Let’s Pre Judge The Real Housewives of DC

The Real Housewives of DC will be here soon! I’m hoping this show will be more along the lines of the NYC housewives, where the women actually live interesting lives and do interesting things regardless of whether or not they are being filmed instead of simply looking pretty and acting dramatic for the camera. Although I doubt that these women have any actual power or any real connections, (because any truly politically connected person would not be on a reality show) I think watching them name drop and party crash and try desperately to make the world believe they are important is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

So here are my pre judgments of the women. I admittedly know fairly little about any of them, and these are just my snap judgments based on mostly gossip and hearsay. Now remember kids, it’s wrong to judge people, but I don’t care because it’s fun.

Michaele Salahi Obviously she is the one I am most excited to see. In Andy Cohen’s Bravo blog he says that the whole white house scandal happened at the end of filming. The newspapers had reported at the time that she was auditioning to be on the show, but apparently she was already on the show when this happened. I can’t wait to see the footage of them getting ready for that dinner. Lol. A lot of people have their political panties all in bunch over what her and her husband did and how wrong it was, but I don’t care. Any woman who has the balls to sneak into a white house dinner uninvited, pose for pictures with every important person in the room, and then post those pictures online is pretty much guaranteed to make for interesting tv. I’m glad she’s on the show.
Pre Judgment: I think she’ll be the crazy one of her franchise. Not as completely delusional as Kelly and not as psycho as Danielle, but she will bring a more subtle brand of crazy mixed with a pinch of fantasy and a dash of denial. Possibly not 100% noticable until season 2.

Catherine Ommanney: Her Bravo bio says she is married to her high school sweet heart. But rumor has it that they have split up since filming wrapped. She’s british, which could be cool or annoying depending what kind of accent she has (come on, you all know there are the one’s that sound cool and the one’s that make you want to turn the volume down). She has two daughters from a previous marriage and is an “interior designer”. Before her second marriage she told British tabloids that she once kissed Prince Harry during a drunken night out on the town.
Pre Judgement: I can’t make up my mind about her. I think she’s the one that you will either love or hate, but whichever side of the fence you fall on, I have a feeling that she won’t fail to entertain us.

Lynda Erkiletian – She’s southern, has 4 kids, dates a younger man, and owns a modeling agency that I’ve never heard of. Washingtonian.com named her one of 2009’s style setters. In the article the owner of a DC clothing boutique is quoted saying some very nice things about her. They don’t mention that the boutique is owned by her ex-husband. All I know for sure is that either the Bravo photographer really hated her, or she has gained some weight in the last year.

After                                                          Before

Pre Judgment: She will probably be the one who thinks she is better than everyone, and her bad attitude will only be amplified by her bitterness over her recent weight gain.

Mary Schmidt Amons – She’s been married forever, has a lot of kids and loves fashion and charity. She looks like she’s going to be boring and was only cast because she has a pretty face, summered at the Kennedy compound as a child, and lives in the same neighborhood as Dick Cheny.
Pre Judgment: Airhead better suited for the OC franchise.

Stacie Scott Turner – A quote from Andy’s Bravo blog reads:
“When we decided to extend The Real Housewives franchise to Washington, D.C., the country had just elected its first African-American President. /  we were increasingly interested in exploring the nexus of politics, society and race among women…”

Like I mentioned before, I highly doubt these women have any meaningful political connections, or are and integral part of “DC society”, but regardless, we have a black president and Bravo needed a token black woman for their DC franchise and this is who they chose. Her bio says she went to Harvard and runs her own successful real estate (isn’t that an oxy moron?) practice. She was born into foster care, was eventually adopted, and became the first person in her family to go to college. Now she has a charity that helps positively impact the lives of children in foster care. It’s nice to see one of the wives doing a charity that really means something to her, instead of just jumping on the band wagon and supporting whatever charity is “popular” at the moment (I’m looking at you LuLu). She also used to work at BET and helped launch BET.com which sounds kinda cool.
Pre Judgement: She will be the down to earth one who tries to stay above the drama.

What do you guys think? Please leave a comment and give me your opinions on the ladies. It will be interesting to watch the show and see how right or wrong we turn out to be!

(I heard that there is a preview of the show somewhere out there. If anyone has a link to the video I would love to see it!)

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8 Responses to Let’s Pre Judge The Real Housewives of DC

  1. NJFan says:

    It’s wrong for them to let the white house gate crashers onto the show. They are basically endorsing breaking the law and using what they did as free publicity for the show. I guess they were already filming, but they should have edited them out.

  2. @twilighttwitti says:

    I am against Bravo TV still pushing the Sahali’s down our throats. I wanted their arse thrown in jail. They broke the law and feel that they are priviledged and above the law.
    So, from the begining this chick is my least favorite person. None of the housewives of DC bio’s look very interesting. I doubt that this show will hold my interest for very long. I will watch each show just once but reruns os all these shows is getting a little boring. I’ll probably pick up and read my newspaper while this show is on.

  3. According to Andy Cohen, the gate crashing incident happened at the end of filming, so there wasn’t really anything they could do about it. The choice was either to have them on the show, or don’t do the show at all.
    I don’t mind them being on the show. Isn’t that why we watch reality tv? To watch crazy people behave badly and embarrass themselves? No? Well, that’s why I watch. Lol. Real Housewives is like Bad Girls Club after they grow up and marry rich men. I love every trashy moment of it.

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  7. tuzentswurth says:

    I just reviewed this, Dang you’re smart. Your prejudging skills are awesome! Spooky!

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