Bethenny Getting Married? First Episode!

Bethenny’s new show is finally here. And I realised that I’ve been spelling her name wrong all this time. It’s Bethenny, not Bethanny. My bad.

The show was a nice breath of fresh air. It was basically like an episode of Housewives, just without the drama, or the other housewives. We got to see a fashion show, ring shopping, and argument, a therapy session, and Alex and Simon. Bethenny was funny as ever.

The show starts with B fabulous as always walking the runway at 5 months pregnant. There was a funny scene with her and her girlfriend who we’ve seen before on Housewives and they are at lunch talking about scary pregnancy stuff. I’ve had similar conversations with my girlfriends and it was just a very nice, familiar moment that made me smile.

I really loved her therapy session. It was real, and it was raw. We got a little more insight into what her childhood was like, and I really wish that scene would have lasted longer. I wanted to see more of that.

There was an argument between B and Jason where he wants his friends from out of town to stay at their house and she just doesn’t want it at all. I thought that was a little odd, and really didn’t understand what her big hang up was there. Sorry B, Team Jason for that argument.

Her new apartment is a step up from the last one with the stark white everything and zero decoration. And she now has a much more chef-appropriate kitchen. Bethenny looked beautiful pregnant, and her boobs in some of her interviews – woah. Lol. There is one shot of her, and her boobs are so out there that her hair can’t even fall straight down in the front. The bottom of her hair is like sitting on top of her boob.

The show was very nice. It was fun, light, cute and a big departure from the drama that is The Real Housewives of New York City. Personally, I love the drama. I love the table flipping, hair pulling, krazy freak out knock down drag out drama. Love it. So this show is going to take a little adjusting for me since I’ve been on such a Housewife drama high for the past couple weeks. But I love B, and I truly am interested to see her in her real life with her new family. And I especially can’t wait to see her as a mother.

I feel like we went through this with her. We were there for the last Jason who I don’t think treated her right. We were there threw her breakup and her tears by the river. We watched her struggle being single and dating and feeling torn between having a family or a business, and worrying that she had to choose between one or the other. We sympathised with her being a certain age and feeling that clock tick (I hate that term too). We were there when it appeared as though she almost accepted the fact that the family thing might not happen for her and resigned herself to focus fully on her business. We were there when she cried on the couch at the last reunion and Ramona so sweetly told her “Don’t worry, you’ll get your baby.” We were right there with her, watching, experiencing, and feeling right along with her. And now we get to reap the rewards with her. She has been so real, so raw, and so honest, that I feel at times like I actually know her.  She has proven that you really can have it all. And I am as happy for her as I would be for one of my own real life friends.

Mozel Tov to B on everything she has accomplished.

Xoxo to her and her new family

And now I feel like a total groupie looser who loves a celebrity that they’ve never met. Thanks B. Lol.

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2 Responses to Bethenny Getting Married? First Episode!

  1. NMhousewife says:

    I also enjoyed B’s new show and am very glad it is so Housewive drama-free, where I am constantly cringing and yelling at the TV screen in frustration. It had me chuckling throughout because I think she is so hilarious, you never know what she is going to say next. I have to say though that I do have a little understanding of B’s not wanting to have a party, as I hate to host parties myself after having to do it for so many years of married life. I’ve gotten to the point where I purposely work at night just to have the excuse not to have to have parties anymore. Too stressful trying to make all the guests happy, comfortable, and well-fed. Plus, I am not a very inspired cook anyway. I also “get” how B was annoyed with J, especially when he didn’t make it back in time for the party (which he wanted in the first place), because I think most men think all parties just magically happen and fall into place and mostly don’t get themselves too involved with the details of party-planning anyway. I’ve read some reviewers find too much of B may not be a good thing, but so far I really enjoyed the first episode and liked that B & J are coming off as a real couple who are having to adjust to each other (arguing is all part of reality).

  2. Napavalleygirl. says:

    I think it’s a great show, and of course Jill was bad mouthing it saying no one would watch it, her wishes and prayers unanswered by God because it’s doing great in the ratings. Bethenny is the real deal, she’s very successful making this RHNYC experience a real business and good for her! It’s funny and touching, plus she seems to give some sort of useful information during the show, she shares openly. If you haven’t bought her books they are great, well written and make sense with real world information you can use and actually follow. I’m so happy for her that she’s doing so well, and the show is funny. So it’s more of a lighthearted look at things and it’s a relief from the constant fighting on the other shows.

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