The Salahi Show

The first scene is Cat and her publicist. Cat is writing a book. Yawn.

Moving on…

Stacie’s friends own the only black winery on the east coast. Obama served their wine at a state dinner and if he likes it then she loves it. Tareq and Michaele (I really hate typing her name) arrive and everyone take digs at the limo before they even step out of it. Then as they are walking from the car Stacie makes fun of their clothes. Apparently they were too “fabbed out” for Stacie’s liking. They do a wine tasting and Tareq goes on and on about the wine. Judging by the background music and the cutaways of Stacie and Jason’s facial expressions, they were trying to make Tareq look bad. But I thought it was very nice of him to say such good things about his competitors wine. It was free advertising for them, and I thought it made a pretty nice commercial. I can tell by the editing that the producers don’t like the Salahi’s. I know I am in the minority, but I still don’t hate them yet. But my opinions usually fall in line with the majority so I’m waiting to start hating them any minute now.
They all go for a walk and guess what Stacie wants to talk about – Obama! She has a serious crush on the man. She says his name and brings him up as much as she possibly can. Maybe she is hoping that he will watch her on tv, and hear her say his name and fall in love with her the way she fell in love with him the first time she heard him say “Yes we can!”

I can’t stand Lynda. For 3 episodes now we have had to watch her obsess over Michaele’s weight and insist that it’s because she is worried about her. If Lynda is legitimately concerned for Michaele’s health than Teresa was being nice when she called Danielle honey. I think Michaele might possibly be the “Danielle” of DC. It seems as though Mary and Lynda spend the majority of their air time talking about her.

When I first saw Lynda on the screen I thought she was attractive for her age. But I read a blog by Richard Lawson on Gawker he said Lynda was the product of a genetic experiment that produced a child that was half human, half eel, and that she is an eelperson. Now all I can see when I look at her is an eel. Decide for yourself:

Mary and Lynda are in agreement that it was totally inappropriate for Michaele to confront Lynda about the eating disorder rumors she was trying to spread. But no mention of how inappropriate it was of Lynda to start those rumors in the first place. Also on the list of things Lynda can’t stand about Michaele is her relationship with her husband. Doesn’t it seem that whenever a wife on one of these shows is really close to her husband the other women always have a problem with it?

Stacie makes every situation about race and it’s annoying. Her and her husband find it amusing that those white folks aka Michaele and Tareq (is he even “white”?) would want to go to a hip hop concert with them. But it’s ok, because as Jason pointed out “it’s the Obama era” so…. um… I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. I think he was just looking for an excuse to say “Obama.”

Cat and Lynda have wine for lunch and discuss Cat’s book. Lynda says that she never writes anything down because she doesn’t want it to be used against her. I assume she saw what happened to Heidi Fleiss and she doesn’t want to end up in the same boat. No little black book for her. Lynda says that she hopes Cat’s book has a happy ending (pronounced “in-ding”) because she’s always looking for a happy ending. The women find this hysterical. If you didn’t understand why they were laughing so hard, it’s because [it is my personal opinion based on no concrete facts that] in Lynda’s line of work a “happy ending” means something a little different than it means in the publishing world. Wink wink.

Mary and her husband have lunch and take digs at Virginia wine, contemplate the dangers of opening campagne with a sword, disprove of the Salahi’s flashiness and them as human beings in general and discuss the nerve Michaele had to confront Lynda about her gossiping.

The Turners and the Salahi’s go to Paris -the fashion capital of the world- and Michaele decides to wear the ugliest outfit I have ever seen. That is an ill fitting tan leather pants suit in case it isn’t clear in the picture.

Stacey wants to know who her birth father is. She doesn’t actually want to meet him, she just want to know her family history just in case there is a tiny 1% chance that her and Obama might possibly be related.

I hate hate hate this necklace. HATE it! Looking at this makes me miss the giant orange cross Jacqueline wears in her interviews. That’s how much I hate it. I don’t know what it is about this necklace that bothers me so much. It’s ugly, yes, but it’s unnaturally irritating to me.

Cat has a cute scene with her husband, but now that we know they’ve split up I don’t really feel the need to write about it. Or take a screen shot.

More shit talking about the Salahi’s. Mary had one scene – a brief conversation with her daughter about sexting – where she wasn’t talking about the Salahi’s. It’s beginning to look a little like Jersey in DC… Just sayin.The bald guy wasn’t at Paul’s party but he said that a woman that goes to his salon told him that Tareq said that he spent a lot of money on Paul’s party. I don’t find that a reliable source so I’m still giving the Salahi’s the benefit of the doubt. I’ll get to the party story in a minute.

The women all go to another dinner with a bunch of gay guys to celebrate…. something… I wasn’t paying attention.

Mary really needs to wear a bra.

