Melissa Gorga vs Teresa Giudice – Home Edition

Meet Melissa Gorga

She is Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, and the next Real Housewife of New Jersey. Melissa worked as a secretary for Teresa’s brother Guiseppe before marrying him and becoming a housewife. They have three children together; two boys and a girl. Her youngest son is the infamous “nephew” mentioned at the reunion on Monday night. Her and Teresa aren’t exactly bff’s and Teresa is reportedly very unhappy that she is going to be a part of the show. According to rumors Teresa blocked Melissa from joining the show in the past and is threatening Bravo with “it’s her or me”. Maybe this is why Teresa became so insanely mad over the mere mention of Melissa’s child? Maybe the addition of Melissa to the cast is what was really fueling her raging outburst and her anger was not about her family being brought up on air, but about the fact that her family is now going to be on the air with her, and undoubtedly stealing her spot light. Melissa has a stunning home that blows all other Real Housewives’ homes out of the water. And that’s including the New York ladies’ Hamptons homes. She reportedly has a live-in maid and two live-in nannies. If all of Teresa’s sex talk is directed at Joe’s mistress, do you think all of her “I do it all myself” talk is directed at Melissa?

A lot of the tension between the women is said to be fueled by jealousy. From my personal observations it appears that (just like everything else in Teresa’s life) her home is a cheap imitation of her sister-in-laws. Melissa’s house is described as European-influenced. Teresa described her house in season one as having a “French Château” look. And the similarities don’t stop there. Let’s compare:

Teresa’s marble mausoleum   vs   Melissa’s mansion

Teresa’s entry   vs   Melissa’s entry

Teresa’s Great Room   vs   Melissa’s Great Room

Teresa’s kitchen   vs   Melissa’s kitchen
(I was wondering where she got the idea for two different shades of wood.)

Teresa’s hallway   vs   Melissa’s hallway

Gia’s bedroom   vs   Melissa’s daughter’s bedroom
(Note the furniture)

Teresa’s full length windows   vs   Melissa’s full length windows

Teresa’s fugazi urn   vs   Melissa’s urn

Teresa’s chairs   vs   Melissa’s chairs

Teresa’s chandelier and ceiling   vs   Melissa’s chandelier and ceiling

Teresa’s swing set vs   Melissa’s swing set
(Don’t see Teresa’s swing set? Look in the background)

Teresa’s house doesn’t look so big anymore, does it?

I’d be jealous too if I were Teresa.

Hey Melissa , if you hate Teresa as much as rumors suggest – you are gonna love me!

But I still hope they add Kim G too!


Click here for more pictures plus Melissa’s facebook posts

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309 Responses to Melissa Gorga vs Teresa Giudice – Home Edition

  1. Whateva says:

    I love teresa!!

  2. HannahBooLovesU says:

    Great post and thank you for sharing all of this gossip! ;D

    RealCityHousewife: Do you have any idea when there will there be another great Melissa/Teresa comparison?

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Jada says:

    I think this blog is ridiculous. How can you possibly think Teresa’s home is cheap and ridiculously tacky. People, you are insane including this blogger. This home has marble, granite, and onyx. Something that you guys wouldn’t be able to afford with a pension plan. I admire Teresa’s house and Melissa’s home is beautiful as well but there is no need to show so much hatred towards someone you honestly don’t know. I’m sure Melissa is going to be a great new, dramatic housewife but Teresa does not deserve this from you. On the show, you literally only get a window into their life so you really don’t know Teresa. I’m sure that she is a great person if you get to know her. I think what’s despicable and tacky is you guys wasting your time to show hatred towards somebody you don’t know. It sick.

    • I think having the word “fabulicious” in your email name says it all.
      This blog is from months ago.
      No one cares about Teresa’s house anymore.
      We’re making fun of Phaedra now.
      Please try to keep up.

      • Jada says:

        Wow, and you just go on and on. I don’t care about Phaedra. I love Teresa and excited about Melissa. So when I wanted to do my research on Melissa to know what to expect for Season 3 of RHONJ, I found your disgusting blog saying ridiculous things about both women. You sure have a lot of balls.

    • Jane says:

      ha! Teresa can’t afford marble, granite or onyx either – that is how she got herself into her financial mess to begin with….pretty sad you would defend an outright thief – you know how many business will probably close their doors because they were defrauded/swindled by Teresa and Joe? What other criminals do you hero worship?

