Melissa Gorga vs Teresa Giudice – Home Edition

Meet Melissa Gorga

She is Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, and the next Real Housewife of New Jersey. Melissa worked as a secretary for Teresa’s brother Guiseppe before marrying him and becoming a housewife. They have three children together; two boys and a girl. Her youngest son is the infamous “nephew” mentioned at the reunion on Monday night. Her and Teresa aren’t exactly bff’s and Teresa is reportedly very unhappy that she is going to be a part of the show. According to rumors Teresa blocked Melissa from joining the show in the past and is threatening Bravo with “it’s her or me”. Maybe this is why Teresa became so insanely mad over the mere mention of Melissa’s child? Maybe the addition of Melissa to the cast is what was really fueling her raging outburst and her anger was not about her family being brought up on air, but about the fact that her family is now going to be on the air with her, and undoubtedly stealing her spot light. Melissa has a stunning home that blows all other Real Housewives’ homes out of the water. And that’s including the New York ladies’ Hamptons homes. She reportedly has a live-in maid and two live-in nannies. If all of Teresa’s sex talk is directed at Joe’s mistress, do you think all of her “I do it all myself” talk is directed at Melissa?

A lot of the tension between the women is said to be fueled by jealousy. From my personal observations it appears that (just like everything else in Teresa’s life) her home is a cheap imitation of her sister-in-laws. Melissa’s house is described as European-influenced. Teresa described her house in season one as having a “French Château” look. And the similarities don’t stop there. Let’s compare:

Teresa’s marble mausoleum   vs   Melissa’s mansion

Teresa’s entry   vs   Melissa’s entry

Teresa’s Great Room   vs   Melissa’s Great Room

Teresa’s kitchen   vs   Melissa’s kitchen
(I was wondering where she got the idea for two different shades of wood.)

Teresa’s hallway   vs   Melissa’s hallway

Gia’s bedroom   vs   Melissa’s daughter’s bedroom
(Note the furniture)

Teresa’s full length windows   vs   Melissa’s full length windows

Teresa’s fugazi urn   vs   Melissa’s urn

Teresa’s chairs   vs   Melissa’s chairs

Teresa’s chandelier and ceiling   vs   Melissa’s chandelier and ceiling

Teresa’s swing set vs   Melissa’s swing set
(Don’t see Teresa’s swing set? Look in the background)

Teresa’s house doesn’t look so big anymore, does it?

I’d be jealous too if I were Teresa.

Hey Melissa , if you hate Teresa as much as rumors suggest – you are gonna love me!

But I still hope they add Kim G too!


Click here for more pictures plus Melissa’s facebook posts

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309 Responses to Melissa Gorga vs Teresa Giudice – Home Edition

    • marjie 75 says:

      Love it!

    • skinnygirl2b says:

      Great job. Wow, Teresa’s house doesn’t seem as big to me anymore. It never looked tastefully done either and I remember last year when Dina almost puked when she went to the cellar. LOL

      I really like the exterior of Melissa’s home as well as the interior ceilings and walls. I don’t care for the furniture. I don’t like huge houses, but I like renting them for family reunions. Again, great job.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Teresa’s house has always reminded me of a hotel or office campus building – very boxy, not enough architectural detail to make it even look like a home.

        • Paula says:

          ← Real Housewives of New York: Bethenny Frankel SuedRHONJ Talk About Premiere Episode… →Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga…
          Posted on May 11, 2011 by Stoopid Housewives
          I received the following email:

          Melissa is a complete faker. Worse than Teresa b/c she never even intended to live in her “dream house.” It was a construction model her husband built, and they are staying there (illegally) until their construction loan balloon payment becomes due next year. They want to look rich for Bravo, but they plan on bailing on their house and moving to LA when it’s due next year (to pursue 31-year-old, mother of 3 Melissa’s dream of being a “pop star”).

          To build their “dream house,” Joe & Melissa Gorga got a “construction loan” — meaning a short-term loan to build the property to sell it for profit to a buyer, what builders do. It’s not a mortgage. You’re not supposed to live in your own house. It’s totally scamming the system. They had the house up for sale, but when they got cast on RHONJ, they pulled it so they would look like they were rich (they are not!) Next year, Joe & Missy will have a $2 million balloon payment due! They can’t pay it and are screwed!

          The proof is in the public records:
          (A link to the Morris County Real Estate records was included; however, the link did not work. I did find the information from the link and can verify its accuracy. Actually, the balloon payment of $2.25 million is due July, 2012.)

          Tax liens on Melissa & Joe Gorga’s house: (There are liens also from the fireplace installer and garage door installer totalling approximately $30,000.)

          They tried to sell house, and it was removed:

          This also shows that Melissa lies about how big her house it. She repeatedly says it’s a 15,000 square foot house on the show (even the previews) just so she can make it seem so much bigger than Teresa’s, but as you can see from public records, it’s only 13,000 square feet.

          Melissa has been jealous of Teresa since the day they met. Melissa was a plain Jane. Teresa has been fabulous and over-the-top since high school. Look at how Melissa has transformed herself into Teresa (I attached a picture–you can find them all on the web). Melissa copies EVERYTHING Teresa does: where she get her hair done, which pediatrician she uses, she literally follows Teresa into stores. She wears the same shoes 2 weeks later… Here’s a classic example (so Leann Rimes/Brandi Glanville!): Teresa got a hot designer dress in Vegas with a feather skirt in Sept. She twittered it. The next month, Melissa showed up at Audriana’s birthday party in the same feathered dress.

