is down indefinately. Sad day.

I have been on vacation, and when I returned home I discovered that my favorite website, and the only reason why I am able to have this blog about shows that will not air on tv where I live for another year, has been shut down by the US federal government.

It was I have a link to it on my “websites worth mentioning” page.

For those of you who don’t know what Ninja was, it was a video website. You could watch movies, tv shows (sometimes within minutes after they air), sports, documentaries, and many movies and shows from overseas that we would otherwise not have access to – or even know existed. I have come to love the British documentaries and news programs, which I find are more real and cover more relevant and interesting topics that what I see on the Canadian and American shows. Ninja not only provided me with the trashy reality shows that I love to watch and write about, but they provided me with shows that educated me and opened my eyes in a way that most likely wouldn’t have happened without them. Anyone who lives in (or has visited) Canada knows that cable tv here is a sad, sad thing (example – A&E plays Miami CSI back to back for the majority of the day, while Bravo plays nothing but re runs of Law and Order, Without a Trace, and Desperate Housewives) but thanks to Ninja, I haven’t turned my tv on in over a year. I still haven’t. Ninja spoiled me. And now I feel like I might rather watch nothing than whatever garbage the tv stations are airing right now.

I am not sure at this moment what the fate of the admins of Ninja are. I will say a prayer tonight for each of them (and also for the admins from the other sites that were taken down in the same action) and I would hope that anyone reading this will too. If you don’t believe in prayer, you could send a positive thought. I assume the worst case scenario in this situation is prison time, and no matter how you feel about the legality of their actions, the young, bright, creative, intelligent kids who ran this site don’t deserve that.

I am also not sure of the fate of my own little blog at the moment. Because I relied on ninja putting up the shows that I write about. There are other sites that do post the shows, but usually not until a week or so later. Ninja has allowed me to keep up to date with everyone else.

If you were a former fan of, or if you are looking for more information about what exactly went down and what the future of ninja video is, you might want to check out this site:

Here is the Ninjavideo manifesto. You can also download the pdf or the audio version from the website I posted above.

EDIT: Read this –

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  1. TendeetsFeept says:

    привет, меня зовут дима и ссылку.

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