Jacqueline Laurita Explains “The Book” and Discusses Danielle – For The Last Time

As many of you already know, I had a very long twitter conversation with Jacqueline Laurita yesterday. I wanted to copy and paste the conversation here, but she asked me to please wait until after the reunion episodes air, and I am going to respect that. But don’t get too upset, she didn’t reveal anything totally earth shattering, it was a lot of the same stuff you’ve heard before. And I still have some interesting things tell you even without posting our whole conversation.
Her messages were private, but mine were public, so if you are interested in seeing my side of the conversation, it’s on my twitter page.

Part of our conversation last night was about “the book”. I wrote a blog (which you can read here if you haven’t yet) about Caroline’s Bravo blog and I called her a liar for some of the things she said.  I sent my blog links to Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline, and Teresa asking if any of them had anything to say about Caroline’s lies. Dina and Teresa (who both blocked me a while ago) ignored me, and Caroline blocked me. Jacqueline responded. My comments on that blog were what got us talking about “the book” again. She gave me permission to tell her side of the story here.

It’s been a while since season one, so if you want to refresh your memory here are some links:

The Book Episode – skip to 00:24:15 to get straight to the part about the book

The Last Supper: Directors Cut – skip to 00:22:34 to get to the part that leads up to Jac calling Dina a liar.

Jacqueline’s side of “the book” story: She starts by saying that the Manzo’s did not dig into Danielle’s past or try to find out anything about her. The book was not a complete secret in North Jersey before the show aired. There were people from Danielle’s neighborhood who knew about the book from Danielle’s ex husband (the father of her kids, not the one who wrote the book). When these people found out that the Manzo’s were going to be on a tv show with her, they started coming to them with information about her. One piece of information was the book. Someone told Dina’s niece about it, and she told Dina, who then showed the book (I am not sure if she showed the actual book, or showed the book on the internet) to Caroline and Jacqueline at The Brownstone. Caroline then got a copy of the book from the library, and they all shared it with Teresa. The salon incident took place after all of this, and it’s only relevant because that is how Danielle found out that Dina and Caroline knew about the book. Originally, Jacqueline did not tell Danielle that Dina or Caroline knew about the book, and she made up a story about how she found out about it. Caroline and Dina had not intended on discussing the book with Danielle and they didn’t want her to know that they knew about it. But the nail lady at the salon ratted them out to Danielle. (A lot of rumors are being spread through the salons in this town, huh? Imagine what I could find out if I got a pedicure in Franklin Lakes!) Jac maintains that they were not “showing it to everyone in town”. Danielle believes (or claims to believe) that the Manzo’s had her investigated and that is how they found the book. She also claims that no one knew about the book until they dug it up and showed it to everyone. But according to Jac, the people in her town had already known about the book for a while, and it was considered old news until she started taping the show and then people began to talk about it again.

Because Jacqueline was friends with Danielle at the time, she went to talk to her and ask her about the allegations in the book  – in private. Danielle then decided that she wanted to talk about the book on the show and “clear her name” of the lies in the book. Jacqueline thought putting the book on the air was a bad idea and tried to talk Danielle out of it, but she insisted. So although it appears on film as though the Manzo’s outted Danielle’s deep dark secret, she was the one who went to the producers and asked them to put it on tv, that was her decision. The Manzo’s had no intention of talking about the book on the air until the producers asked them to.

Jacqueline also said that at the “last dinner” when she called Dina a liar, it was because she thought that Dina was denying all involvement with the book, she didn’t know at the time that Dina was just talking about the salon incident when she said that “it wasn’t her who showed the book”. She also told me that her and Dina “battled” for a week after the finale because of misunderstandings and lies Danielle had told (although she didn’t specify what those lies were). It’s also interesting that Jacqueline started responding to me after I tweeted this:

Any1 else think its symbolic that @JacLaurita’s profile pic is from the “last dinner”ep which is the last time she stood up to her “family”?