          Melissa copied the way Teresa set up her Twitter name: Teresa_Giudice and Melissa_Gorga. Who does that? Melissa’s new website is black with a diamond over the “i” just like Teresa’s Fabulicious logo on her site. And producers did know about Melissa for 3 years — they interviewed everyone of the Housewives friends and family every year for new blood, and they passed on Melissa every time. Then last year, Melissa and Joey got drunk and made a tape where they parodied The Godfather, sent it to Bravo, and promised they’d humiliate Teresa on TV. Bravo bit. Teresa didn’t know anything about it until they were signed! She was completely betrayed by Melissa, her brother, and Bravo. And unlike what was reported, Teresa was stuck in a 2-more-year contract, so she couldn’t get out of it and leave the show. She tried b/c she didn’t want to expose her parents or her kids to Melissa’s fame whore nonsense.

          If Teresa always hated Melissa, why is Melissa Gabriella’s godmother? It’s Melissa who can’t stand that Teresa got famous, and now she wants what Teresa has. Missy is stalker scary.

          PS– One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is b/c Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her 2 nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up (she’s usually with an exflame called “Butch,”) and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt. Joe actually had charges pressed against him for rape back in the day, but his family pressured the girl to drop the suit. Look up the court records in Patterson, NJ though… the charges were filed….
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          • Aunt Tish says:

            Are you Teresa?

          • Chris says:


            Joe Gorga changed the loan terms, they now have a thirty year mortgage and and 11K payment. It’s no longer a construction loan.

          • Stevie says:

            I don’t know about personal family information, but, you sound a bit like someone who just hates Joe & Melissa, or someone Teresa hired.

            But, I MUST correct you on something I know you are 100% incorrect about, which is how construction loans work. A Construction Loan is setup for a certain term, THEN a balloon payment is set. Yes, you kinda stated that, but, what you’re WRONG about is, that you CAN live in the house after it is complete and a Occupancy Permit is received! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you are in an Construction, or Perm loan, and you do NOT have to pay off the Construction Loan just to move in…it’s just that, Construction Loans are Interest Only Payments, and it doesn’t make much sense to not convert it ASAP to save money.

            How do I know all this? I just built my house less than two years ago, and I assisted my sister with doing here. She’s still in a Construction Loan working with the bank, which is taken forever to convert her loan, and she’s lived in her house since December.

            Please, make sure you have your facts straight when you accuse someone of doing something illegally…

          • Jack Glug says:


          • Anonymous says:

            Who cares who has what, the show is all for ratings and money. I am a housewife that lives in San Francisco with 2 kids and your show is not reality by all means. 1 we dont have people doing our hair and makeup everyday, we dont have nannies, we dont live in 2 million $ homes and drive bentleys, we dont have record labels or closets bigger than our kids rooms. The point is, a household that has a one working person lives like a one working person, everything goes to my kids not myself. Reality tv sucks and they all should be taken off the god damn tv. They call it housewifes and most of these bit__es are not even married. Get real people. Who gives a crap about Melissa or Theresa and how Melissa and Joe dont really have money, well welcome to the real hell of life……… All of you people need to find a life, I cant even watch this show anymore.

        • says:

          All of this makes no sense. They are family, and we need to leave them alone!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Melissa and Joe Gorga are heading into major financial disaster. A whopping $17,000 per month in mortgage and property taxes! Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul could go only last so long.

        These two are in Hot water, I would avoid national TV and the embarrassment..

        2,250,000 mortgage on a house valued at 2.5-2.7 million does not bode well.

        Houses of similar size in that development have only sold for mid to high 2 million in the real estate heyday back in 2004-2005.

        Public records of the Gorga mortgage and liens are available at You can search online documents for free and sort columns by date.

      • elizabeth says:

        i so vote teresa house and melissa’s house you guys should like like each other

    • kellie says:

      OMG – both houses have double staircases, fireplaces and wainscoting!!! And, the WORST part is that both of their daughters have PINK BEDROOMS!! Who’da thunk it! *rolls eyes* This article is really stretching it.

      • Thanks for the sarcasm, but it was more than that.
        If you put any other Housewife’s home photos side by side with Melissa’s you wouldn’t have been able to make the same comparisons. And the point was not only to show the similarities, but to also show how cheap Teresa’s home looked in comparison to Melissa’s.
        And I didn’t put the daughter’s rooms up because they were pink, I put them for the furniture – I even wrote that right above the picture.
        It’s all for fun. Don’t take it too seriously.
        Thanks for stopping by my blog. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write something you won’t hate as much.
        I’m giving you a thumbs up for taking the time to comment.

        • LV says:

          Lisa Vanderpump’s home is quite classy – I like Bev Hills best.

        • Nan says:

          Melissa is the one who copies Teresa.

        • frances j velez-sanchez says:

          Awful pic of Teresa’s house u showed. Anyways, they both look beautiful on the inside to me. I like Melissa’s house curve appeal, but both are beautiful. Always loved Teresa’s house inside and thought her style was great, a great taste she has.

      • Paula says:

        Melissa is a complete faker. Worse than Teresa b/c she never even intended to live in her “dream house.” It was a construction model her husband built, and they are staying there (illegally) until their construction loan balloon payment becomes due next year. They want to look rich for Bravo, but they plan on bailing on their house and moving to LA when it’s due next year (to pursue 31-year-old, mother of 3 Melissa’s dream of being a “pop star”).

        • Aunt Tish says:

          How could it be illegal for them to stay in the “construction model” built by her husband with funds he borrowed? Do you think the lender is going to kick them out?

          It is not illegal to do that, and it’s actually practical. Given the abysmally slow market for that kind of property, the house would be probably be standing empty.

      • elizabeth says:

        your really weird and a ass hole think you should know that

        • misti says:

          I realize your post is two years old, but please learn the English language before you post strange comments. At the very least, read your comment before you post it because you really sound, “English Second Language” or somewhat mentally retarded. “Your really weird”. I think what you meant to post is, “You are really weird”, or, “You’re really weird”. Also….”And a ass hole think you should know that”. You meant, “An asshole thinks you should know that”. You sound really dumb. You sound even dumber than a person trying to teach you language. Go back to your home country. They probably like you over there.