Anyone else see a problem with this woman being a style columnist?

Paul scares me. I’m sorry. He just freaks me out.

Cat is still talking about the white limo that Tareq and Michaele took to Paul’s birthday party. It was white! Can someone explain this to me please? I still don’t understand the big problem with the color. Is it a British thing, is it a DC thing? I don’t understand.
Apparently white limos are bad and should stay in the 70’s. But feather boas are good and totally appropriate for an upscale dinner.

I don’t know why Stacie has such a problem with Cat. I understand that Stacie has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Obama, but holding a grudge over Cat’s opinion of him for this long is excessive. I especially don’t see where Stacie is getting the “racist” thing from. Mary said salons need to be integrated and sat the two black people at her party together because they “have so much in common” and Lynda was the one who called her Diana Ross. So why is Cat the racist one? I’m thinking maybe Stacie is the one who is a little prejudice.
Being from the same country as the people around you is much more important than being from the same race as them when it comes to new friendships, bonding, and feeling comfortable with people. Cat is the odd man out in this game, not Stacie. And Stacie seems to be doing everything she can to make her feel as uncomfortable as possible. I want to like Stacie, but she’s not giving me a whole lot of reasons to. The little devil on her shoulder doesn’t help either.

Ok, now finally I’m getting to it: The Paul’s birthday party drama.

Lynda thinks Michaele should have paid for Paul’s birthday. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions about this, because I don’t agree. It was a big party. Paul is not Michaele’s child and it was not a Sweet 16 or a Bar Mitzvah. In my world being a host does not require you to pay for everything. The host is the person who is responsible for arranging everything and making the party happen. The guests are supposed to pay for the party. You don’t bring presents to an adult birthday party. Each guest pays for their food, their drinks, and adds a little (or a lot) extra on top. The party is the present from everyone to the guest of honor. The fancier the party, the more you pay. That is how it works where I’m from. Expecting one person to pay for the entire evening just because they planned it and sent out the invitations is just ridiculous, and Lynda expecting to eat and drink for free is even more ridiculous in my opinion. The only way Michaele should be expected to pay is if she offered, but we never heard her offer, and it didn’t appear to me as though Paul was under the impression that she was going to pay. He didn’t seem shocked that she wasn’t paying, he just seemed (understandably) upset that she wanted it put in writing. In her blog Michaele says that there were 4 hosts of that party, she provided the wine, and another host provided the venue. She didn’t say what the other two hosts did. I’m curious what people think about this. Should she be expected to pay or not?

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35 Responses to The Salahi Show

  1. MomsThoughts says:

    I don’t like the Salahi’s. I think they are fake and phoney social climbers – they really don’t bring anything to the table – just that THEY think they are fabulous. yawn.

    I do agree that the hosts don’t pay for dinner when at a restaurant. If they were hosting it in their home – yes, unless they called friends and said “can you bring the wine for tonight”….but going to dinner – every one pays. Unless its a private birthday party where you get an invitation and you are invited as a guest…ok – its sticky. But a plain ole birthday dinner – everyone pays.

    Stacie is a trouble maker. She is extremely judgmental and thinks she has the inside track on everything. I don’t like her. I really don’t like her making it all about race all the time. No one needs that. Give us some credit here.

    My biggest problem with Cat is that she mumbles. PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT – you are on TV. MOVE THAT JAW!

    I wish we saw more of their lives and businesses and work,etc…and less of their petty gossip. Its boring.

    I am still trying not to fall asleep or get caught up in twitter during the show. lol.

    • Yes Cat really needs to annunciate her words. The accent and the mumbling combined makes listening to her frustrating. I was totally lost during the argument with her husband, that’s why I didn’t even comment on it. Lol.
      I’m a little bored by the show too, but they always start out slow. None of other women are speaking to the Salahi’s and they are trashing them in the press so I’m hoping it will get more interesting as the reasons why they all hate them so much unfold. Cat said in an interview that she needs therapy after dealing with the Salahi’s.
      I’m really not bothered by them. Flashy doesn’t bother me. And Michaele seems like an airhead, but nice enough so far. Although I’m detecting a hint of Kelly crazy in some of her ramblings… we’ll see. She just seems so innocent and happy all the time. I’m having trouble disliking her.

