Fuck Apple Computers and Steve Jobs too!!!!!!!!

If you are a fan of Apple computers, then you are a moron and should stop reading this right now. I am typing this (with difficulty) on my iPad because my 1 year old Mac desktop just died. It literally just broke in the middle of twittering. The screen turned blue and there is nothing I can do. I’ve tried everything. I have an option to use Windows OS on that computer so I restarted with Windows and that doesn’t work either. Nothing works.

Fucking piece of crap computer. I’ve never had a PC just shut off and die on me. My Sony laptop from 6 years ago STILL works. But because I am jinxed, I decided to give it away 4 days ago since I didn’t think I had any use for it anymore.
Mac is garbage. I hate it. I’ve never owned a computer that performed more slowly or had as many problems as this one – except for the last Mac I owned: NEVER AGAIN. I said that the last time I threw an Apple computer into the garbage, and I meant it, but it was my husband who brought this Mac into my life against my will. He said Macs are better because they don’t get viruses. That is the ONLY reason I have ever heard anyone give for why these half assed computers are better than PC’s. I’ve owned a lot of PC’s in my life. I’ve never once had a virus. Ever. But I have had Macs that can’t even get me through a photoshop session with out freezing up and shutting down. PC’s are like Bethany, smart, hard working, intelligent and gets the job done, while mac is like Kelly, trying so hard to be Bethany but failing miserably at every turn. Now that is a Mac commercial I would like to see!
From now on I am boycotting this stupid piece of crap company and their worthless products – and that includes iPhones and iPods. This iPad was my last purchase and I am already regretting this decision. The iPad is pretty much worthless unless you “jail break it”. If you can’t get it jail broken, don’t waste your money. Pretty much the only video player it will allow you to watch videos on is Youtube. Forget divx, megavideo, or any decent video player. You have to pay for every shitty app that you will end up using once or twice and then forgetting about. And you can’t even download the free apps without entering credit card information. When you take it out of the box you can’t even turn it on until you connect it to iTunes – which I don’t have. So just turning the thing on was a huge pain in the butt. It also won’t stay connected to the Internet. Every time I close Safari for one second I have re connect when I want to open it again. It also occasionally closes safari on me at random. And it refuses to show scroll bars in text box’s. You cant scroll with your fingers, because that just moves the entire page you are on, and there are no up and down arrows on this half assed little keyboard. So basically, if you were typing a comment on my page that was longer then the length of the box, you would have no way to scroll up and see the beginning of what you wrote. I am typing this in text box right now, because when you go on wordpress from the iPad it takes away the option to write posts with a full screen. So you have no choice but to write in a box that allows you to see about 6 lines of text at a time with no way to scroll up or down. If there are any spelling errors please forgive me, but the iPad refused to let me go back and check. Also, the keyboard automatically capitalizes letters randomly in the middle of a sentence.
Also, Steve jobs is a self important douche. I don’t know what he has against Adobe and I don’t really care, but why do I have to suffer for it? How can anyone in this day and age make a product that isn’t compatible with Adobe? It is ridiculous and inconvenient! And while we’re at it – why the fuck don’t Mac’s have a right-click option?! How you Mac lovers can live without a right-click, I will never understand.

The iPad is a fun toy to play around with. But that is all it is; a toy for adults. There is no practical use for this thing. It is basically just a larger iPhone without the phone. It will not replace your laptop. The coolest thing about it is the touch screen, but that novelty wears off pretty quickly. Especially as the screen becomes smudged with finger prints. And it only works with your finger tips, so you can’t use a pen, or your fake nails or what have you, to click on things or scroll the page. If you like touch screens, you would be much better off going with the HP TouchSmart Pc. It folds flat like the iPad and you can use or finger tips, the included pen, or anything you feel like using with the touch screen. It works all ways. (And no I am not getting anything for free for saying that.)