          • frances j velez-sanchez says:

            Annoying to me when people do not know how to write (embarrassing). Writing is not something you will or need to get right the first time, like say, surgery. But it is a good idea to go back & proofread /edit…some people are too lazy or could care less.

  1. MomsThoughts says:

    I have to agree – if she hates Teresa as much as rumors suggest – she is gonna love me too!

  2. Delia says:

    Great blog. I am so hoping and praying that this woman joins the cast and hates Teresa as much as we do. She is out of control and so over the top I find her difficult to watch. I NEVER, EVER thought anyone could actually have me rooting for Danielle,, but Teresa managed to do just that.

    • Well if my little birdies on twitter are correct, then it’s already a done deal. Camera’s and everything.

      I agree – In season one I never thought I would take Danielle’s side, but she turned out the be the lesser of two evils. I hate Teresa even more for causing me to feel sympathy for D!

      • Humbruh says:

        Never thought I would have Danielle’s back either but Tacky T has managed to push me to the dark side. I haven’t even heard this woman speak yet & I’m already Team Melissa. And to think just a few short days ago I thought next season would suck =)

    • Anonymous says:

      So TRUE ! T is every ugly name she calls Danielle ! She is worst ! She sugar coats her life & is every bit a pig , ………….just like she is STUPID, LOUD & IGNORANT !
      You can’t shine SHIT ! THERESA from Paterson !

  3. Delia says:

    Oh and seeing those two homes side by side from the outside makes Teresa’s look like one of those pre-made manufactured homes, not that there is anything wrong with those, but it sure isn’t what Teresa puts out there, is it?

    • Humbruh says:

      The landscaping alone is further proof that T & Magilla Gorilla were robbing Peter to pay Paul just to get the thing inhabitable. Trying to keep up with the Jones’.

      • debbie says:

        Wondering why neither one of these woman have furnished rooms.. Seriously..their living rooms appear unfurnished, the room with the floor-ceiling windows, french doors (a solarium?) are empty, hallways look cold and creepy. Just strange.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          because it doesn’t fall off trucks as easily as say building supplies or electronics………

          • Realtor says:

            Debbie: The rooms are empty because the homes had just finished being built and so the pictures were taken before either of the women moved into them.

            WindyCityWondering: In the case of Joe & Teresa, I agree with your comment. But her SIL and Brother are legitimately wealthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he bails out Teresa and her hubby from some of their bankruptcy mess. That would just make Teresasaurus even more jealous of her SIL

            • Realtor says:

              I hit reply too quick. I meant to say that most of the pics of both these homes are a mix of before move in and after move in photos making it difficult to tell if the houses are fully furnished or not.

            • Jean says:

              Realtor: You have to be kidding if you think we are going to believe that the Gorgas really are wealthy. How stupid do you think the American public is? You really expect us to believe these half-brain monkeys have an ounce of intelligence to share with the world? HAHAH! Thanks for the laughs!

              And if the poster above is right, NO ONE who actually has money takes out a 2.2 million dollar mortgage on a house that is valued at 2.7 mill. Give me an effing break.

            • Hiker says:

              Do you all even realize that Teresa and Joe built their house FIRST sooo its the SIL that is COPYING…They did not build until after Christmas. Who copied who…..Melisaa is the Jealous BIOTCH~~~

  4. Squirrels says:

    Somehow I have the feeling Melissa already knows about you, along with many others who find Teresa beyond distasteful. Bravo is trying to play it smart here. The four on one battering never took root. With Melissa and Gim G (for gag) land on the show, it will be more evenly matched. Bravo knows bitchy sells and they are out to soak every dime of this franchise they can, regardless what it does to the image of American women.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      This could be a real sewage-fest.

    • JC says:

      Smart. Finally! ..That is correct! Andy Cohen is a gay guy who gets off on women being catty and shallow. If you taped real women with their true lives you would get a different audience…like the Loud family back when. These housewifey shows are nothing but product placement for more crappy products and spin off shows. True artists are struggling out there while these idiots get the world for very little of anything. Drama driven and depressing…the producers know that people are too damn worn out to fight.Bring on the novacain. I feel a moral high? I guess. Get some real people to show real women and their lives. Women need respect from this society not catty gay society….

  5. Meg1964 says:

    We need to get this girl on Twitter!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope she drops little grenades like Danielle does and watch Teresa scream and make a fool of herself. Caroline should leave. This show has nothing to do with the mafia!

    • skinnygirl2b says:

      I don’t think Caroline fits in anyway on this show. Not because she is above it, but because she doesn’t do anything. It seems as if she doesn’t leave the house. Dina was the other one that didn’t leave her tacky house. Really the whole crew was boring in my opinion.

  7. Sarah310 says:

    you are amazing, but you know that. Post of the year
    Wow wow wow! She totally copied her kitchen style- I remember thinking it was weird with the white and the brown wood.

    • I think that (about the wood) every time I see her kitchen. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. Now I know where she got the idea. Lol.
      It looks good the way Melissa did it… Teresa, not so much.
      Also – you know what else I noticed when looking at Teresa’s kitchen? There are no windows. Isn’t it pretty much standard to have a window over the sink if you live in a house?
      Every other Housewife has a window over their sink except the NYC ladies.

    • Goldie says:

      Using two different colors for wood in the kitchen is very popular in high end homes. I have it in mine as well.

      • The style around here is ultra modern. I rarely even see wood in kitchens anymore, so I guess I’m just not familiar with that style of decorating. I always loved modern, but now I’m starting to like that “looks old, but isn’t” thing some of these RH’s have going on.

        • Goldie says:

          I’m from NJ and it’s the norm in that type of home, glazed wood cabinets with two colors. My kitchen looks very similar to Melissa’s. I guess styles are very different based on the area you live in. That’s interesting to me on all the Housewives shows, home styles look different based on the area.