      • BonBon says:

        I agree with you about the Salahis. I expected to come in and hate them right off, but I don’t. I don’t even dislike them. If anything, I feel sorry for Michaele because everyone is picking on her. She seems a little spacey, but not at all malicious like Danielle or psychotic/jealous like Kelly.
        Cat annoys me. I suppose it’s because she lacks class. I don’t believe she is racist at all, but she is so inappropriate in most of her responses to her “friends”. I honestly don’t think she really knows the proper way to be in any social situation.
        Her snarky comments are a bit amusing, but like a couple of you have said, she mumbles in that haughty British accent of hers so it’s impossible to find what she says funny when she says it.
        Suggestion to self: Put captions on when watching HW of DC.
        I like Mary, but I saw a little bit of Danielle in her when she was telling Cat that “Oh yes. Michaelle used to do my make-up at Nordstroms and oh yes, she’s come a long way, baby”( or somesuch) in a classless, haughty manner. Like when Danielle (who has never worked a legitimate day in her life) talked down about Dina doing nails before she met her husband.
        I have to ask anyone on here: Whatever happened to old fashioned class which was discretion, earned loyalty and graciousness ? Does it no longer exist? Or would it just be too boring to watch women who displayed good manners with no malice aforethought?

        • Stephb says:

          I’m with you on this party thing. I think it’s been way over dramatized. When I heard about the lawyer letter I immediately thought that things were probably donated and they wanted to be sure that was understood and not stuck with extra charges at the end. We’ve actually had similar situations with events. It’s always good to put in writing exactly what everyone is doing ( and you can see why it was needed now) I feel like his party was more if an event than a dinner party (especially because it was on tv) so I wouldn’t expect guests to pay but it’s up to the hosts to pay or get things donated, set up, invited, etc. Also some times people are simply hosting because of what they can donate or who they know, etc. And never pay a dime but they are just expected to lend their name and show and have a good time!! Anyway- I don’t hate the salahi’s yet either… I think your right about other housewives not giving them a chance. It doesn’t seem like they really are ever trying to be malicious where some of the other ladies definitely are!

          • I feel like maybe they are jealous of her.
            She is tall, skinny, has everything she wants, jets off to Paris at a moments notice, and her husband is always by her side.
            They make fun of her for:
            – being too skinny
            – being too flashy
            – her limo / clothes
            – her husband

            Looks like jealousy to me.

        • @BonBon – It would be too boring. Would you want to watch a show about 6 LuAnns? Nope.

  2. Tam5115 says:

    I’m really, really having a hard time watching this. I do, but then I realize I have no idea what I just watched. It simply isn’t interesting to me I guess.

    I never know what Cat is saying, so I just don’t even bother to try and decipher it anymore.

    • BonBon says:

      Put on the captions, because believe it or not, Cat is the most snarky and interesting and politically incorrect one of the bunch.

  3. Need a Hobby says:

    “Anyone else see a problem with this woman being a style columnist?”

    LOL! Still chuckling over that.

    Lynda looks to me like she could be Danielle’s long lost mom. Or maybe it’s just the “dental work” as Kathy Griffin would say, that suggests a resemblance.

  4. But what about the *white* limo thing?
    Can anyone explain that to me?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I think some people just don’t like them and think they’re tacky….like someone’s going to a prom or something. I suspect they don’t think they’re formal or “serious” enough? Just a guess.

      • That makes sense. I guess the president doesn’t use a white limo, and in DC it’s all about trying to be like/get close to him. Around here most newer limos are white. I hardly see black limos anymore. So I just thought it was weird.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I read somewhere that they own the limo company, therefore…

    • BonBon says:

      I think Tareq owns a limo company. So what if it’s white! Probably the whole, “Let’s not be showy now because we are the classy “woman”(wrong show…but gotta use it now forever) from DC” bs. White is much showier than black. But, so the fuck what!

  5. Meg1964 says:

    I went into this show – episode one – disliking the Salahis based on the White House dinner bashing thing, which still seems to be unresolved to this day. BUT – I do know that an investigation was done, a hearing was held (to which they took the 5th), and someone lost their job. Oh– and it raised a big problem with Homeland Security (in which my son works). Anyway – I was determined to despise her.. but I’m actually kinda liking her. She seems harmless, and a little dingy… but she comes across as a non-confrontational person, that really wants to please everybody.

    I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, based on any rumor I hear on Twitter, Facebook, radaronline – or even Perez Hilton, for that matter. πŸ™‚

    Not to change the subject, but have y’all seen the tweets by that twit Kim G? OMG… they are so obnoxious. I know some of them are directly aimed at Teresa, and I get that, but it’s still so classless. I bet money her kids are embarrassed. That woman will do anything for attention and to try and get a permaspot on the show. And who is this “Tom” she speaks of? Does this black widow have a husband?

    One more thing.. am I the last person to hear that Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon was tweeted a picture of his dog, and accidentally drove his car off a cliff and died? The tweet went through tho.

    • BonBon says:

      As far as Kim G goes, I’m surprised that her leased Bentley isn’t WHITE! She’s so deliciously horrible, I hope she comes back next year to terrorize the rest of them. Of coure, she will do it through the wonderful, friendly, shallow, and disloyal Jax (just had to get that in, sorry).
      Is anyone else seeing that the conduit for all of these horribly horrible women is none other than dear, sweet Jax? I had to get that one in also. Don’t think I’m sorry for this, though, because it is so the truth.

