Teresa’s Bravo Blog is a bunch of BS

Teresa’s Bravo blog this week was extra ridiculous. I added my own thoughts in bold if you feel like reading this crap along with me.

Ciao Bello!

How much did I love this week’s episode? So much great family comedy and so

little Danielle drama! Well, there was a little, so let’s just get that out of the way…

(She was right that there was little Danielle drama, but very wrong about the “great family comedy” part. I saw Joe be annoyed with her, her girls be annoyed with her, Caroline be annoyed with her kids, and Jacqueline try way too hard to try to have fun with her. I didn’t see a lot of comedy.)

Joe was with his beautiful wife the night of his accident, (Joe has a beautiful wife? Who? I though Teresa was his wife.) thank you very much.
We went to dinner with Caroline and Albert, Jacqueline and Chris and even Tamra
from Real Housewives of Orange County. When we came back from the city, my car was at Jacqueline’s house, so I drove back with her instead of riding back with Joe. (Because when you are all headed for the same neighborhood it makes perfect sense that you would sit in the back seat of Chris and Jac’s car and let your husband drive alone) Thank goodness I did because his car was really smashed up. That was the
first miracle – that I wasn’t in the car. (The first miracle is that Teresa didn’t get hurt because of course she is the most important. The second miracle is that Teresa’s hair didn’t get messed up, the third is that she didn’t ruin any of her clothes, and the fourth is that Joe is ok and still around to scam, lie, and steal to get his wife whatever ugly shit her heart desires be there for his girls) The second was that Joe was completely
fine. He had to crawl out of the window (which I’m pretty sure you couldn’t do
successfully without even getting a scratch if you were drunk). (I’m pretty sure hitting 4 trees and flipping your car at 2am on an empty road isn’t something you could successfully do if you were sober. ) He was just
around the corner from our house, closed his eyes for a second, and that was all
it took. Driving tired can actually be just as dangerous as driving drunk, (That is true. But people who fall asleep behind the wheel are usually tired -not drunk- when the cops arrive) and
it definitely sneaks up on you. We are so thankful that Joe was OK, that no one
else was injured. He doesn’t drive late at night anymore. (Because they took his license away) Please, everyone, be
careful and don’t drive when you’re tired, even if you think you’re OK!

And yes, it is totally true that he walked to a neighbor’s house, and then had a
couple shots to calm his nerves. He just walked away from a huge crash uninjured
and I was supposed to be in the seat next to him. Who wouldn’t be shaken up? It
didn’t even occur to him that the police would check him for drinking (I believe that. I’m sure if it would have occurred to him he would have been “mia” until the next morning when he sobered up) because he
wasn’t drunk. And when the police arrived, they didn’t even question him because
there was no indication he was impaired at all. Because his car completely
flipped, he had to go to the hospital to be examined, and when they drew his
blood, then they found the scotch from after the accident. He wasn’t arrested
(believe me, you’d see his mug shot all over the Internet, wouldn’t you?). The
hospital sent the blood test to the police after we left, and a week later we
got the citation in the mail.

Drunk driving is a very serious thing and we don’t do it. We always get a
designated driver or call a cab. (Yes, in the middle of nowhere New Jersey they call a cab. Suuuuuure.)Our hearts go out to everyone who has been
affected by a drunk driving accident, or just a car accident in general. We are
so, so lucky. Things like this put everything in perspective and make us realize what’s really important in life: our family, friends and our faith.

Of course, the entire aftermath with the press and insane accusations like
Danielle’s was very stressful. (I didn’t know strip clubs were open until 2 a.m.…(Add that to the list of common sense things Teresa doesn’t know. Apparently she thinks strip clubs are day time / 9-5 type of establishments.)
am I surprised Danielle knew that? No. Was I surprised she had her birthday
party at the strip club Scores? No. I pray her children weren’t there. Nice
example, Danielle. Nice.)(Sorta like screaming for your husband to spank you in front of your children?)So the trip to Italy was perfectly timed.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling with a huge group (and huge camera crew) is not
easy. We had three generations with us! But it made for amazing memories. As you
saw, I’m not bothered at all by the stress of travel. (When you don’t have to pay for anything and you have someone else taking care of your kids why would you be stressed?)We take our kids
everywhere. Yes, you can take your baby to Italy. I’d much rather be a little
tired and jetlagged with my baby in my arms than to leave her behind with a
babysitter. But that’s just me.