          • I definitely think NJ has the best homes. OC is second only bc their homes seem older, I don’t think any of them have renovated since the show began. But they have the best back yards.
            I don’t know what’s up with the DC ladie’s homes. Mary’s house is too white, it looks like a hospital or like she just moved in and didn’t decorate yet. Stacie has no grass in her front yard and doesn’t appear to have a driveway either, Cat’s house is cute… for a grandmother.
            Michaele’s home looks like it might be amazing, but they never show us the inside. Maybe that’s because they don’t live in the house, but rather in an apartment on the property and the inside is worthy of an episode of hoarders (according to rumors).

            • Goldie says:

              By the way, I LOVE your blog! Just started reading it a few weeks ago. Totally agree with you on the homes. My favorite from the outside is Michaele’s “pretend house”.

        • Sardonica says:

          Hi… as always funny stuuf here! Out of curiosity what type of materials are you seeing in the ultra modern kitchens particularly the cabinets. I am nosy about these things. I enjoy knowing the latest kitchen trends and I always see wood of some sort or another in CT. What about flooring?

          • I don’t know what you call the material, but it’s like plasticy (but not in a cheap way) and super shiny. Sometimes it looks like wood, but it’s not. Like… it looks like wood with a million layers of shiny nail polish over it. It’s hard to explain.
            Floors trends are dark wood or even tile through out the whole house. I know that sounds weird, but it actually looks good if done right. Also exposed cement ceilings and walls are a big trend. But I live in the city so I’m talking about condo’s, not huge houses.

            • Lorrgeno says:

              That is the European style you’ve been talking about I love that look…so clean, so modern.
              At this point Teresa, Caroline, Jackie and now the the SIL have what I call the “Home Depot” display look…very nice but I’m over it

          • Kim says:

            I hear that Lyptus hardwood flooring by Weyerhaeuser is a new, modern, “green” trend in flooring.

          • Kim says:

            I hear that Lyptus hardwood flooring by Weyerhaeuser Co. is the new, modern, “green” trend in flooring.

  8. Can’t u just hear Teresa’s voice: “Joe, Joooeeee….. I want the ceiling like Melissa has! And Joe, I want the iron railings like in Melissa’s house. And Joe she has those chairs that I like. I want chairs like Melissa’s. Joe!! Pleeeeeease baby. I’m worth it ain’t I? Ain’t I??”

  9. Viewer says:

    Teresa is an embarassment, but her brothers wife is just someone who married him for money. Maybe in Teresa eyes she’s a goldigger. Sometimes sisters can spot the teal from the fake. The women looks fake and Teresa is a phony.

    • Meg1964 says:

      Where did you get your info on Melissa only marrying her husband for money? First I’ve heard of this.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I’m confused about that too. What I read was that she did the secretarial work for hubby’s RE business, but it wasn’t clear if she worked in that capacity before the marriage or she worked there after she was his wife. ????Anybody know?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa can dislike Melissa for a million reasons. Teresa copies her style and adds her own heaping helping of tacky to it. Maybe the fact that Melissa is prettier, thinner, has TWO boys, a bigger home and controls the purse strings so she can’t get any money from little bro…… who know’s maybe mama gorga likes Melissa best! T doesn’t need a logical reason for anything she does.

  10. MannysGrammy says:

    Great post & pics, thanx for sharing! I sure hope shes part of the new crew too,would really mix it up for T! Waiting to hear about the BIG D for T & J too….he clearly can’t stand her anymore.

  11. Mama says:

    Finally someone who (I hope – please please please!) will put Teresa in her place! I am tired of Caroline and Jacq’s unwillingness to speak up about T’s bad behavior!

    • skinnygirl2b says:

      I would also like someone to put Caroline and Jacqueline in their place. They really never gave anyone but their family any chance. Remember last year, Jacqueline didn’t get along with Dina, because of “Dina’s ways”. They weren’t friends. Jacqueline went to the Ladybug fundraiser in S1 because she HAD to. Jacqueline didn’t hangout with Caroline. This “don’t touch my family”, Danielle, is an idiot angle that they needed. What else did they have for this season?

  12. Jeana says:

    Awesome! You should have added a comparison of T’s and Melissa’s forehead! Oh yeah, and wedding bands/sets! Ha Ha!!!!

  13. MomsThoughts says:

    I agree the show needs some one to call Teresa out on her crap and then we have the pleasure of watching her make a jackass of herself. 🙂

    Did anyone see them on Rachael Ray yesterday? Caroline comes across as genuine…Teresa comes across as if she is trying to talk in soundbites – as if some one was feeding her lines “remember to say…..” and “this is how you explain this …” She can’t help but come across stupid and selfish….

    BTW – Although T has the cookbook, Caroline won the cook off. lol. I know ppl here aren’t big Caroline fans – but I like her – I think she is genuine and it isn’t all about money and showing off for her.

    • Meg1964 says:

      I didn’t see it yesterday, but I saw it when it originally aired. At that time, I didn’t depise Teresa so much. I should’ve watched it yesterday.

      I don’t eat meatballs, or any big clumps of meat for that matter, but Caroline’s meatballs sounded the best to me, if I were going to eat meatballs.

    • I agree with you that Caroline seems genuine. I never had a problem with her. I gave her crap in my blogs, but that’s just because she’s boring and doesn’t make for good tv (imo). But that’s not an insult. I think Danielle and Teresa make great tv.
      But I’m starting to change my mind about Caroline. That unnecessary name-calling sit down, and now her holier than though attitude at the reunion. She’s not looking like the nice woman everyone wants to be their mommy anymore.

      Btw – did anyone notice at the reunion that when Andy told Caroline she won the vote for best mom Teresa (I can’t remember her exact words) basically said it’s because Caroline is old? I’m telling you guys, all is not well over on Team Manzo.

      • RHofWhatever says:

        I completely agree with you and thought that through the reunion! I’m just surprised no one else I talk to has seen that. It was pretty apparent by the looks (or lack of reactions) from Caroline whenever T opened her mouth. But the place where I see it MOST is on thier bravo blogs. T has thrown digs C’s way for a couple posts now. And J even has felt the need to get involved in THAT as well…no surprise. I think the more they hung around together over the past couple seasons, the more C & T were rubbing each other the wrong way.

