#1 Search Term: “Teresa and Joe Giudice Divorce”

The alternate title for this blog is Square Tit For Tat. Thank you @kcipriani1 for your funny creativity. 🙂

For the past two weeks the #1 search term that led people to my blog was “Teresa and Joe Giudice Divorce” which means a lot of people think it’s coming.

There is a new article by Absurd to Sublime that asks: Who’s Tara?
Here is an excerpt from the article:

Well folks, I have learned  from an unimpeachable anonymous source that Joe Giudice has a girlfriend named Tara G.  Danielle found her because she hired a private investigator and had the Manzo’s and the Giudices followed.

Tara G., by the way, is not exactly hiding out. She attends parties and actually displays pictures of her and Joe together. She also has pictures of a baby, whether or not this is Joe’s offspring is unknown.  She is the person Ramona Singer, probably high on too many pinot grigios, was tweeting about when she wrote “Tamra”  instead of Tara, the night of Joe’s DWI.

Could this be the thing Danielle said at the reunion that prompted Teresa to walk across the room, get in her face, and send a pillow and Andy Cohen flying through the air?

We’ve been hearing these rumors for a while now. And unlike the rumors surrounding Tommy Manzo, the rumors about Joe Giudice have a name… and blonde hair apparently. It’s clear in recent episodes of RHONJ that Joe is no longer the happy go lucky “happy wife happy life” guy he was in season one. He is visibly irritated and pissed off in every scene. And he has no problem displaying his frustration at Teresa in front of the cameras.

Do I believe Joe is cheating? Yes. Do I think they will get divorced over it? No.
Teresa won’t file for divorce because Joe doesn’t legally own anything or make any money, so that means she most likely won’t receive child support or alimony and might actually have to get a job. And Joe won’t file for divorce because Teresa knows where the bodies are buried. And I’m sure they will get a lot of pressure from their old school parents and family members to stay together. Since “Gumars” are mafia Italian tradition just like huge flashy christenings, a first dance with your baby, and naming Godmothers who aren’t Catholic, I think Teresa will probably just roll with it.

That’s just my opinion. I know you all are going crazy on twitter right now. So what do you think about this rumor?

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93 Responses to #1 Search Term: “Teresa and Joe Giudice Divorce”

  1. Squirrels says:

    Suddenly it all makes sense. The kiss me Joe! Do you love me Joe! Spank me Joe! She is desperate to win him back. Sadly, once a person cheats the deal is sealed. Unless and until Joe determines and admits he did wrong and is willing to pay for the rest of his life for it, the marriage is over, if not technically speaking.

    I think Danielle calling this out was cruel, but no more cruel than what the entire entourage did against her this past season, on and off the air. That includes you Kim G Wannabe.

    Oh, and Joe? Money doesn’t buy you forgiveness, nor can it buy your wife a clue.

    • I don’t think it was about her being desperate to win him back, I think it was more about her “proving” to the other woman how into her he is. I think that’s why she talks about their sex life so much.

      • BonBon says:

        SPOT ON!! Nobody is gonna be more important to my man than all important ME ME ME ME! Nail on the PROVERBIAL head, again.
        Yes, Squirrels, it was as cruel as Teresa sitting there all ugly/primate- like (in front of a gazillion viewers) with the “BOOK” in her hand explaining in that intellectual voice of hers what was in it.
        I just love the laws of Karma. They come through every single time. Sometimes it just takes longer than others. And it’s about f–king time. I will clap to this!
        I will give a million satchels of gold to anyone who can find a photo of Tara!

  2. Delia says:

    I think that if they got divorced, Teresa would have to pay Joe Alimony because SHE is the one that makes the money. I think that would be freaking hilarious and sweet justice in my opinion.

    • MomsThoughts says:

      It does appear Teresa is the money maker now – her book signings – and wouldn’t that chap her ass if she had to pay him alimony! I wonder if Tara has money? However, those book sales are going to dry up real fast. (who really uses cookbooks any more any way?) and then all bets are off. If she gets canned from RHONJ and booksales are gone, hum…….Joe – you better file now if you want a weekly alimony check from Teresa!

