The Real Housewives of DC – Premiere Episode

The Real Housewives of DC are finally here and it’s time to see if my pre-judgements of the ladies were correct or not.

We start the episode off with Mary and her family going for a family portrait. My pre judgment of her was that she would be an air head better suited for the OC, and after this episode, I still agree with that judgement. Her tag line is that she doesn’t make money, she spends money (gag) and we didn’t see her exhibit much in the brains department this episode. She does seem nice, but that usually equals boring. I guess we will see.

Next we see Stacie and her family. I predicted she would be down to earth, and she does seem that way. Watching her interact with her husband and children was really cute. Andy Cohen was quoted as saying that in this series they wanted to explore the nexus of politics, society, and race. I don’t think that statement is true. I think Bravo felt that they couldn’t shoot in the city that is home to the first black president without including at least one black woman. On The View Stacy said that having only one black woman on the Real Housewives of DC would be like having one Jewish woman on the Real Housewives of Jerusalem. I agree. I would have expected a more diverse cast for the DC franchise.

I predicted that Lynda would be a bitch and so far she is proving me right. I also said that either the Bravo photographer really hated her, or she has gained some weight in the last year. Turns out the photographer just hated her, and so did that dress she wore. On the show I think she is attractive for her age. We see her doing what I assume is a casting call, and in her talking head she says that her modeling agency has been the top agency for 25 years. What? Who are you and what is you little pretty people club called again? She says her agency caters to embassadors and dignitaries. Embassadors, dignitaries, and fashions models…. What those three things have in common – I have no idea.

Next we meet the infamous Michaele Salahi. They show her and her husband spending big, but there have been rumors and stories about serious financial troubles for them and their winery. Will she be the next Teresa Giudice? No body on the show seems to like her except Mary, “the nice one”. They are alway making faces when her name comes up, or at each other when she is talking. But I like her. As anyone who reads my blogs knows, I like the women who make for interesting tv. That’s why I like Danielle. She knows how to entertain. I know that many people have strong feeling about Michaele allegedly sneaking into the white house. But I don’t. I don’t think she should be in jail. I don’t think she is a dangerous criminal who needs to be locked away from society. If it’s true that she snuck in, then that means she has balls, and that means she’ll make the show interesting.

Next we meet Catherine. This is what I wrote about her: I can’t make up my mind about her. I think she’s the one that you will either love or hate, but whichever side of the fence you fall on, I have a feeling that she won’t fail to entertain us. I’m still not sure how I feel about her. She says what she’s thinking and doesn’t seem to care if it offends people. Her accent is annoying unfortunately, and she sounds like a drag queen, but I think I can get past it. Her husband works for the president and according to her, he is one of the best photographers in America. I wonder why the president would want to hire one of the best photographers in America when he could have hired Gilles Bensimon who is the most amazing photographer in the entire universe. Hmmm….
Oh yeah, and she is writing a book – of course.

So far I think all of my pre judgements have been rather accurate. All the women pretty much lived up to my expectations. But as we all know, opinions can change dramatically as the episodes and seasons progress, so I guess we will just have to watch what happens.

While Michaele and her husband talk about the power players and the who’s who (senators, delegates, and congressmen) who will be attending the Polo Cup, the camera shows shots of R&B singer Maya (remember her?) and Miss America.
I guess the Polo Cup is DC’s version of the races the OC women go to. They all get dressed up and put on big hats and stand around on the grass. Have u ever tried to stand on grass in heels? Maybe I have just lived in the city for too long, but I don’t understand why the housewives are always throwing fancy parties on grass.

The term “Washington DC lobbyist” sounds like an important title. But it turns out that the clown they hired as entertainment for the party is also a DC lobbyist. So I guess being a lobbyist is one of those things anyone can do, sort of like being an “author”.

Mary has a finger print lock on her closet door and I wish I had one too. If I had a lock like that, when my girlfriends beg to go through my closet I would put the wrong finger on it and pretend it isn’t working.

Mary had a birthday party and her husband wasn’t there. I thought that was odd. Mary calls Stacie “girlfriend” in a way I’m sure she doesn’t speak to her white friends. And she makes the statement that “salons need to integrate”. It’s true that most salons cater to either white women or black women, not both. But I don’t think this is the race problem she tried to make it out to be.  Black women and white women have different hair, and hair stylists are usually trained in one style or the other. I think the birthday girl had a little too much to drink and was trying to show how “sympathetic” she is by making an issue where there isn’t one. It was also an inappropriate topic to bring up at a dinner party and she made her guests uncomfortable.

Just when you thought Simon Van Kampen was one of a kind, it turns out there are two of them out there!
Mary basically admits that the editor of The Washingtonian only named her husband a DC style setter (DC version of tastemaker?) because she is doing Mary a favor. She managed to embarrass her husband and professionally discredit her friend in one breath.

Lynda seems a little unnaturally obsessed with Michaele’s weight. She mentions it one too many times. I assume she is just jealous and trying to make Michaele look bad. She pretends to be concerned, but it’s clear from her interviews that she doesn’t like Michaele at all.

When DC’s version of Atlanta’s Dwight tells Michaele that Lynda think she has an eating disorder she laughs about it. Micheal always seems to be laughing and smiling. I wonder if she is just a really happy person, or if there is some sort of psychosis going on in her head that causes her to constantly find everything around her amusing.

Cat, Mary, Stacie, and Stacie’s friends have a dinner party and Cat announces that she doesn’t like Tyra Banks and everyone is shocked. I can’t stand Tyra either and agreed with everything Cat said. I don’t think it was appropriate for her to state her opinion in front of a man who works for Tyra, but I didn’t really understand why the women were so shocked by her opinion.
Cat then tells them how disappointed she was that Obama didn’t rsvp to her wedding invitation after just saying two minutes earlier that she had never met him. I also noticed that she said Bush rsvp’d to her wedding – she didn’t say he attended her wedding. Cat likes Bush and not Obama. I disagree, but to each their own. Stacy and her friends seem to have the Jersey, high school, you have to like who I like and hate who I hate thing going on. Except they take it a step further and expect people to like who they like even if they don’t personally know the person.  I still like Stacy, but her implying that Cat might be racist because she happens to dis likes Tyra and Obama seemed like a stretch to me.

I’m getting thrown off by the names in this show. What I though was pronounced Mish-elle, is pronounced Mik-hale and sometimes Mik-aye-la. What I thought was Tar-eek is pronounced Tark. What I thought was E-bong is pronounced A-bong, and what I though would be ah-mons, is in fact A-mens. But I think I finally got their names straight.

The first episode was a little slow, but they always are. So far I like DC. I just hope that they can manage to film together without making everything about race. I heard enough “race” comments in this episode and am not interested in hearing anymore about it They were a real breath of fresh air after the trashy train wreck mess that is New Jersey. I think they will be entertaining, but they will do it with a lot more class and maturity than what the Jersey girls deliver. So far I’m happy with the new addition.

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  2. cedyevise says:

    Your blog is the funniest thing Ive read in a while. Thanks for the LOL’s. 5 stars!

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