Never in my life has an electrical appliance caused as much frustration and aggravation as the Apple computer. The only way I will ever spend another dollar on anything Mac related is if they one day create a computer with human intelligence, feelings and emotions. Then I will buy it just so I can hear it cry and beg for its life while I smash it to pieces. Fuck Apple. And fuck Steve jobs and all the assholes at Mac. I hope they go the way of the Giudices’ and end up bankrupt!



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124 Responses to Fuck Apple Computers and Steve Jobs too!!!!!!!!

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  2. @twilighttwitti says:

    Oh no, what are you going to do now?

  3. I already got another computer. But now I need to get photoshop and the other programs I had and pay someone to recover all the personal pictures and documents that were on there…. pain in the ass!

  4. Jeninvegas says:

    And your hate for the iPad/iPhone is now explained :). I have been enjoying reading your blog archives since I woke up an hour thanks to the – dumb as hell – daylight savings time!! I have been watching RHof(fillintheblank) for years!! There’s some funny stuff here!

    FYI- posted from my iPhone ;).

    I agree Steve Jobs is a douche!!

  5. Adam says:


    something i wrote,

    couldn’t agree more !!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, Jobs will be dead soon, if not already. There’s only so many organs you can buy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    bapisa fuck

  8. Tony Quirke says:

    Once upon a time they were at least warm and fuzzy compared to Microsoft. Now they are screwing consumers with patent lawsuits against Samsung, and indirectly the Google Android OS. Big, greedy and fascist. I would never touch them because of the iTunes bullshit, but now I am actively wishing for their complete annihilation. Death to Apple Inc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yah. And there saying “It just works!”, people fall for this shit and other bs they claim about windows. Yah “It just works”, no one said it works well. “It JUST works”, JUST, what does that mean, that it barely works or, that the user is lucky that it at the least works (runs) or whatever.

      Have u ever asked some of these mindless apple fanatics why they switched to a mac or why they think apple products are so much better?
      Like give me a break and shut the fuck up apple & all these apple cult members/apple supporters. All these fuckers do is just repeat the same bull shit that their cult leader of a company says.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hate fuck bad man name tom he spank tell every body I only suck he money but can all the world know this guy so bad and he cry lie for make popole he up sad I understay why he fuck a dog when some popole no room and he put cock in sisde he ass to forme the black popole for way for evil bad sky lie monk I am say bad form he army. Then know

      • Anonymous says:

        I want y bad name go lose your ery todad cry I cry y lie Thomas i save money right now be eat my gun with shot. You arm apple. Hit me haha god see dog know we know you hurt me that. Why y cry bad to bad kama

    • Randall says:

      Yes, FUCK APPLE and if I could, I would dig up Steve Jobs and shit in his mouth! I hate that fucking douchebag muthafuckin asshole! WTF is wrong with people? When you buy an item like an iPhone, it is yours. What kind of jackhole company tells you what you can and can’t do with it? If I want to use flash on my iPhone, I will! If I want to jailbreak the bloody freaking thing, I will! But all these idiotic morons in the Apple camp just keep swallowing all that shit and Apple just keeps getting more and more fascist and determined to tell you how to live! Thank you all you Apple loving dipshits! You have helped make the world a worse place because you bend over and take it like a bitch!

  9. SC_Smith says:

    WTF is it with this megalomaniac Steve jobs, anyway? Why the hell is it necessary to be anally raped by his iTunes bloatware every time I so much as LOOK at an Apple product? Don’t try and convince me that this machine is a tool (as in a REAL computer), when you shove toy-box software down my throat prior to using an iPhone or iPad or any of the other latest exercizes in self-gratification that Mr. iPhuckingownthewolrd produces. These things are nothing more than fad-gadgets for the masses. Another way to empty the pockets of the hoi polloi and the mindless herds of sheeple. I’d recommend you tell your husband to grow a pair, and bring home a *real* computer next time. “My Mac – it just works.” Yeah, right… Bullshit! Death to Apple indeed.