        • Humbruh says:

          Yall aren’t the only ones. I’ve been saying C’s tolerance of T is wearing thin for the past couple of weeks. She’s been using the phrase “Teresa just being Teresa” way too often & rolls her eyes a lot when she is around her. Think she suggested to Dina that christening the baby wasn’t such a good idea?

        • pamela says:

          I have noticed this as well and first picked up on it with the Bravo blogs. I thought that maybe Caroline has lost some respect for Teresa because of her bankruptcy/money issues, and Teresa feels hurt by that. But, Teresa has definitely made less than friendly references toward Caroline in her Bravo blog.

      • skinnygirl2b says:

        I didn’t catch that. LOL

    • Humbruh says:

      Did you see her appearance on Wendy Williams? That was a hot mess too.

    • Mama says:

      I agree. While Caroline isn’t perfect (who is?) she is the most genuine of the bunch and the only one I would befriend if given the opportunity.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I think Caroline can appear magnanimous because her husband has made her financially secure and she feels superior to these younger women. If necessary, I think Caroline could stab a person in the back more quickly and efficiently than the best of them. I think she is a sanctimonious phony.

  14. Sardonica says:

    I was going to stop watching RHNJ but now I think I may stick with it. I want to see T tackle this woman over furnishings or something. Sis-in-law may have a bigger house, etc. but ugly is still ugly and bet they can have’ flip da table’ contests and ‘who can run faster in a chinchilla jacket while wearing heels’ contests. I am thinking a RH/Survivor type show here. Bravo needs to branch out wit deese wimmins. Someone, call Jeff Probst. The familia has spoken *extinguish the overly ornate torchiere with a glass of wine and Coke* ooops, maybe I should have told T electricity and liquid don’t mix. Joooooooooooooooooe, spank me!

  15. Tracy Hunley says:

    OMG! Let the games begin. I agree that the show needs Kim G. I think the lady has chutzpah and a talent for inserting herself into situations. Let’s start a petition to have her added to the show and send it to Bravo.

    I ADORE Kim G.

    • Kiko Flamingo says:

      Kim G has no shame and no soul… its so funny how having lots of money takes things like that from some people…she’s an old has been who almost missed out on her fifteen minutes of fame and is trying to make up for lost time…i also think that kim g had a *thing* for danielle and that D kept her just close enough to use her for whatever she could get out of kim G and when kim figured out D wasnt down with her *special interests* she started to turn on her.

  16. Susan Diaz says:

    Melissa is amazing, beautiful and would be a great asset to the show.. Her family is amazing

    • suse says:

      are you high? she’s a tramp . . . “i can’t wait to welcome my son into jesus’ kingdom . . .” is he being christined or is she about to put a pillow over his face?? it’s quite obvious what happened here. melissa and her guido husand were jealous of TERESA’S fame and decided to cause a stink at all costs until they got in on the action — i.e., build a house that bigger & better, take over the family (didn’t work with the parents, huh?). i am no fan of teresa’s (and i can’t STAND the carolyn manzo — mother of the f’n year, my ass — she’s a loud-mouthed, fat, bitch who probably still breast feeds her “perfect” children when the cameras are not looking. “street smarts are better than book smarts . . . ” well now, that just made albie the idiot, huh? and about christoper and his personality taking him far — the only thing going far with that kid is his honker. i don’t blam teresa for damanding more money to be put in the ring with that STUPID (and i mean that) little tramp. she is SO fake. teresa was throwing parties way before melissa was even married. teresa moved into her house first and i believe we will soon see melissa go down hard (you know what they say . . . the bigger they are the harder they fall). the entire family is a train wreck. caroline needs to butt out.

  17. John Sacks says:

    BravoTV do your homework, these two are in worse shape then the Giudice’s!

  18. John Sacks says:

    Public Records show Giuseppe Gorga and Melissa Gorga carrying a 2,250,000 Mortgage on their mansion that is due to be paid in full by July 1, 2012. That is $14,842 Mortgage payment excluding property taxes.

    I smell another housewife heading for bankruptcy.

    • Lisa says:

      Their house is/was on sale…recently taken off the market when she got on the show. Can’t be on the show if you don’t have the house to match.

    • Maybe I’m wrong, but a $14k mortgage doesn’t sounds unreasonable on a quarter mil loan.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not too shabby, but roll in the 24k in property taxes or an additional 2k per month bringing their mortgage and taxes to a whopping $17,000 per month. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul could go only last so long. These two are in Hot water, I would avoid national TV and the embarrassment..

        2,250,000 mortgage on a house valued at 2.5-2.7 million does not bode well.

        Houses of similar size in that development have only sold for mid to high 2 million in the real estate heyday…

        • I don’t know what the house is actually worth, but it was on the market for 4.5 mil.

          • Blue Sky says:

            Definitely not over $4 million. In this market, it’s probably not even worth $3 million. So they are getting close to being underwater on their mortgage – house value less than amount mortgaged. Plus, he’s a realtor, and realtors ain’t making $ like they used to. They could be in real trouble, maybe the RHONJ show will generate some much needed income for them.

            • Isharemymeds says:

              Melissa’s house is GORGEOUS! I agree, this house won’t fetch 4M. You can see this kind of denial on the HGTV show ‘Selling NY’ where the seller is often asked to reduced the ASKING price by Millions!’ There was an article that stated that Melissa’s house was For Sale and the realty ad was just recently yanked prior to this press. Does anyone knows where we can find this? or perhaps, this is where these photos came from?

              If the brother is in Realty, he is not banking big anymore. OC ladies were realtors and their houses were only in the 2M range and why most lost their homes. Vicki’s insurance company survived because of the Federal bailouts and her nonstop dedication to keep/gain clients. (can’t remember who she works for right now)

    • Kiko Flamingo says:

      I’m pretty sure that they could come up with less than 15.000 dollars in two years time…did you mean my july 1st 2011?

