Kelly’s interview on tips for new moms (that wasn’t directed towards Bethanny)

In the reunion Alex brings up that Kelly gave an interview giving parenting tips to Bethanny. Kelly denies this and says that it was simply an article on being a mother and not about B. Well, they are both kinda right.

The article was definitely meant to be Kelly giving mothering tips to Bethanny. Kelly ignores the fact that the only reason this article is being written is because of Bethanny’s pregnancy and acts flattered that the interviewer is so interested in her family life and the fact that she is a mother (he isn’t).

Kelly does in fact stay true to what she said at the reunion and tells the interviewer that she can’t comment about B. Then she goes on to answer every question about Bethanny with “Well, what I would tell any new mother…”. She also says that her and B have only interacted with each other 5 or 6 times (???) and they don’t really know each other. She also basically says that she is a better person than B, because B says things about her in the press but she won’t do that because that’s not her style – although that is exactly what she is doing in saying those words. Kelly then (still talking about B) says that if B read the article “she would be like firecrackers! Literally.” (Someone needs to buy Kelly a dictionary, because I don’t think she understands what the word “literal” means).

Kelly also says other insightful things such as:

“Every moment you’re not there, you miss. You can’t bring it back. It doesn’t matter how savvy you are with the computer.”

Really, Kelly? You miss moments you aren’t there for and can’t turn back time with a computer? I will definitely keep this parenting tip in mind for the future.

Am I a strict parent? Yeah, I am! Why? Because I’m giving my kids boundaries so they can learn to swim in and out of them and create boundaries for themselves.”

So she gives her kids boundaries in the hopes that they will break them? I’m confused.

“I get pregnant really easily. I do.”

Interesting thing for a woman with only two kids to say. I take this to mean she’s either had a lot of abortions, or she’s only had sex 2 times.

“Let’s be honest, the word “trying” is kind of a weird thing. “Oh, we’re trying…” Like, really? It means you’re having sex…………I don’t know who came up with that. It’s very strange. People talk about it at dinner!

Ok, now I think I know the answer to my last comment judging by the fact that Kelly doesn’t seem to understand the difference between just having sex and having sex with the intent to make a baby or why people would use different words to differentiate between the two things, especially at a dinner table.

“I want more kids”

Which just proves my point that Kelly is trapped in adolescence and really doesn’t know how old she is.

“”Mommy, you’re so pretty! You’re so beautiful! You’re so this, you’re so that” and to be honest, they’re the ones who have really inspired me to want to dress better. I wear shorter skirts now than I ever have.” / “Even, for me, going on Housewives, I was like, “I don’t know if I should do this,” and they were like, “Do it, Mommy! It’ll be so much fun!” and I’m like, “Okay.”

Well now we know why Kelly is such a train wreck in everything she does from her questionable fashion sense to her refusal to quit a reality show which is clearly damaging to her mental state as well as her reputation – she’s taking advice from a 9 and 11 year old.

“We laugh about that all the time, the fact that there’s not a handbook and I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Finally Kelly admits what the rest of us have known all along – Kelly doesn’t know what she’s doing.

“I bought my older daughter a Blackberry because I think that people who can send clever BBMs, that’s a sign of intelligence”

I wonder what her opinion is of people who write rambling incoherent statements on twitter.

“One of my daughters wrote her own book when she was four; the other made her own magazine when she was seven.”

LOL. When I was a kid I finger painted, made necklaces from string and plastic beads, and made a fort in the living room out of pillows and blankets, so by Kiki standards that means I was an artist, a jewellery designer, and an architect all before the age of 10. Now I’m starting to understand how Kelly claims so many accomplishments in her bio.

“People are always like, “Oh my gosh, is Kelly really that nice?” and other people will be like, “Yes, she really is that nice,” and then people are like, “Oh, I can’t stand her.” [Laughs] I’m Midwestern; I’m nice. I don’t have one malicious bone in my body.”

Kelly is nice guys. She really is. And it’s not just her that says it, other people say it too. They really do. They really say she is nice. Really.

You can read the entire interview here:

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3 Responses to Kelly’s interview on tips for new moms (that wasn’t directed towards Bethanny)

  1. sophie says:

    Good lord, I don’t think I could stand to read her actual interview. I much prefer this take on it!

  2. NMhousewife says:

    I know this article has been discussed already on LynnNChicago’s blog, but you have a great “take” on it and had me laughing throughout. I can’t believe how many times she uses the word “like” in her conversation which I hear a lot with my 13-year-old. Usually a person outgrows that. I am so hoping she is not offered a spot next season.

  3. Napavalleygirl. says:

    She lives about her husband, and there is at least one nanny if not a relief nanny so Kelly isn’t alone with the kids for that long everyday if at all. Giles gets them breakfast and walks them to school everyday. So giving directions to a woman who is paid by the kids father, who gives the nanny instructions isn’t quite the same as doing it yourself is it?

    Kelly is a flat out liar, she’s accused Bethenny of telling stories about her and her children but even on one of the reunion shows when asked where it was published she couldn’t name any article or who wrote the items in question. Let’s face it she’s living off her ex husband, when the kids are sent away to school in France or Switzerland Kelly will be out in the street. It’s a terrible thing to say someone is doing something over and over to your kids and then not provide the source or apologize for lying about it in the first place. Kelly’s older daughter already knows she’s a flake, you can tell her mother embarrasses her.

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