The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Two Reunion – Part 1

WARNING: It is highly recommended that you refrain from ingesting liquid beverages while reading this blog.

We start off with a scary moon and some scary music. Very dramatic.

Andy Cohen really tires to drag out his introductions and build anticipation as he tells the ladies how nice they look and compliments them on random things that no one cares about and makes statements about the obvious; “Teresa, you have a cookbook. Danielle, you have a song.”  and basically just wastes time.

I think the women always try extra hard to look good for the reunions, but for some reason they always end up looking extra bad. The heavy makeup and bright lights don’t do them any favors. And they all look extremely uncomfortable in those short tight dresses that are clearly the wrong size. Jacqueline looks like she borrowed that dress from her daughter, Teresa thought it would be a good idea to have two big red flowers over her boobs, Caroline is just a tranny mess from head to toe, and Danielle looks like she’s ready to go stand on a street corner and make some extra cash after the show ends. 

Andy comments on Caroline’s weight loss. Her hair is improved, but other than that I think she looks older and less healthy than she did last season.

Teresa is like a pitbull in it’s cage right before a dog fight. She’s shaking and frothing at the mouth and waiting for any opportunity to unleash her anger on Danielle. She eventually finds a way to turn a question about Jersey Shore into a story about how Danielle is a disgusting pig. Andy agrees, and let’s it slide.

Andy tried to give Danielle a vocabulary lesson, but she was still unable to prononce the word “women”. Even as she attempts to mimic Andy and repeats the word after him, it still comes out as “woman.” Andy decides that she’s a lost cause and gives up.
Teresa think’s it ok to make up your own words. Snoop Dogg does it, so why can’t she?

Teresa says she will never change for anyone, and Caroline looks disappointed.

Then the conversation turns to Dina. The women are still insisting that Danielle tried to have Lexi taken away from Dina. I never have and never will believe this story. Judges do not go around taking (teenage) children away from their mothers based on rumors and lies. If Dina has nothing to hide, then nothing Danielle could have ever said or done could have gotten her daughter taken away from her, so what the hell are they all so upset about?
Them claiming that Danielle tried to have Lexi taken away from Dina makes as much sense as saying I tried to have Teresa’s kids taken away because I implied in a previous blog that the outfits she makes them wear are child abuse. Nothing about this story – or their reactions to it – makes any sense.

Jacqueline says that Danielle put a silencer on Dina.
Caroline says that because of Dina’s “silencer” they aren’t allowed to talk about whatever the thing is that happened between them. Maybe if Albie weren’t a total failure and would have stayed in law school he could have explained to his mother that a gag order on Dina prevents  Dina from discussing the subject, not the rest of them. We’ve all been wondering about this Dina/Danielle story since the last reunion and we want answers, but Andy doesn’t care. Instead he wants to get back to talking about footage of babies. He almost got to it too, but good ol Teresa found a way to turn a conversation about baby footage into an argument about which one of them is a worse human being.

Teresa calls Danielle disgusting for never acknowledging Jacqueline’s baby.

Did you acknowledge your nephew?


Did you?

Of course I did.

Jac: “yes, yes.”


That’s funny because they….
And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Teresa totally loses it.

I clearly hear Teresa say ‘Do not BREAK up my family!” There is a lot of speculation going on all over the internet about what exactly Teresa said here. “Break” is winning in the polls, but “bring” is not far behind. I’ve listened over and over again but I just cannot hear “bring” no matter how hard I try. But I don’t even know why we are discussing this. What do any of us really expect from the woman who says “sangwhich”, cleavlage”, and “ohh-ba-dey”.

Look at that look. She’s plotting her revenge as she slowly walks away.

Teresa throws pillows

She throws Andy

Then she completely loses what little ability she has to communicate with language and begins howling and grunting. Caroline put the dog training skills she learned last season to the test.

Even after Teresa hurled him into his chair, and screamed at him, and bossed him around, Andy speaks kindly to her. He sorta gently scolds her and tells her nicely that from now on she can’t get off the couch, he says that he’s really not kidding, that she really has to stay on the couch. “Is that a deal?” he asks. Two minutes later he changes his mind and decides that it’s ok if she gets off the couch, just as long as she doesn’t cross him. Either Andy really likes Teresa, or he is utterly terrified of her.

