The Real Housewives of New York City – Lost Footage

I figured the “lost footage” episode wouldn’t be great, but I was even more disappointed than I expected to be.
I understand why those clips didn’t make it onto the show, and they should have left them on the cutting room floor.

I can’t even talk about the first scene because stuff like that freaks me out and I don’t want mental images in my head in the future when it comes time for me to begin my “maintenance” treatments. My eyes were on the floor until it was over.

Watching Jill shop for jewelry with Bobby was uncomfortable. She clearly has no issue with the term gold digger. I couldn’t help but notice her body language during that scene. She sat facing away from him so much so, that she had to turn her head over her left shoulder to speak to him. She only turned in his direction when it was time to ask “Ok, so what can I have?”

LuAnn was basically not on the lost footage at all, except when she was a part of someone else’s scenes. I think her future on the show is questionable.

Kelly doesn’t believe she is a cougar. Because as usual, Kelly is an exception to the rules the rest of the world has to follow. Similar to the way Ramona tries to appear younger threw her beauty treatments, Kelly tries to appear young by acting like a child. I have to say, her plan may be working. Because although Alex and Bethanny are both younger than her, in my mind Kelly is a lot younger than all of the other women on the show.

I was crossing my fingers hoping to see some more of Kelly’s breakdown breakthrough. The closest we got was a work out scene with her and Ramona. I was on the “mental illness” side of the fence regarding Kelly’s behavior. But watching her ramble on non stop without pausing while working out and not letting Ramona get a word in edge wise caused me to lean further towards the “methamphetamine” theory. Also, Kelly says “to be honest with you” at the beginning of almost every sentence. I hope she doesn’t come back next season.

I was also hoping for more from the reunion, but what they gave us was kind of useless. When confronted with being a nosey, eavesdropping busy body, LuAnn informed us that it is not polite to put someone on speaker phone and not inform them of who else might be listening. Which basically put all the blame on Jill and allowed her to skate by without owning or apologizing for her behavior.

Andy asks the women what they will be up to this summer, and Alex informs him that she will be on a book tour until August and that her book is going into it’s second printing. I wish they would have shown a shot of Jill’s face when she said that. They didn’t, but if they had, I imagined it would have looked something like this:

Well that’s it. The New York show has finally come to an end. How ever will I entertain myself now? At least we have Jersey. They can’t even come close to filling the shoes of the New York women, but at least it’s something. And I’m sure Jill and Kelly will continue to entertain us with their failed media stunts, desperate ploys for attention, and incoherent ramblings on twitter.

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