      Putyourhairup…..you do realize this is starting to really get to you? You have taken up the RHONJ tradition of asking and answering their own questions….

      “Do I believe Joe is cheating? Yes. Do I think they will get divorced over it? No.”

  3. kats2 says:

    I totally agree with your blog and all the comments. This explains so much and Teresa (I mean Chewy) will just continue to take her rage out on other people as Joe continues his life with Tara.

    Thanks for the shout out on Square Tit for Tat!!!

    This is going to get very interesting. I wonder when Tara comes out to claim her fame???

  4. I stand by my belief that Tara needs to be on the show next season.
    I still want Kim G too. Then we can have Kim and Tara on one side, Teresa and Caroline on the other, and Jacqueline in between. It would be wonderful!

  5. I thought Catholics can’t divorce. They just get an annulment, don’t they? This is when the Church says okay, your years together, your children, your joint bank accounts, property, and bills–nevah happened! I don’t get it, but…who can argue with 2 millenia of religious male domination and misogyny?

    • I don’t think they are really Catholic. I don’t think they go to church, or pray, or follow any of the rules of the church.
      If Teresa couldn’t have had a huge party for the christening, I doubt she would have even bothered to do it.

      • BonBon says:

        They are known as convenient Catholics. If there’s a party called fo (christenings and such), they are devout. If it calls for something mundane, then oh what the hay, they just conveniently forget…like making a non-Catholic a God Mother (because the GodMother just happens to have so much mother f–king money). I even bet that Tree used birth control, before she needed the (unpaid) fertility expert.
        Has anyone ever heard that the more children a couple have, the less they really “do it”? I have and I think it’s because all that sperm is just so anxious to find that egg…even if the egg is in its monthly hiding ritual.

        • OT: BonBon, you look like someone…familiar. Let me think, let me think….

        • saffire says:

          In the Catholic religion it has always been ok (for as long as I can remember) to have one God parent who is not Catholic.

          • BonBon says:

            Thanks Saff. I learned something new today.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wrong! Go study Catholism a little longer.

          • Monkey says:

            They look the other way if one of the parents is not Catholic. Officially it is not allowed, but many priests try to be diplomatic because of all the mixed faith marriages there are today. This was the case with my first child, my husband was still Lutheran and the godmother was his Lutheran sister. But, you have to have at least one Catholic godparent.

            Now that he has converted, we are expected to have two Catholic godparents.

    • Tam5115 says:

      Catholics do get divorced, but all that means if the church doesn’t annul the marriage, is that you are not supposed to receive the sacraments. For instance, you aren’t supposed to take communion at mass.

      If the Giudices don’t even attend mass, it’s not going to matter. It would probably disturb their parents though. Were they married in the Catholic church? If they were not, the church doesn’t recognize the marriage as valid anyway.

      • Teresa doesn’t care about rules, or morals, or values, or about being a good person, or about treating her friends right, or about behaving appropriately, or about setting a good example for her daughters etc etc…. I doubt she cares what the church thinks about her marriage.

      • Anne Jacques says:

        You can get divorced in a Catholic Church–You just can’t get remarried, as you are still married to the first one. IF you get remarried, you aren’t supposed to take the sacraments. But like you said, if they weren’t married by a priest, they aren’t married in the eyes of the church anyway.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I thought they couldn’t remarry in a Catholic church or have a 2nd marriage recognized by the church unless they pay the church for an annulment. My friend was married 14 years, 3 kids and divorced. Got a new boyfriend and wanted to marry so she had to ante up and presto…..annulled, the 1st marriage never existed and the priest married her to hubby #2.

        • Monkey says:

          It is not that easy to just “ante up” and get an annulment. It is like a legal proceeding, such as a divorce, and you have to prove that the marriage you are annulling was not a true “sacramental” marriage. Sometimes people are actually denied annulments because they can’t prove this.