  10. Rex says:

    Everyone is comparing Jobs to Davinci, Edison, ghandi and every other great human of the last 500 years now that he’s dead. What a slap in the face to those great men having a snake oil salesman mentioned in the same breath. He sold gadgets, he didn’t invent anything he didn’t cure cancer or end world hunger either . People need to get a fucken grip and stop making him out to be something he wasn’t.

  11. Dave says:

    I had the same Acer PC running windows XP for 8 years, no problems. Screw overpriced Apple!
    For touchscreen go with ASUS Transformer runs flash on Android.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the Rebellion!
    I’ve had a problem with Apple since the 80’s. A large part of their business model is based on lawsuits. They have an entire department dedicated to attempting to get patents on the most ridiculous things possible (they don’t get many, but one slips by from time-to-time) and then suing the crap out of everyone.
    They’ve been doing this for a long time. They tried to patent the shape of the mouse, the idea of a cursor, the mouse itself. They even tried to patent the white background (when we stopped using green screens).
    All it is overpriced styling and marketing… which is fine. They make some very sexy, super thin hardware. Personally, I like stuff that actually works, so I’ve always been a Droid and PC person myself.
    I’m glad you’ve had the awaking 😉

  13. Ddds says:

    I think its better for u to go to bed and fuck Ur self

    • Nick says:

      i think its better if you should go and fuck your iPhone… oh no, hang on there’s an app for that! You keep following every other dickhead conforming to apples ways.

      I too have an iPhone 4 32g, its MY IPHONE, I bought it, OUTRIGHT, and i cant even jailbreak it, to obtain root access to the filesystem, and modify the phone to perform the way i wish it to; because it Apple still controls its software updates, and software signing.

      Example,… You buy a Corvette, who’s is it? … You physically paid for it, “thank-you very much,… you drive away” … and want to do an engine modification to it… sure; why not … YOU OWN IT <— Jail-breaking = Same deal. PERIOD.

      I've listed it on eBay, for 1 dollar, and i don't give a shit what i get for it, its absolute junk, and I'm really looking forward to using a phone which is Android based, I have tried the Samsung Galaxy S2; its fantastic. In saying that I'm much like that video which was posted, oblivious to any other suggestion, because the Samsung was available when i first purchased this expensive iPod.

      I will never make this mistake again.

    • Shadow says:

      Hey Ddds, blow me. Apple is horrifying.

    • fucksteve says:

      I think it’s better for you to go to hell and tear out your asshole with your steve jobs signed vibrator. Bitch.

  14. Apple is 4 fags says:

    Only fags use Apple.

  15. I came on here to hate on apple but everybody said all that needs to be said, fuck steve jobs and i hope apple gets cancer like you did, i cant sync songs on my damn phone because of your greedy ass company.fuck you.

  16. Joe says:

    All I have to say is that i bought a second hand iPhone cheap (thankfully), and I could not believe I could not access the flash memory on the device via USB and a disk mode. EVERY USB connected device I have ever owned has had disk mode access to the flash memory. IT’S NOT AN OPTION; IT”S A STANDARD FEATURE PEOPLE EXPECT! Jesus Christ. Even cheapo Virgin Mobile phones have this standard (the exception being those almost-dispoable models not designed for multimedia storage). $20 digital cameras do this. But not a $500 iPhone.

    The iPhone has LESS funcationality than I’ve come to expect from products, less than I’ve had in products purchased A DECADE AGO. What kind of lunatics are buying these things. Christ.

    I’ve never gotten close to a Mac, seing as they sucked for as long as I can remember. I am told that the modern Macs are better (hah, by acting more like Windows PCs), but I can only think of the 15 years of horror I experienced. The old Macs were like 6 decades behind their PC rivals, lacking basic things like hard drives (and booting the OS from hard disk) and ansi drivers. This was all still the pathetic state of the world 10 years after this stuff was standard. As far as I am concerned, Apple has been playing catch up since its inception, and convincing stupid people that it’s at the cutting edge.