Caroline says that if Teresa were this person that was just behaving like, she wouldn’t be friends with her. What? Does she think an alien invaded Teresa’s body? That was Teresa behaving that way. They claim that they never see Teresa act like that. Well of course they don’t, they constantly tell her how cute and funny she is no matter how horribly she behaves. You think you’re so tough Caroline? Try telling Teresa the truth about something, then we’ll see how tough you really are.

Danielle sits back stage and receives positive energy from her hair stylist.

And after all that, Andy still wants to go back to the clips and talk about the babies! Just bring out a ring, slap some glove on them, and give the viewers what they want already!

Of course Andy doesn’t bother to make anyone clarify what the whole “nephew” thing is about. A lot of people are assuming that it must be something pretty bad for Teresa to get so upset. But I think it’s possible that it might be nothing at all considering that we saw her flip a table last year because she was told to “pay attention”.

Andy tries to force us to sit through scenes of the ham game and Albie’s learning disability. Luckily I’m watching online so I fast forward through all that crap.

Caroline finally reveals what Albie’s mysterious “learning disability” is. He doesn’t have dyslexia, but he has “reading comprehension” and ADD. So now I have to wonder why the hell didn’t they just say that from the get go? What was all the secrecy about? Why am I even writing about this? Who cares? Let’s move on.

Caroline is asked a question about her marriage and she says all marriages have rocky times and anyone who says differently is a liar. The camera focuses on Teresa while Caroline is saying this.

Then Caroline is asked a question about shaving her face. She is still sticking to her “exfoliating” story and says “I’m not a monkey. I don’t have facial hair.” Again, the camera pans to the other couch. Jacqueline is laughing but Teresa has a straight face and a blank stare.
I wonder if she was trying to stop herself from getting in Caroline’s face and screaming “DO NOT BRING UP MY FAMILY!”

Caroline is well aware that everyone on the internet calls Teresa a monkey. I am choosing to believe that she made that comment on purpose as revenge for the Italy trip.

Andy reads my new favorite RH quote: “My kids wore lace and crinoline at those ages, my dogs wear leopard.” Teresa wants to know what that means. Does it mean Danielle’s children were better dressed than her’s? Teresa doesn’t freak out or run across the room. She’s pretty calm actually. So I guess it’s ok for Danielle to talk shit about her kids, just as long as she doesn’t bring up her nephew.

Danielle lost the “tough guy” attitude she had in her interview when she was alone with her armed bodyguards. She now insists that she was simply making a comment about fabric, and was in no way shape or form comparing Teresa’s children to animals.
That was the best line of the whole season and now Danielle is back tracking.  So disappointing!

Her dogs aren’t the only ones who wear leopard.

Jacqueline says that Danielle’s kids cry in the nurses office at school everyday because they get teased so badly. I totally believe that.

Andy says he didn’t know Teresa spoke Italian. I think everyone who watched the Italy trip still doesn’t know if Teresa speaks Italian.

Andy asks Teresa about her cookbook. Everyone is smirking while she tries to remember the name of the dish that is supposed to be her favorite and repeats the lines her PR people taught her. Teresa did not write that cookbook and everyone in that room knows it.

Andy didn’t question Teresa about the fact that she has a recipe in her book for homemade pizza dough, yet on the show Joe said that he never saw her make a pizza in his life,  and she admitted to using store bought pizza dough. I like Andy, but I don’t think he should be the one handling the reunions. He lets them get away with too much.

Teresa says (with the help of Caroline) that the yellow diamond ring she got for her anniversary was actually a yellow sapphire cocktail ring and not a diamond. I’m so glad she cleared that up! So it wasn’t a half a million dollar ring, only a few thousand. Ok, then I guess that totally excuses buying jewelry while filing for bankruptcy. See, Teresa isn’t as bad as we all thought.

