Why Did Dina Manzo Leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

I was having a twitter conversation with multiple people regarding the reasons why Dina left the show. It’s hard to get your point across in 140 words or less, so I decided to put it into a blog post.

The story at the moment is that Danielle went to Lexi’s father and told him that Dina forged his signature on the contracts that allowed Lexi to be on the show. Maybe Dina did forge it, maybe she didn’t, I don’t know. If the story is true, that would explain why Lexi wasn’t on the show this season. But it doesn’t explain why Dina left mid season.

Dina’s interview with NY Daily News

Dina claims that Danielle tried to cause her to lose custody of Lexi. Let me tell you why this is bullshit. It is not easy for a mother to lose custody of her child. Even if Dina had forged the signature, it doesn’t matter. She wouldn’t lose custody over that. Lexi would have to be physically abused and seriously neglected before any judge would even consider taking her away from her mother. Courts don’t take children away from their mothers easily, especially not rich, charity organizing mothers who are married to men who own well respected community businesses and who donate to the Sheriffs department and who’s child lives in a nice home and has nice clothes and three meals a day and does well in school. It doesn’t happen. Any lawyer can tell you this. Dina getting upset over Danielle’s alleged attempt to cause her to lose custody makes about as much sense as me getting upset over my two year old nephew’s attempt to break my leg when he kicked me last week.
If Danielle did reveal something that could have caused Dina to lose custody, it wasn’t this. Maybe Danielle does know some damning information that could get Lexi taken away, but I doubt it. I don’t like Dina, but I don’t think she is a bad mother.

Also, supposedly this whole signature scandal happened before taping for the second season began. But in the beginning of the season Dina sent Danielle a “congratulations” text message for her daughters magazine cover shoot and politely declined her invitation to the luncheon. Why would you do that if the woman tried to “destroy your family”? We are missing something here. There is more to the story that they aren’t telling.  The signature story doesn’t make sense, and neither does the other story that being on the show forced Danielle to be in her life. The other women managed to film all season without seeing her, except for the one time Jacqueline and Teresa went out of their way to become friends with Danielle’s friends and attend an event where they knew she would be.

Dina is a liar. (Isn’t that what her good friend Jacqueline said at the end of season one?) She is trying to blame Danielle for her departure, I assume in order to turn more people against her. I liked Dina up until 2 days ago. I thought she was boring, but I didn’t have a problem with her. After her bitchfest on twitter the other day, I don’t think she is nice at all. I think her little zen, spiritual, positivity, good girl act is exactly that – an act. I think her opening line “If you think I’m a bitch, then bring it on” is more in line with her real personality. You can read about the twitter war on LynnNChicago’s blog if you haven’t already.

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13 Responses to Why Did Dina Manzo Leave The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

  1. I would not involve myself in a show w a lunatic that even TRIED to f”&$ with my kids! I think Dina just got fed up with the nonsense. I’m not even living it and I’m tired of it! Mothers always (few exceptions) want to protect thier children.

    • But she didn’t have to have any involvement with her. Caroline hasn’t seen her once the whole season, Dina could have done the same. Whether she leaves the show or not, her and Danielle still live in the same town, they still go to the same hair salon, and her family members still film with her. So I don’t buy the excuse that she left the show to get Danielle out of her life.
      I don’t doubt Danielle spread lies or tried to hurt Dina. I just don’t buy that as the reason why she left.

  2. kats2 says:

    Real City Housewife – I need to read your blog more often! Where have you been while I have been suffering through NJ HW’s and all of Dina’s BS? I didn’t like her from the beginning, I knew something was up and that whole Wedding Reality Show sealed the deal for me. Dina is a mess, I agree she appears to be a good Mom, but let’s face it, she is raising Lexi on her own. Some scary shit is lurking in Dina and Tommy Manzo closet. Time will tell and nothing would surprise me.

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  4. Earring Girl says:

    Greetings RCH,

    First time on your blog very nice. As as I stated before I stopped watching the RHONJ last year after the table flip. This is just IMHO on Dina – I always thought her relationship with Lexi in season one was strange, when Lexi was going out of the country to visit her father (I forgot where) the comments she kept making were strange to me, everything was very over the top as if she was trying to scare her into not going. She seemed very dependent on Lexi like she did not have a husband. Lexi seemed a little sly and more mature than Dina wanted to admit. I never cared for Diana she just seemed strange to me with the cats and the junky looking house and to say she is a designer – WOW. Again this is just MHO.

    I have a question about Teresa and Joe and would like to get your opinion. When did Joe become this landlord (slum or whatever)? As I remember on season one they all talked about Joe being in construction and that he owned some property. One the View the other day Teresa start talking about owning apartment buildings (4 large buildings in Orange, NJ and the tenants not paying the rent and this was the reason they filed bankruptcy. My question is – does he still have the construction business and what about the extra money ($10,000. a month) from family? Teresa and her bs makes no sense and I know to this day she wishes she had never appeared on the View trying to “parrot” Bethenny even with the dress -LOL!

