Roc Does NOT Keep Their Promises

I would like to take a moment out of my day to say that Roc cosmetic products do not work. I began using their anti-wrinkle creams after high school. I know that might seem a little excessive, but my plan was to prevent and delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles for as long as possible. But now, as I am approaching my next birthday, I am beginning to see the first signs of age. It’s normal stuff, but not what I expected to see after so many years of using anti wrinkle creams. I though that I would, at the very least, be able to delay the inevitable wrinkles for at least a year or two. But now, as I look in the mirror, and at the faces of my friends around me who have never used any sort of anti aging product, I can now officially say that either I am immune to their powers, or Roc cosmetic products do not work. Bottom line: How can a product claim to reduce deep wrinkles when they can’t even delay fine lines? And then on top of it, their slogan is that they keep their promises. Bullshit. Please learn from my experience.

I have been a faithful customer for years, all my products are from Roc. But now that I have turned against them I need to find other good brands to use. Biotherm is looking promising at the moment. I haven’t tried any of their anti-aging products yet but their anti-drying exfoliating face scrub is amazing and I don’t even need moisturizer afterwards, which is something my dry skin usually cannot live without.  Just be careful not to get a bead in your eye! I did. It was horrible. But that is a story for another time. Another product which I am pleasantly surprised by because it was cheap and is a brand I’ve never heard of is Soap & Glory: Scrub Your Nose In It Pore Reducer
It actually did work. Results are temporary, but temporary is better than nothing.

If anyone has any miracle products that they absolutely love for face, body, hair or whatever please leave a comment and let me know what it is.

Oh yeah… and another product I really hate: Bareminerals. Invisible coverage my ass.

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12 Responses to Roc Does NOT Keep Their Promises

  1. Kimberly1818 says:

    I never use antiwrinkle creams. Think its a bunch of bs. If any of them actually worked there would b no need for facelifts. I use Dove bar soap on my face. I know it sounds weird, but I’ve tried a lot of products and nothing makes my skin look better.

  2. RealityJunkie says:

    Hey nice job on the pics. hahaha. I like anything by clarins. All their products are amazing imo. I never really used Roc. I bought a moisturizer from them once. Wasn’t impressed with it

  3. kmuellfa says:

    For real skincare and no BS-try Paula’s Choice.

    I have very sensitive skin, moderate rosacea, and have been using her stuff for years. I’m 37 with no crows feet and the only wrinkles I have are the ones btw my eyebrows.(I’m annoyed a lot) I find her stuff affordable, scientifically based, and common sense. she also reviews other products on her site. Only downside is you can only buy it online.

  4. ImaJillHater2 says:

    Great article in NY Times recently on wrinkle creams. Seems Retin-A is still king. Avon sells reasonably priced retin-a products.

    Best thing you can do for your skin is stay out of the sun. I did & always get complements on my skin. I’m 48 & look closer to 32. Lindsay Lohan has more wrinkles than me.

  5. Interesting article.
    Have you ever tried StriVectin?
    I like to tan when I can, but that doesn’t happen very often so I’m not too worried about sun damage.

  6. Sardonica says:

    First up, I am shocked to find out there are things in life other than the RH shows and blogs about them! Go figure. Regarding wrinkles. I have used Estee Lauder skin care products and make up since my teens and my mother also has been using Estee Lauder since she was in her 40s. We have few wrinkles for our respective ages and not to brag but nice skin. She is 82 and I am 55. I can say the skin care routine was helpful but in my opinion it is all in the genes. I have friends who used the same skin care routine and look like raisins. Why? Yep, genes. Don’t waste your time and money on preventing something you have no control over. Facials, a gentle cleanser and scrubs will improve the clarity of the skin and make it all it can be but you will wrinkle… or not. Obvioulsy this does not apply to the sun. That is one area where you have control. Keep the sun off of your face and wear a moisturizer/makeup with sunblock when you can. Don’t smoke (although I did for 20 years but don’t listen to me I should look better than I do ) In fact have no fun just stay in the dark and watch reruns of RH or try out Ramona’s skin renewal line and blog about it. One hint…do NOT use or do whatever it is Kelly B is doing. No one should look like that, trust me on this. In conclusion, dont worry about wrinkles some say it causes wrinkling, ask Dina’s cat I hear she, the cat, worried a lot. Life is too short and there are more important things to concern yourself with like who will return to next years RHNYC

    • I agree, it probably does have a lot has to do with genes… but I had this genius plan of getting a huge head start with the anti wrinkle creams, and it didn’t work and I’m pissed. I would never use Ramona’s skin care line. She only just created it. The fact that she looks good for her age says nothing about her product. What I would really like to know is what her skin care routine was for the 20 years before she created her cream. I love the sun and would be as tan as Teresa if the sun ever came out around here. I don’t know if I really believe that sun and cigarettes age you… but I’ll save my conspiracy theories for another blog.
      We should all ask Kelly to make a youtube video about her skin care routine so that we can learn her secrets – and do the exact opposite. I imagine she doesn’t have much of a skin care routine. When you are hopped up on meth for days at a time, you often forget to do things like shower or wash your face.
      You are right, RHONY is more important, and I hear everyone is coming back except for Bethenny who will still make guest appearances just to piss off Jill. Jen Gilbert’s twitter bio describes herself as the newest Real Housewife. I hope that’s just her being delusional and not an indication that she will be joining the cast.

  7. rupinderbn says:

    As well as those who have not had any luck with any anti wrinkle face cream products that they have …

  8. boston02127 says:

    Kiss My Face soap & cream. Love it.

  9. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    I’m just now stumbling onto this post because I’ve been too busy reading the SCREAMER. I use to work for Clinique and Estee Lauder where we got TONS of free products. We were always required to go to these classes on how to sell the most expensive shit to people desperate to stay young. It’s all a bogus scam and that’s why I became a nurse. The ONLY thing you can do to prevent wrinkles and loss of elasticity is tons and tons of sunscreen and live in a cave. No cream can correct sun damage and aging skin. The older you get the less your skin/body is able to bounce back. Good genetics also helps!

    Ask Michaele Salami what she uses and for sure use the complete opposite! Her top lip looks like a 90 year old smoker!! Can we say Botox, please!

    However, if you do believe in anti-aging cream I sell this special bottle of pills that will keep you thin and tone while you sit on the couch. No dieting! Cost is a little pricey but it is so worth it! A year’s supply is $20,000. Please make checks out to Jeana’s Vacation Fund or JVF. They don’t have a bad shape and look similar to Flintstones Vitamins. You will Love, Love, Love them! Michaele Salahi takes them religiously but takes twice the dose and this we don’t recommend unless it’s for a party or something.

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