Teresa’s house isn’t in foreclosure. Bla bla bla we already knew this. To tell you the truth, I’m a little bored. This reunion was way less eventful than I had imagined. I want to talk about the nephew again!

Teresa said she never saw the auction website. I don’t believe that for a second. I personally tweeted the link to her, as I’m sure many other people did. She said that she doesn’t like to read negative things in the press. There is that word again; Negative. All the housewives seem to have this problem where they confuse the word “negative” with the word “true”.

Andy asks Teresa if she is worried about losing her house. She says no, because even if they lose everything her and Joe will just start over again with the scheming and the filing false insurance claims and the mortgage fraud. Plus they bought life insurance from Vickie for their parents so they are gonna be millionaires soon enough. No worries.

Andy brings up Joes’ drunk driving accident. Danielle said that it really doesn’t make sense to flip your car and then go get wasted. Teresa makes her best “what are you talking about” face:
Caroline and Jacqueline rush to Teresa’s defense. Caroline says that Joe probably fell asleep behind the wheel, Teresa realizes that this is a way better lie than the “yawned and hit the gas” story and decides to go with that one instead. “Yeah, that’s what I think too. He fell asleep.” They all insist that it’s normal to do shots after hitting 4 trees and flipping your car. Everybody does it in Jersey.

There were some questions about whether or not Danielle had an affair with Danny. Jacqueline says that Danielle broke up Danny’s marriage. Danielle says she doesn’t even hang out with Danny, she only used him as a prop because she needed to be able to speak in her scenes taped with him.

Andy asks Danielle how she afforded her daughters sweet 16 party, and she says: Pay attention, I paid for two things; bussing people in, and security.
It just didn’t have the same effect that it did last year.

Danielle says that she sorta, kinda, maybe might possibly be involved in a somewhat possibly unconfirmed female relationship…. or maybe she said that her and Lori were just really close friends. I’m not sure.

Jacqueline says she only saw a preview of Danielle’s sex tape because “someone sent it to her”. But then she goes on to describe the tape in detail, even discussing camera angles. Her and Teresa are giggling. They totally saw the tape. They watched it on the big screen with Dina and Caroline and a bowl of pop corn.

Teresa swears that she never talks about Danielle. Only in every scene of the show and in interviews and magazines and her blog. But other than that – never.

I know everyone thinks Teresa looks like a monkey, but I’ve been noticing a resemblance to another member of the animal kingdom lately.

The ladies argue some more and the reunion ends. I have to say I’m a little disappointed by the easy questions. Andy Cohen sucks as a host. Can we get Dana White instead?

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50 Responses to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Two Reunion – Part 1

  1. Kim says:

    Great synopsis of the Reunion. Lol’d more than once. I completely agree with your assessment of Andy Cohen. Cohen lacks the ability to put the tougher questions on the table and make them stick, much less get them answered. Mostly he just looks facacta the whole time and by that I’m not making fun of his cross-eyedness. I actually find him very endearing most of the time — he’s just not MEAN enough to deal with these hoodlums, er, housewives. Xo thanks again!

  2. Abby Someone says:

    Another hilarious insightful blog!

  3. MomsThoughts says:

    I loved the way Teresa sticks to the script…”I love my children and husband, that is all that matters” right. And she doesn’t know anything about the website with pictures of her belongs (someone broke into her house, took the pictures and posted them, right?) And her blog says she SUDDENLY went into a blinding rage about her nephew because……..she doesn’t like when people talk about her nephew. WTF? THAT is the best story your team could come up with? She has had weeks to work on this…and that is the best she could do? And we know, we KNOW Teresa has to be the center of attention – hence the dress, the “over the top” hideous decor in her home, etc…so a lot of her strutting and being a biotch is just for camera time and to secure her place in season 3 – but that rage was genuine – she was out of her mind – howling and cursing…she has a secret and some one will figure it out.

    I STILL do not understand why the Manzo’s are friends with her. I do not get it. I will never get it. T is everything they are not. She is selfish, stupid, indulgent, inconsiderate, spoiled, reckless, thoughtless – the Manzo’s are community minded, generous, family oriented, have values, and conduct themselves with dignity. I don’t get it. never will.

