Teresa and Joe Giudice Perjure Themselves Under Oath

The original story is from Radar Online. My addition to the story is in bold.

Flashy New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice may take the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” to a whole new level — but she claims it’s all fake! (Like everything else about this woman)

According to a transcript obtained byRadarOnline.com of a Chapter 7 hearing in February 2010, Teresa said all of her jewelry was stolen and other than her wedding band, she only wears fake jewelry. (Omg insurance fraud! You know she still has all of that “stolen” jewelry!)

“My jewelry got stolen a couple years ago at our house in Lincoln Park…we had a break-in. So unfortunately, a lot of – all my jewelry got stolen there. (She’s already getting her story messed up. She can’t decide if she should say “a lot of it” or “all of it”.)

“It’s all costume jewelry… and if you look at what I wear, it’s all costume jewelry,” she stated to the trustee attorney questioning her during the hearing. (I’m sure a lot of what she wears is fake erm, uh, I mean – faux just like everything in her house turned out to be -even the chess set was faux marble, that’s just sad- But I definitely don’t think everything is fake. I wonder if there are forensic jewelers who can watch the video footage and determine if the jewelry is real or not?)

When asked how much the insurance company paid her for the loss, she said, “like 20?… yeah.”

“You had a claim here much greater. It was like 120,000,” the trustee lawyer probed.

(“20k…120k… who can remember these things? All these numbers – it’s confusing.”)

“Well, I mean, you know, when you get estimates from jewelers, they always put it for more than what it is,” Teresa said. (Ya, when the jeweler is your friend and you are paying him cash under the table to help you commit insurance fraud – of course he’s going to make the estimate more than what it is. But you aren’t supposed to tell the court that Teresa! Wow. If you are gonna be a criminal at least try to be good at it.)

So what jewelry does Joe own? He claims “the chain around my neck” and no other jewelry. “I actually had a watch and just lost it the other day,” he stated in the transcript. (The chain around his neck and that’s it? What about the giant gold cross we saw hanging from that chain in the finale episode?)

It couldn’t have been that important because Joe didn’t even remember what kind of watch it was, even though he owned it for 20 years.

“I think it was an Esquire or something – I don’t even know.” (You own a watch for 20 years and as soon as the government wants to take it away, suddenly you lost it and don’t know what kind of watch it was anyway? Totally believable story. Don’t know why people doubt their honesty. No clue.)

The trustee attorney questioned if he was telling the truth: “You seem to take this with great levity…you have to be more serious about this. Your petition lists a gold necklace and a gold cross. Do you own – do you still have that?” Joe then answered “yes.” (What happened to “the chain and that’s it”?? He buckles pretty fast under scrutiny. Wonder if his “business associates” are reading this and getting a little nervous?) When grilled about his wedding band, Joe admitted he still owns that as well. (Would that be the “$400” wedding band, the wedding band he “lost”, or the real wedding band? There are so many stories I’m getting confused.)

According to the transcript, the Giudices filed W-2 forms indicating they made $598,000 in 2007 and $575,000 in 2008. They also listed income of $3250 a month “doing odd jobs here and there, little stucco jobs and renovations”   (“A pair of cement shoes here, a false bottom casket there, a little stucco over the bullet holes, a little renovating of people’s faces when they don’t pay up. Ya know, just     run-a-da-mill odd jobs.”) and $5000 monthly assistance from his father. “Whenever I need it, I ask him,” Joe said of his father’s contributions. (Whenever he needs to get to the pile of cash his dad to hides for him, he just asks him for it. Whats da big deal?)

The attorney also grilled the Giudices on their claim that they only had $1000 in the bank when they filed their petition for bankruptcy in December 2009.
“You didn’t have thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars?” the trustee lawyer asked. Joe answered: “Maybe a few hundred, I don’t know.”
(Why would they have money in the bank when they are trying to hide it from the government? Obviously whatever isn’t under his father’s mattress is hidden in Jacqueline’s walk-in safe. Duh.)

Also, when asked about their home furnishings, the couple claimed “they’re used.” (Show me the tapes! – à la Jill Zarin)

People! Listen to me now: if you are a criminal you cannot be on a reality show (unless that show is Cops.) You can’t lie to the courts and then splash the truth all over TV and expect no one to notice.

