women don’t do reality shows. They had a really hard time finding the NY women. That’s why they signed Bethenny and Alex to a show that was supposed to be called “Manhattan Moms”. No one else wanted to do it. Sonja was (supposedly) one of the first people they asked to be on the show. But she and pretty much everyone else they asked turned it down. That’s why they ended up with Jill Zarin etc. I think they thought they lucked out when they signed a Countess, but soon realized that the viewers would rather see tables flipped in NJ than women talk about class and manners in NY. It was my utter frustration over Kelly and Scary Island that led me to create this blog in the first place. In season one I enjoyed the show, but didn’t feel the need to discuss it afterwards. Bravo is smart, they know exactly what they are doing.

  15. siennarose says:

    RE: Who runs this site?
    Yes I read in “About Me” (YOU), it doesn’t give a name or where you are based out of. I would like to know, that is, if you don’t mind?

    • I could ask you the same question.
      How do I know Lynda didn’t hire you to sue me?
      How do I know the Manzo’s didn’t hire you to wack me?
      A girl can’t be too careful you know. 😉

      • siennarose says:

        Well my name is Ann, I am in Washington, state that is.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        What I know is RCH looks like a million bucks and has a sense of humor that saves me on some days. She is intelligent and kind-hearted but really enjoys humor, and she has a low tolerance for BS. I adore her and what I know about her is enough for me. She is not on reality TV nor a fame-whore so I see no need to probe her personal life. She runs a great blog. I feel the same about her posters, I know them well enough but I’m not going to move in with them. They are great people for the purposes that I interact with them, we have a fun time together. Is there need for more curiosity…..are you thinking of proposing to RCH? Got your back RCH.

        • siennarose says:

          Frankly, I didn’t ask for your input, so back off!

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree with tuz but then again it could be any of the other posters or even sienna responding to sienna, or rchw resonding to herself or a myriad of other options. This is the internet, Ann in Washington the state. I chose to belive no one on the internet. Why I often don’t believe myself here and I am quite honest, truth be told?! So, what was the question again?

          • Tam5115 says:

            Zip it.

          • Dreemz says:

            I sense that you are experiencing some anger issues. Hopefully, you live in a community where there are some mental health services available to you…perhaps some counseling.

          • BonBon says:

            Siennarose (strange color for a rose, but nevernomind). Pay attention Pu-Lease: There are 2 truths here:
            1. You go though ME to get to Dina (I mean RCH)
            2. Or you go through 2 cents’ worth to get to her.
            Other than that, if you have a question that doesn’t have to identify her in case of a “hit” or “kidnapping” you might want to put out on her, ask it like everyone else on here does. Then we will clap for you!

        • tuz – thank you! ♥

          anon – LOL

          sien – watch the attitude please. If you are going to be rude at least do it in a funny way.
          I don’t understand your interest in my personal life.
          I’m really not interested in advertising who I am. Real Housewives is a guilty pleasure, and this blog is my dirty little secret.

  16. Sardonica says:

    oooooo, please excuse all of the typos. This was a drive by comment : ) and I am a typoese queen at the best of times
    P.S. I don’t usually apologize for typos but feeling a bit neurotic this afternoon as opposed to the usual insane

  17. Sardonica says:

    geeeeeeee, sorry about the anon post and then the Sardonica apology

  18. Sardonica says:

    lol cyberland and realtime sooo confusing. Now no personal info to readers. I was correcting my poorly typed 1st comment went through as anon. And we think the RHW are nuts? huh? lol

  19. Sardonica says:

    yes, erase

  20. Sardonica says:

    You indulged the person because you , like the rest of us, are under the “Spell Of The Bravo Housewives” :::cue eerie music::: omg! is that Danielle I hear singing about girl lovin’? I need to stop taking Ambien for sleep!!!

  21. siennarose says:

    I’d say you all are a little paranoid. All I did was ask a simple question & right away you started to analize. You could have just said, I prefer not to answer & go on, but instead, you went in another direction. See how things can get out of hand & so quickly?
    I know it is fun & I enjoy all of your comments, well most all of them, however, I prefer to wait until the laundry comes out of the washer, before I pass my opinion on the outcome.
    I don’t care to be judged by those who have not taken the time to get know me, & I am sure none of you do either. Like I said, I was just asking a simple question! So with that said, have a nice day………..Ann

  22. Ok, ok, lets all calm down! Calm Down! CALM DOWN!!!

    Sienna – No one is paranoid. It’s not paranoia when the Manzo’s are really after you. You have to understand, you were not asking a simple question, you were asking a personal question. And when I blew it off and made a joke out of it – twice – you still kept asking. This was the first time you ever spoke (wrote?) to me and that was the very first thing you asked. It’s just a little… how can I put it…. out of the ordinary.
    Sardonica is right, you should not give out personal info over the internet. It’s nothing personal, but I don’t know if you are really Ann from Washington. You could be in Nigeria for all I know and once the Nigerian’s get your info it’s all downhill from there. (Nothing against Nigerians – very intelligent scammers, they could teach the Giudice’s a few things).
    It’s not a dating service here. It’s just RH gossip.
    The responses to you were all pretty funny. Maybe you didn’t get the jokes?
    And telling Tuzen to “back off!” with a –> ! <– was uncalled for. You can be snarky, but no outright rude comments. I don't like that. I'm glad you enjoy the blog and you are welcome to read and post here any time but you need to be respectful. We come here to hate Housewives, not each other.