    Jac is hilarious. She is the kind of friend I would totally hang out with. I have never watched porn – really – never ever- but if I were at Jacquelines and that tape showed up via courier and she said “wanna just take a peek”? I would totally do it with her and giggle the entire time. She was just cute when the porn topic came up – she couldn’t help giggle about it. I vote her the funniest HW. Her tweets are really funny too.

    That is why I didn’t like when she brought up the gossip about Danielle’s kids crying at school Its not like Jac has a kid in one of Danielle’s classes – she doesn’t know what Dan’s kids are doing at school and bringing that up like that is just embarrassing the kids. Don’t those kids have enough to deal with? Jac, I could see you were trying to stir the pot – but that is not your style and it was unkind and uncalled for and just made you look bad. That was the only moment that disappointed me with regard to you.

    I like Caroline. I like how she deals with things. I bet anything…if she weren’t on a show – she wouldn’t deal with Danielle at all – ever. nada. this petty nonsense is not her style. She has better thngs to do …she is a great mom and I totally relate to her. I know people say because she is normal – she is boring – I don’t think so. I like her. She isn’t perfect….but…perfect is hard to find. I can totally deal with her imperfections.

    Great blog….made me LOL again 🙂

    • Thanks!
      I’m telling you, that Manzo/Giudice relationship is not gonna last. I also can’t understand how Caroline is friends with her. If Danielle did even half the things Teresa did could you imagine what they would say about her?
      I think for Caroline it’s less of a friendship and more like she is the mom and Teresa is one of her kid’s annoying friends. That’s why she puts up with her.
      I also think she kinda treats Teresa like the village idiot. Teresa makes them all laugh, but they don’t actually expect anything from her in terms of friendship or human decency. She is just there to entertain them with her insanity and stupidity, that’s why they write off everything she does with “Oh, Teresa, Teresa…”

      • BonBon says:

        Plus, Dunyelle was
        the only one who they could have as a common enemy . Next year, well, it will probably be Teresa, unless Kim G. weasels her way in.
        Caroline has too much intelligence and street smarts for her to really approve of how Teresa conducts her so-called life. Everything that Teresa stands for is polar opposite of Caroline: Bragging about how much money youhave (ESPECIALLY when you no longer have it); Dressing like a Prostitution Whore (even though Caroline is not bothered by them…hmmm.); Acting out like a Banshee Woman from the Kalahari Bush; Again BRAGGING about all the sex she has (thou does protest too much, T) and it’s disgusting anyway in that droning, nasal voice of hers; Spending like she was just told “There’s no tomorrow. Just go out and buy everything you see in sight, because you will never have to pay for any of it.”;
        Never doing anything for anyone but herself; Spoiling her kids with THINGS and not LOVE. The list goes on and on. Need I say more?
        I am wondering though how Dina being the G-dmother is going to play out. I think that for this reason alone, Dina will not be asked back, because we will need a villain. Let’s face it, what gets us watching is not making frozen waffles before giving birth or trying to force a Binky down a poor little kid’s throat.
        Did you receive my application yet for Rehab?

  4. MomsThoughts says:

    I think you are absolutely right with that assessment. You are very good at this 🙂

  5. Periwinkle says:

    I sort of stumbled upon you on Twitter and now I’ve found your blog. Thanks for the laughs……it was spot on!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I think RCH is a genius! Stop by often, it is well worth it, she has a dang funny sense of humor, quick, razor sharp wit, keen insight. She and her followers CRACK ME UP!!!
      (RCH, can I get a discount now for rehab?)

  6. Distressed says:

    First time reader, bookmarked your blog. Haven’t gotten too far on this site yet but I must say I’m amazed so far. You’re hysterically funny.

    I agree, Andy needs to start manning up. The stuff he lets his “girls” get away with during these things is completely unacceptable.

    Excellent recap. Thank you.

  7. Need a Hobby says:

    LOL Your blog is far more entertaining than the show IMO. Thanks! 😀

  8. Jeana says:

    Loved it! I too was disappointed in Jac bringing up Dan’s kids. I hope Momma C talks with her about it because she is ALWAYS saying to leave the kids out of it! Jac needs to back away slowly from Tree (like when a snarling dawg has eyed you) because she’s starting to act like her. Momma C said….”if you hang with garbage then you become garbage!”

