The Real Housewives of New Jersey Casting Rumors

I think by now everyone has heard the rumor that all the ladies have been asked back except for Danielle. And although nothing has been confirmed, this does appear to be the case.

TMZ reported that Teresa is now demanding 30k an episode or she will not be returning.
A quote from the article:

A source extremely close to Teresa tells us, “She would like to be paid more equivalent to what the ‘Jersey Shore‘ kids are getting” …. adding, “If she’s not treated better by Bravo, she’s ready to walk away.”

I know you all are crossing your fingers hoping they turn her down and she walks. But that will never happen. She is addicted to the fame and even if Bravo said they were going to pay her $1 an episode she still wouldnt leave the show.

Apparently all the women are asking for a pay raise, but Teresa took it a step further and is also asking for a cut of the DVD and merchandise sales. I don’t think that’s an entirely unfair request considering that it’s her public humiliation that is driving up the sales of these items. Its has been her general insane and out of control animalistic behavior that drew a lot of viewers in. Not to mention her real life financial train wreck mess drama playing off screen in the media. If the show would have been all about Caroline and Jacqueline sitting in their kitchens, no one would have watched. I don’t know how much money Teresa deserves to make, or whether or not she will get it. But I know this, Teresa sold her soul for fame and when you make a deal with the devil, you often get screwed.

In other news I have heard from a few different sources that Teresa’s sister in law (the one who she supposedly doesn’t get along with and who may or may not be the mother of the “nephew” mentioned at the reunion) has been asked to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to rumors Teresa was not happy about this, but eventually agreed to go along with it. No contracts have been signed yet so nothing is official at the moment.

No word on Kim G, but I doubt she will be asked to join the cast. I’m sure she’ll use her friendship with Jacqueline and her skills as a seasoned shit starter to worm her way onto the screen in some way or another. So why would Bravo bother paying her if they already know she’ll do it for free? According to TMZ, Season 3 is going to begin shooting on September 3rd. Which means that they will be filming in October when Kim G shows up to Teresa’s auction and buys all of her possessions to sell on Ebay. Maybe she will have a heart and at least give the kids their beds back.

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24 Responses to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Casting Rumors

  1. Need a dose of reality says:

    LOL , I love your blog!

    I was hoping they would ask KimG to be a HW she knows how to stir the pot all right. Plus I was hoping she would buy Teresa’s refrigerator and send it to me, I am in desperate need of one. Would love to have her Stove, Teresa barely used it after all she was to busy writing a cookbook. I know we disagree but I don’t think Teresa is worth $30k, Danielle would have been, people loved to hate her..

    Maybe Teresa’s sis in law will spill some dirt on her, hopefully they hate each other otherwise this “The Family” show will be BORINGGGGG!!

  2. Meg1964 says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping the sister-in-law despises the Planet of the Apes reject and will totally stir the pot.

    I feel like something is brewing with Caroline and Teresape. The Reunion was filmed a few weeks ago. We’ve definitely seen some snark in Teresa’s blog toward Caroline since the Italy trip aired.. as well as Teresa tweeting about going on Dr. Phil and George Lopez, but not including Caroline’s name. Of course, that could mean nothing. Teresa is a narcissist and we shouldn’t expect her to have included Caroline, I suppose.

    I saw the cover of an InTouch magazine with Teresa on it. Anybody know if that is a legit magazine?

    • I think Teresa didn’t tweet about Caroline because she simply just doesn’t think about anyone but herself. I don’t think she did it on purpose, it’s just the way she is. Now, had she been with Angelina Jolie, I’m sure she would have mentioned it because that makes her look cooler.
      I don’t know about InTouch, is it a gossip magazine? It must be, no other magazine would have Teresa on the cover.

  3. Snarkella says:

    Well now that Danielle is gone Teresa can fill that space. She can be the HW the other wives all hate. She doesn’t even have to make any changes. After the way she behaved this past season they should all hate her already.

    That reminds me, remember the first dinner of the last episode? Caroline says she’s going to meet with Danielle and be calm blah blah blah. And then Teresa chimes in with, “Well that’s how I was Caroline and she ran away from me.”. OMG I LMAO! On what planet did Teresa think her behavior would be considered calm and direct? Planet of the Apes? Talk about trying to rewrite history.

  4. Meg1964 says:

    Hi guys! I have a question. Remember the episode of Teresa and Joe’s anniversary? She pulled the ring out of the cake (looked like it came from Dominoes pizza).. anyway.. she looked like she wasn’t exactly thrilled with it, as I recall. But my question is – Didn’t she say at that time when it cut to her interview, that it was a yellow diamond?

  5. Meg1964 says:

    Thank you! I thought she said it was a diamond. That bitch lies constantly.

    • I wish Andy would have brought that up! Don’t these people do their research? No one in that room remembered that she said DIAMOND? It’s funny because I thought that she said it was a diamond originally, but when she said sapphire at the reunion I thought to myself that she must not have said it was a diamond – we must have just assumed – because she wouldn’t be so stupid to change her story when it’s on tape.
      I was wrong.

  6. Tam5115 says:

    Apparently, the only HW Andy will ask the brutal questions to, is Danielle.

    Teresa brushes off questions on the bankruptcy by asking if Andy believes everything written in the NY Times. Andy lets it slide despite the fact the actual legal documents are OUT THERE!

    Andy comments on Teresa’s ape like strength while pushing him… and LAUGHS! WTF?

    Why in the world would we expect him to pull up the footage of Teresa calling the ring a “diamond”?

    He made Bethenny shut up so Kelly could ramble nonsense, but he didn’t shut up Caroline who wouldn’t let Danielle answer a thing!

    Teresa is the one who is real garbage and she has the mouth to match it.

  7. marjie says:

    Agree, Stopped watching Andy’s interviews a long time ago He was totally taking sides.

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