  19. Lisa says:

    But, if you google Melissa, her home was also on sale…taken off the market when she was put on the show. Why was she selling??

  20. undercover says:

    Teresa is gonna get exactly what she has been trying to HIDE for the last two seasons…………………..HER SISTER IN LAW! I know these women and you have no idea how bad Teresa does not want Melissa to be seen. She is multi-talented and her daughter Antonia is a rising star!!!!!!!! All of which threatens Teresa. I’m definatley going to be tuning in

  21. undercover says:

    check out the last two photos, one looks possessed and one looks sweet!

    • marjie 75 says:

      Will wait and see before judging, right now it looks like its interesting….

    • skinnygirl2b says:

      Sad to say, Gia looks like Teresa when she was young… That means Gia is probably going to look like Teresa when she gets older. :/

      It would have been wise for Teresa to let Gia continue the speech lessons.

  22. Sardonica says:

    Oooo, the drama has already begun on the new one…yippie!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not too shabby, but roll in the 24k in property taxes or an additional 2k per month bringing their mortgage and taxes to a whopping $17,000 per month. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul could go only last so long. These two are in Hot water, I would avoid national TV and the embarrassment..

      2,250,000 mortgage on a house valued at 2.5-2.7 million does not bode well.

      Houses of similar size in that development have only sold for mid to high 2 million in the real estate heyday…

  23. marie says:

    hollywood housewife how do i contact you besides in messages here?

  24. BKA amia009 says:

    How do we know FOR SURE THAT MELISSA (believe me I HOPE SHE DID 🙂 got picked up for the show? I thought shed Media paid the housewives not Bravo? I sent a tweet to @teresa_giudice YOUR BIGGEST DOWNFALL IS U THINK UR SMARTER THAN EVERYONE. meanwhile ur A STUPID ASS LOUD MOUTH BITCH!
    Do u all agree?

    • Isharemymeds says:

      LOVE, LOVe, LovE, it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Let her talk and continue to make income and her bankruptcy DENIED, since it will look like she could make a nice income to pay her bills she claimed she couldn’t pay back when she filed! Dumbest Criminal!!!!!

  25. BKA amia009 says:

    By the way @Puturhairup (Reese look a like w/ sunglasses on) I love u dearly I love Ur blogs also if I’m having a bad day all I do is have to read Ur Blog or @LynnNchicago’s and see that CU!@ Teresa is having a worse day than me. Is there a way to subscribe to Ur blog? Or I follow u on twitter u can follow me I scream out on @teresa_giudice one time she had her fan name go after me. So funny they couldn’t understand why I abbreviated alot and asked if I cant write in English. Hmm to stupid to understand twitter you only have 140 characters? I dont care what anyone says Teresa cant have a degree or she had to have bought it off remember when she had to ask what an Entrepreneur was? LOL By the way if this Melissa chick is Teresa sister in law then why isnt her last name Giudice? Thats Joe’s brother right?

    • marie says:

      no she’s married to T’s little brother Giuseppe.T’s maiden name is Gorda.

    • JenD says:

      No she’s married to Teresa’s brother Guissippe.

    • Thank u! I’m glad you like the blog.
      U can subscribe on the top right of the page – email updates.
      Follow me on twitter too! And send me a message so I can follow you back. I love reading mean tweets to Teresa. They always make me LOL.
      Someone called her a broke warewolf the other day. I’m still laughing about that.

      • BonBon says:

        LOLOLOLOLOL.”I love reading mean tweets about Teresa”. So sorry I don’t do Twats or Twits or whateverthehelltheycallthem.

    • Poppy Fields says:

      Teresa is fond of telling people she went to Berkley. And she did! Berkeley College of NJ – where she took an associates degree in fashion merchandising. It’s more or less a trade school.

      Also, last week she tweeted that her book was “back on the NY Times best seller list.” It wasn’t, and it wasn’t on this week’s either. Not even in the top 35 (which is as far down as the listing goes).

      This woman is delusional.

  26. E K says:

    Go to data universe. Looks like 2009 property taxes were close to $50,000.

    House is assessed around $1,500,000.

    If I was Caroline, I’d run really fast from this show.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crazy, 2.25 million dollar mortgage and a $15k per month mortgage payment plus 50k per year in property taxes. Thtsounds like good financial sense for the family.

      • Goldie says:

        it depends what you make a year, for some that’s not a problem to pay that much and still enjoy all the nice things in life. Plus in NJ property taxes are very high, as well as home prices. So for some, it makes perfectly good financial sense.

    • BonBon says:

      I honestly believe that someone other than Danielle is leaving the show. It’s either Caroline (would be a smart move) or Jacqueline (would also be a smart move…but don’t know if she has the brain cells to overcome her narcissistic impulses). The smartest move of all would be Teresa, but an ape doesn’t possess abstract thinking skills, so I highly doubt it is her.
      They keep advertising that someone is leaving. Well, everybody knows that Danielle wasn’t asked back, so doesn’t it have to be someone else?

      • zoekayla says:

        I think that remark could be construed as an insult to apes and other primates. 🙂 Teresa is another lifeform…sort of like bacteria….I often want to wash after watching her and imagine a slightly stale, unwashed smell coming off of her… ewwww – just grossed myself out!

        • tuzentswurth says:

          I think you are right zoekayla, apes and primates can problem solve and make decisions regarding their future well-being, i.e. how to find food, how to protect themselves, how to seek shelter. A mother ape would never sit around tying banana leaves to her off-springs heads while chaos ensues around her!