    The RHODC were on the View today and introduced by Joy and Sherry – it almost turned into verbal arobics at each other – even Whoopie had to come out and say something (we could not hear) to the Salahi woman. I will have to view the video because it was a real shout over each other when asked about the Salahi husband and the drink toss. Sherry said he was there today but the women felt uncomfortable with him – hummmmm . . . Are you going to do a blog on RHODC?

    Tweet from Andy today the article reads interesting:

    RT @brianstelter: A. Stanley on the “DC Housewives”: “in some ways more delicious than all the rest” of the Hwives. http://nyti.ms/b1q2qj

    Also Bethenny tweeted this today and it should put to rest that conversation about who sold the most books –

    My publisher just told me we’re on 14th printing of “naturally thin.”Between that& “skinnygirl dish”we have almost half a million in print!
    about 5 hours ago via UberTwitter

    @EffingCrazy he’s always wrong about everything:housewife salaries,stats.he’s the poor man’s perez.
    about 5 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to EffingCrazy
    ( I think she is talking about Naughty Nice Rob – LOL!!!)

    • That was an interesting observation about Dina. At the time I thought she was just being an over protective mother. I didn’t think much of her behavior. But if you would have seen her on the christening episode – she was acting weird. She kept talking about babies and how special babies are and how it’s the most amazing thing in the world to hold a baby, all while sounding like she was about to cry. I think she is a very unhappy woman. Even if u just watch her interviews from last season to this season, you can see a big difference. Her problems are about way more than just Danielle.
      About her house; I know she looks like she’s headed for an episode of Hoarders, but I know some interior designers and their houses all look just like hers. Designers have a tendency to over-design their own houses, so they end up looking cluttered and messy. But I know what you mean, who would want to hire her after seeing her house?

      I don’t know when exactly Joe became a landlord. I was under the impression that they had the rental properties for a while. Probably starting with one and then buying another and another over the years. But I don’t really know. It appears as though he left his construction business and is now in the pizza business. I’m sure the 10k a month was money they were making illegally. They give a family member the cash, and the family member “gifts” it to them through a check so that they can put it in the bank. And I’m sure it wasn’t 10k, it was probably 9,999 so that it could stay under the IRS’s radar. I don’t know if they do anything technically illegal (nothing has been proven in court) but they do a lot of shady things. Sorta like how it’s Joe’s parents (not Joe) who “own” the pizzeria. Yeah, ok.

      I saw the view today. When Whoopie came out she was telling the women to bring up the White House scandal before time ran out.
      Here is a link to the video: http://tiny.cc/4b4sp
      And a tweet from Michaele Salahi: Salahis will address on Thursday Morning LIVE on National TV the outrageous abuse and exchange that took place on… http://fb.me/EzzSgMXm

      I retweeted Bethenny’s tweet. 14th printing. No way Teresa sold more. I don’t believe it.

      I want to blog DC, but we don’t get The Real Housewives here (Canada) so it all depends on weather or not I can find it online. Sometimes the video sites are a little slow getting new shows. That’s why I haven’t been blogging BGM. I have trouble finding it.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Thanks for the response to my questions – I had no idea you were in Canada – I guess that’s why the time is so different.
        Can you get Bravo web site on the internet because they show the full show. Well good chatting with you and I will check out your blog from now on – not so many people and you can get an answer here.

        • The Bravo site only puts the full episodes up like a week later. Plus they block anyone outside the US from watching. I can usually get around the blocks, but it’s a pain, and it opens my computer up to viruses. With Jersey and New York I can usually find the full episodes the same night or the next morning.

          But thank you for the suggestion. I’m glad you like my blog. 🙂

          • Stephb says:

            The Dina and her husband thing is definitely weird. I get the impression that he was the one who wanted her off. Maybe because he is hiding something. Seems too fishy. His brothers both tape on the show but he won’t? I get not wanting to be on tv but he doesn’t make appearances with her or anything. She seems really attached to Lexi like maybe he’s not around a lot… I was raised by a single mother most if my life and she never acted like that when I would go away. Being sad is fine but she took it over the top. Waterparks and diseases? Weird.

  5. Yva says:

    Dina left the show not because of her daugher, she left the show due to personal reason with her husbands infidelity. They always try to throw us viewers off on the real facts. This is not reality TV i’ts just entertainment, ratings and money. Dina is phoney and a miserable rich bitch with the rest of her manzO clan family. Danielle is just the outcast of the show to make the show interesting for us to watch.

    • That makes more sense than leaving because of Danielle or her daughter.
      You could just tell from her interviews that she’s not happy. She looks miserable. And she acts like a miserable bitch on twitter.
      And when you say something about her husband – it really sets her off.
      She tweeted a pic of her husband covering his face. And I tweeted something about her trying to prove that he actually spends time with her. It was the day they went down the shore for their wedding anniversary. She spent a good part of that evening arguing with me on twitter – on her wedding anniversary. So I don’t doubt for a second that that is not a happy marriage.

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