    By the way, I had a table PC for 4 years before the iPad was released, and a smart phone for 3 years before the first iPhone.

    Apple: Bringing 5-year old technology to stupid people.

  17. bob says:

    MY PC: 4 gb ram, 3.1 ghz processor, dual friggin graphics cards, 2 tb of hdd, and a 900 watt psu that’ll shock the piss out of you. The So Called “top performing” Macbook Pro: 2.4 ghz processor, 4 gb ram, 750 gb hdd, and an ancient radeon 6770. MY PC Price: 750 (custom built). Apple price on pos laptop: 2500. you do the math.

  18. Nathan says:

    I’ve now been waiting almost an hour for my gosh darn ipod to sync with my fucking itunes so i guess you could say I’m now a part of the “Fuck Apple” team. I’m fucking sick of this bullshit. Every fucking time I even look at any of the Apple products I’ve bought, they break! They’re overpriced pieces of shit and i want my fucking money back! All i literally wanted to do was add 3 new songs to my ipod and now i have an hour investment into restoring the whole fucking thing. But before i can even restore my ipod, I have to download new fucking software for it…well there goes another 25 fucking minutes. So thanks apple. For all the bullshit you put me through and the time i wasted with these shitty products. After very little decision making, I’ve decided that later on today I’m going to the Microsoft store at the mall and buying a new computer that actually works for less than $2500. And if i had just one wish, it wouldn’t be to have never bought these things in the first place, it’d be to fucking kill Steve Jobs…too bad he’s already dead

  19. Shawn says:

    and why cant i sync via drag and drop specific songs and media to my ipod (NO spell check i’m not fixing ipod to capital “P” ) that luckily i didn’t waste more than $5 on 80g classic. I mean every thing they build is for idiot monkeys…shiny!!! apples are so easy, so easy a retarded chimp could….squirel

  20. Nieuwsserver says:

    Apple sucks ass ‘n balls.

  21. Anonymous says:

    fuck apple including iphone, ipad and steve blowjob. They all suck. I much prefer Android.

  22. yemerican says:

    Apple can lick my waste

  23. M says:

    Fuck apple and their fucking pirate products. Fuck this cunt company

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you fell into the overpriced Apple shit…. Sending this from your Ipad? You’re a fucking idiot.

    Fuck YOU.

    If you knew half as much as some of us about computers you would realize you probably only had a single clip-in component to replace on the computer an you would have been running again.

    Oh well, enjoy your stupid ass Ipad.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I bought a used Ipod at a garage sale for $10. Worked for about a year then it took a shit on itself. I felt like I overpaid. I ended up selling it broken to some dipshit over craigslist for $100. Ever since I got my HTC Inspire I couldn’t be happier. Fuck Apple and their stuck up cunt consumer base. Some people really take spoonfuls of shit if it has the Apple logo on it.

  26. Thomas says:

    apple build a lot of beautiful things… in china! designed in cupertino, build in china, what the fuck!
    ihave 2 iphone 4’s, a macbookpro, an imac, and an ipad.
    i really know what i describe, the macbook has now problems with the touchpad, the imac has display problems, the second time, because they repaired it once, but the same problem starts again, on one iphone the speaker stops his work, only the ipad and the second iphone works as they should! so why i pay a lot of money for things they don’t do their job? at my beginning as an computer user i had an amd processored cpu, i use to upclock with a silver wire or a graffit pencil, and this cpu still works! i don’t wan’t to know, how apple products want work after this procedur!?

  27. Thomas says:

    sorry for my funny english, it is not my foreign language!

  28. Thomas says:

    but what i never want to miss is: my apple OS, i am using snow leopard, and i never would go back to windows again!

  29. adsa asdasd says:

    pcs suck and everyone knows it. anyone who says macs suck is a troll. the reason pcs suck is because the come loaded with windows.

