The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion – Part 1

Ok, so this is my first blog / recap. I know it’s kinda random to start blogging after the season has ended, but it’s raining outside and no one in real life will talk to me about the show! And we still have New Jersey to write about (zzzZZZZzzzzz).

So the reunion starts off with Alex who has learned to stand up for herself. I really couldn’t stand Alex in the beginning and now I have really grown to like her. I like hearing Alex call people out on stuff, especially because I think it always takes the ladies by surprise since they don’t expect it from her.

I love how Jill tells Alex they were never friends. Yes Jill, and that statement is so believable because we all go and hang out one on one in the homes of people who aren’t our friends. We invite these people who aren’t our friends to dinner in our homes, and parties that we throw, we invite them to lunches and get-togethers, and make an effort to get to know their children. Yes Jill, we all believe you, and since you said it, it must be true. Jill also says that she is happy Alex found her voice. Now she is sounding as crazy as Kiki.

Viewers were calling Ramona out on not being renewed, citing things such as her rude comments as proof. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I saw a definite change in Ramona. She said she was trying to be better version of herself – not take on a whole new personality. Yeah, she said some mean things, yeah, she had her moments, but overall she was much better.  I think someone can change and renew and still make mistakes and not be perfect. The thing I love the most about Ramona is that she never denies, makes excuses, or justifies. She admits what she does, and she owns it. Also, she doesn’t hold a grudge. She always forgives, and truly lets it go and gets over it.

Countless tried to involve herself in the conversation but I just tuned out everything she said. She really is horribly boring, isn’t she? I wouldn’t have missed her if she hadn’t shown up to the reunion at all. But if she must be there, then I really hope she gets held accountable for some of her actions this season. I really want to know what Miss Manners has to say about eavesdropping on private phone conversations, among other things. I did love how Kelly was making faces and rolling her eyes at Lulu. Even Krazy Kelly can see through Countless’s pretentious bullshit.

One thing I really wanted to see was Countless get held responsible for helping to keep J and B apart all season, especially during the “ambush” at Ramona’s apartment. Ramona did touch on it for a moment, but they all let it go. I hope this gets brought up again. I personally feel that B and Jill would have made up, or at least been on the path to making up, if Countless had not dragged Jill out. I’m surprised that Jill isn’t putting any blame on her for the way things turned out, because watching the season it is clear that she did not want those two to make up, and encouraged and supported Jill in holding her grudge. Hey – maybe that will be Jill’s next defense? It wasn’t her fault because Classless was manipulating her! For me, that moment at Ramona’s was the breaking point. That was the moment that could have changed everything for Jill. I was utterly disgusted by the absolute joy and pleasure I saw her take in the speaker phone convo with B, and this was her moment to either redeem herself or make me hate her forever. And she made me hate her forever.

I truly believe from what I’ve seen, that when filming began, J felt like B was on the outs. She felt like she was on top, everyone loved her and we would all join Team Jill. If that would have happened, I’d bet money that Jill would have always maintained her “victim of Bethanny’s cruelty” status. There would have been no tears, no I miss you’s, no I’m sorry’s. It was ONLY when J saw that the other wives weren’t on her side, that no one was feeling sorry for her, and the public was siding with B, that she decided she was sorry and wanted to make up. Jill really took her popularity the first two seasons for granted. She assumed that her public support was unconditional and that her fans would have her back no matter what. Because that’s what happens in high school when you are popular, right? Everyone follows the popular girl no matter what. But there were a couple of problems with Jill’s “popular girl” opinion of herself. 1, She was the second most popular, not first. 2, This isn’t high school, you cannot get away with lying and manipulating when everything you do is on NATIONAL TELEVISION. And 3, Even high school girls know that popular girls still have to be part of a popular crowd if they want to maintain their popularity. J split from the cool girls and started eating lunch at the Special Ed table with Kreepy and LuMann and expected everyone to follow her. Sorry J, even in high school it doesn’t work like that. You know what they say about power corrupting, right? Well, Jill got a little bit of power and popularity, it went to her head, and she turned into a monster. I don’t believe we are seeing the real Jill that she for hid the first two seasons. I think we are seeing the person Jill has become.

