Fuck Apple Computers and Steve Jobs too!!!!!!!!

If you are a fan of Apple computers, then you are a moron and should stop reading this right now. I am typing this (with difficulty) on my iPad because my 1 year old Mac desktop just died. It literally just broke in the middle of twittering. The screen turned blue and there is nothing I can do. I’ve tried everything. I have an option to use Windows OS on that computer so I restarted with Windows and that doesn’t work either. Nothing works.

Fucking piece of crap computer. I’ve never had a PC just shut off and die on me. My Sony laptop from 6 years ago STILL works. But because I am jinxed, I decided to give it away 4 days ago since I didn’t think I had any use for it anymore.
Mac is garbage. I hate it. I’ve never owned a computer that performed more slowly or had as many problems as this one – except for the last Mac I owned: NEVER AGAIN. I said that the last time I threw an Apple computer into the garbage, and I meant it, but it was my husband who brought this Mac into my life against my will. He said Macs are better because they don’t get viruses. That is the ONLY reason I have ever heard anyone give for why these half assed computers are better than PC’s. I’ve owned a lot of PC’s in my life. I’ve never once had a virus. Ever. But I have had Macs that can’t even get me through a photoshop session with out freezing up and shutting down. PC’s are like Bethany, smart, hard working, intelligent and gets the job done, while mac is like Kelly, trying so hard to be Bethany but failing miserably at every turn. Now that is a Mac commercial I would like to see!
From now on I am boycotting this stupid piece of crap company and their worthless products – and that includes iPhones and iPods. This iPad was my last purchase and I am already regretting this decision. The iPad is pretty much worthless unless you “jail break it”. If you can’t get it jail broken, don’t waste your money. Pretty much the only video player it will allow you to watch videos on is Youtube. Forget divx, megavideo, or any decent video player. You have to pay for every shitty app that you will end up using once or twice and then forgetting about. And you can’t even download the free apps without entering credit card information. When you take it out of the box you can’t even turn it on until you connect it to iTunes – which I don’t have. So just turning the thing on was a huge pain in the butt. It also won’t stay connected to the Internet. Every time I close Safari for one second I have re connect when I want to open it again. It also occasionally closes safari on me at random. And it refuses to show scroll bars in text box’s. You cant scroll with your fingers, because that just moves the entire page you are on, and there are no up and down arrows on this half assed little keyboard. So basically, if you were typing a comment on my page that was longer then the length of the box, you would have no way to scroll up and see the beginning of what you wrote. I am typing this in text box right now, because when you go on wordpress from the iPad it takes away the option to write posts with a full screen. So you have no choice but to write in a box that allows you to see about 6 lines of text at a time with no way to scroll up or down. If there are any spelling errors please forgive me, but the iPad refused to let me go back and check. Also, the keyboard automatically capitalizes letters randomly in the middle of a sentence.
Also, Steve jobs is a self important douche. I don’t know what he has against Adobe and I don’t really care, but why do I have to suffer for it? How can anyone in this day and age make a product that isn’t compatible with Adobe? It is ridiculous and inconvenient! And while we’re at it – why the fuck don’t Mac’s have a right-click option?! How you Mac lovers can live without a right-click, I will never understand.

The iPad is a fun toy to play around with. But that is all it is; a toy for adults. There is no practical use for this thing. It is basically just a larger iPhone without the phone. It will not replace your laptop. The coolest thing about it is the touch screen, but that novelty wears off pretty quickly. Especially as the screen becomes smudged with finger prints. And it only works with your finger tips, so you can’t use a pen, or your fake nails or what have you, to click on things or scroll the page. If you like touch screens, you would be much better off going with the HP TouchSmart Pc. It folds flat like the iPad and you can use or finger tips, the included pen, or anything you feel like using with the touch screen. It works all ways. (And no I am not getting anything for free for saying that.)

Never in my life has an electrical appliance caused as much frustration and aggravation as the Apple computer. The only way I will ever spend another dollar on anything Mac related is if they one day create a computer with human intelligence, feelings and emotions. Then I will buy it just so I can hear it cry and beg for its life while I smash it to pieces. Fuck Apple. And fuck Steve jobs and all the assholes at Mac. I hope they go the way of the Giudices’ and end up bankrupt!



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124 Responses to Fuck Apple Computers and Steve Jobs too!!!!!!!!