There was a little crabbiness on the ship – I’m looking at you Joe and Caroline
– but what you didn’t see was how sick they were. Joe was sooo seasick. Even on
the gondola ride he was seasick! He was layed out on the cruise! And poor
Caroline was in the hospital the night before we left with kidney stones that
she took with her to Italy. So painful! (So she knew that Caroline was suffering from kidney stones and not feeling well, but decided to pawn her 3 misbehaved children off on her anyway. She just makes herself look nicer and nicer with each sentence. Don’t she? Don’t sheeee?)

Joe and I were supposed to go to the cooking class with Chris and Jacqueline, so
Caroline and Albert volunteered(“volunteered” is not the word I would use here) to watch our girls while we went. But Joe was
too seasick to get out of bed, so we didn’t end up going. (So which is it, they watched the kids so that T and J could have sex or take a cooking class? Bitch needs to get her stories straight!) I stayed in the cabin
taking care of him and Audriana, but I wanted the girls to have fun and go
swimming with Caroline and Albert. Isn’t Albert the sweetest? He’s going to make
a great grandpa someday! And Caroline too, of course! Joe and I did get our date
later, but he was still pretty sick for most of it.(Yeah… sick of her face)

The girls were also jetlagged and the time difference was killing them. You’ll
see them perk up in a few days. How hilarious was it that Milania fell asleep on
her cake? (Now it’s hilarious? Because on the show she said it was mortifying. If she had fallen asleep ON her cake, it might have been funny. But she fell asleep in her chair and then cried and screamed when her mother refused to let her sleep and tried to make her blow out the candles on a cake she clearly didn’t want. That was not hilarious at all.)

My favorite part of last night was seeing Jacqueline back to her old happy self.
She is hilarious and so fun and you never got to see that with all the Danielle
drama. (I’m still waiting to see the hilarious and fun part. Maybe they saved it for the lost footage?)

Shopping in Venice was also so fun. We really just window shopped,(Because all the expensive stores were closed) but what a
great place to do it! The one thing I got, because I like to get a souvenir from
everywhere I go, was the green glass ring. But my father-in-law bought it for
me. (Even though he wasn’t in the store when she bought it) That’s why I kissed him as soon as I came out of the store. I love love love
my parents and Joe’s parents! (Because they provide free house cleaning, and child care, and put assets in their names so that Teresa and Joe don’t get them taken away. I would love them too!)

One more clarification. A lot of people Twittered me asking about my bag of
“hair extensions.” It was hair accessories, not extensions. (I clearly heard her say hair “extensions”. ) I don’t wear
extensions. It’s really all my real hair. Ask my fabulous hairdresser Daniel
Cerone and he will tell you. Ask anyone who knows me. (Yes, ask the people that know her, because you all know they would NEVER lie for her.) But I did have an entire
duffel bag of just hair bows and headbands for the girls because I just love
them to wear stuff in their hair!

Thank you all for coming to my book signings and embracing Skinny Italian! (Thank you Laura aka Just done for attending the book signing)
Keep sending me pictures of your gorgeous meals and even more gorgeous kids!
Visit my website for my latest appearances, friend me on Facebook, or follow me
on Twitter. I’m not going to lie, I Twitter the most because I can do it on my
phone the easiest. I do read every single one and try to answer as many as I
can, but if you follow me on Twitter, you have a better chance of getting a
response from me (Facebook makes it so hard—they keep changing their freakin’

Website: www.teresagiudice.com
Twitter: @Teresa_Giudice

Wait until you see my hometown and family reunion next week! (Just what I want to see. MORE Giudices. Ugh….)