If what Jacqueline says about the book is true, then that might explain some of the unexplained anger coming from Team Manzo. She said that it’s very frustrating for her to watch Danielle play innocent or victim on camera or on twitter when she know’s the truth. But you will have to take the Manzo’s word for it, because they are still not revealing details about what she has done to them. According to Jacqueline, Danielle has spread lies, started serious rumors, and made threats against her family. This is what she said regarding why she doesn’t want to explain any further than that:

I don’t address the lies on camera bc that just helps her spread them & there’s always SOMEone who will believe them

I know I know she’s smarter than us.It’s all off cameras.All the above! If I repeat what she has said, it helps her to spread the lies.

I suppose I can understand how it would be frustrating for them if Danielle is constantly doing things (like the book situation) behind the scenes.
Although none of this excuses or explains Teresa’s insane behavior, but she’s not family (despite what Dina thinks) and I think the Manzo’s will have their “uh oh” moment with her just like they did with Danielle.

Jacqueline also confirmed what we heard from AbsurdtoSublime; that Danielle did in fact hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on her and her family members, but she claims there was no dirt to be found, and she denies the “Tara” rumors.

Here are a few tweets from the end of our conversation (if you don’t already know about our bet, you can read about it here.) :

So maybe you should write a book with the whole story. I would read it. While I have your attention: Is your husband close with his sisters? Because he never talks to/interacts with them on the show. And he is always has this look like he is biting his tongue, or holding something back.

I know,I understand honestly I do. & My hubby loves his sisters.Talks 2them often.My husband is more private&a little shy.Does lots 4family

And AHEM…. The auction DID NOT happen on Aug.22nd. Didn’t we have a bet if it didn’t happen on that date?;0)

LOL We do have a bet! But we nvr discussed what wld happen in event of a rain date.Auction is still on, just later.So who wins?

Ok I’ll make u a deal. I’ll concede and give u the win for this one IF u re-bet for October.

I think I won the 1st bet bc I was referring 2the Aug.22 date but I’m afraid 2say I’m afraid 2bet on Oct.date.I’ll check my sources1st Lol!

So what do you think? Are the Manzo’s bullies or is Danielle a master manipulator? Or is it a little bit of both? I can’t wait for the reunion tonight. Jacqueline has sworn to me (for the 97th time now?) that she is never speaking of Danielle again after tonight. We made a toast to it. 😉 We’ll see what happens.

Btw, I was totally pretending that I was Barbra Walters doing an interview while we were having our conversation. Lol

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36 Responses to Jacqueline Laurita Explains “The Book” and Discusses Danielle – For The Last Time

  1. kats2 says:

    That was interesting. But have to say I’m not buying the reason they are not not coming clean with details. “Rumors” are most likely true and hit close to home.

  2. KirksvilleMo says:

    Good for you and how great that Jac responded when the others hide. But I call BS on the reason she won’t address the rumors.Even most A list celebrities address rumors to put the TRUTH out there.Either there are no rumors or the so called rumors are indeed truth and I vote that Danielle calls them out on truth.
    So when Teresa held up the book that was on Danielle’s instruction?
    Next time call Jac out on lying for Joe’s DUI.Another reason I don’t believe Jac.

  3. MomsThoughts says:

    Brilliant investigative reporting….

  4. I told her that everyone thinks whatever Danielle is saying must be true and that’s why they won’t talk about it.
    But she insists that they are not true.

    Also, unlike A-list celebrities who are responding to rumors everyone has heard, we haven’t really heard many rumors from Danielle. Whatever she has been saying has been spread more around their town than around the media. So Jac would have to tell us the rumors in order to explain her anger.
    The rumors aren’t really “out there” and she doesn’t want to be the one to put them out there.

    Not taking her side. Just playing devils advocate.

