Fans of Kelly Bensimon’s Youtube Videos Are About To Have Their Dreams Come True

Kelly recently did an interview with
Your can read the full interview here:

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Maybe that’s what your show could be about?
Because I want my show to be about back-door education! [
Laughs]. You know this new program that I am doing? I said there’s only one thing that I want. I only want one thing. I want live stream. So every time I walk into the office, I want to be live. They’re like, “What are you talking about?” I said every time I walk into to the office I wanted to be live — on me in every single meeting. How do I work, how do I do things, how do I get things done? Because people are always asking me, “How do you do so much in a day? How do you get all the stuff done?”

To be clear, you’re talking about people being able to tune in and watch you at any point of the day to see what you are actually doing at work?
Yep, at any point of the day.

And that’s what you’re going to be doing? That’s going to happen?
Yep. It’s going to happen.

From a logistical perspective, how does that work? Are there stationary cameras in your office, just capturing everything all the time or are you still followed by a camera crew?
No, no. For the live stream basically you can actually do it on your iPhone. There is actually a live stream application that you can actually live stream what you do all the time. It’s brilliant. Brilliant. So you can actually edit yourself if you want to. I don’t really want to. When I am in the office I want people to see how I work.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! When she failed at finding anyone insane enough to give her her own reality show, she decided to produce one herself – on her iPhone! This crazy bitch wants to be Bethanny so badly it’s not even funny anymore. In the words of Dina Manzo; I think she wants to skin her and wear her like last years Versace. I think Kelly just sits at home dreaming of ways to compete with Bethanny. Unfortunately everything she does ends with low rent / arts n’ crafts /could-be-done-by-a-child results that fall ridiculously short of anything Bethanny is doing. I guess in her twisted mind she can probably convince herself that since Bethanny’s show only airs once a week, and her little homemade iPhone show is going to air all day everyday, that she came out on top on this one. “Screw B and her once a week time slot. What a loser. I’m on 24/7!

Here are some pictures from the article. Whoever photoshoped these photos likes Kelly a hell of a lot more than I do.

I missed Watch What Happens Live last night because Andy Cohen hates Canadians and Bravo Canada only airs reruns of Without A Trace and Desperate Housewives back to back all-day-long with the occasional Lifetime movie from 1994 thrown in. I will have to wait until it comes online to watch it. But I have been told that Bethanny FINALLY explained what satchels of gold really means. And the shocker of the century: it was not Kelly being crazy. Apparently, earlier Bethanny had said ‘We can’t all live in a world of lollipops and leprechaun’s and satchels of gold’ or something to that extent and Kelly was just referencing that. There’s that editing we are always hearing about folks. So it looks like I will have to revise my Kelly Translator. But my translation came straight from Kelly herself. I asked her on twitter and she responded that it was a reference to the fact that people think she doesn’t work for her money… makes sense, kinda. But B’s explanation makes more sense. I know I am not the only one who asked Kelly about this on twitter. So why was she making stuff up when the truth made her look better than any of the lies she told? Does she WANT to look crazy? I asked her that last night, but I’m not expecting a response since she blocked me after I posted that picture of her. I suppose it’s possible that to Kelly, it really is a reference to her not having to work. Kelly routinely misunderstands things that are said to her. So maybe she took the comment to mean that B was saying she doesn’t work for her money. I also think it’s possible that she loved all the attention she was getting over that comment and didn’t want to give Bethanny credit for saying it first. Honestly, I don’t really care anymore. I’m done trying to figure out Kelly. It is impossible. And it makes my head hurt. We have more current things to talk about, and I hope to have my New Jersey blog up soon.

PS. If anyone knows who the designer of the dress in the second picture is, please let me know! I have to have it. And if I am willing to overlook the fact that it is being worn by Krazy Kelly Bensimon, then that means I really love it.

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