  30. adsa asdasd says:

    notice how everyone who supports pc’s use excessive profanity? (its cuz they know they suck lol)

  31. Rocky says:

    You all act surprised that Apple let you down with their products. Who exactly are making these things and where? I can tell you that. It’s slaves (essentially) working in China. If you want quality in any product, you don’t buy Chinese. No brainer there. For Apple it’s quantity over quality, just keep feeding off the money of the zombies they have for fans. Someone in that picture is getting extremely rich.

  32. fed up with apple says:

    just a month ago , i was happy tat my parents said they will get an iphone 4s . i n my parents literally spent hours on tat mot*** fuckin* apple website . oh god , i couldnt understand anything . they said , i could shop online . i live in asia . the shop online thing was just for usa . take a look at the fuckin* price , its 700 dollars . i searched a lot for the unlocked phone thing . they just didnt put any kinda information online . i used to search late nites . fuck apple . i went to my service provider . that guy said they got linked with apple and i need to buy iphone for $ 700 n pay 100 dollars for the next 2 years . what the fuck ????????? i could just drive away to nokia store and buy a dozen low end phones than this fucking bullshit . r the apple guys selling iphone for steve jobs . or common people . the android is a lot fuckin cheap , so is the windows phone which is better than the fucking iphone . shit apple with ishit .

  33. Anonymous says:

    Great Article!
    You spoke my heart out!

    Apple is a pain, a real pain.
    They are worthless.


    Piece of crap! and a pain in the ass.

    Steve jobs is a drunk ass, miserly lunatic let alone an idol.

    Fuck Apple. Fuck the wasted money.
    Go to hell, dumb ass cunt motherfuckers, useless warts

    • fucking apple says:

      apple is a fuckn dumbass . today i went to a store which sold iphones . it is $ 10000 . in our currency . wat the fucking fuck are the apple doing . go forr nokia lumia thing . it got good features . taste ur shit ceo apple . fuck u . asshole . u know these guys do slavery in china . these fucking apple is bitch . go fuck ur ass

  34. Anonymous says:

    Does apple ever listen to its users/followers when it comes to new features on its products? NO!

    Thanks Apple for telling us what we should want, rather than giving us what we need.

  35. the bard says:

    Applemacs suck

    Overpriced unreliable, slow, built in obsolescence (nothing lasts longer than 5 years, most parts make just past the warranties), CPU spiking fan noise piece of garbage.
    The epitome of style over substance. Perfect fo the age we live in.
    If you have to force Chinese workers not to commit suicide because they’re screwing down the price over their you now know why Apple are sitting on billions in offshore accounts.

  36. OMG!IdtsAndrea!! says:

    some of yall comments had me dien.lhh. but yeah alot of people saying ‘oh Apple rocks!’ but from what im hearing it doesnt. the only thing i like from apple is their ipod touch and that doesnt even work that well. and its really sad that apple is sueing over petty shit.

  37. Bofh Rtfm says:

    my icon …. enuff sed

  38. Cory Ryans says:

    i get sick of the stupidity of apple fags constantly going on about how great their bs is, oh well. I guess when you are on the losing team amd know it, all you got left is blind fanaticism. Screw apple and their usb port-less icrap and the itunes fine.

  39. Anonymous says:

    there are so many people commenting on this that need to get laid!!!!!

  40. AdeL says:

    guys, there is nothing more I can add to your comments. I hate apple & all the products are creepy & everyday you find a new update you have to take & later you are told NO it was made by a newer version. & then iPhone & then newer iPhone, iPod & iPad, iGot a headache you morons working for f********* apple, but I don’t want to dig S.jobs to shit in his mouth, he is dead & what I am supposed to do is ask god to expiate his sins just like praying for all dead people, mercy is better than shitting his mouth. but the damned apple inc. I got a NEWER idea to rename your products. how about iPoop or iPiss all over that f*********** inc including people working for it ?!! & to the lady who posted this. with my due respect to your husband’s viewpoint. apple also gets virus

  41. Anonymous says:

    Have an iPad. Useless tablet. Get anything else. Apple is trendy and that’s all. As others have said, apples are for people that need something simple to operate.

