The Danielle Staub Show – Danielle Gets Her Hair Pulled

So this blog is way late, but I finally got around to watching the episode so I’m going to blog about it incase anyone still cares to rehash the drama.

We start off with Teresa waiting for Danielle because she wants to be nice and say hi…. by calling her an old hag, a bitch, and blaming her for the table flipping incident. We all knew Teresa wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, so it isn’t surprising that her definition of “nice” differs from the definition in the dictionary.

Teresa starts talking about how she is from Patterson. She mentions something about going from Patterson to a 5 million dollar mansion, as though that is supposed to mean something. It’s not like she worked hard and earned the money to buy the mansion (neither did her husband for that matter) and we all know that her house is not worth 5 million dollars anyway. Danielle says that Teresa’s house is in foreclosure (LOL) and that is apparently an even worse offense than saying pay attention puh-leeze. But in reality, Teresa wasn’t that offended, she was just looking for a reason to freak out on Danielle, just like she was looking for a reason to flip a table last year, and this is the sentence she chose to take extreme offense to.

The women proceeded to act like a bunch of screaming lunatics and chase Danielle through the hallway screaming at her. I’m not even enjoying this scene. I am just so embarrassed for them. I don’t even like them, or know them, and I am sitting at home feeling embarrassed. This isn’t even entertaining anymore, it is just pathetic.

This woman strokes Teresa’s hair as she is walking by. Odd.

Teresa continues running after Danielle, some woman tries to grab her, and ends up getting knocked down and taking the woman in front of her down with her. I actually laughed out loud.

Teresa couldn’t be classy if her life depended on it.

Trashley is watching the whole thing, she see’s that Danielle is nowhere near her mom. She is just thinking of how she can get in on the drama. And even if she had thought Danielle had “touched” her mom, how is walking up from behind her and pulling her hair defending her mom? Ugh this girl is such a moron.

Jaqueline says in an interview that she started hearing from people at the party that Trashly had pulled D’s hair. These bitches need to get their stories straight. Is that a smirk on Jaq’s face?

Teresa follows D to the car like a crazed stalker. And they say Danielle is scary? These women are all a little off their rockers if you ask me. And uh, Harry, she’s like a gazelle? Gazelles are graceful. Teresa is seems more like a wild screeching monkey to me.

Jaq comes out to join the drama. Forever pretending to be the “good girl” she claims she is only following Teresa. She just wants to help. She is really above all this drama. She isn’t totally loving every second of it.

Jaqueline is tired of her bratty daughter constantly stealing the spotlight and pushes her out of the scene. For the record, this is the second time this season I have seen Jaq physically handle her daughter in an aggressive manner. And we wonder why Ashley resorted to violence so quickly?

Jaq stands alone in the parking lot and stares at Danielle in the car…

And stares…

And stares…

And stares…

Inside Trashley is still bragging about pulling Danielle’s hair. Teresa, her mother’s best friend, seems to find this amusing.

Outside Jaq is still staring at the car.
Fucking creepy if you ask me.
You know what they say – it’s always the quiet one’s you need to watch out for.

Finally the cops arrive. D asks the cops to get Jaq away from her, so the cop says to Jaq “Why don’t you come over here.” Lol. Gotta love the NJPD.

Jaq says in her interview that Danielle should have just gone home and then dealt with the cops the next day. I’m pretty sure that’s what Danielle was going to do until Teresa and Jaq decided to stand in front of her car and block her from leaving.

Teresa cannot understand why on earth the police could possibly want to ask her what happened. She seems legitimately confused by the fact that the cop wants to take a statement from her.

I need to say something about the “hair pulling drama”. Extensions and weaves are not the same thing. Danielle did not have a weave or clip on extensions. She mentioned that her hair is beaded on. That means it was very securely attached to her real hair. I have had all kinds of extensions, and I have to say that you really can’t pull out permanent extensions without ripping the real hair out with it. So for all the people who think D was being too dramatic, I disagree. If you’ve never had your hair ripped out by the root, you cannot understand how truly painful it really is. Knowing what a drama queen D is, I had actually expected her to make a bigger deal out of it than she did.
Now, when Danielle comes off looking like the good one in a situation, it’s bad. It’s very bad. And the fact that these women are not hiding their heads in the sand, shamed and embarrassed, just shows how truly disgusting they are. Way to reinforce every negative stereotype we’ve ever heard about Jersey.

Jaq and T recount the drama to Caroline. Why is there a big empty space where her corner cabinets are supposed to be?

Danielle recounts the drama to Danny. Why does Danielle have patio furniture in her kitchen?

I don’t know if it’s the red hair, the red nail polish, that shade of green, or the multiple bracelets, or maybe it’s just me… but Caroline appears to be channeling Jill Zarin at the reunion in this frame. Either that or watching this show is killing my brain cells and making me go crazy.

There was a scene with Albie but I fast forwarded over it. The Albie/non specified learning disability story line is soooo boring. The New York kids don’t get their own story lines, neither do the kids from Atlanta. If the women can’t carry the show on their own – get new women. And if Albie wants to be on tv, he should try out for Jersey Shore. This is supposed to be a show about housewives, not kids who fail out of college – or never even make it there in the first place.

Teresa tells the country club story to Joe. My husband walked by right as this scene came on and he laughed and said “This guy doesn’t even know how to open a bottle of wine properly.” I didn’t even notice that. Then he said “You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class.” I used to think it was funny when he said that, until Countless made it her catch phrase, now it’s just annoying.

Jacqueline has a conversation with D’s energist. To be perfectly honest, I might have possibly found this scene amusing if not for the fact that I completely despise her.

If Teresa doesn’t start speaking proper English soon, I’m going to have to make a Teresa translator too.

Albie again…. ugh. Fast forward.

Kim and Danielle talk about the fight. Kim is all for pressing charges against her friend Jaqueline’s daughter. Why is this woman on my tv?!

Jaq convinces Trashley to have a fake conversation with her so that she can look like a good mother in front of the cameras. Trashley has had enough of these staged conversations and calls her mom out for being a liar, saying the “unbeweavable” comment on facebook was her idea. I knew it! I knew Jaq is not the mother she pretends to be for the cameras. I bet that’s why Trashley always has such an attitude during their conversations. Because she is annoyed with having to play along with Jaq’s little act.
Now I can’t stand Trashley. But it’s always during these “family meetings” that I feel sympathy for her. The way her parents talk to her is just sad. They are constantly yelling at her for being disrespectful – but look how they treat her! All she knows is disrespect. When I watch the way they interact with her, it’s not hard at all to see why she turned out the way she has.

Well that’s all, until next time when I put up another impossibly late recap. The previews for the next episode look so boring I think I could do the recap right now without even having to see it. I imagine it will go something like this:

The women talk about Danielle.
Danielle presses charges against Trashley.
The women talk about Danielle some more.
Albie has a learning disability which he still refuses to name.
Teresa fails at speaking English.
The women talk about Danielle some more.
Trashley acts like a disrespectful brat.
The Kims act drunk and two faced.
They all talk about Danielle again.
The End.

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