          Examples of circumstances that would make it possible for it to be annulled would be if you did not enter into the marriage of your own free will. Shotgun marriages are an example of this, since the pressure of the pregnancy can hinder your ability to make a totally free decision to marry. Also, annulments are quite easy to obtain if your spouse is not Catholic, as their belief about marriage may not be the same as the Catholic teaching, making it impossible for them to truly live a “sacramental marriage.”

          I know all this because 1. I am Catholic and had to learn about it during my marriage prep
          2. My mother has had two annulments and one divorce.

      • Anonymous says:

        wrong in the catholic religion
        if you divorse it is only acknowledge by the state NOT THE CHURCH
        you can still recieve the sacraments
        it is only if you remarry are you excumicated from the church and you cannot recieve the sacraments
        unless you get it annulled

        • Anonymous says:

          The church acknowledges divorce. My very close friend is no longer allowed to recieve communion. He also lost his job at the catholic school where he was teaching because of this. He has never remarried after his divorce.

    • Laura aka Just done says:

      As a divorced mom who is Catholic, yes Catholic’s do get divorced. If you want to get re-married in the Catholic Church, you must get an annulment. Back in the day, they were hard to come by. These days…$ will get you one immediately.

      After my divorce, my pastor came up to me and my son after church one Sunday. He asked how we were, and then told me (in front of my 7 year old) that for $1000 I could get an annulment. Well, I looked him square in the eye and said “You want me to pay YOU to bastardize my child?” Haven’t been back since.

      I still consider myself Catholic. I just don’t like the “business” the Catholic Church has become.

      Ducking as I walk away…..

      • Meg1964 says:

        Oh girl.. I know what you mean.

        I’m not here to bash the Catholic religion, but I was raised Catholic. My husband wasn’t. My mother pitched a complete fit that we be married in the Catholic church. We had to go every Sunday afternoon for our “pre-marriage” classes (can’t think of what they were called) given to us by a Priest, who had of course never been married. BUT – he was a chain smoker, and he lit one cigarette off the other.. and he was drunk on several of our visits. He literally fell asleep one day (or passed out) while we sat in his office. I looked at my husband and we both busted out laughing.

        I haven’t been back to the church since we got married.

        • Noelle says:

          Just curious…
          What does this have to do with being Catholic or the Catholic religion?
          Don’t get the connection..I guess.

          • Justanothermary says:

            I’m Catholic and went to 12 years of Catholic schools. I know one thing for sure, the way that the Juicies, Jac and her hubby wear rosaries around their necks is WRONG and makes me believe that they are Catholic in name only. The Big T even has a rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror in her vehicle. This is an insult to me and to all Catholics.

            • annie says:

              Really? I too went to 12 years of Catholic school as have my four children and there were a lot of families with rosary hanging from the rear view mirror. How is this an insult?

          • I brought up the Church because the topic is two Catholics divorcing. Seemed relevant to me….

            But far be it from me to come between anyone and his/her religious faith. I’m not that stupid. Er…I hope.

      • Anne Jacques says:

        Totally agree, I am divorced and Catholic. Had the same thing happen and I argued with the Priest–was a CCD teacher for comfirmation as well. After our argument about HIS values, he told me never to darken the door of HIS church again. I asked if he was excommunicating me… he hung up. I have not been back.

        • Monkey says:

          A parish priest can’t excommunicate anyone, only a Bishop (such as the Pope) can. And it happens very, very rarely.

          I’m Catholic. My mom has been divorced 3 times. I’m not bashing divorced people, but if you want to be in the club you have to follow the rules. It boggles my mind that people get so upset with their priests for trying to press “HIS values” on them. The rules and values of the church are pretty clear, you can read about them in the catechism, and if you don’t agree with them you can choose not to be Catholic. It is that simple. Don’t blame the messenger.

      • demented says:

        Actually, children of annulled marriages are NOT considered illegitimate by the church.

        • Laura aka Just done says:

          but…if the marriage never took place (in the church’s eyes), then that would bastardize my child. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but I thought it was just rude to say it in front of my son.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        Ah Laura, I posted the response above, then read your post next.
        You are awesome, your son is a lucky boy to have such a smart mom!