  42. Anonymous says:

    unbelievable–3 hours of synicing and they whipe out all my son’s games on his itouch–i now hate them for making me look like a moron

  43. Al says:

    They should also place a coin insert to turn on iPad lol

  44. Ivo Angelo says:

    I’m upset with my iPad 3! Not possible to transfer my video I did with iPad 3! (Apple) start to be complicated institution! When I bay new Apple product, starting new problems in my life!

  45. Dave Davis says:

    So I want to get an app for my ipod touch, but it won’t work unless I upgrade to iOS 5. So I try to upgrade and it won’t because my ipod was wrongly sold by Fucking Apple as a 3G when in fact it was a 2G. So now I am stuck with a redundant piece of Apple shit I can’t upgrade in order to buy apps from their crappy app store. Fuck apple never buying from you lying scuz buckets again.

  46. scot vago says:

    i just spent an hour listening to the RETRACTION episode on This American Life, about the theater jerkoff who tweaked his facts on that whole story about factory conditions in china. i wanted to get the real info (which this episode touches on in the last 15 minutes) in order justify my long-standing hatred for this fucked up company.

    thankfully, i now feeled armed with the truth and ready for the next mac worshipping hipster douche bag who wants to say, “that was all proven to be bullshit”. it.s hard to tell what’s worse, the hypocritical fascist politics of the company or the lemming-ass elitist cunts who lap it all up.

    RealCityHousewife, i was really thrilled not only to read your original post on this matter but also to read (most) of the responses that followed it. in a sick and twisted way, it really gives me hope for humanity.

    for those interested in the facts:

    for those interested in alternatives:

  47. Bill says:

    Fuck apple. Your 500,000 shitbox apps are useless and cost money. In app perchases cost up to $100 USD and people spend tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of shit app. Suck my dick, apple fags. What kind of bitch would not lets us use fucking adobe??? Your products cost $4 dollars to make and cost $900 at the store. An iPone case worth $0.5 costs $30 at the fucking apple store.

  48. John says:

    The reason why most of you are angry is because the U.S. has become a third world country where you can’t afford nice products like those offered by Apple. I love Apple products and I have made a pile off of Apple stock! I’m sitting in front of my beefy PowerMac just taking in the view from my two thirty inch monitors. Have a nice day guys!

    • My Pc will eat your Mac for lunch says:

      I think your full of shit! I could afford anything that they sell, I’m just smart enough not to waste my money on inferior garbage like your flower mac. Oh buy the way I made a ton of money off AMD stock bought at 3.50 a share sold at 45 a share.I’ll bet you have an apple logo for your wallpaper you pompus ass.

    • Just about everyone here can afford Apple garbage, you pompous asshole. Did you buy an apple dildo so you could fuck yourself in the ass when you feel sad? Too bad your parents couldn’t afford a condom.

  49. Anonymous says:

    If you want to see how great apple products are just go to the apple store and look at the huge line of marks standing in line at the “genius bar” to be told their powerpc’s and ipod gen 1, gen2 and gen 3 shuffles (among other engineering mistakes) are abandonware. If their abandonware products are so great why so are many people flooding the stores for service? I can play blurays on my 2006 hp, yet my buddy just bought a 2010 mac mini and it can’t even display a proper 1920×1080 image on an hd tv. He was heart broken. And how about the latest malware attacks, thanks to apple’s denial of security vulnerabilities they now hold the record for the largest recorded bot network in history. At least they set a record I guess.

  50. Anonymous says:

    iPad is just a toy. The email sinks, you can’t attach documents directly, so how do you apply for jobs and send ur resume?

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