  5. tuzentswurth says:

    Great job RCH. I love the format of your blog, love the thumbs up or down icon. I actually thought that would be a great idea before I came here and saw it existed. Doh.! Dumb oldster! lol I also like how you can find new comments on the side…big time saver for me. Anyway……
    Jac is a sneaky one as I suspected all along. She surely knew there would be a postponement of the auction, she just wasn’t saying and made it look like she meant it wouldn’t happen. Sorry, if the auction happens EVER, YOU WIN.
    At the country club, I found it odd how she hung back quietly until Chewy went all ape-shit (no offense intended to apes), then Jac went absolutely wild, thus only encouraging her daughter to join in for the kill. What a herd mentality. So, yes, maybe Jac can be fun and enjoys the game of cat and mouse (as Hercule Poirot or Inspector Clouseau might say) , but I still think she is low class, immature and plain dumb. The fact that she can tolerate being around Terrorista speaks volumes.

    • Thank you for the compliments. I recently added the thumbs up/down because a lot of people like to read the comments but they don’t want to get involved in the conversation. So this way the “lurkers” can put their two cents in. It’s interesting to see over time which comments get the most thumbs up. 🙂
      I have said before, I am not a fan of Jac on the show. But I like her in real life (if twitter counts as real life).

      I think she likes the drama, but doesn’t want to be the one causing it. I think that’s why she likes hanging out with Teresa. Teresa will say and do the things the others might want to – but won’t. If anyone is the puppet master in this show, I think it’s Jac. She play innocent/nice but I think she is way smarter than people give her credit for. I would love to hear the conversation she had with Teresa before Teresa decided to go “be nice and say hi” to Danielle. I get the feeling like she just sits back and laughs at Teresa while secretly saying in her head “dance my little puppet, dance!”

      • BonBon says:

        Twitter is about as Real Life as Facebook is.
        Real life is 3 dimensional. Not one.
        I’m glad you gave her a chance, though. It shows that you really do want to believe the best in people, while this fakerooo doesn’t really.
        I just cannot get over the fact that she is still friends with Kim G. Why does she always just happen to surround herself with the dregs of society? Could it be so that she might look better in comparison? Think on this, sweetnik: Her friends have been: Duneyelle, Teresa, Kim D., Kim G. and her dear daughter who I happen to now feel a bit sorry for as stated in another one of your blogs, Ashley. Other than that, she has no friends. NONE.
        Dina doesn’t seem to be her friend (I wouldn’t trust her ever after what she probably told Dunyelle and also screaming that she’s a liar and everybody knows about her). Yes, she has forgiven her, but things like that you never forget. Neither really does Caroline. I see no warmth there with either of her sister-in-laws. It seems they put up with her because of the respect they have for their brother, Chris. Just sayin……. (couldn’t resist sayin just sayin..).
        I have to tell you though that she was telling the truth (at least according to my captions on the tv). Even though it did sound so clearly like BREAK UP, the captions did say “Bring up.” I’m sorry I doubted your sincerety, but not hers. She’s out for one person and one person only: to make Jacqueline Laurita look like a better person than the rest of the motley crew of NJ housewives. Unfortunately, she has failed miserably.

    • BonBon says:

      Tuzen…”no offense to apes”..lol

  6. tuzentswurth says:

    I’m taking up a collection to buy Teresa a straitjacket.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      And some pepper spray for Andy for when Housewives attack.

    • BonBon says:

      Make sure it’s in White, though. Hackensack Hospital uses designer dressing gowns and straight jackets on their patients. I believe it’s Donna Karan.
      I’ll contribue a few satchels of silver. I’m leaving the gold for my projeny.

  7. Need a Hobby says:

    Seriously cool reportage. An exclusive!! 🙂

    Well Jac appears to be a good sport if she’s still chatting with you after all your blogs & tweets. (LOL—-I just remembered all the pics you had of Jac eating. LOL I’m sure it’s partly editing on the show but it still cracks me up.)