      • Me says:

        I got an annulment because my first husband was not Catholic and our marriage was not recognized in the first place. The Church called it “lack of form”.
        It was FREE.

      • Monkey says:

        I knew a couple who were denied their anullments because they couldn’t prove that their marriages weren’t sacramental marriages, and they left the church out of anger and married in a courthouse. Simply paying a fee to get what you want only works if you live in a corrupt diocese or have a priest who takes morality very lightly and doesn’t really care about following the rules. Not every priest is for sale, but I hear it is a lot more common out East.

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  7. Meg1964 says:

    I had actually heard about Tara, and her blondeness, and Joe screwing around with her, about 2 weeks ago on Facebook.

    There’s a group of women (and 1 flaming gay guy) that absolutely hate Teresa. They were posting all over her FB a couple of weeks ago about Tara.

    Teresa has almost quit posting on FB, because everytime she does, her thread gets hijacked with stuff that I love to read. 😀

  8. Need a Hobby says:

    There have been rumors since before the show was even on the air. I recall long ago coming across a blog to which locals posted about the NJ cast, even some of the cast/family posted. It turned into a catfight between a bunch of “anonymous” posts. (Are you talking to me? Or the other “anonymous?” Let me tell you…) This was before Season 1 aired. Someone recently came across that blog & posted a linkon Lynn’s site (IIRC). I don’t have a link at the moment.

    Anyway, these folks’ private lives not so private. Seems a lot of people knew their business. I also recall reading an article that said Juicy and Tre were the last to sign up for the show? Dunno if true. But the story was Juicy didn’t want to do the show, didn’t want to be on the show. That was probably a good instinct (dirty laundry & all), but T probably gave him no peace (or ?) until he agreed.

    As for the pre-DWI dinner and who Juicy was with. I don’t think anyone should make much of Ramona’s spelling in her tweets. Tamra was in NYC, was going to appear on Andy’s little goat rodeo show and a bunch of them met up and had dinner. I recall Tamra mentioning it on Andy’s show…that Juicy only had about a glass of wine & seemed fine. (I don’t think I hallucinated that….if I ever do hallucinate, hope it’s something/someone far more interesting than a Real Housewife and Andy with a mazel.)

    • I agree, I think they really were with Tamra that night for dinner.
      What he did after dinner or who he was with is anyones guess.
      But two things are true [Danielle voice]
      1 – Juicy was not with T
      2 – Dinner was over way before 2am

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Indeed. I think Andy asked, & Tamra said about what time the dinner ended, but I can’t remember. But there was time for Joe to take a detour on his way home, get tanked up, and have an accident still 2 miles away from his home (not “just around the corner” as T claimed).

    • Tam5115 says:

      I read that blog too, and yes, I remember someone mentioning Joe’s blond girlfriend on it.

    • I lost my bookmarks to that blog this weekend (damn!), but it had references not only to the blonde girlfriend and to the close family members that Joe and Teresa don’t speak to either (the nephew she didn’t acknowledge in the hospital?).

  9. Tam5115 says:

    I guess what Joe was doing between the time dinner ended and the accident, is a national secret. They avoid answering that question for sure.

  10. tuzentswurth says:

    As much as Teresa repels me, I do feel bad that dumb fat f&#k Joe and Big T have brought four children into this mess that is their lives…..even if they have turned these children into obnoxious brats.

  11. Yo says:

    There was something in the Star magazine s August 23rd issuse that Joe was out at a sushi lounge in Morristown NJ July 28th 2010 with someone named Nicole she is a younger PETITE (look -alike)of Tresea he was stroking her arm say an eyewitness they were there for two hours s She identified herself as Nicole Watch Jac Dina and Caroline will say it was his niece or some excuse

  12. Snappy says:

    i thought i read somewhere that Juicy goes out in public all the time nicknamed her “Petite” ???

  13. So…did a picture of Joe’s alleged girlfriend ever get posted anywhere? Sorry to be so dense, but I got lost somewhere. I hate to be a buzz kill, but I am looking for some kind of proof before I can totally jump Joe on this one. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true, but just sayin’….