    3.9 Million viewers that watched the reunion now know that Tree is Coo-C00 for Cocoa Puffs with a nasty foul howling mouth!! She’s actually making Danielle and Kelly B (NY) look normal…and that’s not easy to do!!

    Tootles, and great LOL blog! You might want to warn people to not be drinking liquid beverages while reading. I almost spewed my coffee all over my laptop!

  9. Need a dose of reality says:

    PLEASE RT @Bravotv IF teresa giudice returns next season with all the bullying, cursing disturbing acts we WILL NOT WATCH RHONJ to stressful

    She’s demanding 30k plus or she won’t return, she doesn’t deserve the 3k she’s getting now for her attention-getting-staged-bullying-cursing-attacks!

  10. Thanks everyone!! 🙂

    I agree that it wasn’t nice for Jac to bring up D’s kids. They are nice kids they don’t deserve to be embarrassed like that. But I don’t think she was making it up. I’m sure those kids get tortured at school. I bet most of the kids moms, and maybe the kids themselves watch the show. Do you think their friends (if they have any) are even allowed to hang out with them? I wouldn’t let my (proverbial) kids have a sleep over at that house.

    Jeana – I disagree about Teresa being crazy. I think Kelly is 100% out of her mind/bad wiring/dropped on her head as a baby/lives in another reality crazy.
    I think that Teresa is ignorant, narcissistic, and has no control over her temper. But I don’t think she’s crazy. I think education, anger management and therapy could really help her – but her narcissism would never allow that because she thinks she’s perfect. I agree that she did make Danielle look normal.

    I love the liquid beverage warning, I’m gonna do it. Thanks for the idea!

    • Jeana says:

      I LOVE the new warning!! Awesome!! Your blogs are a breath of fresh air and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who watches and feels like I dropped a few IQ points during the episode!

      Your right, Kelley does have psych issues mixed w/possibly coke, Adderall, meth (more likely)! And, yes, I can say this because I’m a critical care nurse and, at times, I have to treat these crazed people! A large majority of people with personality disorders per-take in non-prescribed medications/street drugs. When the NY girls were on the boat Sonya kept referring to Kelley’s room smelling like cat urine (meth pee/sweat smells exactly like cat urine with an extra !!!). Kelley “fo sho” had a psychotic break during “scary island” to the point of being delusional with hallucinations! They really should show the “unseen” footage to mental treatment facilities…because I’m sure they edited out a lot of her delusional behavior!!

      However, if T had acted the way she did during the reunion show (screaming, cursing, howling, shoving, batting eyes left to right with fight or flight breathing) on our unit, we would have “handled” her (not like wimpy Andy) and placed her in 4-point leather restraints! We also would do a Momma C move but we would have grabbed her yappin’ jaws back further and lifted up so that she couldn’t spit (note: she would do that…we know the type)!

      I’m just really disturbed (truly) by the people that are condoning T’s behavior r/t Danielle. No human being should act that way (Ape, yes when threatened)…fame whore or not! Her kids will also have to answer/crying to their mother’s behavior (if not already).

      Lastly, KARMA is a Beotch!

      Anyone thinking of going into the nursing career … we deal with these nut bags all of the time…if not the patient then it’s a family member. All that said, I wouldn’t want it any other way! I never go into work thinking “same-ol-same-ol”!

      • Jeana says:

        I forgot….Ain’t I nice PutYourHairUp? Tell ’em, ain’t I nice??

      • Meg1964 says:

        I have to agree with your assessment of Kelly. I’m a nurse too, and Kelly does act like someone that’s on high doses of Adderall. There are toooooo many docs nowdays giving these cutesy type girls Adderall. There’s two scenarios: The girl goes to the doc and saids “I’m so hyper, I can’t calm down. I can’t sleep. I fidget all the time.” She gets Adderall. Second scenario: The girls goes to the doctor and says “I have my days and nights turned around, I stay awake during the night, but only take naps during the day, I need something to stimulate me”.