  27. Sardonica says:

    So happy I found this blog and Lynn In Chicago blog. Between this, that and twitter ( a.k.a dees, dems and dooes ) I am happier than a prostitution whore when the SS New Jersey pulls into port on payday. Anyone who can snark on ‘T Kong and the Missing Links’ ( somehow this is the name I have given them. I figure they can always become a band ala The Partridge Family when Joe becomes somone’s prison pizza piasan beeotch. Jac can be Mr Kincaid. I have found my All ThingsRH home…aww…ty wonderful people! Funny stuff here. Makes me want to quit my job and leave my family in order to better keep up with the important things in life brought to me by Bravo and the internet : )

  28. BKA amia009 says:
    Exclusive photos and interview:
    Has Joe been cheating on Teresa?
    Shortly after they filed for bankruptcy, Joe and Teresa. received another unpleasant shock when a tabloid reported that Joe had been cheating on his wife with a “Teresa look-alike.” But the couple insists that, unlike their financial woes, the cheating story – which also claimed they sleep in separate beds – is completely untrue. “I laughed at it,” says Teresa, who adds that, in reality, she and her husband are closer than ever. Joe, who claims that he and Teresa “still make love once, sometimes twice a day,” laughed at the story as well, believing it to be more lies spread by his former business partner. “We’re very happy,” Teresa shares

    • Sardonica says:

      Yikers! A T look a like? Please don’t tell me there were twin gorillas separarted at birth. It just doesn’t seem right in my universe. What else is Joe going to say in a magazine interview? “Yea, I am screwin’ around but like it was a mistake… she looked like my wife and I tought it was.. errm T, in fact after we did da wild monkey dance I ran to my neighbors house and had a few drinks when I realized it wasn’t her. Yea ,thats the truth. Now let me show you my IRS statements for da last 5 years and do ya want anchovies on dat pizza?”

    • DJ says:

      People who talk about how much sex they are having usually aren’t getting any.

  29. I thought I heard that the Gorgas had already been through bankruptcy? If that is true, they won’t be able to do it again for a very long time.

  30. WindyCityWondering says:

    Love the side by side comparisions – Teresa et all (her, her house, her children, etc) looks like a cheap, tacky imitation! She didn’t and won’t want Missy Sissy on the show because she will be shown for what she isn’t!

    Caroline could be in a very different position next season if Missy is added – it she is all about family then how can she or her family be involved in another family’s war???? Might it be possible that Dina knew Missy first? Is that why Teresa made her Audriana’s godmother?? Yeah I can see the Manzo/Laurita crew kicking Teresa and Joe to the curb toot sweet!

    • I think Teresa and Dina have been friends for a long time. Jac told me she doesn’t really know Melissa so I don’t think Dina/Manzo’s are friends with her.
      I think T made D Godmother so that she could say she is “family” with the Manzo’s. Maybe it’s an Italian thing, but where I come from birth, adoption, and marriage makes people family. Not being a Godmother, which they all act like is such an important thing when really it means NOTHING – especially when you aren’t Catholic.

  31. Debbie says:

    Once again Lynne, You blow me away!! Great work!!!

  32. Snarkella says:

    Thanks Real City! Always a fun surprise waiting for me when I visit your site. Woohoo.

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  35. felita13 says:

    I am soooo glad I found this blog. I thought I was the only one that noticed Caroline’s patience with Teresa running a little thin. In the first part of the reunion she (C) mentioned, after Teresa’s outburst about the nephew comment, that T behaves like that when she’s around Danielle, otherwise C wouldn’t be T’s friend.

    I think Joe and Teresa are going to get kicked to the curb by Caroline and her clan. This godmother crap with Dina is just to make sure she stays in the family somehow.

    • HaddaNeeda says:

      Great Blog! Love-love-love the comments. Glad I found this on LynnChicago’s blog – one thing you forgot to compare: Melissa’s forehead vs. Teresa’s forehead! Sorry Tre – But never have I seen a one-finger forehead on a woman. Other than the Neanderthal types at the museum.

  36. Sardonica says:

    Love this site. People who react to the show as I do. All of you must be BRILLIANT, or crazy? I have found my RH bloghome!
    I agree with the Godmother thing. It is not Italian, it was done for the show. Jac is an idiot and Caroline is thinking, “wtf I have gotten myself into?” Women without a life of their own which is sad, but…famewhores have to pay the price. Hey, I would take the money and run if given the chance but I would not subject my family to it ( and they are the ones who claim “we all about da familia stuff” )?…or not. Ponder. It is interesting to see how T Kong is turning into the villian much like Jill did on NYCRH. Who writes these scripts? I find it interesting how the NJ cast is so different than the other RH. Can hardly wait for BH. THAT looks like fun. I watch to see the real money lifestyles. Not the lifestyles of my neighbors…geeeez

  37. Karen says:

    Does anybody in this family believe in hiring an architect? Both of these houses lack symmetry. From the outside Melissa’s house looks like a series of smaller houses linked together, and Teresa’s looks lopsided.

    As for jealousy, I read that Melissa contacted Bravo about appearing on the show. That tells me thst she was jealous of the attention Teresa was getting and wanted some of it for herself.

    • I like Melissa’s house. It’s the first RH house I’ve really liked. I thought Kim G’s house looked nice from the outside but she just destroyed the inside with that wallpaper that matches Teresa’s reunion dress and all that pink and red everywhere and the green carpet. Money can’t buy you taste.
      I know what you mean about the smaller houses linked together, but I like that. Teresa’s house just looks like a warehouse with some pillars stuck on the front.
      I’m not an architect, but I know something about nice houses:
      – the garage should not be visible from the front of the house
      – the kitchen goes in the back of the house (and should have windows)
      – the bedroom doors shouldn’t be visible from the downstairs foyer
      – landscaping is important
      – red roofs are for motels
      Teresa’s house is just a tacky wanna-be mansion. She probably designed the layout herself.

