The Real Housewives of DC – Recycled

The show starts with Lynda cooking breakfast and I already want to stop watching. I don’t care for Lynda or her brood. She bores me, and her grown kids wearing baby pajamas is just fucking weird.

Stacie has a lunch with her sorority girlfriends and reveals to them that her birth mother is white. A lot of things were going through my mind as I watched this scene, but I like to keep this blog light so I’m going to skip over this part.

I much prefer NY’s double air kiss to the DC full on mouth kiss.

I disliked Mary from the first episode and my opinion of her is only going further and further downhill with each passing scene. Mary has a lot of stupid opinions about things that are none of her business. She tells us that she doesn’t think it’s right for Michaele to donate wine to charity just to get her name out there.
1) I don’t know what charity she’s talking about because so far we’ve only seen her donate wine to a birthday party and a salon opening.
2) “Getting your name out there” aka “advertising” is one of the reason why businesses donate to charity.
3) Mary is a moron with a drinking problem.

Lynda tells Michaele (pronounced Michaela by Lynda) that she loves her. In her interview she informs us that she doesn’t hold onto bad energy. (So she only creates it)

Five minutes later; Lynda who just told Michaele that she loves her, Lynda who only started the “anorexic” rumors because she cares about her, tells us that she won’t go to the Salahi’s winery because she saves her energy for people she loves and cares about. You all know how I feel about liars. Lynda is on my shit list right next to Mary’s drunk ass.

Mary has awful taste in everything from clothes… (Brittney is that you?)

to the names she chooses for her children…

to the way she decorates her house (white, dull, and no originality – just like Mary!)
I agree with Cat, I wouldn’t want to sit on those chairs at a dinner party either.

Shopping is one more thing on the long list of things Mary can’t do without a drink in her hand… although she wasn’t so much shopping with a drink in her hand as she was just drinking. And gossiping of course.

According to one of the ladies’ gossipy gay friends who is competing with the other gossipy gay friend to be the 6th housewife, Michaele and Tareq snuck into The Black Caucasus dinner, got escorted out by the secret service, then snuck back in and spent the rest of the night in the VIP section where the President and other important people were seated. I don’t know if this story is true or not. But I do know this – either the White House has laxer security than the clubs I go to on Saturday night, or something isn’t adding up here. But either way, I honestly don’t care. I find the Salahi’s fabulous in all their showy, flashy, attention whoring glory. I get the feeling that the others are a little jealous. They spend so much time trying to be “proper” and “dignified” and then the Salahi’s swoop in stealing the spotlight and doing whatever the hell they want and not caring about the “DC societal rules” that the others feel obligated to live by.

Mary, Cat, Stacie, Jason and the gossipy gay who’s name I cannot be bothered to remember pile into a limo to go to the Salahi’s vineyard to stomp some grapes. On the way they take the opportunity to gossip about their hosts.
Everyone has a problem with the fact that Tareq and Michaele are always together. We already had this storyline on RHONY with Silex and I’m not interested in hearing it again. Some couples do everything together – so what? Maybe instead of worrying about the Salahi’s, Cat and Mary should be asking themselves what their husbands were so busy doing on a Saturday afternoon that they couldn’t be bothered to join them on their day trip.
Mary brings up (for the second time now) the fact that Michaele used to –gasp– work for a living!

The nameless gay guy tells the Black Caucus crashing story again. Stacie thinks she has a right to be personally offended because she is black and Obama bla bla Obama bla. I think what she’s really mad about is that they took the gay guys to the dinner instead of her and Jason.

Kelly has PR 101 and Lynda has Boot Camp 101. I would make a comment about her “training her men” but I don’t want to get sued so I’ll just keep it to myself. I will say this though; if Lynda were an alleged DC Madam (and I’m absolutely not implying that she is) it would make her a whole lot more interesting. Because this is how I’m feeling about her scenes: zzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzz

Michaele says “give love“. Uh oh. You all know who I’m being reminded of right now…. This is the second similarity I’ve noticed. But I still don’t hate her yet. I keep waiting for the episode where I change my mind, but for now I’m finding it impossible not to like her.

Cat is an uber bitch and I love it. I’m in the minority, but I thoroughly enjoy watching her piss everyone off. She was horrible to her hosts, but Tareq and Michaele handled it very nicely. On the other hand, Michaele’s assistant told Cat to her face that she was being a bitch. Everyone was shocked. Cat was offended. It was great.

They stomped grapes on RHOOC too. This franchise is seeming a little… “recycled”.

Mary and Cat say that the grapes were from the super market and not the vine. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but who cares what kind of grapes they stomped on? As long as the wine in the bottle comes from the grapes on the vine, I think it’s ok. These women like to pick pick pick at every little thing… no wonder their husbands aren’t happy with them.

Cat and the other guy finally leave, and everyone else sits down for wine and dinner.