Bottom line, I know this testimony is bullshit. You know it’s bullshit. But the question is, can anyone actually prove it in a court of law? This testimony was from February, so I guess we’ll see what happens. (Notice I didn’t say “watch what happens”?) All I can say is that they are lucky they are in bankruptcy court with a judge and not in criminal court with a jury.

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28 Responses to Teresa and Joe Giudice Perjure Themselves Under Oath

  1. Sarah310 says:

    one word: CREEPY.
    I am sure they hid stuff with friends…I’m VERY understanding with people having financial problems and have a lot of empathy towards them… but I knew something sketchy was up when she was paying for everything in cash on the first season. People just don’t pay for major ticket items with cash. I wonder if they have ever been audited.

    She should seriously not be on the show next season to collect her life and focus on her children and marriage, and keeping her stove!

    • MomsThoughts says:

      people do fall on hard time and have financial difficulty – this is an $11 MILLION dollar scam that we have yet to see them take seriously or take any responsibility for. I might have a tiny ounce of understanding if I saw T living over the pizzaria.

  2. MomsThoughts says:

    I think we should go thru all your screen shots and check the jewelry….

    She has no money in the bank yet she is in a new dress every week with custom made nightmares for her girls to wear…..

    She is doing her part to cut back on spending…apparently, in her world, she is saving by buying her dresses in a size too small. that is an amazing sacrifice T!

    They are lying cheating bastards who will dump their debt, greed and selfishness on all of us. I can not STAND people like this. Give me a million looney Danielle’s any day. I can ignore Danielle – but T and G’s selfishness COSTS all of us. I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH YOUR DEBT WHEN I LIVE MY LIFE WITH FISCAL RESPONSIBLY! BIOTCH!

    You don’t get an “ooops – do over!” Adults plan for worse case. Good parents make sure they can always sustain their children’s lifestyle and they make health , education and finances the priority – not dresses and gilded faux crap the priority! These two yahoos failed their children, their community, their biz partner, and everyone else who will end up bearing the cost of their reckless and criminal behavior.

    Oh I get so mad….I better go have a cup of tea…..

    • BonBon says:

      Moms…you can go back 2 years as T said that all of her jewelry was stolen a couple of years ago. OMG. What a FUGAZI!

  3. BonBon says:

    What’s even scarier is the known fact that many many politicians (including judges) in NJ are on the “take”. They can be paid off so easily, it’s frightening. If you live in NJ and have money (even if it’s under the mattress), plan on “walking” on any offense, including murder.
    Most corrupt state in the nation. I lived there for over 25 years and it didn’t take one week in my new home for the mayor of my then town to be indicted on charges of fraud, embezzlement, yadablada. From that moment on, there was at least one official being indicted and sent to jail every single year in Hudson County. I don’t think that Passaic county is anymore kosher….or Bergen.
    I need to go change my Avatar again to reflect what I am feeling right now.

  4. I have a legitimate question – people keep saying that their dept is costing the tax payers. I don’t get it. Surly the government doesn’t use tax payers money to pay people’s credit card bills? If she doesn’t pay her Macy’s card or whatever it was – doesn’t Macy’s have to take the loss?

    • MomsThoughts says:

      And what do you think Macy’s does with that hit? pass it on to you and me! And in NJall the local and small biz who are out of big bucks end up laying off staff or closing their doors. And what do you think happens to the ppl who are laid off or business that close? We pay – unemployment, welfare, their mortgages fail when they can’t pay their bills, etc… That debt doesn’t vanish – one way or another – it is visited on the public. Mortgages that are written off – cost us all in bail out. We are still paying for that. Banks close, people lose jobs…..mortgages are harder to get for honest hard working people. $11 debt dumped on the public has an impact that wills surely hurt NJ. There is a tremendous ripple effect. It just doesn’t get absorbed into Macy’s bottom line…

      • Sarah310 says:

        MomsThoughts- is right is has a major ripple effect. They absorb the loss but things become more difficult for responsible consumers. Credit will be harder and harder to get because people abuse it.