      • Candace says:

        Exactly right! The Giudices couldn’t afford the house, the cars, the last baby even.

        I heard that the fertility doctor put a lien against them.

      • Cecilia says:

        How do you know what thy can afford? Are you the county auditor? Nope, probably not. I’m sure they could of. If you would have listened, they actually told you why they filed bankruptcy. They owned building for rent. If no one rents, how on God’s great Earth could they afford mortgage on probably a $50,000,000.00 building. Like they said, they owned many buildings. You can’t blame them for those curve-balls. That’s what happens sometimes. Grow up Jane. I’m most definitely sure they could have afforded the things that were in their house that they could afford. If they couldn’t afford it, don’t you think they would have filed Foreclosure??? Hmm? What about that.

  4. Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

    Did anyone else notice the scale on Teresa’s kitchen table? Hmmm, wonder what that was for?

  5. Desiree says:

    Wow Jada…if we only have a window to the lives of these women, how can you be so passionately defensive of Teresa? You speak as if you personally know her. ?? It’s especially refreshing since YOUR tax money will be paying off her $11 million bankruptcy. Yes, that’s right, your tax money will help Teresa stay in the home that you defend so earnestly in your post. Now, back to the subject..I can’t wait to see what Melissa is like, and what other women she will become friends with. She sure has an absolutely gorgeous family! Her children are just beautiful.

    • Jada says:

      I don’t care if my tax money is helping her. I think it’s crazy that all of you passionately hate her. When I went to a booksigning of her, we were on line for 5 hours and the line lead outside. That’s right, over 500 people would wait on line for a long time just to meet Teresa for only 3 minutes. And it’s like that for every bookstore that welcomes her, which is most of them. I swear, I read this blog when I’m constapated. Thats how much I hate it. And honestly, her kids and herself will NEVER be as beautiful as Teresa and her daughters. I actaully got to meet Gia at the booksigning and she is SOOOO much prettier in person.

      • All I have to say to you is: just wait until season 4…. just wait. LOL

        And I don’t understand why you would read this blog when you’re constipated. How does that make sense? Does it help you go, or… I’m confused.

        • TT in OC says:

          Thanks RCH. I was wondering what “constapated” means.

        • Sangfroid says:

          I believe that Jada is suggesting that when she finds herself stuck in the bathroom for awhile due to constipation, she finally has time to read and enjoy this blog.
          Having said this, I am wiping my keyboard down in full germophobic mode as I am appalled at the imagery of anyone sitting on the commode with their laptop. Ick!
          Shudders. YMMV

      • Need a Hobby says:

        “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

        “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

        You sure those weren’t just her creditors waiting in line?

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        “And it’s like that for every bookstore that welcomes her, which is most of them.”
        This confused me, can you elaborate please?

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          I guess I should have included more to make this statement as clear as thick mud….
          “That’s right, over 500 people would wait on line for a long time just to meet Teresa for only 3 minutes. And it’s like that for every bookstore that welcomes her, which is most of them.”

          • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

            I can only assume it means not all of the bookstores welcome Teresa, just most of them. I have a feeling I’d be welcome at the non-welcoming bookstores.

      • Shari says:

        “And it’s like that for every bookstore that welcomes her, which is most of them.”

        And just how do you know this? Are you stalking Theresa? lol

  6. Candace says:

    I am looking forward to the next season of RHONJ, I really am. You can tell how turbulent it will be and it’s fun trying to decide who the teams will be.

  7. Desiree says:

    @ Jada: Do not make assumptions about peoples’ opinions. You said “I think it’s crazy that all of you passionately hate her.” I never wrote that I hate Teresa. I actually came to this website to read about who Melissa Gorga is. Maybe many other people came to this website for the same reason. Maybe we’re just shocked by the news of Teresa’s finances, which the MEDIA publicly published..not us! If this website bothers you so much, and makes you “constipated”, than you shouldn’t read it or write about it.

  8. pantsonfire says:

    TROLL!! Hide the kids…cept for Gia.

  9. Desiree says:

    Doesn’t anyone have an idea of when the new season of Real Housewives of NJ begins? I haven’t seen any commercials for it yet. But Melissa’s neighbors were quoted, on several websites, saying that filming already began quite a while ago.