Tanti Baci,

Teresa Giudice

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62 Responses to Teresa’s Bravo Blog is a bunch of BS

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  2. Ican'tstandTeresa(theLIAR) says:

    Thank you,Thank you for breaking down Teresa’s Blog! She is the biggest LIAR and is full of SH*T! I’m wondering when Caroline is going to stop putting up with her lies and call her out on all the BS she feeds everyone! Of course, Caroline is full of crap to – you know like lying for her sister Dina. If Dina doesn’t like someone (aka Danielle or anyone on Twitter) she has no problem lying and turning the world against them. Anyway, great job on your blog and would love it if you broke down all of Teresa’s blogs. It was fun to read and it would really piss her off! Thanks again to you and Lynn in Chicago – for saying what the rest of us are thinking about these bullies!

  3. Delia says:

    Seriously, you posted almost EXACTLY what I was thinking while reading her blog. She is unbe’weave’able!!!

  4. Tam5115 says:

    Teresa’s blogs always make me angry. Not only does she lie, she lies so blatantly she ought to be embarrassed!

    On the show, she clearly said that she wanted to give the grandparents a break (why are they responsible for HER children?) so she got Caroline and Albert to babysit so her and Joe could have some alone time… in the bedroom! She actually clarified what she meant. God knows, Teresa can’t ever pass up an opportunity to talk about her and Joe having sex. It’s disgusting and crass. There was no indication they were supposed to go to a cooking class or that Joe was seasick, AT ALL!

    I guess Teresa was never taught how to behave in public. Really, only trash talks about their sex life all the time. Nobody wants to hear about it. Nobody likes to see her begging for a spanking in front of her children (WTF was that about anyway?) She has a lot of nerve talking about Danielle being inappropriate in front of her children. I have to guess that adding the Danielle bashing to her blog is only an indication of her lack of intelligence. She behaves the way she does and has the guts to criticize another?

    It makes me think of the season finale table flipping incident. She went on and on about Joe demanding sex when she was still sore from having her breast augmentation. But Danielle wants to talk about the book and suddenly, Teresa’s kids have to leave the room because they shouldn’t hear that? WHAT? She’s a moron, she has no class, she’s a liar and a thief IMO. She’s a thief because she continues to spend thousands on herself when she owes other people who have families to support too.

    The best part about it all? She flipped the table because her wee little brain thought Danielle was calling her stupid. That’s priceless… if the shoe fits, honey.

    • Seriously, her lies are insulting. She writes the blog right after she watches the episode. Is she really that stupid, or she just thinks we’re that stupid? I’m not sure which it is.

      I think she talks about her sex life so much because Joe is cheating on her and she knows it and she wants the other woman (or women) to see the show to see how “into her” he is.
      He won’t even kiss her! But we are supposed to believe that they have sex multiple times a day. Puh – leez.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I think she’s really that stupid. Not only that, she’s used to getting her way. Recall the telling of the story she gave to Joe after the confrontation with Danielle after the fashion show. She lied about that too… but then she kept up with this high pitch squealing during it. It was like the grown woman trying to be a cute little girl. Absolutely nauseating. She’s been spoiled I believe, and she thinks acting like Betty Boop will forgive all her sins. “I’m a nice person, ain’t I, Joe?” (paraphrased, please forgive) “I call everybody honey, don’t I, Joe?” etc… ::gag::

        Joe was much more attentive last season, IMO but she still went on and on about sex. It’s crude and classless behavior. I live by meager means but I have never in my life talked publicly about my sex life with my husband. Once again, only trash does that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        And no, I don’t believe a word of Joe’s story about his DUI. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. He must think we’re stupid too.

        • He was def more attentive last season. I thought they seems like a cute happy couple in season one. Now it’s clear he can’t stand her. He’s so annoyed by her that he can’t even pretend to be nice in front of the cameras.