  23. siennarose says:

    you put yourself at such importance to this entire matter, (Manzo’s wanting you wacked)? (about you being sued by so & so), OMG, what nonsense is that?
    Anyhow, as I said, have a nice day, really…………..Good-bye

    • Squirrels says:

      Jeebus.. It’s times like this I’m glad I already finished menopause. I forgot how much PMS sucks. Seems the newbie hasn’t experienced enough of your blogs to recognize it’s like a female version of “The Onion.” Glad you invited her/him to stay. It’s all good, discord acknowledged, move forward without guilt.

      P.s. Does “CALM DOWN” equate to “GO TO SLEEP!!!”

      Just curious…. (bats her eyes innocently)

    • Nonsense?! Are you crazy?! The Manzo’s literally tried to claw my eyes out! And Lynda, oh Lynda with her proverbial lawyers and her black kabuki eye makeup. And Teresa is like totally channeling the animal kindgom. She’s like “eh” “eh” “eh” and I’m like “uh” uh” uh”. I literally had nightmares. I threw up! And you are going to sit there and call this nonsense?! You are not a chef! You are creepy!

      Would you like a jelly bean?

    • BonBon says:

      My G-d, I thought you were gone by now.
      OK. It’s unfortunate but necessary to call in my entourage of Hell’s Angels, ex-cons and Danny P. to put a stop to this. I mean, I
      can’t even go out in the state of Washington and buy a panini knowing you are lurking in the wings somewhere trying to murder me or my little sister. What HORROR!
      I think I will just have to call my lawyer, Al Sharpton, and put a restraining
      order out on Ann from Washington.
      Now are you happy?????

    • Shari says:

      I Theresa! Nice of you to join us. So, have you gone apeshit on anyone lately? Enquiring minds NEED to know. 🙂

      • tuzentswurth says:

        In retrospect, this sounds like it could be Caroline. She recognized the Manzo’s but didn’t get the Lynda reference. Good thing you stayed incognito.

  24. redcapd says:

    I just want you to know, I may not always agree with your blogs/opinions but, you sure make me laugh like hell. Thank you for that. In fact, I laugh out loud so much lately between the blogs and Twitter that my family is thinking Ive lost my mind. Thanks for the laughs!

    • I’m glad I can make you laugh even when you disagree!
      I laugh out loud too at some of the conversations that go on here. Hubby got used to it. But the dog still thinks I’m nuts.

    • Bea from NJ says:

      LOL! I love it .. my family, roommate & friends think I’ve lost it too when I burst out LOL at a tweet or a blog. I enjoy it all for what it is … my addiction to RH!

  25. DillonJoseph says:

    Sienna, Hunny,
    You came here, questioning about this person. They sent you where to get the info and you thought it wasn’t enough. Do you want her social security number?! DAMN!
    I mean, You were stone cold serious about it, I am sure if you were joking around, she would have been more lenient. ANYWHO, its not my buisness 🙂 Good Day!

  26. Hi Dillon! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  27. Sarah310 says:

    hey lovely owner of this site-
    If that commentator “siennarose” isn’t smart enough to google how to find the owner of a site, she isn’t smart enough to understand that if you are in the public eye, libel law doesn’t apply. Plus- these women on these shows give themselves a negative image on their own…no one needs to do it for them on a blog.

  28. Need a Hobby says:

    Satire, parody….it’s not for everyone.

    Not widely known of course, but Reese W here (yes, it’s really her) is in the Federal Witness Protection program. The movie gig is a hiding in plain sight thing. She didn’t always look that way, but after a little “dental work” she was given a new identity and a new backstory. The poor waitress from Paramus, NJ was no more. It’s a long story. In return, she does a few little odd jobs on the side. Like this blog.

    Also not widely known, Dina’s a major enforcer in the Manzo-Laurita gang. The ditzy housewife thing is just a cover. (The nekkid cat, however, and all the tchotkes are real. Go figure.) Caroline’s the brains of the operation, Dina’s the muscle. When Dina doesn’t want to break a nail or mess up her blow out (which is most of the time), she delegates. Jacqueline was brought in from Vegas a few years ago to oversee the operation. That explains the tension between them.

