The Real Housewives of New Jersey can’t stop talking about Danielle Staub Ep.8

I’m so over this show. Liked it last season, hate it this season. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m watching it. But it’s raining outside and what else am I gonna do? Here is my best attempt at a recap:

The women meet at a dark restaurant to talk about Danielle. The 4th seat is missing. So sad. They blame Danielle for Dina leaving the show which makes no sense to me because she never even filmed with her except the one time when she called a meeting.

Teressa tried to take hat advice from Kiki, but got it a little wrong.

Danielle goes for breast reconstruction surgery.
I saw a story on the news a few years ago about this guy in Miami who was not a licensed doctor, but he rented a little store front, printed out fake diplomas to put on his wall, and offered discount plastic surgery. He operated right in the store, and left many of the women totally disfigured. By the time authorities discovered what he was doing he had closed up shop, disappeared, and they never found him… Just sayin.

I’m scared for Danielle.

Now that Trashly isn’t being taken care of by mommy and daddy she is forced to take clothing handouts from the local women’s shelter.

This is Elvira the party planner. She sent out a press release saying she would be replacing Dina on the show. Andy said it is not true. She is a liar.She rags on Teressa for not having a pool. T says she doesn’t need a pool because she has a beach house… So I guess she is needing that pool right about now.

The party planner is a bitch and T basically pushes her out the door and then closes the door while she’s still talking. Lol

Ashly is desperate to move back home and stop eating out of trash cans. Her parents agree, but only as long as she follows a curfew suitable for a high schooler. She is hungry so she agrees.

Albie failed out of school because he has a “learning disability”. Caroline says “It’s kinda like ADD.” What is kinda like ADD? ADHD? Caroline tells him he can be a lawyer if he wants and that the school can’t tell him what he can’t do. Caroline is sweet and loves her kids, but if you have to read a paragraph 3 times before you understand it, u can’t be a lawyer. Not a good one at least. Sorry Car, know u love your son, but it’s not gonna happen.

I just want to point out that at this time in the show a RHONJ record has been broken as the women have now gone 4 whole scenes without talking about Danielle. Cherish this moment, because it will never happen again.

Jaq decides that she needs to buy bigger clothes instead of buying a gym membership, T needs more ugly hats, and they both want their scenes to make it on the air. So they decide to shop at a store belonging a woman who we already know is willing to trash talk her “friend” Danielle if it will get her on camera.

Jaq reminds Teressa that the only way her housewarming party is making it onto the show is if there is Danielle drama, so T decides to invite not just one shit talking, two-faced, blond woman named Kim, but two.
When I look at Teressa’s hairline, its frightens me to imagine what her chuckerella must look like.

Danielle is recovering from her surgery, and she has a play pen in her bedroom. Weird.

These two lushes would sell their souls to be on this show.

Teresa calls her good friends Jaqueline and Caroline onto the stage at her housewarming party to thank them for being good friends. Dina is the Godmother of her youngest daughter, but now that she is no longer on the show she isn’t important enough to be on stage with the other women. Kim D interrupts the speech because she wants to stand in line with the women and give the producers an idea of what the opening credits could look like if she were a part of them. Kim G is pissed that she didn’t think of it first.

The two Kims talk to Trashly about Danielle.

Kim G tries to talk to Caroline about Danielle.

Kim G talks to Jaq about Danielle.

And the party ends.

Next week the women who hate Danielle and swore to never speak of her again go to a party with her.

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7 Responses to The Real Housewives of New Jersey can’t stop talking about Danielle Staub Ep.8

  1. bertbad says:

    Oh, wow. You got all the ladies. Do you not like any of them? I like them all, but Elvira can go scratch. I like Albie, I think he would be a cool cat to hang out with. I think Ashley is having a selfish phase and it hurts her mother? So many things are happening, I hope they don’t add another housewife. I almost can’t keep up anymore. I like Kandi from Real Housewives of Atlanta, too.

    • I don’t dislike any of them as people. Except Jacqueline.
      I just think they are too boring for tv. Their lives aren’t interesting.
      Danielle may be crazy, but at least she knows how to entertain. Without her the ladies wouldn’t even have anything to talk about in their scenes.

      Also, I call it like I see it. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the person.

  2. Napavalleygirl. says:

    Great eye catch on the playpen. There have been several comments about how Danielle’s house smells like “dog” so her dogs are probably not well house trained and so they are in the play pen when she can’t watch them every second. One will probably break a hip trying to climb out because that does happen with dogs and netting and escape plans.
    Albie shot a lot this season, in order to get through law school they try to prepare you for the real world where you will be expected to work 80-100 hours a WEEK. Law firms needs entry lawyers to hit the ground running. I don’t see how he could have shot so much of the show and done the work necessary. I think Fordham didn’t care if he went anywhere else because he will flunk out of there as well. If you can’t name the disability chances are you no longer have one. He’ll get into a 3rd rate school at a best and no top tier firm will hire him. There you go. If I were Mom and Dad Manzo I’d want to see his attendance record before throwing anymore money into this project.

    None of the Manzo kids are very independent and that suits Caroline just fine.

    The kims are insane and yes you can smell the desperation on them, but who wants to watch someone stock shelves, or start to drink at 8am? Not much of a show with either of them joining in. Teresa is simply a horrible person, Danielle isn’t very nice or sane but Teresa is a nasty piece of work and her kids will be monsters when they grow up. Who’s Gia’s father, it surely isn’t Joe, the other 3 look exactly a like. Gia looks like she could be in the Genevese Family. What is up with that? Look carefully and you’ll see what I mean. Who’s the Daddy? With Dina gone I think this is the last of the NJ gals for me. Eventually Ashley will kill Danielle or vice versa, so I am out on this show next season. You do great recaps, so thank you for doing this so well!

    • I hadn’t noticed that Gia looks different from the other children, and I’m not sure what members of the Genevese Family look like, I’m going to look into that. Interesting observation.

  3. BonBon says:

    GABRIELLA is the milkman’s daughter. Not Gia. IMHO.

  4. Snarkella says:

    I would love to like you on facebook, but then my friends and family would find out that I watch this shit. Lol. My dirty little secret.

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