  1. hhh says:

    APPLE is the biggest pile of shit, made for people with shit for brains…the types that can’t figure anything out for themselves. Apple lovers are only in awe of the products because they can’t think for themselves and hence need the “imagination” and “cutting edge” provided by this overpriced and over-hyped company.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just broke the glass to my iPhone $100 later in repairs………I am livid. Paid $800 for it brand new why doesnt Apple use tampered glass for such a pricey phone grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Anonymous says:

    +++ now Samsung have to pay to this fags and prices will go up, fucking “american” justice

  4. Anonymous says:

    FUCK APPLE to hell. Shit imac’s hard drive died 2x in 2 years. Had it fixed by a kid for a fraction of what the assholes at the mac store would charge, condescending genius bar pieces of shit. 2nd time it broke I took it there and the dick looked at me like I had the black plague cause someone other than their people fixed it for WAY LESS. They said that since a 3rd party opened it they would not deal with it. Fascist communist pieces of shit. Fuck you mac nazis eexcept that’s an insult to nazis who were great, mac are scum.

  5. Val says:

    I am on my way to buy a Samsung SIII. Just on principle, really, I do not like fascists.
    Watch Samsung bouncing back like you will never believe. Be afraid, biggest company in the world.

  6. Gary Urbo says:

    Hear hear! Now crapple thinks they will have a monopoly on smartphone ad tablets since they bamboozled other way through a “trial” I which seven iphone users decided the fate against samsung.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Samsung Galaxy S2. Love it. I don’t hate Mac, I just bought the better product. It was obvious to me. One penny for a 4g equipped, dual core processor, with a HUGE display. Oh and all the same apps, but at no cost. Also, Gorilla glass on the display. SO many tumbles, and no scratches, let alone a complete fracture like my roomies Iphone. Look around, compare, you will see.

  8. Julie Lomo says:

    Yes, crapple must go… I normally don’t hate things too much, but this crapple stuff and the fuckin’ sleazy, abhorrent, fugly, retarded wankers and cunts that buy the crapple shit simply disgusts me to the point where I get physically nauseous anytime I’m near them or their crapple shit.. If there ever was a more needed cause, it would be to gather all the crapple ifanboys with the crapples, put them all on an island somehwere far away for the rest of us and NUKE the fukin’ thing…
    I’d even dig up jobs, strap the fukin’ corpse to the missile and send him home to them…

  9. Che says:

    All brands, PC or Mac, break, or you get a lemon occasionally. I understand your disappointment, but my problem with Apple is that they are simply the pinnacle of materialism and vanity. I mean, why should I pay twice the price just to get something “cool” and “fancy” and “young people use”? Say Macbook laptop, that price of crap has no ventilation, so either expect limited CPU/GPU power or overheating. Sorry I’d rather buy a lenovo for half the price. And don’t start on the quality argument. Macbooks are made in China and the quality is just as good as other made in China laptops, and if you insist that my lenovo will only last half as long because I paid half as much as your f**king Macbook, after my lenovo breaks I’ll buy a brand new one (and much faster one) in two years and you get to stick with your piece of crap.
    Simply said people nowadays are brainwashed. Apple goes beyond selling a product. They are promoting a lifestyle (http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=macs_cant). I don’t want to offend people who choose Apple because of the quality/tech advantage. But every time I see someone who just can’t get enough of the iPod/iPad/iPhone/i**** I want to puke.

  10. Not Jobs says:

    Apple is really into hyper hypnotism of the not so intellectually inclined human specie, they mother fucking suck the shit out of people’s pockets for their worthless innovations. Oops, I mentioned innovation? Correct me, the only thing innovative was actually making people think that crap is innovative.

  11. applelover says:

    fuck all f you guys apple rocks bitches

  12. Anonymous says:

    Fuck apple. I hope steve jobs burns in hell.

  13. Apple suckkkss says:

    Apple is fucking nice. They only upgraded a little of iPhone3 to be iPhone4. Fuck that. An iPhone camera that got light, amazing! I bet a 10 dollar phone has it too. Great! iPhone4 has a program where I can put videos in it! Fuck that. Why aren’t they letting me download videos in iPhone3?
    “I’m fucking sorry, but your fucking device doesn’t support fucking videos”
    Thanks, notifications, very fucking useful .

  14. Nicky10lbs says:

    Apple do have viruses. If you dont want viruses use linux. Oh wait Apple users could never figure how to use that,it’s not fully dumbfuck automatic. Simple computer questions can never be figured out by a Mac user.

  15. V Williams says:

    You are an idiot if you can’t figure out how to get right click on your mac.

  16. Carlos Mendez says:

    I just bought an Ipod Touch for my daughter. I consider myself a pc expert but it took me almost 1 hour and a lot of headache just to get the damn thing to syncronize the music library from her PC. It was just a box you had to uncheck but I found it by luck. I thought Apple was about user friendlynes. What could be easier than autosync when plugging in the device? No, that didn’t happen, but it happens when I plug in my Samsung Note phone! Apple is about screwing consumers. You cannot change the battery or add extra memory. Apple will repair you device for a horrific amount when the battery dies in 2-3 years and they will be happy to sell you an extra 8gb of memory for about a 100 dollars. Good business sense, I fail to understand that consumers don’t get this scam. It has always been like this. All about form.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I hope steve fuckhead piece of shit jobs is burning in helll now and then i will still not be satisified

  18. Sam says:

    Omg i tottaly agree apple sux its not open
    Source its slow as crap

    you shudnt even bother jailbreaking it when
    You can just get an Android wich is just
    Like a jailbroken ipod iphone or ipad

  19. Ren says:

    Fuck apple! I cannot even download a fukin torrent app on this piece of crap!!! Im using an ipad damn it! Android tablets are way better than this crap i regret the day that i bought this!