    I don’t doubt that Danielle is indeed a master manipulator and she’s pulled a lot of shit off camera. Making up & spreading rumors, starting trouble, etc. And getting folks all riled up. And then Danielle plays the innocent victim. But Danielle knows how to push their buttons and then they act like thugs themselves. So as crazy as Danielle is, they wind up looking crazier, meaner and uglier. It’s all ugly.

    The Manzo/Laurita/Giudice clan aren’t just victims in this thing though. They gotta own their own behavior and words too. It’s as simple as two wrongs don’t make a right.

    And please, no more covering for Juicy’s DWI. No one seriously believes Joe’s “I wasn’t driving drunk” story. His story is he only had two shots after the accident (and who with a brain does that, really, with the cops on their way?) and had a 0.11??? He’d have to weigh around 90 lbs for two shots to do that. Just no way in a guy that size. It’s like science and stuff.

    Or covering for the not rumored but factual bankruptcy and documented borrowing and overspending. (Overspending is when you spend money you don’t have. Living beyond your means is when you spend more than you have and can’t pay the bills you run up.) The court documents are public documents and are publicly available. T didn’t know? Seriously, how dumb is she then? Did she think she was married to Donald Trump? Please. They declare bankruptcy, stiff their creditors, and then sing la, la, la and go out and drop 60 grand on furnishings? And then T essentially brags about having a “fresh start?” (A fresh start on their next bankruptcy maybe?) Who does that? Most people in their situation would take it seriously. T doesn’t appear to. So it looks like they’re just trying to play the system and legally rip off people. (And note, I’m being really kind and understated here.)

    And T’s out of control anger and attempted physical attacks? It’s not funny, it’s not cute.

    And Teresa dresses her kids funny.
    Sorry, but it’s true.

    • Yea Jac is def a good sport. She doesn’t think she’s Meryl Streep (as Kathy Griffin would say). I’m surprised that she still talks to me after reading my blog. Although I don’t think I say anything that bad – I’m just honest. But the way these RH’s react to honesty – you’d think they were literally getting their eyes clawed out or something.
      But seriously, I give her credit. She has a good sense of humor and is the only NJ housewife who not only didn’t block me – but follows me. Mad cool.

      I agree with everything else you said except one thing – the way Teresa dresses her kids is not funny.
      Cruel, inhumane, horrific, traumatizing…. but not funny.

    • BonBon says:

      If I could, Need a Hobby, I would give you 100 thumbs up. Well put. Perfect perfect perfect.

  8. Meg1964 says:

    “Btw, I was totally pretending that I was Barbra Walters doing an interview while we were having our conversation. Lol” <— I belly laughed! 😀

    I'm still fuming from last night. I was actually feeling a fondness for Jac after your conversation with her the other night. She sent me 1 DM – and from that message, I really think she cares what ppl think about her. But – I feel upset because of the way she behaved last night. I really expected her to take the high road.

    All three (Jac, Teresa (especially that cavewoman) and Caroline, all behaved horribly last night. And I bet the "best" was saved for last. No telling what we'll see last week.

    Still sounded like Teresa said "Break". Some are speculating that the "nephew" isn't really a nephew but maybe Joe stepped out and.. well.. it's alleged.

    • I agree. She acted really immature at the reunion.
      I wish one of them -any of them- would have actually SAID SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE rather than just yelling insults at each other.
      I don’t even understand why they were fighting.
      As far as I understood, Danielle is a skanky ho and garbage, Teresa is insane and dresses her kids like dogs, Jacqueline is certifiable, Caroline is a clown, and Danielle may or may not have done something to Dina.
      But why are they fighting?!

  9. Tam5115 says:

    They were nothing less than bullies last night. All three of them. Danielle may not be this wonderful person, but she was kind when Caroline was upset over Albie’s learning struggles. She got nothing but personal attacks in return.