        Adderrall works 2 ways – if your ADD, it calms you down. They often give it to kids to calm them down. If your an adult, it usually works the opposite. It’s basically speed. And there are some docs that will give out anything a patient asks for. I’ve personally never been treated by one of them, but I’ve seen plenty of the patients after the doctors get them addicted.

        Kelly doesn’t look like a meth-head though. Her skin is too clear. Their skin erupts and breaks out (face, arms, legs, all over) pretty soon after they start using it.

        • Meg1964 says:

          I wanted to add, in so many cases, no matter what symptoms the women approach the doctor with in the 2 examples I gave, they’re really looking for the speed effect from the Adderall. Plus it keeps them from eating.

          A lot of these “stars” that get really lean, but still seem to have some muscle tone, but really, really lean are taking clenbuterol these days. Especially if their transformation happened quickly.

        • Jeana says:

          We’ll never know but we can always diagnosis from the couch! he he

          If Methamphetamine is taken in a low dose they don’t generally have the scratches (skin eruptions-from them clawing at their skin and then the area becomes infected). You would be surprised at the amount of people that are taking Meth in low doses to prevent weight gain and bookoodles of energy (to allow said person to run in the middle of the streets in NYC). Just for fun I looked-up low dose Meth symptoms…

          Anxiety, emotional swings, and paranoia are the most common psychological effects due to chronic use of meth. Symptoms increase with long-term use, and can involve paranoid delusions and hallucinations. (Spot-on-Kelley behavior)

          Of coarse, this is all couch diagnosing 🙂

        • Actually, meth itself does not make your skin break out. But addicts who are up for 4 days straight don’t remember to shower or wash their hands or face and a lot of them do this thing where they are always touching their skin and picking at it. Also, not all meth is not created equal. There are many different kinds with different strengths. And since it’s made in people’s basements with a lot of mixed ingredients, it will be different depending on where you buy it and who made it. It also depends if you smoke it, how you smoke it, or if you shoot it.
          It also affects people differently depending on how the drug reacts to the persons own natural chemicals. Someone who suffers from depression will react differently than someone who doesn’t.
          Watch Intervention. Lot’s of meth stories on that show.

          I also read in an article that the majority meth users are actually middle aged “soccer moms” because it allows them to be super mom and get everything done in a day without feeling stressed or tired. And if they don’t abuse it (which most people end up doing eventually) it’s not obvious that the person is high.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Damn if you people don’t know a lot about drugs! LOL I’m a nurse too!
            KKB def seemed to me that she was having a drug induced psychosis. Explains a lot about the look of her too. Yes, there are docs that will prescribe Adderal. It’s a guaranteed regular patient that always shows up for their appt.
            Terrorista…..not drugs, just personality disorder big time. So angry, she just loses it…..grunting, growling or as I said before, she’s a werewolf.
            And wow, does she kiss her kids with that mouth? Any female on this board, young or old…if you’re on national TV (or even not) would you scream M-F-er at someone?

          • Jeana says:

            You should be an investigating reporter for TMZ! Your spot on about the “Soccer Moms” meth use. We (Nurses) have to take continued education classes and I had to sit through a 2 hour class about Meth. The reason they claw at their skin is from taking high doses and they “see” and feel bugs crawling on their skin. I’ve seen MRI results from Meth users and their brain is in worse shape than someone with full-blown Alzheimer’s. This could explain Kelley’s tweets and her inability to put a complete sentence together.

            • Worse than Alzeimer’s? So that means even if Kelly gets (or is) sober, she’ll still be nuts.
              How long does someone have to use meth to get permanent brain damage?

              • Jeana says:

                If they could ever get a straight answer out of drug abusers they might be able to determine that! Don’t hold your breath! From what the new research states (which changes from day-to-day) the brain/neurons will heal but not back to the 100% level. The healing process takes years…so sorry, you’ll still have to endure Kelleyisms!

