Real Housewife Poll: Voice Your Opinion Here – It Doesn’t Count for Anything, But it’s Fun!

If you checked “other” please explain in the comments section. Unfortunately the answer you write in doesn’t show up in the poll results.

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15 Responses to Real Housewife Poll: Voice Your Opinion Here – It Doesn’t Count for Anything, But it’s Fun!

  1. Raquel Papel says:

    I like all the buzz going around about Melissa…she is very pretty and I love love love the fact that Teresa and her do not get along.

  2. E K says:

    I would like Mrs. Mastropole or the wife of any of Joe’s creditors to be the next housewife.

  3. Meg1964 says:

    While I love the choices you listed (except Dina), I would like to see the Bankruptcy trustee as the newest housewife/husband. 😀

    • Raquel Papel says:

      oh that would be good…the Trustee can call Teresa a liar every time she says, my house is not in foreclosed…she needs to go back to English class. Oh wait she is a college graduate, silly me

      • Teresa and Kelly have made me lose all hope in the education process. If that’s what a college education get you, then I’ll let my (future) kids stay home and watch tv all day. Teresa could learn something from Sesame Street.

  4. Jeana says:

    Joe Mastropole’s wife!

    Joe Mastropole = Joe’s ex business partner…the one that Joe forged his name so he could secure another million dollar loan!

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    While I would love to see T’s SIL on next season, I would also like to see someone who is not related to any of these posers – who has real money, who does charity work, who is current on fashions and is funny. Truly I am tired of kitchens, children and women who have no education or career!

  6. Vodka and Faux Pearls says:



  7. @Melissa_Gorga – twitter!

  8. I think Tommy would be great as the NJ girl’s “Dwight.”

  9. CRP says:

    I would like to see someone with just a little more class and integrity. These silly girls are representing New Jersey, how embarrassing!

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