  5. HeiferPlease says:

    i stand by my initial response to anything “written” by teresa giudice

    … she can barely speak english tolerably
    — there is no way she writes a blog, a book, or anything else

  6. Ava says:

    On the dark side, does anyone else believe Joe tried to kill himself by running into those trees…worse times are ahead for the Giudices and the publicity is going to be murder. I feel bad for him–trying to keep that bottomless pit of a wife happy.

    Restraint, tact, thoughtfulness, personal accountability and decency are foreign words to Teresa.

  7. LynnNChicago says:

    You should definitely do this with every one of Teresa’s blogs! They’re all bullshit!

    • I think I will. She shouldn’t even be allowed to post this crap!
      I don’t even want to read the comments at Bravo.com. Bc if one person says “I love love love you!” it’s just gonna piss me off. Lol

      • Tam5115 says:

        I can’t read the comments at Bravo for that exact reason! It pisses me off! I end up with a headache. LOL

        • kats2 says:

          Me too Tam5115. But my belief in civilization has convinced me that only a small fraction of those positive comments are actually real people sharing their real feelings. I’m positive most are made up or paid for by the HW’s and the selective Bravo process of choosing what to post.

  8. kats2 says:

    This is fantastic!!! You captured every vile thing about Chewbacca that I can’t stand. Love It – 5 stars! I totally agree the lies are very insulting and you should do with all of her blogs. Thank you!!!

  9. debbie says:

    You are so right!! She must believe that her B.S. is believed..and it is insulting..I think she writes her blog after she reads other blogs ,comments and tweets.. Her blog always addresses situations that people are talking critically about after the show..the glass ring ; why did she spend money she doesn’t have..(her father-in-law bought it). Joe’s DUI..try’s to explain that away.saying Please dont drive tired..(She should do a YouTube PSA ala Kelly’s No bullying)
    And referring to Danielle to deflect from Joe..” Was I surprised she had her birthday party at the strip club Scores? No. I pray her children weren’t there. Nice” Teresa refers to two totally separate time periods…D’s party was this past week..Joe flipped his car months ago.. It just wasn’t necessary.
    As for Joe being sick of her…I read this week that he was seen out with an unknown woman, in a club, hands on her arms in a ‘uber-friendly’ manner..Unfortunately ,I can’t remember where I read it..I did get the link from a tweet.. If anyone has it, maybe you can post it. I want to say I hope it’s true, but I tend to be careful what I wish for.
    I cannot wait until this season is over. I think there’s only one more episode and then the reunion..After that, I am done with these assholes.. I feel like an ass for watching them at all anymore.. If I was smart, I’d just read the blog.
    She and Joe are never responsible for anything..It is really aggravating.

    • If you find the link let me know. I would love to see it.
      I also can’t wait for the show to be over. I just want to get to the reunion and see “the shocking thing” that happened. I really hope that one of them (or all of them) calls Teresa out on her lies and her bullshit. That would be great!

      • Tam5115 says:

        I still have hope, but I think we’re going to be disappointed. After the NY reunion, when the confrontations only went so far and then Andy let Jill and Kelly slide and spin… I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

        Besides, they all stick up for Teresa anyway. It will be Danielle against the others as usual. Danielle is bat shit crazy, but not worth anyone’s efforts. She is what she is, period.

  10. First, let me say as a fellow wordpress.com blogger, I love your format. Very cool.

    Also, good job with the breakdown. One thing…does anyone else remember when Teresa was on WWHL with Andy before the show began airing, when Teresa was asked about Joe’s little “accident”? I may be misremembering, but I thought she actually said on Andy’s show that Joe HAD been drinking when he had the accident…just a little bit, glass and a half of wine or something at their meal before the wreck? I may be wrong, but I do remember her being asked and I do not remember ANY mention of him drinking AFTER the wreck to calm his nerves. That is so fake, so completely BS spin and lies, it makes me dislike these people even more.

    Oh…and why would Caroline take her “stones” on the trip? Did she have a necklace made out of them? That’s just gross.