I can’t wait to see more of Kelly. She really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t she?  One viewer wrote in and said that B attacking Kelly is like shooting a fly with an AK-47 (LOL) and Kelly, who legitimately didn’t understand why Ramona’s most regrettable moment this season wasn’t calling Kiki stupid, thinks that the statement is a compliment and says “Thank you, I am a fly”.  I loved when she said B put her in the press, and B goes “What was written about you, what publication?” and Kelly’s response is “What are you doing right now?” and B looks so confused, and for a moment, is actually at a loss for words. Bethanny actually stuttered. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to attempt to hold a conversation with that woman. It makes me angry just watching other people try to do it. I’m just waiting for someone to grab her by the shoulders and shake the shit out of her, or slap her back and forth across the face and scream “Get a grip woman!”

Bethany looked amazing. I wish ppl would stop getting on her about her weight. I have known plenty of women who didn’t gain much weight during their pregnancy, and lost it all immediately. I don’t understand why this is such a mind boggling concept for so many viewers. Anyway, I love B. I loved her from day one. Well, not from day one. I didn’t love her on The Apprentice. But she won me over and made me love her. I am so happy for her, and as someone who’s life has very much mirrored hers in many ways, I am SO HAPPY to see her finally have it all even though it is late in the game, and I think that her story should give hope to many other women out there that your dreams really can come true, some people just have to wait a little longer than others.

Should we talk about the fashion?

Let’s start with Jill. I’ve been seeing comments all over the internet for the last week about her green shoes. I must say, I think that everyone hates those shoes so much simply because they are on Jill’s feet. Those shoes are from Christian Louboutin’s new collection and I love them. If it is just the color that is bothering everyone, they come in like 3 or 4 other colors, although I thought the green with the coordinating bangles and black dress looked very well put together. Maybe the outfit would have looked better on a 20 something year old girl in the club, but none the less, I am capable of looking past the evil and seeing the outfit for what it is, and I liked it.

Kreepy Kelly – I find it funny that during the episode about Brooklyn fashion week she made an uncharacteristically honest and coherent statement in regards to the yellow dress the designer picked for her to wear. She said “My shoulders look like a line backer’s in strap less dresses”. Very self-aware moment she had there. But then she proceeds to go through the season constantly wearing strap less dresses or what are basically  strap less dresses with a strap or a piece of fabric thrown over a shoulder here or there. Seriously though, what the fuck was with that dress? It looked like one of her daughters was playing around on the sewing machine with linen napkins and tissue paper.

Countless – Surprise surprise. A one shoulder dress! My first impression would have been that she looked very nice and well put together if she hadn’t done the one shoulder thing TO DEATH over this past season. Just like everything else about this woman, that outfit was predictable and boring.

Alex – I am not a big fan of Alex’s clothes. Her dress was nice, nothing special, she didn’t look particularly amazing in it. I did like her necklace though. Alex had a bit of a personality makeover this season, and I wish she would go one step further and do a physical one too. I can see that Alex is a beautiful woman, but she needs a tan, a colorist who isn’t blind, and a really good straightener. Honestly, what is with her hair? If she pays someone to do it, she needs to get her money back. That was how my hair used to look in high school when I was bleaching it myself and bought my straighteners from the pharmacy.

Ramona – I was a little bored by her outfit. I would have liked to see the same dress in white, I don’t think black is the best color on her. As a business woman I respect her decision to constantly wear her own jewelry, but as someone with taste, I am over it. It’s not that I don’t like her designs, (even though they aren’t my style) I am just sick of seeing the same few pieces over and over. I wish she would have worn a really nice piece that we never saw before for the reunion.

Bethanny – She got some heat for this outfit. I LOVED it. I would wear this. I loved the dress, and I loved the shoes, I just didn’t love the two together. I would have worn the dress with some strappy, sparkly, swarovsky-ish shoes. The jewelry went perfect with the dress and the color was just stunning on her.

I cannot wait until Monday night.

Ps. Has anyone seen Danielle’s sex tape? I saw bits of it and I have to say… I don’t know what to say actually. I think it was TMZ that said it best, “Warning: once you see this, you cannot un-see it.” I wish I would have taken that warning a bit more seriously. The video comes complete with shar pei – like stomach skin, sexy talk about subjects such as what food she ate that day and what her breath smells like, square tits, and lots of smiles and facial expressions which (thanks to Ashley’s comments last week) my brain can now only process as The Grinch. Disturbing to say the least. Next time you want to get out of sex with your man, forget the “I have a headache” routine, put D’s tape on instead.