    • Meg1964 says:

      I haven’t seen a picture yet.

      I’ve sent several tweets to that idiot Kim Granatell trying to get her to respond. She hates Teresa. I thought maybe she would comment on it.. but since she doesn’t follow me, she may not be seeing my tweets. I have no idea if the idiot even knows how to check her mentions.

  14. Karmabitesbak says:

    ick! why would anyone choose to bed that man?

  15. Cindy says:

    If Joe’s girlfriend is truly an Italian, “Gumar”, she will not go public as in the media. She knows better.

  16. SugarPlumFairy2 says:

    I thought it was odd that Teresa would feel the need to overemphasize their sex lives. It is almost as if she is trying to prove to the other woman (if she exists) “See, he still loves and desires me!” My objective opinion of this entire scenario is this…Joe is stressed to the max thanks to Teresa’s out of control spending. He is probably drinking more and perhaps messing around on her as an escape from his problems. Teresa seems overbearing, controlling and quite annoying. She doesn’t seem to have a handle on the kids because their behavior is way out of control. If they end up splitting up I wouldn’t be surprised.

  17. Wow, when I wrote this post the number one search term on my blog was “Teresa and Joe divorce” and then there were a bunch of other searches about RH’s, DC, Salahi’s etc…
    Now the top ten searches for the past 3 days all involve some combination of the words Teresa/Joe/Giudice/Divorce/Tara/girlfriend/affair/love child

  18. Renee says:

    Hey guys (actually gals),
    I know that you all will not agree with me here, I just wanted to actually say something instead of thumbing down (thumb downing? lol).
    I guess, I was not aware that there were ppl out there that actually supported Danielle???? Am I understanding that correctly, or do ya’ll just hate them all? There is some major confusion going on over here.
    I did want to say something about a comment up there about how teresa and joe don’t see some of their family (or had a falling out or something along those lines). There are TONS of really good people out there (me included) that have had falling out’s with people in their family. I was just a little offended by that comment. You have to realize that it isn’t just a**holes that get stuck with crappy families. And like Caroline said last night, every family gets in fights.
    It seems to me that you guys are just interested in the drama of this situation. Like you are HOPING that they do get a divorce because it would be more interesting for you. In my opinion that is horrifying. It also seems like you are blaming HER for her husband cheating. While I have never been cheated on, I can’t imagine the toll that would take. And to blame her for that is inexcusable. If he is cheating on her, shouldn’t we (as women, especially) be blaming HIM for his own transgressions.
    Also, how exactly do any of you know how often they go to church? Do you belong to her church? Are you her priest? What she does or doesn’t do is between her and God. I was raised to believe that going to church is less important than spending your life trying to be the best person you can be. Maybe she hasn’t been the best person she can be, but who among us has? Every day we have to get up and try. That is all we can do. And making fun of someone for such trivial things, certainly isn’t going to help anyone be a better person.
    The issues I have with Danielle are her being such a horrible example for her children and the things that she has put them through. (not that teresas outburst was a good example at all. but really, who here hasn’t gotten that mad over something before?) I think that it is disgusting the way she talks to them like they are her girlfriends. Totally inappropriate. And I think that she instigates and then plays the victim (reminds me a lot of MY MOTHER in that way). I don’t care how she spends her money. I don’t care if she has implants. I don’t care who she has sex with (when it’s in PRIVATE, anyway). Those things are trivial and don’t have a thing to do with being a good person (well, except the sex thing….). Maybe we should all try to focus on what is REALLY important in life and not how can we make everyone else look/feel worse than us. Digging up a photo of someones husbands mistress just to plaster it all over the internet and throw it in her face is not a very nice thing to do (do unto others, and all). No one is perfect and we all watch the show b/c it makes us feel better about the drama in our own lives. But remember that these are REAL people with REAL children who all have the internet…
    I’m sorry if this is coming off as preachy b/c Lord knows I have done my share of gossiping about these ladies. I just felt like maybe ya’ll could use some perspective and I wanted to throw in my 2 cents (since you did).