  20. Professor Bailey says:

    I think most people that say they don’t like Apple products, simply don’t know how to truly use them. You buy the product to say you have it, yet, look crazy when you can’t even figure out something so simple. I love my Apple products, been using Apple since the 6th grade. It’s easier to use than Windows, and apparently, you got a blue screen, because of something you screwed up. I’m an IT Engineer, and majority of my work is done on a Mac. I don’t worry about viruses and crashing. Why? Because I know how to keep up my software and hardware. Also, I tried Droid, as a trial for 1 month, yeah I didn’t ;last the entire month. I hated it! It crashed the second day, and I swiftly took it back. I’ve had an iPhone since 2007, when my carrier AT&T, was the only one carrying the phone. All of my older versions have been unlocked, and yes I have hella tweaks on them. Apparently, some of you just got the products, just to be “cool”. Well, guess what you’re an idiot for spending money on something, just to look “cool”. This post was entertaining, none the less, but the comments are from a bunch of Droid users, who are simple as the device they’re currently using. Lol! Good day!

  21. Rezia says:

    This was the best article I have ever read! That last part about wanting to hear it beg for its life while you smashed it to pieces? Priceless! I laughed so hard. Thank you!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love these idiots. They can’t operate a computer so they hate on apple. The person who wrote this post is the perfect moron who can’t use a counter. Sure, one year later your computer just ups and dies. Why don’t you tell the real story, that your just a dumb bitch who can’t use a counter.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Android is far better

  24. A Bipolar Guy says:

    I’m sorry you are incompetent and a moron. I have been full time IT support for Windows and Mac OS X (among others) for 28 years at a major university. I have seen Macs, Dells, IBM and others dead out of the box or last for a thousand years. But Oh, My, God, is Mac OS X ever superior to Windows, both from a user and an administrator’s point of view. iOS a bit of a pain with Apple’s rigid control, but as a direct result it is secure and manageable to beat the band. Makes android seem like the messed up, inconsistent, malware prone, hackable OS it is. Viruses have absolutely noting to do with it . OS X is better. Period. (how can you argue with that logic) Oh btw, though NOT a reason not to own a PC, if your windows PC was on the internet regularly without a good antivirus program (and maybe with one) or good hardware firewall it has been infected. Period, end of story. You may not have known you were part of a bot net for example, or had a boot sector based root kit installed. Macs are not immune, just not yet common enough to be targeted, just saying your confidence in being virus-freee may be mistaken.

  25. Tim says:

    Yo. Ifones are the biggest ile (the p wont work wen i want to) that was sposed to be pile. I have to hit the p key soo hard it wood nok mike tyson out. I cant be bothered to spell chek,ive just given up. I hav a ifone 3. Its slow, eats data like oprah on a binge, the full stop is hidden in the alpha/num kboard. Why for krist sake. Cant downloadLike

    shit cos avnt an apple id. Even free ones. I hate this fone soo much. The screen keeps swinging about, my nokia 6600is faster. I live in nottingham uk. Robin hood land. Paid £20 to get it jailbroke and cant download nothing. It keeps going into sleep mode so u have to do tthe slidey thing.

  26. Tim says:

    Sorry.coodnt finish my rant as i coodnt scroll up and Proof read wot i wrote.dont ask.? Cant get cydia to work, and i want opera mini as the browser, but no apple id.! No video camera. Wtf. They were on fones ten years ago.! If north korea put out a mobile fone, i wood be on it kwikker than whitney on a pipe rather than an iphone. Wot annoys me is appleites love their imecs,etc. Good luck to them. But pls dont suggest things like a steve jobs annual holiday like hes martin luther king or sumthing. If apple listened to its first time customers instead of dyed in the wool eyes shut effcianados of apple they wood sell more than samsung. Is that a fair comment. Peace.

  27. Anonymous says:

    apple doesn’t know how to do anything right. ever since i first bought my macbook pro i was penalized immediately for using a wired mouse pad (ports on the left side. amateur port design) and all the itunes updates got my account hacked (not to mention confused the fuck out of many people) because apple fails at security checks. i wasted money on this stupid laptop and lost 500$ worth of entertainment files (music, videos, n shit) from their shitty monopolized-ass website. couldn’t get my account back either because of their pussy ass “special care” service for fucking rich people. i hope they go to hell and hang out with steve jobs for fucking ruining the lives of millions of americans.
    well, maybe that was a bit over the top… but fuck it. Apple products? Hate em.