    • I didn’t see that WWHL. I’m gonna try to find a clip online.
      And I think Caroline took her stones with her because she didn’t pass them yet and they were still inside her. Lol.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Joe’s accident was 2 miles away from their home according to reports. Not just “around the corner” from their home. It wasn’t on the direct way to their home from NYC. Evidently Joe took a detour if he didn’t go straight home after the dinner. If he didn’t drink much at the dinner (those who were at the dinner have variously said, he didn’t drink, he had 1/4 glass of wine, he had a glass of wine), then he got tanked up somewhere else after the dinner.

      T now says Juicy had 2 shots after the crash (to calm his nerves) and that’s why he had a blood alcohol content of 0.11 by the time the cops arrived, took him to the hospital and had blood drawn? That might be possible if Joe weighed less than 90 lbs.

      And the local cops didn’t arrest him, just let him go on his way? Not quite. According to published reports, Juicy was charged by the locals and then they turned him over to the custody of the Clifton cops because he had outstanding municipal warrants there. Clifton held him until he posted bond.

      One article, for example: http://www.nj.com/entertainment/celebrities/index.ssf/2010/01/real_housewives_of_new_jersey_40.html

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  12. Oh my gosh! Just found your VODPOD (?) on the sidebar! Too funny! Brilliant! I have to put a link on my blog. That Teresa voice is actually amazingly like Teresa’s actual accent, in a weird way. “…shave my forehead before the guests arrive….)Ha ha!

  13. Laura aka Just done says:

    5 stars! I absolutely love this recap, and I think you should do this with all of Tree’s blogs. I really think she believes the public to be that stupid, after all, she is the FABULOUS one 😦 Sorry, I just threw up a little!

  14. Meg1964 says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your comments! Great job.

    I despise Teresa. She and Jacqueline are both dim wits, but I believe Teresa is the dimmest by far.

    I’m going to harp on Teresa right now. She makes me want to cut a bitch everytime she opens her mouth. The bitch just rambles off lies, when we have proof to contradict her in black and white. She lied about the bankruptcy for months before she finally owned up to it. I’m getting pissed just thinking about her.

    She has a sense of entitlement that someone as dumb as she is, certainly doesn’t deserve.

    Loved the way Bryant Gumbel and Joy Behar shot her down on The View.

    And while I’m rambling.. WTF is up with Gabriella? She doesn’t look like any of them.. she’s actually cute. She definitely doesn’t get the airtime the other ugly monkies get. I saw a picture of Teresa, Gia, Gabriella and Melaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaania the other day. Teresa is holding hands with Gia and Melaaaaaaaania.. and Gabriella is holding hands with Melaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanie. I’m going to start paying closer attention to the pics. I wonder if this is the norm? Does Gabriella get the cold shoulder because she’s cuter than the others?

    • debbie says:

      I feel the same way..When i hear her voice, read her blog, I want to scream.. I’ve actually felt my blood pressure rise.
      I noticed the same thing about Gabriella. She seems quieter and sweeter than the other two hellions. Oy vey!!! I couldn’t stand to be around those kids.. I don’t really like commenting on kids’ appearance, so I’ll say that Gia and Milania look exactly like Teresa and inherited her hairline..Poor things.. They got the short end of the stick when it comes to who they resemble..(Although Jo’s no prize)Gabriella is the cutest of the three and does seem to get the short end when it comes to affection.

      • Meg1964 says:

        I shouldn’t have said anything about how ugly Teresa and her kids are. I know I’m going to bust hell wide open.

        • Tam5115 says:


          It just makes sense that monkey woman has monkey children, does it not?

          I usually say they are unfortunate looking kids, which makes ME feel better. LOL

        • Anonymous says:

          The gates are not going to burst open… I’ve said the same things…and it’s true..It’s a fugly family..Bottom line!
          So many of us have commented on Teresa and her kids already. If hell was going to burst wide open I think it would have happened already. ;0

    • I did notice that the one kid doesn’t look like the others. The other girls look just like T, so I suppose it’s possible that one just came out looking like Joe’s side of the family. But they did use a fertility clinic for at least one kid if not more. So you never know… mistakes happen all the time.