  10. DNP says:

    Ha, ha! This is great– however you forgot to compare their foreheads, (or in Theresa’s case the lack thereof). She looks like a Neanderthal!

  11. Nikki says:

    Im impressed, I must say. Very rarely do I come across a site that\

  12. Cecilia says:

    You’ve only got one thing right here, Melissa’s house is much more beautiful than Teresa’s. Otherwise your not too smart with this post. Melissa had her home built AFTER Teresa’s. Melissa built her’s in 2008 and Teresa finished in 2006. Melissa copied Teresa! You have got it all backwards. If you don’t like Teresa, then fine. But, bash someone’s hard work and effort on something you probably could never drea of having. I don’t know about you but a $5,000,000.00 house is NOT very easy to come by. If that house isn’t good enough for you than, OH WELL, SHE SHOULD BE OH SO SORRY! NOT. It’s her home, she can decide how she furnishes her own home as you can with yours. This is a really retarded post. You spent so much time fabricating this story about Melissa Gorge and Teresa Giudice, you make such pointless lie, and for what?? For nothing, thats what. People go through enough, specially people with money. They get it and then lose it. Etc. It’s really not your place to judge.

    • RCH says:

      Umm… this blog is so old I normally wouldn’t bother to comment here, but since you called me a liar I feel the need to defend myself.

      – We saw that Teresa’s house was still being finished in Season 1 – that was 2009 not 2006
      – Teresa’s house is not worth 5mil
      – I didn’t bash anyone’s hard work, neither Teresa or Joe worked hard to afford that house (they technically didn’t afford it at all….)
      – Teresa has money? Bwwuahahahaha. Ok. Have you read a newspaper lately?

      • Cecilia says:

        Really? Hmmm well according to the Morris County Auditor listing, the house is appraised at 5 million dollars. Also they bought their land in 2005. If you know anything about building a house, you would know that someone interested in building a house isn’t going to just buy land and put whatever they want there. You first design and plan you home, then you buy land, then build. Also if you knew anything about bankruptcy, you would know that now you actually do have money to freely spend. When they were 11 mil in debt they had no money to spend but now they do. Enough time has gone by that the discharge would go through so they are back on their feet. Do you realize how many times people like Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy????? Over 3 times. I think it would be absolutely hilarious to take pictures of your house and compare them to others. I bet you would absolutely love that. Especially if i took really dark, faded and ugly ones. I dont care if this is old, or not. 7 months isn’t that old. If it’s that old then erase it.

        • RCH says:

          Why would I erase my old blog??? R u crazy?
          It’s not “when they were 11 mil in dept…” they ARE 11 mill in debt.
          Trump’s business went bankrupt, not him personally. Not the same thing.
          There are plenty of pics of my condo (not house) online actually. But I’m not gonna tell you where! 😉

          • Cecilia says:

            They’re actually not 11 million dollars in debt, hun. They filed BANKRUPTCY. Do you know what that word means? I know it’s kind of a big word isn’t it. It means that the debt is CLEARED. 😉

            • RCH says:

              They debt isn’t cleared. They filed bankruptcy, that doesn’t mean they got it. And they might not ever get it because they committed perjury when they lied under oath about how much money they were really making. All this info is online if you bothered to look.
              Anyway, if you care to comment on the new blog (you know, the one you get to if you click that big pink sign up top informing people that THE BLOG HAS MOVED) if you want, but I’m done commenting here. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  13. Kellie says:

    Both houses are tacky .. BFD.

  14. Because I'm the Mom says:

    And yet neither can afford to properly furnish their homes. Both are posers!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Melissa Gorda is a slutty little bitch.

  16. Brooklyn says:

    You guys totally embarrassed yourselves. Not because you fought on tv, but that you chose to do it on that beautiful baby’s Christening.
    Hey, what are sins for anyway. I forgive you my
    children. Now go bash you brains in.

  17. real life mom says:

    I watched the show last night and it was very apparent that Joey started the fight against Teresa. She just went over to be nice and he acted like a person that was pumped up on steriods and completely wasted. He made a huge fool of himself. I feel sorry for Teresa. It seems like she would truely like to mend their relationship.

  18. April says:

    So sad..WTH would you compare their homes..Who cares where theylive, they both live in Beautiful houses they both Win!!! Wow this world is crazy!!