Mary drinks wine like she’s taking shots

Michaele gives her side of the Caucus crashing story and Stacie and Jason seem to accept it. Mary defends Cat’s bad behavior, then she defends Lynda’s bad behavior.  Then Mary, who was just talking shit about Michaele in the limo, and in her interviews, and in every scene of the last episode, tells Michaele that she never says negative things about people. She likes to build people up. She’s such a nice person, ain’t she??

Mary also tells Michaele that Lynda adores her and only has good intentions towards her.
I had the same reaction:

Finally we are getting into some drama – but the episode ends and we have to wait until next week to see Mary get totally wasted and start crying.

I think my biggest problem with this franchise is that it just feels really fake. I feel like with the other cities they started out focusing on the women and their families, careers, social lives, and then the drama just sorta happened. With DC I feel like they decided to skip the family/personal life part and just focus on the drama between the women. I’m not a huge fan of “family scenes”, but you need those to get a better sense of who the women are. I think it’s great that Michaele loves to hug and be happy. But I would like to know why she doesn’t have children, is it a personal choice, was she not able? We know all about Tareq’s family drama, what about her family? I would like to see Mary with her children and get a sense of who she is as a mother rather than simply the insecure, gossipy high school girl she is around her friends. I’d like to see Cat have some friends from England come visit and see how she is when she’s comfortable and not totally out of her element and defensive. I feel like Stacie probably is who she is no matter what the situation, but it would still be nice to see how she interacts with her kids. And I really like her husband so I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. And Lynda… well she can just go away for all I care. Don’t get me wrong – I love table flipping back stabbing drama. But I would like to have a sense of who the ladies are before we get to that. Bethenny and Jill’s drama wouldn’t have mattered so much if the viewers weren’t so emotionally invested in their characters. So before I can care about the drama, I need to know who I’m dealing with – and hopefully pick a side, because I think it’s more fun when there is a good side and a bad side (NY) as opposed to just hating one side less than the other side (NJ).

RHODC Bravo Blogs are BS

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12 Responses to The Real Housewives of DC – Recycled

  1. BonBon says:

    I honestly can’t NOT like the Salahis either. They have done nothing to offend me. I actually quite like them still. I think that Michaele is really warm and Tarqe is quite whitty. I’d like to learn alot more about all of these people before Bravo expects us to start rooting for someone or someones.
    And you are so right about CARING for these people before Bravo drops us like lead balloons on their drama. It’s drama unearned and quite frankly, not at all understood by me. It reminds me of one of those horribly made movies where they forget to develop the characters and expect us to cry for or laugh with them.My secondary wish (after they might start to develop some real characters here) now is that they change Stacie’s (my personal fav) opening dress. It is god awful and how dare they put her in that pink hot air balloon looking garment! What the feck were they6 thinking??

  2. I agree about Stacie’s dress 100%! It’s almost as bad as Kim G’s blue prom dress!

    I like the Salahi’s… I can’t help it. But I feel like I’m not supposed to like them. So I keep looking for reasons not to, but I honestly can’t find any. Maybe people are basing their opinions off of stories in the news, but as far as the show – I don’t think they’ve done anything wrong yet, and I honestly don’t see what the big problem with Tareq is. He seems nice.
    I may be eating my words later. But for now, this is my opinion.

  3. Northeastgurl says:

    Stacy- so far boring
    Cat- abrasive- I love it!
    Mary- jelouse, childish, and in need of 12 steps
    Lynda- two faced liar
    Michaele – sweet but kinda stupid
    So far it’s a bit too predictable.

  4. tuzentswurth says:

    “Mary drinks wine like she’s taking shots”…………..priceless.

    • Watch her next time when she drinks. She opens her mouth and downs it just like a shot.
      Btw, you are supposed to hold wine glasses by the stem, when you hold it by the bowl the heat from your hand affects the temperature of the wine. Not that Mary cares what the wine tastes like as long as it gets her drunk, but you would think someone as rich and classy and important as her would know how to hold a wine glass.

  5. Tam5115 says:

    I’m trying to care about the DC show, I really am. So far, it’s not working.

    With what I’ve absorbed so far, I like Stacie the best and second would be Paul? Is that his name? The dude that just had a birthday party.

    I don’t like Cat. I wish she’d spit the shit out of her mouth before she speaks. It’s too much trouble to decipher her. Why bother anyway? If she went back to England, she won’t be here for a second season if there is one.

  6. Snarkella says:

    Loved the blog. I agree with you about Mary. And Cat. And most everything else. LOL.

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  9. DC Girl says:

    I am still trying to decide if I like this show. They do need to develop the characters some more. Regarding the Salahis, they need to really show that their winery is not thriving like seem to portray on Bravo. Someone I know went out that way a few weeks ago and that place looked awful and vines looked dead. That place has not been open for quite some time. Regarding Mary’s choice of names for her children, Lolly is actually a nickname. Her real name is Lauren.

    • Thanks for the info!
      I think it’s about time Mary starts calling her daughter Lauren. She’s 20something.
      I just can’t get over the name “lolly”… it’s an animals name to me. Like calling your son Spike or Fido. Lol

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