                You are completely right! My mother would drive 6 hours to get to me and would yank a knot in my Butt if a behaved that way!! I want even FB, tweet WTF in fear that she may one day figure out what that means!! T has absolutely zero integrity! If she would just sincerely apologize for the way she acted she would come across as at least somewhat of a normal human being with morals. But no, she just blames it on D pushing her buttons, even though, she came out of the gate making snide/offensive/venoumous remarks towards D. If you keep poking at a snake…don’t be surprised when it strikes back!

          • Meg1964 says:

            You’re right – meth doesn’t break your skin out, it’s from the user picking at their skin, coupled with poor hygiene. That was another of my middle of the night, rambling posts, while Ambien-eating. 😀

      • Tam5115 says:

        OMG, Jeana… EXACTLY!

        I’m still trying to pick my lower jaw up off the floor after witnessing Teresa’s behavior and then the casual reaction to it!

        Yet, she still claims she is able to control herself???

  11. Meg1964 says:

    Another side splitting blog! Thanks!

    You have a knack for putting our thoughts into words.

    Is it true that Teresa is asking for $30k an epi?

    My modem died after lunch yesterday and I just have gotten another one and got back online. I feel like I missed a years worth of internet gossip. 🙂

  12. BonBon says:

    LET HER GO! We’ve seen enough of her financial ruin. That would never carry this show. The Star Ledger will keep us all informed on the Giudice Saga. And all those tabloids. Do we really need to see her junkbeing auctioned off.
    I call for keeping Caroline and recasting the rest. Maybe a Kim G. Keep Jacqueline to allow all the “Horribles” into the Manzos’ lives. She’s so good at that. In fact, that’s about alll she’s good for. Unless you consider her rendition of heart and soul with her elbow a talent.

  13. Need a Hobby says:

    Looks like T’s pulling a “foghorn.” Gimme mo money stories in the media and more spinning of what “really happened” regarding their public notoriety. In this case, T “explains” heir financial situation (again) and tries to seem like she and J are just regular folks tightening their belts…..and then goes on to brag on what they spent on their wedding 10 years ago. Mixed messages. Kinda undermines the “I’m not into conspicuous spending and that’s not what I’m really about” theme she’s floated.

    The article says Juicy’s now taken over control of the couple’s finances? Who was in control of their finances before? Teresa? But she don’t know nothin’ about any of this.

    There is no auction of her goods, she says. The court, however IIRC, rescheduled it for Oct 3. There isn’t an actual auction now, but it’s currently scheduled for the future. (T, let’s say you plan a get together for a month from now, invite folks and when guests ask if they should bring anything, you say “there is no party?” Cause there isn’t one right now and who knows what can happen between now and then?)

    I thought the word was that most of Juicy’s tenants were Section 8? If so, there’s no problem with getting the rent. Unless the landlord fails to keep up the property and loses section 8 eligibility. You know, the like landlord doesn’t pay the utilities so they’re shut off, stuff like that. Which is reportedly what happened. The former business partner who took Juicy to court I think said he loaned Joe the money (over half a million) and it was supposed go to improvements of the rental properties? Instead it went to building their McMansion and other personal expenses? (“Allegedly,” I guess is the word.) Apparently the bankruptcy filings show millions in loans, much if not most related to the Taj Teresa, in addition to other personal debt.

    Teresa was so concerned, humiliated and worried about the bankruptcy that she went out and bought another $60K in furnishings within months of declaring bankruptcy. It was that “fresh start” rush. An afterglow sort of thing. (The spending is in the court records, cited by the Trustee. I think the info is actually from her own attorney’s filings to the court.)

  14. marjie says:

    Love your website, glad I found it over the weekend. Your comments are hilarious. It is depressing to watch women degrade women and get paid for it. I am always left annoyed with myself for watching the show. I think Andy Cohen is too soft on the other women v/s Danielle (because she is non confrontational?? or maybe less threatening?? ) . You make it less distasteful…..Thank you for that.