  19. Samantha says:

    I slept with this loser Joe, bu I didn’t know he was married to Melissa. She showed up at my house screaming, yelling, slashed my tires and threatening to kill me. He threw me a wad of money and left. He is a small dick pos, who gets his ego fed by bedding as many people as he can. I can’t believe this trailer trash is on tv. This whole family is CRAZY!!!! What a bunch of losers!

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  21. Juliana Licciconi says:

    You people are so bored with your own lives. How do you hate someone you don’t even know. You watch the show religiously because you envy them and want to be them and your life is filled with nothing but complete and utter despair. GET A LIFE PEOPLE! I like them both and if they’ve got the money, then live as you want. It does nothing to my pocket for them to spend out of control. But you people act as if they are making deductions from your very own paychecks!! PITIFUL AND PATHETIC!!

    • Samantha says:

      While I agree with you, that is strange that these women hate people they dont know. The fact that you are reading this blog and commenting makes you just a “pathetic” as anyone…which I dont think anyone on here really is. If you dont want to hear about the reality show…dont read the blog!

  22. Samantha says:

    Why do you hate Teresa so much? Also, did you address the fact that Teresa had her house built first? What is your theory on who’s coopying who now? Just curious.

  23. RCH says:

    This blog is no longer in use. If you want to leave a new comment about RHONJ please go to the new blog here:

  24. Dsc says:

    You’re disgusting

  25. Jessica H. says:

    I dont think they should add Kim G jus because she wants it too bad!

  26. nunya says:

    Just found out that Melissa and Joe only own that home because Joe was building it and has a construction loan on it. They are supposed to have the loan paid off in July of 2012 and they plan on ditching that house when the loan balance comes due.

  27. Mikey G says:

    It’s amazing how you managed to take what the show was giving you and ignore the facts. Joe & Melissa are very obvious with their jealousy of Teresa. They live in a model home that they don’t even own and are counting on the $ from being on the show to survive. Theyre trying so hard to pump up Melissa and her singing to try and make her a pop star (good luck). They’re so over the top with everything- Joe started the baptism fight, he cries like a baby, a mechanical bull for thanksgiving?! I can’t wait until Bravo loses these losers.

  28. dana says:

    theresa is awesome fake melissa is a wannabee

  29. Anonymous says:

    i think teresa is the best

  30. tyrell says:

    hey i like teresa house its because mellisa house is newer her land is smaller and teresa house is bigger it got 16 rooms wowo thats huge umm so all they got to do is the back yard

  31. Yvette says:

    I will always prefer Teresa over her sister in law. That Melissa is just a peace of crap, criticizing Teresa all the time. You don’t need to have second thoughts about it. When someone keeps criticizing others its because they are envy. Teresa is pretty, nice, and with good heart.
    Melissa feel envy because Teresa brother loves her sister. Some Italian woman are like that when they can not understand that they are second in the picture in some one lives they just go and try to make the other person look bad. I will always be in Teresa side….. Who cares about who has a better house or not, that is material stuff. at the end they both have a big houses. Teresa its making a lots of money now in day….. what about Melissa just spending her husband money???? she married him for money…. when you love your husband, you don’t try to hurt his family….. at the end you are hurting your own husband……

  32. future doc! says:

    this is whack. this is not just a show. it’s real life people. don’t add any more wood to the fire that’s already burning in this family. that’s whack!!!

  33. Truth says:


  34. Jane says:

    I used to think Teresa had a HUGE house….but now Melissa has everything better then her. But Money doesn’t really matter…..does it?

  35. me says:

    Melissa said she was smart when she saw Joes house. GOLD DIGGER yeah shes cute but 50K on a “Christmas” party……She mkes me sick… so she has a boob job other than that I can’t see whats so great abt her. she is a v basic singer (my family are all musicians)

  36. Mia says:

    At least Teresa and Joe own their house the bankruptcy is behind them and they are hopefully on their way to better days. Melissa and Joe still have to face the worst when the bank starts knocking on their door for all the money they owe. Hope they make a lot of money off the show and Melissa’s song. I don’t see Teresa being jealous of Melissa at all what is there to be jealous of? Teresa and Joe’s kids are precious and Teresa is so much prettier than Melissa. I’m Just Sayin.

  37. Randi says:

    What is Melissa Gorgas nationality?

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  43. JEZZ says:


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