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8 Responses to The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion – Part 1

  1. NMhousewife says:

    Love your thoughts on the reunion. I agree with the majority, but I wanted to make a couple of comments regarding Kelly. When the “shooting a fly with an AK47” comment was made, I wasn’t sure how this person asking the question really meant it. Was it more of a reprimand to B to leave Kelly alone because she can’t hold her own and it’s time to let it go and not try to have the upper hand in conversations because she isn’t very smart, or was it an insult mainly aimed at Kelly about her intelligence? It seemed like Bethenny took it like it was a reprimand, and she got the point that it isn’t clever to keep trying to have the last word over an imbecile, just like it isn’t cool to make fun of a person with real mental problems. When Luann stuck her nose into the conversation about Kelly being a scared bunny rabbit (or whatever she said) and Kelly had that mad face and eye rolling, I have read comments that Kelly was annoyed with Luanne for saying that, but I at the time of watching it took it more as Kelly was going into victim face, “poor me, I was systematically bullied.” I think in her brain, Luann was sticking up for her being bullied and she was putting on the victim act. Anyway, long enough comment. Thanks for your take on the reunion. Can’t wait for tonight (part 2).

    • I took the fly comment to be both a reprimand to B and an insult to Kelly at the same time. Like you said, it’s not clever to always have the last word over and imbecile (reprimand). And Kelly is the imbecile (insult).

      When Kelly rolled her eyes at LuMan, I laughed so hard. Bc every time that pretentious bitch opens her mouth I roll my eyes too. So it was funny to see Kelly responding like that. She seemed to realize that although countless was speaking as though she was worried for “her poor little friend Kelly who she really cares about”, her comments were actually a dig at Kelly. In that moment Kelly seemed to understand that she was being insulted (for once!)

      Also, sorry the comments don’t show up right away. I have to fix something so that they don’t need to be approved.
      I will get on that tomorrow and write by blog on part 2.
      Thanks for replying!

  2. Napavalleygirl. says:

    Jill’s side of the couch is pretty weak. Luann has not been able to turn this vast opportunity into anything of substance and is still hanging on to the notion she’s the next Emily Post, which is laughable. She’s uncommonly rude in nearly every episode. Kelly had a breakdown, a real one which makes trying to come to a conversation about her behavior nearly impossible because if you hold her to a standard or ask for concrete proof you are now bullying her. She can’t stand to have people talk around her in normal conversation, it clearly upsets her if one person isn’t talking and then the next and the next. Normal social interaction is something she can’t handle. I think that’s one of the reasons Sonja especially didn’t want to belabor the breakdown, afraid it might push her into another one and then be blamed again. Better safe than sorry. I don’t think Countless or Jill like Kelly at all, but Jill thinks it bugs Bethanny, who probably thinks it’s the best punishment in the world for Jill.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next seasson. Ramona sure was sick of the Countless’s on shoulder thing and statement jewelry too. You could see how frustrated Bethanny was not being able to call Kelly out for many things I don’t think Bravo could show. Kelly had to be brought back to NYC with 2 producers as she wasn’t capable of being able to fly alone. That let’s me know that something really wrong was going on, plus the other women said they were actually afraid to stay in the house with her. I don’t blame them at all considering we saw a highly edited watered down version of what happened and none of it showed up in the lost tapes either.

  3. glued2it says:

    I just found you a few days ago, wish it hadn’t taken me so long!

    Anyway, another housewife here (who works in her DH’s business) and I TOTALLY agree with you about Ramona. She’s one of those women who has a good heart but her mouth isn’t always in sync. But this season, she really made an effort and it showed. Good for her. If I had to pick a friend on this RH show, it’d be Ramona.

    Agree with you about all the other women too. Except that I do think we were seeing the real Jill. If you go back and look at earlier seasons, it’s there. Just not as obvious because she had her nice girl moments too. And I think she got a pass from the editors the 1st 2 years.

    Good (continuing) luck on your blog!

    • Wow you are late! Lol.
      Now you must spend the next month and a half glued to the computer while you catch up.
      I agree about Jill, they were playing reruns here recently and there were actually a lot of warning signs. (Charity party = big warning sign) Funny how your perspective can change. I guess her bad side wasn’t that noticeable because she didn’t have an enemy.

  4. glued2it says:

    ha! I wish Bethenny told Jill she’d be her friend again if she wore her BigAss panties on her head for the day at Zarin’s. I bet Jill would do it, too.

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