    • babykakes says:

      sense of entitlement….T & Dina & Lindsey Blohan!

  15. Need a Hobby says:

    Just a question, since I haven’t been watching the NJHW.

    I just again saw a pic of Juicy’s crashed pickup. There was crap spilled all over the place that had been in the open cargo area of the truck. (The stuff may have all been in a large lock box that broke open.) Guess it was Juicy’s work truck.

    So I’m wondering, is that the vehicle he drove to NYC? How many vehicles did they have? Just J’s truck and T’s car? That’s all? How did Teresa get to NY? Did she drive in with Jac & Chris which is why her car was at their home & she rode back with them to pick up her car? Can’t see T riding into the city or back in J’s work truck.

    Since T & J went public with their dubious explanations, it’s fair game to wonder IMO. We don’t have a timeline. I don’t recall if anyone mentioned what time the dinner ended in NYC and they left NYC. The accident was reported at 1:47 am. (That’s when the call came in, who knows how long after the accident actually happened. Joe reportedly went to a neighbor’s house but was back with the truck when police arrived at the scene.) Just wondered if it was possible Joe went home from the dinner and then went out again. Rather than taking a detour on his way back from NYC. Whatever happened, it didn’t happen the way Teresa or Juicy claim.

    • I have no idea what really happened. Teresa says her car was at Jac’s. If Joe had been somewhere else before dinner and was meeting them in the city it would make sense that T would park at Jac’s and drive in with them. It doesn’t make sense why she would drive back with them and not her husband since they are all supposedly going to the same neighborhood. Whatever the truth is, you’re not going to find it on Teresa’s blog. On the show I see two cars, an SUV that doesn’t look like a work truck and the Maserati.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        A Maserati? Oh Lordy. Nothing too ostentatious, I trust. LOL.

        Yeah, the black Escalade was one. Googling also brought up the Maserati and an Aston Martin (Juicy thinks he’s 007?).

        “Whatever the truth is, you’re not going to find it on Teresa’s blog.” Amen.

        Anyway, great blog & l love those cute animated videos. 🙂

  16. Meg1964 says:

    Someone posted this on Teresa’s blog at Bravo:

    .Teresa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Submitted by ELK on August 13, 2010..Teresa,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Milania’s bedroom furniture. It was filmed in the scene where she was packing her suitcase. Can you post where you bought is from? Thanks!! xoxo

    I’m sure my reply won’t get posted, but I tried to help the poster out by telling her she could purchase that very bedroom suite herself on 8/22/10. Cause I’m nice like that.. ain’t I?

  17. Tam5115 says:

    Isn’t there supposed to be a court hearing on the 20th to determine if the auction will happen? I seem to recall reading that somewhere, but can’t remember where.

    Well, I’m outie for now. Got a big dinner to do. I’ll check back later though, this is so fun!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Court date to challenge auction is this Monday, Aug 16.

      Aug, 20 IIRC is the court date of Juicy’s appeal not of his DWI conviction but of the 30 day sentence to community svs (or jail).

      August 22, as we know, is the scheduled auction of T & J’s household goods.

      August is a busy month for the Towaco Two

  18. debbie says:

    The gates are not going to burst open… I’ve said the same things…and it’s true..It’s a fugly family..Bottom line!
    So many of us have commented on Teresa and her kids already. If hell was going to burst wide open I think it would have happened already. ;0

    • Tam5115 says:

      Have you seen a recent picture of the baby? ::shudder::

      Poor things.

      • debbie says:

        lol…i haven’t seen a recent picture of the baby..Last I saw of her was in last weeks eye-talian episode.. She was nice and quiet, looked kind of cute. However her face was partially hidden by the satellite dish on her head that Teresa calls a hair bow….
        It is months later now. Does she ‘favor’ her mother now?

  19. Tam5115 says:

    Ummm, okay.


    • Meg1964 says:

      No joking.. that baby looks like a troll. I feel the gates of hell swallowing me as I type this.

