The Danielle Staub Show – The Aftermath

I don’t even know why I still watch this show. But since I watched it, I might as well write about it.

Teresa says Joe treats her girls like little boys and that they are tough. But I thought they were divas not tom boys… I’m confused.
I’m no Karate master, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how you do it.

Danielle and her children are also learning how to fight. I wish she would have learned that little twist around and hit em’ in the neck move before Tashley pulled her hair. Then maybe she would have learned her lesson, because it doesn’t seem like that hundred and something dollar fine did it.

Caroline’s scenes are boring and I can’t be bothered to take screen shots of them. But I do think she is a good mom who loves her family.

Teresa goes to Posche to talk about Danielle and continue to pretend that she is a nice person.  Kim D is drunk and doesn’t know what is going on. I don’t think she cares either. She is happy enough to kiss Teresa’s ass if it gets free publicity for her store.

I know immigrants who have a better grasp of the English language than Teresa. I would love to see a conversation between her and Kelly Bensimon. Maybe Bravo could air that instead of a Lost Footage episode this season.
And is she wearing a real fur wrap on top of a fake fur jacket?

What is up with these tacky wine glasses? It looks like Teresa’s kids ran wild with some paint and paint brushes. FYI ladies: Wine glasses are for wine. Champagne glasses are for Mimosa’s. These women can’t do anything right.

Jaqueline goes over to Kim G’s house to talk about Danielle.
Kim G’s house is gorgeous from the outside. It is such a shame what she did to the inside of it. (I’m referring to her decorating choices, not the baboon sitting at the counter)

Trashley talks about Danielle to her boyfriend. He has no problem making it perfectly clear how un interested he is in all this. He appears to not be completely brain dead. I would be surprised if they aren’t broken up by now.

Joe and Teresa tour a pizzeria they bought with money they don’t have. Joe forgot that his wife pretended to write a cook book, and asks her if she knows how to make pizza. She tries to laugh it off like it was a joke, but meat head says “What? I neva saw ya make pizza.” Lol.

There is an apartment on top of the pizzeria. Joe says that this is where they will live once they get kicked out of their house.
Teresa and Joe’s new home:
I’m pretty sure Teresa will never live there, she’d probably leave him first. She’ll pull a Lynn Curtain and claim to have had no idea of their financial situation and use his “betrayal” as grounds to leave him and find someone richer.

Danielle believes that Trashley is not 100% responsible for her actions, she is still young and her behavior is very much a result of her mothers influence and the way she was raised. I agree. I think Trashley would be a very different person had she been one of Caroline’s children. That being said, Trashley is still an out of control brat and D is still going to press charges.

D brings her attorneys (who I can only assume were her divorce lawyers) with her to press charges against Trashley. There is no benefit to bringing private lawyers with you to press charges against someone. And if there hadn’t been a tv crew there, these two men wouldn’t have wasted their time.

Jac and Caroline talk about Danielle

What the fuck is up with Caroline and her missing cabinets? Was she trying to save money or something?

Trashley joins the conversation, and Jaq barely says hello before she has her grubby little fingers all over that coffee.

The women keep insisting that Trashly was just protecting her mom. Wtf ladies? I’m pretty sure that in order for a hair pull to qualify as “protection”, she would have had to pull Danielle’s hair in order to stop her from physically harming her mom. Someone needs to explain to these women the difference between protecting someone, and seeking revenge.
Caroline has the nerve to say that never in a million years did she think Danielle would go after the kids and that it’s low even for her. What? Who pulled who’s hair? Who was chasing who? Who was running from who? These women just look worse and worse with each passing scene. Like I said in my last blog, When Danielle comes off looking like the good one, you got problems.

If someone testified against one of my children in court, they sure as hell would not ever be stepping foot in my home, I don’t care how cold it is outside. One thing the ladies were right about in season one – loyalty is not a quality Jaqueline possesses.

I am disgusted by this show, and I am disgusted with myself for continuing to watch it. I need a shower.

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4 Responses to The Danielle Staub Show – The Aftermath

  1. sophie says:

    Aww, I love the housewives nasty lives too! Kind of addictive. Nobody in my world can relate to watching it either. It’s that dirty little skeleton in my closet…I’m a housewife franchise viewer. But at least I don’t buy any of their books.

  2. Snarkella says:

    “What is up with these tacky wine glasses? It looks like Teresa’s kids ran wild with some paint and paint brushes. FYI ladies: Wine glasses are for wine. Champagne glasses are for Mimosa’s. These women can’t do anything right.”. LMAO. You are so snarky in all the right ways!

  3. Snarkella says:

    “What the fuck is up with Caroline and her missing cabinets? Was she trying to save money or something?”

    Another RCH gem. LOL

  4. Snarkella says:

    Okay. I’m going to try and show some restraint by not copying and pasting every comment in your blog that had me snorting with delight. Ain’t I classy Teresa? LOL

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