    Oh, and the obvious answer as to what D meant about dressing her dogs in leopard print, is that it’s tacky to dress children in it. Pay attention, puh

  10. Meg1964 says:

    I felt like they went overboard on the leopard print-dog comment. I knew what Danielle meant. It’s tacky. When I grew up (and WHERE I grew up) – leopard print was reserved for women that were less than lady-like. (Trying to be gentle here, so not to offend. Can I say hookers?) Of course, that was years ago. Maybe things have changed. I would’ve never dressed my daughter the way she dresses hers, though. Just sayin’.

  11. marjie 75 says:

    Is she talking about J’s Baby?? LOL that sure stunned both of them. What is up with that? Andy had a funny smile and did not pursue the topic.

  12. Renee says:

    clearly danielle is a master manipulator (i have a sister in law who could give her a run for her money though).
    Not really sure what you all are talking about being so horrible about the way the 3 acted last night (other than teresa’s outburst). They were all honest and the part I love the most is when they say something and danielle has no excuse. the look on her face is priceless. it’s hard for me to understand why you all are constantly criticizing the 3, but defend that peice of trash. it’s just baffling to me that ANYONE could ever defend ANY of her behavior. But then again, i have a brain and I try to have some morals and class soooo….
    **picking my jaw up off the floor**

    • tuzentswurth says:

      That is the point. Of course I see Danielle’s terrible flaws but how bad is it for the other women that they’ve made people so sympathetic to Danielle b/c their behavior is so atrocious. If they behaved their monkey asses and kept their mouths shut, I think Danielle would be reviled by all. The three stoogettes have no one to blame but themselves. Teresa is crazier than KKB, and that is sayin’ something.

    • I don’t think I defend Danielle. If I say that I don’t agree with the behavior of the others it doesn’t mean I’m defending Danielle. I think she has plenty of faults, I wouldn’t want to have her over for dinner, but that doesn’t give the other women a right to gang up on her and call her garbage, skanky ho, disgusting etc…. and Danielle is all by herself. She doesn’t have anyone on her side. It’s not really far.
      Like with Teresa and Joe’s drunk driving – she is clearly lying.
      But she has the other two to jump up and defend her on her BS.
      Danielle has 3 people against her and no one on her side.

      It’s like this – I don’t support terrorism, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s ok to water board terrorists. Ya know what I mean?

    • BonBon says:

      Renee: it’s “i” before “e” except after “c”.
      Sorry. I couldn’t resist. If only she hadn’t made the “i have a brain” comment…

  13. tuzentswurth says:

    I saw very little of season 1 so I went to the links you provided and watched. At the dinner, Caroline was pointing at Danielle saying “Own up to what you are”.
    That sounds like a rational adult that is open to D’s explanation and considers this to be 25 yrs old and not relevant to the present…………………..NOT!
    Caroline =Jill
    Danielle=Alex……in the sense that the crew didn’t think she was worthy of them, deserved poor treatment and didn’t really matter.

  14. Coco says:

    I think she’s a SNAKE! She’s a follower, and has no brains of her own. I was watching the interview on the Today show, and she still buts in and went on in Teresa’s defense. Teresa and her husband are crooks but in her eyes and in the eyes of the other two idiots thats alright….that’s Teresa! They talk about Danielle, and say bad things about her, and some sad things about her girls but the minute Danelle says something they ALL gang up on her. It’s unfair, and I only hope Bravo gets rid of ALL of them and brings in a new crew. What a bunch of silly women!

  15. Coco says:

    BTW Jacqueline…I love the look of embarrassment on your face when your own daughter (Ashley), called you out in the season finally. You know when you guys were at the dinner table. She was even tired of hearing you bad mouth Danielle. That stupid smile you had on your face when she walked out of the room…PRICELESS! The camera zoomed in on you twice and you looked so silly!!!!

    Oh, one more thing…STOP with the plastic surgery, and botox! You can barely move your mouth its so full of botox, and who knows what!!!

  16. Larue says:

    I don’t believe anything Jacqueline and her mobettes say.

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