    Whats with the name calling Jacqueline? I guess she has joined the others ranks now. I think she looked better when she was on Danielle’s side. Whatever happened there we will never know now with Danielle leaving the show. I hope Bravo will get to the story of the nephew. The Manzo’s friendship with Teresa does look fishy they (Manzo’s) let a lot slide under, is it because of the nephew? Did you notice how Teresa says in her blog its not about Jaquelines baby, like shes throwing us hints. Waiting for Jacquelines blog. LOL.

    Glad that Danielle is leaving the show. Is Caroline leaving too, she sounds like that in her blog? I dont believe that Danielle’s kids cry at school and can appear confident on screen. Those kids are strong , well behaved, always supportive of mom ( even when they do not agree with her )and good luck to them. They are a single moms dream like Dina’s daughter. Again Andy did not pursue the topic even though Danielle wanted to clarify Jacqueline’s statement. Caroline screaming over Danielle not letting her speak…..

    Wish that Danielle stuck to her comment on the clothes issue, they do look ridiculous, arent custom made clothes expensive? Didnt they file bankcruptcy before the Italy trip whats with the new clothes again in italy?

    I want to see Elvira Grau on the show for the following reasons
    1. Has a real job.
    2. Lots of spunk.
    3. Has a husband.

    Loved everybody’s comments.

    • Thank you for the compliments!
      I don’t know why Teresa felt the need to say in her blog that her “nephew” is not Jacqueline’s son. Obviously! I think it’s possible that her fans are so bat shit stupid that they thought Danielle’s comment was referring to Jac’s son and maybe they were asking her about it.

      About Elvira, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Even if she would have made a good addition I think she killed any shot of being on the show when she released the fake story that she was replacing Dina.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I couldn’t pick Elvira out in a lineup but I think there were rumblings that she too is a destitution whore like Teresa, living way beyond her means, etc….does anyone remember seeing anything like this?

        • I honestly never paid much attention to anything to do with that woman. I remember the article announcing that she was going to be the next NJ Housewife and I just knew it was bullshit. After that I’m not interested to know anything about her.

  15. Pingback: Mental Disorders 101

  16. marjie 75 says:

    I am haunted by Teresa’s dress, seen it on Dina somewhere. I cant sleep… I am too excited with the possibility of Melissa joining the show.

  17. HeiferPlease says:

    amazing that the M/G/L clan claim to be afraid of what DS may do because she’s so unpredictable & savage, but they have no hesitation to be around TG who has violently erupted -almost to the point of spontaneous combustion- before their very eyes on two occasions that we have seen publicly …wtf?… I could watch the part of TG grunting like a cave woman on an endless loop!
    DS should have stood her ground and talked about DM – too bad she probably didn’t know that the gag order didn’t apply to her … and what about them calling it a ‘silencer’ — lmao

  18. NotsurewhoIlikenow says:

    so glad to have found this blog. OMG – insightful, funny, and thought provoking. this further feeds my addiction.

  19. Jeana says:

    I’m so glad that you have decided to blog about RHoDC! There is just to much comic relief not to blog about it!! I friggin’ love Cat!! She will just say whatever and whenever! She keeps the show going.

    Michelle also thinks that she was a Redskins Cheerleader in her narcissistic mind….they’ve proven her wrong on that, also! What a fake-azz Beotch!! They apparently owe ~$100,000 to the Redskins franchise for rental of a sky box (bet the Skins will never see that money). Did you read her blog…what BS!

  20. bet365 says:

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  21. loumara says:

    Caroline and Dina make such huge issues of wanting Danielle out of their lives,yet they continue to have these one on one meetiungs with her.How stipid are these silly ladies?It is not rocket science to figure out if you want someone out of your life, simply you just ignore them,think about it ladies….makes sense,doesn’t it?….These two women as well as Danielle and Teresa are all about drama to advanced ratings.Because these supposedly mature women cannot possibly behave like unruly school children if not for the cameras,can they?As for Danielle, she and Danny her convict side kick are a joke….LOSERS/CLOWNS they are!And is Teresa really that dumb or again is it for the cameras?Jacquline spineless and boring and Dina Bravo the smart one who got away.

  22. Guadalupe says:

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    that shouldn’t be an dwile flonking wiki issue. When dwsile flonking wiki you see her move, she is still a touring bride.
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