      • Oh, ok. I get it.
        I’ve seen a lot of people saying the same thing around the message boards for a while and I just didn’t understand what people meant by “the tax payers have to pay for it”
        Now I understand

        • BonBon says:

          That’s cause you are from CANADA.
          Different story there. Dont know what it is, (although I do pay Quebec taxes), but I think the actual Canadian government and NOT the people pick up on the stuff we Americans pick up here through the trickle down effect.
          Just speculation on my part.

          • I admit I’m ignorant on the subject.
            I don’t know anyone / never heard of anyone filing personal bankruptcy before so I never put any thought into it until now.
            The people in my life pay their bills – crazy, I know.

            btw – Why do u pay Quebec taxes may I ask?

            • BonBon says:

              My uncle and some of us nieces and newphews (mostly him) own a couple of ski resorts in the Laurentian Mountains. In St. Faustin and Mt. Tremblant.
              Where are you from in Canada? i have been dying to ask you that for over a month.

    • Sarah310 says:

      Macy’s or whoever would take the loss, the creditors always take the loss- but it REALLY messes up your credit. Chp 7- “everything is forgiven” – you do not have to pay anything back/no collection Chp 11- basically a repayment agreement in an amount set by the court. There is a bankruptcy trustee who gives the money to whatever debt is owed.

  5. Sarah310 says:

    excuse me chapter 13 not chapter 11! I’m tired. hah

  6. ImaJillHater2 says:

    RCW – loved your court “translations”. If these two dumba$$es were any more transparent they’d be invisible.

    Its all a sham, sham, SHAM. Um, I meant scam, scam, SCAM!

  7. Meg1964 says:

    This makes me fume. $20k or $120k.. big difference, dumbass.

    Look at how small Juicy’s hands look in that picture. You know what they say about small hands.

    Where’s Teresa’s tight dress and costume jewelry? Her blouse was tight enough, huh? Looks like neither of them had on jewelry.

    I really don’t like to use the word hate.. but my dislike for those two is sooooo strong. They are just horrible people. Why can’t they tell the truth??

    • BonBon says:

      There really isn’t an honest one among the bunch. So, it must be peer pressure to lie all the time. Afterall, they are all still in high school.

  8. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Girl, you soooo crazy!

    Of course the GreedyGuidices are juicing the government and passing the buck to the American taxpayers! Everytime we go to Neiman, Saks, Macy’s, they will be raising their prices to combat the losses from credit defaults, shoplifting, lawsuits, overhead costs etc. We, the consumers pay for rent increases, insurance, unions, and losses.


    Also, if you ever heard TerribleTree comparing their bankruptcy to Donald Trump’s financial affairs, your head would likely explode. How dare this hairy hooligan, compare herself to a billionaire who has multiple luxury properties and casinos with thousands of employees. Trump is reorganizing his debt vs. dem GooeyGuidices who want it all forgiven for a “fresh start”! Honey not even 50 pine air freshener stuck inside her “yucky chucky” will freshen that cavernous hole! They stink, dahling! Absolutely, positively reek with filth, lies, desperation, licquor and funky sex!

    Too much? LOL

  9. tuzentswurth says:

    RCH, I’ve just found time to find your blog and it is hilarious. Now I have so much to review on here, I’ll never catch up. How do you ladies write these fab blogs, visit and comment on other blogs, and still have time in your day?
    Seriously LOL at the couple of blogs of yours that I’ve looked at…….spitting out drink laughing! Thank you

    • Thank you!
      To be honest, I really don’t have the time in my day for all this. Sometimes I look up from the computer and realize it’s dark outside and the full cup of tea sitting next to me has gone cold.
      When you find that happening to you, that’s when you know it’s time to go here: http://wp.me/pXhBd-j6

  10. Tam5115 says:

    Jac can talk all she wants about how she truly believes Teresa didn’t know about their financial situation. The day T signed the bankruptcy papers, is the day that excuse went out the window.

    So she goes on a 60,000.00 shopping spree? No excuse for that, none at all.

  11. Justme says:

    We all know the real reason Juicy “isn’t wearing jewelry”, aka his wedding band, is because he can’t wait to dump his spendaholic biotch wife.

  12. on-r says:

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    keep posting and have a nice day

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