    • Distressed says:

      You make some very good points here. It’s not Danielle vs teresa for me. I’m not a fan of Danielle, I think she’s a sociopathic skank of the highest order.

      I never had a problem with Juicy and T last year at all. I thought Danielle was the worst from the start, but after this season Teresa is a very close second for me.

      If Danielle didn’t exist this season, teresa would still be lying through her teeth pretending to be maintaining a bling-ing lifestyle all season long when she knew she was broke in September 2009. The parties, trips, rings, were all fake for the cameras.

      She flat out lied to Andy on the reunion. Those post numbers came from the documents they filed themselves. In court. Under penalty of perjury. Lies, lies, lies. All lies.

      I think it’s hard to be a good person when you continue to engage in complete deception and possibly criminal acts of fraud.

    • I don’t consider myself a Danielle supporter. But when you see the way they gang up on her and the names they call her, it’s hard not to feel a little bad for her. But just because I feel bad for her, it doesn’t mean I think her behavior is acceptable.
      I think Danielle is a little crazy, so maybe I excuse her behavior a little bit. But that Manzo’s etc are not crazy, they know better so there is no excuse for the way they act.

      About the divorce thing – you are right. And at the end of the day, I don’t want any woman to feel the pain and betrayal of being cheated on, and I don’t want 4 young girls to have their family split up. I don’t wish for that to happen to anyone, even Teresa.
      But it’s hard not to take at least a *little* pleasure in Teresa’s misery after watching her utterly disgusting behavior all season. Look, I’m only human, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the drama. It gives me something to write about, and it gives us all something to talk about.
      If Teresa was ever honest or real about how she felt or what is going on in her life, I might have some more sympathy.
      But as long as she’s prancing around showing off her stolen money and unpaid mansion and acting like her shit don’t stink when she can barely speak English, it’s hard for me to feel bad for her.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Hi Renee, just one point from your post:
      “I was raised to believe that going to church is less important than spending your life trying to be the best person you can be.”
      Going to church is VERY important in Catholic dogma.
      I and others have posted that it is a shame for all these RH kids to be subjected to this, they have only their fame-whoring parents to blame. NO amount of money would lure me to destroy my kids for another bauble. The first one I cringed for was Josh, Lauri Waring’s son. She just never seemed to catch on to his pain. Too busy gussying her old ass up for playboy parties, yuk.

    • Anonymous says:

      I never supported Danielle either, but it just amazes me that her name still pops up. She is no longer on the show and so there is no reason to mention her. I will say though, I think her kids are lovely. I am getting a kick out of the show because they can’t mess with her anymore and now they have to find someone else to mess with. They almost don’t know what to do with themselves. Look at Ashley. I know they wish they could blame the way she is treating her mom now on danielle but they can’t lol.

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  25. Larue says:

    I think it’s okay to talk about these things and take a certain guilty pleasure in it for many of the reasons already listed. Teresa put herself into the spotlight and her behavior is deplorable. She has established a reputation for herself that makes it easy to make her the butt of jokes. She acts like a fool.

    People who choose to be on reality shows need to think about what their children will be reading on the internet or will be seeing in the way of re-runs or what is printed in magazines long before they sign on the dotted line.

  26. Yvonne says:

    Realcityhousewive, There was a story on Joe at a sushi lounge back in July he was with some Nicole a look-alike Tresea it was in the August issue of the Star check it out see if you can find out

  27. Starlet says:

    @ Yva..I have to agree with you..He does seem very distant and cold with Teresa every time she tries to love on him!!! That should give her some type of red flag

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  32. Chrissy says:

    Your such a fucking loser you devote your time to bashing Teresa Guidice? Who you don’t even personally know! Do you think that makes you a good person what kind of a horrible person would devote all this, make a website just to bash on this woman have you lost your mind? Your such a loser. your a hater. your a bully.

  33. RCH says:

    This blog is no longer in use. If you want to leave a new comment about RHONJ please go to the new blog here: http://www.realitycrackhouse.com/2011/05/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-baptismal-brawl

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