    Think it’s a coincidence that Teresa’s in Vegas now after the recent revelations? Think it was a coincidence that Zarin went there for her “anniversary?” (She runs the NY branch BTW.) Yeah, it’s bigger than just New Jersey. The Real Housewives series is a cover for a nationwide operation. But we’re on to them. And we’re watching.


    • tuzentswurth says:

      Wow, it all makes sense now!

    • Distressed says:


      Caroline is the politically connected Don with deep connections into the NJ police force. Bernie kerik, the fundraiser for the cops, and now Albie will be her most powerful asset deep inside the Passaic Volunteer Sheriff’s Department.

      Dina is the muscle delegating the really serious hits to Grandma Winkles. They never see that murderous feline coming. That’s why she has those cats, just sayin’.

      And Jax, codename babydoll, is in charge of the skim. Explains why she can’t sleep before she “unloads” those huge suitcases, they’re full of cash money.

      All the signs are there.

      Danny is writing the screen play and Danielle is f’ing the director, who hasn’t been chosen yet. So she’s just trying to get with every man in NJ in the hope that one of them will be eventually named director and thus in a position to give her a bit part. It’s a smart way to go, for Danielle.

      “Follow the money … everyone is involved.”

  29. Stephb says:

    Wow! I go to bed for a few hours and this is what happens! Hope you feel the love RCH – You are Hilarious and some RHW’s ask for it with their antics on and off screen. Makes for great blogs but all in fun!

    Sienna-Seriously creepy creepy. Don’t make it personal (questions that is)!

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  32. colibrimoon says:

    Okay, now that she is gone, you guys can tell me the truth. Each of you will provide the following:
    1. Real Name including: middle, maiden, conformation and any other names that will identify you correctly
    2. Current known address: i need to make it clear because I’m thinking some of you are shady
    3. employer, again current, not interested in all the places that fired you lazy asses
    4. occupation
    5. submit photo
    6. submit photo of current spouse
    7. submit photo of children that you favor or the children that are not incarcerated

    thank you for participating. i will forward the info to my friend, Olatunde, whose son, Obafemi, is trapped in London and won’t be released until he can verify that he has friends in America from good backgrounds…

    Howz that?

  33. LOVE YOUR BLOG…but when it comes to Teresa, I just don’t know which eye to look at. Funny lookin’ chic or just me?????

  34. humbruh says:

    Teresa is so full of shit-ake mushrooms!

  35. Madeline says:

    OMG…you guys are hysterical. Love, love, love reading your blog and comments. Thanks for the laughs.

  36. Um..not cool to ask a blogger her name in a comment section. A lawyer would know that’s not only unprofessional but irresponsible, because giving out your personal information online to strangers is a risky proposition and never should be done in a public venue like this.

    Be careful. He/she may try again with a different tactic.

  37. Ol’ SiennaRose was an incredibly strange read, thanks for referring to this post from the more recent one. I doubt it was Teresa though, simply because she isn’t smart enough to figure out how to turn on a computer, much less how to spell words with more than one letter in them.

    Either way, it’s not being paranoid, if they’re really after you. Maybe one of these days, these reality “stars” will figure out that they are public figures by their own design, and therefore not entitled to the same defamation protection as private citizens. For that reason, if you want to post something saying one of them lost their virginity to their father in an outhouse, the US Supreme Court has already specifically upheld your right to do that.

  38. Abby Park says:

    Theresa simply cannot articulate a thought. Is it my imagination or has Caroline toned down the red hair color since Danielle threw that clown remark back in her face. This is my new favorite blog.

    • Thank you! I don’t know if Caroline changed the color, it looked the same at the reunion. But she would be smart to change it. I don’t find that unnatural red color appealing after watching the Housewives shows. It reminds me of Jill Zarin and clowns.

  39. JenFromJersey says:

    oh my. Neander-T DID say “Marriage of Quality” – hahaha. She is such a horses ass, no offense to the horses. I am SO happy that SIL Melissa is coming to torment Tee next season! How lovely! I am an Italian, from Jersey, and I know how the SIL wars go, and this looks like a great one! In laws hardly stand a chance, especially when they are more attractive and richer. HAHAHAHA!!! And when their children are FAR cuter, and so much less simian-like. It must really get Tee’s goat. This show really says so very much about the human condition. A sane, rational person would get the hell out of this show as soon as possible, but Tee sees her kids in People magazine dressed as mini-prostitution whores, and gets her cookbook published, has her own ‘happy wife’ t-shirts selling in the hundreds (??) and now a makeup line! Wow! Um, who the hell is buying this crap from this distasteful heifer? Who is offering her these opportunities? Who at People magazine is tied into Joe Giudice or the Gorga family, that they allow her kids to be in the publication dressed so mediocrely? I buy Danielle’s lovely daughter as a model, yes. But Gia? HAHAHAHAH! really? It’s bizzaro world. But then again, New Jersey is bizzaro world.

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