  38. marjie says:

    Cant wait for Caroline to turn around and put the pressure on J to stop mixing with new garbage T…….LOL . Cant wait to see J’s confusion unless its already happening and they are acting right now. T looks very uncomfortable in that seat in the reunion is it because of D or C?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Teresa may still believe that Caroline is in her corner but after the Country Club assault – neither Caroline or Jacq seemed amused or supportive of Teresa’s behavior. At the reunion Jacq tried to help Teresa with her answers but Caroline did not…..IMO Caroline knows that Ashley would not have assaulted Danielle if the melee Teresa set up didn’t happen – so she can’t blame it totally on Danielle (she has seen the footage and the stories aren’t adding up). Caroline can not control Teresa and she is all about control and family image.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I think Jac was as much of a jac-ass as T at the country club….maybe even more. She could have stayed out of it but instead jumped up, chased D, waddling at a run after D shouting about 25 year old events., chased her to the parking lot and stood glaring at her car. I think this encouraged Assley to get involved too. IMHO, Jac is a smug, mindless idiot.

        • BonBon says:

          Smart on! Just my 2 cents worth.

        • Karen says:

          I agree. Teresa didn’t ask Jac to go with her to talk to Danielle, and nobody asked Jac to scream, “I read your police records D’nielle…”

          I wouldn’t put it past Caroline to blame some of it on Teresa, but ultimately, Ashley is responsble for her own behavior. She could have gotten the charges droped, had she simply apologized. Obviously, she’s a dunce who will have to learn everything the hard way.

  39. oopsy says:

    Love your blog! I found you on Lnnnchicago’s blog and I always get a kick out of your posts over there. I can’t begin to discribe how angry I am at T and Joe’s antics! I have a child with life-threatening health issues and we manage to live with-in a budget. So many medical expenses and no body is handing us money every month, we haven’t asked for a ‘fresh start’. I heard the family of the guy who installed the railings on T’s house can no longer afford to send their children to the school they were attending, that he had so much invested in materials, not to mention time, that he won’t get paid for and it has seriously impacted their family in a negative way. So many contractors, average hard working people, are getting screwed over. Can you imagine spending say, a year of your life on a project not to mention spending thousands and thousands out of your pocket for supplies and you’re told FU! you’re not getting paid! I don’t know many people who can take a hit like that and shrug it off. It is not just credit card companies and banks that they are screwing, it is average every day people. This stunt by T and Joe will affect families for generations because of small family businesses going under and children who won’t be able to go to college because now their families can’t afford it. Why should the low-brow apes get a fresh start while the people they hurt have to deal with the mess? Sorry about the rant. I just feel so badly for the people they owe money to.

    • Humbruh says:

      I’ve said it before & I will say it again. I hope to God in Heaven somebody at the IRS & the prosecutor’s office is smart enough to request all footage (edited & unedited) from Bravo as evidence in this case. I feel so bad for all the people & businesses that gave of their time & talent to only end up getting screwed in the end. These goons filing bankruptcy only to turn around & spend $60-frickin-K on drapes is like spitting in the faces of the countless people they owe. Then she has he nerve to demand more money from Bravo for her “work” on the show? GTFOH!!!!

      Just pisses me off because, if it were you or I, no way in hell they wouldn’t be garnishing our wages from every possible angle.

      • Tam5115 says:

        Can you imagine her being confronted by all that footage while in a court of law? After she tries to spin her way out of it and gets the tough questions… her face goes blank for a moment and she erupts… as deputies grab her she screams, “Get off of me! Don’t hold me back”

        Cuffed and dragged off to jail we hear “But I’m NICE, ain’t I Joe? Ain’t I NICE?”

        Hahahahaha… that would be sweet!

      • You are right on target with this. Teresa and the Tourettes are nothing but grifters who rob hard working people and then move on as fast as their short, hairy arms can swing them.

        So how did the Guidices manage to get themselves caught in their white collar scam, when thousands who have done the same dodging of creditors and hiding ill-gotten monies from over-extended loans are skating like Olympians? HA! BRAVO TV!

        They brought so much attention on themselves by being on the show. But who can’t see that how they STILL spend plenty of money and what is on that bankruptcy filing doesn’t jive?

        I hope their creditors get every cent back and Teresa ends up living in a rental, taking a bath in a brand new washtub nobody else ever used before. Beotch.

  40. NYCer says:

    Did you see the Today Show clip where Teresa pretended not to know anything about Melissa’s possible involvement in the show? She’s spool mad.

  41. aha says:

    This is a great article for anyone that’s looking to acquire real estate and hold it for the long-term. Quite a few years back, I was in the same boat and I went out and acquired a portfolio of approximately 20 residential properties.

    The goal, of course, was to take advantage of leverage, tax breaks, OPT and OPM. I figured that if I wanted to be a real estate investor that I was going to have to take the plunge and acquire some property. What I found throughout my time as a landlord, however, is that there are other ways besides buying property to acquire valuable real estate at steep discounts.

    Private lending is a technique that plenty of master investors are currently using to acquire interests in real estate for pennies on the dollar. It might be worth some discussion here.

    Thanks for the well thought out and well-written articles!

  42. Nurie says:

    very nice… very cute….

  43. Shari says:

    In case a few of you haven’t been told already, Melissia now has a twitter account. @melissa_gorga

  44. It's Hot In Texas says:

    Every time I see Gia, Gabriella, or Malinia’s room, I think how small it looks. Antonia certainly has a much bigger room!

  45. Anna says:

    It is interesting to me that Melissa is friends with Danielle on facebook but not with Teresa. What is say to you guys?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I’m not on fb so I don’t think I can see that. But if that’s the case & if there’s indeed more than just a passing connection between D and Melissa, that may be a reason for T to go batshit crazy when D brought up her familia.

    • And her sister is friends with Kim G on twitter

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Oh that’s interesting. If T’s been regarding & treating them like they’re dogshit, who’s to blame them if they get a little entertainment at T’s expense?

        Not I. Love & light & all that jazz. I’m chanting. Ommmmmm.

  46. Shari says:

    Melissa tweeted ealier today that she isn’t on facebook?

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. mobilya says:

    thank you very Much.

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