    • Lmao. You guys are too funny.
      I don’t want to say anything bad about the kids because I haven’t had any yet and I don’t want karma to punish me with ugly children.
      But I’ll tell you the truth, is season one when I didn’t hate her I didn’t really think anything about her appearance. I think the saying “beauty comes from within” is so very true. Because as the season progresses I just find her uglier and uglier. And all that makeup caked on her face only makes things worse. Those lips in her interviews… hahaha. Clearly the makeup artist hates her too.

      • Meg1964 says:

        So true! I liked her in Season 1, and I didn’t think she or the little girls were ugly. So, you’re right in saying that beauty comes from within.

        And about that hair. She claims it’s her natural hair and not extensions.. we should really feel sorry for her, cause that stuff looks fried. Back in the 80s, I over-processed my hair with perms and bleach to the point that I couldn’t even blow that shit dry, it was so damaged. That’s what Teresa’s hair looks like now.. plus it looks stinky.

        • Tam5115 says:

          It’s all Meg’s fault that I watched this at all! LOL I didn’t see the first season until later, but I can safely say, and Meg can back it up, I NEVER liked Teresa.

          I think one of my first comments on the show was something about that woman who has no forehead. But my loathing for her is probably what kept me watching because I don’t like ANY of these women, not a one.

        • “It looks stinky”. Lol. I think it looks hard, like you could break a comb on it, like if the wind blew it wouldn’t move.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Oh that poor kid. Seriously, the poor tyke would be OK but is obviously the victim of Teresa’s unfortunate obsession with headgear and her overall execrable taste. And she looks like Joe. Maybe she’ll grow out of that.

    • HeiferPlease says:

      YIKES! is right …
      poor darlin’s — bless their hearts
      … they don’t stand a chance

    • HeiferPlease says:

      YIKES! is right …
      poor darlin’s — bless their hearts
      … they don’t stand a chance

  20. felita13 says:

    Geez!!! that poor baby, she’s soooo ugly. By the way, any idea as to why Gia made that comment about jews during the sauce-making episode?

  21. Stephanie says:

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that Gabriella looks so much different from the rest of the crew. Not only does she look different, she is also treated different. I hope this is my imagination but it seems that some people tend to favor the child(ren) that resemble them the most. Since Gabriella looks like no one, she seems to get very little airtime and attention. I cannot believe that Bravo is allowing this and hasn’t brought this to Teresa’s attention. I don’t have a problem stating the truth and that is: Gabriella is the cutest and most attractive human being in that household. I won’t be surprised if later on the poor child grows up with some terrible complex because she was denied affection at home. Everything is all about Gia and Milaaaaaania. I have to vomit when that woman screams out Milania’s name. She has turned her name into something that’s definitely not desired. Teresa isn’t even embarrased by how bad her children behave in public. I would beat my children’s ass if they acted that way. I wouldn’t even have to worry about beating them because they have “home training”. Home training is something that parents teach their children on a daily basis, but you can’t do this if your main concern is shopping and buying those ugly animal print dresses. She dresses those kids like drag queens, and Teresa has the nerve to think that her children are cute. Somebody please tell her that those clothes look horrible. Let children be children for as long as possible. There’s no need to rush them by dressing them like little old ladies. It’s ashamed when someone doesn’t have the sense to be embarrased when they do somethng stupid. Teresa still hasn’t figured it out that people are not laughing with her, they’re laughing at her. Most of Teresa’s problem is that she is so uneducated. She sees the world through the eyes of an inmature uneducated 8th grader. She insults people without caring. She’s constantly dealing in petty high school drama. She cannot complete a decent sentence without sounding dumb. She mispronounces easy words, and she doesnt like to be corrected. She is a train-wreck waiting to happen. She has pushed everyone away from her, and most of the people who she’s hurt have been there for her through thick and thin. Let’s just wait to see what happens next season. Teresa is going to soon realize that she needs some of those friends who she stabbed in the back.

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