      • I can’t help but hope that the reason they wrote next to Jac’s finale picture “And she is still on good terms with Kim G” or whatever it said was to set up next season. I think Jac loves the drama but doesn’t want to be the one causing it. She knows that the simple act of being friends with people like Kim G and Danielle will cause drama, but she does it anyway and then says “I’m just a nice person. I’m friends with everyone.” Even the country club thing – everyone is blaming Teresa. But did Jac do anything to stop it? No. She sat down right next to Teresa, grabbed her pop corn, and got ready to enjoy the drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been hyping Teresa up during the fashions show and saying all the right things to get her going, knowing what a short fuse she has. Teresa would have never even hung out with Danielle in the first place if it wasn’t for Jac. And she wouldn’t have invited Kim to her party if it weren’t for Jac.
        Jac is a bigger trouble maker than any of them, she is just better at hiding it. If anyone is the puppet master it’s Jac, not Caroline.

        Also, my theory remains that the reason Ashley is such a brat when Jac tries to “parent” her is bc she knows it’s all BS and Jac is putting on a show for the cameras. Remember when Jac tried to lecture Ashley about the “unbeweavable” comment on FB and then Ashley blurted out that it was Jac’s idea in the first place and she was laughing about it? Jac probably pats Ashley on the back for her behavior. But then when the cameras roll she wants to pretend that she disproves.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          Jac is a big dumb bully too, but sits so quietly with that botox face that she fools people. In the reunion clip it looks like she just jumps up and starts to chase Danielle. WTF is she going to do if she catches her? The apple doesn’t fall far from that tree, does it?

        • BonBon says:

          Seriously: Jax is worst mother of them all. Sending mixed messages to your child is worse than punching them out. At least with punching (which I absolutely abhor and never ever did it to mine although it was done to me and my 2 dead sisters), there’s something concrete to show for it. The mixed messages leave an internal scar that never quite heals and is subject to re- opening at any button that is pushed.
          The child’s mind cannot understand or make sense of these many ambiguous messages given by mama. Which makes it difficult to explain or make proper decisions on one’s own when they get older. And then, to add the cherry to the top of the sundae, she constantly gets hammered in front of the cameras by her dear mommie dearest who told (or showed) her one thing and expects her to choose the “right” one to do or say when the cameras are rolling. I really am starting to feel for this kid. And i can’t beleive I am saying this as she annoyed the hell out of me the entire season.
          I have no doubt that all of these mothers do love their children. I am talking about child rearing and the responsibility of setting clear boundaries without punching them out.
          Jacqueline needs therapy and to get herself to an AA meeting ASAP.

          • I agree 100%. I make fun of Ashley, but I’ve said many times that I think her attitude is Jacqueline’s fault. In a lot of the situations that caused people to call Ashley a brat, I saw her responding to Jacqueline purposely instigating with her. I make jokes, but I actually do feel bad for Ashley.
            I think they have more of a sister/sister relationship than a mother/daughter relationship. They love each other, but they get on each others nerves and taunt and tease and pick on one another the way rivaling sisters do.

  6. Meg1964 says:

    Real City Housewife… are you 3 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone? It’s 11:38pm here, but my post says 3:38am.

  7. Meg1964 says:

    OMG… I just googled “Tom Murro”. Kim G has been tweeting about him. Look what I found! (I’m probably the last one to see this). Is Kim G planning on buying Teresa’s faux shit at the auction??

    • Yeah I read that. I hope it’s true. Lol.
      I just wrote you the looongest response. I think I’m going to turn it into a new post. I have too much to say!

    • Tam5115 says:


      Too bad she’s not friends with Danielle anymore. Boy, would that ever chap Teresa’s ass if she gave her some of that junk. I’d be laughing through Christmas.

  8. Kathleen says:

    I really like Michaele Salahi. Dingy but fun. You just can’t not like her. Cute.

    Cat no idea what she is trying to say. All her words are mushed together – not listening anymore to her.
    Mary, the mean girl who trys to pretend she is nice. The makeup thing was petty and showed me who she is. yuck.

    lynda, wacked and rude.

    Stacie she seems to be all about the race thing with cat. boring.

    Paul just used her to get tv time clearly.


  9. Snarkella says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw Mike in her flesh-colored leather jumpsuit is Silence of the Lambs. It honestly looks like she skinned some fat chick and is wearing her.

    I’m glad you pointed out Lynda’s resemblance to an eel. It is unnerving.

    Oh, and Mary as Miss Piggy. LOL. That was fabulous. Right on the money.

  10. posan says:

    They are so beautiful

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