The Danielle Staub Show Ep 9 – Better Late Than Never

I know this is really late. But I’m on vacation, and since it’s RHONJ and not RHONY, I couldn’t be bothered to go out of my way to watch the show. I finally watched it on the laptop in the bathroom this morning while I was doing my hair and makeup. Before I get to my recap, I need to vent:

Ok, let me just start off by saying; in season one I couldn’t stand Danielle. While a lot of people felt sorry for her, or felt like she was being ganged up on, I thought she was a crazy bitch and didn’t feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for her. But now, in season two, my feelings are changing. And it’s not so much that Danielle did anything to redeem herself, but more that the other women have made themselves look so bad and behaved so immaturely, that I’m actually beginning to understand – sorta, a little tiny bit – where Danielle is coming from. Danielle never fails to react in the worst possible manner every time without fail. Yes, it is true that Danielle will act crazy if provoked, but my question is, why are the women provoking her? Why are they bothering her? How come they can never just leave her name out of their mouths?

Now, lets talk about the Kims. They just want to be on tv. And they don’t care who they hurt/step on/betray to do it. I don’t really have much to say about Kim G in this episode. But Kim D clearly does not care about any of the women on the show and just wanted her fashion show to be on television. Not only do we have to watch housewives use the show as an infomercial to hawk their goods, now we have to watch their acquaintances do it too? Wtf Bravo? As a business person I respect what she did, but as a woman I am disgusted by her. The whole fashion show was planned from beginning to end. From having Jac and T (who she barely knows) sitting at her table, to having Danielle’s table positioned directly across from them, to having Ashley walk in the show. Weather Bravo influenced these decisions, I don’t know. But no matter who was behind them, they were planned and deliberate with the intent of creating drama because Kim D knows that the only way her party is making it onto the screen is if there is drama. And just for extra measure, to be sure some of the actual fashions made it onto the screen as well, she put Ashley in the fashion show. Ashley. Seriously. The closest Ashley can every hope to come to modeling is if Layne Bryant decides to hire her for an ad campaign or if Valtrex needs a new face for their comercials. Why didn’t she choose Danielle’s daughter? A professional model? Who models in fashion week, who Kim D should be grateful would even consider walking in her fake little country club show? Christine is going to be on the cover of magazines one day, and Kim could have had the bragging rights to say “Christine Staub walked in my fashion show”. So why didn’t she ask her? Because she knew that having Christine walk would not upset Jaq, but having Ashley walk and not Christine would be sure to cause a reaction overreaction from Danielle.

Teresa is a disgusting human being. “I’m a nice person. I have to say hi.” Bullshit. If you want to be a bitch at least own it. And Jaq is no better. You know that bitchy little smirk that Ashley always has on her face? Her mother often sports the same expression. I can’t stand any of these women. Yes, D is crazy, I agree. But the other women are not crazy, they are just mean girls who are bored with their lives and get their thrills from gossiping and creating drama. Just like high schoolers.

Now, here is my recap:
Wait, one more thing – they are so desperate to fill air time on this show that they are once again showing unnecessary flashbacks to last weeks episode. Seeing as how no person of sound and sober mind could actually watch this garbage, they must being doing the flashbacks for the pot head demographic who can’t remember what happened 7 days ago. So what is my excuse for watching the show? Like my twitter says: it’s raining and I’m bored.

Ok, now the recap:

Jacqueline, Teresa and Kim D talk about Danielle.

Danielle is upset that Kim D, who she thought was her friend, went behind her back and started acting all buddy buddy with Jac and T. She has a reason to be upset. But instead of discussing it like a mature adult and letting Kim D know how she feels, she took her feelings out on the receptionist and argues with Kim and doesn’t make much sense. Her feelings were justified, her delivery was all wrong.

Kim and her friend talk about Danielle.

Ashley wonders why she was asked to be in the fashion show and not Danielle’s daughter. I really hope that was an underhanded dig and not a legitimate question. Because the answer is fairly obvious and with a face like that, this girl needs brains.

The women discuss their favorite topic: Danielle.

Jaq is delighted at the thought of Danielle going ballistic when she see’s her and T sitting with Kim D at the fashion show.

Finally, the moment is about to arrive where they finally get to see the woman that has been the topic of their every conversation. This is the most exciting thing that will happen to any of them all year.

Danielle is upset and responds completely inappropriately, handing the women even more ammunition to use against her. No one makes Danielle look worse than she makes herself look.

This bitchy look is clearly directed at Danielle.

T and her gay friend look at Danielle.

Ashley stares at Danielle and Mother of the Year does nothing.

This is where I give Danielle real credit. Because I would have walked across the room and smacked this look right off her face.

Danielle -for once- decides to do the mature thing and just walk out.
Jaq and T wait for her in the lobby because they are “nice people”.

We will have to wait 2 weeks for the conclusion. Honestly, I can wait. We all already know how this ends.

A final note:
The reason I haven’t been blogging about Bethanny Getting Married is because it doesn’t air where I live and I’ve been having trouble finding the episodes online. Since it is a new show I guess it takes the tv sites a little while to pick it up. As soon as I find a site that puts the shows up in a reasonable amount of time and not 2 weeks after they air, I will be blogging on that show as well.

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2 Responses to The Danielle Staub Show Ep 9 – Better Late Than Never

  1. sophie says:

    Danielle is a witch. She over reacts to every situation and assumes it’s all about her. She over dramatizes her ‘recollections’ of what occured. It’s gross. If I were her kids I’d be so ashamed of her.

    That said…Teresa was a total bitch to her. In her defense, Danielle tried to avoid the group. She didn’t ‘start’ anything so Teresa went out of her way to provoke a situation.
    If I were Teresa’s daughters, I’d be so ashamed of her.

    Jacqueline’s daughter is soooooo irritating. She deserves everything she’s got coming to her this season. She’s made herself look as bad if not worse than everyone else. If I were her mother, I’d be so ashamed of her.

  2. I think D’s oldest daughter is definitely embarassed by her mom, and the younger one will realize soon enough.
    Teresa’s daughters will never be ashamed of her as long as she keeps buying them pretty things. You can already tell Gia is going to be just like her mom. Maybe there is still hope for the little ones.
    Jaq pretends to disapprove of Ashley’s behavior but she doesn’t really. It is obvious from the way Ashley dresses that she does not shop at Posche and that whole scene with her walking into the store was set up. Jaq new that Ashley, fresh off a text war with D, was going to start problems. Jaq loves the drama as much as the rest of them, but she prefers to watch rather than be directly involved.

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