    • tim says:

      I just had my I fone (it was a gift) jailbroken, and I wanted to download Opera browser. Went to cydia, and they havnt got it. Went to the opers website, and I cant download it cos I havnt got an apple ID. WTF. I also found out that the Ifone 3 I have has a 600 mghz chip. But apple have downgraded it to a 433mghz chip, just cos they can. I go to a website that lets me trade shares, its a dummy account. I bet that apple shares would go down, and they did. Surprize surprize. Made $520.
      Ha. In your face apple. Smug.

  28. Michael says:

    I know this blog entry is old, but reflects my sentiments exactly now, as I searched under: “Fuck Apple” and found this most relevant rant.

  29. fuck apple i agree fuck apple and fuck macbook and fuck all of that shit

  30. Craig Hoehn says:

    No foolin. I mean, I frickin BID!

  31. Steve Jobs says:

    Yeah, go buy a fuckPhone and you’ll have to give your CC# to apple before you can even get free apps. Why do you think that is? Fuck apple and steve Jobs right in his DEAD fucking skull.

  32. UkPowerful says:

    Apple Sucks, I have 4 ipads and 3 Iphones in the house, I will sell all tomorrow on online marketplaces as they quoted me for a shit load of money for the most stupid damage. FUCK APPLE and Steve Jobs went to hell for sucking blood!

  33. Anonymous says:

    God damit. I got an iphone and then I got iTunes and now the latest improved apple OS screwed up my camera. Imagine taking a picture and when you go to your photos, you just have a white screen. Jeezus Chrissst. What if you saw a UFO, or Elvis in the back seat of the car in front of you, and you took a picture with your Goddamned iPhone and found out you only have a white screen. And what the hell, now I can’t even drag and drop pictures from my iPhone to my computer which is the way it used to work. I guess some pimple-faced, arrogant, bugger eating third-generation inbreed punk at Apple decided that he really didn’t have to check that latest Apple OS before releasing it to the world. Poor Steve Jobs. Left his company to a bunch of whoring pimps and whores who don’t know how to program and can only live off the legacy of a great man. I hate Apple. Their products now suck more than ever. And they still keep bragging about how great they are. Crap,..I bet PCs don’t have a site like this. I mean,..Elvis,..can you imagine.

  34. Anonymous says:

    apple est une merde moderne au servive des cons

  35. Anonymous says:

    fuck off apple users

  36. Anonymous says:

    Fuck my iPad 4, just got it for 6 months, it won’t charge, speakers is messed and super slow! My 7 year HP Pavillion 2009 is much faster than this piece of crap. FUCK YOU APPLE

  37. Lou Roth says:

    If Steve jobs were still alive AND using my iPad he would rip off a few heads and shit down their necks. I’m sick of these motherfucking ads crashing my motherfucking iPad. If my kitchen worked like this I would have to flush the toilet to make toast.

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  40. Thanks for finally talking about >Fuck Apple Computers and Steve Jobs too!!!!!!!!
    | <Liked it!

  41. Ccc says:

    Yeah, apple can go fuck themselves.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a PC user the whole time. I think I’ll stay that way. 🙂

  43. Roxie says:

    It is in reality a nice and useful piece of info.

    I’m happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us
    informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Fuck Apple says:

    So my IPod 5 cracked when I dropped it from my bed. Then, a few days later, the home button and the button on the top doesn’t work. Thanks a lot Apple. I have over 3000 pictures on my Ipod and now I can’t access it cause I can’t open my fucking Ipod. Plus there are no Apple repair shops in my country. Fuck Apple

  45. Janklebox says:

    I have to use a I pad mini at work I’d rather play with shit. Squishy nasty foul strangers shit. I have never and will never buy apple products they run slower crash more. My company thank god is moving to windows tablets as these garbage ass iPad fail. So I accedentaly broke my screen last week. Oops!

  46. Janklebox says:

    Side note I don’t use product to make a fashion statement as most people that buy that over priced Apple junk. I want them to function.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had 3 pcs in the past and pieces of poop. Freezing and having to reformat every couple months, full of viruses and slower than shit. Each of these only lasting 3-4 years and then use them for a paper weight. I bought my first Mac 8 years ago and still have it. However it is now time to get a new one as it is just out of date. I don’t understand all the hate for Steve Jobs. I guess you guys just like bending over for Mr. Gates instead. I don’t know? I just go with what product lasts and frustrates me the least and from personal experience the best is Mac by a long shot!!!!!!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hey you other anonymous……you calling yourself a cunt?????????

  49. M P says:

    the wrost device manufacture company in the world ever .. i cannot describe my experience here… i will blow fucking head of apple owners and all the apple wishtleblowers … aaawwwww… fuck apple fuck you apple assholess …..

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